Series 3: Associated Alumnae Minutes.   –  1910-1991. – 54 cm of textual records.

Scope and Content: 
Series 3 consists of books, binders and folders containing Associated Alumnae minutes (many with Alumnae committee reports attached).  Minutes document Executive, Annual, Semi-Annual, Special, Monthly, Branch, Local and Maggie Jean Chestnut Residence Board meetings.   Also included are the minutes of a few Joint Meetings held between the Associated Alumnae and Fredericton University Women’s Club.

Some of the earlier manuscript minute books contain minutes at the front of the books, and records of receipts/disbursements and fees at the back.  A few letters and newspaper clippings have been inserted in some of the minute books.  The series contains original and copied minutes in both manuscript and typescript.  There is some duplication due to transcription of manuscript minutes into typescript format.

Arrangement is chronological.


Title is based on the content of the series

Box 3
File 01
Minutes : Special/Regular/Annual/Executive/Committee Meetings (manuscript);
1910-1919 (the back of the book contains fees, expenses and membership lists 1910-1927)
File 02
(book &
Minutes : Regular/Annual/Executive/Committee/Special Meetings; 1910-1950
(book 02 contains typescript copies of Book 01 & Book 03 manuscript minutes)
(folder contains printed, manuscript and typescript minutes and a few announcements; 1914-1936)
File 03
Minutes : Annual/Regular/Local/Executive Meetings - also place settings, menus, attendee lists for various Alumnae/Student supper and tea gatherings (manuscript); 1920-1930
(the back of the book contains fees/receipts/disbursements; 1926-1934)
File 04
Minutes : Annual Meetings (manuscript); 1928-1937
(continuation of Book 03 : minutes from 1928-1930 re-written into Book 04)
(the back of the book contains fees/receipts/disbursements and a list of life members; 1928-1937)
File 05
Minutes : Regular/Local/Executive/Special Meetings ; 1928-1940
(manuscript 1928-Oct 1931 : typescript Apr 1932-Apr 1940)
File 06 (book)
Minutes : Regular/Local/Executive/Annual/Special Meetings (manuscript); 1934-May 1950
(Oct 1934-Apr 1940 is manuscript version of the typescript minutes in Book 05; also included are newspaper clippings, list of Life Members, Founders Day Celebration Programme)
File 07
Minutes : Annual/Semi-Annual/Special Meetings (manuscript); May 1937-Jan 1952 
(also included is a  letter from  Milton Gregg in response to Alumnae correspondence re the removal of the words British from British Empire and Dominion from the Dominion of Canada (1949), and a typescript report of the 1952 Encaenial Meetings of the Alumnae and Alumni, re proposed affiliation)
Box 4
File 08
Minutes : Regular/Local/Executive/Special Meetings; Mar 1940-May 1953
(typescript Mar 1940-Jan 1948 : manuscript Jan 1948-May 1953)
File 09
Minutes : Residence Board Meetings : Maggie Jean Chestnut House; May 1949-Apr 1952
(also included “A Guide for Students in Residence”, and a leaflet outlining the history of the Maggie Jean Chestnut property)
File 10
Minutes : Executive/Local/Semi-Annual/Annual Meetings; Sep 1954-May 1958
(manuscript Sep 1954-Feb 1957 : typescript Mar 1957- May 1958)
File 11 Minutes : Annual/Executive/Semi-Annual/Regular Meetings (typescript); 13 May 1958- Apr 1962
File 12
Minutes : Annual/Local/Executive; May 1962-Nov 1965
(also typescript minutes from a few Joint Meetings held with Fredericton University Women’s Club)
File 13
Minutes : Local/Annual/Executive/Joint Meetings; Jan 1966-May 1972
(typescript Jan 1966-May 1971 : manuscript Aug 1971- May 1972)
File 14
Minutes : Executive/Local/Annual/Semi-Annual Meetings (manuscript); Jun 72-May 1976
File 15 Minutes : Annual/Semi-Annual Meetings ; May 1975-Oct 1975
(typescript versions of some of the manuscript minutes in Binder 01)
File 16 Minutes : Annual/Semi-Annual Meetings; May 1976-Oct 1976
(typescript versions of some of the manuscript minutes in Binders 01 & 02)
File 17 Minutes : Annual/Semi Annual Meetings; 1977
(duplicates of minutes in Binder 02)
File 18 Minutes : Annual/Semi Annual Meetings; 1978
(duplicates of minutes in Binder 02)
File 19 Minutes : Annual/Semi Annual Meetings; 1979
(duplicates of minutes in Binder 02
Box 5
File 20
Minutes : Executive/Local/Annual/Semi-Annual Meetings (typescript); Sep 1976-Mar 1986
(includes transcript of five page talk given by Zula Hallett at an Alumnae Meeting in 1962)
File 21 Minutes : Executive/Local/Annual/Semi-Annual Meetings (typescript); May 1986-Mar 1989
(includes manuscript notes, committee reports and some correspondence)
File 22 Minutes : Semi-Annual/Annual Meetings (typescript);  Sep 1990-Oct 1991
File 23 Minutes : Executive Meetings (typescript); Mar 1991-Jun 1991

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