SERIES 4          1941-1945

Box 1  1941  A-F
      File 1      A (1941)

    - Central Advisory Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces
      and Newfoundland, minutes
    - Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium, construction
    - Proposed establishment of a blood processing center for the
      provinces at UNB

      File 2      B (1941)

    - N.A.M. MacKenzie to Bailey re tentative arrangements for Bailey to
      replace him on the Social Science and Research Council, and
      attendance at the Carnegie Conference on Canadian American relations
    - N.A.M. MacKenzie to Lord Beaverbrook, thanking him for providing the
      Lady Beaverbrook's Building residence and the Lady Beaverbrook
      gymnasium, and explaining to what use they are being put
    - Lord Beaverbrook sends a message to the young men of the Province of
      New Brunswick
    - N.A.M. MacKenzie to Rt. Hon. Viscount Bennett
    - Alex Bell sends an article "The Work of a London Emergency Blood
      Supply Depot" by O.M. Solandt
    - The British Council Scholarships for Women Graduates from the
      Overseas Dominions, ... these awards to male students cancelled
      during the period of hostilities and substituted by the award of
      scholarships to women
    - W.H. Brittain, MacDonald College, sends information on Canadian Farm
      Problems, in the matter of Rural Extension Work
    - N.A.M. MacKenzie notifies G.P. Burchill that UNB would like to
      confer an Honorary Degree of Science upon him

      File 3      C (1941)

    - Canada Law Book Company - UNB Law School gets its first subscription
      to the Dominion Law Reports
    - Canadian Federation of University Women sends "a copy of the little
      register of Canadian women prepared to undertake advanced teaching
      this autumn ..."
    - The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League engages
      N.A.M. MacKenzie for speaking engagements in two U.S. cities
    - Canadian Legion War Services, Inc., Educational Services - minutes
      from a meeting of the Representatives of Universities
    - Carnegie Corporation - Canadian members of the Central Advisory
      Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland
      submit resolutions and recommendations to the Government of Canada
    - Letters received from Departments of Federal Government in response
    - Carnegie Endowment For International Peace - correspondence re
      formation of an International Relations Club at UNB, and a
      collection of books on International Relations to be donated to UNB
    - Common Examining Board of the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland,
      minutes    - [Oswald S. Crocket, Supreme Court of Canada:  "... I may say that if
      all the members of the Honorary Degrees Committee agreed to the
      conferring of the proposed degrees indicated, I should not like to
      interpose any objection, though I should never have thought myself
      of conferring the highest degree in the gift of the university upon
      a husband and wife at the same time unless there were very special
      reasons why the wife should be included"]

      File 4      D-F (1941)

    - Demobilization and Rehabilitation General Advisory Committee
      correspondence, including the "Post-Discharge Re-Establishment
      Order"; submissions made for that order; and a statement made by Ian
      MacKenzie, Minister of Pensions & National Health on the same topic
    - Canadian Council of Education for Citizenship, report of progress
    - City of Fredericton acquires property known as the O'Dell woodlot,
      N.A.M. MacKenzie suggests that consideration be given to the idea of
      making the entire area a game refuge

Box 2  1941  G-L
      File 1      G (1941)

    - Susan B. Ganong invites President MacKenzie to address the
      graduation class at [Netherwood] in Rothesay; accepts invitation to
      Founders' Day Celebration at which her brother, Dr. William Francis
      Ganong, will be honored
    - Faculty of Law sends names of students eligible to receive degrees
      at Encaenia; accreditation of courses taken at other law schools;
      the merits of a thesis submitted by W. Bloomfield Jordan in support
      of his application for a D.C.L. degree
    - A.B. Gilbert contributes $30 for a prize for English in First Year
    - C.W. Gilchrist, Dept. of National Defence, requests use of the UNB
      gymnasium for Army basketball teams and tournament
    - J. Kenneth Gillies, of Alward & Gillies, Architects, corresponds re
      Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - Katherine Whetham (Artists' Representative) arranges a recital at
      UNB for distinguished English Baritone, John Goss
    - Doris Flieger, Secretary of the Senior Class expresses the hope that
      UNB will purchase 20 gowns a year to be used for the Encaenial
      Exercises, because "the wearing of gowns to classes has almost
      disappeared at UNB" and they are becoming increasingly difficult to

      File 2      H-J (1941)

    - Speech on the history of Harkins Academy [Dr. R. Nicholson]
    - Katherine Whetham arranges recital for the Hart House String Quartet
    - Arthur A. Hauck, President, University of Maine, corresponds re
      Conference of Presidents of the Colleges and Universities of the
      Maritime Provinces and Maine.  Sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation
    - Constance Hayward, Canadian National Committee on Refugees sends a
      memorandum re Young Refugees (students) Interned in Canada
    - Lester G. Hoar solicits funds from Beaverbrook scholars in order to
      put a plaque in his honour in the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - T. Hoffer writes that the Hebrew Congregation of Fredericton will
      continue its scholarship
    - Artist Jack W. Humphrey sends some of his work to UNB
    - Nigerian student Okechuwu Ikejiani writes re his desire to complete
      a medical degree so he may help his people; sends information re The
      African Students' Association
    - F. Cyril James, Principal, McGill University, re various university
      matters; the Committee on Demobilization and Re-Establishment's
      announcement of the Mayhew Essay Prize
    - Marsh Jeanneret, of the Copp Clark Co., re a dispute between UNB's
      Science Club and Fredericton book-seller, Mr. Hall.

      File 3      K-L (1941)

    - Prof. Burton Keirstead corresponds from Dalhousie University re the
      uncertainty of the duration of his leave of absence from UNB. 
      Funding from the Rockefellar Foundation for the War Project on which
      he is working is uncertain.  Also, sends information on proposed
      training in social work from graduates of Maritime universities
    - Fraser S. Keith reports on scholarships awarded to UNB by the
      Leonard Foundation
    - Correspondence re a tribute to Dr. Keppel of the Carnegie Foundation
    - Dr. Leopold Kohr, re a lecture in Fredericton by His Imperial
      Highness, Archduke Otto of Austria
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel, Dept. of Labour re
      possibility of accelerating courses in Engineering; postponement of
      service for students and members of the University staffs
    - R.J. Love, Principal, Bathurst High School, re the matter of
      permanent licenses for teachers, and how it affects the university,
      particularly the summer school

Box 3  1941  Mc-R
      File 1      Mc-M (1941)

    - Laura McCain of Florenceville re her son Robert's academic
    - Correspondence with A.S. McFarlane, Chief Superintendent of
      Education re a petition by Education students to be granted a
      Temporary Grammar School Teacher's license
    - Hon. Colonel Murray MacLaren congratulates President MacKenzie on
      the Honorary Degree (LLD) conferred upon him by Mount Allison
    - Randall R. MacLean sends information about the Lord Beaverbrook
      Hurricane Fund in Alberta
    - Correspondence with Premier John B. McNair re new pension scheme for
      UNB staff
    - Fred Magee corresponds re establishment of scholarships in support
      of French language training
    - Notes on the Conference of Presidents of Colleges and Universities
      of the Maritime Provinces and Maine
    - R.A. Murray re manufacture of semi-concentrated food to be used by
      Canadian and British soldiers and the people of Britain (during the

      File 2      N (1941)

    - Dept. of National Defence re recruiting campaign; lecture series at
      Camp Sussex for the entertainment of the men in the forces; training
      of radio technicians; use of Lady Beaverbrook's Building by Dept. of
      Defence; enlistment of radio mechanics; University Air Training
      Plan; Information Relative to Entry into Royal Canadian Air Force;
      Appointment of Officers, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps; Women
      Wireless Operators; Military Training of University Personnel; Royal
      Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
    - C.J. MacKenzie, National Research Council, re codes and cipher
      experts; scholarship awards made by the National Research Council;
      establishment of Commonwealth Fund Fellowship; Rockefeller
      Foundation fund to aid travel in the United States by Canadian
      scientists; importation into Canada of photostats of scientific
      articles taken from publications of enemy origin on file in the
      United States
    - S.R. Noble, Royal Bank of Canada, re Endowment Fund

      File 3      O-R (1941)

