SERIES 1          1909-1920

Box 1 1909-1914 A-Z
      File 1 (1909-1913 and 1914 A-B)

    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President of Dalhousie College, regarding
      affiliated law courses
    - William Maxwell Aitken (Lord Beaverbrook) regarding endowments
    - E. Brydone Jack regarding fund raising to provide laboratories for
      Physics & Chemistry

      File 2      C-H (1914)

    - George B. Cutten regarding Carnegie Report on Higher Education in
      Vermont, and suggesting a similar report for the Maritime provinces
    - J.H. Dunn (Sir James Dunn) stating that at present he feels too poor
      to make a donation to UNB

      File 3      I-P (1914) 

    - Application to Nova Scotia Provincial Medical Board for recognition
      of certain courses offered at UNB as constituting the first year of
      the medical curriculum
    - Militia Council, minutes - present military situation and the duties
      of the universities in respect to it
    - George R. Parkin of the Rhodes Scholarship trust, telling of the
      success of John B. McNair

      File 4      O-Z (1914) 

    - Conference of Maritime Colleges, minutes (1916)
    - Intercollegiate Athletics Regulations

Box 2  1915  A-Z
      File 1      A-C (1915) 

    - [Chester] Alexander while at Ontario concentration camps, mentions
      outbreak of spinal meningitis
    - YMCA promotes Dr. Winfield Scott Hall's lecture tour on sex

      File 2      D-I (1915)

    - No highlights

      File 3      J-P (1915)

    - E.W. Keirstead, trip to N.B.
    - Hon. George L. Clarke, Premier and Minister of Lands and Mines re
      Crown Lands in New Brunswick
    - George R. Parkin re Rhodes Scholarships for N.B.

      File 4      Q-Z (1915)

    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire requesting particulars on
      university men serving in Her Majesty's Forces
    - Intercollegiate Athletic Regulations

Box 3  1916  A-Z
      File 1      A-C (1916) 

    - Senate of Canada Special Committee on Agricultural, Industrial and
      Trade Development, what could be done to best promote these
      interests both during and after the War
    - King George and Queen Mary Maple Leaf Club of London, provides a
      home in London for all Canadian soldiers on leave
    - Tuition and fees, increases
    - Hazel Gregory Bridges, re donation of prize to young men of
      sophomore class
    - Bureau of Municipal Research seeks information on public education
      in all provinces
    - Wallace Broad, re Honorary Degrees

      File 2      D-J (1916) 

    - George M. de Quesnel, re degrees conferred "in absentia"
    - American Consular Service, re meteorological conditions; preparation
      for foreign service
    - Dept. of Trade & Commerce, re scientific and industrial research in
    - John Frederick, re "disgraceful behaviour of a number of your
      students" - the Engineer's "yell"
    - Canadian Government Railways, re fencing of railway property in the
      vicinity of the athletic grounds
    - Dept. of Agriculture Dominion Entomologist, re landscaping the land
      around the UNB laboratory used by this dept.

      File 3      K-P (1916)  

    - H. Edmund Lockary, re 1912 Engineer's cash prize
    - Marjory MacMurchy, re statistics on Canadian College Women
    - W.L. MacDonald, re World War, 1914-1918
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, re tuition & fees at Maritime universities
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, re duration of academic year, Conference of
      Canadian Universities
    - George R. Parkin, re Rhodes Scholarship Trust

      File 4      Q-Z (1916)

    - W.D. Scott, Superintendent of Immigration, re employment of college
      girls as waitresses at the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews
    - M.A.B. Smith, King's College, re tuition & fees increase
    - Somers, S. M., re "Engineers yell"
    - Universities Bureau of the British Empire, re University of Panjab
    - B.C. Borden, Mount Allison University, re tuition & fees increase
    - Intercollegiate Athletics Regulations
    - Conference of Canadian Universities, Graduate work
    - Frederick Williams-Taylor, re Athletics Medal
    - Gregory & Winslow, Solicitor, re university property rights 

Box 4  1917  A-Z
      File 1      A-E (1917)

