SERIES 3          1931-1940

Box 1  1931  A-L
      File 1      A-B (1931)

    - Publications by Charles G.D. Roberts available from New York Book-
    - Premier Baxter regarding the possibility of delivering the address
      at dedication of new Geology building
    - L. Lansdowne Belyea suggests that UNB found a small faculty of
    - G.F. Gregory Bridges sends part of $100 contribution to the
      Endowment Fund

      File 2      C-F (1931)

    - T.H. Coffey suggests that UNB introduce physical education to the
    - Ivan H. Crowell applies for forestry position
    - Requests and regrets re:  bestowment of Honorary Degree upon Dr.
      Edwin N.C. Barnes
    - John Bayard Currie sends $100 to establish the J.N. and Helen M.
      Currie Scholarship
    - Four "Bartlett" framed prints, dated 1842, are sent to UNB's museum
      from L.M. Fortier
    - George E. Foster anticipates participation in Encaenia.  Regrets
      inability to attend same
    - Jessie Foster re:  shipment of books from estate of Rt. Hon. Sir
      George [Eulas] Foster to UNB

      File 3      G-I (1931)

    - Frances Sherman's "A Prelude" - rare copy printed 1897 available for
      $3.00 from New York Bookseller
    - A.B. Gilbert re:  increasing Law School staff in St. John
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) discusses options for keeping
      construction costs for a building addition to a minimum
    - Herman C. Henderson refers to conferment of title of "President"
      upon Chancellor Jones; dedication of new library and Lady
      Beaverbrook Memorial; death of Chief Superintendent Dr. Carter

      File 4      J-L (1931)

    - W.C. Keirstead discusses separation of Department of Education and
      Philosophy from Economics and Political Science
    - Various Charles G.D. Roberts and Bliss Carman works available from
      Charles W. Kespert Books in Boston, Mass.
    - L.C. Kingston thanks President Jones for enroling him as a special
      student eight years ago and affording him the chance to become a
      doctor and specialist

Box 2  1931  M-Z
      File 1      M-O (1931)

    - Bliss Carman Memorial Fund Provincial Committee requests funds for
      Shrine (Forest Hill Cemetery?)
    - Lt. Gov. Hugh H. McLean regarding medals to be presented by him at
    - Thomas T. Odell discontinues his practice of giving the premium on
      an insurance policy to UNB due to "influences beyond my control"

      File 2      P-R (1931)

    - Superintendent A.S. MacFarlane forwards copy of 1931 Pension Act
    - Lloyd Roberts sends his works to contribute to President Jones'
      collection of New Brunswick writers
    - Mrs. Elliot H. Busteed's estate bequeaths $3000 to UNB to found
      annual "Edwin Botsford Busteed" Scholarship

      File 3      S-T (1931)

    - Various Charles G.D. Roberts works available from New York book
    - Mt. Allison University President George J. Trueman acknowledges
      death of Dr. Carter, Superintendent of Education

      File 4      U-Z (1931)

    - J.L. Paton, President, Memorial University College, St. John's,
      Nfld., requests that Memorial's position as an affiliated
      institution be recognized in UNB calendar
    - Robert Watson agrees to deliver address at the Dedication of the
      Memorial Window to Dr. Bailey
    - J.J.F. Winslow, lecturer, recommends that lectures in "procedure" 
      (law) be discontinued due to the inability of even capable students
      to understand the practice of the Courts without studying in a law
    - Rugby Union of Canada (R.P. Woodward) assembles team to tour Japan,
      asks for candidates

Box 3  1932  A-Mc
      File 1      A-C (1932)

    - UNB will offer a scholarship equivalent to the tuition fees for four
      years, to a student from Great Britain through the Anglo-Canadian
      Education Committee
    - Estate of J. Whitman Bailey will provide $5,000 to establish the
      "Loring Woart Bailey Prize" in Natural Science and the "Marshall
      d'Avray Prize" in English Literature, along with $300 for the
      erection of a memorial to Joseph Marshall d'Avray in Memorial Hall
    - L.W. Bailey recommends that his son, Alfred, be given position of
      chair in English or History in the event of a vacancy, in order to
      continue the family's long association with UNB.  Makes mention of
      late brother's endowment of two scholarships!
    - John R. Baxter, Premier, asks for personal favor in case of a
      student who is the son of a friend
    - Estate of J. Thadee Hebert provides for $500 in favor of the UNB
      Endowment Fund, and is handled by H. Francis G. Bridges
    - Carleton Stanley, Dalhousie University President, embraces views of
      The Canadian Radio League, calling for a nationally-owned radio
      system as a means of checking "uncontrolled broadcasting"
    - Carnegie Foundation gives $4,500 (over three years) to UNB for
      purchase of books

      File 2      D-G (1932)

    - G.C. Drury, brother of the late Lady Beaverbrook, applies for son's
      admittance to UNB
    - The Engineering Institute of Canada offers prizes at eleven schools
      and universities
    - The Governor-General's Medal for 1932 is issued in silver gilt
      rather than gold "owing to conditions calling for economy"
    - The Governor General's office promotes a "Dominion of Canada Drama

