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                                                                 Fredericton 6th August 1832

                           I beg leave to inform you that Barnaby
                Julien Chief of the Little South West Indians and
                Denny Julien Chief of the Indians of the North
                of the North West Miramichi Rivers, have stated
                to me that they are desirous of relinquishing
                the reserves made by His Majestys Council
                for the Indians of their Tribes with the exception
                of a lot for each family to reside upon, provided
                the Land be sold and the produce of the sales placed
                in a fund for support of the sick, aged and infirm
                Indians belonging to their Tribes, the also inform-
                - ed me that the Indians of Burnt Church River
                were willing to make the same arrangement.

                                               I am
                                                          Your most obedient
                                                              Humble Servant
The Honble                                              Richd M Laughlin
          Thomas Baillie                                    Depy Com.r
                Com. of Crown Lands
                 [etc]   [etc]   [etc]

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From [Mr]. R. Maclachlan
respecting the Indian
Lands on Miramichi
[&] Burnt Church Rivers.


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