Series 1, sub-series 4: Speeches and Other Material. -- 1976-1993 -- 5 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains material relating to speeches, interviews, and broadcasts which John Hasek made.  Most of these presentations were in the form of talks to various different groups and classes, although Hasek also appeared on the CBC radio program Morningside, and did radio broadcasts from Prague, Czechoslovakia.  Included in this sub-series are copies of speeches and talks which Hasek gave (both rough and formal material), as well as correspondence relating to his presentations, transcriptions and other material relating to the Morningside interviews, and miscellaneous items.

Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

Related Material: It should be noted that the collection of articles written by John Hasek (series 1, sub-series 1, file 1), may contain draft material that was actually meant as a speech or talk, rather than simply a written article.  When there was no clear indication on the material itself, it was assumed to be an article.

Series 1, sub-series 4: File Listings.  

BOX 3      

1.  Speeches Written by John Hasek. -- 1979-1993
This file contains both rough notes and formal copies of what appear to be speeches, lectures and broadcasts written by John Hasek.

2. Correspondence/Memorandums. -- 1976-1991
This file primarily contains thank-you letters from the various different groups and institutions for which John Hasek gave lectures or talks.

3. Morningside Interviews. -- 1982, 1987
This file contains a series of transcribed interviews which the CBC conducted with John Hasek about Canadas defence policy.  Also included is a transcription of a CBC broadcast with listener feedback to the interviews with Hasek.

4.  Miscellaneous. -- 1986-1988
Included in this file are articles concerning John Haseks oral presentations, a certificate for a lecture which Hasek delivered, a poster advertising a speech Hasek was to give, as well as information concerning a conference at which Hasek spoke.

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