      File 3      H-Mc (1932)

    - R.B. Hanson, House of Commons, corresponds re postal deliveries at
      UNB and his own financial plight which prevents him from continuing
      to help a UNB student
    - H.H. Harrison, N.B. Executive Council and UNB Senate member, objects
      to UNB's fees being lower than those at other Maritime universities;
      stating that UNB is "taking advantage of its position as a state
      University to offer education at lower prices than the other
      Universities, and make the people pay the difference in taxes." 
      Withdraws his donation of a prize for 1933 until times improve
    - Jessie Foster notifies J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) that
      $24,000 from the estate of Sir George Foster which was to go to UNB
      at a later date will not be available
    - Various works by Charles G.D. Roberts, Bliss Carman and Frank
      Dempster Sherman available from Boston bookseller C.W. Kespert
    - George H. Locke, Chief Librarian at the Public Library for Toronto,
      urges UNB to apply for Carnegie Foundation grant for development of
      University libraries

Box 4  1932  M-Z
      File 1      M-R (1932)

    - Montreal Trust Company advises that a portion of the estate of
      Charles E. Neill is bequeathed to UNB
    - A list of rare and extinct birds and their eggs in the UNB
      collection (including an Eskimo Curlew, Passenger Pigeon, Ivory-
      billed Woodpecker and Carolina Paroquet) compiled by Wm. H. Moore
    - Petition from F.S. Mundle to allow local boys to swim in Lady
      Beaverbrook "swim tank" in winter months.  Also contains interesting
      information regarding construction of the residence
    - Winifred Johnston Plowder berates UBC and extols virtues of UNB
    - The Anglo-Canadian Education Committee's statement of purpose and
      official forms
    - Charles G.D. Roberts asks to borrow gown and hood from Dr. Jones and
      sends copies of his works for the "Roberts Collection"

      File 2      S-Z (1932)

    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, urges
      continued gatherings of the heads of Universities, Superintendents
      of Education, etc. under the guidance of the Carnegie Corporation

Box 5  1933  A-Mc
      File 1      A-C (1933)

    - Henry B. Bailey arranges for installation of Joseph Marshall d'Avray
      Memorial tablet and seeks advice regarding creation of "Loring Woart
      Bailey Prize" and "Marshall d'Avray Prize"
    - Premier R.B. Bennett comments on the lack of representation of the
      French Acadian population on the New Brunswick bench in relation to
      the appointment of a County Court Judge.  Also expresses dismay at
      being unable to attend ceremony at UNB to receive Honorary Degree of
      Doctor of Laws
    - Wallace Broad plans to give his "technical books' to the UNB library
      and begs to be reinstated to the Alumni Society list, stating, "...
      while I am not as active as I would like to be, as you see I am
      still alive."
    - Carnegie Corporation Executive Committee votes to release $4,500
      grant to UNB for development of its library
    - UNB President Cecil Charles Jones asks Dr. F.P. Keppel, President of
      the Carnegie Corporation, if UNB would be advised to apply for
      financial assistance to strengthen Arts courses
    - Oswald S. Crocket sends clipping of notice of death of Annie R.
      Logan, founder of William Stewart MacFarlane scholarship; other
    - John Bayard Currie reduces amount of his scholarship funding, due to
      difficult times

      File 2      D-H (1933)

    - Various authors acknowledge receipt of "Three Fredericton Poets: 
      Writers of the University of New Brunswick and the New Dominion" by
      Lorne Pierce
    - Committee of Military Education of the University of New Brunswick
      is formed under the Department of National Defence

      File 3      I-Mc (1933)

    - Three assistant professors request that measures be taken to
      increase their salaries, thus bringing them more in line with the
    - Fred Lanton, Librarian of University of Western Ontario, writing on
      behalf of Dr. Locke, urges UNB to appoint a full-time librarian to
      its staff, particularly because the Carnegie Corporation requires
      that books purchased with its grant money be properly catalogued
    - George E. Locke, states that Mr. Rufus Hathaway has died and will be
      leaving "the best and only collection of early editions of Bliss
      Carman" to UNB

Box 6  1933  M-Z
      File 1      M-R (1933)

    - Bliss Carman bust is forwarded to UNB by [Ouita Nichol] to be added
      to the Canadiana collection
    - Lorne Pierce reveals that Rufus H. Hathaway has left his collection
      of Canadiana to UNB.  Mr. Pierce assembled the collection for
      shipping from Toronto to UNB and offers insights into the donor's
      thoughts as well as how the collection should be handled.  Several
      references to Carman
    - Elsie Pomeroy, friend of the late Rufus H. Hathaway, offers first
      edition of Charles G.D. Roberts' "In the Morning of Time" to
      complement the Hathaway collection
    - Charles G.D. Roberts forwards copy of his address on Canadian Poetry
      in its Relation to Poetry in England and America

