Series 1.Sub-series 2. Short stories.

File 48. A.M. - Allure
A.M. Loves S.C.
Acadian Idyls: The Cure's Coat.
Acadian Idyls: The Dikemaster.
The Admiral Fleurette.
Afraid of His Son.
After Long Years.
Alias C. K. Mulligan.
All Bridges Burned.
All Hope Turns Ashes.

File 49. Always -Answer
Always a Pal.
And Forsaking All Others. Two copies.
And Who Shall Say Nay. Two copies.
And You Shall Receive.
Angel Cake Comes Back.
Angel in the Mist.
Angus Bags a Moose.
The Answer.

File 50. Anthony-Awakening
Anthony March, A.D. Two copies.
Ask Me Again. Two copies.
At the Needle and Anchor.
At Thy Sweet Voice.
Atlas & Co.
The Awakening.

File 51. Back - Bedtime
Back to Life.
Bal Masque.
Barber on the Water. Two copies.
Baskets of Beauty. Two copies.
Be My Love Always. Two copies.
Bedtime Story.

File 52. Bell - Blood
Bell Song. Two copies.
Beneath the Lamplight in the Rain. Two copies.
Betrayal. Two copies.
Big Brother.
Bingo. Two copies.
Blood Money.

File 53. Bobby - Bulldog
Bones of Contention.
Borrowed Glory.
Break It to Her Gently. Two copies.
The Breaking Point.
Brook Song. Two copies.
The Build-Up.
The Bulldog Breed.

File 54. Cable -Chinchilla
Cable Deferred.
Cafe Royal.
Captain Courageous.
Castles in Canada.
The Caul.
The Changeless Love.
Check. Two copies.
The Cheerful Liars.
Chinchilla. Two copies.

File 55. Chinook - Confession
Chinook. Two copies: one each of two different versions.
The Cigarette Case.
Code of the Northland. Two copies: one a "McClure Newspaper Syndicate" release.
The College Widow.
The Colonel's Daughter.
The Compact. Two copies.

File. 56 . Corky - Cupid
Corner of Eden.
Corscadden's Dirk.
The Country of the Young.
Crash and Carry.
Crime and Punishment. Two copies.
Crossing the Bar.
Cupid Incorporated. Two copies.

File 57. Dance - Day
The Dance of Lo-Pieta.
Dangerous Lady. Two copies.
The Dark Marksman. Two copies.
Dark Pursuit.
A Day to Remember. Two copies.

File 58. Death - Dizzy
The Death-Song of Na-Ti-Kah.
The Detestable Deke.
The Devil's Pasteboards. Two copies.
Dicker Slade Comes Home.
The Dikemaster.
The Dividing Scar.
The Dizzy Duchess.

File 59. Dolls' - Dust
The Dolls' Christmas.
Don't Give Your Heart.
A Double Award.
The Double Compact.
The Dowry. Two copies.
Drowned Loves. MS.
Dust of Dreams.

File 60. Early -Empty
Early Crocus.
East and West.
Easy Mark.
Easy Money.
Eileen's Brother Ives.
The Emergency Bride.
The Empty Heart.

File 61. Enchanted - Experiment
The Enchanted Bookshop. Two copies.
End of the Rainbow. Three copies: one is a shorter version, missing the first page.
The End of the Voyage.
An Error in Judgment. Two copies.
Everyman's Woman.
Exit Clara.
The Experiment.

File 62. Face -Few
The Face of Dreams. Two copies.
The Face of the Drowned. MS and TS, two different versions.
The Face to the Wall. MS.
O Fadeless Love. Two copies.
The Fairy Princess.
The Fall of David.
The Far Travelers.
A Few Minutes to Go.

File 63. First - Flower
The First Noel. Two copies.
Fit for a Bride.
Flat Pieces Ironed.
The Flower-Hunter.
Flower Piece.

BOX 10
File 64. For - Funny
For These Thy Gifts.
For Value Received.
Les Freres Malenfant.
The Frivolous Age.
The Frump.
Full Many a Flower.
Funny People.

