Series No. 2, Sub-series No. 4

Engineering reports and other records [textual record]. -- 1953 - 1975. -- 15 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This sub-series highlights James O. Dineen's work as an engineer, primarily outside the university setting. It contains correspondence and minutes, as well as engineering reports prepared by J. O. Dineen. Also included are a few items relating to the Acres report on power potential of the Saint John River and to the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of New Brunswick.

Title based on contents.

File arrangement is chronological.

"Engineering education" a paper presented by J. O. Dineen. on 5 November 1956 before the Fredericton Branch of the Engineering Institute of Canada" is located in series no. 2 sub-series no. 3, UNB administration records.

Investigation of a direct current generator electrical engineering laboratory / [by] J. O. Dineen and B. H. Geary is located in series 1, sub-series 1, education records.

Electromagnetic waves graduation thesis presented for the degree of bachelor of science in the department of electrical engineering ... / by B. H. Geary and J. O. Dineen. (1940) is located in series 1, sub-series 1, education records.


73. An examination of the use of electricity in the coal mines of N.B. / by J. O. Dineen. - March 1953. - includes draft letter of 24 May 1955 to Cedric Clements, provincial geologist, from J.O. Dineen, [Proposed] regulations governing the operation of mines and quarries under the mining act and Canadian Electrical Code, part v, C22.5 no. 2, 1949

74. The Engineers Confederation Commission, minutes of meeting held on 12 November 1960

75. Investigation of fuse failure at Newcastle / [by] J. O. Dineen. - 16 July 1962

76. Design of an incremental slide rule : New Brunswick Electrical Power Commission / [by] J. O. Dineen. - 26 July 1962

77. Comparison of incremental heat rate curves / [by] J. O. Dineen. - 27 July 1962

78. Temiscouata rule curve calculations / [by] J. O. Dineen and K. B. Porter. - 1962-1963

79. The Engineering Institute of Canada / The Canadian Society for Electrical Engineers, 1973- 1975
Note: Includes correspondence, minutes, reports

80. Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of New Brunswick, 1973-1975
Note: Includes booklets concerning fees, the Engineering Profession Act, by-laws and members. Also includes amendments to by-laws, copies of Newsletter published by the association, minutes of annual meeting of 16 February 1973 and a memo to John M. Anderson from H. W. McFarlane regarding the Engineering Profession Act dated 7 May1975

81. Rivers dams and floods : with particular reference to the 1973 spring runoff on the Saint John river / [by] J. O. Dineen, P.Eng. - March 1974

82. Critique of Acres report on power potential of Saint John River, June 1974
Note: Includes related letters, memos and newspaper clippings, as well as a copy of Acres' report - An Appraisal of the Power Development Potential of the Saint John River Basin. - November 1973. - a summary report. It also contains a copy of A Dam on the
Green River? : The Economic and Environmental Considerations A Discussion Paper, Department of Fisheries and Environment, December 1973 (with a letter to J. O. Dineen from O. T. Sigvaldason, Head, Special Services Department of Acres Consulting Services Limited dated 17 June 1974 attached)

83. Dickey-Lincoln project, [197-] 

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