      File 2      S-Z (1933)

    - George J. Trueman, President of Mount Allison University, writes of
      worries regarding the new science building and arranges meeting of
      the Central Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Corporation
    - Carnegie Corporation Grants will be offered to members of University
      staffs for visits to Great Britain for research work or special
      investigation.  UNB may forward the names of two candidates
    - Reasons for donation of bronze bust of Bliss Carman to UNB are given
      by Ouita Nichol through J.J.F. Winslow

Box 7  1934  A-M
      File 1      A-C (1934)

    - Proposal for the establishment of a "Maritime Art Association" is
      forwarded by Walter H. Abell, Professor of Art at Acadia University
    - Prime Minister R.B. Bennett affectionately declines invitation to
      attend the Encaenia
    - Katie Broad forwards her father's technical books to UNB and
      requests that they be marked "Presented by Dr. Wallace Broad"
    - Carnegie Corporation funds enable the College Art Association to
      offer travelling exhibitions

      File 2      D-G (1934)

    - A symposium on Adult Education in Canada is organized at U. of
      Toronto, involving national and international representatives and
      focusing on new demands for Adult Education
    - W.J. Dunlop, U. of Toronto requests that letters in support of the
      work of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission be sent in order
      to counteract the many letters of condemnation
    - A.D. Ganong turns down opportunity to speak at Encaenia, and
      counsels President Jones regarding UNB's claim for Government aid
    - A.B. Gilbert, secretary of The Rhodes Scholarship Selection
      Committee, discusses some of the criteria for a Rhodes Scholarship

      File 3      H-L (1934)

    - W.H. Harrison advises President Jones regarding UNB's requests for
      increased subsidies before the Maritime Commission
    - Fredericton City Council requests that UNB convey right of way
      through their land for the creation of Beaverbrook Street between
      Regent Street and University Avenue
    - N.B. Dental Society and College of Dental Surgeons asks President
      Jones to protest to the Government against a group of men who are
      without college degrees being allowed to be registered as dental
      surgeons, saying "it will mean the end of college work"
    - E. Cockburn Kyte corresponds re supervising the printing of the
      catalogue for the Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature

      File 4      Mc-M (1934)

    - Chief Superintendent of Education, A.S. MacFarlane, states that the
      Board of Education has voted to eliminate the Third Division in
      Matriculation and High School Leaving exams
    - The Registrar, Dalhousie University, writes regarding a student
      about whom there is some doubt and states "I suppose that there is
      no possibility that he is a coloured student ..."
    - Chester Martin confirms that he will give the alumni address at the
      Encaenia and will speak on "The Challenge of Confederation to This
    - N.B. Federation of Labor supports UNB in its bid to have its
      Provincial grant restored

Box 8  1934  N-Z
      File 1      N-S (1934)

    - Dr. Lorne Pierce, Ryerson Press editor, makes final arrangements for
      production of Rufus Hathaway Canadian Literature collection
      catalogue; offers his own collection of works by Francis Sherman
    - F.C. Ryan makes impassioned plea to "safeguard" the English language
      and "sacred heritage" against any "movement be it FRENCH or

      File 2      T-Z (1934)

    - Premier L.P.D. Tilley thanks UNB Senate for conferring Doctor of
      Laws degree upon him
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, regarding
      abolishing of "Class 3" of the Junior Matriculation; The Mental
      Hygiene Council; scheduling Intercollegiate Football games; and
      unpaid balances on students' accounts
    - The UNB Students' Council proposes a compulsory Student Union Fee in
      order to make the financing of student activities less hazardous

Box 9  1935  A-M
      File 1      A-C (1935)

    - Allan A. Aitken discusses schemes to bring Beaverbrook Scholarship
      boys into the residence
    - A Silver Jubilee Medal is received by the Lieutenant-Governor, to be
      presented to UNB President Jones
    - Lord Beaverbrook acknowledges progress of some of the scholars
    - Applicant Fred W. Cogswell reacts with dismay to his failure to
      obtain a Beaverbrook Scholarship, stating that he "walked two miles
      to school morning and night to get to a small crowded school where
      all grades was taught from one to eleven"

      File 2      D-G (1935)

    - A.D. Ganong suggests that UNB Senate members should take a more
      active role in recruiting students
    - William F. Ganong offers to add some of his own items concerning
      Bliss Carman to the Rufus Hathaway collection

      File 3      H-L (1935)

    - R.B. Hanson, Minister of Dept. of Trade and Commerce accepts offer
      of UNB to confer upon him the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws and
      agrees to deliver brief address
    - Mary M. Hatheway offers to UNB the original autograph copy of the
      Valedictory delivered by Bliss Carman on the occasion of his UNB
      graduation in 1882
    - Maud Hathaway regarding Rufus Hathaway collection and offering an
      autographed picture of Bliss Carman
    - Jessie Lindsay Hoben informs President Jones that the late Mr.
      [Allan] Hoben's will provided $1,000 for a UNB scholarship
    - George H. Locke reminds that the grant made by the Carnegie
      Corporation to Canadian Colleges was given for the purchase of books
      for general undergraduate reading