File 65. Gaillard - Gifts
Galliard Gay. Two copies.
Gentleman's Gentleman.
Get That Poet.
Ghosts Don't Talk.
A Gift for Pierre.
Gifts for the Wisemen. Two copies.

File 66. Gipsy - Gold
Gipsy Fiddle. Two copies.
The Glad Atonement.
Glamor. Two copies.
God's Ways.
The Gods Smile on Spike. "By Merlyn Swift," with Cunningham's return address.
The Gold Briquet. Two copies.

File 67. Golden - Green Button
Golden Slippers. Two copies.
A Gong from Friar Puck.
Grandma from Gdynia. One copy each of 6 page and 12 page versions.
The Great d'Alva.
The Greater Love.
Green Button. Two different versions.

File 68. Green Door - Gulliver's
The Green Door.
Green Fingers. Two copies of 5 page version, one of 13 page version.
Gretchen Goes Hunting.
Gulliver's Travails. Two slightly different versions.

File 69. Hail - Her
Hail and Farewell. Two copies.
Ham-Stung. Partial MS and TS.
Hand Me Down the Moon.
The Handicapped.
Handmedown Dreams.
A Hard Man to Interview.
Harmer's Luck.
Her Double Life. Two copies.

File 70. Here - Honest
Here Let Me Dream. Two copies.
The Hermit of Dark Harbor. Two copies.
Hero's Return.
Hole in One.
The Honest Man. Two copies.

File 71. Hope - Hugon's
Hope Chest. One copy of 6 page version, two of 8 page version.
The Horns of Elfland. Two copies.
An Hour to Live.
The House in the Shadow.
The House of Marloch.
How Like Dick.
The Howl of the Wolf.
Hugon's Quest.

BOX 11
File 72. I'll - In
I'll Never Let You Go. Two copies.
I'll Share Your Night.
I've Loved You Long. Two copies.
Idiot's Polka. Two copies.
In the Fall o' Year. Two copies (one incomplete).

File 73. Incurable - It's
The Incurable Romantic.
The Inn of Old Loves.
Is That You Lora Lee?
The Isle of the Blest.
It's Always the Butler.

File 74. Jean - Just
Jean the Ambitious.
Joy to the World.
Joy to the World: A Christmas Play. Dialogue from the story of the same title is reworked as a play.
Just a Woman. Two copies.
Just Say Goodby.
Just Sign Here.

File 75. Keller's - Knights
Keller's Legacy.
King for a Day.
Kiss Me Not Lightly.
Kitty's Bargain.
Knight for a Night.
Knights of the Bath.

File 76. Ladies - Laugh
Ladies Can Hate.
Ladies Prefer...
The Landsman.
The Last Laugh.
The Last Minstrel. Two copies.
The Last Word.
Laugh, Clown. Two copies.

File 77. Laughing - Life
The Laughing Buddha. Two copies.
Laughing Lady.
The Lazar-House.
Leave an Open Door.
The Leopard's Spots.
Let the Dead Past...
A Letter from Lisette.
Letter to Titienne.
Life Begins Again.

File 78. Like - Little House
Like Some Far Star.
Lilith's Little Sins.
Lincoln 3-0999.
Lisca. Incomplete.
The Litchfield Cross.
The Little Duchess.
Little Girl in Red.
The Little Girl Next Door.
The Little House. Two very different versions.

File 79. Little Miss - Locket
Little Miss Christmas.
Little Miss Orangeblossom.
The Little Red Hen. Two copies.
Lo! Amid the Winter Snow. Two copies.
Local Boys Make Good.
The Locket. Two copies.

BOX 12
File 80. Lone - Love Letters
Lone Wolf.
Lost at Sea.
Lost Lady.
Louie Falls in Love.
The Love-Game. Alternate title: "Cam Sells Out".
The Love Letter. Two copies.
Love Letters in the Jar. Two different versions.

