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To His Excellency Thomas
Carleton Esquire Lieutenant General and
Commander in Chief of the Province of  New -
Brunswick [etc etc etc . . . .]

The Petition of Noille Bernard, Thomas Squatehan,
Joseph Denis, Frances Exavier, Thomas Lambermette,
Nicholas Lambermette, Laurence Denis, Lewis Denis, Joseph Marie
Denis, Thomas Denis, Stephen Yonx, Peter Joseph Quorette, Paul Quo-
rette, Joseph Bernard, Zachary Bernard, Lewis Bernard, Paul Joseph
Denis, James Kelly, Lewis Lambermette, and John Bapt. Tobic,
most humbly Sheweth. . . . . .


           Whereas there is Considerable of vacan and ungranted
Land, now yet being and lying on the River St Johns in the
Province of New Brunswick: And Whereas the said Noille
Bernard and Thomas Squatehan are appointed by the aforesaid nam
-ed. Savages; Requesting that We should make application and Petition
to Your Excellency, stating their Necessity and Request.__ We therefor
most humbly present to Your Excellency, that the said Tribe
or Number of Twenty Savages including ourselves, are destitute
of Land; and are desireous of Establishing and Settling a certain
Tract of Land, which lyes ungranted, and on the Northwesterly side
of the said River/ but partly Improved by us / taking and Com
-menceing at a place calld the Roche à Tobic, and runing or

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Extending up and in Front on the said River til it comes
Opposet or in Front of the Discharge of the River Ristougue;
And We therefore most humbly Request/ and in their names
and for them / that It may please Your Excellency to take
this Memorial into Consideration and Grant their and
our humble Request: And if it may or shall Please your Ex
cellency to grant the Same, We and They shall forever
Prey for Your Excellencys long Life and Prosperity. . .
                                                          Noiel  X  Bernard
Tobic River July 1st 1801                   Thomas X Squatehan

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Neoille Bernard &
other Indians.

The land within described
to be reserved for the
Melicete Tribe of Indians.
        4th. Sept. 1801


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