Series 2. Literary Works [textual records]. -- [193-?] - 1960. -- 19cm.

Scope and Content: This series includes copies of both published and manuscript materials written by Ann Hanley, in the years before her second marriage, mainly under the name of Mrs. W. Garland Foster. [Authorship of three of the magazine articles is attributed to "W. Garland Foster".] Several of the published articles relate to gardening, her favourite recreation; other works relate to British Columbia's native issues. The manuscript materials include Mrs. Hanley's biography of Arthur Meighen, her study of B.C.'s Doukhobor community, a biographical piece about her New Brunswick roots and her own autobiography.

This series is divided into two (2) sub-series:

Sub-series 1. Published Articles 1937 - 1946
Sub-series 2. Manuscripts [193-?] - 1960

Title based on the content of the series.

File titles supplied.


Sub-series 1. Published Articles

File 1 Articles

        "British Columbia Indian Lands." Pacific Northwest Quarterly. April 1937. p. 151-162. Offprint.

        "False Gods." The Dalhousie Review. October 1938. p. 337-348. Offprint.

        "Flowers That The Queen Saw." Good Gardening. September 1939. p.31.

        "Vegetarians by Contract." The Dalhousie Review. May 1940. p.71-73 Offprint.
        "The Cup That Cheers." The Garden Beautiful. v.9, no.2. May 1946. p. 17-18.

        "Bee Flowers." The Garden Beautiful. v.9, no.4. July 1946. p. 29-30.

Sub-series 2. Manuscripts

File 1 Partial Checklist Fugitive Articles Etc. [by Mrs. W. Garland Foster] 1923-1945. 5p. typescript. [Also includes a list of her published books and mss.]

File 2 "The Inscrutable Canadian: A Life of The Right Hon. Arthur Meighen, K.C." [1932-35]. 490p. typescript in a binder.

File 3 "The Inscrutable Canadian: A Life of The Right Hon. Arthur Meighen, K.C." [rev. 1960] 433p. Looseleaf; with extra chapter added to version in file 2.

File 4 Miscellaneous material relating to Arthur Meighen:

        Letter to Mrs. Foster from Arthur Meighen. June 21, 1928.
        Letter to Mrs. Foster from Arthur Meighen. April 15, 1931.

        Letter to Mrs. Foster from Jean-Charles Harvey. April 12, 1943.
        Includes clipping written by Harvey about Mr. Meighen in Le Jour, April 25, 1942.

        Inscribed Copy of Overseas Addresses: June-July 1921 by the Right Hon. Arthur Meighen. Toronto: Mussen, 1921. 82p.
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File 5 "The Canadian Doukhobors: A Study In Communism." n.d. 175p. Typescript. *[See also several articles, 1926-1944 and photos re Doukhobors in B.C. during the mid 1930s and early 1940s in Series 3, File 3] .

File 6 "Passing Through: Pictures From the Life of Mrs. W. Garland Foster, née Annie H. Ross." March 31, 1939. 248p. Typescript.

File 7 "Some Accounts of The Families of James Ross, Donald McDonald, Joseph Story, James Doak and Their Descendants." Prepared by Mrs. Patrick Hanley (Formerly Annie Harvie Ross) for UNB Archives. September 1, 1959. 12p. Typescript. Includes correspondence with UNB re. her research. 1961-1970.

File 8 An Index of British Columbia Authors and Their Books. n.d.112p. Typescript.

File 9 Index of British Columbia Authors. Part II. Post War Section. n.d. 3p. Typescript.

File 10 "Indian Trails In Maple Land: Myths of Haida Land." Retold by Anne H. Foster. n.d. [90]p. Typescript.

File 11 "Intellectual Influences at U.N.B. in the Nineties." [194-?]. 3p. Typescript.

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