Please note:

It was decided not to index all letters from President MacKenzie and President Gregg as it would only increase the size of the index and would serve no useful purpose.

However, there are entries under each name and these usually refer to correspondence during their transition to the position of President, or, prior to, or following their period as President.

? MS1.550 [?] MS1.176; MS1.179; MS1.297; MS1.342; MS1.356; MS1.482; MS1.1148; MS1.1219; MS1.1408; MS1.1508; MS1.1677; MS1.2548 [ ], A. E. MS1.247 [?], Gordon MS1.536 [?], John MS1.1307 [?], Mary MS1.1537 [?], Mildred MS1.1538 [?], W. H. MS1.318 [?], Adam MS1.1044; MS1.1045; MS1.1046 (NO AUTHOR) MS4.409; MS4.2624; MS4.4612; MS4.4761; MS4.4762; MS4.5176; MS4.5177; MS4.5178; MS4.5850; MS4.5897; MS4.5908 1924 Old Home Summer and International Exposition for Nova Scotia MS1.2652 A. McKim Limited MS1.2776 Aalund, Henning MS4.3953 Acadia University MS1.24; MS1.66; MS1.1060; MS1.1061; MS1.1062; MS1.1063; MS1.1211; MS1.1693; MS1.1884; MS4.39; MS4.5129 Acadia University. Athletic Committee MS1.247; MS1.249; MS1.480; MS1.481; MS1.483; MS1.548 Acadia University. College Office MS2414 Acadia University. Office of the President MS4.1168; MS4.1169 Acadia University. Registrar's Office MS1.2599 Acadia University. Students' Union MS4.1171; MS4.1172 Acres, M. A. MS1.2502 Adams, Charles C. MS1.2283 Adams, Frank [I.] MS1.1737; MS1.1738 Adams, Frank D. MS1.2503; MS1.2504; MS1.2505 Adams, John A. MS1.1739 Adams, Marguerite MS1.258; MS1.259 Adams, S. [M.] MS1.557 Adaskin, Harry MS4.1316 Addison, Beth MS1.1740 Addison, Wilfred MS1.558 Addison, Wilfred M. MS1.260; MS1.261; MS1.262; MS1.263 [Adjuhail, A.] MS1.237 African Students' Association MS4.516; MS4.517; MS4.3097 African Students' Association. Advisory Board MS4.1780 Aitken, W. M. MS1.18; MS1.168 Aiton, Phebe Robertson MS1.1399; MS1.1741 Akerley, Edward Cecil MS1.1742; MS1.1743; MS1.1744 Akerman, Alfred MS1.1745 Albert, Roland J. MS4.12 Albert, Vital, Mrs. MS4.6; MS4.8; MS4.10 Alberta. Dept. of Education MS1.832; MS1.858; MS4.2143; MS4.2453; MS4.3493 Alberta. Dept. of Education. Examinations Board MS1.900; MS1.901 Alberta. High School and University Matriculation Examinations Board MS4.2144; MS4.2145 Alberta Industrial Development Association MS1.2123; MS1.2124 Alberta Teachers' Association Magazine MS4.3598 Aldrich, Earl A. MS1.559; MS1.560; MS1.561; MS1.562; MS1.563; MS1.564 MS1.566; MS1.567; MS1.1400 Alexander, [Chester] MS1.264 Alexander, E. J. MS4.18 Alexander, Elmer J. MS1.19 Alexander, G. B. MS1.2507 Alexander, Gordon MS4.3954 Alexander, Laurence MS1.265 Alexander, M. W. MS1.568 Allaby, B. C. MS4.1333 Allen, B. MS1.1746; MS1.1747 Allen, I. B. MS4.5595 [Allingham, A. A.] MS1.1881 Allison, Walter C. MS4.22; MS4.24; MS4.29 Altman, Alfred MS4.3946 Altmann, Alfred MS4.1335 Alward & Gillies - Architects (Saint John, N.B.) MS4.32; MS4.34; MS4.36; MS4.370; MS4.374; MS4.1336; MS4.1704; MS4.3939; MS4.3940 American Academy of Political and Social Science MS4.37 American Baptist Foreign Mission Society MS1.1528 American Book Company MS1.569; MS1.1401 American Consular Service MS1.691; MS1.692; MS1.693; MS1.694; MS1.695; MS1.1084; MS1.1085 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. Mineral Industry Education Division. Geophysics Education Committee MS4.4452; MS4.4453 Amos, Donald W. MS4.1342 Amos, N. C. J. MS4.3941; MS4.3943; MS4.4632 Anderson, [J.] Mackay MS1.1748 Anderson, A. M. MS4.1344; MS4.3911 Anderson, Amos M. MS1.2508 Anderson, Arthur H. MS4.2807; MS4.2811 Anderson, Fulton H. MS4.3921 Anderson, Lloyd A. MS1.1749 Anderson, Marian MS1.2509 Anderson, Percy J. MS1.1750 Anderson, W. MS4.1348 Andrews, J. J. MS1.20; MS1.2510 Anglin, G. G. MS4.1353 Anglo-American Hellenic Bureau of Education MS4.1358; MS4.1715 Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper Mills (Quebec City, Quebec) MS4.2812 Annual Review Publishing Company, Limited MS1.21; MS1.1141 Arbuckle, A. M. MS1.1751 Archdale, N. M. MS4.2543 Argentina. Escuela Industrial de la Nacion MS1.799; MS1.800 Argentine-Canadian Cultural Institute MS4.1360; MS4.1361 Argue, C. W. MS4.40; MS4.41; MS4.46; MS4.47; MS4.48; MS4.1851; MS4.3250; MS4.3846; MS4.3951 Armstrong, Chris MS1.570 Armstrong, E. H. MS1.2511; MS1.2512 Armstrong, F. P. MS1.571 Armstrong, Frank MS1.268 Armstrong, Helen L. MS4.3328 Armstrong, R. Fraser MS4.5598 Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Association. New Hampshire College MS1.1633 Arnold, G. W. MS1.269 Ashbury College (Ottawa, Ont.) MS4.2543 Ashley & Crippen - Photographs MS4.50 Ashley, John B. MS4.52 Association of Canadian Advertisers MS1.572 Association of Canadian Clubs MS1.624; MS1.2288 Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of New Brunswick MS4.5191 Association of Registered Foresters of New Brunswick MS4.2996; MS4.4200; MS4.5204 Atherton, Percy A. MS1.2437 Atkinson, C. C. MS1.1752 Atkinson, Charles Clifford MS4.3945 Atkinson, Hammond J. MS1.2513; MS1.2514 Atkinson, T. S. MS4.2884 Atlantic Advertising Agency, Limited (Sackville, N.B.) MS4.56; MS4.1364; MS4.1366; MS4.1367; MS4.1369; MS4.1370 Atlantic Coast Committee MS4.3654 Atyeo, G. L. MS4.5599; MS4.5600 Auld, W. R. MS1.573; MS1.574; MS1.575 "Automatic" Sprinkler Company of Canada, Limited MS4.1372 Avard, C. C. MS4.1364; MS4.1366 Ayers, Ralph Elwyn MS4.57 B. Mooney & Sons MS1.1218 [B. W. L.] MS4.489 Babbitt, J. E. MS1.1753 Bacon, Paul V. MS1.2515; MS1.2516 Bagnall, John A. MS4.59; MS4.61 Bailey, Alfred G. MS4.64; MS4.66; MS4.4027 Bailey, D. J. MS4.2545 Bailey, G. W. MS1.270 Bailey, W. B. MS1.1754; MS1.1755 Baird, A. Foster MS1.576; MS1.577; MS1.578; MS1.583; MS1.584; MS1.1756; MS1.1757; MS1.2518; MS1.2519; MS1.2520; MS1.2521; MS4.2386; MS4.2955; MS4.4481 Baird, Agnes G. MS1.2517 Baird, Floyd G. MS4.3958 Baird, K. A. MS4.2815 Baird, Kenneth A. MS1.22; MS1.271; MS1.585; MS1.586; MS4.1375; MS4.1377; MS4.1379 Baird, M. M. [C.] MS1.587 Baird, M. McC. MS1.1016 Baird, Murray MS1.1758 Balch, R. E. MS4.2818 Balfour, James G. MS4.69 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute MS4.403 Balwain, Asa MS1.1411 Bank of Montreal. Head Office MS1.537 Bank of Montreal. Head Office (Montreal) MS1.533; MS1.534; MS1.535; MS1.536; MS1.538; MS1.539; MS1.540; MS1.2364 Bank of Nova Scotia (Distrito de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) MS4.4438 Bannerman, Alex MS4.4020 Baptist, Alexander MS4.71 Barbour, G. E. MS1.2522 Barbour, Ronald G. MS1.2523 Barclay, Gregor MS1.272; MS1.1018 Bardach, Hans MS4.1383; MS4.1385; MS4.1388; MS4.1391; MS4.1395; MS4.2820; Bark, C. W. MS4.72; MS4.74; MS4.76 Barker, E., [Rev.] MS1.273; MS1.274; MS1.275 [Barker, Frederic Eustace] MS1.25; MS1.26 Barker, W. McL. MS4.2822; MS4.2824 Barker, William McL. MS1.588 Barnes, G. Roland MS1.278 Barnes, H. F. MS1.276; MS1.277 Barnett, H. E. MS4.4005; MS4.4006; MS4.4007 Barnett, Harold E. MS1.27; MS4.4017 Barnett, J. H. MS1.28; MS1.29; MS1.279; MS1.1760 Barnhill, A. W. MS1.590 Barrows, W. B. MS1.1412 Barrows, Wm. E. MS1.591 Barry, J. H. MS1.1761; MS1.2526; MS1.2527; MS1.2528; MS4.82 Barteaux, W. L. MS4.3270 Bartlett, Lenore Fraser MS4.5601 Bartlett, Lester B. MS4.3974 Bartlett, T. W. B. MS4.5602; MS4.5604 Bastedo, D. E. MS4.5606; MS4.5608 Bate, W. J. MS1.1762 Bates, John S. MS4.3352 Bates College (Lewiston, Me.). Director of Public Relations MS4.1177; MS4.1178 Bates College (Lewiston, Me.). Office of the President MS4.1175 Baush & Lomb Optical Co. MS1.592 Bawden, F. E. MS1.593 Baxter, J. B. M. MS4.1403; MS4.1405; MS4.1407; MS4.1409; MS4.1411; MS4.1414; MS4.2828; MS4.2833; MS4.2835; MS4.2837 Beach, Flora M. MS4.2840 Beach, R. H. MS4.5611 Beach, Robin A. MS4.1421 Beairsto, Frank A. MS1.1763; MS1.1764 Beamish, R. E. MS4.5409 Beardsell, Wallace MS4.2825 Beatty, S. MS4.84; MS4.87 Beaubien, de Gaspe MS4.4166 Beaverbrook, Lord MS4.90; MS4.208.A; MS4.2843; MS4.2845; MS4.2847; MS4.2848 Beazley, R. I. MS4.5612; MS4.5614 Beesley, Joseph Ralph MS4.3965; MS4.3972 Behre, C. Edward MS1.1765; MS1.1768 Beique, F. L. MS1.595 Bell, Charles H. MS4.5615 Bell, D. K. MS4.5616; MS4.5617 Bell, D. R. MS4.5136 Bell, E. A. MS4.5619 Bell, Fannie C. MS4.1429 Bell, J. Alex M. MS4.95 Bell, J. P. MS1.601; MS1.602 Bell, Lewis MS4.4001; MS4.4002 Bell, Robert P. MS4.5621 Bellingham, C. O. MS4.4015 Belliveau, E. [?] MS1.286 Belyea, Christie M. MS1.597 Belyea, Harold [ ] MS1.598 Belyea, Harold C. MS1.287 Belyea, Harold Cahill MS4.92; MS4.1433; MS4.1436 Belyea, Margaret MS1.1770 Benares Hindu University (Benares, India). Vice Chancellor MS4.1180; MS4.1181 Bender, E. Otis MS1.2531 Benedictson, B. V. MS4.3978; MS4.3987 Bennett, J. [W.] MS1.1414 Bennett, John MS1.1413 Bennett, R. H. MS1.1019; MS1.1415 Bennett, Randolph H. MS1.1021; MS1.1022; MS1.1023; MS1.1024; MS1.1312; MS1.2532; MS4.3981 Benson, D. A. MS4.3976; MS4.5623 Benwell, Eric MS4.5624 Berry, Edward F. MS1.2533 Bertram, James MS1.46 Best, Ernest MS4.1253 Betts, E. A. MS4.5626 Betts, Wallace H. MS1.1416 Bews, J. W. MS4.2767 Bigelow, H. E. MS1.243 Biggar, A. MS4.5628 [Bill], E. Gordon MS1.1025 [Bill, E. Gordon] MS1.32 Birks, Wm. M. MS1.603 Bishop, Chas. W. MS1.604 Bishop, D. Raymond MS1.33; MS1.1774 Bishop, Karl C. MS4.3902 Bishop Strachan School MS1.2982 Black, Edith M. MS1.1775 Black, M. W. MS4.1442 Blacklock, R. F. MS1.605 Blackmore, D. McD. MS1.1778 Blair, David W. MS4.5631 Blair, F. C. MS4.1389 Blakeny, C. H. MS4.1447; MS4.1450; MS4.2853 Blampin, Wilfird Ellis MS1.1417; MS1.1418 Blampin, Wilfred E. MS1.1779; MS1.1780 Blampin, Wilfrid E. MS1.2534 Blampin, Wilfrid Ellis MS1.1419; MS1.1420; MS1.1421 Blanchard, A. MS4.5634 Bliss, Isabel St. John MS1.1781; MS1.1782 Blyth, G. Gerald MS1.1783 Boerker, Richard H. D. MS1.1784; MS1.1788; MS1.1796; MS1.1797 Boggild, Vilhelm MS4.1468 Bolster, [?] G. MS1.1798 Bonn, Monitz J. MS4.98 Bonnell, George E. MS4.5635 Bontaine, R. MS4.1472 Boomhower, Jack L. MS4.5637 Boon, T. C. B. MS4.1477; MS4.1479 Boone, Allan E. MS4.1481; MS4.2855 Boone, Florence E. MS1.2535 Boosey & Hawkes Canada, Ltd. Artists Department MS4.426 [Borden], B. C. MS1.606; MS1.607 Borden, B. C. MS1.967; MS1.968; MS1.1028; MS1.1029; MS1.1799; MS1.1800; MS1.2536 Borden, Perry A. MS1.608 Boston University. College of Business Administration MS4.1183; MS4.1186 Boston University. College of Liberal Arts MS4.5841 Bostwick, William M. MS4.1482 Bouchard, J. D. MS4.3983 Boucher, Paul E. MS4.3984; MS4.4024 Boudreau, Ronald J. MS4.5645 Boulton, L. C. MS4.105; MS4.107; MS4.108 Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Me.). Office of the President MS4.1059; MS4.1061 Bowes, Fred J. MS1.1423 Bowman, Charles A. MS4.2262; MS4.2264 (newspaper clipping) Bowser, J. Alfred MS1.609 Boy Scouts Association. Provincial Council (New Brunswick) MS1.2388 MS1.2389 Boyd, Pearl MS1.288 Boyd, W. G. MS1.610 Boyer, B. M. MS4.5639 Boyer, Roy C. MS4.5641; MS4.5643 Boyle, Daniel, Jr. MS4.5647; MS4.5649 Boyle, Mary MS4.5650 Boyle, T. Stannage MS1.611 Boynton, J. C. MS4.5652 Brackenbury, Bruce C., Mrs. MS4.2856 Bradley, Pearl S. MS4.2860 Bradwin, E. W. MS4.5208; MS4.5212 Brandon College MS1.1719 Brebner, J. B. MS4.2864; MS4.2868 Breck, Charles A. MS1.1424 Brendan, M. MS4.1077 Brentano's MS1.1425 Bretherton, G. L. MS4.2924 Brewer, LeRoy S. MS4.1484 Brewer, Lloyd M. MS4.111.A Brewer, M. H. MS4.111 Briant, Alice M. MS4.1487 Bride, William W. MS1.612 [Bridges, Atwood] MS1.289 Bridges, Atwood S. MS1.34 Bridges, G. F. Gregory MS4.1490 Bridges, H. Frances G. MS1.1808; MS1.1809 Bridges, H. S. MS1.290; MS1.1031; MS1.1426; MS1.1428 Bridges, H. V. B. MS1.35; MS1.1032; MS1.1033; MS1.1427; MS1.1810; MS1.1811 Bridges, Mabel Gregory MS1.613 Bridgetown Public School (Bridgetown, N.S.) MS4.4331 British Academy MS1.36 British Admiralty Technical Mission (Ottawa, Ont.) MS4.2870 British Association for the Advancement of Science. Division for the Social and International Relations of Science MS4.2715 British Columbia. Provincial Board of Health MS1.678 British Council MS4.113; MS4.113.A; MS4.114; MS4.1491; MS4.1492; MS4.1493 British Empire Union of Canada MS1.1034; MS1.1035; MS1.1036 British Library of Information MS4.115 British Parliamentary Committee of the League of Nations Union MS1.2048 British Science Guild MS1.589 British United Press Limited MS4.118 Brittain, Horace L. MS1.615; MS1.616; MS1.618; MS1.619 