Series 3: Photographs [graphic records]. -- 1885 - [193-?]. -- 23 photographs: b&w; 18cm x 23cm and smaller; two tintypes.

Scope and content: This series includes photographs of Ann Hanley, her first husband, and members of the Ross and Doak families. Six photographs relate to the funeral of Doukhobor, Peter Verigin.

Titles based on content of series.

File titles supplied.

File 1 Family photographs

        Mrs. Garland Foster (2 photos). About 1897 and 1926.

        Mrs. W. Garland Foster in Nursing Uniform. n.d.

        The Three Ross Children (2 photos). 1885 and 1895.

        James Loggie Ross. About 1900

        Clara Dickinson Ross. Wife of James Loggie Ross. n.d.

        James A. Doak of Doaktown. n.d. [AH's g-father] TINTYPE

        Susannah Story Doak n.d. [AH's g-mother; wife of Jas. A. Doak] TINTYPE

        Mrs. Ann Harvie Doak of Doaktown. n.d. [widow of Robert Doak]

        Christine Doak Ross. Woodstock, N.B. About 1900

        Robert Fulton Ross. Woodstock, N.B. About 1900

        Trench where Capt. Foster Was Wounded. [1918]

        "Koots", the Bear - 54th Battalion Mascot. [1918]

        Capt. Foster in Uniform. [1918]

        Margaret Ross (Homer); Malcolm's sister Margaret. n.d.

File 2 Photocopies of photographs in file 1.

File 3 Funeral Peter Verigin, B.C. Doukhobor [193-?]
        [* See Series 2, sub-series 2, file 5.]

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