Series 1. Sub-series 1. Novels

File 1. Airmail to Eden.
File 2. Anna What's-Her-Name. Novelette.
File 3. The Bandolero. Novelette.
File 4. Beside the Laughing Water.
File 5. Blue Blood. Sketch for a novel.
File 6. A Bride for Sale.
File 7. Captain Midnight. Two copies.

File 8. The Cobbler of Saint-Eloi. Two copies.
File 9. Cornishman's Chance.
File 10. Dust of the Temple. Novelette.
File 11. Flame Over Fundy

File 12. The Forest Gate.
File 13. Fulvia. MS and TS. Incomplete novel or novelette.
File 14. Gambler's Chance. Two copies.
File 15. The Gates of the Morning. Alternate title "We Were Three Together".
File 16. The Ghost of Galebreak. Novelette.
File 17. The Girl from Gander. Sketch for a novel.
File 18. The Goad.

File 19. Halfway to Heaven.
File 20. Heartbreak Hill. Novelette.
File 21. Innocent Sinner. Sketch for a novel.
File 22. Joan Storme's Ship. Incomplete novel or novelette.
File 23. Laughter Down the Glen. Novelette
File 24. Love is a Flame.
File. 25 Love Song for Penny. First chapter and outline for a novel.
File 26. The Mad Harper.
File 27. Meg Shannon's Story. Two slightly different versions.

File 28. Mist on the Mekong.
File 29. Not So Simple Simonetta. Novelette. Two copies.
File 30. Now Lost is the Lily.
File 31. Off with the Old Love. Partial TS and partial MS.
File 32. One Golden Hour. Novelette.
File 33. Red Head. Novelette.
File 34. The Sea That Taketh. Novelette. A short story of the same title is located in Box 14.
File 35. Should Thy Love Die.

File 36. Small-Town Girl. Novelette.
File 37. So Deep My Love. Two copies. First chapter and outline of following chapters.
File 38. Song of the Tumbling Stars.
File 39. Stardust Trail. Novelette.
File 40. Strange Wooing. Novelette. Two copies.
File 41. Swingin' on a Moonbeam. Novelette.
File 42. The Tangled Garden. First chapter of a planned novel.
File 43. Traitor's Bane.
File 44. Whisper to the Stars.

File 45. Whither Thou Goest. Three copies.
File 46. Written in Sand.
File. 47. The Years Before Thirty. Subtitle: "Pargeter, M.A. (cum laude)".


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