Brittain, J. B. MS1.620 Brittain, Miller MS4.120; MS4.122; MS4.125 [Brittain, Miller] MS4.127 Brittain, W. Bruce MS4.5654 Brittain, W. H. MS4.2872 Britton, John MS4.5656 Broad, Wallace MS1.621 Brodie, F. Neil MS1.1813; MS1.1814; MS1.1815 Brodie, William MS1.2541; MS1.2542 [Bronson], Howard L. MS1.1037 Bronson, Howard L. MS1.622; MS1.623 [Brook?, L. S.] MS1.1812 Brooks, A. B. MS1.2543 [Brown], Andrew Arthur MacFarlane MS1.1038 Brown, A. W. MS1.292 Brown, C. Walter MS1.1039 Brown, Dale D. MS4.2520 Brown, E. P. MS1.2544 Brown, J. A. MS4.5659 Brown, James A. MS4.5658 Brown, N. W. MS1.1816; MS1.1817; MS1.1818; MS1.1821 Brown, Verna MS1.1819; MS1.1820; MS1.2545 Browne, P. L. MS4.2875; MS4.2880; MS4.2885 Bruce, Effie MS1.284; MS1.293 Bruce, J. G. MS1.1040; MS1.1822 Bruce, V. N. MS4.4622 Bruneau, J. MS4.5662 Brunswickan MS4.1562 Bryenton, W. N. MS4.3969; MS4.5661 Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, Pa.) MS4.235 Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, Pa.). Bureau of Recommendations MS4.1187; MS4.1189 Buckley, George E. MS4.2887; MS4.3991; MS4.3993; MS4.3994; MS4.3995; MS4.3996; MS4.3997 Bullock, T. H. MS1.39 Bulman Bros. Limited MS1.1041 Bulmer, R. M. MS4.3967 Bunbury, Sidney H. MS1.40 Buraglia, Herman MS1.1043 Buraglia, Natale MS1.2546 Burbank, Roland W. MS4.4009 Burbridge, K. J. MS4.131 Burchill, G. P. MS4.1505; MS4.1509; MS4.4105 Burchill, G. Percy MS4.133; MS4.136; MS4.2889; MS4.2891 Burchill, H. S. MS1.1824; MS1.1825 Bureau of Municipal Research (Toronto, Ont.) MS1.291; MS1.614; MS1.615; MS1.616; MS1.618 Burgess, Bert T. MS1.41 Burley, Malcolm P. MS4.3998 Burns, J. W. MS1.1153 Burns, K. Phyllis MS4.5512 Burpee, C. Miles MS1.1429 Burrell, Lawrence R. MS4.5664; MS4.5667 Burton, E. F. MS4.5923; MS4.5924 Busby, Stuart MS4.4011 Bustin, Stephen B. MS1.625; MS1.626 Busy East Press, Limited MS1.627; MS1.628; MS1.629; MS1.630; MS1.631; MS1.632; MS1.633; MS1.634; MS1.1042; MS1.1430 Butler, Nicholas Murray MS4.3975 C.S.O.N.B. Troops MS1.1165 [Cadet Systemin Schools] MS1.3049 Cairns, E. H. MS1.1431 Calder, Ada E. MS1.1826 Caldwell, Anna MS4.1419 Caldwell, E. R. MS4.5669 Caldwell, Gordon W. MS4.140 Callahan, Margaret R. MS1.1432 Calvin, Ross R. MS1.635 Cameron, [Alwyn] MS4.1515 Cameron, Alastair MS4.1513 Cameron, D. F. MS1.2547 Cameron, G. A. MS4.4093; MS4.4098 Cameron, Susan E. MS1.1433 Campbell, B. A. MS1.42; MS1.1827; MS1.2549 Campbell, Bessie L. MS4.4077; MS4.4078 Campbell, Edw. F. MS4.5677 Campbell, Edwin MS4.1525 Campbell, S. I. M. R. MS1.1830 Campbellton High School MS4.4293 Canada. Archives Publiques du Canada MS4.5303 Canada. Biological Board. Atlantic Biological Station MS1.2046; MS1.2047 Canada. Board of Pension Commissioners MS1.791 Canada. Canadian Trade Commission MS1.1837 Canada. Civil Service Commission MS1.52; MS1.53; MS1.54; MS1.55; MS1.56; MS1.57; MS1.303; MS1.1064; MS1.1857; MS1.1858; MS1.2578; MS1.2579; MS4.202; MS4.202.A; MS4.204; MS4.205; MS4.4224; MS4.4225; MS4.4373 Canada. Commission of Conservation MS1.1375; MS1.1720; MS1.1721; MS1.2162; MS1.2477; MS1.2478; MS1.2479; MS1.2480; MS1.2481; MS1.2482; MS1.2786; MS1.2787; MS1.2788; MS1.3020; MS1.3021; MS1.3022; MS1.3023; MS1.3024; MS1.3025; MS1.3026; MS1.3027; MS1.3028; MS1.3029; MS1.3030; MS1.3031; MS1.3032; MS1.3033; MS1.3034; MS1.3035 Canada. Committee of Demobilization and Re-establishment. Committee on Reconstruction MS4.540 Canada. Committee of the Privy Council MS1.596 Canada. Committee on Reconstruction MS4.2895; MS4.2897 Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Entomology MS4.299; MS4.2817 Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Entomological Branch MS1.1687; MS1.2960 Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Office of the Dominion Entomologist MS1.382; MS1.383; MS1.384; MS1.773; MS1.774 Canada. Dept. of Customs MS1.13; MS1.818 Canada. Dept. of External Affairs MS4.1028; MS4.1032; MS4.2603; MS4.3785; MS4.5194; MS4.5196 Canada. Dept. of Finance MS1.1803; MS1.1806 Canada. Dept. of Finance. Commissioner of Taxation MS1.2539 Canada. Dept. of Finance. Office of the Minister MS4.1785 Canada. Dept. of Immigration and Colonization. Office of the Minister MS1.2299 Canada. Dept. of Labour MS4.1870; MS4.1872; MS4.1875; MS4.1877; MS4.1878; MS4.1880; MS4.2460; MS4.5797; MS4.5798; MS4.5799 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Canadian War Orders and Regulations MS4.2089; MS4.2090; MS4.2091; MS4.2092; MS4.2093; MS4.2094; MS4.2095 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Director of Technical Education MS1.2677; MS1.2678 Canada. Dept. of Labour. National Selective Service MS4.1886; MS4.1888; MS4.1907; MS4.1909; MS4.1919; MS4.2745; MS4.3149; MS4.3150; MS4.3248; MS4.5792; MS4.5793; MS4.5794; MS4.5795 Canada. Dept. of Labour. National Selective Service, Mobilization Section MS4.2937; MS4.3209; MS4.3219; MS4.3221; MS4.3362; MS4.4393; MS4.4505; MS4.4507; MS4.4509; MS4.4512; MS4.4513; MS4.4514; MS4.4515; MS4.4516; MS4.4521; MS4.4523; MS4.4524; MS4.4527; MS4.4528; MS4.4533; MS4.4542; MS4.4548; MS4.4554; MS4.4564; MS4.4568; MS4.4571; MS4.4572; MS4.4580; MS4.4584; MS4.4589; MS4.4605; MS4.4607; MS4.5115; MS4.5412; MS4.5413 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Office of the Deputy Minister MS4.3145; MS4.3147; MS4.3498 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Office of the Minister MS4.1863; MS4.1865; MS4.1868 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Order in Council Establishing the University Science Students Regulations MS4.1697 Canada. Dept. of Labour. University Advisory Board MS4.4887; MS4.4889 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel MS4.621 MS4.622; MS4.623; MS4.625; MS4.627; MS4.631; MS4.633; MS4.634; MS4.1889; MS4.1891; MS4.1894; MS4.1895; MS4.1897; MS4.1898; MS4.1899; MS4.1900; MS4.1901; MS4.1915; MS4.1917; MS4.1920; MS4.2686; MS4.2721; MS4.2724; MS4.2743; MS4.2744; MS4.3146; MS4.3717; MS4.3718; MS4.3721; MS4.3722; MS4.3725; MS4.3726; MS4.3727; MS4.3733; MS4.3736; MS4.3740; MS4.3743; MS4.3746; MS4.3750; MS4.3751; MS4.3753; MS4.3781; MS4.3782; MS4.3791; MS4.3794; MS4.3796; MS4.3798; MS4.4210; MS4.4942; MS4.4943; MS4.5006; MS4.5009; MS4.5012; MS4.4015; MS4.5016; MS4.5017; MS4.5020; MS4.5021; MS4.5025; MS4.5026; MS4.5027; MS4.5034; MS4.5038; MS4.5045; MS4.5046; MS4.5050; MS4.5052; MS4.5056; MS4.5057; MS4.5058; MS4.5059; MS4.5061; MS4.5062; MS4.5065; MS4.5066; MS4.5069; MS4.5070; MS4.5074; MS4.5079; MS4.5081; MS4.5082; MS4.5084; MS4.5088; MS4.5535; MS4.5538; MS4.5540; MS4.5545; MS4.5547; MS4.5548; MS4.5549; MS4.5550; MS4.5551; MS4.5552; MS4.5553; MS4.5554; MS4.5555; MS4.5556; MS4.5558; MS4.5560; MS4.5561; MS4.5562; MS4.5564; MS4.5581; MS4.5581.A [Canada. Dept. of Labour. Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel] MS4.3964 Canada. Dept. of Labour. Wartime Bureau of Technical Personnel. University Advisory Board MS4.5028; MS4.5029; MS4.5033; MS4.5036; MS4.5041; MS4.5047; MS4.5054; MS4.5055; MS4.5067; MS4.5071; MS4.5076; MS4.5078; MS4.5566; MS4.5567; MS4.5568; MS4.5569; MS4.5916; MS4.5917; MS4.5918; MS4.5920; MS4.5921 Canada. Dept. of Marine and Fisheries MS1.110; MS1.369; MS1.370; MS1.372; MS1.766; MS1.767; MS1.768; MS1.770; MS1.771; MS1.1135; MS1.1136 Canada. Dept. of Marine and Fisheries. River St. Lawrence Ship Channel MS1.454 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence MS1.153; MS1.554; MS1.555; MS1.1018; MS1.1102; MS1.1137; MS1.1392; MS1.1500; MS1.1544; MS1.1588; MS1.1627; MS1.1718; MS1.1732; MS1.1759; MS1.2207; MS1.2472; MS1.2809; MS1.2935; MS1.2936; MS1.2937; MS1.2939; MS1.2940; MS1.3048 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Chief Staff Officer MS1.1004; MS1.1005; MS1.1006; MS1.1007; MS1.1008 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Headquarters, Military District No. 7 MS1.2362; MS1.2363 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Medical Services MS1.1801; MS1.1802 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. New Brunswick Troops MS1.1397 Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. No. 9 Overseas Battery, C.E.F. MS1.1373; MS1.1374 Canada. Dept. of Mines MS1.811Canada. Dept. of Mines. Geological Survey MS1.411; MS1.915; MS1.916; MS1.917; MS1.2327 Canada. Dept. of Mines and Resources. Immigration Branch MS4.3159 Canada. Dept. of Mines and Resources. Lands, Parks and Forests Branch MS4.4335; MS4.4336 Canada. Dept. of Mines and Resources. Office of the Director MS4.1445 Canada. Dept. of Munitions and Supply MS4.2163 Canada. Dept. of Munitions and Supply. Office of the Controller of Construction MS4.4480 Canada. Dept. of Munitions and Supply. Wartime Industries Control Board MS4.4478; MS4.4482 Canada. Dept. of National Defence MS4.199; MS4.360; MS4.362; MS4.364; MS4.366; MS4.368; MS4.822; MS4.824; MS4.828; MS4.829; MS4.830; MS4.831; MS4.832; MS4.833; MS4.834; MS4.863; MS4.874; MS4.877; MS4.879; MS4.880; MS4.882; MS4.883; MS4.884; MS4.1356; MS4.2231 [Canada. Dept. of National Defence] MS4.4492 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Air Force MS4.839; MS4.852 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Air Service MS4.837; MS4.848; MS4.853; MS4.859; MS4.2594 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Army MS4.626; MS4.876; MS4.1353; MS4.1354; MS4.2217; MS4.2218; MS4.2220; MS4.2222; MS4.2232; MS4.3205; MS4.3214; MS4.3227; MS4.3229; MS4.3231; MS4.3233; MS4.3237; MS4.3243; MS4.3584; MS4.3615; MS4.4496; MS4.4501; MS4.4503; MS4.4557; MS4.4610; MS4.4732; MS4.4825; MS4.4866; MS4.4867; MS4.4868; MS4.4869; MS4.4870; MS4.4871; MS4.4872; MS4.4873; MS4.4874; MS4.4875; MS4.4876; MS4.4877; MS4.4878; MS4.4879; MS4.4880; MS4.4881; MS4.4882; MS4.4883; MS4.5364; MS4.5405; MS4.5407; MS4.5409; MS4.5451; MS4.5454; MS4.5473; MS4.5496; MS4.5638 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Auxiliary Services MS4.823; MS4.826 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Eastern Air Command MS4.855 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Naval Service MS4.885; MS4.888; MS4.2227; MS4.2228; MS4.2229; MS4.3247 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Naval Service. Works and Buildings Branch MS4.2808 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Office of the Deputy Minister MS4.849 Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Office of the Minister MS4.2224; MS4.2673; MS4.3241; MS4.3242; MS4.4688; MS4.5361; MS4.5362; MS4.5363 Canada. Dept. of National Defence for Air MS4.858; MS4.2403; MS4.3220 Canada. Dept. of National Defence for Air. Office of the Deputy Minister MS4.835; MS4.865; MS4.869 Canada. Dept. of National Defence for Air. Office of the Minister MS4.843; MS4.856; MS4.2405; MS4.3223; MS4.4681 Canada. Dept. of National Defence for Naval Services. Office of the Minister MS4.199; MS4.3244; MS4.4357 Canada. Dept. of National Health and Welfare MS4.5579; MS4.5586 Canada. Dept. of National Health and Welfare. Office of the Minister MS4.3962 Canada. Dept. of National Revenue. Dominion Succession Duties Division MS4.4300 Canada. Dept. of National Revenue. Income Tax Division MS4.3455 Canada. Dept. of National Revenue. Succession Duty Division MS4.4302 Canada. Dept. of National War Services MS4.265; MS4.267; MS4.268; MS4.903; MS4.1034; MS4.1892; MS4.1896; MS4.2245; MS4.2247; MS4.2249; MS4.2540; MS4.3203; MS4.3797 Canada. Dept. of National War Services. Mobilization Division MS4.2569 Canada. Dept. of National War Services. Office of the Deputy Minister MS4.2241; MS4.2242 Canada. Dept. of National War Services. Treasury Office MS4.2243 Canada. Dept. of National War Services. War Charities Act MS4.3117; MS4.3118; MS4.3123; MS4.3125 Canada. Dept. of Naval Service MS1.69; MS1.70 Canada. Dept. of Naval Service. Office of the Deputy Minister MS1.516Canada. Dept. of Pensions and National Health MS4.3300; MS4.3301; MS4.3302; MS4.3305; MS4.3307; MS4.3311; MS4.3313; MS4.3502; MS4.3982; MS4.4654; MS4.5854; MS4.5922 Canada. Dept. of Pensions and National Health. Office of the Minister MS4.199; MS4.262; MS4.263; MS4.3308 Canada. Dept. of Pensions and National Health. Superintendent of Educational Training MS4.4692; MS4.4693 Canada. Dept. of Pensions and National Health. Welfare Division MS4.4018; MS4.4691 Canada. Dept. of Public Information MS1.1769; MS1.2273 Canada. Dept. of Public