      File 4      Mc-M (1935)

    - Samuel H. McFarlane requests detailed information on "Beaverbrook
    - Murray MacLaren communicates with Lord Beaverbrook and UNB President
      Jones regarding his upcoming Encaenial address honouring Lord
      Beaverbrook for his contribution to Education in New Brunswick
    - Lord Beaverbrook offers an extra seventy-five dollars per year to
      Beaverbrook Scholarship holders who opt to live in Lady Beaverbrook
    - Lieutenant-Governor Hugh H. McLean states that graduates of UNB
      would be recognized in France

Box 10  1935  N-Z
      File 1      N-S (1935)

    - Lorne Pierce finalizes publication of Rufus Hathaway Collection
      Catalogue; sends copy of collected poems of Francis Sherman; and
      investigates the date of Sherman's fiance's death, which he feels is
      pivotal to the poet's work
    - William O. Raymond seeks advice regarding the topic of his upcoming
      address as Alumni Orator at the Encaenia
    - Estate of David Wilson bequeaths $500 to UNB
    - George F.G. Stanley applies for teaching position at UNB

      File 2      T-Z (1935)

    - George J. Trueman, President of Mount Allison University, discusses
      question of "buying students"; the Carnegie Report on "Economy in
      Higher Education (1933); some rivalry between universities
    - The University of Manitoba seeks information regarding a possible
      change from Latin statements on parchments to English
    - Nathan Van Patten offers contributions to the Rufus Hathaway
      Collection of Canadian Literature, including Bliss Carman works

Box 11  1936  A-M
      File 1      A-C (1936)

    - Alan A. Aitken enquires as to whether it would be acceptable if his
      brother (Lord Beaverbrook) should decide to increase the Beaverbrook
    - The American Association of Theological Schools delivers statement
      on Pre-Seminary Curriculum
    - Lord Beaverbrook expresses regrets at being unable to represent UNB
      at upcoming London celebration
    - R. Killop, Superintendent of Canadian Pacific Railway Company, warns
      against the UNB students' common practice of jumping on moving
      trains to shorten their walk between University Ave. and Regent St.,
      citing a recent example of a boy who was almost killed
    - Mr. A.E. Corrigan and the University of Manitoba advocate a National
      Scholarship program which will offer "the opportunity of a
      University education to young people of superior mental gifts who
      would otherwise never profit by it owing to a lack of funds"

      File 2      D-H (1936)

    - [Evlyn] F. Farris refers to a pamphlet which states that UNB owes
      its origin to the anxiety of Mrs. William Paine about a college
      education for her sons
    - Agnes Foster donates a $100 scholarship to be called "The Berton C.
      Foster Memorial Scholarship"
    - W.H. Harrison member of the Supreme Court, accepts offer of UNB to
      confer upon him the Degree of LL.D. and requests that he not be
      required to deliver the Alumni Oration, due to time constraints. 
      With great humour he bows to President Jones' insistence that he
      deliver the oration
    - Maud Hathaway, in "newsy" letters expresses sadness over the death
      of "our beloved Sovereign, King George V"
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) states that he will resign his
      position of the UNB Senate in the near future if his eyesight does
      not improve
    - John Hunter Sr. complains vehemently that a UNB "servant" is using
      his property on Albert St. to gain access to work

      File 3      I-M (1936)

    - A.S. McFarlane, Superintendent of Education, informs schools of
      opportunity for students to attend Coronation ceremonies in London,
    - Lieutenant-Governor Murray MacLaren reports that he successfully
      carried out the duties of representing UNB at the Centenary
      celebrations of the University of London
    - The New Brunswick Forest Service announces the location for the
      proposed new forest fire research laboratory near the Flanagan Road

Box 12  1936  N-Z
      File 1      N-R (1936)

    - National Research Council Regulations governing bursaries,
      studentships and fellowships
    - Department of Marine, Meteorological Service of Canada, establishes
      a pilot balloon station at UNB
    - The Rugby Union of Canada outlines plans to raise sufficient funds
      to place the Union on an independent financial footing

      File 2      S-T (1936)

    - Dr. Charles Peck Steeves donates $6,500 to UNB, to be invested and
      the interest used to offer the Steeves Albert County Scholarship

      File 3      U-Z (1936)

    - Harvard University extends invitation to UNB to attend its
      Tercentenary Celebrations
    - Walter James Brown, University of Western Ontario, discusses
      proposals to enable university professors to get an exemption on
      their income tax for books purchased from year to year
    - The Association of Canadian Clubs outlines its purpose and

Box 13  1937  A-Mc
      File 1      A-C (1937)