    - Count Henry Degenfeld, on behalf of His Imperial Highness Archduke
      Otto of Austria, refuses UNB's invitation to visit
    - Dr. Lorne Pierce informs President MacKenzie of the history of Bliss
      Carman's estate, its present state of affairs, and a trust fund will
      be established under UNB known as the Bliss Carman Memorial Fund
    - (2) letters to Sir Charles G.D. Roberts from President MacKenzie
    - Howard P. Robinson corresponds about various matters, including,
      formal opening of the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium (none); his ill
      health; Sir Frederick-Williams Taylor's donation of an Athletics
      Medal; Honorary Degrees for Howard P. Robinson, Sir James Dunn and
      Mr. Turnbull; wording for the bronze tablet in honour of Lord
      Beaverbrook to be placed in Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium

Box 4  1941  S-Z
      File 1      S (1941)

    - President MacKenzie to Prof. Frank Scott re the necessity of an
      International Law section in the Institute of International Affairs
    - Terry Sheard, Dept. of National Defence for Air re setting up Air
      Training Units in the Universities
    - S. Dow Simmons, Secretary, Lord Beaverbrook Scholarship Trust, re
      Beaverbrook scholars
    - Dominion Bureau of Statistics requests information about the
      contribution of the universities and colleges to the war effort

      File 2      T (1941)

    - Lady Tait forwards the gown and cap belonging to her late husband,
      Sir Thomas Tait, to UNB
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University re Honorary
      Degree being conferred on President MacKenzie; plans for summer
      schools; obligations to airmen at the universities; Mount Allison's
      men's residence destroyed by fire

      File 3      U (1941)

    - Edgar P. Dean's memorandum on Canadian war problems and the role of
      the United States
    - Fourth Annual Report on the works in Public Administration and the
      activities of the Institute of Public Affairs (Dalhousie University)
    - Correspondence re the Maritime School of Social Work, including
      Burton Keirstead's impressions after attending a meeting of the
      Board of Trustees; [Constitution] of the Board of Trustees; Act of
    - Lander MacClintock, Indiana University, writes re the possibility
      between Canadian and American staffs
    - Dr. Ursilla N. Macdonnell, University of Manitoba's Dean of Women,
      requests information about Canadian (UNB) women available for full-
      time university teaching, adding, "From your calendar I gather that
      you have no woman on your teaching staff"
    - Memo re the training of radio technicians 
    - Notes re establishment of a Founders' Day at UNB
    - President's Report on the educational condition of the University of
      New Brunswick for the academic year 1939-1940
    - Agreement (contract) between Canadian Pacific Railway Company and
      UNB re pipe line across right of way for the UNB
    - Programs for Queen's University Centenary, Convocation, Service of
      Thanksgiving and Remembrance and Academic Procession
    - Program for 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Rutgers University
      as Queen's College

      File 4      V-Z (1941)

    - Arthur T. Vanderbilt asks advice and seeks feedback on matters of
      concern to both the legal profession and the public re legal
    - J.C. Webster and Alice Webster accept Honorary Degrees - being
      conferred on husband and wife
    - Frederick Williams-Taylor questions whether he should continue to
      send a message with the medal he donates for UNB athletics
    - J.J. Fraser Winslow re improvement of the approaches to the
      University of New Brunswick, and to the university grounds

Box 5  1942  A
      File 1      A (1942)

    - Central Advisory Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces
      and Newfoundland minutes
    - Memo from Military Headquarters in Saint John re special military
      courses at universities
    - Anglo-American-Hellenic Bureau of Education, re the plight of
      university students in Nazi-occupied Greece
    - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation makes arrangements with UNB to co-
      operate in efforts to air a live talk by Lord Beaverbrook
    - Hans Bardach writes from the Refugee Camp in Sherbrooke, Quebec,
      attempting to arrange for university studies; F.C. Blair, Dept. of
      Mines and Resources gives further information of Hans Bardach's
      status.  Representative of the type of correspondence received from
      various refugees
    - Memorandum on teaching citizenship in Canada
    - Informal Conference of Educational Authorities, minutes
    - C.H. Blakeny, Minister of Education re various matters including
      financial aid to deserving students
    - The British Council, Scholarships for Women Graduates from the
      Overseas Dominion send new information

      File 2      B (1942)

    - Kenneth A. Baird re progress of his son, Gordon's class in
    - J. Diener re sponsorship for refugee Hans Bardach
    - Hans Bardach re his sponsorship and eventual release from the
      refugee camp at Sherbrooke, Quebec
    - Chief Justice J.B.M. Baxter re his son John's enrollment at UNB;
      lecturers for the Faculty of Law
    - President MacKenzie to Hugh Whitney Morrison re CBC coverage of a
      broadcast by Lord Beaverbrook
    - President MacKenzie to Hon. Viscount Bennett re a photograph; an
      Honorary Degree; the war; Founders' Day celebration
    - Dick M.W. Black re his work on the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - Memorandum on Teaching of Citizenship in Canada
    - Informal Conference of Educational Authorities (1940), minutes
    - C.H. Blakeny, Minister of Education, re a plan of financial
      assistance to deserving students who wish to attend universities
    - President MacKenzie to Mr. Bowman re correspondent Austin F. Cross's
      article in the Evening Citizen, harshly criticizing UNB and the
    - The British Council re scholarships for Women Gradustes from the
      Overseas Dominions; the inability of Mrs. Thompson to accept her
    - I.M.R. Maclennan, High Commissioner for the United Kingdom re
      Okechukwu Ikejiani

      File 3      C-D (1942)

    - J. Frank Caine, Joint Legislative Committee of Railway Brotherhoods,
      sends a report
    - J.M. Cameron, District Medical Health Officer sends a report on
      Tuberculosis Survey held at UNB in 1941
    - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation expresses regret that Lord
      Beaverbrook will be unable to address UNB on Founder's Day
    - Carnegie Corporation sends report and statement of expenses related
      to the presentation of a book to Dr. Keppel on the occasion of his
      retirement as President of the Carnegie Corporation
    - A.N. Carter responds to Norman A.M. MacKenzie's complaint about the
      language used by the Court of Revision in the matter of deciding a
      case concerning artist Jack Humphrey
    - Central Advisory Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces
      and Newfoundland, minutes
    - [Marie Jo Duffie gives various reasons why she requests being
      excused from P.T., concluding, "... However, none of these
      overshadows the main reason; namely, the fact that I detest putting
      on a gym suit ..."!]

      File 4      E-H (1942)

    - The Engineering Institute of Canada again sends $25 for an
      engineering prize, as well as the criteria the candidate must meet
    - Samuel B. Epie, a Nigerian student writes to President MacKenzie
      seeking aid, desiring to pursue "higher studies."  President
      MacKenzie explains there is little he can do to help and refers him
      to Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, who is "a member of Howard University, one
      of the negro Universities in the U.S.A."
    - Col. R.B. Maxwell, of the War Office in London requests President
      MacKenzie's help in recruiting men for service with The Royal
      Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and sends particulars on this
      new corp
    - Nellie T. FitzRandolph offers the Times History of the Great War to
      the library, and an oil painting in memory of her late husband, both
      of which the University Senate gratefully accepts
    - Canadian Forestry Association, Maritime section sends a memorandum
      re the UNB Forest; J. Miles Gibson supplements this with further
    - New Brunswick International Paper Company re forest fire protection
    - G.H. Prince, Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines for N.B. sends
      correspondence and memorandums dealing with forest management issues
    - A handwritten speech, apparently by President MacKenzie, given at a
      conference called by the Hon. F.W. Pirie, Minister of Lands and
      Mines and attended by members of the New Brunswick section of the
      Canadian Forestry Association
    - Agnes S. Foster sends $100 to be awarded to the Fredericton High
      School student who makes the highest marks in the freshman year
    - A.D. Ganong hopes to attend the Founders' Day tribute to those in
      the history of UNB who have contributed to its reputation and to its
      physical assets.  Dr. William Francis Ganong, who died within the
      past twelve months, was to be honoured at this tribute
    - Susan B. Ganong writes re a scholarship for deserving science
      students; beautification of the university grounds
    - J. Miles Gibson is notified that an Honorary Degree will be
      conferred upon him at Encaenia
    - Information, including extracts from the minutes of the Senate re
      establishment of an extension forestry service in connection with
      the Forest School of the University
    - R.B. Hanson, [Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons],
      sends President MacKenzie a copy of the Report of the Round Table on
      Canadian Policy, and asks for comments
    - Jack Humphrey (N.B. artist) corresponds with President MacKenzie re
      the Summer Art School Folder.  Apparently, Humphrey raised objection
      to the placing of artist Miller Brittain's name before his own
    - Also, a copy of the rather scathing decision handed down by the N.B.
      Court of Revision re Jack Humphrey's tax appeal

