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25 Decem 1828    Wednesday left
Quebec at 3 OClock in the Morning
with only a [Mr] Levy in the Stage
from Montreal drawn by two Horses
in tandem.  Morning ver Cold.
Snow in Quebec not less than 3 1/2
feet deep, but as we came on it became
less.  We arrived at Three Rivers
after a good deal of Jolting passing
over the Cahots so called making
it unpleasant, about 9 OClock where
we were lodged very comfortable _
26 Decemr.                 Thursday left
Three Rivers at 4 OClock this
morning being still colder but Road
move smooth & good without any
thing particulary occurring. we
arrived at the Island of Montreal
at about 4 OClock we did not
like to cross the River in a Canoe
so much Ice running, but hired
a single horse sleigh to take us to

Montreal which we did by going up
the River Ottawa to where the Ice
was sufficiently strong to cross upon
the River was very rough the Ice
having [run & shot] up before stopping.
          We arrived at Montreal about
8 OClock at night in coming up
the Island of Montreal there was
so little snow that the [fire] was
often seen flying from the Runners
of the Sleigh & which shows the
difference between the Climate of
Quebec & Montreal for at Quebec
the Thermometer was several times
as low was 25° below Zero and at
Montreal the lowest up to this
time was 15°.
      27 Saturday           Called on
James Miller Esqr but he heard
nothing new, he told me that
little or no wheat would be collected


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