    - Alan A. Aitken discusses repairs and upkeep of the Lady Beaverbrook
      Residence and its grounds, some of which were requested by Lord
    - Alfred G. Bailey advocates having all archives material in the
      province housed in one place and operated in close working
      relationship with a university centre.  Admits sensitive nature of
      this issue
    - K.A. Baird denounces UNB's policy of having Compulsory Military
      Drill for students
    - The estate of the Late Venerable Archdeacon David Forsyth provides
      $500 for the UNB Endowment Fund, forwarded by Geo. P. Burchill

      File 2      D-G (1937)

    - N.B. Premier A.A. Dysart suggests that UNB confer a degree upon Lord
    - A.B. Gilbert, Registrar, UNB Faculty of Law, proposes that UNB
      should provide a library for the Law School in order to reduce
      congestion at the Saint John Law Society Library.  Statement of Law
      Faculty accounts are also forwarded

      File 3      H-K (1937)

    - The New Brunswick Teachers' Association submits proposal to
      eliminate "high-school-leaving" exams in favor of one set of
      Matriculation papers

      File 4      L-Mc (1937)

    - Superintendent of Education A.S. McFarlane discusses recommendations
      by the New Brunswick Teachers' Association that reductions in
      Matriculation Examination requirements be made in response to the
      lengthy school closures due to Infantile Paralysis
    - Lieutenant-Governor Murray MacLaren recommends that either a
      replacement Dean, a President of the Law School, or both be
      appointed to replace Sir Douglas Hazen, who is resigning
    - G. Fred McNally, Alberta Deputy Minister of Education, refers to
      "unsettled" political situation in his province

Box 14  1937  M-Z
      File 1      M-P (1937)

    - The Department of Fisheries (Canada) announces the abolishment of
      the Biological Board, to be renamed the Fisheries Research Board of
      Canada; as well as some changes in the new Act passed in Parliament
    - The Student Christian Movement of Canada pleads for help in raising
      money to aid students in China where university life is completely
      disrupted.  Many universities were destroyed in air-raids, and
      temporary universities need to be established
    - Lorne Pierce offers picture of Rufus Hathaway as a child of three

      File 2      Q-T (1937)

    - F. Maclure Sclanders, Commissioner, Saint John Board of Trade,
      suggests cooperation between UNB toward solving problems confronting
      commerce and industry
    - Dalhousie University President Carleton Stanley forwards Rules of
      Institute of Public Affairs affiliated to Dalhousie University

      File 3      U-Z (1937)

    - Wm. Warwick, Chief Medical Officer, N.B. Dept. of Health, advises
      that UNB should not allow students to return to their homes over the
      Thanksgiving holiday due to the fact that the Infantile Paralysis
      situation has not improved
    - Dr. J.C. Webster endorses proposal to establish a course of lectures
      in North American History

Box 15  1938  A-L
      File 1      A-B (1938)

    - Margaret E.T. Addison introduces Rev. Lydia E. Gruchy, first woman
      to enter the ministry of the United Church
    - Alan A. Aitken discusses improvements to grounds surrounding Lady
      Beaverbrook Residence; gives Lord Beaverbrook's Florida address
    - Alfred G. Bailey is appointed Professor of History at UNB
    - National University Extension Association; constitution

      File 2      C-F (1938)

    - Creelman & Edmison forward $1620 to UNB pursuant to provisions of
      the will of the late Mrs. Frances C. Whitehead
    - Premier A.A. Dysart on Louis B. Mayer
    - Society for the promotion of Engineering Education conducts study of
      instruction of English in the engineering colleges, with grant from
      Carnegie Foundation
    - Mr. Justice J.H.A.L. Fairweather, King's Bench Chambers, discusses
      Barbour Estate; Mr. E.P. Raymond; and the Robert M. Raymond estate
    - Various authors (including Fraser Companies, Canadian International
      Paper Company and the N.B. Minister of Lands and Mines) on the
      establishment of a chair in Forest Entomology at UNB

      File 3      G-L (1938)

    - A.B. Gilbert states that the will of Sir Douglas Hazen does not
      contain any donation towards the endowment fund at UNB; bemoans the
      fact that UNB Law graduates are being denied admission to the P.E.I.
      Bar on the grounds that only McGill, Osgoode and Dalhousie graduates
      are recognized by their Society
    - Philip S. Gregory suggests that his family home at Acacia Grove be
      purchased by Lord Beaverbrook in order to furnish "an excellent
      residence for women students"
    - The Maritime Trust Company forwards $2,500 in payment of UNB's claim
      against the estate of the late Sir J. Douglas Hazen
    - John Henderson, General Manager for Welton & Henderson Limited,
      demands to know why his company is not receiving long-standing
      orders for coal any longer; alludes to political interference
    - Inches & Hazen, Barristers & Solicitors, discuss pledge made by the
      late Sir Douglas Hazen
    - W.J. Johnston regarding Leonard Foundation Scholarships and
      advocating an efficient referral of possible recipients
    - A.S. Lamb, Director, McGill School of Physical Education, advises
      that the demand for teachers trained in Physical Education exceeds

Box 16  1938  Mc-Z
      File 1      Mc-O (1938)