Box 2  1942  I-Mc
      File 1      I-K (1942)

    - Okechukwa Ikejiani corresponds with President MacKenzie re the
      difficulties he has met as a Nigerian student pursuing university
      education in North America; including regulations by the Governor of
      Nigeria for the Control of Funds for Nigerian Students in the U.S.
    - F. Cyril James, Principal & Vice-Chancellor of McGill University
      corresponds about various matters, including (Quebec) Youth Training
      Plan Scholarships
    - Saul Hoffer, Jewish Community in Fredericton, sends a cheque for $50
      to be used as scholarship money
    - B.S. Keirstead, C.W. Argue, E. McCourt send a report of a committee
      appointed to inquire into the requirement for an Honours Degree
    - B.S. Keirstead offers his resignation due to an appointment to
      McGill University

      File 2      L (1942)

    - Hon. Humphrey Mitchell, Minister of Labour (Canada) re the work and
      function of the Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel, which has
      developed a number of services for universities and especially those
      students enroled in faculties of engineering and science
    - R.F. Thompson, Supervisor of Training, Dept. of Labour (Canada) re
      government assistance to students in medicine, engineering and
    - L.E. Westman, Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel corresponds re
      camp training (summer); women in science; registration upon
      graduation from forestry, sciences and engineering
    - Mr. Fennell, Secretary of the National Conference of Canadian
      Universities, forwards a letter from E.M. Little, Director of
      National Selective Service, which suggests that each college and
      university send its recommendations re appointments to the proposed
      Selective Service Boards.  President MacKenzie responds
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel, minutes
    - Andrew Moore, Director of Canadian Legion War Services, Inc.
      Educational Services, re credit for Canadian Legion correspondence

      File 3      Mc (1942)

    - Correspondence from and about George A. McAllister, including his
      law school record; a letter of recommendation from President
      MacKenzie to Bora Laskin; McAllister's refusal of a temporary 
      teaching position in Economics and Political Science
    - Allan McBeath suggests that UNB begin keeping official records of
      graduate work
    - Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, High Commissioner for the United
      Kingdom, sends a memorandum re University education of boys and
      girls evacuated from the United Kingdom to Canada since the
      beginning of the war
    - A.S. McFarlane, Chief Superintendent of Education, sends minutes
      from a meeting of the Board of Education, Inspectorial Districts;
      President MacKenzie's suggested application form for university
    - Colin B. Mackay expresses regret at having missed Encaenia
    - [Katie] Mackay writes that the windows for Memorial Hall in honor of
      her father and Dr. Bridges will be completed at an early date;
      requests invitations for the Founders' Day celebration at which the
      unveiling will take place
    - Ross McLean, National Film Board, suggests a means of offering
      apprenticeships in order to train film personnel in Canada
    - John A. McPhail, Great Lakes Power Company, Limited expresses his
      pleasure at his recent visit to UNB while in the company of Sir
      James Dunn (who received an Honorary Degree)
    - Canadian War Orders and Regulations, Extract, in booklet form (7

Box 7  1942  M-P
      File 1      M (1942)

    - President MacKenzie replies to George C. Maddox's inquiry about
      government loans (maximum amount of $300 to good students in Science
      and Applied Science, Medicine and Dentistry)
    - President MacKenzie corresponds with John Marshall, Rockefeller
      Foundation, about a project for Bailey
    - President MacKenzie writes to the Controller of Construction, Dept.
      of Munitions and Supply re construction of a reservoir near UNB
    - Dept. of Munitions and Supply writes to Prof. A.F. Baird re priority
      assistance to UNB to obtain equipment and supplies; President
      MacKenzie's explanation of why new equipment is needed

      File 2      M-N (1942)

    - President MacKenzie to Colonel E.J. Mooney, file folder was labelled
      1942 Notice of Call, etc. National War Services - Mobilization
    - Board of the New Brunswick Museum, Annual Meeting, minutes
    - Dept. of National Defence corresponds re training of women for
      Wireless Operators; President MacKenzie's lecture to officers in
      Debert, N.S. on the situation in the "Far East"; facilities at UNB
      for radio technician training; Royal Canadian Naval College;
      exemption of certain university students from military training
    - National Research Council Regulations governing bursaries,
      studentships and fellowships

      File 3      O-P (1942)

    - Correspondence with Grattan O'Leary and C.A. Bowman of the Ottawa
      Citizen re article written by Mr. Cross, harshly criticizing UNB; an
      interesting article entitled "The Navy Keeps the Sea", recounting
      war experiences of some of the officers of the H.M.S. Highlander
      (British destroyer)
    - Fletcher Peacock, Dept. of Education, re Dept. of Education Council,
      minutes (two separate meetings); student aid; scholarships offered
      by Colorado School of Mines
    - President MacKenzie corresponds with Dr. Lorne Pierce, editor of
      Ryerson Press re various matters, including a scholarship in memory
      of Bliss Carman; Canadian Authors' Association; donation to King's
      College of a number of letters of Bliss Carman; transfer of the
      Bliss Carman estate to UNB
    - The Kosciuszko Foundation for Memorial Scholarships and the
      Promotion of Intellectual and Cultural Relations between Poland and
      the United States re Copernican Quadricentennial; the closing of the
      University of Krakow, the alma mater of Copernicus due to the
      invasion of Poland
    - Margaret Pringle, The New Brunswick Association of Nurses, states,
      "The general feeling of those connected with the schools of Nursing
      in New Brunswick is that we are not yet ready to make any connection
      with the University ... although all were very much pleased that
      your interest was so genuine and sympathetic"

Box 8  1942  R-Z
      File 1      R (1942)

    - Canadian Red Cross Society re formation of a Red Cross Corps by
      women undergraduates
    - Howard P. Robinson corresponds with President MacKenzie re Founders'
      Day Celebration; an Honorary Degree for Sir James Dunn; a visit with
      Lord Beaverbrook; appropriate academic dress for receipt of an
      Honorary Degree from Mount Allison; Beaverbrook Gymnasium; an attack
      on Austin F. Cross for his harsh criticism of the Maritimes and UNB;
      an offer to pay artist Jack Humphrey's tax bill in order to avoid
      further trouble with government officials ("I have had so much
      trouble with government officials that I have given up combating
      their Hitleresque mentality."); President MacKenzie's response; Lord
      Beaverbrook offers an oil painting of his son, Max Aitken
    - John Marshall, Rockefellar Foundation, re a visit to Halifax;
      choosing a UNB representative to attend the conference on the
      Eastern Maritime region
    - Royal Canadian Air Force requests the name of a man to act as
      Command Officer of the University Air Training Corps at UNB
    - Dept. of National Defence for Air advises the discontinuance of
      further enlistment and training of radio technicians

      File 2      S (1942)

    - Further correspondence from President MacKenzie re African student
      Okechuwu Ikejiani
    - Medley Scovil writes re his son, Alex Scovil, attending UNB
    - President MacKenzie sends a letter to the Lord Beaverbrook
      Scholarship Trust supporting the application of Harry McCleave, who
      is the son of acting librarian, Mrs. ? Thompson
    - Sir George Williams College invites President MacKenzie to address
      its graduating class
    - Saint Vincent's Convent (Saint John, N.B.) Sisters make plans to
      pursue Masters Degrees
    - Correspondence with President Sidney Smith, University of Manitoba,
      re Canadian Universities Conference and various sub-committees
    - W.A. Squires, New Brunswick Museum, notifies President MacKenzie
      that he has been elected second Vice-President of the Board of the
      New Brunswick Museum
    - Carleton Stanley, President of Dalhousie University corresponds re
      various matters including correspondence with several university
      Presidents, and a suspected conspiracy
    - Saskatchewan Dept. of Education sends information about student aid
      for students of that province
    - European Student Relief Fund requests the use of certain books for
      men at the International Camp in Fredericton

