Series 2: Printed material [textual records]. -- 1950; 1965; 1969-1994; (predominant 1970-1977; 1990-1994). -- 40cm.

Scope and content: This series includes copies of fifty-nine (59) issues of twenty-four (24) different Canadian literary periodicals in which some of  Robert Hawkes poetry has appeared. A database was created using LibraryMaster and three types of reports were generated: a chronological list, an alphabetical list of poem titles by journal name, and an alphabetical listing by poem title. The chronological listing of the poems is appended. The file location of the other two lists is noted below.

In addition, six (6) issues of educational periodicals and two (2) issues of United Church of Canada publications featuring works by Mr. Hawkes are included in this series. A listing of their contents is noted on the final page of each of the three reports.

A list of his published writing drawn up by Mr. Hawkes is included here, organised as follows: Books, Poems in periodicals, Prose, Poems in anthologies, Book reviews, and Works edited.

A typed letter with Alden Nowlans holograph signature is included at the end of this series.


Title based on contents of the series.

File titles supplied.

General Note:

Acknowledgement: the poetry database file was created for this project by Patricia Auld.


File 1 - Issues of periodicals, in alphabetical order by title:

a. Literary periodicals (6 folders)
b. Educational and religious periodicals Christmas card (1 folder)

File 2 - Alphabetical listing of poetry by journal name

File 3 - Alphabetical listing by poem title

File 4 - Robert Hawkes. A list of published writing along with editorial activities up to September 10, 1997.

File 5 - Alden Nowlan letter

File 6 - Photo-duplications of two photographs

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