    - [M. Macdonald], Nova Scotia Premier, discusses question of
      assistance by three Maritime Governments to the Dalhousie Medical
      and Dental Schools
    - Lieutenant-Governor Murray MacLaren makes usage suggestions
      regarding the university calendar
    - Attorney-General John B. McNair forwards draft of a proposed
      amendment to the Act respecting the University of New Brunswick
    - Fred Magee endorses proposed establishment of a chair in Forest
    - UNB President C.C. Jones advises Mr. Louis B. Mayer, Metro Goldwyn
      Mayer Corporation, that the University Senate voted to tender Mr.
      Mayer an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws in view of the
      contribution he has made to public education through films
    - Louis B. Mayer gratefully accepts the aforementioned tribute and
      plans to be in Fredericton on May 18 to accept the honor
    - Marshall E. Mott accepts Honorary Degree and plans to make Encaenial
    - National Research Council advises that Sir Frederick Banting,
      Chairman of the Associate Committee on Medical Research, will be in
      Fredericton in the near future to see various pre-medical
      departments, staff and students

      File 2      P-S (1938)

    - A.F. Paterson, N.B. Minister of Education, advises that the
      Government decided to allot funds to establish a Research Dept. in
      connection with the Forestry Branch of the University
    - Margaret T. Perry, widow of UNB professor Stan Perry, asks UNB for
      a pension after his accidental death
    - C.W. [       ], Chairman, Beaverbrook Scholarship Trustees requests
      investigation into low marks obtained by several Beaverbrook
      scholars; feels "reasonable scholarship should be shown"
    - Charles G.D. Roberts introduces "my friend and biographer, Elsie
      Pomeroy ... a great friend of Carman, & of Hathaway"; asks that she
      be afforded the use of any facilities in writing his authorized
      biography.  Also forwards final draft and copy of his latest poem
      "Two Rivers"
    - H.J. Ketchen, President, The Rugby Union of Canada urges attendance
      at the Annual Meeting as being very urgent so that a quorum can be
      attained and constitutional changes made
    - Sir Campbell Stuart, Joint Chairman of the Anglo-Canadian Education
      Committee, advises that the committee is being eliminated for
      financial reasons

      File 3      T-Z (1938)

    - The Saint John Telegraph-Journal (News Editor) pleads to have the
      privilege of publishing the university's prize list before the
      Fredericton Daily Gleaner
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, on various
      matters including comparing telephone service in Men's Residences
      and arranging meetings of the Common Examining Committee
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire on how to administer grant
      from the Imperial Relations Trust which will enable "visits in
      alternative years of Professors to and from all the Dominions"
    - Gettysburg College Senior Class solicits "a slip or cutting of ivy"
      for their annual Ivy Planting ceremony in an effort to strengthen
      the relationship between Canadian Universities and the American

Box 17 1939  A-H
      File 1      A-Ap (1939)

    - Alan Aitken regarding Lord Beaverbrook's intention to visit UNB in
      person in order to decide on improvements to the grounds of [the
      Lady Beaverbrook Residence]; and to forward a bank order for 4440.17
    - Walter C. Allison relays plans for trips to view gymnasiums in other
      Maritime universities
    - Alward & Gillies (architects) discuss previous visits to Maine
      university gymnasiums; request information to aid in preliminary
    - Separate file labelled "Applications" contains manuscript reference
      letter from Charles G.D. Roberts in favor of Malcolm Ross

      File 2      Ap-B (1939)

    - Separate file labelled "Applications - Forest Entomology"
    - H. Francis G. Bridges strongly advocates "conferring an honorary
      LL.D. degree upon some outstanding citizen of the French-Canadian
      race in the province of New Brunswick," specifically mentioning Hon.
      J.E. Michaud and Hon. Mr. Justice LeBlanc

      File 3      C-E (1939)

    - Canadian Association for Adult Education proposes guidelines for
      arranging for the continued education of young men serving in the
    - Canadian Student Assembly proposes to undertake a research study of
      "The Factors of Economic Selectivity in Canadian Higher Education"
    - Carnegie Corporation of New York states that it cannot take
      "favorable action" to support a Chair of Forest Pathology at UNB
    - Robert E.D. [Cattely] urges Dr. Jones to push for a "proper stage"
      to be included in the new gymnasium being financed by Lord

      File 4      F-H (1939)

    - Fredericton Mayor C. Hedley Forbes thanks Dr. Jones for preparing an
      address to the King for him
    - W.H. Harrison regarding fire escapes on the Beaverbrook building and
      other matters

Box 18 1939  I-Z
      File 1      I-L (1939)

    - Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire outline terms of the New
      Brunswick I.O.D.E. Bursary which is to take the place of the War
      Memorial Bursary
    - The Chairman of the Ivy Day Committee at Gettysburg College relays
      procedures by which ivy plants may be sent to them
    - W.J. Johnston regarding applications for the Leonard Foundation
    - Wilfred Currier Keirstead, UNB Dept. of Philosophy and Education
      requests an assistant, outlines plans to continue teaching despite
      advancing age and health problems
    - A.J. Lallemand offers two choice paintings by the late Suzor Cote

