Series No. 1, Sub-series No. 3

Personal correspondence, biographical material and other records [textual record]. -- 1920 -1975. -- 13.5 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This sub-series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence between James O. Dineen and his family, friends and members of the university community. Many of the get well letters and cards were sent to Dineen while he was a hospital patient or a convalescent at home. Many other communications express regret of his resignation as president of the University of New Brunswick due to ill health. Several family letters which J. O. Dineen addressed to his wife Kay Dineen and their children were written while he was visiting Australia in 1950.

This sub-series also contains newspaper and magazine articles which report on J. O. Dineen's activities, along with a few personal items -- his curriculum vitae, birth certificate, mementos -- and an address of welcome to Bishop Bray he wrote in 1936. In addition, it includes J.O. Dineen's obituary, his memorial record signed by family and friends, and tributes to him written on his death.

Title based on contents.

File arrangement is random.

A number of original letters were damaged by mould. The archivist photocopied them and included the photocopies in the fonds.


39. 1936-1938, correspondence

40. 1947, 1968, correspondence, miscellaneous family matters
Note: Includes brief notes on the Dineen family genealogy

41. 1950, 1953, 1971, correspondence, James O. Dineen to Kay and the Dineen children

42. 1959, correspondence
Note: Photocopy

43. 1969-1971, correspondence
Note: Photocopies

44. 1970, get well and birthday cards and notes
Note: Photocopies

45. 1972, correspondence
Note: Includes photocopies

46. 1972, correspondence
Note: Primarily concerning James O. Dineen's resignation as president of UNB. Photocopies

47. 1972, get well cards and notes

48. 1972, get well cards and notes

49. Certificate of birth, James Owen Dineen, 1920

50. Wedding invitation and wedding announcement, Grace Catherine Archambeau and James O. Dineen, 1941
Note: Includes newspaper clippings

51. Biographical information
Note: Photocopies. Information collected during processing; file created by archivist.

52. Newspaper clippings, [193-?]-[1969?]
Note: Concerning J. O. Dineen's academic and professional activities

53. Newspaper clippings, [1970?]-1975
Note: Concerning J. O. Dineen's academic and professional activities

54. Alumni News. - December 1972. - contains a tribute to and an interview with J. O. Dineen

55. Obituaries, memorial record, and tributes, 1975

56. Newman Club Alumni of Fredericton, [19-]
Note: Contains constitution

57. Khaki University of Canada, [19-]
Note: Includes 2 copies of The Students' Standard (27 October and 3 November 1945) as well as a few newspaper clippings

58. Welcome to Bishop Bray / [by] James O. Dineen. - 1936

59. Legal records and plans, [19-]

60. Mementos, [19-]

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