File 81. Love My - Love Story
Love My Duck. Two copies.
The Love of Laurie.
Love's Wager Lost -- and Won. Incomplete.
Love Song for a Penny.
Love Story.

File 82. Loveless - Lying
The Loveless Match.
The Lovers' Oak.
Lucky Ten.
Lydia is Sorry.
Lying Moon.

File 83. Mad - Man
The Mad Minstrel of St. Medard. Two copies (one incomplete).
Madonna of the Maples.
Maggie Make-Believe.
The Mahlon Code.
The Man in My Life.
The Man in the Burberry.
The Man Who Went to Mars.
The Man Without Kindred.

File 84. Master - Minister's
Master of the Bluff.
McFadden's Folly.
The Memory Mark. MS and TS.
Mender of Hearts.
Mermaid Sleeping. Two copies.
The Miller of Arles.
The Minister's Deceit.
The Minister's Face.

File 85. Mink - Moon Path
Mink at Monk's Barren. Incomplete MS.
Mink Mischief.
Miracle at St. Eustache.
Miss Pruett's Prince. Two versions (one shorter, labelled "tabloid version").
Miss Willow Takes Over.
Moon Path.

File 86. Moon Witch - Mr.
The Moon Witch.
The Moonstone Pendant.
Moose Music. Two copies.
Moss Roses.
Mother of Sorrows.
Mr. Barrington Meets a Million.
Mr. Wilson Comes to Boston.

File 87. Nearest - Nothing
Nearest My Heart.
The Nelson Touch.
A Night with the Wolf.
No Grief to Remember.
Nobody's Smart.
Nona Blake Her Book.
Norman Summer.
Not in the Show.
Nothing Sacred.

BOX 13
File 88. Odalisk - Once
The Old Age of Chivalry. Two copies.
The Old Order Changeth.
An Old Wives' Tale.
Oliver Aiton's Home Again. Two slightly different versions.
Once Upon a Time.

File 89. One - Out
One Kiss to Remember. Two copies.
One Who Remembered.
Only the Lovely Hours.
Out of the Dayspring. Two copies.

File 90. Padraic's - Phantom
Padraic's Will.
Parental Blessing.
The Passing of Orlin Garde. Two very different versions.
The Pauper Heiress.
Peter Caution. Two versions (one long, one short "tabloid" version).
The Phantom of Fundy.

File 91. Platinum - Present for
Platinum Broadtail. Incomplete.
Please Help Mary. MS.
Please Play with Me?
The Plot Extempore.
A Poor Imitation.
Portrait of a Lady.
The Post Road.
Postage Stamp Love.
A Present for Sigurd.

File 92. Present from - Purchase
A Present from Pietro.
Pride of the Hallets.
A Promissory Note.
The Proper Ending.
Proud as Lucifer. MS.
Prudish People.
Pryde's Inn.
The Psychopath.
The Purchase Price.

File 93. Queen - Question
Queen for a Knave.
Question for Today.
Question Mark. Two entirely different stories bear this title.

File 94. Realistic - Riders
The Realistic Touch.
Red Light.
Return at Twilight.
Reunion in Quebec.
The Riddle of the Rose. Two copies.
Riders of the Clouds.

File 95. Road - Royal
The Road to Mallow. Incomplete.
Robin in the Rain.
The Rocking Chair.
The Roll of Honor.
Romance of a Rose.
Room-mate's Girl.
A Rose is a Rose.
The Royal House of Smith.

BOX 14
File 96. S.O.S. - Sea
Sacred Ground.
Sailor's Return.
Say it with a Kiss.
The Scarlet Circle.
The Sea Brings Sorrow.
The Sea-Crucible.
The Sea that Taketh. A novelette of the same title is located in Box 5.
Sea Water Gurney's Boy. Two different versions.

File. 97. Seaman's - Signals
Seaman's Luck.
The Secret.
Selby's Scoop.
Several Ways of Winning.
Shakespeare on Ice.
The Shy Young Sailorman.
The Signal.

