Series No. 2, Sub-series No. 3

UNB administration records [textual record]. -- 1945 - 1975. -- 13.0 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This sub-series reflects J. O. Dineen's roles as a professor of electrical engineering and a university administrator, particularly with respect to his terms as head of engineering, dean of engineering and president of the University of New Brunswick.

It includes itineraries and notes of his travels in Canada and abroad, most notably in connection with his1950 tour of British universities, research establishments and industrial enterprises preliminary to the establishment of the Athlone Fellowships. This sub-series also contains copies of academic papers, addresses, speech notes, news releases, administrative reports, and a few pieces of correspondence. Several items relate to his appointment as president of UNB.

Title based on contents.

File arrangement is chronological.


49. Diary of a trip to Montreal, Ottawa and London, England, 1945
Note: Contains very brief notes

50. J. O. Dineen's notes of a tour of British universities, research establishments and industry preliminary to the establishment of the Athlone Fellowships, [195-]

51. J. O. Dineen's notes of visits to British universities and technical institutes, [195-]

52. Itinerary (printed booklet) of a trip to Britain by engineering professors representing a number of Canadian universities, June-August 1950
Note: Visits were made to universities, research establishments and industry

53. Notes of J. O. Dineen's trip to Britain, June 25 - July 10, 1950
Note: Dineen was one of several Canadian engineering professors touring British universities, research establishments and industry during the summer of 1950

54. Correspondence and memos, 1951-1972

55. Engineering education : a paper presented before the Fredericton Branch of the Engineering Institute of Canada / [by] Professor J. O. Dineen. - 5 November 1956. - 1 manuscript and 1 typescript copy

56. Professors' Conference, Canadian General Electric Company Limited, Peterborough, On, 27- 29 May 1957
Note: Photographs accompanying this material have been moved to series no. 3, graphics.

57. Man's Conquest Over Space / [by] James Dineen. - [195-?]
Note: First page only

58. J. O. Dineen's notes relating to university matters and issues and travel expenses. - [196-?]
Note: Information contained in 2 small notebooks. Included are a few notes on student unrest

59. Fundamentals vs. specialization / [by] J. O. Dineen. - [196-]. - handwritten copy of an address

60. Systems operators training program / [by] K. B. Porter. - 1 April 1964. - includes comments by J. O. Dineen dated 11 March 1964

61. Letter, J. O. Dineen to The President [of UNB] dated 12 January 1967 regarding the beginnings of engineering instruction and first degree granted at UNB

62. A report to the University of New Brunswick concerning the prospects for social work education in New Brunswick : submitted to the president of the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton New Brunswick / by Dr. Albert Rose and Dr. Nicholas Zay.
- May 1968. - confidential report
63. UNB news release concerning James O. Dineen's appointment as acting president designate of UNB, 17 January 1969
64. What is university unrest all about / by G. C. Andrew. - 17 November 1969
Note: Photocopy

65. Appointment of James O. Dineen to the office of President of UNB, 1969
Note: Includes committee minutes, correspondence and press release
66. Notes of address delivered by J. O. Dineen at the Fort Kent Symposium, [197-]
67. Report of the President [of The University of New Brunswick] for the year ending June 30, 1971. - 1971
68. Resolution appointing James O. Dineen acting president of UNB (copy), 1972
69. Draft agreement between Her Majesty the the Minister of Education and Her Majesty the represented by the Minister of Supply and Services and The University of New Brunswick, 1972
70. A.U.N.B.T. Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 3. - 1972
Note: Contains information about the Jaeger committee report on summer stipends/research supplements
71. Co-ordinating Committee on the report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on U.N.B.S.J. (Jaeger Report). - final report. - July 1972

72. Faculty Fund Committee, 22 July 1975
Note: Contains a single letter to James O. Dineen from David J. Dauphinee

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