    - Response to Chancellor Jones' request for a furlough for Adrian B.
      Gilbert (for the purpose of supply teaching in the Dept. of
      Mathematics at UNB)
    - B.C. Borden, re a private and confidential letter from Mount Allison
      President about an un-named professor who left Mount A., apparently
      holding pro-German sentiments
    - H.S. Bridges writes, as a member of the Senate, authorizing
      acceptance of a generous offer made to UNB by Mrs. W.T. Whitehead
    - Establishment of the Noel Stone Alumnus Scholarship
    - British Empire Union of Canada re resolution about whether or not
      the German language should be made official in universities
    - W.S. Carter, Superintendent of Education, and Rev. Clifford T. Clark
      write supporting disciplinary actions taken against certain students

      File 2      F-M (1917)

    - Adrian B. Gilbert writes regarding the war and the Rhodes
    - Letters from J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) and [E. McLeod], as
      Senate members, authorizing acceptance of a generous offer made to
      UNB by Mrs. W.T. Whitehead [of CPR shares for the establishment of
      a scholarship]

      File 3      N-S (1917)

    - J. Frank Owens, W.A. Park, John M. Robinson, as Senate members,
      write in support of a generous offer made to UNB by Mrs. W.T.
      Whitehead [of CPR shares for the establishment of a scholarship]
    - Letter from E.R. Puddington on behalf of UNB Student Association,
      calling attention to "the disgraceful condition of the lavatories in
      the different buildings at the university"
    - Letter from members of the Junior Class, protesting against an
      unfair Anatomy examination

      File 4      T-Z (1917)

    - Mariner G. Teed, barrister & solicitor re a dispute between the
      university and the City of Fredericton over rights to certain
    - Letter from C.R. Townsend telling about "some of the New Brunswick
      boys" fighting overseas
    - Correspondence from Office des Universites et Grandes Ecoles
      Francaises about the importance of an exchange of students and
      professors between French and English schools
    - A list of suggested proposals being considered by Canadian Officers
      Training Corps University of Manitoba Contingent, with regard to
      military training for university students
    - Letter to Mrs. G. Clowes Van Wart regarding the death of her
      brother, George Paget Owen Fenwick, who was killed in action
    - Letter from Walter W. White [Senate member] consenting to UNB's
      acceptance of a gift [of C.P.R. shares for the establishment of a
      scholarship] from Mrs. W.T. Whitehead

Box 5  1918  A-Z
      File 1      A-F (1918)

    - Earl A. Aldrich writes, resigning his substitute-professorship at
    - Documents filed under the Military Service Act, 1917, requesting an
      exemption from service for Albert Foster Baird
    - John Bennett writes asking Jones to reconsider disciplinary action
      taken against his son, Randolph Bennett.  Eldest brother J.M.
      Bennett writes with the same request
    - Randolph Bennett writes apologizing for the attack upon certain
      members of the faculty which was composed largely by him and
      published in "The Monthly" at UNB
    - H.S. Bridges writes re the articles in "The Monthly", and
      recommending that Randolph Bennett be reinstated to UNB and allowed
      to complete his studies
    - The Premier's office writes regarding the conferring of an Honorary
      Degree upon the Governor General of Canada during his proposed
      December (1918) visit to New Brunswick
    - Georgie A. Clark sends a cheque for $100 to be used for the Memorial
      Fund, in memory of her husband, the late Lieut. Ralph B. Clark.
    - Minister of Public Works writes asking Jones to co-ordinate speakers
      for the general purpose of giving short public speeches to educate
      the public about the war
    - Minutes of Senate Meeting, author Havelock Coy
    - W.(D.) Creaghan writes re his military training and his distress at
      hearing of the disrespect paid to UNB in "The Monthly"
    - A. Pierce Crocket writes that following Encaenia (1918) the William
      Crocket Scholarship must be discontinued for a time, until demands
      resulting from the war lessen
    - Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
      awards, poster
    - Premier Foster requests a meeting with Jones to discuss "the
      position of one Bennett who was expelled from the college"

      File 2      G-L (1918)

