Series 4. Personal documentation. -- 1900-1950; predominant 1940-1950. -- 12 cm. of textual records.

Scope and Content: This series contains a miscellany of material relating to the personal life of Louis Arthur Cunningham. Included are newspaper clippings with biographical information, a diary in which Cunningham used the back to record publications, and documentation for personal milestones such as baptism, marriage and university graduation.

BOX 20
File 1. Newspaper clippings: Biographical and Literary.

File 2. Diary of Louis Arthur Cunningham. Includes publication records. 1944-1951.

File 3. Personal certificates. 1900-1929.
Certificate of baptism for Louis Arthur Cunningham. Baptized Oct. 16, 1900. Certificate issued April 3, 1918.
St. Joseph's University. B.A., 1922. (Oversize rolled)
St. Joseph's University. M.A., 1923. (Oversize rolled)
Marriage Certificate, Louis Arthur Cunningham and Hortense Mooney.  July 10, 1929.

File 4. Education publications. 1940-1950.
The Catholic University of America: A Record of Knights of Columbus Fellows, 1940.
Saint Joseph's University, N.B. Canada,.Calendar.1940-41
Saint Joseph's University, N.B. Canada.. Prospectus.1949-1950

File 5. Scrapbook of Jessie Cunningham. Newspaper clippings; mainly poetry. Includes a mss. poem signed "your brother Art".

File 6. Collection of clippings from the Family Herald and Weekly Star. Mainly the columns "The Observer" and "Old Favourites". 1947-1949.

Title: based on content of series.

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