SERIES 2          1921-1930

Box 1  1921  A-Z
      File 1      A-E (1921)

    - The Air Board corresponds re moving picture films illustrating both
      the technical and popular side of aviation, which are available on
      loan to the university
    - The Council of the American Mathematical Society invites Dr. Jones'
      membership; corresponds re annual meeting and membership drive
    - Lord Beaverbrook thanks Dr. Jones and the Senate for UNB's decision
      to grant him an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws; regrets his
      inability to attend Ecaenia due to the "industrial disturbance in
    - Randolph H. Bennett requests a certificate of standing with respect
      to the law subjects he had taken at UNB in order to be admitted as
      a second year student to the Law School in Saint John
    - The Caput of the University of Toronto informs the other
      universities of Canada of the expulsion of a number of students for
      improper conduct at the Annual Examinations
    - William Brodie, President of the Alumni Society, re book prizes
    - Wilson W. Brown writes (personal letter) to Dr. Jones re a dispute
      with Chief Superintendent of Education,     Carter
    - Carnegie Foundation corresponds re UNB's suggestions for a pension
      plan; enquiry "whether there is any likelihood that those in charge
      of education in the Province would consider the abandonment of the
      engineering course and the merging of local Normal School with the
    - The Professional Institute of the Civil Service of Canada re the
      high number of persons in positions of professional responsibility
      in the Service who have not secured University degrees

      File 2      F-L (1921)

    - The Federation of University Women in Canada requests information in
      a series of articles on higher education for women in the several
      countries belonging to the Federation
    - Grace H. Flemming expresses concern over the discourtesy done to
      lady graduates of UNB in not being invited to attend a dinner for
      Saint John graduates of UNB
    - George E. Foster sends copies of his speech in the House-of-Commons
      on the League of Nations, saying "I am very anxious that the purpose
      and aims of the League should be understood by our people as
      everything depends upon the moral and effective support of the
      masses of the nations"
    - Premier W.E. Foster corresponds re Mr. James White of Ottawa; lumber
      situation; declines an Honorary Degree because he expects to be in
      England during Encaenia; government expenditures (presumably for
    - President Jones addresses to Premier W.E. Foster a concise form of
      statement of the pressing financial needs of the University which
      had been presented to the Government by the Senate of the University
    - Ralph J. Freeze corresponds on behalf of the Rhodes Scholarships
    - W.H. Harrison accepts an invitation to address the graduation class
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) re the success of Dr. Jones'
      visit to Western Canada and the devotion of UNB graduates now living
      in Western Canada to their alma mater
    - Samuel S. Hall, Assistant Treasurer, Teachers Insurance and Annuity
      Association re a pension plan systems for teachers
    - Henry David Cook Lee re his presentation to the Faculty of Letters,
      Rennes, France, a thesis entitled "Bliss Carman.  A Study in
      Canadian Poetry"
    - W.S. Loggie sends $200 as his subscription to the University of New
      Brunswick War Memorial Fund

      File 3      M-P (1921)

    - W.H. Morrow, re President Jones' visit to Vancouver and a proposed
    - Mayor [of Fredericton] writes to Hon. F.B. McCurdy, Minister of
      Public Works, re placing the old Government House property at the
      disposal of the university
    - [?], Dept. of Railway & Canals, re a reunion of UNB graduates in
      Ottawa; Memorial Fund Campaign
    - Rev. J.A. MacKeigan re St. Andrew's Society of St. John offering an
      annual scholarship to a student in the University who would be
      eligible for membership in the society
    - Murray MacLaren corresponds re the granting of certificates by the
      university to students of the Victorian Order Training School for
      District and Public Health Nurses; the UNB crest hanging in Hart
      House at the University of Toronto; a trip to the west for President
      Jones; UNB's representation at McGill's centenary
    - John B. McNair, re the University of New Brunswick Memorial Fund
    - G. Fred McNally, re President Jones' proposed visit to the west and
      to Edmonton in particular
    - Joseph Pope, Dept. of External Affairs, re a memorandum which Mr.
      Churchill has had prepared in the Colonial Office, relative to
      proposals he took occasion to discuss with various representatives
      of Canadian Universities who attended the Congress of Universities
      of the Empire held at Oxford
    - A letter to Dr. Henry S. Pritchard, Acting President, Carnegie
      Corporation, re providing retiring allowances for UNB professors
      (letterhead of Wilfred Currier Keirstead, but letter is unsigned)

      File 4      Q-Z (1921)

    - Radium Information Service, desires to present some high grade
      specimens of carnotite
    - Joseph W. Sears thanks Chancellor Jones for his support in his
      application for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - Rev. D.R. Sharpe (Regina, Sask.) re his considerable efforts in the
      Western provinces on behalf of the Memorial Building Fund; a
      resolution adopted by the United Farmers of New Brunswick and sent
      to the House for consideration, that the Province assist in the
      growth and development of UNB, including a special grant of $65,000
      to assist in the erection of a Memorial Building at UNB; Chancellor
      Jones' trip to the western provinces
    - Dominion Bureau of Statistics sends schedules calling for statistics
      of universities and colleges for the academic year 1920-21
    - Students Association appoints a committee to meet with the faculty
      re the present system of Examinations; copy of recommendations
      presented to the Senate; due to lack of notice of fee increases,
      resulting in "unjust and unfair treatment to all Students", Student
      Association resolution not to pay tuition and laboratory fees over
      and above those stated in the calendar
    - Fred R. Taylor sends $100 to the Athletic Association in the hope
      that it will enable the students to hold the usual football dinner
      which had been cancelled due to lack of funds
    - Colonel, D.E.S. re money left over from Khaki University is to be
      distributed among the universities for the purpose of a scholarship
      fund to be known as the "Khaki University and Young Men's Christian
      Association Memorial"
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire corresponds re the
      Congress of Universities of the Empire to be held at Oxford
    - Centennial State University confers an Honorary Degree of Doctor of
      Laws upon Chancellor Jones
    - Canadian Committee for the Restoration of the University of Louvain
    - Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. re the Japanese question in America, and
      specifically "the grave problem which is facing the Pacific Coast
    - A report on West's Story of World Progress
    - Sir Frederick William-Taylor inquiries about athletics at UNB and
      whether or not UNB would use to advantage his medal for the best
      all-around athlete

Box 2  1922  A-Z
      File 1      A-E (1922)

    - Frank D. Adams re Conference of Canadian Universities, Committee on
      Graduate Work in Canada
    - Robert Hunter, University of B.C. Committee on Fraternities seeks
      Chancellor Jones' attitude toward fraternities and sororities
    - American Association for the Advancement of Science re UNB
      representation at the Boston meeting
    - Ewart C. Atkinson sends notice that on behalf of the Fredericton
      Baseball Club, he will be taking legal action over the recision of
      a lease for the use of the University Athletic Field
    - Murray Baird reports on his time as a Rhodes Scholar
    - J.H. Barry (N.B. Supreme Court) to Dr. Carter re the Report on
      Higher Education in the Maritime Provinces submitted by the Carnegie
    - B.C. Borden, President, Mount Allison University, re the possibility
      of a union of universities as suggested by the Carnegie Corporation
      Report on Higher Education in the Maritime Provinces
    - T. Stannage Boyle re Carnegie Report
    - Henry S. [Mitchell], Acting President, Carnegie Corporation re UNB
    - F. Neil Brodie re (architectural) sketches of the proposed Memorial
    - W.S. Carter, Chief Superintendent of Education, re advisability of
      further response to the Carnegie Corporation
    - Civil Service Commission re Dr. Jones' permanent appointment as
      Meteorological Observer
    - E. Deville, Chairman, Board of Topographical Surveys and Maps re the
      systematic mapping of Canada
    - A. Wilmer Duff re Carnegie Foundation Report on Higher Education in
      the Maritime Provinces
    - W.B. Evans re an automobile accident with a car registered in
      Chancellor Jones' name, resulting in a new fender being required,
      and a  determination of fault

      File 2      F-L (1922)

    - The Federation of University Women in Canada ask that notice of
      their scholarship be placed in the UNB Calendar
    - Premier W.E. Foster accepts an Honorary Degree from UNB
    - Right Rev. J.A. Richardson comments on the Carnegie Report
    - Adrian B. Gilbert, Faculty of Law, re a motion regarding
      requirements for admission as a student-at-law
    - Joseph E. Gould re the Albanian race and development of their
      civilisation now that the independence of Albania has been attained
    - R.B. Hanson, House of Commons, re Chancellor Jones' position as
      Observer of the Meteorological Service at Fredericton, and his
      difficulties with the Civil Service Commission
    - Peter J. Hughes (lawyer), re a claim by Thomas Romanus that
      Chancellor Jones negligently ran into his bicycle and damaged it;
      seeking full reparation
    - Eliza B. Hunter [on behalf of a student organization], re decision
      of the Faculty to discontinue the giving of bonus marks
    - J.B. Hunter, Deputy Minister, Dept. of Public Works, re the building
      of the Fredericton Military Hospital Group, and applications by both
      UNB and the Victoria Public Hospital for possession of it
    - R.B. Hanson and Prime Minister MacKenzie King re the same matter
    - League of Nations Society in Canada announces its first Annual
    - William S. Learned, Assistant to the President, Carnegie
      Corporation, significant correspondence re the Carnegie Foundation
      Report on Higher Education in the Maritime Provinces

      File 3      M-R (1922)

