Series 1. Sub-series 3. Non-fiction articles

BOX 16
File 115. A-E
The Ace and the Archbishop.
Again the Calkers' Mallets Ring.
Along the Shores of Fundy.
An Ancient Skill Revived.
The Bluenose Boat-Builders. Labeled "III" as if a chapter or part of a series.
The Boy Who Was Hanged for Stealing a Loaf of Bread.
Chapter of an Epic.
The Country Dance.
Don't Lose The Convoy!

File 116. F-L
The Faery Land of Fundy.
The Fish Fair. Two different versions.
The Fish Fly Inland. Two copies.
Fundy Silver.
The G.C.N.
The Ghost Clipper.
He Breathed a Song
A Holiday Ramble Down East.
As I Went Walking Down Barrington Street.
Kool is the Word for Molly.
The Land of Upside Down.
The Lights that Never Fail.
Lure of Fundy. Two copies.

File 117. M-S
Master Franklin.
Nomad in New Brunswick. Chapter one and outline of proposed book on New Brunswick for "tourist or traveller.".
The Odyssey of the Marco Polo.
The Old Man of St. Martin's.
Parable. Two copies.
Pilots of Fundy.
Pirate Gold. Two different versions.
Preface to a Book Unwritten
Selling in England.
So We Bought a Borzoi.
Speeders and Snapdragons.

File 118. T-Z
Their Day is not Done.
There Goes the Grain. Two copies.
Watchers of the Shores. Two slightly different versions.
We Will Go Down to the Sea Now.
Where the 'Tatoes Grow.
Will Our Ships Sail On?
Winslow McKay, Master Shipbuilder.

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