    - Adrian B. Gilbert inquires whether he may write the exams required
      for an M.A. degree; inquires about a Rhodes Scholarship; the
      Memorial Building; and graphically comments on the death of Clark
      Sommerville, who was killed in action
    - R.D. Hanson expresses support for the "vigorous measures" used by
      the Senate in the matter of disciplining Randolph H. Bennett
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) writes re the discipline matters
      at UNB (Randolph H. Bennett and another un-named); an Honorary
      Degree for the Governor General; Memorial Fund; Memorial Supplement
      to the college paper; war savings stamps program
    - C.D. Howe, University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry writes a letter
      of recommendation for Mr. [L.S. Webb]
    - Income Tax Return showing salary particulars of UNB employees
    - C.A. Jones (C.C. Jones' brother) sends personal greetings ... and
    - Leo C. Kelley sends vivid descriptions of life at the front

      File 3      Mc-S (1918)

    - Walter C. Murray (U of Saskatchewan) writes re exemptions for
      members of University staffs of military age
    - Announcement re studentships for 1917-18 to be awarded by the
      Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
    - J. Frank Owens writes expressing his "pain" over the article
      published in "The Monthly"
    - W.A. Park writes regarding a Senate meeting to discuss the
      disciplining of students involved with the articles published in
      "The Monthly"
    - W.O. Raymond writes suggesting that four of the Encaenial addresses
      of the late Doctor W. Brydone Jack be bound, along with an
      historical sketch written by W.O. Raymond, and perhaps published. 
      He refers also to a number of prominent UNB alumni
    - J.M. Robinson writes expressing the view that in light of Randolph
      H. Bennett's recent military training and discipline, he should be
      re-admitted to the university
    - T.N. Sommerville writes re his son Clark who was killed in action
    - Newspaper advertisement for UNB
    - UNB Students' Association's unanimous resolutions re Military Drill
    - Hon. Secretaries of the Royal Society write requesting a letter from
      C.C. Jones to the Prime Minister suggesting financial assistance for
      the widow of the late (poet) Dr. William Wilfred Campbell

      File 4      T-Z (1918)

    - Charles R. Townsend writes of wounds gotten during active service,
      and of the death of Morrison
    - Notice from The Queen's University of Belfast that John James
      Benjamin Johnson, M.A., had been found guilty by that university's
      Senate of an act of plagiarism and therefore deprived him of all and
      every degree and privileges enjoyed by him as a graduate
    - Thomas Walton writes recommending that R.H. Bennett, in light of his
      apologies and promises to do better, be re-admitted to UNB
      (following his expulsion for his part in "attacks" on the faculty
      published in "The Monthly")
    - Fredericton Board of Health writes recommending that "owing to the
      increase in epidemic of Grippe, Spanish Influenza, Pneumonia, etc.
      ... the University be closed ... and remain closed until further
    - Frederick Williams Williams-Taylor writes re the athletic medal he
      has donated to UNB for best all-round athlete
    - Office of Director of Public Information (Ottawa) requests
      information on "patriotic effort" put forth by women, in an effort
      to create an accurate record of woman's war work in Canada
    - J.J. Fraser Winslow sends a sketch (not in file) of his late brother
      Rainsford H. Winslow
    - War Lecture Bureau, organized primarily for the purpose of affording
      the public further facilities for acquiring information concerning
      the war, sends general information

Box 6  1919  A-Z
      File 1      A-C (1919)