    - J.A.D. McCarthy corresponds from Malabar Hill, Bombay, India re his
      son's performance at UNB
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President Dalhousie University re Canadian
      Universities entering the various branches of the Colonial Service,
      in West and East Africa and the Crown Colonies
    - Murray MacLaren re Carnegie Report on Higher Education in the
      Maritime Provinces; Officers Training Corps; Memorial Building
      Committee; report and meeting on University Federation
    - J.B. McNair re Doctor William L. Tracy's donation of $300.00 to the
      Memorial Fund
    - Fred Magee re his donation of $250.00 to the Memorial Fund
    - National Council of Education re its objectives; a scheme of
      National Lectureships; a visit by Sir Henry Newbolt
    - G.R. Parkin re representing UNB at the University of Padua
    - G. Fred Pearson re Conference of representatives of the Maritime
      Universities; Committees on Finance and Constitution
    - The Air Board re Royal Air Force (Cadet) College, Cranwell, England,
      nomination of candidates from the Dominion of Canada

      File 4      S-Z (1922)

    - D.R. Sharpe re a re-union at UNB in 1923, promoted by the "Western
      graduates" of UNB; the Memorial Campaign
    - Russell R. Sheldrick re his application for a Rhodes Scholarship                                               
    - M.C. Smith says he is happy to hear that "the University of N.B. did
      not bite at the Carnagie money and that you have decided to have
      nothing to do with the merger."  Further more, he states that "if
      Acadia goes into the mergier I will transfer my allegiance to UNB"
    - Lieut.-Colonel H.C. Sharing re Physical Training Instruction for the
      benefit of the lady students of the University
    - Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Education Statistics Branch, Canadian
      Universities and Colleges, completed forms for the academic year
      ended June, 1922
    - J.N. Stephen, International Farthing League, re assorted booklets
      and leaflets dealing with the Barnardo Work
    - S.M. Tory, President Canadian Universities Conference (also
      President, University of Alberta) re a programme for the next
      meeting of the Conference; suggested topics; accommodations
    - R.W. Brock to Dr. Frank D. Adams, Dean of Applied Science,
      University of British Columbia re a Canadian Graduate School
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire, re decision of the
      Council of the Federated Superannuation System for Universities to
      open up negotiations with the authorities which administer pension
      schemes for University teachers in Canada, with regard to pension
    - University of Buffalo invites UNB to send a delegate to the
      Inauguration of Samuel Paul Capen, Chancellor
    - Cornell University, New York State College of Agriculture, Dept. of
      Forestry re an expression of appreciation to Dr. B.E. Fernow for his
      many services to forestry in America
    - Dalhousie University re recommendations from the Faculty of Law with
      respect to affiliated law courses with the Universities of the
      Maritime Provinces; Memorandum re proposed changes int he affiliated
    - W.N. Sage's "A National Ph.D. for Canada"
    - Colgate University re Inauguration of George Barton Cutten as
    - Harvard College Class of 1898 solicits donations from every member
      of the class (including Chancellor Jones) in order to uphold the
      custom of classes giving to the College, on the occasion of their
      25th Anniversary, the sum of $100,000 cash
    - University of King's College re its desire to enter into a
      conference with the other Universities and Colleges of the Maritime
      Provinces (Carnegie Report)
    - The R. University of Padua re the VII Centenary of the foundation of
      their University
    - Syracuse University re Inauguration of Charles Wesley Flint as
    - University of Toronto re correspondence with the Minister of Customs
      about the issue of regulations governing foreign books bought for
      University Libraries
    - University of Western Australia re certain educational difficulties
      they are experiencing
    - UNB dedication of Foster Hall in October, 1922
    - Memorandum re the abolition of the Commission of Conservation by the 
      repealing of the Conservation Act during the last session of
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re his medal for the best all-round

Box 3  1923  A-Z
      File 1      A-D (1923)

    - American College of Surgeons, American Mathematical Society and
      American Philological Association seek UNB membership and
    - L.W. Bailey Jr. re acceptance of his son, Alfred, to the University
      of New Brunswick
    - Tender for the Construction of Memorial Hall from Chas. G. Baird and
      H.O. Staples [There are numerous enquiries from various contractors
      throughout 1922, 1923, as well as from other representatives seeking
      to take part in the construction of Memorial Hall]
    - O.L. Barbour expresses his regret that McInery has been selected as
      a law professor, stating, "failure in passing law examinations
      during his own course" should not be overlooked
    - H.E. Bigelow, Mount Allison University, re Intercollegiate
      [Athletics] Regulations
    - University of Kings College re severance of their relations with the
      Law School, which will now be associated with UNB
    - H. Francis G. Bridges re application for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - Wallace Broad re his opposition to the removal of the University of
      New Brunswick from Fredericton to Halifax, as is suggested by the
      proposed amalgamation of all the degree-conferring colleges of the
      Maritime Colleges of the Maritime Provinces, under financial
      assistance from the Carnegie Educational Trust
    - J. Roy Campbell re the Law School; resignation of Dean (Chief
      Justice) McKeown; registration of only three students
    - Canadian Authors Association re interest in Canadian Literature
      being manifested in many institutions as well as by the general
    - Resolution passed by the County Council of the Municipality of
      Carleton re the proposed uniting of Maritime Colleges and
      Universities (Carnegie Report), and the UNB be urged not to adopt
      any such plan of union
    - J.M. Dent & Sons Limited send various books and texts including
      Bliss Carman's "Later Poems"
    - W.J. Dunlop, University of Toronto, re University participation at
      the British Empire Exhibition

      File 2      E-L (1923)

    - A.E. Edgecomb, re the proposed amalgamation of the Maritime
      Colleges, and the importance of UNB maintaining her identity;
      regrets that he can not attend Encaenia to receive his degree
      (Honorary?); sends $100 subscription for Memorial Hall
    - Empire Forestry Association re Chancellor Jones' becoming a member
    - The Federation of University Women in Canada re the progress of
      women in the higher ranks of the teaching profession
    - E.H. Finlayson, Acting Director, Dept. of the Interior, Forestry
      Branch re the Empire Forestry Conference to be held in Canada;
      Canadian representative at the conference to be C.D. Howe, Dean of
      the Forest School at Toronto; proposed itinerary for New Brunswick
    - A.H. Fitzrandolph, Randolph & Baker, re $250 subscription to
      Memorial Fund
    - Grace H. Flemming re a cheque and note from (alumnus) Miss Tibbits
    - Archibald Fraser, Fraser Companies Limited, re $1000 subscription to
      Memorial Fund
    - Adrian B. Gilbert re UNB Club contribution to dumb waiter in new
      building and clubhouse on college field; activities of the Law
      School in Saint John, including an invitation to attend the Formal
    - Reginald V. Harris re Bliss Carman's attendance at UNB's Encaenia
      and a proposed trip to Halifax
    - Governor General of Canada re laying of the Corner Stone of the new
      Memorial Building; acceptance of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of
    - S.W. [Hunton] re intercollegiate athletics regulations; a proposed
      meeting of the six maritime universities to work out difficulties
      encountered in intercollegiate athletics
    - The Imperial Life Assurance Company re Child's Educational Endowment
    - T.G. Loggie, Dept. of Lands and Mines, re British Empire Association
      Annual Meeting in Ottawa, and subsequent four of New Brunswick

      File 3      M-R (1923)

    - Judge Henry O. McInerney, re a position as lecturer of the Law
      School in Saint John
    - E. Allison McKay re a complete list of names of Fredericton men, for
      placement on the monument to be erected in the city
    - H.A. McKeowan re his resignation as Dean of the Law School in Saint
      John; an appropriate replacement for his position; his decision to
      continue the administrative duties of the Dean for another year
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President, Dalhousie University, re Carnegie
      Corporation's proposed scheme of federation for the Maritime
      Universities, including copies of correspondence from the Carnegie
    - Extract from the United States Income Tax Act Concerning Exemptions
    - J.G. MacKinnon, Canadian Club, re Bliss Carman's visit to New
    - J.S. McKinnon, re Canadian Government Exhibition Commission re an
      exhibit by the Universities of Canada at the British Empire
      Exhibition in London
    - Murray MacLaren, significant correspondence re Memorial Fund;
      Forestry Department at UNB; tentative program for the visit of His
      Excellency the Governor General; formal opening of the Law School;
      Chief Justice McKeown's resignation as Dean of the Law School
    - M.C. MacLean, Federation for Community Service, re exemptions from
      Income Tax for charitable donations
    - J.B. McNair, re a reunion during Encaenia Week 1923
    - D.W. Mersereau, Minister of Agriculture re laying of the corner
      stone of the new Agricultural School in Fredericton
    - Irene Moore re Bliss Carman's address at UNB Convocation ceremonies
    - Fred J. Ney, Overseas Education League, re special facilities for
      undergraduates to visit England on the occasion of the Empire
    - Parkman Centennial Committee re centenary of the birth of Francis
    - F.W. Patterson, President, Acadia University, re Intercollegiate
      Athletic Regulations
    - G. Fred Pearson re sub-committee appointed to wait upon the Carnegie
    - P. Pelletier, Acting Under-Secretary of State re University of
      Birmingham's institution of a special two-year course for students
      from British Dominions
    - Roy Ross, Acadia University re eligibility of two football players
      from UNB

      File 4      S-Z (1923)

