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L.S.              By the Honorable Gabriel G. Ludlow Esq.
                                                  [Etc].      [Etc].     [Etc].

                          To all whom it may concern Greeting:

John Baptist Pommeville Junior
       Andrew Julien is hereby appointed to be Chief [&]
         of the Tribe of Micmac Indians in the District of
                       in the room of his father John B. Pommeville Senior
        Miramichi and its dependencies_.  and all and
         every of the said Indians of the Micmac Tribe are
         hereby required to obey him as their Chief.

                         Dated at Fredericton the 23d. day of
                         November in the Year of our Lord 1807
                         and in the 48th Year of His M. Reign.

                                               By The Presidents Command.

                        Andrew Julien

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           [No. 68]
Andrew Julien  -
Chief Micmac Indians

John Baptist Pommeville
Chief of Pocmouche Indians
[vice] J. B. Pommeville
his Father
dated 3d. Nov. 1810

New Commission in
same Form to John
B. Pommeville    
dated 8th Septr. 1821

Noel Antoine Athanasse
Chief of Richibucto
   1st Octr. 1842


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