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                                            Saint John 28 August 1838
 Dear Brother
           I am happy to say that since Sunday
Ann has been able to sit up an hour or so each
day and gaining strength may soon be expected
to recover
           I leave in the morning for Canada
and expect to be back within 3 weeks when It
will be necessary to think of completing my
arrangements for leaving Among other things a
power of attorney to sell Land, and do all manner
of Business will be necessary and shall I include
both you and [Mr] Pollok, one or Either to cut as the
Case requires I suppose I may also sell off
[tho] there are things of little bulk and some
value that might go home in the Spring as to
which plan give me your advice [Mr]
Pollok will no doubt need some things ___
           I have not as yet Spoken to [Mr]
Pollok about the price of my share but altho
not exactly in the Spirit of the reading of the
Contract it does not seem reasonable that I
should be called upon to make so great a sacrifice
in his favour  It is true I am receiving a loan
from W Gilmour and as such I view it, it may
be something like the following altho of course
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all ideal
Suppose   Glasgow profits            June     1838  £15000  [By]   1/6    2500
                Quebec      `                1837 & 1838     20000         1/10   2000
                Miramichi [...] Bay       1837 & 1838     10000          1/10   1000
                St John                       1837 & 1838     24000          1/12   2000
Less 1 yr Interest on £ 75000          4 [...]                                        3000
[for] assuming a responsibility of £75000  but
if I give away my 1/4 of the St John gains of 1837
&1838 supposed £24000 [...] [it will be] 6000
for 1 yr Interest on £18000                     900
& when I spend the latter Sum
I will not have a more comfortable
[home] than I have now I think                 900
Saying nothing of the great increase that would have
[...] of all my other partners like [Mr] A Gilmour
had been willing to have accepted  my offer and
let the Concern have been wound up, which
it is needless to say would have been much
more to my mind than a new arrangement
under present prospects, and for the fear of
failure in the part allotted to myself  I
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would not wish to leave the Concern [bare] by any
means, my practise has been to make such
allowances as let all the profit on foods sold
and unpaid fall into the following Year,
and So upon Every other thing Ample allowance
all this I am quite willing to do and after
this take my share of £10000 Currency less
than may be happens to be the Stock
Account of 1 Feby 1838 that is if it happens
to be £120000 I would be willing to take
£27500 without Interest or I will leave
it to the [Messr] Pollok to name but let
me have your opinion and advice [before]
time I return.
                               I remain Dr Brother
                                   Yours truly
                                         Robert Rankin
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            Alex Rankin Eq

No 49
Robert Rankin
         28 Aug 1838
           re 31st


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