      File 2      Mc-M (1939)

    - Chief Superintendent of Education A.S. McFarlane congratulates Dr.
      Jones on confidential information regarding Lord Beaverbrook's
      financing of [the new gymnasium building]
    - Samuel H. McFarlane relays anecdotes about H.B. Pickard, A.W.
      Wilkinson and Bliss Carman
    - Lieutenant Governor Murray MacLaren offers to make private
      suggestions ("not as the King's visitor") as to how to improve
      Encaenial proceedings
    - Attorney General John B. McNair expresses interest in the
      confidential "further backing and assistance contemplated by Lord
      Beaverbrook for the University"; donates $150 to the Endowment Fund
    - T.H.R. McNally forwards bronze replica of the Douglas Gold Medal
      dated 1929, which he purchased at a coin dealer's shop in Toronto
    - Fred Magee acknowledges Lord Beaverbrook's interest in the proposed
      new gymnasium for UNB
    - Louis B. Mayer expresses gratitude for kindnesses and honors
      bestowed upon him during his recent visit to Fredericton to receive
      an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from UNB

      File 3      N-P (1939)

    - Lieut. Colonel M.M.L. Garon complains that during a recent
      inspection of classes undergoing Physical Training at UNB conditions
      were found to be very unsatisfactory, with the gymnasium being
      unbearably cold and forcing students and instructor to exercise at
      top speed
    - National Scholarship Committee of Canadian Student Assembly requests
      that questionnaire be completed to aid in obtaining an accurate
      account of scholarships available in Canada, in hopes of eventually
      establishing a system of National Scholarships
    - National Research Council advises that holders of a Research Council
      Bursary or other scholarship must devote "eight months of each year
      wholly to the objects of the award and during that time are
      forbidden to hold any position of emolument or to engage in
      teaching."  N.R.C. also advises that UNB should appoint a
      representative to the newly re-organized Associate Committee on
      Forestry; offers the Distribution of National Research Council
      Scholarships for the Academic Year 1939-40; and conveys that the
      Associate Committee on Medical Research of the N.R.C., under the
      chairmanship of Sir Frederick Banting, has placed its services
      "wholly at the disposal of the Government in the present emergency"
      with reference to war conditions
    - Jos Pacaud sends photo of painting of Sir Howard Douglas' portrait,
      receives photos of Sir Howard and Lady Douglas' portraits from Dr.
    - Mrs. Margaret L. Perry, widow of the late S.C. Perry, Professor of
      Geology and Mineralogy at UNB, petitions the UNB Senate for pension
      to enable her to manage her own affairs; receives same

      File 4      Q-Z (1939)

    - Charles G.D. Roberts congratulates Dr. Jones on selecting a Canadian
      for the Chair of English; forwards newspaper clippings re his 80th
      birthday celebrations
    - H.P. Robinson regarding whether the "war situation" may affect the
      Gymnasium project; architectural arrangements for the same;
      expressing dismay at Lord Beaverbrook's failure to cable him re the
      gymnasium; and urging UNB to "drop" the Canadian Students Assembly
      in light of its "Anti-British" attitude
    - Harry A. Strange regarding his son Hazen who failed to graduate
    - Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine forwards report outlining
      material deemed important for the study of medicine
    - McGill University Faculty of Engineering proposes to change the
      courses of study leading to degrees in Mining and Metallurgical
      Engineering, necessitating changes to the UNB curriculum
    - Memorial University contemplates a Pension Scheme for its staff;
      lists salaries including:
                  Associate Professors (men) . . . . . . . . . .  2,600.00
                                       (women) . . . . . . . . .  1,950.00
                             Lecturers (men) . . . . . . . . . .  2,000.00
                                       (women) . . . . . . . . .  1,600.00
    - Frederick William Williams-Taylor regarding medal presentation;
      snippets on Lord Beaverbrook

Box 19 1940  A-Mc
      File 1      A-B (1940)

    - Alward & Gillies (Architects) regarding details of the construction
      of the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - Canadian Legion War Services, Inc., Educational Services attempts to
      have educational resources organized to meet the needs of Service
      Men applying for courses at the Senior Matriculation and University
    - Lieut. Governor Murray MacLaren advocates conferring an Honorary
      Degree of M.A. upon the Rev. C.J. St. Clair Jeans
    - Frank Baird advocates same
    - Report on Common Examining Board for Maritime Provinces and
    - H. Francis G. Bridges again suggests conferring an honorary LL.D.
      degree upon the Hon. J.E. Michaud, and suggests the Rt. Rev.
      Monsignor F.L. Carney as another candidate
    - George Burchill regarding appointments with Colonel Allan Magee and
      the Hon. Mr. Justice Harrison to discuss the new gymnasium and
      possible Government contributions, as well as difficulties with the
      Entomological Building