    - Chas. A. Sampson, re a resolution adopted by the Victoria Public
      Hospital Board that it donate to UNB "the old x-ray plant, not now
      in use"
    - Russell R. Sheldrick re his candidacy for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - L. Ralph Sherman re his delivery of the Baccalaureate Sermon at UNB
    - M.C. Smith re donation of several of his books to the UNB Library
    - Edward St. John, Dean, School of Religious Education re attractive
      career opportunities and religious training for young people
    - C. McN. Steeves re repairs to the Science Building
    - Clarence G. Jewett, President, UNB Athletic Association re allowing
      supplemental examinations for two students who would otherwise be
      disqualified from Intercollegiate Athletics
    - F.R. Sumner re Summer Hockey Trophy
    - Alfred J. Taylor re an essay contest on the topic of the Canadian
    - John F.H. Teed re personnel and other matters at the Law School in
      Saint John
    - [Vorran ?], "one of the eldest members of UNB" (class of 1866)
      voices his opposition to the proposed amalgamation of Maritime
    - W.M. Tweedie, Registrar, Mount Allison University, requests
      Chancellor Jones or another representative of UNB to be present at
      the inauguration of the new President
    - University of California, re inauguration of William Wallace
      Campbell as President
    - George Washington University re inauguration of William Mather Lewis
      as President
    - Harvard College, Class of 1898 re class reunion; Chancellor Jones'
      inability to attend
    - University of King's College re its move from Windsor, N.S. to
      Halifax, to carry on its work in co-operation with Dalhousie
    - Canadian Committee for the Restoration of the University Louvain, re
      a contribution of books from UNB
    - McGill University re opening of the Pathological Institute
    - McMaster University re installation of Howard P. Whidden as
    - University of Missouri re Stratton Duluth Brooks as President
    - University of the State of New York, State Department of Education,
      re registration of UNB's School of Engineering with their Department
      (completed form)
    - Queen's University re W.N. Sage's article, "A National Ph.D. for
      Canada" (copy of article included)
    - Le Recteur et le Conseil de l'Universite de Paris, le Recteur et le
      Conseil de l'Universite de Strasbourg re Centenaire de la Naissance
      de Pasteur
    - University of Toronto, re National Conference on Education and
      Citizenship; general outline of the programme
    - Premier P.J. Veniot re proposed amalgamation of the Maritime
      Universities; $50,000 government contributions to the Memorial Fund;
      Encaenia exercises; parchment certifying to his degree of L.L.D.;
      proposed broadcasting station at UNB
    - J.A. Watson, Dept. of Customs and Excise, re tariffs on scientific
      apparatus for educational institutions
    - Edward C. Weyman re "a meeting of the faculty of the Kings College
      Law School," of which he was not authorized to advise Chancellor
      Jones, at which "the disposition of the law school is likely to be
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re donation and presentation of his
      medal for the best all-round athlete
    - [W. ? White], re the future of the Law School since Kings College's
      abandonment of it

Box 4  1924  A-Z
      File 1      A-F (1924)

    - J. Mack. Anderson re his application for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - L.W. Bailey re appointment of professors for the Faculty of Forestry
    - L.W. Bailey Jr. re the progress of his son, Alfred, in mathematics
    - Frank J. D. Barnjum re the arguments of certain young ladies for a
      debate (possible that Miss Jones is Chancellor Jones' daughter)
    - Lord Beaverbrook re his representation of UNB at the University of
      Leeds and his address there
    - H.E. Bigelow, Mount Allison University, re Intercollegiate Athletics
    - League of Nations Society in Canada re the importance of external
      relations and university study of the League's history
    - H.S. Bridges per Alice M. Bridges, re a subscription for $200 to the
      Memorial Fund
    - Horace L. Brittain re Chancellor Jones' daughter's academic standing
      as recipient of the Douglas Gold Medal, and graduation with first
      class honours in mathematics and mathematical physics
    - William Broadie re his $500 subscription to the Memorial Fund
    - F. Neil Brodie re the prospect of a stained glass (memorial) window
    - J. Roy Campbell re the Law School's degree parchments; list of
      graduates; financial statement
    - Carnegie Corporation (Henry S. Pritchett, President), re UNB's
      decision not to participate in the Central Advisory Committee in the
      Maritime Provinces and in Newfoundland; the Foundation's study of
      legal education in the United States
    - Student Christian Movement of Canada re a meeting of the Maritime
    - Laurence M. Colpitts re proposed tour through the Maritime Provinces
      by H.G. Scott
    - Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education re an
      investigation of engineering education conducted by this society
      under a grant from the Carnegie Corporation
    - Elizabeth A. Ewen, Overseas Education League, re the Empire
      Exhibition in London (Canadian Universities exhibit)
    - George E. Foster (Senator) re [UNB Senate inaction and his influence
      over them]
    - Ralph St. J. Freeze re his subscription for $125 to the Memorial
      Fund; applications for Rhodes Scholarships

      File 2      G-L (1924)

    - Adrian B. Gilbert re the Law School calendars; a resolution
      nominating Chief Justice Sir Douglas Hazen as Dean of the Faculty of
      Law; difficulties encountered by graduates of the Law School in
      having their degree recognized by Harvard
    - Harvard Canadian Club re appointment of Canadian graduates of
      Harvard to Canadian positions
    - R.B. Hanson re the Gas Machine for UNB (for the production of gas
      for the Bunsen burners to facilitate chemical reactions in chemical
      analysis) and the issue of tariffs
    - Department of Customs and Excise re Tariff Status of Suburban Gas
      Plant for UNB
    - Chief Justice J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) re his acceptance
      of the Deanship of the Law School on a largely honorary basis
    - C.D. Howe, Dean of Forestry, University of Toronto, re candidates
      for professorships at UNB's Faculty of Forestry
    - India Service of Engineers re Regulations as to Appointment of
      Assistant Executive Engineers in 1924
    - G.H. Ling re Tenth Annual Conference of Canadian Universities
    - T.G.(?) Loggie, Deputy Minister, Dept. of Lands and Mines, re the
      co-operative agreement between the University and the Province of
      New Brunswick representing the Provincial Forest Nursery on
      University Avenue

      File 3      M-O (1924)

    - Judge Henry O. McInerney re the appointment of Chief Justice Sir
      Douglas Hazen as Dean of the Law School
    - H.A. McKeowan re a new Dean for the Law School
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President, Dalhousie University, re a
      conference of the Maritime Colleges respecting the problem of
      equivalence of courses amongst the universities
    - Murray MacLaren re resignation of Professors Claridge and Pulling
      from the Faculty of Forestry; the Memorial Building; Mary Jones'
      (Chancellor Jones' daughter) fine academic standing
    - John B. McNair re a general re-union of all graduates during
      Encaenia 1925
    - Murray MacNeill, Registrar, Dalhousie University, re Intercollegiate
      Athletics Regulations
    - Fred Magee re his $500 subscription to the Memorial Fund
    - John P. Mooney, B. Mooney & Sons Limited, General Contractors re
      completion of Memorial Hall
    - H.F. Morrisey, Saint John High School re the school's production of
      the play "Quality Street"
    - W.J.S. Myles re a $30 prize for Freshman English
    - C.E. Neill, Royal Bank of Canada re his acceptance of an Honorary
      Degree of Doctor of Laws; his address to the graduating class;
      approaching large corporations for financial support; his $1000
      subscription to the Endowment fund of UNB; his distress over the
      theft of Chancellor Jones' gown, and offer to replace it with a new
    - Fred J. Ney, Overseas Education League re the proposed
      Undergraduates tour during the Empire Exhibition in London
    - R. Nicholson '94 re his $100 subscription to the Memorial Fund

      File 4      P-Z (1924)

    - H.A. Porter (Barrister) sends notice to the members of the Maritime
      Wilkie Realty Syndicate of a Notice of Foreclosure by the registrar
      in the land titles office in Saskatoon
    - H. Priestman advocates the appointment of a "Returned Man" graduated
      from UNB's Forestry Dept. in re appointment of Dean in the Faculty
      of Forestry
    - A.F. Richard re fees levied against him, as a transfer student, at
      the Law School
    - S.G. Ritchie re his representation of UNB at the Inauguration
      Ceremonies at King's College, and his impressions of President Moore
    - Charles G.D. Roberts, re representing UNB at ?
    - Howard S. Ross, re an offer to speak at UNB about a plan to end war
      and strikes (Equitist Plan)
    - Roy Ross, Acadia University, re Intercollegiate Athletics
      Regulations and a proposed conference for the Maritime Colleges
    - M.C. Smith re book donations from him to the UNB library, and a
      magazine article about the methods the AMA (American Medical
      Association) have taken to destroy medical schools
    - Dept. of National Defence outlines areas that could be included to
      supplement Major Cameron's (UNB) "somewhat meagre" Annual
      Administrative Report
    - C. McN. Steeves re his scheme for fundraising
    - George J. Trueman, Mount Allison University, re the organization
      meeting of the Carnegie Committee in Halifax
    - University of King's College re Inauguration of Reverend Arthur
      Henry Moore as President
    - R. Bruce Taylor, re the proposed study of modern language
      instruction in Canada, under the auspices of the American Council on
      Education and the Carnegie Corporation
    - Premier P.J. Veniot re additional government assistance toward the
      Memorial Building (an additional grant of $25,000 was made to the
      University, to be devoted to the completion of the building)
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re donation and presentation of his
      athletic medal for best all-round athlete
    - Henry Wilmot re a portrait of Sir Howard Douglas presented to the
      Province to be hung in the Parliament Building, which became the
      property of UNB

Box 5  1925  A-Z
      File 1      A-C (1925)

