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         We whose names are here under writin
have  Been Residents of this Miramichie
         River Since the last peace and some
         of us a long time before + do now
         meet at the lot Known by the name
         Redbank now in Contention ^ Duffie 
         Gillis & Francis Julian to pass our
         Opinion of the Situation which is as
         followes   We are perfectly acquainted
         with this said lot since we been ^ the
         River and Know it to be very good lan[d]
         and fit for Cultivation, likewise that we
         Never Knew it to be    [...]    by us or
         any of our neighbours a Burying place
         Neither is the cross [nett] that they speak
         of by no means within the River they
         Call theirs, but on the Contrary, we find it
         To be the mean Branch and no way Detri
         mental to the Indians or any way contrary
To the law their Settlement is about a mile & half

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         Up the River from this aforesaid lot
         and no ^  Infringed upon by this Settlement
         of Gilliss, Said Gillis has other [titles] such
         as a house built on the lot a [minnit] of
         Council [etc]  Such a good piece of land
         Cleared on it      To what we have said
         upon this Subject we are able to prove
         upon oath before any court of justice
         The truth of this our Opinion as witness
         our hand this 11th day of Aug. 1801

                                James Walsh          Farmers and Inhabitant of the
                                John Fenover           North West Branch
                                William Martin
                                John Beckwith

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Report respecting
the lot in dispute
between Duffy Gillis
and the Indians
   Augt. 1801


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