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Lieut. Col. Roberton begs to
inform Major General Smyth
that the Petitioners Pauls, were
known to him and several
of the Officers of the Kings Rgt.
during his residence in
Nova Scotia___

3 July 1813.

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                      To the Honorable Major General Smyth
                      President and Commander in Chief [etc. etc.

          Your Honors humble Petitioners Samuel Paul,
Francis Paul, and [Gorum] Paul Indians of the
Micmack Tribe pray leave to represent to your Honor
that when at home they reside in Newport Nova Scotia
That they with their Families consisting of four Women
and Eleven Children have been in this Province for nearly
a Year.  That their business here related to the choice of a
Chief according to the Custom of their Tribe - and they hav
been necessarily detained. ___
          That they are about to return to Nova Scotia and are
much distressed for the want of Provisions & other neces
-saries for their Families.  That last Winter was a hard
Winter and they have been obliged to labour very hard
since to get money to pay the Debts before contracted
for Necessaries.  That they have received as part of the
Bounty of Government to the St. John Indians last
                     Your Honors Petitioners therefore humbly
                      implore Your Honor for some relief and they
                      will ever pray [etc] as in duty bound __ __
                                                     The mark of
                                         Samuel      X     Paul.
                                                     The mark of
City of Saint John                    [Gorum] X     Paul.
   1st July 1813.                              The mark of
                                          Francis      X     Paul.

          We certify that we know
          these Petitioners and believe
          that the facts as stated in the
          above petition are true

                               Thomas Peters

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Petition of three
Nova Scotia Indians

50 lbs of flour
50 lbs of [...]


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