Series 1: Published and Draft Papers and Addresses Written by Jean and Gustav Hübener. -- 1919-1947; predominant 1936-1947. -- 10.5 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series primarily contains published material written by Gustav Hübener in the form of papers, addresses and essays. There are also, however, some draft papers written by Gustav Hübener, and the published and draft versions of addresses given by Jean Hübener.

Arrangement is according to author.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: There is a listing of Gustav Hübeners publications found in series 5.

Series 1: File Listings.


Gustav Hübener:

 1. Beowulf, ein indischer Messerexorzismus und die Sachsen. In Sonderdruck aus der Festschrift für Max Deutschbein.
      Leipzig: Verlag Quelle & Meyer.  - n.d.
 2. Some Christmas Thoughts.- n.d.
 3. Die [Medininerin] - Eine Kleine Geschichte.  - n.d.
 4. Eine Geschischte des Heimwehs. - n.d.
 5.   The Theory of Romanticism (Theorie der Romantik) - n.d.  (Drafts)
           a) English
           b) German
 6.  Norbert von Hellingrath. - n.d.  (Draft)
 7. Der Heroische Exorzismus der nordischen Rasse und der Winckelriedsagenkreis am Vierwaldstättersee. - n.d.   (Draft)
 8. London im August 1910  - n.d. *author is not indicated, however the paper is in Gustav Hübeners handwriting.* (Draft)
 9. Vom Geifte der jungen Generation. In Die Bunte Trube. December, 1919.
10.  Die Tropisierung unseres Klimas.   In Zeitung für Literatur, Kunst und Wissenschaft, Vol. 43, No. 181.  Aug. 5, 1921.
11. Neue Anglistik und ihre Methoden. In  Sonderabdruck aus Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für Literaturewissenschaft und
      Geistesgeschichte, Jargang II, Heft 2.  - [1924]
12. Ein Engländer über Bonn vor hundert Jahren In [Boruer Geueralaugliger], July 17, 1933.
13. Heroic Exorcism.  In Research and Progress: Quarterly Review of German Science.  Vol. 1, No. 2. April,  1935.
14. Beowulfs Seax, the Saxons and an Indian Exorcism.  Reprinted from The Review of English Studies, Vol. XII, No. 48.
      October, 1936.
15. The Rehabilitation of Christianity.  In The Personalist, California: University of Southern California. Winter, 1939.

Jean Hübener:

16. World Harmony Through Re-education and Religion  - the address given by Jean Hübener of Mount Allison University, to the
      Easter Convention of the N.B.T.A. [1945].
17. Address given by Jean Hübener at the Junior-Senior girls banquet.
            a)  Drafts
            b) In The Argosy Weekly. Vol 73, No. 20.  May 17, 1946.
18. Education for Peace - an address given by Dr. Jean Hübener at the Annual Mount Allison Alumni Banquet in Saint John, on
            July 4, 1946.
            a)  Booklets
            b)  In The United Church Observer. Vol. 9, No. 20. December 15, 1947.
19. Untitled. n.d. (Reminiscence concerning political ideals)*The author of this paper is not indicated, although it is assumed to
      have been written by Jean Hübener.* (Draft)

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