    - H. Alexander sends a telegram stating that the Western graduates (of
      UNB earnestly recommend granting an Honorary Degree to D.R. Sharpe
    - C.B. Allan re establishment of a St. Andrew's Society Scholarship
    - J. MacKay Anderson re his application for a Rhodes Scholarship
    - W.C. Anderson re a Tour of Canada organized by teachers for teachers
    - L.W. Bailey re his concern over his son, Alfred's, examinations, and
      family loyalty to UNB
    - Iva A. Baxter re attempts to receive an annuity upon retiring from
      her teaching position
    - James Brebner, University of Toronto, re a course within UNB to
      advance students to the second year of Dentistry at University of
    - W.H. Brittain, N.S. Provincial Entomologist, re the need for
      fundamental (advanced) studies in the sciences on which agriculture
      practices are based
    - F. Neil Brodie, Architect, re completion and repairs to Memorial
    - N.W. Brown re Prof. Klimpke's (French Dept.) decision to sever
      connections with UNB over "a matter of $400"
    - Committee on Graduate Studies, Proposed Programme (1924-1925)
    - J. Roy Campbell re the Law School fees; Doctor of Laws degree;
      opening of the school
    - W.S. Carter, Chief Superintendent of Education, re various matters
      including pensions for professors; endowment scheme proposed by Sir
      George E. Foster
    - [Helen] J. Coy re I.O.D.E. Provincial Prize
    - H.M. Currie re $50 for the Currie Scholarship
    - W.C. Cushing sends $170 subscription for the endowment fund

      File 2      D-F (1925)

    - J.M. Dent & Sons Limited, Publishers, re various textbooks,
      including outlines of Canadian History Readers
    - A. Wilmer Duff re his $2500 contribution to the Endowment Fund;
      representation of UNB at the inauguration of President Kolbe at the
      Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute
    - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites UNB representation at
      their opening as the first University founded by Jews
    - C.A. Eliot, The Royal Trust Company, re bequest of a microscope by
      Dr. Wm. McInness, Director of the Victoria Museum, Ottawa
    - The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching re a pension
      for Laurestine Marie Bailey
    - Sir George E. Foster re C. McN. Steeves' recommendation to the
      Senate that George Colborne Heine (last surviving member of the
      class of 1897) receive an Honorary Degree
    - ? Freeze, re Rhodes Scholarships
    - Adrian B. Gilbert, re the Law School's list of students; graduates;
      UNB Club of Saint John donating $100 towards the Dumb Waiter in the
      New Building (Memorial Building)
    - Harold C. Belyea re John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
      Fellowships for Advanced Study Abroad (includes a circular from this
    - ?, Royal Bank of Canada re a rugby match (dispute) between UNB and
      the Wanderers A.A. Club
    - H.H. Hagerman, Secretary, re UNB Reunion, 1925
    - W.H. Harrison re meeting of committee to consider an endowment
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) re letters from Sir George E.
      Foster and C. McN. Steeves re an Honorary Degree for Dr. G. Colborne
      Heine; second-hand doors; Miss Edith McLeod's application for
      position as Secretary; Endowment scheme; $500 subscription to the
      Equipment fund
    - G. Colborne Heine re a prize for an essay on the Bible
    - The Canada Life Assurance Company re an Endowment for UNB, including
      letters of endorsement, success stories at other universities;
      suggested plans
    - J.E. Hetherington, Provincial Secretary-Treasurer, re the portrait
      of Sir Howard Douglas (now in his office) donated by Sir Henry

      File 3      G-P (1925)

    - Sir Ganga Ram Business Bureau & Library re academic literature (UNB
      calendar requested) to "encourage Punjabes young men" in selecting
      appropriate careers and training
    - Thomas Quayle, Office of the High Commissioner for India, re
      Government of Madras' proposal to award a State Technical
      Scholarship to an Indian student for the study of modern methods in
      saw milling, and inquiry as to what such courses UNB offers
    - Mrs. F.W. Innis offers for sale mounted animals and birds
    - Leonard C. Jones re a Maritime University night at the local radio
      broadcasting station, CNRA (Moncton, N.B.)
    - E.W. Keirstead re the upcoming reunion at UNB
    - G.H. Ling, Secretary, re Conference of Canadian Universities
    - Robert McCausland, Limited re the Ashburnham Memorial Window and the
      Fenwick Memorial
    - Alfred MacGowan, Workers' Educational Association of Ontario, at the
      request of the Federated Shopmen of Railway Employees (Moncton,
      N.B.) inquires re classes for adult workers in Moncton, N.B.
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President, Dalhousie University, re a
      statistics form created following a meeting of the Central Advisory
      Committee of the Carnegie Corporation
    - J.S. McKinnon, Canadian Government Exhibition Commission re the
      Exhibition made by the Canadian Universities at the Canadian Exhibit
      of the British Empire Exhibition in London
    - Murray MacLaren re representing UNB at the funeral of Dr. William
      McInnes (Ottawa); Canadian Club luncheon in honour of Charles
      Roberts; contribution to Memorial Hall up to $500; ceremonial
      proceedings at the dedication of Memorial Hall; suggestion that if
      there is truth to the rumour that UNB will be appointing a
      Librarian, that Miss Edith McLeod be considered, Hansard giving
      debate on Research Council
    - John B. McNair re Re-union Committee's work; Memorial Fund
    - Murray MacNeill, Registrar, Dalhousie University re what classes a
      UNB student should take in order to be exempted from first year
      medicine or dentistry at Dalhousie
    - Ralph [M     ay], National Union of Student of the Universities and
      University Colleges of England and Wales re possibility of forming
      in Canada a National Representative Student Organisation
    - Fred magee re inability to attend the '97 Reunion at UNB
    - Mre. Ord Marshall, Secretary, League of the Empire, re an Interim
      Conference to be held in Paris in 1926
    - Director of the Meterological Service (Canada, Dept. of Marine and
      Fisheries, Meteorological Office) re hydrograph trace readings;
      barograph adjustments; Edison storage battery for the anemograph
    - Geo. T. Mitton suggests that Mr. O.L. Barbour be considered for
      election to the UNB Senate
    - The Municipal Review of Canada re War Memorial Souvenir Number,
      "Keep the Spirit of Appreciation Burning"
    - W.J.S. Myles re the appointment by the Alumni executive of a trustee
      for the University Endowment Fund; nomination of Dr. Fred Taylor
    - C.E. Neill, General Manager, Royal Bank of Canada, re serving as a
      member of the Board of Trustees for the proposed Endowment Fund;
      investment rates for the Fund; consideration given to the
      suggestions of Sir George E. Foster for the proposed Endowment Fund;
      success of the UNB Football Team
    - Overseas Education League re 1924 tour programme
    - P.B. Perkins re the original manuscripts of Dr. Charles G.D.
      Roberts' writings, and the possibility of UNB obtaining some of
      these documents

      File 4      R-Z (1925)

    - W.D. Rankin re his election as representative of the Alumni Society
      to consider the Endowment scheme; also, re his son John Rankin
    - Mrs. Lloyd Roberts re earliest date Charles G.D. Roberts can be in
    - W.F. Roberts re programme for the dedication of the Memorial Hall
    - F.H. Sexton, President, Nova Scotia Technical College, re re-
      arrangement of college courses to bring UNB up on a par with the new
      level being established by McGill; a report on provincial grant to
      UNB for Arts and Science, Engineering, Forestry
    - S.D. [S]immons, Secretary, Lord Beaverbrook Trust re attendance
    - S.A.M. Skinner re subscription of Hon. William Pugsley to UNB
    - M.C. Smith re book donations for UNB library (some rare and
    - David Soloan, Principal, N.S. Normal College re information about
      Laurenstine Bailey
    - C. McN. Steeves re programme for dedication of Memorial Hall; an
      article by J. Whitman Bailey's father published in the "Monthly";
      the Fenwick Window; a list of contributions, with the amount
      subscribed, received since Dec. 1/24; the Endowment Fund
    - E.S. Stephenson & Co. Limited, Engineers, re installation of the
      Dumb Waiter
    - John A. Stiles re a UNB banquet he attended; victory of the UNB
      Football Team; Endowment scheme
    - T.R. Sumner re the F.W. Sumner Intercollegiate Hockey Cup
    - George Kerr Thompson, Dean of Dentistry sends information re the
      Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University
    - Mary Kingsley Tibbits re $100 subscription to the Memorial Fund;
      thanks Chancellor Jones for picture of the new building
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, re
      information on training of teachers in New Brunswick (Carnegie
      Corporation request); bringing in lecturers to the universities;
      Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Corporation; equalization of
      university fees, and practices at Mount Allison in respect of fees;
      suggested composition of the Conference on Education
    - Suggested composition of the Conference on Education
    - University of British Columbia re inauguration of the University
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire re Congress of the
      Universities of the Empire, list of subjects discusses; Universities
      Yearbook 1926 and Staff Directory
    - University of Maine re establishment of three graduate scholarships
      to be open to graduates of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I.
    - University of New Brunswick, Emergency Building Fund (circular)
    - Premier P.J. Veniot re university deficit of $2,337.46; dedication
      of Memorial Hall; re-union
    - L.S. Webb re notice of meeting and agenda for members of the UNB
      Club (Fredericton); proposal of Government of Madras to send a
      student to Canada to study methods of saw milling
    - Edward C. Weyman accepts invitation to make address on behalf of the
      graduates at the formal opening of Memorial Hall
    - D. Gordon Willet re possibility that the Scholarship Committee of
      the St. Andrew's Society may withhold awarding the scholarships
      unless there are a sufficient number of eligible and deserving
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re awarding of his athletic medal for
      the best all-round athlete; comment about 'distinguished' New
      Brunswicker James Dunn, and Beaverbrook, 'not a real New
    - Henry Wilmot re presentation to UNB of a portrait of Sir Howard
      Douglas.  This portrait was originally presented to the Honourable
      R.D. Wilmot by Sir Howard Douglas in 1840
    - Arthur A. Wishart re his application for a Rhodes Scholarship