Information. War Lecture Bureau MS1.1734; MS1.1735; MS1.1736 Canada. Dept. of Public Works MS1.1; MS1.1447; MS1.1448; MS1.1463 Canada. Dept. of Public Works. District Engineer's Office MS1.1731 Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Office of the Minister MS1.1869 Canada. Dept. of Railways & Canals MS1.769 Canada. Dept. of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment MS1.1896; MS1.1897; MS1.1898; MS1.1899; MS1.1900; MS1.1901; MS1.1902; MS1.1903; MS1.1904; MS1.1905; MS1.2403; MS1.2601; MS1.2602; MS1.2603; MS1.2604; MS1.2605; MS1.2606; MS1.2607; MS1.2608; MS1.2609; MS1.2610; MS1.2611; MS1.2612; MS1.2613; MS1.2614; MS1.2615; MS1.2616; MS1.2617; MS1.2618; MS1.2619; MS1.2620; MS1.2621; MS1.2820 Canada. Dept. of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment. Information and Service Branch MS1.2171 Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Dominion Astronomical Observatory MS1.1546; MS1.1547; MS1.1548; MS1.1549 Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Topographical Surveys Branch MS1.368 Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State MS1.459 Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State. Office of Chief Press Censor MS1.1853 Canada. Dept. of Trade and Commerce MS1.593; MS1.730; MS1.1486; MS1.1673 Canada. Dept. of Trade and Commerce. Census and Statistics Office MS1.1066 Canada. Dept. of Trade and Commerce. Commercial Intelligence Service MS4.224 Canada. Dept. of Trade and Commerce. Dominion Bureau of Statistics MS1.2945; MS4.1030; MS4.1097; MS4.1098; MS4.3383; MS4.3385; MS4.3386; MS4.3388; MS4.3389 Canada. Dept. of Trade and Commerce. Minister's Office MS1.342 Canada. Dept. of Transport. Air Services. Civil Aviation Division MS4.2892; MS4.2894 Canada. Dept. of Veterans Affairs MS4.5138; MS4.5141; MS4.5144; MS4.5149; MS4.5150; MS4.5151; MS4.5162; MS4.5163; MS4.5165; MS4.5167; MS4.5168; MS4.5182; MS4.5270; MS4.5702 Canada. Dept of Finance. National War Savings Committee. New Brunswick Division MS1.2350 Canada. Federal Rehabilitation Program MS4.3553 Canada. Forest Products Laboratories of Canada MS1.452; MS1.1047; MS1.2373; MS1.2375; MS1.2376; MS1.2741; MS1.2742; MS1.2743 Canada. Forestry Branch MS1.43; MS1.44; MS1.280; MS1.281; MS1.282; MS1.283; MS1.1829; MS1.2646 Canada. Forestry Branch. District Inspector for Manitoba MS1.379 Canada. General Advisory Committee on Demobilization and Rehabilitation MS4.261; MS4.3303 Canada. Governor General MS4.1707; MS4.3023; MS4.4238; MS4.5226 Canada. Governor General's Office MS1.755; MS1.1116; MS1.1117; MS1.1499; MS1.1995 Canada. Headquarters Military District No. 7 (St. John, N.B.) MS1.1962 Canada. Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research MS1.1054; MS1.1055; MS1.1166; MS1.1473; MS1.1474; MS1.1475; MS1.1590; MS1.1591; MS1.1643; MS1.1679; MS1.1912; MS1.1913 Canada. House of Commons MS4.1729 Canada. House of Commons. Leader of the Opposition MS4.414 Canada. Imperial Munitions Board MS1.1619; MS1.2072; MS1.2120 Canada. Imperial Munitions Board. Explosives Dept. MS1.2255; MS1.2256; MS1.2257 Canada. Imperial Munitions Board. Liquidation Committee MS1.2049; MS1.2050; MS1.2051 Canada. Imperial Royal Flying Corps MS1.1012 Canada. Income War Tax Act, 1917 MS1.1529 Canada. Invalided Soldiers' Commission MS1.1459; MS1.1460; MS1.2329 Canada. Legation (Argentina) MS4.2604 Canada. Legation (U.S.) MS4.3786 Canada. Meteorological Service MS1.2192; MS1.2193; MS1.2194 Canada. Meteorological Service. Observatory MS1.2191; MS1.2195 Canada. Meteorological Service. St. John (N.B.) Observatory MS1.864; MS1.865; MS1.866; MS1.1202; MS1.2829; MS1.2830; MS1.2831; MS1.2833 Canada. Meteorological Service (Toronto, Ont.) MS1.1203; MS1.2832; MS1.2835 Canada. Military Hospitals Commission MS1.1288; MS1.1682; MS1.1683; MS1.1684 Canada. Military Service Act, 1917 MS1.1403; MS1.1404; MS1.1405; MS1.1406; MS1.1407 Canada. National Film Board MS4.2061; MS4.4186; MS4.4655 Canada. National Gallery MS4.5365 Canada. National Research Council MS4.893; MS4.894; MS4.895; MS4.2233; MS4.2234; MS4.2236; MS4.3537; MS4.5013 Canada. National Research Council. Associate Committee on Petroleum MS4.5431 Canada. National Research Council. Office of the President MS4.892; MS4.896; MS4.899; MS4.900; MS4.902 Canada. National Selective Service MS4.2568 Canada. National Service MS1.599 Canada. Office of the Governor General MS1.355 Canada. Office of the Inspector of Taxation MS1.2330 Canada. Office of the Prime Minister MS4.199 Canada. Office of the Secretary to the Governor General MS1.2594; MS1.2687 Canada. Pension Commission MS4.770; MS4.5584 Canada. Privy Council. Offices of the War Committee MS1.1575 Canada. Public Information MS1.1552; MS1.1553; MS1.1558; MS1.1559; MS1.1560; MS1.1561; MS1.1562 Canada. Public Information. Woman's Section MS1.1728 Canada. Repatriation and Employment Committee MS1.1885; MS1.1887; MS1.1888; MS1.2295; MS1.2296; MS1.2297 Canada. Repatriation Committee MS1.2294; MS1.2298; MS1.2300; MS1.2301 [Canada. Repatriation Committee] MS4.1448 Canada. Senate MS4.2782 Canada. Senate. Special Committee on Agricultural, Industrial & Trade Development MS1.595 Canada. Trade Commissioner (Chile) MS4.2605 Canada. Unemployment Insurance Commission MS4.2964 Canada. Unemployment Insurance Commission. Employment and Selective Service Office MS4.3465; MS4.3466 Canada. Wartime Information Board MS4.5582 Canada. Wartime Prices and Trade Board MS4.597; MS4.1277; MS4.2710; MS4.2732 Canada and Newfoundland Education Association MS4.909; MS4.3255; MS4.3257; MS4.3259; MS4.3501 Canada Construction Co., Ltd. MS4.1442; MS4.1443 Canada Law Book Company Limited MS4.142; MS4.144; MS4.146; MS4.149 Canada Life Assurance Company. New Brunswick Branch MS1.1269 Canada Packers Limited (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.5121 Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs MS1.388 Canadian Army Overseas MS4.5324; MS4.5326 Canadian Association for Adult Education MS4.2; MS4.227 Canadian Association of Social Workers MS4.3544; MS4.3545 Canadian Authors Association MS4.2316 Canadian Bar Association MS4.798 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation MS4.1423; MS4.1424; MS4.1425; MS4.1426; MS4.1526; MS4.2901; MS4.2903; MS4.5893 Canadian Chemistry and Process Industries (Editorial) MS4.5849 Canadian Club MS1.1639; MS1.1640; MS1.2289 Canadian Club (St. John, N.B.) MS1.2899 Canadian Club of Hamilton MS1.601; MS1.602 Canadian Commission of International Student Service MS4.3119; MS4.3122 Canadian Committee on Intellectual Co-operation MS4.1326 Canadian Cottons, Limited (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.4131 Canadian Council of Education for Citizenship MS4.289; MS4.290; MS4.291; MS4.4706; MS4.4707 Canadian Credit Men's Trust Association, Limited MS1.2356; MS1.2357; MS1.2358; MS1.2359; MS1.2360; MS1.2361 Canadian Crocker-Wheeler Co. Limited MS1.636 Canadian Engineer MS1.295; MS1.296 Canadian Engineering Standards Association MS1.2628; MS4.2978 Canadian Federation of University Women MS4.152; MS4.4035 Canadian Federation of University Women. Saint John Club MS4.5322 Canadian Forestry Association MS1.637; MS1.638; MS1.1048; MS1.1435 Canadian Forestry Association Incorporated MS4.4194 Canadian Forestry Association Incorporated. New Brunswick Section MS4.1663; MS4.1666 Canadian General Electric Company Limited MS1.639; MS1.640; MS4.154 Canadian Government Railways MS1.753; MS1.754 Canadian Institute of International Affairs. Halifax Branch MS4.1745 Canadian Institute of Technology, Limited MS4.3716 Canadian International Paper Company MS4.525 Canadian Jewish Review MS4.157; MS4.160 Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science MS4.2851 Canadian Legion Educational Services MS4.3155; MS4.3166; MS4.5510 Canadian Legion Educational Services. New Brunswick Regional Committee MS4.4324; MS4.4325 Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. Moncton Branch MS4.652; MS4.655 Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. State Education Committee MS4.162; MS4.164; MS4.168; MS4.168.A; MS4.169; MS4.170; MS4.170.A; MS4.171; MS4.173 Canadian Legion War Services, Inc. Educational Services MS4.175; MS4.175.A; MS4.177; MS4.657; MS4.1699; MS4.1934; MS4.1935; MS4.1937; MS4.1938; MS4.2857; MS4.3164; MS4.3169; MS4.3170; MS4.3171; MS4.3174; MS4.3176; MS4.4322 Canadian Manufacturers' Association MS4.1527; MS4.1529 Canadian National Committee on Refugees MS4.455 Canadian National Railway System MS4.4033; MS4.4096 Canadian National Railways MS4.3277 Canadian National Telegraphs MS4.1321 Canadian Northern Railway System MS1.2348 Canadian Officer's Training Corps. McGill Contingent MS1.2938 Canadian Officer's Training Corps. University of Manitoba Contingent MS1.1369 Canadian Officer's Training Corps. University of Montreal Contingent MS4.4925 Canadian Officer's Training Corps. University of New Brunswick Contingent MS1.2941; MS4429 Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Limited MS1.641 Canadian Pacific Railway Company MS1.1970; MS1.2109; MS4.433; MS4.743; MS4.1230; MS4.1231; MS4.4030; MS4.4065 Canadian Press. Atlantic Superintendent MS4.2905; MS4.2906 Canadian Press (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.1531 Canadian Pulp and Paper Association MS1.1890 Canadian Red Cross Society MS1.2293; MS4.49 Canadian Red Cross Society. Canadian Red Cross Corps MS4.2346 Canadian Red Cross Society. New Brunswick Division MS4.45; MS4.2347 Canadian Social Science Research Council MS4.3541; MS4.3542; MS4.3543 Canadian Society of Civil Engineers MS1.438 Canadian Society of Forest Engineers MS1.2752; MS1.2753 Canadian Society of Forest Engineers. Maritime Section MS4.1664; MS4.1665; MS4.1668; MS4.1669; MS4.4198; MS4.4200 Canadian Student MS1.2580 Canadian Teachers' Federation MS4.2947; MS4.3597; MS4.3599; MS4.3600; MS4.3601; MS4.3604; MS4.3607; MS4.4037; MS4.4039 Canadian Universities Club of New York MS4.5502 Canton University (Kukong, Kwangtung, China) MS4.4896 Capital Transit Limited (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.1534 Carleton, Beatrice E. MS1.45 Carleton College (Ottawa, Ont.) MS4.2909; MS4.3349 Carleton College (Ottawa, Ont.). Student Council MS4.3688 Carnegie Central Advisory Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland. Sub-Committee on Post-War Problems MS4.3264 Carnegie Corporation MS1.46; MS4.182; MS4.2911 Carnegie Corporation. Central Advisory Committee on Education in the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland MS4.1; MS4.181; MS4.181.A; MS4.193; MS4.194; MS4.195; MS4.197; MS4.1328; MS4.1545; MS4.2916; MS4.2917; MS4.2919 Carnegie Corporation. Common Examining Board of the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland MS4.198; MS4.1363; MS4.1858; MS4.2934; MS4.2935; MS4.2981; MS4.4288 Carnegie Corporation. Conference of Presidents of Colleges and Universities of the Maritime Provinces and Maine MS4.172; MS4.441; MS4.764 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace MS4.187; MS4.188; MS4.189 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching MS1.1838; MS1.1839 Carnegie Steel Company MS1.642 Carpenter, C. H. MS4.190 Carpenter, Geo. B. MS4.4089 Carpenter, George MS4.5680 Carpenter, George B. MS1.47; MS1.48 Carr, H. A. MS1.1840 Carr, J. B. MS1.49; MS1.50; MS1.1049 Carson, Claude R. H. MS1.1841; MS1.1842 Carter, A. N. MS4.1541; MS4.1544; MS4.4042; MS4.4090; MS4.4091 Carter, A. Weldon MS1.643; MS1.644; MS1.645; MS1.646 Carter, C. D. MS4.4050; MS4.4067 Carter, E. E. MS1.1791 Carter, E. S. MS1.2552; MS1.2553; MS1.2554 Carter, G. N. MS1.1843 Carter, George N. MS4.5681 Carter, W. S. MS1.617; MS1.648; MS1.1050; MS1.1051; MS1.1052; MS1.1440; MS1.1442; MS1.2556; MS1.2559; MS1.2560; MS1.2561; MS1.2562; MS1.2563; MS1.2564; MS1.2696 [Carter, W. S.] MS1.895; MS1.1607; MS1.2557 Cartern, A. N. MS4.4044 [Carvell, F. B.] MS1.2565 Cassidy, J. A. MS1.1921 Cattaullo, Carlo MS4.4058 Cattley, Robert E. D. MS4.4905 Caulfield, M. K. MS4.5683; MS4.5712 Caverhill, P. Z. MS1.1053; MS1.2189; MS1.2566 CBC Inquiry Committee on Post-War World MS4.3687 Central Committee for Interned Refugees MS4.456 Champenois, Julien J. MS1.2567; MS1.2568; MS1.2569; MS1.2570; MS1.2571 Champion, J. B. MS1.2572 Chandler, Wm. B. MS1.2573; MS1.2574 