Series 3 -- Campaign literature, handbooks and histories. -- 1889-1984. -- 11 cm.

Scope and content: This series consists of campaign literature, handbooks and histories of the W.C.T.U. Of particular note are copies of the handbook of the W.C.T.U, 1948; the Constitution and By-laws of the N.B. W.C.T.U., and "A Centennial Mosaic, 1874-1974", a history of the W.C.T.U in Canada. This series also contains a published biography and an autobiography of Frances Willard, the American founder of the W.C.T.U.

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Series 3

File 1:  Assorted material. See item list following.

-- Centenary Celebration Convention (program of scheduled events)
   Canadian Christian Woman's Temperance Union,  51st Biennial Convention, August 20-24, 1984,
   Ontario Bible College, Ontario Theological Seminary, Willowdale, Ontario

-- Canadian Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Pamphlet), "Each One, Win One"

-- Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Pamphlet), "Why You Should Join"

-- Handbook of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1948

-- New Brunswick Woman's Christian Temperance Union Constitution and By-Laws

-- School of Method Department, Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
   "The Local Corresponding Secretary: Suggestions for Successful Work"

-- World Woman's Christian Temperance Union, "Hymns of Praise, Prayer and Service" - 2nd Editon

-- "A Centennial Mosaic, 1874 - 1974" - A History of W.C.T.U. in Canada and it's provinces

-- "The Canadian White Ribbon Tidings," Vol. XLIX - Toronto, Ontario -- February 1951 - No. 2

-- "The Canadian White Ribbon Tidings," Vol. XXXII - London, Ontario -- June 1936 - No. 6

-- General Directions For the National Temperance Study Course For Sunday Schools, (Junior), 1936

-- Tenth National Temperance Study Course for Sunday Schools, (Junior), 1937,
    Suggested Questions and Answers

File 2:
Willard, Frances E., "Glimpses of Fifty Years: The Autobiography of An American Woman," Chicago: H. J. Smith & Co., 1889.

File 3
Gordon, Anna A., "The Beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard - A Memorial Volume," Chicago: The Woman's Temperance Publishing Association, 1898


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