MS.3 Creative and Popular Works by Keirstead

MS.3.1 Manuscripts:

   3.1.1       The Boundaries. 2 drafts.
   3.1.2       The Clock Could Not Go. (or The Rationalist.) 2 drafts.

MS.3.2 Articles and Stories (and attached correspondence):

   3.2.1       Island of Science. (or There are More Things.) 4 drafts.
   3.2.2       Volunteer in Spain. 2 drafts.
   3.2.3       untitled. beginning: Michael Broom stood on the bluff ...
   3.2.4       untitled. Chapter One, beginning: The Dean cleared his throat ...
   3.2.5       Americans Are Inefficient.
   3.2.6       Americans, Canadians and Englishmen.
   3.2.7       Anglo-American Understanding.
   3.2.8       British Policy in the Near Future.
   3.2.9       Death in the Night.
   3.2.10      Dialectic in the Sympathetique.
   3.2.11      Ernies Case. 2 drafts.
   3.2.12      The Glass Tube.
   3.2.13       I Wont Let it Get Me.
   3.2.14       The Incredible Crime. (with Peter Keirstead)
   3.2.15       The Plotter. 2 drafts.
   3.2.16       Rugby Union Football.
   3.2.17       Subversive Elements.
   3.2.18       Sydney Carton.
   3.2.19       To Him That Hath.

MS.3.3 Radio Scripts for CBC and BBC:

   3.3.1       Belisaurius. - a drama - 3 drafts.
   3.3.2       Various radio broadcasts made from the UN General Assembly, Flushing Meadow, New York. They deal mainly with
                  Israel/Palestine and American and Soviet foreign policy.
   3.3.3       On the Problems of Economic Reconstruction. for International Czech Service. 1949.
   3.3.4       Broadcasts on various topics made from CFCY, Charlottetown. (late 1940s)
   3.3.5       Weekend Review. Comments on current events. 1952 and 1956.
   3.3.6       Miscellaneous Broadcasts:
                      a.    How Canadians Live. for I.S.W. Soviet section.
                      b.    Economic Policy in Democratic Countries.
                      c.    Capitol Report. on Sir Stafford Cripps  resignation.
  3.3.7        fragments.

MS.3.4 Poetry, Articles and Correspondence (not itemized) by M.S. Keirstead:

   3.4.1      Poetry and Correspondence.
                     a.     Falling Asleep
                     b.     untitled. first line: Jokes I used to find excruciating ...
                     c.     Lines After the Chicago Air Conference.
                     d.     Litany For Free Enterprise.
                     e.     Lyric. first line: I followed you along the path that dips ...
                     f.     Lyric. first line: The moon is full; you can see the man.
                     h.      Owed to John Percival Day.
                     i.       Night of Dunkirk.
                     j.       The Proletarian.
                     k.      The Rink.
                     l.       Sequence 1944-45.
                     m.     Sonnet. first line: We that do know moments when the breath stops.
                     n.      Sonnet to Time.
                     o.      To a Lover.
                     p.      Who Killed this Boy?
                     q.      Skeleton For a Longer Philosophical Poem.
   3.4.2       Adjustment.
   3.4.3       How Should We Build a World Government in the Atomic Age? 2 drafts.
   3.4.4       Lets Read Hansard.
   3.4.5       The Maritime Myth. 2 drafts.
   3.4.6       The Uses of Translation. 2 drafts.
   3.4.7       Miscellaneous:
                      a.    Dominion of Canada Registration Certificate (1940) Electoral District 21.
                      b.    The Faculty Club of McGill University Regulation Book.
                     c.    The Women Associates of McGill By-Laws.
                      d.    Note Book dated October 1934.
                      e.    one page labelled Family Branches and Things.
                      f.    Section from diary beginning: Sept. 1st, 1939.  War began this morning with a german (sic) invasion of Poland.
                      g.    Application for correspondence course.
                      h.    International Correspondence Schools Certificate.
                      i.    Various correspondence.

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