Chapleau High School (Chapleau, Ont.) MS4.5111 Chapman, A. E. MS1.650; MS1.651 Chapman, W. Hazen MS1.652 Charette, A. MS4.5685 Charles Chapman Co. MS1.299; MS1.2575 Charles T. White & Son, Limited MS1.256; MS1.257; MS1.984; MS1.985 [Charlet] MS1.1855 Charlotte County Board of Trade MS4.1556 Charlton, Ronald MS4.5686 Charter, W. S. MS1.1441 Chas. Hearson & Co., Ltd. MS1.1130 Chautauqua Association of Pennsylvania MS1.1443 Chester, Frank Dyer MS1.653; MS1.654 Chestnut, Charles J. MS1.1056; MS1.1057; MS1.1058; MS1.1059 Chile. Legation (Canada) MS4.4086; MS4.4087; MS4.5867; MS4.5868 Chipman, Fred MS1.300 Chown, Geo. Y. MS1.301; MS1.302 Christian Science Committee on Publication for New Brunswick MS1.1285 Christie, C. Roy MS1.51; MS1.1856 Christie, G. I. MS4.5852 Church, Earl MS1.1866 Churchill, L. P. MS4.200; MS4.1546; MS4.1548 City College of the College of the City of New York MS4.2599; MS4.2610 Civil Re-establishment Committee (St. John's, Nfld.) MS1.2254 Clair, James T. MS4.2914 Clark, Clifford T. MS1.1065 Clark, Ernest H. MS1.2581 Clark, G. Denton MS4.5701 Clark, Georgie A. MS1.1444 Clark, J. H. MS4.4061 Clark, John MS4.5705 Clark, Lawrence W. MS4.5687 Clark, R. Corry MS4.208 Clark, Ralph B. MS1.660 Clark, S. K. MS1.60 Clark, T. W. MS4.5706; MS4.5709; MS4.5710 Clark University (Worcester, Mass.). Office of the President MS4.5506 Clarke, G. H. MS1.1445 Clarke, R. W. MS4.211; MS4.213 Clarke, W. R. MS4.1553; MS4.5145 Cleaver, T. C. B. MS1.1446 Coburn, Ann B. MS4.4081; MS4.4083 Coburn, David MS1.307 Cochrane, Robert J. MS1.1862 Cocks, A. H. Somers MS4.2923 Cody, G. A. MS4.2928; MS4.2930 Cody, H. J. MS4.217; MS4.220; MS4.2467; MS4.2650; MS4.2674 Coffin, A. H., Dr. MS1.1067 Coffin, William M. MS4.5715 Cogswell, Fred MS4.5695; MS4.5717; MS4.5722 Colby College (Waterville, Me.). Office of the President MS4.1192 Coleman, R. J. MS1.2582; MS1.2583 Colgate University (Hamilton, N.Y.) MS4.2611 Colin C. Tyrer Co., Ltd. MS1.1323; MS1.1324 College Jean-de-brebeuf (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.776 Collegiate Institute and Vocational School (Belleville, Ont.) MS4.5844 Collier, Annie E. MS4.5697 Collinge, H. MS4.4056 Colomb, P. MS1.2584; MS1.2585; MS1.2586 Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colo.) MS4.2284 Coloris, G. W. MS4.4069 Colpitts, Ethel (Thorne) MS1.2587 Colpitts, Harry C. MS4.2932 Columbia University MS1.689 Columbia University. Appointments Office MS1.1331; MS1.1332; MS1.1344; MS1.1695; MS1.2421 Columbia University. Office of the Registrar MS1.2765 Columbia University. School of Mines MS1.892 Columbia University. War Records MS1.2422 Colvile, Kenneth Newton MS1.1863; MS1.1863.A Colwell, Clarence C. MS4.4053 Colwell, Myra B. MS4.5699 Colwell, Robert C. MS1.2588 [Comber, Thomas F.] MS1.1864 Comber, Thomas T. MS1.1867 Comite Belge pour la Restauration de l'Universite de Louvain MS1.309; MS1.310 Committee of Academic Address MS1.1376 Committee of Selection of Applications for Student Aid MS4.5802; MS4.5803; MS4.5804 Committee of Selection of Applications for Student Aid. University Loan Committee MS4.5805 Committee on Arts Course in War Time MS4.5912 Committee to Investigate the Teaching of Biology in Schools and Universities MS4.2646 Community "Y" YMCA and YWCA (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.1305; MS4.3887 Concrete Builders Limited MS1.1777 Conference of Business Officers MS4.3649 Conference of Canadian Universities MS1.971; MS1.2343 Conference of Maritime Colleges and Universities MS1.2134 Conference of the Universities of Canada MS1.2450 Conference of University Presidents, Deans of Science and Deans of Engineering MS4.1910; MS4.1911 Conlon, J. D. MS4.4062 Connor, A. Bernice MS4.4076 Connor, John J. MS4.5720 Conservative Round Table Conference, Report MS4.1730 Consolidated Press Limited (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.5466 Consolidated School (Riverside, N.B.) MS1.859 Construction (Publishers) MS1.308 Consulado General de la Republica Argentina MS1.344 Consulate for Norway MS1.126 Consumers' Cooperative Refineries Limited MS4.1555 Cooper, Roger G. MS1.661 Copp Clark Co. Limited MS1.61; MS1.662; MS1.663; MS1.1068; MS4.226; MS4.545 Corbett, E. A. MS4.227; MS4.599; MS4.600; MS4.601; MS4.1538 Corbett, Fred MS1.1868 Corbett, Harold S. MS4.5723 Corbett, R. A. MS1.2590 Corbett, Reta A. MS1.1069; MS1.1070 Corelli, C. Rae MS4.5726 Corey, A. B. MS1.2591 Corker, J. Vincent MS1.1453 [Corkery], M. Muriel MS1.2592 Corman, Thos. MS1.752 Cornell University. Dept. of Slavic Languages. Intensive Study of Contemporary Russian Civilization MS4.3450; MS4.3451 Cornell University. Dept. of Slavic Languages. Intensive Study of Russian MS4.3452 Coster, F. E. MS1.665 Coster, R. W. B. MS1.62 Council of National Defence. Coordinator of Commercial and Cultural Relations Between the American Republics MS4.1167 Council of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick MS1.914 Council of the Royal Society of Canada MS1.1554 [Coveney], Anne MS4.1558 Covernton, A. L. MS1.1833 Cowan, A. Wm. MS4.5729 Cowan, Ian J. MS4.5732 Cox, E. D. MS1.1923 Cox, Kenneth G. MS4.5728 Cox, Philip MS1.64; MS1.65; MS1.1071; MS1.1072; MS1.1870 [Cox, Philip] MS1.311 Cox, Sidney Hayes MS1.1871; MS1.1872; MS1.1873; MS1.1874 Coy, Havelock MS1.1449 Craig, Barbara M. MS4.230; MS4.231; MS4.232; MS4.234; MS4.237; MS4.239; MS4.240; MS4.2939; MS4.2941 Craig, M. B. MS4.5748 Craig, Roland D. MS1.1875 Craik, W. A. MS1.312 Crandall, Percy MS1.669; MS1.670; MS1.671 Crawford, Raymond B. MS4.242 Creaghan, D. S. MS4.5737; MS4.5742 Creaghan, J. A. MS1.1450 Creaghan, Mark MS4.5740 Creaghan, Richard P. MS4.5734 Creaghan, William V. MS1.1073 Creaghan, Wm. [V.] MS1.672 Creaghan, Wm. V. MS1.1451 Creed, George MS1.1876 Creelman, G. C. MS1.313 Creighton, Edith M. MS4.2942; MS4.2944 Crocker, Linden MS1.1877 Crocker, Louise MS1.1074; MS1.1878; MS1.2593 Crocket, A. Pierce MS1.673; MS1.1075; MS1.1076; MS1.1452; MS1.1452.A [Crocket, A. Pierce] MS1.314 Crocket, Oswald S. MS4.245; MS4.248 Crocket, W. C. MS1.1648 Cronkite, Fred C. MS1.405; MS1.1454; MS1.1455; MS1.1879; MS1.1880 Cropley, Wayne MS4.5745 Crosby, A. B. MS4.1312 Cross, Austin F. (Newspaper clippings) MS4.1559; MS4.1560 Crossley, J. Murray MS4.2946 Crossley, James Murray MS4.1563; MS4.1564; MS4.1565; MS4.1568; MS4.1572; MS4.1573; MS4.1574 Crowell, Ivan H. MS4.1575 Crowell, J. W. MS1.549 Crowell, Winnifred G. MS1.674 Crozier, J. F., Mrs. MS4.1578 Crozier, Roland MS4.4071 Crutchfield, C. N. MS4.2947 Cumberland, W. D. MS4.5750 Cuming, Fred G. MS4.4046 Cummin, John W. MS4.249; MS4.252 Cummings, Edith G. MS1.2595 Cunningham, John MS4.254 Currie, Helen M. MS1.1882; MS1.2597 Currie, Homer L. MS1.2596 Currie, J. MS1.1883 Currie, Jessie W. MS1.2598 Currie, John Bayard MS4.256; MS4.1580; MS4.2948; MS4.4100 Cushing, George Byron MS1.1456; MS1.1457; MS1.1458 Cutten, George B. MS1.245; MS1.66; MS1.1884 Cyr, G. L. MS4.4025 Cyr, R. G. MS4.5752 D.C. Heath & Company MS1.376; MS1.676; MS1.1131; MS1.1132 d'Entremont, Hector MS4.5773 Dafoe, J. W. MS4.600; MS4.601; MS4.1538 Daigle, N. MS4.5754 Dalhousie College MS1.7 Dalhousie Medical College MS1.137Dalhousie University MS1.175; MS1.833; MS1.834; MS1.835; MS1.836; MS1.837; MS1.838; MS1.839; MS1.840; MS1.841; MS1.842; MS1.843; MS1.844; MS1.845; MS1.1503; MS1.1601; MS1.2009; MS1.2130; MS1.2131; MS1.2132; MS1.2133; MS1.2135; MS1.2136; MS1.2137; MS4.1198; MS4.1199; MS4.4702; MS4.5839; MS4.5840 Dalhousie University. Dept. of Economics and Sociology MS4.1203 [Dalhousie University. Faculty of Applied Science] MS1.846 Dalhousie University. Faculty of Arts MS1.148 Dalhousie University. Faculty of Law MS1.1195 Dalhousie University. Faculty of Medicine MS4.1709; MS4.2622; MS4.2623; MS4.3692 Dalhousie University. Institute of Public Affairs MS4.1195; MS4.1197 Dalhousie University. Office of the President MS1.424; MS1.2772; MS1.2773; MS1.2774; MS4.1090 Dalhousie University. Registrar MS4.815; MS4.1084; MS4.2130; MS4.2613; MS4.2615; MS4.2618; MS4.2621; MS4.2626; MS4.2629; MS4.2631; MS4.2632; MS4.2633; MS4.2635; MS4.3694; MS4.3696; MS4.3697; MS4.3699; MS4.3759; MS4.4901; MS4.5508; MS4.5743 Dalhousie University. Secretary of Senate MS1.2217; MS1.2218 Dalton, J. T. MS4.5756 Daly, J. E. MS1.677 Daly, Joseph E. MS1.67 Dartmouth College. Dept. of Economics MS1.1294 Davidson, G. R. MS4.4144 Davidson, Gertrude H. MS4.4103 Davidson, Harold MS1.68 Davidson, J. C. MS4.5758 Davidson, John F. MS4.4109 Davis, Bill S. MS4.5759; MS4.5761 Davis, R. W. MS1.1889 Davis, Roy MS4.2951 Davis, T. J., Mrs. MS1.316 Dawson, Floyd A. MS4.5762 Day, Cecil M. MS4.1582; MS4.1585; MS4.1587; MS4.2953 de Gryse, J. J. MS4.307.A; MS4.307.B; MS4.307.E de Quesnel, Annie MS1.680 de Quesnel, George M. MS1.681; MS1.682; MS1.683; MS1.684; MS1.685; MS1.686; MS1.687 de Veher, Herbert A. MS1.72 Deacon, Ben MS1.1854 Dean, Edgar P. MS4.1166 DeBlonay, Andre MS4.5287 DeForest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co. MS1.1893; MS1.1894 Degenfeld, Henry Count MS4.939 Delta Chi Fraternity MS1.612 deMerten, Marcel MS4.259; MS4.809; MS4.4111; MS4.4113; MS4.4114; MS4.5197; MS4.5373 Demont, Russell MS4.4115 Denham, William T. MS1.679 Denham, William Thomas. MS1.1077; MS1.1078 Denmark, Norman S. MS4.4117 Desmond, Thomas C. MS1.1865 DeVeber, Herbert A. MS1.1461; MS1.1895 Dewar, Jack G. MS1.1079 Dewar, R. K. MS1.1080; MS1.1081; MS1.1462 Dewar, Rob MS1.8; MS1.71 Dewar, Robt. MS1.319 DeWare, Ralph Barter MS4.5764 Dinsmore, Evelyn E. MS4.4120 Dinsmore, Jack W. MS1.1908 Dinsmore, Newton C. MS4.270 Dixon, Muriel H. MS4.3924 Doane, Herbert L. MS1.1906; MS1.1907 Dobbin, T. H. MS4.5767 Dobson, Barbara K. MS4.272; MS4.274 Dobson, C. W., Mrs. MS1.1082 Dobson, Lillian M. MS1.1083 Dohaney, B. C., Mrs. MS4.4123 Dohaney, Frank C. MS4.5772 Dohaney, V. C. MS4.5769; MS4.5770 Doherty, A. MS4.5774 Dolan, D. Leo MS4.276; MS4.278; MS4.281; MS4.4124; MS4.4128 Dolan, Leo MS1.320 Dolphin, Joseph MS4.4131 Dominion Bridge Company, Limited MS1.1924 Dominion Express Co. MS1.1409 Dominion Immigration Agent. Superintendent of Immigration MS1.904; MS1.905 Dominion Securities Corporation, Limited MS1.513 Donnachie, John W. MS4.4136 Doran, R. F. MS4.5777 Dougherty, C. L. MS4.282; MS4.283 Douglas, A. Christine MS1.1466 Douglass, D. P. MS4.4137 Downing, Elizabeth MS4.4138 Downing, Etta, Mrs. MS1.324 Doyle, Frank W. MS1.1909 Doyle, R. Philip MS4.5779 Drexel Institute (Philadelphia) MS1.1333 Drinkwater, M. H. MS4.5780; MS4.5782; MS4.5783 Driscoll, W. A. MS1.73 Duff, A. Wilmer MS4.1593; MS4.1594; MS4.1595; MS4.2958 Duffey, Eric Arthur Gerald MS4.4140; MS4.4143 Duffie, Marie J. MS4.1597 Duggan, Stephen MS4.285; MS4.287 Dumaresq, Sydney P. MS1.1910 Dummer, Elsa MS1.1911 Duncan, J. W. MS1.1467 Duncan, Norma MS4.1599 Duncan, W. S. MS4.5785 Dunham, Geo. F. MS1.1468 Dunham, Walker MS4.1602; MS4.1604 Dunlop, Charles MS4.2960 Dunlop, Harry C. MS1.2625; MS1.2626 Dunlop, Walter S. MS1.2627 Dunn, Eleanore MS4.1605 Dunn, James, Sir MS1.74; MS4.1611; MS4.1613 Dunn, M. B. MS1.75; MS1.326; MS1.1469 Dunn, Melvin B. MS1.325; MS1.697; MS1.698; MS1.1312 Dunning, William A. MS1.1346 Dunphy, Alvin MS4.5786 Dunphy, Wayne T. MS4.5788 duPont Manual Training High School (Louisville, Ky.) MS4.5837 Duprey, H. W. MS4.5789 Durkee, P. W. MS1.699; MS1.700 Durkin-Reeves & Co. MS1.1470 Dustan, Alan G. MS1.1471 Duston, Frank A. MS1.1472 Dykeman, D. L. MS4.5790 [Dysart, ] MS1.1088 [Dysart, Herman] MS1.76 E.R. Watts & Son Canada Limited MS1.2466 E.S. Stephenson & Co. Limited - Electrical and Mechanical Engineers MS4.222 Eagles, John S. MS1.327; MS1.701 Earle, Gordon J. MS4.4146; MS4.4147; MS4.4152 Eastern Canadian Passenger Association. Office of the Secretary MS1.543 Eastern Nazerene College (Quincy, Mass.) MS4.1616 Eastern Securities Company Limited MS1.1914; MS1.1915; MS1.2629 Eastman, Charles S. MS4.5184 Eastman, R. F. MS1.2630 Eaton, Fred C. MS1.328 Edgecombe, G. Harold MS1.329; MS1.330 Edgett, L. Stanley MS1.331; MS1.332; MS1.333; MS1.334 [Edington], W. J. MS1.335 Edmundston High School MS4.1121 Edsforth, G. F. MS1.1089 Educational Book Co., of Toronto MS1.1476 Educational Review MS1.1090; MS1.1091; MS1.1092 Edwards, Howard MS1.741 Effa MS1.1916; MS1.2631 [Effa] MS1.1477 Egli, Adolph MS1.1917 Eldridge, Donald L. MS4.2963 Eldridge, Ernest MS4.4164 