    - Frank D. Adams, McGill University sends information re the British
      Government Scheme of Assistance for the Higher Education of Ex-
      Service Students
    - Resolution of the UNB Senate that the sentence of expulsion of
      Randolph H. Bennett be suspended, pending his good behaviour
    - Point of interpretation of the rules governing intercollegiate sport
      re students changing from one department to another
    - St. John Ambulance Brigade Overseas offers services for UNB's
      "Athletic Club where they are holding matches and accidents are apt
      to occur"
    - B.C. Borden, Mount Allison University, writes that at the last
      meeting of the Presidents of the Maritime Universities it was
      decided to increase united Registration and Tuition Fees from $60 to
    - Formal demand by the Finance Dept. (Canada) for a return of
      information as required by Section 7 of the Income War Tax Act, 1917
      (threat of impending penalties)
    - F. Neil Brodie, Architect, requests a meeting to discuss preliminary
      work (sketch plan) of the proposed Memorial Building
    - N.W. Brown, sends several irate letters referring to his
      qualifications as an educator, and the "indian warfare" being waged
      against him by certain school board members
    - The Canadian Trade Commission states that "with the heavy war debt
      to be paid by the Dominion in the coming years, an expansion of our
      trade abroad is imperative", and therefore requests that UNB
      establish a short summer course for business men and students
      especially dealing with aspects of foreign trade
    - The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching sends notice
      that UNB's application for admission to the accepted list of the
      Foundation has not been acted on, because the annual income of UNB
      is $29,503, far short of the $100,000 annual income eligibility
    - Premier E.S. Carter sends regrets that he will be unable to attend
      the August 4/1919 meeting to form a St. John Committee on the
      University War Memorial Fund Campaign
    - W.S. Carter, Chief Superintendent of Education, re limiting the
      amount of material on which students should be examined in light of
      the serious interruptions in school work due to the widespread
      prevalence of contagious diseases during the present school year
    - Notice of the formation of a committee to consider a tentative plan
      for the re-education of soldiers in this province
    - Dept. of the Secretary of State (Canada) sends information on the
      subject of Bolshevist activities in Canada

      File 2      D-L (1919) 

    - H.J. Dally, Director of Repatriation, sends notice that the
      Repatriation committee is holding a conference of university
      presidents January 14, 1919 in Ottawa
    - Dept. of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment writes re the placement of
      numerous veterans in college courses, and requests information on
      any special courses opened up to accommodate them, regulations,
      fees, rules regarding entrance for these men in particular
    - The Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
      sends official notice of the new Ramsay Memorial Fellowship for
    - Various architectural firms express interest in working on the plans
      for the proposed Memorial Building
    - Premier Foster intercedes on behalf of Randolph H. Bennett, who had
      been expelled following publication of highly objectionable material
      in "The Monthly"
    - Rhodes Scholarships committee seeks information about candidate G.F.
      Gregory Bridges
    - A.D. Ganong, Ganong Bros. Limited, states his feelings on
      contributing to a war memorial, and ideas on what form it should
    - W.F. Ganong, re Memorial Building, writes "You have a hard task, but
      it should not be difficult to raise that sum, for such an object, in
      a province which is so prosperous as New Brunswick at the present
    - Adrian B. Gilbert corresponds re veterans wishing to attend UNB;
      expresses thanks to the Faculty upon notification of "the Rhodes
      appointment"; his impressions of Oxford following the first term
    - J.D. Hazen (Supreme Court of N.B.) sends information on the
      whereabouts of Mr. James H. Dunn
    - Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, War Resolutions
    - J.H. King, Minister of Works (British Columbia) writes to Rev. Frank
      Baird, thanking him for the suggestion that Dr. C.C. Jones be
      considered in the appointment of the University of British Columbia
    - Petition for the formation of a League of Free Nations to maintain

      File 3      M-R (1919) 

    - H.D. McGrath writes "that as the Royal Air Force is being
      demobilized, their Headquarters has sanctioned the donating of one
      or more Aeroplanes to the different universities of Canada to
      promote the study of Aeronautics", should UNB desire to request one
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, Dalhousie University, re having War Memorials
      take the form of means for educational advancement; increases in
      tuition and fees
    - Conference of Maritime Colleges, July 2, 1919, Minutes
    - The University Veterans Association of Toronto fears that the matter
      of Government assistance for returned men in the universities may be
    - Fred Magee intercedes, as a member of the Legislative Assembly, on
      behalf of Randolph H. Bennett
    - Circular letter from Dept. of Militia and Defence re Financial
      assistance to service men to enable them to complete their studies
      (telegram from the Secretary of State for the Colonies to the
      Governor General attached)
    - The Rhodes Trust notice that the Rhodes Trustees confirmed the
      election of A.B. Gilbert as the 1918 Rhodes Scholar for New
    - National Conference on Moral Education in the Schools in Relation to
      Canadian Citizenship sends notice of its conference
    - George R. Parkin, Rhodes Scholarship Trust, seeks the advice of C.C.
      Jones as to how best to maintain an appearance of impartiality in
      selecting Rhodes Scholars from New Brunswick
    - The Canadian Red Cross Society re establishment of Nursing
      Departments at Canadian Universities
    - Minutes of Conference of University President and Representatives of
      the Great War Veterans' Associations with the Repatriation Committee
      held in Ottawa

