MS.5 Arbitration Cases

MS.5.1 Canadian Merchant Guild and Keystone Transport Ltd.

   5.1.1       Agreement Between The Toronto Transport Commission and the Canadian Merchant Service Guild Inc. For Toronto Island Ferries.
   5.1.2       notice: To All Captains.
   5.1.3       Memorandum of Agreement For Canadian Registered Deep Sea Dry Cargo Freight Vessels.
   5.1.4       Meetings.
   5.1.5       Report on Board in Dispute Between Canadian National Steamships...and Canadian Merchant Service Guild, Inc.
   5.1.6       Memorandum Concerning Expenditures Under the Industrial Relations and Disputes Investigations Act.
   5.1.7       Proposed Memorandum of Agreement.
   5.1.8       Memorandum of Agreement.
   5.1.9       Some Notes on Keystone.
   5.1.10      The Industrial Relations and Disputes Investigation Regulations.
   5.1.11      George VI. An Act to Provide for the Investigation, Conciliation and Settlement of  Industrial Disputes.
   5.1.12      Correspondence.

MS.5.2  Canadian Breweries Ltd.

   5.2.1       Elizabeth II. An Act to Amend the Combines Investigation Act and the Criminal Code.
   5.2.2       Keirstead, B.S.  Economic Memorandum Number 1: The Degree of Concentration in the Brewing Industry in Canada.
   5.2.3       ---.  Economic Memorandum Number 2: The Role of Monopoly in Canadian Economic Development.
   5.2.4       ---.  Economic Memorandum Number 3: Motives.
   5.2.5       ---.  Economic Memorandum Number 4: The Degree of Competition.
   5.2.6       Economic Submission on Behalf of Canadian Breweries Ltd.
   5.2.7       Reply to Request for Particulars.
   5.2.8       Canadian Combines Policy.
   5.2.9       Memorandum by Economic Advisor in Response to Counsel.
   5.2.10      Memorandum in Response to Question of Counsel.
   5.2.11      Professor Keirsteads Comments on Particulars.
   5.2.12      Judgement.

MS.5.3 Golden Manitou Mines Ltd. and Val Dor Mine and Mill Workers Union.

   5.3.1       Wartime Wages control Order.
   5.3.2       Canadian War Orders and Regulations.
   5.3.3       The Canada Gazette: Order in Council.
   5.3.4       from the Minister of Labour appointing Keirstead a member of the Board of Conciliation.
   5.3.5       Memorandum Concerning Expenditures Under theWartime Labour Relations Regulations.
   5.3.6       Memorandum on Points of Dispute.
   5.3.7       Memorandum.
   5.3.8       Correspondence.

MS.5.4  Le Syndicat National des Travailleurs de lElectronique et des Operateurs de Machine de Montreal vs.
            Federal Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

   5.4.1       Statement by I.A. Legault.
   5.4.2       Statement by B.S. Keirstead. 3 drafts.
   5.4.3       Comments by Company Representative.
   5.4.4       Labour Minority Report.
   5.4.5       Expense Accounts - B.S. Keirstead.
   5.4.6       handwritten notes.

MS.5.5   United Local 531, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. (regarding lay-offs.)

   5.5.1       Canadian War Order and Regulations.
   5.5.2       Statement of Local 531 ... Re. Case of A. Morin.
   5.5.3       Brief Prepared by R.C.A. Victor ... Re. A. Morin.
   5.5.4       Draft and Collective Agreement.
   5.5.5       Decision.
   5.5.6       notes and correspondence.

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