Box 6  1926  A-M
      File 1      A-C (1926)

    - Ethel Anderson sends her $100 subscription to the University of New
      Brunswick Half Million Dollar Endowment Fund
    - C.L. Armstrong re his promise of a $150 subscription to the Memorial
    - Atlantic Sugar Refineries, Limited re their desire, and inability to
      contribute to UNB's fund
    - L.W. Bailey re his son, Alfred
    - Lord Beaverbrook re Chancellor Jones consenting to act on the
      [Beaverbrook Scholarships for N.B. Teachers] Selection Committee;
      his representation of UNB at the Coming of Age of the University of
      Sheffield; an Address to the University of Sheffield
    - R.T. Baird re his subscription for $100
    - Chancellor Jones to C.H. Bartlett re receipt of Insurance Policy of
      Dr. A.W. Duff for $2500 in favor of the University of New Brunswick
      Endowment Fund
    - Premier J.B.M. Baxter re receipt of his parchment degree [Honorary
      Degree] with thanks
    - W.E. Bentley, Law Society of Prince Edward Island, re adoption of a
      uniform standard of education for persons applying to be admitted as
      students at law
    - Wilfrid Bovey, National Conference on Education and Citizenship, re
      the third Triennial National Conference on Education
    - G.F. Gregory Bridges}
    - J.W. Bridges}           re his subscription to the Endowment Fund
    - Horace L. Britain}
    - N.W. Brown re his confidential letter to the Mayor (W.G. Clark)
      about his convictions regarding certain city matters
    - E. Brydone-Jack, Dept. of Public Works, Supervising District
      Engineer re an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science being conferred
      upon him by UNB; his representation of UNB at the University of
      Oregon's Inauguration of Dr. Hall as President
    - G.H. Bennett regrets inability to represent UNB at the University of
      Oregon's Inauguration of Dr. Hall as President
    - G.S. Campbell, President, Bank of Nova Scotia (Halifax, N.S.) re the
      bank's contribution of $5,000 toward UNB's Endowment Fund
    - J. Roy Campbell re fees and financial statements from the Law
    - The Canadian Board of Trade re Adrian B. Gilbert acting as UNB's
      representative at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Board of Trade
    - The Canadian Review Company Limited seek information re Honorary
      Degree recipients; universities' work in scientific research
    - Hugh Cannell, Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada re Endowment
      Fund; suggestion of using a 20-year Endowment Policy
    - Chancellor Jones to Dr. F.P. Keppel, President, Carnegie Corporation
      re a donation of $100,000 from the Carnegie Corporation to be used
      toward the establishment of a Dept. of Education at the University
    - Carnegie Foundation (Dr. F.P. Keppel) re strict limits on new
      projects undertaken by the Corporation and consequent inability to
      consider UNB's request for $100,000 donation toward the
      establishment of a Dept. of Education
    - W.S. Carter, Chief Superintendent of Education, re Endowment Fund;
      Report of the University; Meeting of Textbook Committee Chairmen;
      Chancellor Jones' pension
    - F.H. Cosgrove re Amendment to Income Tax Act that contributions to
      Universities be exempt up to 15%
    - Ernest H. Clarke, Student Christian Movement of Canada re a trip
      East; his resignation as General Secretary
    - Georgie A. Clark re formation of a UNB Society in Moncton
    - W.G. Clark re his $100 or $200 subscription
    - Clayton & Bell, "Glass Painters to H.M. the King" (London) re the
      proposed Memorial Window
    - R.C. Colwell re $100 contribution which completes his subscription
      to the Memorial Fund; suggestions for administration of the Fund
    - Sir Arthur W. Currie re lack of UNB representation at Congress of
      Universities of the Empire

      File 2      D-F (1926)

    - A.O. Dawson, Canadian Cottons, Limited re his address to the
      graduating class; an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws conferred
      upon him by UNB; a $1000 contribution covering the first instalment
      of his subscription to the Endowment Fund; UNB's Football victory
    - W.[J.] Dehnam petitions for an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws to
      be conferred upon Mr. Myles
    - Dept. of External Affairs re International Mathematical Congress to
      be held in Italy
    - A. Wilmer Duff re his insurance policy for $2500 as a contribution
      to the Endowment Fund
    - F.B. Ellis re his $100 contribution to the University
    - C.L. Emerson re application of Miss Harriet A. Smith for the Lord
      Beaverbrook Scholarships for New Brunswick Teachers
    - Stanley L. Emerson gives information about a Memorial Window (in
      honor of his father)
    - W.S. Fisher re his $250 subscription "to the fund you are raising"
    - Statement of receipts and expenditures in connection with lecture by
      Ven. Archdeacon Crowfoot on Leonardo Da Vinci
    - R.S. Fitzrandolph re lecture series under the auspices of the
      National Council on Education
    - Sir George E. Foster (significant correspondent) re his contribution
      of bonds and debentures in accordance with his promise to provide
      one unit of the half Million Endowment Fund; Endowment Fund
      subscriptions from the Royal Bank, City of Saint John, citizens of
      Fredericton, Sir Vincent Meredith, Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor,
      and various others
    - Sister M. Francesca, Mount Carmel Convent re a program by which
      Sisters could obtain a B.A. Degree without requiring full-time
      attendance at UNB
    - Norman S. Fraser re his application for a Lord Beaverbrook
      Travelling Scholarship
    - Resolutions passed at Charlottetown Conference of Maritime Boards of
    - Ralph S. Freeze re Rhodes Scholarships and Trust
    - Sir William Furse re recent re-organization and new mandate of the
      Imperial Institute
    - Clyde Furst, Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association re
      insurance policies and pension plans for UNB faculty

      File 3      G-H (1926)

    - A.D. Ganong re an Honorary Degree for A.O. Dawson; the granting of
      Honorary Degrees in general; his [$300] contribution to the Memorial
    - W.F. Ganong re an airplane picture in the UNB calendar; his
      potential contribution to the Endowment Fund
    - Adrian B. Gilbert re his subscription tot he Memorial Fund; Faculty
      of Law business; his $500 subscription to the Endowment Fund; the
      insurance policy of the late Dr. Allingham; new Matriculation
      standards and Examinations for the Law School
    - Harriet E. Gourlay re the possibility of implementing a course of
      Music instruction at UNB
    - J. Fraser Gregory re the "disaster that has come to the lumber
      business" since he made his pledge to the Memorial Fund
    - [?], re media attention paid to a proposed rugby match between UNB
      and the Wanderers' A.A. Club
    - R.B. Hanson re his position toward UNB's Endowment Fund
    - Nellie B. Harmon signs and returns a letter from Chancellor Jones to
      herself re the Memorial Fund
    - J.D. Hazen, Supreme Court of New Brunswick, re securing the ? of
      Captain Steves for five or six units to launch the Endowment Fund;
      the "campaign" for an Honorary Degree for Mr. Dawson; a Bill re
      trustees of UNB; purchase of bonds for the Endowment Fund
    - Aida A. Heine re death of Rev. G. Colborne Heine (LLD from UNB)
    - C. MacG. Henderson, Canada Life Assurance Company re creation of an
      endowment for UNB by effecting Insurance on the lives of members of
      the Senior Class
    - B.M. Hill re his subscription to the Memorial Fund

      File 4      I-M (1926)

    - International Student Service re preparation of a handbook on
      student statistics, includes a questionnaire (completed)
    - E.W. Keirstead re responses from various influential business men to
      his solicitation of donations to UNB's Endowment Fund
    - James King Kelley re the hope of the Union of New Brunswick
      Municipalities that UNB would present leadership in solving various
      education problems in N.B.; a resolution by the Union of New
      Brunswick Municipalities that the Province support UNB to the best
      of its "financial limits"
    - Thos. G. King re Canada's Diamond Jubilee
    - E.A. Gardner re League of the Empire Special Education Congress
    - R.M. de C. Legate re pursuing a degree of M.Sc. in Electrical
      Engineering (encloses a blueprint outlining his proposed thesis
    - J.F. Lehmann re a Professorship of Physics at UNB (includes
      reference to his supervisor, Sir Ernest Rutherford)
    - G.H. Ling re Conference of Canadian Universities
    - John B. McNair re a mistake in the listed amount of his contribution
      to the Memorial Fund
    - Robert McCausland, Limited re the (stained glass) Fenwick Memorial
      and Ashburnham Memorial windows
    - Henry O. McInerney re the late Judge Armstrong's bequest of his law
      library to UNB; conferral of an Honorary Degree upon the late R.H.
    - ? Mackay, McGill University re relationship of courses in UNB's
      B.Sc. degree and McGill's Chemical Engineering program
    - James D. McKenna re his $100 subscription to the Memorial Fund
    - J.S. McKinnon re a Certificate of Honour and Medal from the Central
      Authorities of the British Empire Exhibition to commemorate "the
      splendid exhibit made by your university in the Industrial Section
      of The Canadian Pavillion"
    - Bernice MacNaughton re being selected for the Beaverbrook Overseas
      Teachers' Tour
    - H.P. MacPherson re Intercollegiate Athletics
    - John P. MacPhee re compilation of a list of the Maritime Provinces'
      University Presidents and Principals; quote from the Winnipeg
      Tribune, "The leading exports of the Maritime Provinces are
      University Presidents and Principals, leading churchmen and
      Premiers, along with fish, apples, and coal"
    - P. Margotti re collection of "exact information about all
      universities in the world in order to establish their character in
      comparison with the Italian"
    - Lilian M. Maxwell re a donation of books to the UNB Library
    - Meterological office re various matters relating to meteorology and
    - J.C. Mills re his $100 subscription to the Memorial Fund
    - John P. Mooney re the obtaining of railway ties for a proposed vault
      room [in the Arts Building] (includes a sketch)
    - A.H. Moore, President, University of King's College re a Campaign
      for Endowments for University of King's College
    - A petition from teachers at Saint John High School requesting that
      Principal W.J.S. Myles "may have an Honorary Doctorate conferred
      upon him by his Alma Mater", UNB
    - W.J. S. Myles re simultaneous attendance at Lord Beaverbrook's
      Teachers Tour Party and as a representative of UNB at the Special
      Education Congress of the League of the Empire