      File 4      S-Z (1919)

    - T.H. Sommerville writes re various education matters including the
      fund raising drive by UNB, and the role of technical schools for
      students who did not complete their high school education
    - Repatriation Committee requests information on the number and
      specifics of courses offered for ex-soldiers
    - Earle O. Turner appointed to Faculty of Engineering
    - Robert A. Falconer, University of Toronto, writes to Chairman,
      Repatriation Committee re the advantages (and government
      obligations) of having veterans attend university
    - Conference of the Universities of Canada Memorandum on Financial
      Assistance for Returned Men

Box 7  1920  A-Z
      File 1      A-D (1920)

    - Finance Department requests a return and outlines the penalties for
    - Edgar Allen Forbes, of Thos. Cook & Sons requests Jones' opinion re
      that company's plan to organize a special tour of the Far East,
      tailored to meet the needs of educators
    - Dept. of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment re courses granted to
      former officers and attendance records

      File 2      E-L (1920)

    - The Federation of University Women in Canada forwards their first
      publication and requests publicity for their Federation Scholarship
    - Various personal and corporate bodies acknowledge receipt of the
      "Memorial Magazine" issued by UNB
    - Rhodes Scholarships Application Blanks
    - W.F. Ganong writes re contributions to the Memorial Fund and to
      express thanks for the Honorary Degree conferred upon him at
    - L.W. Gill, Dept. of Labour (Canada) re a uniform Science
      Matriculation Course for entrance to the Applied Science Faculties
      of Canadian Universities
    - W.H. Harrison writes to Dr. W.S. Carter, Superintendent of Education
      re the meeting of the University Senate with the Government
      (requesting government funding)
    - Correspondence with several people, including C.D. Howe, Acting Dean
      of Forestry at University of Toronto, re securing greater financial
      support for the Forestry School
    - Treasurer's Report and Resolution Passed at Meetings of War Memorial
      Committee, held in Calgary on Monday, May 24, 25, 27, 1920
    - Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Memorandum re War Memorial
      1920, Bursaries in Canadian Universities
    - Canadian Society of Forest Engineers, notice of annual meeting and

      File 3      M-P (1920)

    - William McInnes, Dept. of Mines (Canada) sends thanks for the
      Honorary Degree conferred on him at Encaenia
    - A. Stanley MacKenzie, President of Dalhousie University writes re
      fee increases at Maritime universities
    - Correspondence from Meteorological Service, Observatory, St. John,
      N.B. and Toronto, Ont.
    - George R. Parkin, Rhodes Scholarship Trust re UNB Memorial Fund,
      good wishes, and Rhodes Scholarships

      File 4      Q-Z (1920) 

    - William O. Raymond reports on his experience as UNB's delegate of
      the Educational Conference at the University of Michigan
    - Sacramento Church Federation re Sinn Fein propaganda attempting to
      create favourable public sentiment toward the movement, and the
      danger it poses to American democracy
    - C.R. Townsend [Laurentide Company, Limited], re surveying by aerial
      photographs (making forest maps)
    - United Typewriter Company Limited re placing an early order for
      Examination Books because of the scarcity and ever-increasing cost
      of paper
    - University of London, Proposed Application for Charter for
      Universities Bureau of British Empire
    - The University of the State of New York, the State Dept. of
      Education, Regents Rules, Definitions, Administrative Suggestions
    - Commission of Conservation (James White) re Fur-Farming and Wildlife
    - (Canada) Militia and Defence re The Cadet System in Schools


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