File 98. Silent - Sneak
The Silent Wolf Call. Incomplete.
Silver Serenade.
Simpson and Delilah.
Siren in Sheepskin.
Six French Phrases.
The Skeleton in the Highboy.
The Skipper of the Osprey.
Sneak Preview.

File 99. So -Song
So Soon Forgotten.
So There is No Santa Claus.
Soldier from the Wars Returning.
Somebody Waiting.
Something About First Loves.
The Son of a King.
Son of the Eagle.
The Song of Sylvia. Alternate title for "Madonna of the Maples".

File 100. Southern - Stormy
The Southern Code.
Splendid Little Fool.
Spots on Drusilla.
Spring Built a Bonfire.
Squire of Dames.
Star of the Sea.
Stormy Weather. Two quite different versions.

File 101. Story - Suicide
Story of a Lady Who Didn't Believe in Christmas. Two copies.
Strange Idol. Two copies.
Strange Madonna.
String Around Sonya's Finger.
Such Little Things.
The Suicide-Pact.

File 102. Summer - Syncopated
Summer Lightning.
Sunshine of St. Eulalie.
Swan Song. Two copies.
Swansong in Satin.
Syncopated Child.

File 103. Take - There's
Take a Love Letter.
Take It or Leave It. Two versions.
Taken for Granted.
Tea in an Arbor.
That Ole Debbil Sea.
That Punk Haney.
That's News.
There's Something in the Air. Two copies.

File 104. They - Tim
They Never Grow Old.
A Thing of Beauty. Two copies.
Things Were Different Then.
Thirty Pelts of Ermine. MS.
This Love My Shield. MS.
Thou Art the Man.
Through this Same Garden.
Tiger by the Tail.
The Tiger's Cub. MS.
Tim Mahoney, The Cop.

BOX 15
File 105. Time - Tomaso
Time of Roses. Two copies.
Time to Grow In. Two copies.
'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
Tit for Tat.
To Be Published after Death.
To Me You're Always Mary.
Tom Hatheway's Ghost.
Tomasso the Wise.

File 106. Too - Twin
Too Good at Games.
Too Many Cocktails.
Toy Boats.
The Tradesman's Entrance.
The Tremendous Lover. TS and partial MS.
The Trojan Lamb.
The Twin Gorillas.

File 107. Unforgotten - Victory
The Unforgotten Hour.
Unto the Hills.
Unto Us a Child is Born.
Upon the Midnight Clear. Two copies.
Useful Things to Know.
De Varin's Prize.
The Veiled Venus. MS.
The Verdict.

File 108. Walk - When Knighted
Walk Your Dog. Alternate title for "The Detestable Deke".
The Way of the Strong.
Weak on Theory.
Wear this for Luck.
The Wedding Cake.
Week End.
Week End at Wendover. MS.
What a Man.
What Price Sir Galahad.
When Homer Smote the Liar. Incomplete.
When Knighthood was in Flour.

File 109. When the - Whole
When the Doctor Winked.
Where's Dolly? Two copies.
The Whistler. Two slightly different versions.
White Feather.
The White Madonna. Two copies.
Who's Been Living in My House?
The Whole Town's Talking.

File 110. Wife - Wise
Wife for a While.
Wife Wanted.
Wilkins the Wise.
The Will. Two copies.
Will You No' Come Back Again?
The Window Box.
The Winter of the Big Snow.
The Wisdom of Doctor Treen.
The Wise Guy.

File 111. Witch - Wren
The Witch O'Blazes. MS and TS.
The Witch's Wood.
The Witch with the Broken Broom.
With All My Love.
A Word of Hope. Two copies.
Would Ye Be Lovin' a Sailor.
Wren Susan Wren. Two copies.

File 112. Ye - Young
Ye Lover's Booke.
You Have to be Hard.
You Should Read the Papers. Incomplete.
The Young May Moon. Incomplete.

File 113. Manuscript fragments. File contains 3 untitled, incomplete manuscripts.

File 114. Typescript fragment. Final page (page 11) of an unidentified story.


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