Box 7  1926  N-R
      File 1      N-R (1926)

    - Newfoundland Memorial University College Syllabus
    - George H.R. O'Donnell sends a lengthy personal letter to Chancellor
      Jones, comments on various social issues
    - ?, Assistant General Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia re a contribution
      of $5,000 to the Endowment Fund of UNB
    - ? Payne, re UNB graduates pursuing Graduate Studies at the
      University of Chicago
    - P.B. Perkins, Standard Life Insurance Company, re an endowment on
      the life of Dr. Allingham in favor of the UNB Endowment Fund; and
      incident involving a UNB student named Boyer
    - W.D. Rankin re appointment of C. McN. Steeves as full-time Secretary
      of the Endowment Fund; an Honorary Degree for A.O. Dawson; the
      Memorial window design
    - William F. Roberts re the appointment of C. McN. Steeves as full-
      time Secretary of the Endowment Fund
    - Chancellor Jones writes to Hon. C.W. Robinson re a possible donation
      for UNB from the estate of the late Governor A.R. McClelan
    - Sir Ernest Rutherford re the credentials of Mr. J.F. Lehmann (for a
      Professorship in Physics at UNB)

      File 2      S-T (1926)

    - F.H. Sexton, Nova Scotia Technical College re advancement of
      requirements for entrance into Engineering
    - John s. Smiley re an address by Chancellor Jones to the Canadian
      Club of Amherst (N.S.)
    - Harry A. Mith re his subscription to the Endowment Fund
    - M.C. Smith re various books he recommends and/or donates to the UNB
    - Geoffrey Stead re his contribution to the Endowment Fund
    - C. McN. Steeves re solicited subscriptions to the Endowment Fund
    - H.B. Steeves recommends a book entitled "The Story of Moncton's
      First Store and Storekeeper", written by his wife, Helen Harper
    - John A. Stiles, Boy Scouts Association, re the progress being made
      in Scouting along educational lines
    - L. Lee Street re contributions to the Endowment Fund from members of
      the UNB Club in Boston.  Includes a circular letter sent by the club
      to all of its members
    - Edwin A. Stewart notes that a question on the Trigonometry Exam for
      Grammar School license was printed incorrectly
    - John D. Swanson, on behalf of the University of British Columbia re
      the different terms used in connection with Graduating Exercises
    - Fred R. Taylor re his appointment to the UNB Senate; an Honorary
      Degree for A.O. Dawson; cheques for $2,000 covering subscription to
      the Endowment Fund
    - J. Lewis Thomas re the International Universities' League of Nations
    - R.K. Thomson re obtaining the views of educators "as to whether
      stamp collecting brightens a boys' wits"
    - Mary Kingsley Tibbits sends $50 toward the Boston UNB Club's
      contribution to the Endowment Fund
    - ?, Canadian Government Exhibition Commission, British Empire
      Exhibition, 1924-25 re items belonging to UNB and Mount Allison,
      used for the exhibit
    - C.W. Simmonds re Leonard Foundation Scholarships awarded to Leslie
      G.L. Bastin and Gordon W. Hatfield
    - W.L. Tracy re $200 subscription to the Endowment Fund
    - George J. Trueman, President, Mount Allison University, re
      Chancellor Jones' expense account in connection with the meeting of
      the Central Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Corporation; Sir
      George Foster's lecture under the Josiah Wood Foundation on the
      Advantages and Duties of Citizenship; planned visit of Dr. F.D.
      Keppel and Maurice Cartwright, of the Carnegie Corporation, to the
      Maritime Provinces and a meeting of the Advisory Committee to
      coincide with their visit; regulations governing the University
      Football Teams
    - Cecil H. Turner re his $200 subscription to the Memorial Fund

      File 3      U-Z (1926)

    - University of Adelaide re its Jubilee Celebration
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire re University Statistics
      including a specimen set of forms and instructions used in Great
      Britain in compiling Student Tables; Publication of Abstracts of
      Theses presented for Research Degrees; Congress 1926; Universities
      Yearbook 1927
    - G.H. Ling, National Conference of Canadian Universities, re a
      circular issued by the National Council of Education (dealing with
      the agenda for their upcoming conference)
    - Congress of the Universities of the Empire re Delegates from the
      Canadian Universities
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President, Dalhousie University re the Central
      Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Corporation examination and
      report on the work done by the Newfoundland Memorial College. 
      Includes a syllabus from the College
    - E.A. Gardner, University of London, re the establishment of three
      graduate scholarships for graduates of the Maritime Provinces of
    - [? Walter], McGill University re applicants for a Professorship of
      German and French at UNB, states, "I regret to inform you that male
      honour graduates are at present very rare.  Most of our graduates
      possessing the double qualification are women; the brightest of
      these are not Christians and while we have no hesitation in
      employing them at McGill you may conceivably feel differently about
    - Chancellor Jones to [Carnegie Corporation or its University Advisory
      Board] re his position on the suggestion that UNB's Engineering
      Course be abandoned; the value of the Forestry Course; the proposed
      amalgamation of Maritime Universities; the proposed Education
      Faculty at UNB
    - University of Oregon re the Inauguration of Dr. Arnold Bennett Hall
      as President, and the Semi-Centennial of the Founding of the
    - Rutgers University re the Inauguration of John Martin Thomas as
    - G.H. Ling, National Conference of Canadian Universities re
      amendments to the Income Tax Act to allow tax-payers the right to
      deduct as exemptions from their incomes such amounts as they may
      contribute as gifts to charitable and educational institutions;
      report of the Committee on Oriental Studies
    - The University, Sheffield, re Lord Beaverbrook's appointment to
      represent UNB at the Coming-of Age Celebrations
    - ?, University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, re Examinations for
      Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons
    - L.S. Webb re his $168.93 pledge to the Endowment Fund
    - Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor re presentation of his athletic medal;
      his subscription of $750 to the Endowment Fund
    - Paul Windels re a bequest by his client, Dr. Walter J. Clarke,
      leaving $10,000 to UNB
    - [A.A.] Dishart re his application for a Rhodes Scholarship; his
      subscription for $100 to the Endowment Fund

Box 8  1927  A-J
      File 1      A-C (1927)

    - Lord Beaverbrook forwards copy of address to University College,
      London, which he presented on Chancellor Jones' behalf
    - The New Brunswick Provincial Committee for the Celebration of the
      Diamond Jubilee of Confederation receives letters of congratulation
      from the Right Honourable W.L. MacKenzie King as well as others
    - H.S. Brenan forwards a blueprint of UNB Memorial Hall stage window
    - E.K. [Broadus] outlines details of upcoming conference for men from
      the English Depts. of all the Canadian Universities
    - Canadian Manufacturers Association describes Technical Services
      Council now in the process of organization
    - D.R. Clarke, Trustee of the MacTier Cup, forwards the Cup to UNB
      Rugby Team with congratulations
    - Fredericton Mayor W.G. Clark forwards $25,000 City of Fredericton
      Bond, made as a contribution to the UNB Endowment Fund
    - [Clayton Bell] regarding design and execution of Memorial Window

      File 2      D-G (1927)

    - T.H. Howard, The T. Eaton Co. Limited, contributes $1,000 to the
      Endowment Fund
    - [G.E.] Foster forwards $1,000 for the Endowment Fund from E.W.
    - University of Western Ontario President and Vice-Chancellor, W.
      Sherwood Fox appeals for contributions to an endowment fund
    - A.D. Ganong forwards cheque for the Endowment Fund
    - Ginn and Company, Publishers, make alterations to General History
      book to make it more acceptable to Canada

      File 3      H-I (1927)

    - R.B. Hanson arranges for "the refund or remission of the sum of
      $339.50, being the customs duty ordinarily payable on a stained
      glass memorial window to be imported from England to be erected in
      the new memorial hall "of U.N.B., in memory of Flight Lt. Franklin
      Sharp Rankin, R.A.F.  This was one because" war memorials imported
      into the country may, by an order-in-council, be released from the
      payment of duty
    - W.H. Harrison congratulates Dr. Jones on "the magnificient gift from
      Lord Beaverbrook," [a residence], saying "I believe the attendance
      will be very much increased
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) regarding possible investments of
      Endowment Fund moneys
    - Peter J. Hughes complains that a new Professor is undertaking to
      teach Atheism at the University
    - Imperial Institute lists suggestions for subjects for research
    - W.J. Johnston regarding Leonard Foundation Scholarships and the need
      for as little publicity as possible surrounding the scholarships

Box 9  1927  K-Z
      File 1      K-M (1927)