      File 3      T (1942)

    - Y. Takahashi writes from the Farm Service Camp, saying, "Through the
      International Students' Council I have received word that your
      university is accepting Canadian-Japanese students in limited
      numbers."  President MacKenzie explains that it would be impossible
      for UNB to meet his needs in this matter
    - F.J. Toole, Prof. of Chemistry, requests a part-time assistant to
      help him in his work
    - President George J. Trueman, Mount Allison University, corresponds
      re various matters
    - W.R. Turnbull accepts an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Science honoris

      File 4      U (1942)

    - Dept. of National Defence Air Services, University Air Training
      Corps, Policy
    - Prof. K.R.R. Sastry, Reader Law Dept., Allababad, India requests
      President MacKenzie's assistance in the publication of his
      international law book
    - Sidny Smith, President of National Conference of Canadian
      Universities, sends correspondence relating to the centennial
      celebrations of the University of Chile.  Desirability of promoting
      good relations with South America necessitates Canadian
      representatives at the celebrations
    - The City College (The College of the City of New York) acknowledges
      that Mr. Donald Marsh of Barnard College, N.Y. will represent UNB at
      the inauguration of Dr. Harry Noble Wright as President of City
    - UNB sends its congratulations to Colgate University upon its
      installation of Everett Needham Case as President
    - Dalhousie University sends copies of its Application for Admission
      to the Faculty of Medicine
    - McGill University Faculty of Medicine requests information about
      Okechukwu Ikejiani, who has applied there for admission
    - Sidney Smith, President of the National Conference of Canadian
      Universities sends correspondence re the appointment of one
      representative to C.N.E.A. (Canada and Newfoundland Education
      Association) to act as liaison officer between that Committee and
      National Conference
    - A. Emerson Warren, McMaster University, inquires about the
      desirability of a Central Film Library
    - Commission of Government, Newfoundland, Dept. of Education requests
      information about the annual salaries paid to the Heads of
    - Mount Allison University Vesper Service invites President MacKenzie
      to address them
    - Statement from President MacKenzie re UNB co-operating with the
      Provincial Departments of Agriculture and Health in the erection of
      a small laboratory on University property
    - Minister of National Defence to Dr. H.J. Cody, President, University
      of Toronto, re proposals submitted on behalf of the Officers
      Commanding, Canadian Officers' Training Corps
    - Memorandum for the Minister of National Defence, Air, re the
      University Air Training Plan, submitted by certain universities in
      conference at University of Toronto on April 20th, 1942
    - President MacKenzie responds to articles in The Brunswickan re
      military training of university students
    - Summer school 1942, Financial Statement
    - University of Oklahoma announces the establishment of the University
    - President MacKenzie sends official congratulations to the Catholic
      University of Peru upon the occasion of the celebration of its 25th
      anniversary    - Queen's University Prof. D.S. Eillis writes re difficulties in
      obtaining material and equipment necessary for engineering and
      science classes; Frank Knox, Dept. of Economics and Political
      Science, sends information on the appointment of assistants
    - W. Sherwood Fox, President, University of Western Ontario, sends
      information re the grant made by the Carnegie Corporation of New
      York to Western, saying, "Since your university has the opportunity
      of profiting by this benefaction I hasten to lay before you more
      particulars concerning it than could appropriately be given to the
      general public"
    - Trois-Pistoles (Quebec), application for English immersion program
      offered at University of Western Ontario

      File 5      V-Z (1942)

    - A.S. Walker, President, University of King's College, writes on the
      subject of the Bliss Carman letters donated to King's College by Dr.
      Morse, of which UNB requested a photostatic copy
    - C.H. Herbert, The Wartime Prices and Trade Board, sends literature
      designed to stimulate and organize programmes of Popular Economic
      Education in war-time economic problems in general, and in problems
      of price control in particular
    - British Association for the Advancement of Science, Post-War
      University Education, Interim Report
    - "The Fundy Fisherman" (newspaper) article entitled "UNB's
      Contribution to the War Effort is Great - President, Professors and
      Students All Doing Excellent Work - Fine Buildings and Good
      Equipment Available"
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel requests information with
      respect to university undergraduates in engineering and science
    - C.H. Blakeny, Minister of Education, sends a draft memorandum and
      other correspondence related to an order of the Wartime Prices and
      Trade Board with respect to the sale of books of a literary nature;
      asks President MacKenzie to endorse the proposed plan to lift
      restrictions on these books; Wartime Prices and Trade Board responds
      in the negative
    - J.C. Webster corresponds with President MacKenzie re Founder's Day
      talk about Dr. Ganong
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel writes re deferment of Dr.
      Allen S. West's compulsory military training
    - F.H. Wetmore, re potential entry of vocational students into
    - Katherine Whetham inquires about the possibility of establishing a
      University Musical or Fine Arts Club
    - Senator Cairine R. Wilson asks President MacKenzie to attempt to
      accommodate refugee Dr. H.W. Lissmann; President agrees that Dr.
      Lissmann may pursue graduate studies at UNB provided that he has a

Box 9  1943  A-L
      File 1      A-C (1943)

    - K.A. Baird re "the probabilities of scrap wood as a source of fuel
      for internal combustion engines
    - Wm. McL. Barker expresses appreciation to UNB for offering him an
      Honorary Degree
    - John B.M. Baxter, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of N.B., re his son's
    - Lord Beaverbrook corresponds re a portrait of his son, Wing
      Commander The Honourable Max Aitken, D.S.O., D.F.C., to be hung in
      the Lady Beaverbrook Residence
    - Reply to Viscount Bennett about his suggestion that he give $5,000
      to assist the students at UNB
    - C.H. Blakeny inquires about the cost of the UNB Gymnasium Building,
      Equipment and Swimming Pool ($200,000); Beaverbrook Residence
    - K.M. Cameron, Committee on Reconstruction, endeavours "to ascertain
      from Canadian Universities a picture of their planned building
      construction proposed for the postwar period."  President MacKenzie
    - Carnegie Corporation Trustees announce the death of former President
      Frederick Paul Keppel
    - Central Advisory Committee Education proposed agenda
    - Common Examining Board of the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland,

      File 2      D-H (1943)

    - President MacKenzie writes to Dr. Stephen Duggan, Institute of
      International Education, about Mr. Ikejiani
    - The Engineering Institute of Canada sends a cheque for $25 which
      represents the thirteenth award of The Engineering Institute of
      Canada's student prize; rules governing award of institute prize; a
      report and a proposed syllabus suggested by the Institute's
      Committee on Industrial Relations
    - Lilian M. Maxwell, President of the UNB Alumnae, writes re Miss
      Frances Fisher, her unmarked gravesite, and the fact that UNB was
      the primary beneficiary under Miss Fisher's will
    - Mrs. B.C. Foster sends $100 for the B.C. Foster Memorial Scholarship
    - A.D. Ganong, Ganong Bros. Limited, re the importance of forests in
      the economic life in New Brunswick
    - Miss Susan Ganong accepts the conferral of an Honorary Degree of
      Doctor of Laws
    - J. Miles Gibson sends a report on a trip to Quebec to attend the
      annual meeting of the Association of Forest Engineers of the
      Province of Quebec
    - Rev. W.S. Godfrey, United Church of Canada, re the alarming shortage
      of Ministers in the pulpits of the United Church in the Maritimes,
      and the possibility of encouraging UNB students in that direction
    - President MacKenzie thanks W.E. Ecclestone, Goodyear Tire and Rubber
      Co. Ltd. (Saint John) for sending $1,000 to UNB
    - President MacKenzie sends a note on the activities of UNB to Berton
      E. Robinson of the Halifax Chronicle
    - President MacKenzie acknowledges E.B. Harley's Royal Trust Co.,
      letter re the estate of Colonel MacLaren
    - W.H. Harrison writes re Leon Loggie, a deserving applicant who was
      refused a Beaverbrook Scholarship
    - Arthur A. Hauck, President, University of Maine, accepts an Honorary
      Degree of Doctor of Laws from UNB
    - Malcolm MacDonald, Office of the High Commissioner for the United
      Kingdom, sends memoranda re University Education of Boys and Girls
      Evacuated from the United Kingdom since the Beginning of the War
    - William S. Hoar, University of Toronto, writes re the launching of
      a nutritional program in N.B.; its funding by the Rockefeller
      Foundation; mentions the appointment of President MacKenzie as chief
      censor of the Dominion
    - President MacKenzie writes to Prof. John Hughes, McGill University,
      re Mount Allison University, and the opportunities it offers
      (apparently for staff)