Electrical Trade Publishing Co. MS1.2632 Elkins, L. W. MS1.77 Elliot, G. Forbes MS4.292 Elliott, James W. MS1.702 Ellis & Ellis MS1.1918 Ellis, D. S. MS4.1239; MS4.2686 Ellis, Robert M. MS4.5189 Emerson, C. L. MS1.1093; MS1.1094 Encyclopaedia Britannica of Canada, Limited MS4.4907 Encyclopedia Americana Corporation MS1.703 Engineering Agency, Inc. MS1.78; MS1.704; MS1.705; MS1.706; MS1.707; MS1.708; MS1.709 Engineering Agency (Chicago) MS1.336 Engineering Institute of Canada MS1.1919; MS1.2633; MS4.293; MS4.295; MS4.297; MS4.1626; MS4.2965; MS4.2966; MS4.2968; MS4.2970; MS4.3240; MS4.4169; MS4.4170 Engineering Institute of Canada. Committee on Industrial Relations MS4.1427; MS4.1628; MS4.1629; MS4.2971; MS4.2972; MS4.2973 Engineering Institute of Canada. Headquarters (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.1624 Engineering Institute of Canada. Saint John Branch MS4.1620; MS4.1622; MS4.1627; MS4.2976; MS4.4172; MS4.4173 Epie, Samuel B. MS4.1631; MS4.1633 Epstein, Joseph MS4.300; MS4.302; MS4.1643 Erasmus Hall High School (Brooklyn, N.Y.) MS4.1940 Erb, Frank O. MS1.2634 Erskine, J. S. MS4.3916 Escher Wyss & Co. MS1.710 Estabrooks, G. H. MS1.1925 Estabrooks, T. H. MS1.711; MS1.712; MS1.1926 European Student Relief Fund MS4.3115 Evans, Robert E. MS4.1644 Evening Citizen (newspaper clippings) MS4.1559; MS4.1560 Evening Times-Globe MS4.1114; MS4.1115 Everett, Archie V. MS1.713 Everett, H. S. MS4.4174; MS4.4176; MS4.4178; MS4.4180 Ewart, E. W. MS4.4459 Ewing's Civil Service and Matriculation School MS1.2635 Executive Committee of the National Conference of Canadian Universities MS4.1264; MS4.1266 F. Hopper & Company MS1.2039 Failt-Ye Times. MacDonald College. McGill University MS4.1576 Fairweather & Stevenson - Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries MS4.250 Fairweather, J. H. A. L. MS4.303; MS4.1648 Fairweathers Ltd. MS1.1927 Falconer, Graham MS4.4181; MS4.4182 Falconer, Robert MS1.1478 Fanjoy, Edward O. MS4.306 Farley, J. H. MS1.715 Farley, R. P. MS1.716 Farm Forum Facts MS4.2713 Farrer & Rinehart Incorporated - Publishers (New York, N.Y.) MS4.1650 Farrow, Welton P. MS4.173 Faulkner, T. E. MS4.1736; MS4.3031 Faunce, W. H. P. MS1.1251 Fawcett, Jack A. MS1.2637 Federal Board For Vocational Education (Washington) MS1.2500 Federation of University Women in Canada MS1.2638; MS1.2639; MS1.2640; Feeney, J. L. MS1.2641 Fenn, Herbert B. MS1.717; MS1.719 Fennell, A. B. MS4.5869 Fergusen, Allan A. MS4.687 Ferguson, Alan J. MS1.718 Fernow, R. E. MS1.1785 Fettes, James F. MS4.2983; MS4.2985 Fiander, Leo F. MS4.4185 Fielding, Geo. H. MS4.1313 Fillmore, Lily May MS1.2643; MS1.2644; MS1.2645 Fillmore, Mabel L. L. MS1.1928 Financial Post MS4.307.G; MS4.309; MS4.1656 Finkelman, J. MS4.2696 First Church of Christ, Scientist. Committee on Publication MS1.806 Fisher, C. M. P. MS4.2990 Fisk Teachers' Agencies MS1.720; MS1.721; MS1.722; MS1.723; MS1.1097; MS1.1098; MS1.1099; MS1.1479; MS1.1480; MS1.1929; MS1.2647; MS1.2648; MS1.2649 Fisk Teachers' Agencies (Boston) MS1.337; MS1.338 Fitzpatrick, Stephen MS1.79; MS1.80 Fitzrandolph, [?] MS1.81 FitzRandolph, Nellie T. MS1.724; MS1.1930; MS4.1661 FitzRandolph, R. S. MS4.4426 Fleet, Walter R. MS1.1481; MS1.1482 Fleet, Walter Richards MS4.3905; MS4.3906 Fleiger, B. W. MS4.1561 Fleming, Grace H. MS1.1483 Flemington, W. T. Ross MS4.5518 Flemming, J. K., Mrs. MS1.2651 Flemming, James K. MS1.725; MS1.726 Fletcher, H. Bruce MS4.312 Fletcher, John L. MS4.314; MS4.319; MS4.321 Fletcher, W. G. MS1.1484; MS1.1485 Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Medford, Mass.) MS4.1205 Flett, F. P. MS1.82 Flett, Frank P. MS1.1931; MS1.2650 Flieger, Doris MS4.393 Flood, Adda M. MS1.1932 Flood, John N. MS1.340; MS1.341 Floyd, E. V. MS1.582 Foran, William MS1.55; MS1.56; MS1.57 Foran, Wm. MS1.52; MS1.53; MS1.54 Forbes, C. Hedley MS4.324 Forbes, Ray T. MS4.326 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited MS4.2994; MS4.4188; MS4.4190; MS4.4192 Forsyth, D. MS1.2653 Forsyth, George MS4.5206 Fort Fairfield High School MS4.209; MS4.209.A Foste, W. E. MS1.1952 Foster, A. L. MS1.728 Foster, Agnes [T.] MS4.328; MS4.1677; MS4.4201 Foster, B. C. MS1.83 Foster, Berton C. MS1.2654; MS1.2655 Foster, George E. MS1.5; MS1.2656 Foster, [H. E.] MS1.1487 Foster, W. E. MS1.1950; MS1.1951; MS1.2657; MS1.2658; MS4.4204 Fotheringham, J. B. MS4.5198 Fowler, James G. MS4.4206 Fox, W. Sherwood MS4.335; MS4.2702; MS4.2764; MS4.5848 Frank I. Morrison & Son Insurance MS4.810 Fraser, [Karla] MS4.5603 Fraser, A. Milne MS1.2891 Fraser, Andrew MS4.331 Fraser, Archibald MS1.2659 Fraser, C. B. MS1.84 Fraser, C. F. MS4.410; MS4.411; MS4.413 Fraser, Daniel J. MS1.1488 Fraser, Donald MS1.85 Fraser, G. B. MacD. MS1.86 [Fraser, George B., Mrs.] MS1.1100 Fraser, J. Milton MS4.333 Fraser, J. Raymond MS1.1101; MS1.1953; MS1.1954 Fraser, Norman S. MS1.87; MS1.88; MS1.89; MS1.343; MS1.732; MS1.733; MS1.734; MS1.735; MS1.2660; MS4.1679; MS4.4212 Fraser, R. F. MS1.1955 Fraser, W. R. MS4.1681 Fredericton, John MS1.736; MS1.737 Fredericton (N.B.) MS4.324; MS4.326 Fredericton (N.B.). Play-grounds Committee MS1.2808 Fredericton (N.B.). Board of Health MS1.1464 Fredericton Board of Trade MS1.2337; MS1.2889; MS1.2917; MS1.2918 Fredericton City Hall MS1.2890 Fredericton High School MS1.1649; MS1.1946; MS1.1947; MS1.1948; MS1.1949; MS4.111.B Fredericton High School. Vocational Dept. MS4.2749 Fredericton Junction High School. Sunbury County Grammar School MS4.3329 Fredericton Y's Men's Club MS4.3589 Freeport High School (Freeport, Me.) MS4.803 Freeze, Ralph St. J. MS1.1489 French, Henry F. MS1.738; MS1.742 French, Roger DeLand MS1.90; MS1.91 Friel, James MS1.743 Fritz, W. Otto MS1.1957; MS1.1958; MS1.1959; MS1.1960 Frontier College (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.5208; MS4.5209; MS4.5210; MS4.5212; MS4.5215 Frost, Robert J. MS4.5217 Fuller, T. A. MS1.2015 Fundy Fisherman (newspaper clipping) MS4.2716 Fytche, Erle E. MS4.3000 Fytche, Eugene MS4.4216 Gale, Alma K. MS1.2670; MS1.2671 Gallant, Frank L. MS1.1963 Gammon, Benjamin MS1.92 Gammon, Donald B. MS4.4217 Gandy & Allison MS1.345 Gane, R. E. MS4.5220 Ganong, A. D. MS1.1964; MS1.1965; MS1.1966; MS4.1685; MS4.3003; MS4.3005; MS4.5223; MS4.5224 Ganong, Susan B. MS1.1490; MS1.2672; MS4.341; MS4.1688; MS4.1691; MS4.3009 Ganong, W. [F.] MS1.744 Ganong, W. F. MS1.1967; MS1.1968; MS1.1969 Ganong, William F. MS1.2673; MS1.2674; MS1.2675 Ganong, William T. MS1.93 Garland, Cecil MS4.4219; MS4.4222 Garrett, John N. MS4.343 Garwood, Lynn Eugene MS1.1347 Gates, Elton, Mrs. MS4.4473 Gazette (Chatham, N.B.) MS1.399; MS1.2736 Geldert, [J. M.] MS4.1314 General Chemical Company MS1.2524; MS1.2525 General Council of Medical Education & Registration of the United Kingdom MS1.124 General Education Board. John D. Rockefeller Fund MS1.94 General Motors of Canada, Ltd. MS4.730 Geo. M. Hendry Co., Ltd. MS1.95 Giberson, Lydia G. MS1.1103 Gibson, J. [M.] MS1.346 Gibson, J. M. MS1.745 Gibson, J. Miles MS4.1474; MS4.1475; MS4.1670; MS4.1694; MS4.1698; MS4.2810; MS4.3012; MS4.3013; MS4.3014; MS4.4029; MS4.4228; MS4.4986 Gibson, John George MS1.1971; MS1.1973; MS1.1974; MS1.1975; MS1.1976 Gilbert, A. B. MS1.746; MS1.1104; MS1.1105; MS1.1106; MS1.1107; MS1.1108; MS1.1109; MS1.1110; MS1.1491; MS1.1492; MS1.1977; MS1.1978; MS1.1979; MS1.1980; MS1.1981; MS1.1982; MS1.1983; MS1.1984; MS4.350; MS4.355; MS4.1700; MS4.4236; MS4.5225 Gilbert, L. A. MS1.747; MS1.1493; MS1.1494; MS1.1985; MS1.1986; MS1.2676 Gilbert, Walter J. MS1.748 Gillespie, Peter MS1.2213 Gillies, J. Kenneth MS4.370; MS4.372 Gillis, Bernard MS4.1702 Gillmor, C. M. MS1.749 Gillmor, Dan P. MS1.347 Gilmore, Lawrence MS1.1987 Gilmore, Lawrence E. MS1.2680 Ginn and Company MS1.348; MS1.1111; MS1.1112; MS1.2682; MS1.2683 Glasgow, Brook & Company MS1.349; MS1.350; MS1.351; MS1.352 Glass, Hazen, Mrs. MS4.4232 Gleaner Limited MS4.1324 Glennie, A. 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[L.] MS1.2828; MS1.2834 Huxley, Michael MS4.1763; MS4.1767; MS4.1768 Hyslop, James H. MS1.391 Ikejiani, Okechukwu MS4.498; MS4.505; MS4.506; MS4.508; MS4.510; MS4.511; MS4.513; MS4.515; MS4.1771; MS4.1775; MS4.1777; MS4.1779; MS4.1781; MS4.3095; MS4.3101 Imperial Life Assurance Company MS1.2812 Imperial Lumber Co. Limited MS1.2714 Imperial Oil Company, Limited MS1.39; MS1.2387 Imperial Oil Limited. Division Manager (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.4280 Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire MS1.2052; MS1.2053; MS1.2949 Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. War Memorial Committee MS1.2715; MS1.2716 Imperial Year Book for Dominion of Canada MS1.392; MS1.510 Inch, George A. MS1.1146 Inches, C. P. MS1.393; MS1.394; MS1.781 Inches, Charles P. MS1.2054 Indiana University MS4.1207; MS4.1209 Industrial Canada MS1.1834; MS1.1835; MS1.1836 Ingersoll, Ralph MS4.1788 Ingraham, C. S. MS1.782 Innis, Harold A. 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MS4.1086; MS4.1088; MS4.1253; MS4.1255; MS4.2411 Iowa State College. Dept. of Forestry MS1.1942 Irvine, W. H. MS4.527; MS4.529 Irving, George H., Mrs. MS1.2057 Irving, R. I. MS1.119 Irving, W. H. MS1.1147; MS1.1530; MS1.1531; MS1.1532; MS1.2058; MS1.2059; MS1.2060 Isaac, Asied J. MS4.1804 Isaac Pitman & Sons MS1.2875 J. & A. McMillan MS1.442; MS1.851; MS1.1189; MS1.1609; MS1.1610; MS1.2789; MS1.2790; MS1.2791; MS1.2792; MS1.2793; MS1.2794 J. Diener Lumber Company (Saint John, N.B.) MS4.1382 J.M. Robinson & Sons - Bankers MS1.2310; MS1.2311; MS1.2312; MS1.2313 J.T. Baker Chemical Co. MS1.1410 [Jack, B. T.] MS1.395 Jack, E. Brydone MS1.37; MS1.38 Jackson, J. F. L. MS4.530 Jago, R. D. MS1.2061 James, Alfred B. MS1.1533 James, F. Cyril MS4.533; MS4.534; MS4.536; MS4.538; MS4.539; MS4.542; MS4.1818; MS4.1820; MS4.1823; MS4.2463; MS4.2468; MS4.2649; MS4.4290; MS4.4292; MS4.5915 James, W. G. MS1.783; MS1.785; MS1.786; MS1.787; MS1.788; MS1.789 James S. Neil & Sons, Ltd. (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.1322 Jamieson, H. W. MS4.4692 Jamieson, J. Douglas MS1.2727 Jardine, [W.] J. MS1.396; MS1.397 Jarvis, E. [V.] MS1.1149; MS1.1150 Jarvis, Kate A. MS1.2063 Jarvis, Katharine M. MS1.2062 Jarvis, Robert A. N. MS1.1151 Jeans, C. J. St.Clair MS4.1828 Jeans, Jack MS4.1830 Jenkins, S. J. MS1.2728 Jennings, F. X. MS4.1117 Jennings, John T. MS1.790 Jennings, Louise MS4.4297 Jessup, Walter A. MS4.2913 Jewett, C [?] MS1.286 Jewett, Clarence G. MS1.2064 Jewett, F. B. MS1.1807 Jewett, Frank C. MS1.1152 Johns Hopkins University. Dept. of Chemistry MS4.1211 Johnson, Boyd D. MS1.120 Johnson, Millard F. MS1.2066 Johnson, W. Lloyd MS4.1834; MS4.1835; MS4.1838 Johnston, Herbert MS4.3901; MS4.3918 Johnston, Joseph MS1.2065 Johnston, W. J. MS1.2067; MS1.2729; MS4.550; MS4.552; MS4.554; MS4.555 Johnstone, Edwin C. MS1.2730; MS1.2732 Joint Legislative Committee of Railway Brotherhoods for New Brunswick MS4.1510; MS4.1511 Jones, Arthur W. MS4.5294 Jones, C. A. MS1.1534; MS1.1535; MS1.2068; MS1.2069 Jones, C. D. MS1.2070 Jones, C. J. MS1.2071 Jones, Cecil Charles MS1.4; MS1.254; MS1.565; MS1.675; MS1.729; MS1.731; MS1.784; MS1.820; MS1.970; MS1.989; MS1.1125; MS1.1249; MS1.1301; MS1.1302; MS1.1356; MS1.1771; MS1.2501 Jones, J. Walter MS1.2733 Jones, L. D. MS1.398 Jones, R. K. MS1.2734; MS1.2735 Jones, W. Gordon MS4.1840 Jordan, B. Bloomfield MS4.358 Joseph, M. Anna MS4.2449 Joyce, Lester D. MS4.560; MS4.562; MS4.564; MS4.566; MS4.1841; MS4.5296 Juchhoff, Frederick MS1.2737 Junior Graduate Engineers' Association of Ottawa MS4.4167 Kahn, Albert MS1.2073 Kane, Edmund MS4.4305 Kansas State Agricultural College MS1.579; MS1.580; MS1.582; MS1.583 Keane, J. D. MS1.2074 Keenleyside, H. L. MS4.1028 Keenleyside, Hugh Ll. MS4.2654 Keirstead, E. M. MS1.400; MS1.401; MS1.402; MS1.403; MS1.2076; MS1.2077; MS1.2078 Keirstead, W. C. MS1.404; MS1.405; MS4.591; MS4.592; MS4.593; MS4.1968; MS4.3131 Keirstead, Wilfred C. MS4.4307; MS4.4309 Keith, Elsa S. MS4.3136; MS4.4312 Keith, Fraser S. MS4.594 Keith, Leonard O. MS1.121; MS1.122 Kelley, Anna MS1.2079 Kelley, James King MS1.2080; MS1.2081 Kelley, Leo C. MS1.1153 Kelley, Nan MS1.123 Kelly, Leo C. MS1.792; MS1.1539 Kemp, Hubert R. MS4.597 Kendall, Reuben D. MS1.2082; MS1.2083; MS1.2084 Kennedy, E. T. MS4.1420 Kennedy, Russell W. MS1.1540; MS1.1541; MS1.2085 Kent, John B. MS1.406 Kentville (N.S.). Board of School Commissioners MS4.1856 Kerr, William A. R. MS1.227 Ketchum, Jacob L. MS1.2086 Ketchum, Phillip A. C. MS4.2551 Ketchum, T. [C. L.] MS1.1154; MS1.1155 Ketchum, T. C. L. MS1.1542; MS1.1543 Keuffel & Esser Co. of New York MS1.407 Kierstead, B. S. MS4.4311 Kierstead, Burton S. MS4.568; MS4.570; MS4.572; MS4.573; MS4.575; MS4.576; MS4.579; MS4.581; MS4.583; MS4.585; MS4.587; MS4.1851; MS4.1852; MS4.3129 Kilburn, Lee A. MS1.794; MS1.795; MS1.2738 Kilchen, Roy H. MS1.125 Killorn, Leo H. MS4.1859 Kilpatrick, William H. MS4.603; MS4.604 Kincaide, Cyril M. MS4.605; MS4.607 King, E. D. MS1.2087 King, G. H. MS1.1156 King, H. B. MS4.613 King, J. E. MS4.5162 King, J. H. MS1.2088 King's College MS4.1201; MS4.3659 King's College. Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor MS1.485King's College (Windsor, N.S.) MS1.611; MS1.762; MS1.763; MS1.962; MS1.2538 King's College (Windsor, N.S.). Faculty of Law MS1.1828 King's College (Windsor, N.S.). Secretary to the Faculty MS1.2858 Kings County Academy MS4.610; MS4.3268; MS4.3269 Kinsmen Club of Fredericton MS4.5298 Kirkpatrick, L. Lester MS1.1545 Kitchen, Stewart [E.] MS1.796 Klein, Gustave MS1.2739 Knight, L. M. MS1.130 Knights of Columbus. Catholic Army Huts MS1.2922 Knox College MS1.408 Kohr, Leopold MS4.614; MS4.617 Kosciuszko Foundation (New York, N.Y.) MS4.2331; MS4.2333 Kosturik, Alec MS4.1843 Kuhring, Gus F. MS1.797; MS1.798; MS1.2740 [Kuhring, Gustave A.] MS1.2089 Kuhring, Gustave F. MS1.2090; MS1.2091 [Kuhring, Gustave F.] MS1.127 Kuhring, Paul MS1.128; MS1.129; MS1.2092; MS1.2093 Kylie, Edward MS1.409 L'Ecole Preparatoire a L'Ecole Polytechnique MS4.4639 Lafayette College MS1.410 Lambe, James MS4.5300 Lambe, Lawrence M. MS1.411 Lanctot, G. MS4.5303 Lander, S. MS1.2094 Landry, R. N. MS4.4318 Lang & Michener, Barristers & Solicitors MS4.638 LaPalme, L. MS4.641 Larouche, S. MS4.3521 Larsen, S. T., Mrs. MS4.1884 Lassman, Solomon H. MS4.1921; MS4.1923 Lassman, Solomon Heinz MS4.3151; MS4.3154 Latzina, Eduardo MS1.799; MS1.800 Laughlin, [I. H.] MS4.643 Laughlin, H. S. MS1.2095; MS1.2745; MS1.2746; MS1.2747; MS1.2748 [Laughlin, H. S.] MS1.131 Laughlin, Ruth A. MS4.5307 Laurentide Company, Limited MS1.3045 Lauzon, David MS4.3160 Law, Blanche MS4.5310 Lawrence, C. Gordon MS4.644; MS4.647; MS4.1927; MS4.1932; MS4.3162 Lawrence, Robert MS4.1930 Lawson, A. C. M. MS1.133 Lawson, Carrie C. MS1.133 Lawson, F. Gordon MS1.2749; MS1.2750 Lawson, W. J. MS1.1157; MS1.1158; MS1.2751 Lawson, William J. MS1.132 League of Free Nations MS1.2098 League of the Empire MS1.2096; MS1.2097 Leavitt, Clyde MS1.412; MS1.1550; MS1.1789; MS1.1790; MS1.1793; MS1.2099; MS1.2100 LeBlanc, Exelda M. MS1.1551; MS1.2101 LeBlanc, J. Y. Leandre MS4.4321 LeClerq, J. G. Clemenceau MS4.648; MS4.649 [Lecovalier], B. MS1.760 Lederman, R. S. MS4.5213 LeDeuc, C. A. MS1.2754 LeDeuc, Chas. MS1.317 Lee, A. D. MS1.413 Legate, R. M. MS1.2102 Leonard Foundation MS4.3133; MS4.3135; MS4.3178 LePan, Douglas MS4.659; MS4.661 Leslie R. Fairn (Firm) MS1.2636 Lethbridge Collegiate Institute MS4.2142 Lever Brothers Limited (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.1941; MS4.1942; MS4.1944; MS4.1946 Levy, George E. MS4.3919; MS4.3926 Lewis, Aubrey A. MS4.1948; MS4.1949 Lewis, Earl E. MS4.3930; MS4.3933; MS4.3935 Lightfoot, John MS1.1972 Limerick, Walter MS1.1159 Lincoln University. Registrar MS4.503 Lincrest Company Limited (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.1106 Lindsay, A. D. MS4.53 Lindsay, A. W. H. MS1.23 Lindsay, G. B. MS1.2755 Ling, G. H. MS1.2756 Lingley, Hazel P. MS1.2757 Lissman, Hans Werner MS4.2783; MS4.2784; MS4.2785 Livingston, B. B. MS1.2103; MS1.2104 Lockary, H. Edmund MS1.414; MS1.415; MS1.416; MS1.801; MS1.802 Lockary, J. L. MS1.417 Lockary, Louis J. MS1.138; MS1.139 Lockhead, W. MS1.1555; MS1.1556; MS1.1557 Logan, H. M. MS4.4498; MS4.4500 Loggie, Dorothy MS1.418 Loggie, Dorothy C. MS1.1563; MS1.1564; MS1.1565; MS1.1566 Loggie, Leon MS4.3052 Loggie, T. G. MS1.419; MS1.1160; MS1.1161; MS1.1162; MS1.1163; MS1.1567; MS1.2105; MS1.2758; MS1.2759; MS1.2760 Logie, Robert A. MS1.140; MS1.141 Logue, Ottis I. MS4.3179 Lombard College MS1.666; MS1.714 Long, J. D. MS4.5312 Long, Marion MS1.1568; MS1.1569 Long, Marjorie L. MS4.4329 Long, Percy W. MS1.1936 Long, Yvon A. MS4.5315 Lord Beaverbrook Scholarships Trust MS4.2432; MS4.2434; MS4.3484; MS4.3487; MS4.4767; MS4.4774 Lord Beaverbrook Scholarships Trust Committee MS4.1067; MS4.1069; MS4.1071; MS4.1073 [Lorde, ?. H.] MS1.1570 Lorden, James H. MS4.5317; MS4.5318 Lordly, Guy [T.] MS1.1164 Louden, W. R. MS1.1571 Loughery, Crandall MS1.142; MS1.143 Loughery, G. Eric MS4.666 Love, R. J. MS4.669; MS4.3899; MS4.3900 Low, F. B. MS1.2106 Low, Harry R. MS4.4079 Lower Canada College (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.671; MS4.1952; MS4.1952; MS4.1954; MS4.3181; MS4.5378; MS4.5381 Lumsden, Alec B. MS1.420 Lutz, Randolph B. MS1.2761 Lynam, Josephine B. MS4.3904; MS4.3922; MS4.3923 Lynch, Ed. A. MS1.2107 [Mac?], Waldo C. MS1.2170 Macallum, A. B. MS1.971; MS1.1167; MS1.1168; MS1.1169; MS1.1170 MacDiarmid, Cedric MS4.4350 MacDonald, D. J. MS4.5913 MacDonald, H. Everett MS4.1982 MacDonald, Howard W. MS4.4352 MacDonald, J. Elizabeth MS4.1977 MacDonald, Kenneth J. MS4.4354; MS4.5374 MacDonald, M. MS1.2555 MacDonald, R. C. MS4.1990; MS4.1993; MS4.1994; MS4.1995; MS4.1996; MS4.2000; MS4.2002; MS4.4358; MS4.4360 MacDonald, Vincent MS4.2003 MacDonald, W. K. MS1.2113 MacDonald, W. L. MS1.63; MS1.163; MS1.421; MS1.422; MS1.423; MS1.814; MS1.815; MS1.816; MS1.1180; MS1.1181; MS1.1182; MS1.1183; MS1.2115; MS1.2116; MS1.2117; MS1.2118 MacDonald College (Montreal, Quebec) MS1.2992 MacDonald College (Montreal, Quebec). Chemistry Dept. MS1.2994 MacDonald College (Montreal, Quebec). Faculty of Agriculture MS4.129 MS4.129.A; MS4.3952 MacDonald College (Montreal, Quebec). Physics Dept. MS1.1697; MS1.2431 Macdonnell, A. H. MS1.2764 MacDougall, Elizabeth MS4.684 MacEachern, Harry A. MS4.686 MacFarlane, J. M. MS1.822 MacFarlane, John S. MS4.2036 MacGibbon, F. [J.] MS1.823 MacGibbon, T. J. MS1.167 [MacGibbon, T. J.] MS1.2121 Machum, W. C. MS1.6 MacKay, [Am]ie MS1.831 MacKay, Amie MS1.173 Mackay, Colin B. MS4.711; MS4.714; MS4.2040 MacKay, E. Allison MS1.2769; MS1.2770 MacKay, Effa C. MS1.1600 MacKay, Gordon MS1.2129 Mackay, Katie MS4.2042 Mackay, Katie [H.] MS4.2045 Mackay, R. A. MS4.715; MS4.717; MS4.719 MacKay, Stuart MS4.4377; MS4.4388; MS4.4390 MacKay, Thomas C. MS1.174 MacKeigan, J. A. MS1.1602 MacKenzie, A. Stanley MS1.235; MS1.424; MS1.833; MS1.834; MS1.835; MS1.836; MS1.837; MS1.838; MS1.839; MS1.840; MS1.841; MS1.842; MS1.843; MS1.844; MS1.845; MS1.1601; MS1.2130; MS1.2131; MS1.2132; MS1.2133; MS1.2135; MS1.2136; MS1.2137 MacKenzie, B. I. MS1.2138; MS1.2139; MS1.2140 MacKenzie, Bronarde H. T. MS4.2047; MS4.2049 MacKenzie, C. J. MS4.2236 MacKenzie, Colin MS1.2142 MacKenzie, D. S. MS1.832; MS1.858 MacKenzie, Ella Young MS4.2051; MS4.2053; MS4.2055 MacKenzie, J. M. MS4.4400; MS4.4401 MacKenzie, John MS1.2141 MacKenzie, K. C. M. MS4.4383; MS4.4385; MS4.4395; MS4.4398 MacKenzie, Kenneth MS4.5380 MacKenzie, Norman A. M. MS4.3; MS4.5263; MS4.5266; MS4.5800 [MacKenzie, Norman A. M.] MS4.5796; MS4.5801 Mackin, Gerard F. MS4.2097 Mackin, W. M. MS4.2098 MacKinnon, H. V. MS1.511; MS1.512 MacKinnon, Margaret MS4.725 MacLaren, [Fanny] D. MS1.177 MacLaren, Ian MS1.425 MacLaren, Ian M. MS1.848MacLaren, Murray MS1.1603; MS1.2145; MS1.2146; MS1.2147; MS1.2148; MS1.2149; MS1.2150; MS1.2151; MS1.2152; MS1.2153; MS1.2154; MS1.2777; MS1.2778; MS1.2779; MS1.2780; MS1.2781; MS1.2782; MS1.2783; MS4.727; MS4.1956; MS4.2005; MS4.2006 MacLauchlan, Donald W. MS4.2009; MS4.2011; MS4.2012 MacLaughlin, H. A. L. MS4.2014 [MacLean], Waldo C. MS1.1572 MacLean, Ian MacDonald MS1.426 MacLean, Jas. D. MS4.3956 MacLean, R. R. R. MS1.2156; MS1.2157 MacLean, Randall R. MS4.736 MacLean Publishing Company, Limited MS1.849 MacLeod, C. Frank MS4.4408; MS4.4410; MS4.4413 MacLeod, C. H. MS1.438 MacLeod, Dan C. MS1.427 MacLeod, F. I. MS4.4411 MacMaster, A. J. MS4.796 MacMillan, C. J. MS4.5394 Macmillan, John D. MS1.2163; MS1.2164 MacMillan, R. A. MS1.2797 MacMillan Company of Canada Limited MS1.428; MS1.429; MS1.1190; MS1.3047; MS4.5396 MacMurchy, Marjory MS1.812 MacMurdey, Helen MS1.1595 MacNabb, T. C. MS4.742; MS4.743; MS4.2064; MS4.2066; MS4.4340; MS4.4341 MacNaughton, Bernice MS1.430; MS1.1191; MS1.2810 MacNaughton, George K. MS1.2811 MacNaughton, L. Bernice MS1.854; MS1.855; MS1.856 MacNeill, E. R. MS4.1764; MS4.1765 MacNeish, Frances MS4.4422; MS4.5398 Macnutt, L. C. MS1.1194; MS1.2168 Macpherson, C. B. MS4.2077; MS4.2080; MS4.2082; MS4.2085; MS4.2086; MS4.2088 MacPherson, H. P. MS1.431 MacRae, A. D. MS4.5401 MacRae, D. A. MS1.1195 MacRae, Donald A. MS1.2813 Mactavish, Kenneth L. MS1.2814 Maddox, George G. MS4.2100; MS4.4428 Magee, Fred MS1.144; MS1.2172; MS1.2173; MS1.2174; MS1.2175; MS1.2176; MS1.2177; MS1.2815; MS1.2816; MS4.752; MS4.753; MS4.754; MS4.756 Magee, Fred Scholarships - Description of MS4.4430 Maheux, Arthur MS4.2648 Maimann, C. E. MS1.447 Main, C. G. MS1.145; MS1.446; MS1.803 Main, W. B. MS4.5320 Main, Wilmot MS1.805; MS1.1196 Mainmann, C. E. MS1.804 Maloney, Bertie MS1.1197 Manchester Robertson Allison Limited MS4.28 Manitoba. Dept. of Education MS4.5422 Manitoba Teachers' Society MS4.3609 Manning, Robert L. MS1.2281 Mansfield, Monnie G. MS4.4150 Manzer, R. Bayard MS1.2817 Manzer, Wightman B. MS1.2818 Margison, O. MS1.2211; MS1.2212 Marion, [Seraphiro] MS4.5328 Maritime Baptist MS1.2819 Maritime Rug Works Limited MS1.2179; MS1.2180 Maritime School of Social Work (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.4900; MS4.4906; MS4.5512 Maritime School of Social Work (Halifax, N.S.). Board of Trustees MS4.1200 Markham, Alfred MS1.2181; MS1.2182 Marr, Geo. J. MS1.859; MS1.1198 Marr, Geo. T. MS1.448 Marsh, Donald B. MS4.2102; MS4.2104 Marshall, John MS4.2106; MS4.2377; MS4.2378; MS4.3420; MS4.4713 Marshlands Inn (Sackville, N.B.) MS4.3367 Marsters, C. G. MS1.146; MS1.147 Marsters, Chas. MS1.860 Martin, Chester MS4.766; MS4.5524 Martin, Harvey MS4.2112 Maryland State College of Agriculture MS1.991; MS1.992 Massachusetts Highway Commission MS1.1920; MS1.2435 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MS1.965; MS1.966; MS4.1750 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Civil and Sanitary Engineering MS1.2432 Massey, C. Vincent MS1.861 Massey, Vincent MS1.2295; MS1.2298; MS1.2301; MS1.2821 Massie, Redvers A. MS1.1576 Masterton, R. B. MS1.862; MS1.863 Matthew, Agnes MS4.767 Matthews, T. H. MS4.4910; MS4.4911; MS4.5880; MS4.5881; MS4.5882; MS4.5883; MS4.5885; MS4.5886 Matthews, W. C., Mrs. MS1.449 Matthews, W. McN. MS1.2184 Maurault, Olivier MS4.5901 Mawhinney, Ervine A. MS4.4437 Maxwell, Harold J. MS1.2824 Maxwell, M. A. MS1.2600 Maxwell, M. P. MS1.149 Maxwell, M. W. MS1.2185; MS1.2822; MS1.2823 Maxwell, Marvin P. MS1.150 Mazur, W. M. MS1.450 McAdam, Guy J. MS1.2108 McAfee, Irene MS4.5353 McAlister, A. S. MS1.807; MS1.808 McAlister, S. A. MS1.809 McAllister, [Y.] A. MS4.1965 McAllister, George A. MS4.1959; MS4.1960; MS4.1962 McAndrews, Aubrey H. MS1.1177 McBeath, Allan MS4.1966; MS4.1969; MS4.3907; MS4.3908; MS4.3909 McBride, Lilian MS1.432 McCain, Laura MS4.674; MS4.676; MS4.678 [McCairy], Bob MS4.5360 McCallum, D. P. MS1.1592 McCarthy, E. F. MS1.2282 McCavour, Samuel T. MS1.810 McClintock, George C. MS4.679 McClintock, Helen Cody MS4.680 McClure, [F ] I. MS1.1178 McClure, F. I. MS1.1179 McColm, Weldon F. MS1.1593; MS1.1594 McConnell, R. G. MS1.371 McCourt, E. MS4.1851 McCracken, G. Arthur MS1.2762 McCready, E. W. MS1.2112 McCrudden, H. E. MS4.4347 McCullough, John W. S. MS1.850 McCurdy, J. Frederick MS1.433 McCurry, H. O. MS4.5365 McDade, F. D. MS4.5367 McDade, Hugh MS4.1974 McDade, Margaret MS4.5370 McDade, Maurice MS4.682 McDade, Maurice C. MS4.4343 [McDonald, ?] MS1.2114 McDougald, John MS1.818 McDowell, J. M. MS4.4362 [McEachean, Charles A.] MS1.164 McElroy, A. W. MS1.817 McElwain, Ethel P. MS4.690 McFadden, J. H. MS1.819; MS1.821 McFarland, Cora H. MS1.2766 McFarlane, A. S. MS4.693; MS4.697; MS4.699; MS4.4369 McFarlane, P. G. M. MS1.165; MS1.166 