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                        By the Honorable Gabriel G. Ludlow Esq.
                         President of His Majestys Council and
                         Commander in Chief of the Province of
                         New Brunswick, [Etc. Etc. Etc.]

                                    Licence of Occupation is hereby
              On behalf of himself and [those]   for himself
               given to John Julien and other Chiefs of the
               Micmac Tribe of Indians to occupy and
               possess, during pleasure the several lots and
               Tracts of Land on the northwest Branch of the
                                                         by Dugald Campbell Esq.
               Miramichi River surveyed for them ^ in the
               month of September last - and of this Licence all
               Persons whom it may concern will take due
               notice and govern themselves accordingly

                       Given under my hand and Seal at Fredericton
                       the fifth day of March in the Year of our Lord
                       one thousand eight hundred and four
                       and in the forty fifth Year of His Majestys

                                              By the Presidents Command

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Licence of Occupation
John Julian & Micmac


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