      File 2      C-E (1940)

    - N.B. Lieutenant Governor W.G. Clark acknowledges apology of UNB
      President N. MacKenzie on behalf of students who removed the
      flagpole from Government House
    - President MacKenzie asks Brooke Claxton for advice as to who the
      best party in Ottawa would be to write to about the partially-
      completed Entomological building situated on University grounds
    - Commercial Intelligence Service, Dept. of Trade and Commerce,
      Canada, forwards list of possible Chinese scholarship students who
      could be sent to Canada to continue their advanced studies with
      Boxer Indemnity Scholarships
    - Dept. of National War Services, Canada, regarding the standings of
      several young men
    - The Engineering Institute of Canada on several matters including the
      decision to continue the Engineering Institute of Canada student
      prizes for a further five years

      File 3      F-H (1940)

    - Hugh John Flemming advocates awarding the J.K. Flemming Scholarship
      to Mr. Fred McCain
    - Brooke Claxton advises President MacKenzie regarding the unfinished
      Entomological Building
    - President MacKenzie appeals to the Hon. James G. Gardiner, Minister
      of Agriculture; and to Prime Minister W.L. MacKenzie King, for the
      completion of the Entomological Building
    - Royden Giller, Hart House, University of Toronto, offers with
      decisions as to athletic equipment for the new UNB gymnasium

      File 4      I-Mc (1940)

    - The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire urges that no "Un-
      British" professor be hired by the university
    - W.J. Johnston regarding the Leonard Foundation Scholarships
    - Wilfred Currier Keirstead presents views with reference to retiring
      allowances for members of the faculty
    - President MacKenzie thanks the Rt. Hon. W.L. MacKenzie King for
      allowing the Dominion Entomological Laboratory to be completed
    - La Societe des Traducteurs de Montreal, Enr'g objects to French
      being referred to as a "foreign language" by Canadian educational
    - Chief Superintendent of Education A.S. MacFarlane defends
      matriculation papers
    - N.B. Premier John B. McNair authorizes President MacKenzie to
      proceed with those repairs and maintenance to UNB deemed
      "immediately necessary"

Box 20 (1940)  M-Z
      File 1      M-P (1940)

    - Fred Magee petitions Premier McNair for an increase of the Annual
      Grant to UNB by at least $50,000 in order that UNB should not be "in
      the red" every August 31
    - President MacKenzie and K.P.R. Neville, University of Western
      Ontario, discuss procedures to be followed in dealing with
      conscientious objectors under the University scheme for Military
      Training in the Universities
    - N.B. Dept. of Education forwards report of meeting to consider the
      possibility of quartering troops in the Provincial Normal School
    - Charles J. Power, Minister of National Defence for Air, defends
      recruitment of University undergraduates, especially those enroled
      in pure and applied science

      File 2      Q-T (1940)

    - The Rhodes Scholarships Memorandum, Canada; giving general
      regulations, conditions, special war-time regulations, etc.
    - Charles G.D. Roberts regarding publications, the recent gift of Lord
      Beaverbrook to UNB, happy retirement wishes for President Jones, and
      offering portrait of himself painted by [MacGregor] to UNB
    - H.P. Robinson relays request by Lord Beaverbrook to have the new UNB
      gymnasium named "The Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium."  Repeats rumours
      he has heard to the effect that UNB Prof. Bailey is "one of the
      chief supporters of disruption" and congratulates UNB students for
      throwing out the Students' Association
    - President Jones forwards specimens of Rhododendron - Rhodora
      Canadensis to Her Majesty the Queen, saying "This is the mauve
      flowering shrub which your Majesty admired on your journey from
      Newcastle to Fredericton."  Dated Sept. 16, 1939
    - Geo. J. Smith, chairman War Savings Committee for Saint John offers
      President MacKenzie guidelines for his upcoming speech on War Saving
      Stamps and Certificates
    - The Victoria Public Hospital seeks blood donors, offering $10.00 for
      each transfusion and performing only two per day!

      File 3      U (1940)

    - Dalhousie University Registrar C.L. Bennet outlines the universities
      requirements for pre-medical credits
    - Institute of Public Affairs at Dalhousie University hosts Maritime
      Conference on Adult Education; topic:  Adult Education in a Changing
    - University of Manitoba outlines policy on applications for credit
      for Military Service
    - The University of New Brunswick lists contents of the cornerstone of
      the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium
    - University of Pennsylvania invites representative of UNB to its
      Bicentennial Celebration and Conference.  C.C. Jones reports on his
      attendance, forwards newspaper clippings
    - K.P.R. Neville, Secretary, National Conference of Canadian
      Universities asks President Jones to ascertain if faculty members
      would be willing to "take in" children of faculty families in
      England who have to be evacuated to Canada because of the war

      File 4      V-Z (1940)

    - Consulate Republic of Czechoslovakia asks President Jones to act on
      the Honorary Advisory Board of the "Canadian Friends of
      Czechoslovakia Inc."


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