Title: New Brunswick Political Biography : the Graves Papers / compiled by
James C. Graves and Horace B. Graves

Dates: photocopied [ca. 1980]

Extent: 42.5 cm of textual records

Biographical Sketch: James Clarence Graves (1861-1945) was born in Kings County, N.B. After a few years as a school teacher, he entered the service of the Intercolonial Railway in 1899 as a clerk in the Audit Department. In 1908 he was promoted to the position of Travelling Auditor. When he retired from the railway in 1932, he devoted his leisure time to genealogical and historical research. Horace B. Graves, son of James C. Graves, was a doctor who made his home in Vancouver, B.C. The compilation of research notes, "New Brunswick Political Biography", was a project begun by James C. Graves and completed a number of years later by Horace B. Graves.

Scope and Content: The Graves Papers consist of twelve volumes of biographical research on people who held political office or judicial positions in New Brunswick, or acted as representative of New Brunswick in the federal political or judicial areas, 1784-1969. There are also statistical records for various federal and provincial elections. In 1982, Diane Beattie compiled a List of the Dates and Total Number of Years Each Member of the Legislative Assembly Sat in the House which is held in this collection.

Arrangement reflects different levels and branches of government, as well as county divisions within New Brunswick. An alphabetical name index, created by the compilers, is available.

Access: Unrestricted

Contents for each volume follows:

Vol. 1  Members of the House of Commons for New Brunswick, 1867-
        Members of the Privy Council of Canada from N.B., 1867-1967.
        Record of the Federal elections for N.B., 1867-1967.
        Fathers of Confederation from N.B.
         A - L

Vol. 2  Fathers of Confederation from New Brunswick
         M - Z

Vol. 3  Senate members, 1867-1967.
        Lieutenant Governors of N.B., 1784-1967.

Vol. 4  His Majesty's Council of N.B., 1784-1832.
        His Majesty's Executive Council of N.B., 1833-1854.
        Members of the Legislative Council of N.B., 1833-1892.

Vol. 5  Judges of the Supreme Court of N.B., 1784-1967.
        Judges of the County Court of N.B., 1867-1967.
        Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada from N.B., 1867-    
Vol. 6  M.L.A.'s from Charlotte Co., 1785-1969.
        Record of elections for House of Assembly for Charlotte Co,
        M.L.A.'s from Kings Co., 1785-1968.
        Record of elections for House of Assembly from Kings Co.,

Vol. 7  M.L.A.'s from Saint John City & County, 1785-1967.
        Record of elections for House of Assembly for Saint
        John City & County, 1785-1967.

Vol. 8  M.L.A.'s & record of elections for:
                         Sunbury Co., 1785-1969.
                         Queens Co., 1785-1967.
                         Victoria Co., 1850-1967.
Vol. 9  M.L.A.'s & record of elections for:  
                         Carleton Co., 1834-1967.
                         Gloucester Co, 1827-1967.
                         Kent Co., 1827-1968.

Vol. 10 M.L.A.'s & record of elections for: 
                         Westmorland Co. 1785-l967.
                         Moncton City, 1912-1967.                 
                         Albert Co., 1846-1967.

Vol. ll M.L.A.'s & record of elections for:                       
                         Northumberland Co., 1785-1967.
                         Madawaska Co., 1874-1967.
                         Restigouche Co., l838-1967. 

Vol. 12 M.L.A.'s & record of elections for York Co., 1785-1970.


The dates and total number of years each member of the
Legislative Assembly sat in the house / compiled by Diane Beattie,


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