Series 6: Photographs. -- [c1900-1975; predominant 1926-1975]. -- 222 b&w photographs, 15 col photographs, 5 negatives, 19x24 cm. and smaller.

Scope and Content: This series contains predominantly b&w photographs, presumed to have been collected mainly by Jean Hübener.  Included are photographs of Jean and Gustav Hübener, as well as photos of friends, family, scenic shots and the ruins of Köln.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Series 6: File Listings.

BOX 10
1.  Photo Album -- 1931-1940 (23 b&w photographs)
     This album predominantly contains photographs taken of Gustav Hübener.  Some photographs are identified and dated.

2. Gustav Hübener -- [c.1900-1936] (13 b&w photographs)
    Predominantly head and shoulder photographs.  One photograph of the Göttingen Circle; one photograph of what is believed to be
    Gustav Hübener as a child.
           a)  Head and shoulder photographs -- c. 1934-1936  (11 b&w photographs)
           b) Göttingen Circle -- c. 1911 (1 b&w photograph, framed)
           c) Gustav Hübener as a child. -- c. 1900 (1 b&w photograph, framed)

3. Jean Hübener   (46 b&w photographs, 6 col. photographs)
    Some professional, mostly amateur.  It should be noted that these photographs are unlabelled, and therefore there are a few for
    which identification is questionable.
           a) Assorted -- n.d. (18 b&w photographs, 4 col. photographs)
           b) Assorted -- n.d. (28 b&w photographs)
           c) Encaenia Ceremony -- 1975 (2 col. photographs)   OVERSIZE

4. Jean and Gustav Hübener -- n.d (2 b&w photographs)
    Group shots.

5. Annotated Photographs -- c. 1926-1973 (106 b&w photographs, 5 col. photographs)
    Many pictures of Jean Hübeners nieces, especially Alexandra Jane Hamilton.  Also included are pictures of other relatives, on
    both the Hübener and Hamilton side, friends, scenic shots, and the ruins of Köln.
           a) Folder 1
           b) Folder 2

6. Unannotated Photographs -- n.d. ( 30 b&w photographs, 4 col. photographs)
    Unidentified photographs of people who appear to be related to Jean Hübener, based on physical resemblance to identified

7. Max Scheler -- n.d. (2 b&w photographs)
    Photographs of philosopher Max Scheler. One photograph is OVERSIZE.

8. Negatives -- n.d. (4 negatives)

9. Glass Plate Negative of a Woman. -- n.d.

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