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                                                Copy.               Secretarys Office
                                                                                    Fredericton 12th. Sept . 1800

            I hereby certify that application has
been made to Government by the Indians of Chebuctouche
for a tract of land on that River, of which the Situation has
been, by report of W. Watson, Deputy Surveyor, duly
ascertained and notified at the Office of the Surveyor
General, the said tract being in length eight miles, and
in breadth on each side of the River four Miles.
                                                        Jonn. Odell

                                                                                Secretarys Office
                                                                                    Fredericton 29th. Januy. 1802

           I hereby certify that the tract of land above mentioned
is to be reserved for the use of the said Indian Inhabitants
of Chebuctouche.
                                            By His Excellencys command.
                                                                   Jonn. Odell

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Chebuctouche Indians
29th Januy. 1802.


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