    - League of the Empire announces Triennial Imperial Education
      Conference in London in summer of 1928
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President of Dalhousie University, recommends
      increasing fees saying "I feel sure that the students would take
      their work more seriously if they had to pay for it what it costs to
      give it to them"
    - Dalhousie University sends list of "Entrance Requirements to the
      Study of Medicine"

      File 2      N-S (1927)

    - T.H. Nesbitt solicits "the autograph signature of Dr. Cecil C.
      Jones, M.A. ... for use in his official and Imperially
      representative autograph book"
    - W.D. Rankin arranges for memorial window in memory of his son and
    - John A. Stiles offers congratulations on the gift of a new residence
      to UNB by Lord Beaverbrook
    - H.M. Stramberg forwards a patriotic song he is considering setting
      to music

      File 3      T-Z (1927)

    - Fred R. Taylor writes "I saw the Premier the other day with
      reference to our Library suggestion.  He thinks it has certain
      elements of merit.  He tells me, however, the Government is
      committed to an expenditure of $350,000.00 on the Insane Asylum and
      it occurred to him it would not do to care both for the intelligent
      and the insane in the same year; hence he thinks the library matter
      will have to be postponed"
    - S. Leonard Tilley enquires as to entrance requirements
    - George J. Trueman, President of Mount Allison University, regarding
      summer school, the upcoming Educational Conference, and a meeting of
      the Central Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Corporation
    - Cuban Consul R.G. [Bitancourt] extends invitation to the Bi-
      Centenary of the Havana University
    - Frederick William Williams-Taylor notifies Chancellor Jones of $500
      contribution to the Endowment Fund by Sir Charles Gordon

Box 10 1928  A-Mc
      File 1      A-C (1928)

    - The Aluminum Utensil Manufacturers of Canada report that certain UNB
      professors had been making erroneous statements "to the effect, that
      tea or coffee made in a new aluminum tea pot or coffee pot was not
      fit to drink, and more over was detrimental to the health of any
      person or persons drinking it"
    - American Library Association forwards abstract of a talk on SOME
    - Murray Baird outlines details of the will of Dr. J.S. Brookfield,
      including a bequest to UNB of two thousand pounds to be used for a
      prize in Natural Science, and to take effect after the death of his
    - N.B. Premier Baxter demands information regarding report in the
      Boston Globe that the UNB Chancellor's wife told someone that girls
      are afraid to take a shortcut through a grove of trees on University
      ground due to drinking and drunkenness that was not in evidence
      during prohibition
    - Lord Beaverbrook extends thanks for expressions of sympathy sent to
      him after the death of his wife, and confirms their intention to
      make a gift of residence to UNB.  He also makes reference in a
      telegram to specific features the residence should include
    - Wallace Broad recommends conferring an Honorary Degree upon Sir
      Charles J. Symonds

      File 2      D-G (1928)

    - Department of National Defence donates obsolete aircraft and engines
      to UNB for instructional purposes
    - A. Wilmer Duff donates $2,500 to the UNB Endowment Fund
    - Engineer's Club of Toronto donates set of bound periodicals to UNB
    - Maritime Provinces Club forms in Montreal
    - George E. Foster offers advice with regards to canvassing for the
      $500,000.00 endowment fund
    - A.B. Gilbert and H.[P.] McInerney argue in favor of creating a new
      position of "assistant professor" at the Law School

      File 3      H-Mc (1928)

    - George L. Harris suggests that more aggressive "recruiting" tactics
      be used in Moncton High Schools
    - W.J. Johnston, in correspondence regarding the Leonard Foundation
      Scholarships, notes that "only 25% of the funds available each year
      are given to female students ... some applications have to be
      rejected without even being considered"
    - E.W. Keirstead offers congratulations on capable administration; new
      of family
    - August Leisner refuses to resign professorship until "I am
      acquainted with the exact reasons for its (the UNB Senate's)
      displeasure, and until I am accorded the usual courtesy of
      confession or denial"; submits his resignation shortly thereafter
    - The Lord's Day Alliance of Canada seeks "to encourage a critical and
      scientific study of the Sunday problem in Canada," asking "What
      shall we do on Sunday?"
    - Fredericton City Engineer, J.D. MacKay outlines the terms under
      which the City decided they would be willing to install sewerage at
    - Murray MacLaren expresses doubts as to the wisdom of raising the
      "question of armoury accommodations" just now, stating that he
      doubts if "Lord Beaverbrook wishes any more troublesome questions to
      be raised ..."  Also notes the UNB Senate's acceptance of the

Box 11 1928  Mc-Z
      File 1      M-P (1928)

    - Maritime Provinces Association, Toronto, explains its goals and
      invites Dr. Jones to Toronto to help promote the Maritime Provinces
    - Lorne Pierce solicits information for his authorized biography of
      Bliss Carman

      File 2      R-T (1928)

    - Canadian Forestry Association announces National Convention to be
      held in New Brunswick.
    - C.D. Richards, N.B. Minister of Lands and Mines, reports on
      Government discussion with UNB Senate of their Library proposition
    - Sir Charles G.D. Roberts offers books and manuscripts to UNB, and
      urges UNB to make special effort to collect Canadiana
    - William F. Roberts apologizes for not making payments on his
      subscription [to the endowment fund] citing financial difficulties,
      and forwards payment in full to enable him to attend Senate meetings
      with a clear conscience
    - Royal Siamese Consulate urges UNB to accept a copy of the new
      edition of the Tripitaka, the Bible of Southern Buddhism, issued in
      memory of His Late Majesty King Rama VI
    - Charles J. Symonds expresses appreciation for the degree being
      conferred upon; donates $2,000.00 to be used for a prize
    - Sir Thomas Tait expresses thanks for honorary LL.D. degree conferred
      upon him; donates $5,000.00 to the Endowment Fund of UNB
    - Fred R. Taylor on various arrangements for the new (Beaverbrook) UNB
    - Mt. Allison President, George J. Trueman states "The High Schools in
      Nova Scotia do not teach Science at all well, as they have no
      equipment, and have never built up any system of laboratory work."

      File 3      V-Z (1928)

    - Beatrice W. Welling offers detailed advice as to furnishing and
      space requirements for the new library; recounts her attendance at
      the golden jubilee celebration of the University of Western Ontario
      as a representative of UNB
    - J.L. White requests that Mary Kingsley Tibbits be honoured at the
      upcoming University Celebration in light of the fact that she was
      the first woman to enter and graduate from UNB; and that her efforts
      were responsible for women being allowed to take the university
    - New England Academy of Social Studies suggests that Professor
      Thornton Powell Terhune be invited by UNB to receive an honorary
      doctorate to recognize his work in Canadian-American relations
    - Frederick William Williams-Taylor forwards to UNB 300 copies of the
      "admirable" address by Lord Birkenhead tot he students of Aberdeen,
      noting that they were printed without charge by the public spirited
      Frederick Southam

Box 12 1929  A-L
      File 1      A-C (1929)

    - Frank A. Anglin, Chief Justice of Canada expresses appreciation of
      the courtesy of UNB in conferring a Degree upon him
    - Alfred Bailey requests information regarding the position of
      Librarian at UNB
    - L.W. Bailey and H.B. Bailey send subscriptions for the memorial
      window in memory of their father
    - J.H. Barry, in discussing a building question, makes observations as
      to the growing commercial nature of a section of King Street
    - Randolph H. Bennett, while discussing possible "recruits" for UNB
      from Campbellton High School graduates, mentions Stuart Trueman of
      Saint John as being a good prospect and a great cartoonist
    - Prof. Allen Cameron, UNB Dept of Chemistry outlines the pressing
      need for an assistant to be hired in his Dept.
    - Carnegie Corporation states that its offer of three million dollars
      in the interest of university federation in the Maritime Provinces
      has lapsed since certain conditions have not been met
    - Oswald S. Crocket forwards $8,000.00 from Mrs. Annie MacFarlane
      Logan for the foundation of the William Stuart MacFarlane
      Scholarship for Classics
    - Helen M. Currie sends donation of fifty dollars to pay for the
      [Jabee Tehulan] Currie Scholarship
    - A.T. Cushing sends subscription for the Memorial Window for the late
      Dr. Bailey, reminisces fondly about Dr. Bailey

      File 2      D-G (1929)

    - George E. Foster offers to let UNB select from his library that
      "which would be of value and interest to its library"
    - Wm. F. Ganong assures President Jones that "my collection is not
      promised, and the decision as to its disposition is wholly in my own
      hands", stating that he intends to choose between Fredericton and
      Saint John but is waiting to see "what provision is made for the
      care and use of such collections in the two places and where it is
      likely to be most useful"
    - A.B. Gilbert states once again that there is a great need to hire
      another permanent lecturer at the Law School

      File 3      H-L (1929)

    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) regarding several applications
      for an Assistant Professorship at the UNB Law School, including that
      of A.B. Gilbert
    - University of Toronto Dean of Forestry, C.D. Howe, suggests to
      President Jones that "... you would attract a better type of man and
      would hold a good man longer if he had an assistant ..." in regards
      to the difficulty in filling the professorship of Forestry at UNB
    - E.L. Howie states "I have just heard a report that the Old Arts
      building, has, at last, burned down"
    - E.M. Keirstead apologized for being "out of my mind a little more
      than when in my normal state," after demanding duplicate receipts
      from UNB during a recent bout of illness

Box 13 1929  M-Z
      File 1      M-P (1929)

