MS.7 Material About B.S. Keirstead

MS.7.1. Curriculum Vitae and Testimonials (in chronological order):

   7.1.1       five C.V.s
   7.1.2       two memoranda of personal activities.
   7.1.3       Testimonials (in chronological order) from:
                      a.  R. Marrett, Exeter College, Oxford.
                      b.  H.H. Cox, Lincoln College, Oxford.
                      c.  J. Batson, Exeter College, Oxford.
                      d.  two from ?W.C. Keirstead? re. testimonials.
                      e.  ??, All Souls College, Oxford.
                      f.   from W.C. Keirstead? re. testimonials.
                      g.  R. Marrett, Exeter College, Oxford.
                      h.  R.G.H. Smails, Queens, Canada.
                      i.   Donald B. Marsh, Nashwaaksis, N.B.
                      j.   E.R. Reisen, University of Arizona.
                      k.  Cox, Lincoln College, Oxford.
                      l.   Adams, All Souls College, Oxford.
                      m. Fraser, Queens  College, Oxford.
                      n.  R. Marrett, Exeter College, Oxford.

MS.7.2 Bibliographies of Published Writings (8).

MS.7.3 Book Reviews:

   7.3.1      The Theory of Economic Change. (3)
   7.3.2      A Essay in the Theory of Profits and Income Distribution.
   7.3.3      Capitol, Interest and Profits.
   7.3.4      Report on Economic Policy and the Democratic Process.
   7.3.5      International Freight Rates and the Federal Shipping Service.

MS.7.4 Photocopies of newspaper clippings (originals destroyed).
            contains articles about B.S. Keirstead and W.C. Keirstead, personal friends, and letters to the editor:

                    a.  article: B.S. Keirstead Appointed to Chair at UNB
                    b.  letter: Ernest Whitebone. Readers Forum. Telegraph Journal. 20-01-41.
                    c.  letter: R.H. Baxter. The Spiritual Factor in War. Telegraph Journal. 20-01-41.
                    d.  letter: Gerald Keith. Readers Forum. Telegraph Journal. 17-01-41.
                    e.  letter: W.C. Keirstead. Dr. C.C. Jones. The Gleaner. 20-08-43.
                         article: Cecil Charles Jones.
                    f.   article: New Brunswick Loses Noted Educationist in Death of Dr. W.C. Keirstead.
                        Telegraph Journal. 06-11-44.
                    g.  article: In Memoriam: A Tribute to Dr. Wilfred Currier Keirstead. The Maritime Baptist. 22-11-44.
                    h.  photo: Prof. Keirstead in the Teachers Common Room, Purvis Hall, McGill University.
                        Saturday Night Magazine. 30-10-48.
                    i.   article: Provincial University Marks its Founders Day in 1949. The Gleaner. 15-02-49.
                    j.   article: Eulogies on Dr. Keirstead and Dr. Stephens. The Gleaner. 15-02-49.
                    k.  article: Professor Backs Strong Parliament. The Standard. 05-03-49.
                    l.   article: The Political Science Association. Saturday Night Magazine. 21-02-50.
                    m. article: Frost Boil Cure? Telegraph Journal. 15-09-55.
                    n.  editorial: The Peterborough Examnier. 03-12-56.
                    o.  letter: Burton Keirstead. N.Y. Times. 18-04-57.
                    p.  article: Psychology Building Cornerstone Laid.  The Gleaner. 1968.
                    q.  article: Dont Give Students Control, Noted Prof. Says. The Gleaner. 24-07-70.
                    r.   letter: B.S. Keirstead. All Should Cherish Literary Heritage. Telegraph Journal. 20-03-72.
                    s.  article: Broadcasting Opinion on Suez.
                    t.   article: Mrs. Keirstead Celebrates Her 90th Birthday.
                    u.   letter: Lines of Policy Open to U.K. Montreal Gazette. 02-08-??.
                    v.   article: McGill Announces Staff Promotions. Montreal Gazette.

MS.7.5  Various financial documents: Bank statements, receipts for book royalties, insurance policies,
             income tax returns.

MS.7.6 Brief biographies on W.C. Keirstead and B.S. Keirstead and a checklist of  published writings
            of W.C. Keirstead

MS.7.7 Passages from a personal diary -- B.S. Keirstead.

MS.7.8 Last Will and Testament of Burton Seely Keirstead.
            Last Will and Testament of Marjorie Stella Keirstead.

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