Series 3: Academic Research Notes, Clippings and Papers. -- various dates. -- 2.56 m. of textual material.

Administrative History: The overlapping nature of the research interests and careers of  the Hübeners make it difficult to determine who was conducting the research and what the research was meant for.  For example, both scholars collaborated on a research project involving overseas British Empire literature while they were at the University of Bonn.  This study, which was meant to become a book,  encompassed English-language poetry, fiction and drama from countries such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India.  At the same time, however, both scholars also taught English as a subject at University, meaning that the notes, citations and clippings involving English literature could have been meant for the research for their book or for their classes, or perhaps for both.  Similarly, both scholars taught German during their careers, and Jean Hübener was also working on a book involving intellectual resistance to the Nazis.  Consequently, references to German literature could have been created and used by either scholar, and could have been meant for a number of different purposes.

Scope and Content: This series contains a vast array of academic notes, clippings and papers collected and created by both Jean and Gustav Hübener.  The material was loosely sorted into the following sub-series:

1.  Academic Research Notes, Clippings and Papers for Various Subjects. -- various dates
2.  Academic Research Notes, Clippings and Papers  for Enemies of the State.  A Study of the Intellectual
    Resistance in Nazi Germany. -- various dates


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: There are draft manuscripts for Enemies of the State.  A Study of the Intellectual Resistance in Nazi Germany found in series 2.

There are books relating to topics found in this series which can be found in series 7.

Other: Where titles were not indicated on the original files, file titles have been imposed by the archivist using the first few lines of the notes, or assumed from the content of the notes.  Due to the fact that a large portion of the material was written in German, however, combined with the overlapping subject matter found throughout the series, file titles may not reflect everything contained within that file.

Series 3, sub-series 1: File Listings.

1. Von Milton bis Tennyson -- Kolleg [Wintersemester 30/31]
2. Me. Grammatik
3. Seminar: Kipling, Übung, Chaucer
4. Dominion - literatur original
5. Literatur des englischen Mittelalters - Teil I
6. Die Literatur des englischen Mittelalters - Teil II
7. Vom England Victorias bis zur Gegenwart
8. Modern Literature (2) (Naturalism to Mann & Carossa) (bound hand written photocopies)
9. Amerika (loose and bound typed pages)
10. Englische Sprachrgeschichte (bound, typed pages and some loose notes)
11. Literature - [drama]  (loose typed sheets)
12. Literature - [drama]  (bound typed sheets)
13. Literature - [drama]  (bound typed sheets)

14. Literature (typed notes)
15. Literature - predominantly Faust (typed, loose sheets)
16. Literature (loose typed sheets)
17. Literature -- predominantly Goethe/Werther (loose sheets)
18. Literature (loose typed notes)
19. Literature (loose typed notes)
20. Literature (loose typed notes)
21. Literature (loose typed and hand written notes)
22. Literature (loose typed notes)
23. Literature (notebook with citations)
24. Literature - [dominion] (notebook)
25. Literature - [dominion] (notebook)

26. Canadian Literature (notebook and loose pages)
27. Canadian Literature (notebook and miscellaneous clippings, including clippings and a pamphlet on Grey Owl)
28. Canadian Literature (notebook)
29. Canadian Literature (notebook)
30. Canadian Literature (notebook, loose pages and clippings)
31. Canadian Literature (notebook and clippings)
32. Canadian Literature (notebook)
33. Canadian Literature (notes, essay)
34. German/Literature (bound and loose; typed and hand-written)
35. German/Literature (loose typed sheets, clippings, exams)
36. Literature/German (loose typed and hand written notes)
37. German Literature (3 small notebooks and some clippings)
38. German Literature - predominantly Goethe (loose photocopied handwritten sheets)
39. Philosophy - includes Phenomenology (photocopies, typed notes etc.)
40. Philosophy (typed notes)
41. Philosophy (typed notes)
42. Phenomenology (essays)
43. Philosophy - includes phenomenology (notebook)
44. Anthropology (loose notes)
45. Anthropology (notebook)