    - Robert McCausland, Limited regarding design of memorial windows
    - President Jones outlines his views on the matter of a common
      Matriculation Board for the Maritime Provinces and a standard four
      year High School course in a letter to Mr. James D. McKenna,
      President of the Telegraph Journal
    - Murray MacLaren regarding specific furnishing needs and possible
      opening date for the new Residence
    - Hugh H. McLean expresses appreciation for the honour conferred upon
      him by UNB: and for a sympathy letter sent to him upon the death of
      a child
    - H. Claire Mott, Architect and Engineer, regarding building plans and
      materials for the Beaverbrook building
    - Lorne Pierce outlines scheme by which UNB might purchase the late
      Bliss Carman's papers, going into detail about arrangements to take
      care of Carman's debts; and arranges for a gravestone to be made for
      Bliss Carman.  Discusses a statue as well

      File 2      R-S (1929)

    - Municipality of York forwards $775.00 Grant to UNB as per resolution
      of the York County Council
    - Associated Alumni of UNB forwards $110.60 and $145.55 in payment of
      20% of the cash receipts of the Society for the years 1926-27 and
      1927-28 respectively, to go to the UNB Endowment Fund
    - Harry A. Smith forwards $153.40 to the UNB Endowment Fund
    - Carleton Stanley, Secretary, Universities Conference, announces
      arrangements for Canadian Universities Conference
    - L.L. Street, representing the New England Alumni group, offers to
      present the Bailey Memorial Window and makes design suggestions
    - N.B. Government Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel press
      release regarding Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws bestowed upon
      Sir Charters James Symonds
    - Sir Charters James Symonds, recipient of Honorary LL.D. degree from
      UNB, forwards L400 Sterling (pounds) to be invested for an annual
      prize of $100.00 named after the first settler in St. John, James

      File 3      T-Z (1929)

    - Fred R. Taylor regarding window he is "putting in at Fredericton",
      requesting that no ceremony attend the installation of the window
    - Doris K.C. Taylor expresses thanks for sympathy extended to her upon
      the death of her husband, [Fred R. Taylor]
    - H.J. Taylor agrees to address graduates at upcoming Encaenia
    - Jack McKenna, President, The Telegraph Journal, offers suggestions
      regarding the establishment of a common examining board for the
      Maritime Provinces
    - Mary Kingsley Tibbits states that she had no idea that UNB had
      conferred an Honorary Degree upon her until she received the
      parchment in the mail
    - George J. Trueman, President of Mount Allison University, regarding
      common examining board for the Maritime provinces; equivalency
      questions, and other matters
    - George J. Trueman recounts incident where UNB boys climbed into the
      Ladies College at Mount Allison University and roughed up the
      principal, causing ill-feelings between the boys of the two
      universities (Manuscript letter)
    - Frank P. Vaughan donates High Potential High Frequency apparatus,
      valued at approximately $3,000.00, to UNB
    - M. d'Avray West sends contribution to fund established to install a
      memorial window to his grandfather, Dr. Bailey

Box 14 1930  A-L
      File 1      A-C (1930)

    - John Ridington gives detailed account of the planning for and growth
      of the University of British Columbia
    - Frank A. Anglin, Chief Justice of Canada, expresses thanks for
      Honorary Degree bestowed upon him by UNB; regrets being unable to
      attend Encaenia due to illness
    - Nancy Astor, [wife of Lord Astor], apologizes for the quality of a
      picture of the Prince of Wales which she obtained for John W.
      Bonnell and he subsequently presented to UNB
    - G.W. Bailey donates scientific books and equipment to UNB, stating
      that "the work of our scientists in Canada has been considerably
      overlooked" and that "The historians have made the scientists
    - J. Whitman Bailey donates copies of his books to UNB
    - O.L. Barbour donates $225.72 to UNB [Endowment Fund]
    - Schedule of the Bell Program for UNB
    - N.B. Premier John B.M. Baxter responds to rumour that the Saint John
      Law School contemplates the addition of another full-time professor,
      saying that he "would consider [it] nothing but a waste"
    - Lord Beaverbrook indicates his intention to come to Fredericton for
      the formal opening of the Lady Beaverbrook Building
    - N.B. Government Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel press
      release regarding the unveiling of the first memorial erected to
      honor the memory of Bliss Carman, including the complete program for
      the event.  News release covering same
    - Dept. of National Revenue, Income Tax Division states that the
      deduction of 5% from the salary of professors to contribute to the
      Carnegie Foundation is an allowable deduction from their gross
    - Notice of formation of Canadian University League of Nations Society
    - W.A. Cowperthwaite forwards several of his books to UNB
    - Ivan H. Crowell applies for teaching position; refers to plans by
      the Forestry Class of 1929 to start a collection of "Things
      Forestry" for UNB Forest School

      File 2      D-H (1930)

    - W.J. Dunlop regarding arrangements for a Universities' Exhibit for
      the British Trade Fair being held in Buenos Aires
    - The Engineering Institute of Canada announces decision to offer an
      annual prize through the eleven important engineering schools in
    - George E. Foster makes arrangements for upcoming visit to
    - Announcement of conditions for the $100.00 Grant-Suttie Cadet
      Scholarship Prize
    - H.H. Harrison states that "the University would do much better for
      its students if instead of teaching them to read French Classics,
      they turned them out equipped to carry on an ordinary conversation.
      ... every Canadian ought to have a speaking acquaintance with the
      language which is employed so largely by our fellow citizens, and
      which is so universally known on the continent of Europe."; offers
      $50.00 prize in French Conversation to encourage same
    - R.H. Hathaway reminisces fondly about recent visit to Fredericton
      and time spent with Dr. Webster and his "treasures"
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) regarding necessity to appoint
      new trustee of the Endowment Fund; condition of the Fund; various
      Senate matters, and advising UNB to meet the Premier's view on the
      matter of [staffing at the Law School]

      File 2      D-H (1930)

    - Neil C. Head, on behalf of the International Paper Company, donates
      $10,000 to UNB for equipment for the new Forestry Building

      File 3      I-L (1930)

    - W.J. Johnston expresses concerns regarding the "travelling library
      scheme" and whether the interests of UNB would be furthered
    - John Price Jones Corporation forwards chart showing statistics on
      Maritime Universities, prepared in connection with a study for
      Dalhousie University
    - UNB Professor W.C. Keirstead outlines pressing need for "another
      man" in his department
    - Charles W. Kespert offers for sale a first edition copy of Bliss
      Carman's "A Winter Holiday"
    - George H. Locke, member of a Carnegie Corporation - sponsored
      Commission appointed to survey reading privileges throughout Canada,
      notifies Dr. Jones that he will be in the Maritimes and would
      appreciate input

Box 15 1930  M-Z
      File 1      M (1930)

    - Robert McCausland, Limited regarding creation and installation of
      the Bailey Memorial Window
    - Dalhousie University President A. Stanley MacKenzie regarding
      tuition fee increases at Dalhousie University and Acadia University;
      and acknowledging UNB's decision not to raise fees
    - Murray MacLaren regarding estimated completion date for the Lady
      Beaverbrook building and attempts to arrange Lord Beaverbrook's
      attendance at the formal opening
    - N.B. Liet. Governor Hugh H. McLean arranges upcoming Encaenial visit
    - J.H. Parks Matheson donates Engineering books to the Library in
      memory of Mr. W.G. Matheson
    - Elizabeth H. Morton, Secretary to the Bliss Carman Memorial Fund in
      N.B. on matters concerning the upcoming memorial ceremony, including
      newspaper clipping announcing formation of the Carman Memorial
      Committee; and regarding a proposed regional library scheme
      involving "book-automobiles"

      File 2      N-R (1930)

    - Lorne Pierce regarding possibility of Rufus Hathaway, "donating" his
      entire Canadiana collection to UNB; arrangements for the Carman
      Memorial monument and statue; suggestion to have Theodore Goodridge
      Roberts read "his beautiful and sincere memorial poem" at the
    - Alan B. Plaunt outlines reasons for the formation of the Canadian
      Radio League; asks for material support
    - Theodore Goodridge Roberts on UNB's failure to extend
      congratulations to "Acadie"; and on his willingness to serve on the
      Bliss Carman Memorial Committee
    - William F. Roberts repeats his offer to resign his seat on the UNB
      Senate if a more worthy candidate should be found

      File 3      S-Z (1930)

    - F. Maclure Sanders, Commissioner, Saint John Board of Trade attempts
      to arrange for a group of English public school headmasters to add
      UNB to the list of Canadian Universities they will be touring,
      stating "This is just another of the continually recurring instances
      of unfairness to our province.  Somehow, we seem to be strangely out
      of the general picture"
    - Municipality of York forwards $775.00 grant
    - Associated Alumni of UNB forwards $181.54 to UNB Endowment Fund
    - M.C. Smith regarding his loudly expressed disdain for the Carnegie
      amalgamation offer; and suggestions as to how to procure
      publications for the library
    - L. Lee Street regarding installation of Loring Woart Bailey memorial
      window; forwards $703.23 contribution from New England alumni of UNB
      for the window
    - George J. Trueman, Mount Allison University President, regarding his
      favorable feelings toward a Common Matriculation Examination for the
      Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland and committee appointed to
      investigate same; and the Carnegie Corporation voting $2,500.00 to
      cover expenses for Maritime Universities' Advisory Committee to meet
    - H. Gerald Wade offers assistance in obtaining books for the UNB
      library, mentioning specific persons to deal with, etc.
    - H.P. Webb congratulates UNB on hearing of International Paper
      Company's assurance of a $10,000.00 donation; and discusses other
      related matters
    - [         ], sibling of Francis [Sherman] offers to help obtain
      copies of his works for UNB


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