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             Memo for Barnaby Jullian

Barnaby Jullian who now repairs to
Fredricton for the purpose of being appointed King
of the different tribes of Indians belonging to
Miramichi Carries along with him a Certificate
from the Revd MEgan Priest in this place, together
with the resignation of Andrew Jullian the
presant King & also the Writ of Election by
all the Chiefs & Captains of the different Tribes
in his favour, He likewise takes with him
the whole documents relative to the
reserve, which he wishes to explain to
His Excellency Sir Archd Campbell. _ Several
of the White people are now encroaching on
the Indians rights through the incapability
& intemperance of their presant King &
besides being appointed King.  Barnaby
wishes to get some person in Miramichi
appointed to look after their rights so that
they will not be taken advantage of
by intruders. ___

Miramichi                             Young the [Gaoler]

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