Series No. 1, Sub-series No. 1

Education records [textual record]. -- [192-] - 1956. -- 18.5 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This sub-series contains practice books, report cards, examination question sheets and certificates of achievement relating to James O. Dineen's student years at Hampton Consolidated School. It also includes engineering notebooks, academic grades, engineering reports, technical drawings, certificates of achievement and a copy of a thesis, co-authored by J.O. Dineen and B.H. Geary, all pertaining to course and programme work Dineen completed while an undergraduate and graduate student at UNB.

In addition, this sub-series contains correspondence relating to Dineen's receipt of a Beaverbrook scholarship and a Rhodes scholarship, his original BSc (electrical engineering) and MSc (electrical engineering) degrees and several essays written by him. Also included are a few items dating to Dineen's student days at the University of Toronto, as well as notes, assignments and other materials relating to electrical engineering courses he took in Schenectady, New York in the 1950s.

Title based on contents.

File arrangement is chronological.

Technical drawings completed by Dineen while he was a UNB student are located in series 1, sub-series 2 technical drawings.


1. Practice book, lessons in lettering, [192-]

2. Graded practice book, New Brunswick drawing course, [192-]

3. School fair, [192-]

4. Report cards, Hampton Consolidated School, 1927-1936

5. Certificates and other records, Hampton Consolidated School, 1926-1937

6. High school entrance examinations, 1933
Note: Copies of examinations for algebra; drawing; nature, study and health; English grammar; history; English composition; geography; arithmetic; Latin)

7. Matriculation examination, 1936
Note: Grades and certificate

8. Certificate of graduation, James Owen Dineen from Hampton Consolidated School. - 26 June 1936

9. Beaverbrook scholarship, 1936
Note: Includes letters of recommendation and general correspondence

10. First impressions of the university / by James O. Dineen. - 2 October 1936

11. Test/examination questions, chemistry, 1935 and 1937

12. Test/examination questions, drawing, 1937

13. Test/examination questions, English, 1933-1937

14. Test/examination questions, French, 1935-1937

15. Test/examination questions, materials, 1936

16. Test/examination questions, mathematics, 1933-1937

17. Test/examination questions, mechanics, 1937

18. Test/examination questions, physics, 1934-1938 and Latin, 1940

19. Certificate, Engineering Institute of Canada prize...awarded to James O. Dineen. - 18 May 1939

20. Investigation of a direct current generator electrical engineering laboratory / [by] J. O. Dineen and B. H. Geary. - 5 November 1939

21. University of New Brunswick records, 1936-1940
Note: Grades, expenses, 1940 encaenia programme

22. Sophomore electrical engineering notebook, 1937

23. Junior electrical engineering notebook, 1941-1944

24. Senior electrical engineering notebook, 1939-1940

25. Electromagnetic waves graduation thesis presented for the degree of bachelor of science in the department of electrical engineering... / by B. H. Geary and J. O. Dineen. - 1940

26. Bachelor of science in electrical engineering, awarded to James Owen Dineen. - May 1940

27. Rhodes Scholarship, 1940, 1946

28. University of Toronto, 1946

29. University of Toronto Students' Handbook, 1940-1941
Note: Includes a few entries in a daily diary and a few addresses

30. Master of science in electrical engineering, awarded to James Owen Dineen. - May 1945

31. Power systems engineering course (Schenectady, New York), 1955-1956
Note: Course completed by J. O. Dineen. Includes list of expenses, recognition dinner programme, certificate

32. Power systems engineering course (Schenectady, New York), 1955-1956
Note: Includes schedule of lectures, course notes, completed assignments, correspondence.
Material contained in 3 files.

33. Notes and materials for a course in electric utility systems and practices taken by J. O. Dineen at Schenectady, New York, September 1955

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