      File 3      I-L (1943)

    - Okechukwu Ikejiani writes re his outstanding bill at UNB, and sends
      news that he will receive his M.Sc. degree from University of
    - Mbonu Ojike, President, The African Students Association writes a
      (flowery) letter to President MacKenzie, a "pioneer of
      humanitarianism," and requests that Okechukwu Ikejiani's diploma be
      forwarded to him
    - President MacKenzie sends a frank letter to the Committee on
      Fellowships at Harvard re Okechukwu Ikejiani
    - Harold A. Innes sends a detailed letter to G.M. Weir, Dept. of
      Pensions and Health, re the demands of returned men for graduate
    - International Student Service, agenda for conference; European
      Student Relief Fund report on Student Relief After the War;
      correspondence with G. Deas, Registrar, War Charities Act, stating
      that, "a general certificate of permission to carry on this war
      relief work in all the universities and colleges in Canada would be
      much preferable to the present system of requiring these
      certificates from each of the universities"
    - Correspondence with Deputy Minister of Labour, Arthur MacNamara, re
      Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel University Advisory Board;
      President MacKenzie's appointment to this board
    - Canadian Legion War Services, Inc., Educational Services
      correspondence re one-week summer courses for service people;
      cancellation of course offered by President MacKenzie, and W.C.
      Keirstead due to lack of enrollment

Box 10 1943  Mc-S
      File 1      Mc-N (1943)

    - Frances M. MacKay seeks to donate a clock for the Arts Building, in
      memory of her mother Annie A. Van Wart
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, re his
      acceptance of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws; finding places
      in Canadian Universities for Japanese students of Canadian origin
    - Dept. of National Defence corresponds re the charge proposed
      respecting the granting of commissioned rank to engineering students
      graduating in 1943; Summer Camps, C.O.T.C.; names of students who in
      the opinion of the UNB staff do not meet the terms of agreement made
      with the National Selective Service; deletion of military training
      for students in the two senior years of the courses in Science and
      Applied Science; President MacKenzie agrees to take on the duties of
      Chairman of the Canadian Legion and Canadian Association for Adult
      Education Committee; a copy of the syllabus used by the University
      of Toronto in putting on the No. 1 Canadian Army Course
    - Royal Canadian Air Force sends a framed photograph of Squadron
      Leader Vincent Cronkite McAuley, a former UNB student who had been
    - Natural History Society Chairman's Address; notice of meeting; brief
    - W.P. Percival, The Canada and Newfoundland Education Association's
      disappointment that no representative of the Universities'
      Conference was present at meetings; announcement of twenty-first
    - Nova Scotia Technical College; the Carnegie Central Advisory
      Committee on Education in Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland,
      minutes of the sub-committee on Post-War Problems

      File 2      P (1943)

    - W.L. Barteaux, Principal of Kentville Schools, warns that Howard
      Grant Parker is using forged certificates to enter UNB and other
    - G.R. Parkin, Sun Life Assurance Company sends a report entitled "The
      War Effort and the Crisis in Canadian Schools"; donates a collection
      of his father's books, "representative of the people and things that
      stimulated and developed his mind in his early life" to the UNB
    - Dept. of Education sends the report of The Committee of Selection of
      Applications for Student Aid (Feb. 10/43 and Oct. 10/43)
    - Dept. of Pensions and National Health sends two (statistical)
      summaries prepared from the occupational history forms supplied by
      the Armed Forces; copy of the address given by the Honourable Ian
      MacKenzie, Minister of Pensions and National Health re the amended
      legislation concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of
      discharged persons; a copy of the amended Order-in-Council; requires
      information re Maximum Student Capacity of UNB; President
      MacKenzie's suggestion that maximum student capacity could be
      increased by running consecutive six-month terms
    - Correspondence with Dr. Lorne Pierce, Ryerson Press, re photostats
      of original Bliss Carman letters donated to [Kings College];
      calendar wording for the Bliss Carman Memorial Scholarship;
      President MacKenzie's appointment to the Wartime Information Board;
      early poems of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts; Dr. Pierce's address on
      Marjorie Pickthall; arrangements for a state funeral in N.B. for Sir
      Charles G.D. Roberts

      File 3      R (1943)

    - The Rhodes Scholarship Trust re a revised edition of the address
      list and other lists of Canadian Rhodes Scholars from the beginning
      of the Scholarship, 1904 to 1941, when the appointments were
      discontinued because of the war
    - Emerson C. Rice, re choice of candidates for Honorary Degrees
    - Howard Robinson, re a ceremony for the hanging of the portrait of
      Max Aitken (donated by Lord Beaverbrook); efforts to wind up the
      accounts for the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium and send a final audit
      to Lord Beaverbrook
    - John Marshall, the Rockefeller Foundation, re a grant ($3,000) from
      the Foundation for development of studies of the history of New
      Brunswick, under the direction of Dr. Bailey
    - President MacKenzie informs E.W. Ross that his son Gordon will
      receive his degree at Encaenia
    - Rotary Club of Montreal, Canadian Programme Committee requests
      material on New Brunswick Courses of study and other educational
    - Correspondence from the Royal Canadian Air Force, including their
      decision to offer enlistment in the Women's Division of the RCAF, to
      University students for training as Operations' Clerks; includes
      information sheet re Clerk Operations Fighter
    - Cornell University sends programs re Intensive Study of Contemporary
      Russian Civilization
    - National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship invites
      participation in the conference in New York

      File 4      S (1943)

    - Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation re requirements for B.A. degree
    - Dr. D.R. Sharpe, Cleveland Baptist Association, accepts the Honorary
      Degree of Doctor of Laws
    - Rev. Ralph Sherman, Diocese of Calgary regrets he will be unable to
      accept an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws at Encaenia in 1943, but
      takes a raincheck for 1944!
    - Beaverbrook scholars and their standings on their May examinations
    - Sidney Smith, President, University of Manitoba re various matters
      including C.N.E.A. Committee on post-war education problems; British
      Association's Committee on Post-War University Education; the
      excellent work of Clyde Auld, editor of the Canadian Abridgement;
      possibility of establishing an overseas university; letter from
      Prof. Reginald G. Trotter, Chairman of the Committee of the Arts
      Faculty on the Employment of Arts Students in the War Emergency, of
      Queen's University
    - Canadian Social Science Research Council sends a memorandum
      concerning "Requirements for the M.A. Degree in Canadian
    - Canadian Association of Social Workers re concern over the decrease
      in enrolment of students in Canadian Social Work Schools
    - Carleton Stanley, President, Dalhousie University, sends a
      memorandum re Survey of Professional Opportunities in Relation to
      the Federal Rehabilitation Programme
    - C. McN. Steeves re a Baccalaureate Mass, to be held in Saint John
      during Encaenia; a portrait of W.H. Harrison

Box 11 1943  T-Z
      File 1      T (1943)

    - Canadian Teachers' Federation, New Brunswick Teachers' Federation,
      and Manitoba Teachers' Federation re the conferral of Honorary
      Degrees on teachers who have performed outstanding service to the
      cause of Education.  Includes biographical sketches of John W.
      Barnett, E.K. Marshall, and Charles Nelson Crutchfield.  At a
      Special Convocation for the purpose of honouring the teaching
      profession of Canada, Charles Nelson Crutchfield received an
      Honorary Degree
    - Dept. of National Defence requests specifics about the "Forestry"
      course offered by UNB

      File 2      U-W (1943)

