Series 1: Bliss Carman correspondence [textual records]. -- 1885-1929. -- 8cm.

Scope and content: This series consists of ninety-five (95) pieces of correspondence to and from Bliss Carman collected by Isabel St. John Bliss.

The eighty-nine (89) letters to Carman date from 1886-1889 and are from business associates (publishers, editors), friends, such as George R. Parkin, Wm. M. Fullerton and Louise Guiney, and family members including Carman's sister, and his cousin, Andy Straton.

Of particular note are nineteen (19) letters and two (2) post-cards from Charles G. D. Roberts dating from 1885-1888. Along with these letters the series includes five (5) holograph or typed Roberts poems and an offprint of his "Canada" of 1885.

The six (6) letters from Carman are addressed to Isabel St. John Bliss and to her parents.

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File 1 Letters to Bliss Carman 1886

File 2 Letters to Bliss Carman 1887

File 3 Letters to Bliss Carman 1888

File 4 Letters to Bliss Carman 1889

File 5 Letters from Charles G.D. Roberts 1885-1888

File 6 Letters from Bliss Carman 1893-1929


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