Title: George Skeffington Grimmer appointments

Dates: 1847-1873

Extent: 1.25 cm of textual records

Biographical Sketch: George Skeffington Grimmer was born June 11, 1826, in St. Stephen, N.B., of loyalist ancestry. He studied law and was admitted to the Bar of New Brunswick as an attorney in 1847 and as a barrister in 1849. In 1851 he married Mary Allen Hazen.

Grimmer was elected to the House of Assembly of New Brunswick as Conservative member for Charlotte County in 1861. He resigned in 1864 on being appointed Clerk of the Peace for Charlotte County. He was later appointed Clerk of the County Court, 1867, Clerk of the Circuit Courts, 1873, and County Secretary, 1877.

George Skeffington Grimmer died in St. Stephen on Mar. 1, 1887.

Scope and Content: This is a collection of official appointments received by George Skeffington Grimmer, 1847-1973. They include the authority to perform legal functions such as receiver of bail or notary public, as well as appointment as Clerk of various New Brunswick Courts. Arrangement is chronological.

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The following is a chronological item listing:

1847 Oct. 14        George S. Grimmer is duly qualified to act as
                    an Attorney in the County of York. (Signed
                    Ward Chipman)

1847 Oct. 14        Appointment of George S. Grimmer to take and
                    receive all and every such affidavit and
                    affidavits as any person or persons shall be
                    willing to make before you. (Signed Ward
                    Chipman & J. Carter.)

1857 Oct. 20        Appointment of George S. Grimmer as receiver
                    of bails in the County of Charlotte. (Signed
                    J. Carter & N. Parker.)

1861 Mar. 26        Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Adjutant
                    of the Fourth Battalion of Charlotte Co.
                    Militia. (Signed S.L. Tilley.)

1864 Mar. 1         Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Public
                    Notary in the Province of New Brunswick.
                    (Signed S.L. Tilley.)

1864 Apr. 7         Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Clerk of
                    the Peace in the County of Charlotte. (Signed
                    S.L. Tilley.)

1864 Aug. 2         Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Captain of
                    a Company in the Fourth Battalion Charlotte
                    County Militia. (Signed S.L. Tilley.)

1864 Aug. 4         Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Deputy
                    Clerk of the Circuits and Deputy Clerk of the
                    Crown on the Circuits. (Signed John S. Saunders.)

1873 Apr. 2         Appointment of George S. Grimmer as Queen's


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