    - The National Association of State Universities, program of the
      forty-eight Annual Meeting, at which President MacKenzie represented
      the National Conference of Canadian Universities
    - National Conference of Canadian Universities, draft Constitution
    - Report on One-week full-time courses mostly at Maritime
      Universities, held in the summer of 1943
    - University of King's College sends photostatic copies of the Carman
      letters which are in their possession
    - McGill University, Faculty of Engineering sends a report of the
      Committee on Educational Problems of Returned Men; also
      correspondence re conditions of entry of a student from UNB into the
      course in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University
    - G.M. Shrum, University of British Columbia, University Extension,
      sends a memorandum re Folk Schools in a Rehabilitation Programme
    - University of Winnipeg comments on the CBC Inquiry Committee on
      Post-War World broadcasts
    - J.H. MacLean writes of the celebrations at Santiago de Chile, at
      which he represented UNB
    - Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine sends notice that "through
      the generosity of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek,
      Michigan, we are now in a position to offer one entrance scholarship
      into the Dalhousie Medical School for students coming from the
      University of New Brunswick
    - C.L. Bennet, Dalhousie University, Registrar, expresses concern over
      a "Defence Course" which he feels is intended for recruiting rather
      than educational purposes, but for which academic credit is to be
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel re University Science Students
      Regulations; deduction of income tax from the cheques of students
      who undertake summer employment; status of individual students
    - Dr. J.C. Webster re the upcoming Founder's Day Address

      File 3      W-Z (1943)

    - Correspondence with the Dept. of Labour Wartime Bureau of Technical
      Personnel, the Dept. of External Affairs, Canadian Legation in
      Washington, Dept. of National War Services, Selective Service System
      (U.S.A.) in attempts to forego the military service of Dr. Allan
      Sherman West, a valuable American Professor who was a member of the
      Forestry Faculty
    - Katherine Whetham re prospective performance dates at UNB for
      various performing artists, including Zara Nelsova, Gertrude Huntly,
      the Hart House Quartet. Includes programs
    - Frederick Williams-Taylor writes re his Encaenia Medal message;
      attempts to find a good home, potentially at UNB, for his collection
      of Canadian Historical Prints (at least 100 framed prints)
    - R.H. Wright, UNB Dept. of Chemistry states that owing to this many
      years of dedicated service, UNB ought to make some financial
      provision for Arthur Smith, the former janitor of the Memorial

Box 12 1944  A-L
      File 1      Appointments, Philosophy & Education (1944)

    - Applications for a position in the Dept. of Philosophy and
      Education, including one from Louise M. Thompson, to which President
      MacKenzie notes, "In your case there is the further question as to
      whether the people in education in the Province ... would attach as
      much importance to our department of Education if it were headed by
      a woman in place of men like themselves"

      File 2      A-B (1944)

    - Alward & Gillies, Architects, advise what measures can be taken to
      deal with the plumbing difficulties at the Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - New Year's Message by Nicholas Murray Butler, [distributed by]
      Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of Intercourse
      and Education
    - Randolph H. Bennett, a UNB graduate, agrees to represent his alma
      mater at the inauguration of Dr. N.A.M. MacKenzie as President of
      the University of British Columbia
    - George E. Buckley encloses outlines of four courses in Play
      Production, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Public Speaking,
      Voice and Diction, and requests that they be accepted as university
      credit courses at the UNB summer school
    - Alfred G. Bailey, Prof. of History, writes that the first in a
      series of historical monographs of which he is general editor and
      which are sponsored by a Rockefeller Foundation grant, will be ready
      for publication at the end of the summer

      File 3      C-D (1944)

    - Canadian Pacific Railway Company re students attending UNB climbing
      through freight trains when trains are stopped on track near college
    - Canadian Federation of University Women, "in an effort to be helpful
      during the War" sends its annual register
    - Canadian Teachers' Federation requests information regarding the
      life and outstanding factors of Dr. Jones' work, "It is possible
      that his life and work amy be dramatized by the CBC over a national
      hook-up during Education Week"
    - Marcel de Merten notifies President MacKenzie that two students of
      Politics made a 100% mark in Comparative Civil Law.  They are Jean
      Smith and Kathleen Simcock
    - President MacKenzie sends a bill from Dr. Lorne Pierce in connection
      with Sir Charles G.D. Roberts' Memorial Service, to Bacon Dickson,
      Deputy Attorney-General for N.B.
    - Joseph Dolphin, Canadian Cottons, Limited discusses a possible
      donation to UNB of $10,000, spread over two years

      File 4      E-G (1944)

    - Chief Superintendent of Education A.S. McFarlane, sends a list of
      the outstanding changes in the suggested Regulations of the Board of
      Education, together with the reasons for or effect of such changes
    - Education Office requests statistics from Colleges and Universities
      Having Degree - Conferring Powers for publication in the Annual
      Educational report
    - National Film Board producer, Graham McInnes, re filming at UNB
    - Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited gives $2,500 to UNB, imposing
      no restrictions on the Board of Governors as to the purpose for
      which these funds shall be utilized
    - The Canadian Forestry Association asks that President MacKenzie make
      a statement re forest conservation to be published by newspapers
      throughout Canada.  He does so
    - Memorandum re the Organization of an Extension Forestry Service in
      Connection with the University of New Brunswick Forest School
      (Proposed Policy)
    - Program for the eighth annual meeting of the Maritime Section of the
      Canadian Society of Forest Engineers and the Association of
      Registered Foresters of New Brunswick
    - Agnes [T.] Foster sends $100 for the Dr. B.C. Foster Memorial
    - President MacKenzie sends a lengthy letter to A.D. Ganong about the
      Maritimes and why he believes they were not more prosperous and why
      more young people did not remain there
    - Civil Service Commission sends information re Positions of
      Censorship Examiner in the Department of National War Services
    - J.M. Gibson, Prof. of Forestry recommends that part of the money
      available from Viscount Bennett's gift to the university be made
      available for a scholarship in Forestry of not less than $100.  To
      date, the Forestry dept. had no available scholarships for students
      and only one money prize

      File 5      H-J (1944)

    - The Halifax Chronicle requests a statement from President Gregg for
      publication in its New Year edition entitled "The Maritimes Look
    - The Israel Synagogue of Fredericton contributes $50 for the highest
      standing in Fredericton
    - Helen S. Hubbard resigns as Matron of the Lady Beaverbrook Residence
      "due to health causes due to essential lack of support, from the
      Dean of Residence, for proper apartment in the Building that is due
      a Matron"
    - Peter J. Hughes corresponds with President MacKenzie saying "I have
      your letter ... together with list of names who might be interested
      in the position of President
    - Dr. H.A. Innis, Dept. of Economics, University of Toronto, is
      notified of UNB Senate's intention to confer the Honorary Degree of
      Doctor of Laws upon him
    - F. Cyril James, President, McGill University re the desirability of
      admitting Japanese students to the various faculties of the
      university.  President Gregg's response
    - Dept. of National Revenue, Dominion Succession Duties Division re
      Estate of Cecil C. Jones; UNB's gratuity payable to Dr. Jones' widow

      File 6      K-L (1944)

    - Wilfred C. Keirstead resigns from the Dept. of Philosophy and
      Education, after thirty-six years on the Faculty of UNB
    - Watson Kirkconnell, Chairman, Humanities Research Council of Canada
      seeks UNB's co-operation as it undertakes a two-year detailed survey
      of the state of the humanities in Canada, sponsored by an $8,000
      grant from the Rockefeller Foundation

Box 13 1944  Mc-R
      File 1      Mc (1944)

    - Dept. of Mines and Resources sends a copy of an Argentinean
      company's correspondence re sending an Argentine student to Canada
      to study the manufacture and treatment of wood
    - President MacKenzie writes to Colin B. Mackay, telling his reasons
      for accepting the appointment to UBC
    - T.C. MacNabb re the unveiling of the portrait of Max Aitken

      File 2      M (1944)

    - Announcement re Fred Magee Scholarships
    - Dr. Chester B. Martin is invited to deliver the "Ganong Address for
      Founder's Day"
    - Dept. of Munitions and Supply, Wartime Industries Control Board
      gives permission to UNB to reconstruct its old gymnasium as a
      laboratory for the Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    - President MacKenzie thanks Walter C. Murray, U. of Sask., for this
      cheque for the Harrison portrait fund; comments on his new post at
      the U of B.C.
    - The New Brunswick Museum notifies President Gregg that as President
      of UNB, he is a member of the Board of the New Brunswick Museum; by-
      laws of the New Brunswick Museum; minutes of annual meeting held
      Jan. 28/44

      File 3      N (1944)

