Series 1. Manuscripts and typescripts of literary works -- [ca. 1925]-1954. -- 2.08 m of textual records.

Scope and content: This series consists of typescripts and holographs of novels, short stories, and non-fiction articles written by Louis Arthur Cunningham. Many typescripts exist in multiple copies. Copies of the same title exhibit a wide range of differences; some multiples differ only by Louis Arthur Cunningham's editing marks, and some are substantially different versions of a single plot.

The dates of completion and/or revision, the name of the periodical that purchased the story, and the purchase price are noted on some typescripts. Several typescripts have attached correspondence from publishers, usually rejection slips.

At the back of Box 16 are three files containing empty envelopes in which manuscripts were mailed to and from publishers. These envelopes have evidently been reused (some several times) for manuscript storage, and the contents listed with each successive use.

This series is arranged into three sub-series: 1. Novels, (including novellettes and serialized novels), 2. Short stories, and 3. Non-fiction articles. Arrangement is alphabetical by title of work within each sub-series.

Title: based on content of series.

Conservation: Some of the typescripts, most of which were done on canary paper, had suffered mold damage. In order to limit contamination, affected pages were photocopied then destroyed, and the photocopies substituted for the originals.


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