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                                                       Quebec 6th June 1838
Rob Rankin Esqre
                      Dear Sir
                                 I wrote you a few hasty lines on the
30th Ulto since when I have a letter from [Mr W] Ritchie
which signifies his intention to delay finally fixing his determination
in regard to the Business Arrangements until he visits New
Brunswick which he says he means to do early in August,
so therefore I hope when he meets you, he may decide
otherwise than he has signified to me He still reiterates
his dissatisfaction and disappointment _
                       I am greatly rejoiced at the fav[ou]rable pr[o]spects
you have in your Concern, and I trust you will realize your
expectations _ I must say we do not look so well as in
former years, and though we shall make something  I can
see we shall not realize what we ought, with the
Capital we now have_  But the time is coming when I
think we shall get right and as we are now convinced
of an error we committed in advancing too liberally, we
hope to profit by the lesson of experience we have had
We have too much money in Red pine & advanced to there
who only hold that article_ However it is at a low
valuation say about 7 [..] [foot]_ therefore we cannot fail
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to profit by it _ tho in the meantime too much money is locked
up_ We go on to realize all we can and shall advance
little or nothing this year, but continue to remit &
reduce our liability all we can_   To save drawing on
Glasgow I shall probably value on you for a little by & bye
through the British [N.H.] Bank and the transfer can
be made on account of whomsoever you please at a
future time _ but I think we shall not want much
money, indeed except in White pine I see no good
investment at present:__
                       I hope W Rankins portmanteau
may have been found but the substance of the
arrangement no doubt has been communicated to
Chaleur Bay: __
                       I fear now I cannot go to New Brunswick
unless indeed I go that way when I leave this Country.
It will not do for [Mr] Ritchie & I both to be absent at
the same time, and besides my Friends in Glasgow
expect that I visit the Saguenay a River which
you know empties into this opposite Green Island about
120 Miles below this , which I promised to do, when I left
Glasgow in August, but I fear [Mr] Ritchies absence
will prevent me:_ It was expected by my Uncle
that I would be in Glasgow by September, but I
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I told Mess. Pollok I would not likely leave this before
the time I usually have done these years past_ say end
of November unless I saw every thing very satisfactorily
and clearly arranged_ I consider myself therefore
at liberty to leave at any time that may be most
Convenient, and I understand that you will arrange
to go sometime I suppose in October or the most favourable
time when a comfortable passage may be expected for
your Family_ As your Business is now so well adjusted
and regulated, it cannot matter a great deal when you
go, but assuredly you should not be too late, and I
          presume you would rather go direct from
          your port than from anywhere else_
[It] might be advantageous to us all and to the Concerns, if you
Could pay us a visit, but this as you may think most
comfortable to yourself_ I feel fully persuaded that all
our Concerns can be well managed, and indeed perhaps better
than ever they have been , provided always that each one
will do his duty and act in unison with each other
          My Uncle was in London on 1st May to give evidence
before the House Lords on the Edinburgh RailWay Bill.-
I shall request [Mr] Ritchie to write you, stating when he means
to visit your quarter
                                           I am Dear Sir
                                               Yours truly & always
                                                          Allan Gilmour
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Robert Rankin Esqre
        Saint John
      New Brunswick


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