    - National Conference of Canadian Universities, Reports upon Academic
      Standing to be Granted to Students on Active Service in Canadian
      Universities; Memorandum on assistance to deserving students in
      Medicine, Engineering, Dentistry and Science (other than first year
      students) who sign a written agreement that on graduation they will
      make their services available to the National War Effort wherever
      needed in the capacity for which they have been trained (includes
      handwritten/original (?) copy; memo re number of students who
      qualify for assistance; Special Matriculation Programme for men and
      women in overseas service who during the period between the
      Armistice and Demobilization may wish to qualify for admission to
      English speaking universities
    - Dept. of Labour, National Selective Service, Mobilization Section;
      a significant amount of correspondence re individual students and
      their academic standing
    - Dept. of National Defence forwards a letter received from University
      of Witwatersand, Johannesburg, South Africa re Professor of History
    - Report on why a university quarterly "such as the one proposed by
      the Natural History Society of New Brunswick would be advantageous
      to the university"
    - Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Calendar 1944-45
    - Mrs. C. Ellen Oland writes re her son, Paul Oland
    - Dr. Fletcher Peacock, Dept. of Education, re Physical Fitness Plan
      for New Brunswick; names of students who are not, based on their
      academic standing, considered "good risks" for government loans
    - National Film Board writes that a film unit under the direction of
      Mrs. Margaret Perry will shoot general views of the campus of UNB<
      and cover the experimental work of the Forestry Dept.
    - Gov't for the Province of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Public Health re
      promotion of physical fitness and recreation in Canada
    - Dr. Lorne Pierce re the state funeral for Sir Charles G.D. Roberts;
      Carman scholarship money
    - G.H. Prince, Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines accepts an Honorary
      Degree of Doctor of Science
    - Joan Roberts expresses thanks for the memorial service of the late
      Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, stating, "The academic prosession (sic)
      added immeasurably to the fitness and dignity of the service"
    - Howard P. Robinson writes re the unveiling of the Max Aitken
    - John Marshall, Rockefeller Foundation re the excellent reports of
      Alfred G. Bailey's work, and the Foundation's grant of $8,000 to him
    - National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship re strong
      recommendation for the teaching of the Russian language and courses
      on Russian civilization; Resolutions by the Arts Panel; Resolutions
      by the Education Panel

Box 14 1944  S-Z
      File 1      S-T (1944)

    - Saint Andrew's Society awards scholarships to Messrs. Leon Loggie
      and C.W. Ross
    - S.D. Simmons, Lord Beaverbrook Scholarships Trust, requests marks
      and attendance records for the Beaverbrook Scholars
    - President MacKenzie congratulates Miss Catherine Simcock on her
      paper in Comparative Civil Law, which Dr. de Merten said was
      "unusually good and as nearly perfect as it was possible for a
      student to hand in"
    - Sidney Smith, President, University of Manitoba, re a letter to Hon.
      C.D. Howe, Minister of Munitions and Supply, on behalf of the
      National Conference of Canadian Universities on the difficulty of
      procuring scientific apparatus on the scale of the pre-war period
    - Dr. Chester B. Martin declines invitation to give the "Ganong
      Address for Founders' Day"
    - Marion Keighley Snowden, performing artist, will be touring the
    - C. McN. Steeves to President Gregg, re an essay contest for the
      purpose of encouraging pride in the university's history; opinions
      re the Alumni's state of mind, fundraising for a Memorial,
      appointment of a Public Relations Officer for the university;
      presentation to the university of a series of framed photographs of
      "those several persons who have occupied the post of President or
      Chancellor since 1811"
    - Student Christian Movement of Canada sends information about their
      organization, and about a University Christian Mission
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University to President
      MacKenzie re his appointment to UBC; re the University Advisory

      File 2      UNIVERSITY ADVISORY BOARD (1944)

    - Dept. of National Defence (Army), Personnel Selection Reports for:
            Adams, Gerald Clifton
            Adamson, Donald Malcolm
            Anderson, Uffe Blok
            Ayers, Ralph Elwyn
            Davidson, Fred William
            Evans, Robert Edward
            Gale, Charles Benjamin
            Goodine, George Raymond
            Green, Donald Hughes
            Hough, John Emmerson
            MacEachern, Harry Arthur
            MacDougall, Clarence Donald
            MacKenzie, James MacRae
            MacKenzie, Roderick Fraser
            Mallory, Richard Frederick
            Mitton, Thomas Edward Rosborough
            Mulherin, James Kenneth Conrad
            Young, John Kilburn
    - The Public Service Superannuation Act, An Act Respecting Retiring
      Allowances for Persons Employed in the Public Service of the
      Province; An Act to Amend the Superannuation Act
    - Dept. of Labour, University Advisory Board, minutes

      File 3      U-V (1944)

    - University of British Columbia, Congregation Programme for the
      Installation of President Norman Archibald MacRae MacKenzie and the
      Conferring of Degrees; thanks to UNB for sending Randolph H. Bennett
      as a representative
    - Chen Ping-Chuan, President, Canton University, China, wishes to
      study post-war problems of finance and education in America;
      publication entitled "Canton University", outlining:  I Pre-war
      conditions, II After the Fall of Canton, III A New Era
    - Robert E.D. Cattley agrees to represent UNB at the inauguration of
      Dr. A.E. Kerr to Dalhousie University
    - Maritime School of Social Work publication entitled "Your Life Work,
      What Social Work Offers"
    - National Conference of Canadian Universities Committee on Post-War
      Problems, Statistical Information Regarding Post-War Vacancies,
      Graduate Studies, etc., Prospective Candidates for Post-Graduate
    - University of Manitoba President, Sidney Smith, sends a revised
      draft letter to the Hon. C.D. Howe, on behalf of National Conference
      of Canadian Universities re procuring scientific apparatus on the
      scale of the pre-war period
    - Mount Allison University, President, George I. Trueman, re the
      practice in Maritime Universities as regards professional services
      rendered by members of the faculty; privileges in the way of special
      rates for tuition, granted to professors and their families
    - Memo to the President from Joseph W. Sears, re estimated cost of
      renovating the Bird Museum for the use of the Biology Dept.
    - Carman E. Miller recommends that the UNB Squadron of the U.A.T.C. be
    - President MacKenzie sends a list to Peter Hughes re names of men
      "that you and your committee might consider in deciding upon a
      president for the University of New Brunswick
    - President MacKenzie tenders his resignation as President of UNB as
      from Aug. 31/44.  Written to the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council
    - Trustees of the University of New Brunswick Endowment Fund write to
      the Royal Bank of Canada re signing authority
    - President MacKenzie's words of congratulations to St. Francis Xavier
      on the opening of their new radio station, CJFX
    - Correspondence with Prof. H.E. Jenkins, Director of the Trois-
      Pistoles Summer School operated in conjunction with the University
      of Western Ontario, re scholarships awarded under the grant of the
      Carnegie Corporation of New York
    - Harris E. Vidato re Student Advisers; Students Victims of Bottleneck

      File 4      W-Z (1944)

    - Dept. of Labour, Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel, considerable
      correspondence re the academic standing of various students and
      whether they should be released for service
    - H.W. Lea, University Advisory Board (under Wartime Bureau of
      Technical Personnel?) statement re entrance requirements to Canadian
      Medical Schools; Communication re Liberal Arts Students at the
      University of Toronto; University training in the field of education
    - J.C. Webster, re the state funeral for Sir Charles G.D. Roberts; the
      rather unique "Poet's Corner" in Fredericton; Founders' Day Address
    - Dr. W.W. White is asked to contribute to portrait fund for former
      President Dr. Thomas Harrison
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor sends his Encaenia message entitled
      "Manners Maketh Man"; attempts to find a suitable home for his
      Canadiana prints continue

Box 15 1945  A-R
      File 1      B (1945)

    - Correspondence re UNB Bookstore and Library

      File 2      DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN'S AFFAIRS (DVA) (1944-45)

    - A confidential letter from Department of Veterans Affairs re change
      in policy respecting certain discharged persons applying for
      benefits under P.C. 5210
    - President Gregg writes to Dr. H.D. Reid re the veteran students from
      UNB who were injured in a motor accident (in which Holdane Robinson
      of Saint John was instantly killed)
    - Copies of R.C.A.F. questionnaires, completed by aircrew personnel
      being transferred to the R.C.A.F. Reserve and who desire to attend
      UNB; a confidential report re the impact of the discharges on