46. Philosophy/Anthropology (notes, exam questions, essays)
47. Anthropology/Canadian Literature (notebook)
48. Literature/Anthropology (notebook/loose pamphlets and clippings).
49. Canadian Literature/Anthropology (notebook)
50. Anthropology/Philosophy (exam questions)
51. English Literature/Anthropology (notebook)
52. Anthropology/Philosophy (notebook)
53. Literature/Germany  (notebook and loose pages)
54. German Language/English Literature (loose typewritten sheets, clippings)
55. [English/German Literature] (loose typed and handwritten sheets and clippings
56. German Literature/Recipes/Philosophy (notebook)
57. History of Religion
58. Introductory survey of the development of religious thought and human culture.
59. Times Literary Supplement (mostly Maori)
60. Mixed loose notes (includes citations, clippings)
61. Times Literary Supplement (mixed)
62. Gray Owl
63. Mixed Notes (notebook)
64. Miscellaneous - some Gray Owl (clippings, notes, manuscripts)
65. New Zealand Literature (Excerpts from the Times Literary Supplement.)
66. Living Education (German magazine, notes and clippings)

67. [German Literature/Recipes] (notebook)
68. [Music] (loose typed pages and German newspaper clippings)
69. Music Theory  (photocopied sheets)
70. Comments concerning a Thesis Written by Trudy Maag.
71. Semasiologische Theorie (essay)
72. Albrecht Dürer (bound essay)
73. Hermann Broch (photocopied articles etc)
74. Miscellaneous (clippings, notes)

Series 3, sub-series 2: File Listings.

75.  German Resistance - Bibliography (cue card box with dividers)
76.  Germany/Nazis (9 coil notebooks)
            a) 4 notebooks
            b) 5 notebooks
77.  Literature - Knauss, Bergengruen... (typed sheets)
78.  German Literature/Nazis (notes, clippings)
79.  Germany/German Literature (notes, clippings)
80.  Otto John and Joe MacCarthy (clippings and a booklet)

81. German History/Literature (clippings and notes)
82. German History/Literature (clippings and notes)
83. German Book Reviews, Articles (clippings)
84.  [Transcript of Hubers Defense]/German History (clippings)
85. Church Struggle, German History (clippings)
86. German Literature (articles, booklet, papers)
87. German Literature (articles, notes, booklet)
88. German Literature (articles, notes)
89. German Literature (Welt und Wort magazines, 1964-1967)
90. Hitler, Nazis (articles from The Listener and other newspapers)
91. Anti-Nazi Publishers (articles, notes)
92. Literature/Nazis  (Times Literary Supplement, articles, notes)
93. Newspapers (The Listener and Die Bücherkommentare)

94.  German Literature (newspapers/clippings).
95.  Literature (articles, notes)
96.  German Literature (articles, notes)
97.  German/Soviet Literature (articles, notes)
98.  Photocopied German articles
99.  German History/Literature (articles, notes)
100. German History (typed and hand-written notes)
101. German History/Literature (typed notes, hand-written, a notebook)
102. The Thaw (essay on Soviet writing)
103. German Literature/History (notes, clippings, photocopies)
104.  Literature/Politics (clippings, typed notes)
105.  German History/Politics (manuscripts, clippings, newspapers).
106.  German Book News, UNESCO, Poetry
107.  Germany/Nazis (bound manuscript)
108.  German History, Politics, Literature (newspapers, notes, photocopies)
109.  German Newspaper Review and Reports (newspapers, hand-written notes)

110.  Germany, Hitler, Nazis (notes, clippings etc)
111.  Book Reviews/Nazi Germany (clippings)
112.  Nazi Germany (clippings, notes, manuscripts etc)
113.  Hitler, Germany, Nazis etc (clippings, notes ...)
114.  Newspapers, articles etc.
115.  Handwritten Notes
116. University Catalogue During Nazi Period (includes Gustavs courses)
117. German History/Literature (binder and loose pages, clippings)
118. German Literature (photocopied articles)
119.  The Use of Film in Conflict With International Communism (Confidential Memorandum)
120.  Nazis, Germany (photocopied from a book)
            a) Folder 1
            b) Folder 2
            c) Folder 3
121.  Nazis, Fascism (essays)
122.  Literature/German History (loose handwritten and typed notes)
123.  German History (parts of essays)
124.  German Literature/History (photocopied pages and newsletters)
125.  German Literature (loose typed notes)
126.  Nazi Newspapers
127.  A Report on European Short Film Production and its Audience (bound essay written by Gus Glover in 1951)
128.  Politische Geminschaftsordnung (a Resistance samisdat on the Church Conflict, 1943)
129.  German Resistance Leaflets, Pamphlets and Booklets.
130.  Ernst Jünger (articles)
131.  Jochen Klepper (articles, notes)
132.  Klepper, Holtzman, Tellenbach (loose notes)
133.  Norbert von Hellingrath & other (typed notes)

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