Series 1, sub-series 3: The Seductive Illusion: Working Papers and Other Material. -- 1978-1992; predominant 1987-1989  -- 14 cm. of textual material.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains material which relates to a film which John Hasek  researched, scripted, directed and narrated, entitled The Seductive Illusion.  Produced by Accuracy in Media, and released in 1989, this film documents the history of Communist subversion in the United States.  Included in this sub-series is a large amount of miscellaneous material concerning the film, including releases, a proposed budget, scene break downs, scripts, and promotional material.  Also included are highlighted,  transcribed interviews with various people, as well as written documentation from what appears to be a film entitled The Remarkable World of Ella Wolfe.  It  is assumed that both the interviews and the Ella Wolfe material were used  in the film, or were used by Hasek when creating the film.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Series 1, sub-series 3: File Listings.


1. Film-related Working Papers, Correspondence and Articles. -- 1978-1992; predominant 1988-1989.
a) 1978-1988
b) 1989-1992
These sub-files contain a number of items, including releases, a proposed budget, scene break downs, scripts, correspondence, and articles concerning the film.

2. Promotion. -- 1989
This file contains advertisements and a letter of agreement concerning the promotion of The Seductive Illusion.  It should be noted that two of the items advertise both The Seductive Illusion and John Haseks book, entitled The Disarming of Canada.  These two particular pieces of material have been photocopied.  The originals can be found in series 1, sub-series 2, file 4.

3.  Interview Transcripts -- 1987
a) Roy Brewer
b) Marx Lewis


c) Peter Collier & Davis Harowitz
d) Murray Baran
These sub-files contain highlighted interview transcriptions.  It is assumed that these interviews were somehow used in The Seductive Illusion, although there is no indication of who conducted the interviews, or how they were used.

4.  The Remarkable World of Ella Wolfe. -- [1986-1987]
This file contains a binder with material relating to what appears to be a film entitled The Remarkable World of Ella Wolfe.  Included are notes on screening, scene lists, a library log sheet, and other working papers.  Ella Wolfe (wife of Bertram Wolfe, one of the founders of the U.S. Communist Party) is interviewed in the film, so it can be assumed that this film was either from, or related to the footage which Hasek used in The Seductive Illusion.

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