      File 3      DVA STUDENTS (1945)

    - A report on Registration from 1945 gives numbers for the faculties
      of Arts, Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering,
      Forestry and Post Grad Studies

      File 4      E-G (1945)

    - Report of the Book Store Committee, giving reasons why it favors the
      setting up of a University Book-Store
    - The Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of New
      Brunswick re interviewing men who think they would like to go into
      engineering in their post-war re-establishment
    - Dept. of External Affairs, Office of the Under-Secretary of State re
      the considerable number of Greek students eager to come to Canada
      for technical training, and the possibility of the Greek gov't
      establishing fellowships to that end; also re the study of the
      Spanish language in Canada, report on Spanish courses offered at UNB
    - Frontier College re its work in lumbering, railway and mining camps
      of Canada, where young university men join these camps to work by
      day, and by night to act as teachers and discussion leaders on
      topics as basic as reading and writing, and also to make clear the
      privileges and responsibilities of citizenship

      File 5      FOREST RANGER SCHOOL (1945)

    - An invitation sent to several influential men, seeking their
      attendance at a conference re the establishment of a Forest Ranger
    - President Gregg writes to R.S. Johnson, Mersey Paper Co. Ltd. re tax
      implications of a suggested donation
    - Report of Sub-committee on Proposed Maritime Forest Ranger School
    - Minutes of Meeting Respecting the Proposed Forest Ranger School,
      March 13, 1945

      File 6      H-J (1945)

    - Carlisle Hanson writes from the Institute of World Affairs,
      Salisbury, Conn., re publication of his essay on the retardation of
      the Maritime Provinces; expresses his hope that UNB will continue to
      be represented at the institute
    - Humanities Research Council members plan visit to UNB
    - International Student Service re its work and its hope for continued
      support from UNB

      File 7      K-M (1945)

    - President Gregg writes to A.S. Morgan re the application of Mr. Jos
      Kileel for priority on building supplies and equipment to complete
      apartment building corner of King & Westmorland St., Fredericton;
      President Gregg had been negotiating with Mr. Kileel re renting
      apartments to house UNB teaching staff and students
    - Judge Henry O. McInerney writes re Louis A. Robichaud, a student at
      the law school in Saint John, applying for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - The Rhodes Scholarships Memorandum (for elections for 1946 only)
    - R.B. Miller, First Dean of UNB's Faculty of Forestry re history of
      the faculty as it appears in the calendar, and Mr. Miller's personal
    - Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Board of the New Brunswick
      Museum, Aug. 30th, 1945
    - Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of the New Brunswick
      Museum, Fri., Feb. 23rd, 1945

      File 8      Mc (1945)

    - Bob McC[ary] re a military injury and trouble receiving his
      commission.  Attached are extracts from various orders and
      regulations relating to the military

      File 9      N-R (1945)

    - R.E. Beamish (Major, Directorate of Public Relations - Army)
      requests information about women in business and professional
      fields, specifically the number of women employed as professors,
      lecturers, assistants and instructors at Canadian Universities. 
      President Gregg supplies the information, comments on the good
      performance of the women on staff at UNB, adding, "... it is my
      opinion, -for what it is worth-, that the women members of the
      staff, at this University should not exceed approximately 20 per
      cent of the whole faculty."
    - Correspondence with S.R. Noble, Industrial Development Bank, re
      UNB's Endowment Fund; sale of shares
    - National Research Council's Associate Committee on Petroleum
      solicits the cooperation of UNB staff as well as any scientific
      data, research papers, or theses that the staff has available on the
    - G.C. Darby, Saskatchewan Dept. of Public Health re a long term plan
      for physical training and recreation leaders
    - Correspondence with Lorne Pierce, Ryerson Press, thanking him for
      sending the diplomas of Bliss Carman and other souvenirs; his
      contribution for the Bliss Carman Scholarship
    - Correspondence with Bryan Priestman re his upcoming release from the
      Air Force, and employment with UNB's Physics Dept.
    - President Gregg writes to Howard P. Robinson re a bequest and
      further appeals to Ian and Larry MacLaren

Box 16  1945  S-Z
      File 1      S-T (1945)

    - Mother M. Clarice, Saint Vincent's Convent re the degree conferred
      by UNB on Sister Mary Angela; sends donation to be used for a needy
    - C. McN. Steeves re the importance of school spirit and pride; his
      establishment of a prize for the best essay on "The Contents of the
      Historical Documents Room"
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University re Mental
      Hygiene Council

      File 2      U-Z (1945)

    - National Conference of Canadian Universities re Committee on Post-
      Graduate Studies; Questionnaire Respecting the Nature of Graduate
      Work Offered in Engineering or Applied Science
    - Canadian Universities Club of New York re visit of Indian Scientists
      to the United States
    - Dalhousie University and McGill University re increased demands for
      admission to Faculty of Medicine
    - Maritime School of Social Work, Assistant Director K. Phyllis Burns
      re recruiting from universities
    - Order of Proceedings at the Installation of Sidney Earle Smith as
      President of the University of Toronto
    - Dept. of Labour, Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel re individual
      interviews with every student graduating in 1945 in Engineering or
      Science who has volunteered for active service as a technical
      officer; Questionnaires of 1945 Graduates; instructions for
      completion of the Standard Questionnaire of the Wartime Bureau of
      Technical Personnel by the Class of 1945; Science Students'
      Regulations; Civilian Employment for 1945 Graduates; return of
      university staff from armed forces; University Advisory Board
      minutes from Jan. 18th and May 29th, 1945, and an appendix, Notes on
      position of university students with regard to mobilization, etc.
    - Correspondence with Dr. J.C. Webster re a speaker for Founder's Day;
      death of Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor; location for the Carman-
      Sherman-Roberts cairn
    - Correspondence with Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re athletic medal
      and addresses; his secretary writes reporting Sir F.W.-T. has been

      File 1      VETERANS  A-B (1945)

    - Correspondence from enlisted men who are planning to study at UNB

      File 2      VETERANS  C-D (1945)

    - Correspondence from enlisted men who are planning to study at UNB


    - Correspondence from the National Selective Service (Dept. of Labour)
      re training scheme for medical, engineering and science students;
      student aid, including various schedules and plans
    - The Committee of Selection of Applications for Student Aid, minutes
    - University Loan Committee, minutes

      File 4      EQUIPMENT (1945)

    - Letter to J.O. Wilhelm, Universities Committee on War Surpluses re
      how to obtain material through war assets
    - Correspondence with E.F. Burton re the lack of apparatus necessary
      to the teaching of physical sciences; Memorandum re Research
      Enterprises Limited
    - Prof. F.J. Toole sends a report on the equipment needed or the
      Chemistry Dept.
    - Supplementary Report on Equipment Needed by Dept. of Biology
    - Prof. Earle O. Turner re equipment needed by Dept. of Civil

      File 5      NACUS, OTHER CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES (1944, SOME 1943)

    - Editorial entitled "War and the Universities" from Canadian
      Chemistry and Process Industries
    - National Conference of Canadian Universities; programme for
      twentieth convention (1944); constitution; reciprocal system of
      scholarships or fellowships between the South American Republics and
      Canada; Draft Report and Appendices of the Post-War Problems
      Committee, also a memorandum on the function of the university in
      adult education (76 pages); Representation of N.C.C.U. upon a
      National Advisory Council on School Broadcasting; Report of
      Committee on Arts Course in War Time; statement on financial aid to
      the Universities and Colleges of the Dominion from the Provincial
      and Federal Governments for Adult Education; selection and placement
      of college students after the war
    - The Role of Education in Post-War Reconstruction - An Address
      delivered by Dr. F. Cyril James Before the Twentieth Convention of
      the Canada Newfoundland Education Association (1942)
    - Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel (Dept. of Labour) re
      University Advisory Board, minutes, agenda
    - Dept. of Pensions and National Health re Policy Governing Post-
      Discharge Training Outside of Canada
    - Post-War Canadian Made Scientific Apparatus - An Address at the
      Luncheon of the Science Section, by Prof. E.F. Burton



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