Series 11: Croatia/Yugoslavia: Collected Writings and Other Material. -- 1991-1992 -- 7 cm. of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains material from the time which John Hasek spent covering the war between Croatia and Yugoslavia as a free-lance journalist.  It was while in Croatia that he acquired the massive head injuries which resulted in a coma, and, six months later, an untimely death. Included in this series are correspondence and miscellaneous items such as newspaper articles, broadcast information, rough notes, postcards, and a press pass.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Related Material: Many of the articles which Hasek wrote during his time in Croatia can be found in series 1, sub-series 1, file 1.

Language: As there are items in both Croatian and English, the language(s) of the material contained within each file is indicated in bold after the title of the file.

Series 11: File Listings.


1. Writings -- 1991 -- Croatian
This file includes a newspaper and some sheets written in the Croatian language.

2. Writings -- 1991 -- English
This file includes items such as press releases, articles, bulletins, newspapers and statistics written in English.  There were OVERSIZE newspapers from 1991 that were moved from this file to the oversize box.

3. Correspondence -- 1991 -- English

4.  Miscellaneous -- 1991-1992 -- English and Croatian
Included are items such as hotel information, broadcast information, rough notes, postcards, programs and a press pass.

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