McGibbon, John MS4.2038 McGill University MS1.2; MS1.9; MS1.183; MS1.1699; MS1.1701; MS1.1737; MS1.1738; MS4.61.A; MS4.536; MS4.1105; MS4.3359; MS4.3360; MS4.4235; MS4.5860 McGill University. Bursar MS4.3665 McGill University. Dept. of Physical Education MS4.1216 McGill University. Faculty of Applied Science MS1.1010; MS1.1011 McGill University. Faculty of Arts and Science MS4.3661 McGill University. Faculty of Engineering MS4.3663; MS4.3678 McGill University. Faculty of Engineering. Committee on Educational Problems of Returned Men MS4.3664 McGill University. Faculty of Engineering. Office of the Dean MS4.1218 McGill University. Faculty of Medicine MS1.10; MS1.11; MS1.12; MS1.2993; MS4.2640; MS4.2643; MS4.5514 McGill University. Faculty of Medicine. Registrar's Office MS1.2324; MS1.2905; MS1.2906 McGill University. Graduates Society. MS1.238; MS1.239 McGill University. Municipal Engineering MS1.90; MS1.91 McGill University. Registrar MS1.2229; MS1.2230; MS1.2429; MS1.2430; MS4.2204; MS4.2205; MS4.2644; MS4.4913; MS4.5219 McGill University. School for Graduate Nurses MS4.4074 McGinnis, C. S. MS1.169; MS1.824; MS1.825; MS1.826; MS1.1184; MS1.2767 McGinnis, Claude S. MS1.2378 McGowan, Gladys E. MS4.4333 McGrand, Frederic MS1.1596; MS1.1597 McGrath, H. D. MS1.2122 McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. Engineering and Technical Books MS1.435; MS1.436 McGreer, A. H. MS4.3648; MS4.3673; MS4.3675; MS4.3677; MS4.3679; MS4.5899 McGuiggan, Annie MS1.827 McInerney, H. O. MS1.828; MS1.2125 McInerney, Henry O. MS4.707; MS4.5330 McInnes, William MS1.2768 McIntosh, J. F. MS1.829 McIntosh, J. R. MS1.170 McIntosh, John F. MS1.1598; MS1.1599; MS1.2126; MS1.2127; MS1.2128 McIntosh, Martha F. MS1.171; MS1.172 McIntosh, Miriam J. MS1.1185 McIntyre, A. J. MS1.830 McIntyre, William S. MS4.710 McIsaac, J. R. MS4.4331 McKay, Frances M. MS4.3184 McKay, H. Dexter MS1.2771 McKenzie, Lula MS1.847 McKessoll, Charlotte MS1.793 McKim, R. P. MS1.2143 McKnight, Edwin T. MS1.2144 McLaughlin, A. W. MS4.4345 McLaughlin, Ellis MS4.5392 McLaughlin, R. G. MS4.730 McLean, A. N. MS4.2015 McLean, Donald MS1.2155 McLean, Fred MS1.437 McLean, J. H. MS4.3689 McLean, Jan MS1.178 McLean, Kenneth, Mrs. MS4.733 McLean, Marion MS4.4404 McLean Daily Reports MS1.187 McLeese, Lenore MS4.4406 McLellan, W. J. MS1.2159; MS1.2160; MS1.2161 McLellan, Willie F. MS1.1608 McLellan, Willie J. MS1.1186 McLelland and Stewart Limited - Publishers (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.1971 [McLeod], E. MS1.1604; MS1.1605; MS1.1606 McLeod, [I. M.] MS1.440; MS1.441 McLeod, Donald Fraser MS1.439 McLeod, E. MS1.2158; MS1.2784; MS1.2785 [McLeod, E.] MS1.1187 McLeod, Edith G. MS4.5262 McLeod, Robert S. MS4.738 McLeod, W. T. MS1.1188 McMaster University MS1.964 McMaster University. Registrar's Office MS1.1634 McMonagle, Hugh MS1.1192; MS1.2802; MS1.2803 McMonagle, J. R. MS1.2165; MS1.2166; MS1.2167 McMonagle, James R. MS1.2804; MS1.2805; MS1.2806; MS1.2807 McMonagle, M. M. MS1.2798; MS1.2799; MS1.2800; MS1.2801 McMullan, D. S. MS4.2788 McMurray, R. S. MS4.4633 McMurray Book & Stationery Co., Ltd. (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.1325 McNair, J. B. MS1.180; MS1.443; MS1.853 McNair, John B. MS4.746; MS4.749 McNally, Henry H. MS1.852 McPhail, John A. MS4.2072; MS4.2074; MS4.2075 McWalter, James C. MS1.444 McWilliam, C. E. MS1.445 Mears, M. A. MS4.5333 Meiggs, R. MS4.54 Melanson. Archbishop of Moncton MS4.663 Mellish, Kenneth A. MS4.5335 Melrose, George P. MS1.2186; MS1.2187; MS1.2188 [Melrose, George P.] MS1.1577; MS1.1578 Melrose, R. MS1.152 Melrose, Robert MS4.771 Melvin, Georgie MS1.151 Memorial University College MS4.4151; MS4.5293 Memorial University College. Board of Governors MS4.2657; MS4.2659 Mercer University (Macon, Georgia) MS1.1355 Mercersburg Academy MS1.1702 Merchants Bank of Canada MS1.2825; MS1.2826 Mercier, Claude MS4.775 Meredith, C. H. MS4.2115 Merrill, Samuel MS1.1199 Merritt, Gerald E. MS4.779 Merryfield, John MS4.2118; MS4.2120 Merryfield, John J. MS4.4440 Mersereau, C. J. MS1.1200 Mersereau, W. A. MS1.1201; MS1.1579; MS1.2827 Methodist Church National Training School MS1.1145 Michaud, Marguerite M. MS4.2122 Michener, D. R. MS4.5338 Michener, Norah E. MS4.936 Milbury, M. C. MS4.780 Miller, Arthur A. MS1.1205; MS1.2196; MS1.2837 Miller, C. E. MS4.2128 Miller, Carman E. MS4.784; MS4.787; MS4.788; MS4.791; MS4.2127; MS4.2396; MS4.4929; MS4.4930; MS4.4931; MS4.4935 Miller, Donald MS4.4445 Miller, Doreen MS4.2131; MS4.2133; MS4.4447 Miller, G. L. MS1.1204; MS1.1580; MS1.1581; MS1.1582 Miller, Jack W. MS4.4451 Miller, James Hugh MS1.1206 Miller, Muriel MS4.5340 Miller, R. B. MS1.154; MS1.451; MS1.867; MS1.1207; MS1.1583; MS1.2197; MS1.2198; MS1.2199; MS1.2200; MS1.2201; MS1.2202; MS4.5342 Miller, R. Bruce MS4.4441; MS4.4442; MS4.4448 Millidge, B. [deB.] B. MS1.2203; MS1.2204 Millidge, Brydone MS1.868 Mills, G. D. MS1.2795; MS1.2796 Miner, Walter N. MS1.2205 Minister's Institute MS1.1422 Minthorne, L. L. MS4.2136 Miramichi Flying Training School Limited MS4.793 Mitton, Geo. T. MS1.1209; MS1.1210 Mitton, George T. MS1.155; MS1.1212; MS1.1213; MS1.1214; MS1.1215; MS1.1216; MS1.1584; MS1.2208; MS1.2209; MS1.2836; MS1.2838; MS1.2839; MS1.2840; MS4.2138; MS4.2140 Monaghan, L. Fred MS4.1315 Moncton High School MS4.78; MS4.80; MS4.1397; MS4.1399; MS4.5344 Moncton Hospital MS4.4424 Monsarrat, C. N. MS1.2843 Mont-Saint-Louis (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.307.C; MS4.2982 Montet, Edmond MS1.1217 Montreal Daily Star MS1.2844 Montreal Standard MS4.2149; MS4.2152 Moodie, A. L. MS4.4456 Mooney, John P. MS1.869; MS1.1586; MS1.1587; MS1.2841 [Moore, Charles] MS1.2210 Moore, Gerald F. W. MS4.4458 Moore, J. Harry MS4.2146 Moore, R. H. MS1.2842 Moore, W. MS1.2015 Moore, Walter M. MS1.1939 Moreshead, Vera MS4.801; MS4.804; MS4.806 Morison, H. L. MS1.870 Morrisey, F. G. MS1.156 Morrisey, Henry MS1.157 Morrisey, Henry Fairweather MS1.453; MS1.455 Morrisey, Marguerite MS4.4460 Morrison, A. I. MS4.4461; MS4.4467 Morrison, J. H. MS4.2156; MS4.4464 Morrison, William B. I. MS4.4468 Morrow, James C. MS4.811; MS4.812; MS4.4480; MS4.4471 [Morse, Fred] MS1.871 Morton, Niel M. MS4.816 Mosher, Elwood R. MS4.3188; MS4.3190; MS4.4472; MS4.5346 Mosher, W. A. MS4.5348 Mount Allison Ladies College MS1.930 Mount Allison University MS1.606; MS1.607; MS1.967; MS1.968; MS1.1028; MS1.1029; MS1.1799; MS1.1800; MS1.2537; MS4.269; MS4.4716; MS4.4760 Mount Allison University. Athletic Committee MS1.240; MS1.241; MS1.242; MS1.243; MS1.244; MS1.246; MS1.248; MS1.250; MS1.255; MS1.544; MS1.545; MS1.547; MS1.551; MS1.969; MS1.1772; MS1.1773 Mount Allison University. Board of Regents MS4.2031 Mount Allison University. Campaign Headquarters MS1.2845 Mount Allison University. Faculty of Applied Science MS1.2253 Mount Allison University. Faculty of Arts MS4.2669 Mount Allison University. Office of the President MS4.1152 Mount Allison University. Registrar MS4.4051 Mount Allison University. Vesper Committee MS4.2660; MS4.2661 MS4.2663; MS4.2664; MS4.2665; MS4.2666 Mount Hermon School (Mount Hermon, Mass.) MS4.2421 Mount Royal College (Calgary, Alta.) MS4.2148; MS4.2154 Mount Royal Tunnel & Terminal Co., Limited MS1.1922; MS1.2317; MS1.2744 Mount St. Vincent College (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.5472 Mowat, Eldred H. MS1.2846 Mowat, Glen A. MS1.2847 Mowat, Glenford A. MS1.456 Mowat, Harold R. MS1.457 Mowat, R. A. MS1.1585 Mowat, R. B. MS1.2016 Mowatt, Glenford A. MS1.872 Mowatt, Wilbert MS1.458 Mundle, B. F. MS4.2158; MS4.2159 Mungall, A. N., Mrs. MS1.2848 Municipal Journal MS1.727 Murary, R. A. MS4.821 Murchie, Ralph B. MS1.2849 Murdoch, Gilbert G. MS4.1037; MS4.4173 Murphy, Anna B. MS1.158 Murray, Alex, Mrs. MS1.874; MS1.875; MS1.876; MS1.1220; MS1.1221; MS1.1222; MS1.1223; MS1.2219; MS1.2220 Murray, D. MS1.1224; MS1.2214; MS1.2215; MS1.2216 Murray, D. A. MS1.2850; MS1.2851 Murray, Darvin L. MS1.1226 Murray, Gilbert MS1.1328 Murray, Howard MS1.159; MS1.160; MS1.1225; MS1.2852; MS1.2853; MS1.2854 Murray, S. G. MS4.2203 Murray, Sidney G. MS4.2166; MS4.2168; MS4.2170; MS4.2209; MS4.2210 Murray, Walter MS1.2855 Murray, Walter C. MS1.460; MS1.461; MS1.462; MS1.877; MS1.1227; MS1.1228; MS1.1229; MS1.1589 Musclow, K. G. MS4.4483 Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada MS1.2550; MS1.2551 Myers, Murray MS4.2215 Myers, Wayne V. MS1.1230 Nason, Stanley S. MS1.2223; MS1.2224 Nassau Guardian (newspaper clipping) MS4.2780 National Association of State Universities MS4.3635; MS4.3637; MS4.3640; MS4.3642; MS4.3852 National Conference of Canadian Universities MS4.1652; MS4.1919; MS4.2697; MS4.2699; MS4.3643; MS4.3645; MS4.3650; MS4.3674; MS4.3720; MS4.4491; MS4.4918; MS4.5855; MS4.5856; MS4.5857; MS4.5861; MS4.5862; MS4.5863; MS4.5864; MS4.5869; MS4.5872; MS4.5874; MS4.5891; MS4.5896; MS4.5906 National Conference of Canadian Universities. Committee on Post-Graduate Studies MS4.5498; MS4.5499; MS4.5500 National Conference of Canadian Universities. Committee on Post-War Problems MS4.4916; MS4.4917; MS4.4920; MS4.5880; MS4.5881; MS4.5882; MS4.5883; MS4.5885; MS4.5886; MS4.5888; MS4.5888.A; MS4.5898; MS4.5905; MS4.5907; MS4.5910 National Conference of Canadian Universities. Committee on the Constitution MS4.5853; MS4.5858; MS4.5859 National Conference of Canadian Universities. Sub-Committee to Consider Post-War Problems MS4.4495 National Conference on Moral Education in the Schools in Relation to Canadian Citizenship MS1.2232; MS1.2233 National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship MS4.3454 National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship. Arts Panel MS4.4727 National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship. Education Panel MS4.4728 [National Council of Education] MS4.2794; MS4.2795; MS4.2796 National Progress MS1.1096 National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel MS4.1619 National Trust Company Limited MS1.2225 National War Garden Commission (Washington, D.C.) MS1.1635; MS1.2236 National War Savings Committee (Ottawa, Ont.) MS1.1402 Natural History Society of New Brunswick MS4.3249; MS4.3251; MS4.3252; MS4.3253 Neal, R. H. MS1.1611 Neales, Scovil MS1.464; MS1.465 Neaswith, John I. MS1.2226 Neddow, L. M. MS4.5415 Neddow, Lawrence M. MS4.4613 Neill, C. E. MS1.2856 Neill, J. S. MS1.2227 Nelson, R. J. MS4.904 Nenadovit, O. R. MS4.4337 Netherwood (Rothesay, N.B.) MS1.1490; MS1.2672; MS4.337; MS4.339; MS4.4826 Neville, E. H. MS1.2228 Neville, J. Mark MS4.906; MS4.2251 Neville, K. P. R. MS4.2651 Nevin, Byron A. MS4.916 New Brunswick. Attorney General MS1.285 New Brunswick. Board of Education MS4.2029; MS4.4094; MS4.4156; MS4.4157 New Brunswick. Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel MS4.2548 New Brunswick. Chief Superintendent of Education MS4.305; MS4.1606; MS4.1607; MS4.2023; MS4.2025; MS4.2026; MS4.2027; MS4.2030; MS4.2033; MS4.2035; MS4.2755; MS4.3625; MS4.3779; MS4.4154; MS4.4155; MS4.4159; MS4.4248; MS4.4365; MS4.4367; MS4.4369; MS4.4370; MS4.4372; MS4.4382; MS4.5375; MS4.5376 New Brunswick. Co-ordinator for War Industries MS4.957 New Brunswick. County Superintendent of Schools MS4.5492 New Brunswick. Court of Revision MS4.1761 New Brunswick. Dept. of Agriculture MS1.161; MS1.162; MS1.463; MS1.1273; MS1.1274; MS1.1275; MS1.1276; MS1.1804; MS1.1805; MS1.2540 New Brunswick. Dept. of Agriculture. Educational Division MS1.181; MS1.182; MS1.466; MS1.467; MS1.468; MS1.469; MS1.470 New Brunswick. Dept. of Agriculture. Elementary Agricultural Education Division MS1.1304; MS1.1305; MS1.1306 New Brunswick. Dept. of Agriculture. Women's Institute Division MS1.1393 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education MS1.298; MS1.1050; MS1.1051; MS4.111.C; MS4.695; MS4.697; MS4.701; MS4.703; MS4.704; MS4.944; MS4.945; MS4.947; MS4.948; MS4.1275; MS4.1447; MS4.1449; MS4.1450; MS4.1464; MS4.1466; MS4.2275; MS4.2276; MS4.2277; MS4.2279; MS4.2280; MS4.2281; MS4.2282; MS4.2283; MS4.2286; MS4.2287; MS4.2289; MS4.2291; MS4.2292; MS4.2334; MS4.2532; MS4.2728; MS4.3289; MS4.3296; MS4.3297; MS4.3381; MS4.3704; MS4.3971; MS4.4378; MS4.5186; MS4.4646 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Chief Superintendent MS1.617; MS1.647; MS1.648; MS1.649; MS1.895; MS1.1440; MS1.1441; MS1.1442; MS1.1846; MS1.1847; MS1.1848; MS1.1849; MS1.1850; MS1.1851; MS1.1852; MS1.2696; MS1.3012 New Brunswick. [Dept. of Education.] Chief Superintendent MS1.911 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Committee of Selection of Applications for Student Aid MS4.3291; MS4.3292; MS4.3294 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Director of Educational Services MS4.3430; MS4.4648 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Office of the Minister MS4.2727; MS4.3961 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Selection Committee MS4.3280; MS4.3282; MS4.3284; MS4.3287 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Student Aid Selection Committee MS4.4642; MS4.4649; MS4.4650 New Brunswick. Dept. of Education. Student Selection Committee MS4.3298 New Brunswick. Dept. of Health. Executive Council MS1.2190 New Brunswick. Dept. of Health. Office of District Medical Health Officer MS4.1517; MS4.1518; MS4.1520; MS4.1521 New Brunswick. Dept. of Justice. Military Service Branch MS1.1095 New Brunswick. Dept. of Lands and Mines MS1.1161; MS1.1162; MS4.962; MS4.963; MS4.1673; MS4.1676; MS4.1695; MS4.2335; MS4.3350; MS4.3351; MS4.4686 New Brunswick. Dept. of Lands and Mines. Forest Service MS4.1674 New Brunswick. Dept. of Lands and Mines. Office of the Minister MS1.2346; MS1.2347; MS4.4196 New Brunswick. Dept. of Public Works MS1.1672 New Brunswick. Executive Council MS1.2622 New Brunswick. Executive Council. Legislative Library Committee MS1.1277; MS1.1278; MS1.1279 New Brunswick. Forest Service MS1.1628; MS1.2272 New Brunswick. House of Assembly MS1.1722 New Brunswick. Legislative Assembly MS4.4885; MS4.4886 New Brunswick. Lieutenant Governor's Office MS1.1003; MS1.1395; MS1.1629 New Brunswick. Office of the Premier MS1.1436; MS1.1437; MS1.1438; MS1.1439; MS1.1487; MS1.1844; MS1.1845; MS1.2657; MS1.2658; MS4.749; MS4.2068 New Brunswick. Provincial Board of Health MS1.873 New Brunswick. Supreme Court MS4.82; MS4.923; MS4.971 New Brunswick. Vocational Education Board MS1.2248 New Brunswick. Workmen's Compensation Board MS1.2307; MS1.2308 New Brunswick Association of Registered Nurses MS4.2337; MS4.2339; MS4.2340 New Brunswick Brokers Ltd. MS1.1861 New Brunswick Contractors, Ltd. MS4.1338 New Brunswick Federation Home and School MS4.2351 New Brunswick Forest Club MS1.1267 New Brunswick International Paper Company (Dalhousie, N.B.) MS4.2506; MS4.2507 New Brunswick International Paper Company (Dalhousie, N.B.). Forest Engineering Dept. MS4.1672 New Brunswick Museum MS4.2212; MS4.4486; MS4.4488 New Brunswick Museum Board MS4.1457; MS4.1460; MS4.2214; MS4.2488; MS4.4489; MS4.4490; MS4.5351; MS4.5352 New Brunswick Registered Nurses' Association MS4.794 New Brunswick Scholastic Athletic Association MS4.430 New Brunswick Teachers' Association MS4.590; MS4.3602; MS4.3605; MS4.5415.A New Brunswick Teachers' Association. Education Week Committee MS4.4060 New Century Teachers' Bureau MS1.696 New Hampshire College MS1.1703 New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University MS1.2275; MS1.2443 Newton, R. MS1.466; MS1.467; MS1.468; MS1.469; MS1.470 Newton, Robert MS4.3655; MS4.3656; MS4.3672 Nicholson, B. J. MS4.5520 Nicholson, J. A. MS1.183 Nicholson, John MS1.1231 Nicholson, P. J. MS4.911; MS4.2691; MS4.2920; MS4.2921 Nicholson, R. MS4.913; MS4.915 Nigerian Secretariat MS4.1776 Niles, Glendon MS4.5417 Noble, George A. MS4.4616 Noble, S. R. MS4.4619 North American Accident Insurance Company MS1.2859 Northern Electric Company Limited MS1.2231; MS1.2506 [Notes for the Yearbook of Universities 1916-1917] MS1.1326 Nova Scotia. Dept. of Education MS4.1349; MS4.1351; MS4.3548; MS4.3549; MS4.4161; MS4.4162; MS4.5665 Nova Scotia. Dept. of Mines MS4.4261 Nova Scotia. Dept. of Public Health MS1.764 Nova Scotia. Dept. of Technical Education MS1.1289 Nova Scotia. Education Office MS4.482 Nova Scotia. House of Assembly MS4.1204 Nova Scotia. Provincial Medical Board MS1.23; MS1.134; MS1.135; MS1.136 Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Truro, N.S.) MS1.2349; MS4.417; MS4.419; MS4.4623; MS4.4625; MS4.5666 Nova Scotia Technical College MS1.1290 Nova Scotian (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.2922 Nowlan, F. S. MS1.1232 Nugent, W. H. MS1.471 O'Blenes, Amos MS1.472 O'Brien, Blake MS4.5806 O'Connor, F. J. MS4.2256 O'Halloran, C. H. MS1.1233; MS1.1234; MS1.1236 O'Neill, John MS1.2860 O'Shaughnessy, P. L. MS1.2861 Office des Universities et Grandes Ecoles Francaises MS1.1329 Ogilvie, F. W. MS4.2761; MS4.2766 Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. School of Arts and Sciences. Dept. of Geology MS4.4226 Oland, C. Ellen MS4.4626 Oldham, J. K. MS1.1235 Oliver, Anna W. MS4.935 Olscamp, J. J. MS4.4628 Ontario. Chief Inspector of Public and Separate Schools MS4.2729 Ontario. Dept. of Education MS4.1163; MS4.1164; MS4.1846; MS4.1847; MS4.1848; MS4.1849; MS4.1850; MS4.1924; MS4.5292; MS4.5630; MS4.5670; MS4.5671; MS4.5672; MS4.5673; MS4.5674; MS4.5675; MS4.5688; MS4.5689; MS4.5690; MS4.5691; MS4.5692; MS4.5693; MS4.5827; MS4.5828; MS4.5829; MS4.5830; MS4.5831; MS4.5832 Ontario. Dept. of Lands, Forests and Mines. Colonization and Immigration Branch MS1.2119 Ontario Educational Association. Technical Section MS4.2300 Orchard, Robert P. MS1.184 Osborne, W. T. MS1.1612 Otsuki, Ryo MS4.5421 Ott, Roy MS4.2259 Ottawa Citizen MS4.2262; MS4.2264 (newspaper clipping) Otty, C. D. MS1.473; MS1.2234 Otty, Marianne Grey MS1.185; MS1.2235 Ouellet, Adrien MS4.2265 Ouellet, Roland A. MS4.4630 Over-Seas Club MS1.1730 Overend, Arthur Vincent MS4.2267 Overseas Military Forces MS1.1698; MS1.1700 Owens, E. T. MS4.4631 Owens, J. Frank MS1.1237; MS1.1613 [Owhes], E. J. MS1.2862; MS1.2863 Oxford University. Appointments Committee MS1.1938 Oxford University. British-American Club MS1.2439 Oxford University Press. Canadian Branch MS1.474; MS1.475 Palmer, Hazel K. MS1.1238 Palmer, James B. MS1.2864 [Palmer, Robert] MS1.1239 [Park, M. A.] MS1.476 Park, W. A. MS1.857; MS1.1240; MS1.1614; MS1.1615; MS1.1616; MS1.2237; MS1.2238 Parke, R. W. MS4.5424 Parker, Douglas MS4.2271 Parker, Howard MS4.2273 Parkin, G. Raleigh MS4.3272; MS4.3275; MS4.3276 Parkin, George R. MS1.477; MS1.878; MS1.1241; MS1.1242; MS1.1243; MS1.2865; MS1.2866; MS1.2867; MS1.2868 Parkin, George Raleigh MS1.2239; MS1.2240; MS1.2241; MS1.2242; MS1.2243; MS1.2244; MS1.2245 Parks, Annie E. V. MS1.879 Paterson, B. E. MS1.2246; MS1.2247 Patterson, [J.] W. MS4.196 Patterson, F. W. MS4.3285; MS4.5902 Patterson, Fred A. MS1.2869 Patterson, G. H. MS1.880 Patterson, J. MS4.4250 Patterson, T. L. MS1.1245; MS1.1246 Paul, Robt. W. MS1.478 Payer, Leo MS4.4638; MS4.4641 Peacock, Fletcher MS4.944; MS4.953; MS4.1138; MS4.4646 Peacock, Hugh A. MS4.954 Pearson, Arthur M. MS4.5427 Peer, Albert A. MS1.2249 Pellegrind, Antonio MS4.2293 Pennsylvania State College. Dept. of Romance Languages MS1.552 Pepper, H. W. MS1.187 Perkins, [P.] B. MS1.188 Perkins, G. R. MS1.1248 Perkins, H. F. MS1.1247 Perkins, P. B. MS1.479; MS1.1250; MS1.1252; MS1.1253; MS1.1254; MS1.1255; MS1.1256; MS1.2870 Perlman, Fishel MS4.2295 Perrott, S. W. MS1.2871 Perry, [Aaron] J. MS1.1617 Perry, Ellis MS4.2297 Perry, H. [G.] MS1.480; MS1.481; MS1.483 Perry, H. G. MS1.247; MS1.249; MS1.548 Perry, Margaret MS4.4657 Peters, H. A. MS4.5403 Peters, Jean A. MS4.3315; MS4.3318 Peters, John B. MS4.3320 Peterson, [?] MS1.189 Peterson, W. MS1.236 Petrie, J. R. MS4.957; MS4.2299; MS4.3322; MS4.3324; MS4.3326; MS4.4984; MS4.5430 Petrovitch, W. M. MS1.1257 Phelan, Gerald B. MS4.5261 Phillips, C. Arthur MS1.2251 Phillips, Maurice E. MS4.3327; MS4.3332 Phillips, R. Darrell MS4.2300 Philpotts, Gordon W. MS4.2302; MS4.2304; MS4.2306 Phinney, James D. MS1.190 Photograph of book presented to Frederick Paul Keppel MS4.1537 Photograph of G. M. Self MS4.1054 Photograph of Howard R. Ryan MS4.2410 Pickett, G. B. MS1.2872; MS1.2873 Pickett, Grace L. MS1.2252 Pictou Academy MS4.723 Pierce, Galen Roy MS4.1470 Pierce, Lorne MS4.959; MS4.961; MS4.2314; MS4.2315; MS4.2321; MS4.2322; MS4.2324; MS4.3334; MS4.3339; MS4.3342; MS4.3344; MS4.4666; MS4.4668; MS4.4670; MS4.5438 Pike, E. Bertram MS1.2280 Pike, Nath MS1.1618 Pike, R. T. MS1.2874 Pillsbury, Bertha M. MS1.504; MS1.505 Pine Hill Divinity Hall (Halifax, N.S.) MS4.1233 Ping-Chuan, Chen MS4.4895 Pirani, Max MS4.2326; MS4.2328; MS4.2329 Place, C. Allen MS1.2876 Poland. Konsulat Generalny (Montreal) MS4.4674 Policy-Holders' Mutual Life Insurance Company MS1.2258; MS1.2259; MS1.2260 Polytechnic Institute. Dept. of Civil Engineering MS1.2436 [Pook, C. H. O.] MS1.581 Pope, Audrey MS4.3948 Popplestone, C. E. MS1.484 Popplestone, Charles E. MS1.1620; MS1.1621; MS1.1622; MS1.1623; MS1.2261; MS1.2262; MS1.2263; MS1.2264; MS1.2265; MS1.2266; MS1.2267 Popplestone, Charles Edward MS1.881; MS1.882; MS1.883; MS1.884; MS1.885; MS1.886; MS1.887; MS1.888; MS1.889 Popplestone, John MS1.1258; MS1.1624; MS1.1625; MS1.1626 Porter, Belle D. MS4.4676; MS4.4679 Porter, Donald F. W. MS1.2877 Porter, Horace A. MS1.1259; MS1.2878 Porter, James, Jr. MS1.890; MS1.1260 Porter, James E. MS1.2268 Post-Discharge Re-establishment Order MS4.3309 Powell, L. C. MS4.4680 Powell, T. W. MS1.234; MS1.485; MS1.546 Powers, T. [S.] MS1.2879; MS1.2880 Pratt Teachers' Agency MS1.1261 Presbyterian Publications MS1.891; MS1.1262; MS1.1263; MS1.1264; MS1.1265 Prescott, Crandall C. MS1.2269; MS1.2270; MS1.2881 Prescott, Sara MS1.1266 Presseault, A. E. MS4.5440 Price, A. C. MS4.5442 Price, Wanda B. MS4.3347 Price Brothers & Company, Limited MS1.2529; MS1.2530 Price Brothers & Company Limited MS1.2882 Priestman, Bryan MS4.5445 Prince, C. H. MS4.4884 Prince, G. H. MS1.2271; MS4.963; MS4.4685 Prince, Samuel Henry MS4.4906 Prince of Wales College (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) MS4.3086 [Prince of Wales College and Normal School] MS1.2731 Protestant High School Principals' Association of the Province of Quebec MS4.4635 Providence Technical High School MS1.1961; MS1.2178 Provincial Normal School MS1.1146; MS4.1015; MS4.1320; MS4.4266; MS4.4267; MS4.4268 Public Archives of Canada MS1.1208 Publishers Association of Canada, Limited MS1.690 Puddington, E. R. MS1.1268; MS1.2274 Puddington, Elmer R. MS1.486; MS1.487 Pugsley, William MS1.191; MS1.1629; MS1.2037 Pulling, A. V. S. MS1.2884 Pulling, Albert V. S. MS1.2276; MS1.2277; MS1.2278; MS1.2279; MS1.2284; MS1.2285; MS1.2286; MS1.2287 Pullinger, A. J. H. MS4.3355; MS4.3357; MS4.3358; MS4.3363 Purdy, Ronald C. MS1.192 Purves, Louise MS1.2885 Quebec. Dept. of Education MS4.71; MS4.1078; MS4.2533; MS4.4022; MS4.4339; MS4.5843 Quebec. Ministere des Terres et Forets. Ecole des Gardes Forestiers MS4.4724 Quebec University School Examinations MS1.3 Queen's Summer School Association MS1.315Queen's University MS1.2440; MS1.2441; MS4.1236; MS4.1243; MS4.1244; MS4.1245; MS4.1246; MS4.1247; MS4.2730; MS4.5355; MS4.5356 Queen's University. Committee of the Arts Faculty on the Employment of Arts Students in the War Emergency MS4.3528 Queen's University. Dept. of Economics and Political Science MS4.2688; MS4.2689 Queen's University. Dept. of Physics MS1.2442 Queen's University. Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor MS4.1276 Queen's University of Belfast MS1.1704; MS1.1705 R. Chestnut & Sons, Limited MS1.2576; MS1.2577 R. Consolato Generale d'Italia nel Canada MS1.2723; MS1.2724; MS1.2725; MS1.2726 Raburn, G. E. MS1.580 Radcliffe College (Cambridge, Mass.) MS1.1357 Ramsay, Jean S. MS4.3364 Rankin, Donald MS1.2290 Rankin, John MS4.4689 Rankin, W. D. MS1.1270; MS1.1630; MS1.2291; MS1.2292; MS1.2886 Raymond, A. Pauline MS1.1631 Raymond, R. [M.] MS1.892 Raymond, W. O. MS1.1632 Raymond, W. T. MS1.193; MS1.488; MS1.489; MS1.894; MS1.1271; MS1.1272 Raymond, William O. MS1.2887; MS1.2888 RCA Victor Company Limited (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.5448; MS4.5450 RCA Victor Company Limited (Toronto, Ont.). Engineering Products Dept. MS4.4690 Reading Camp Association MS1.339 [Redding, William] Renwick MS1.898 Reilly, Muriel MS4.967 Renouf Publishing Co. MS1.194 Report on "The War Effort and The Crisis in Canadian Schools" MS4.3273 Republique et Canto de Geneve MS1.688 Research Enterprises Limited MS4.5810; MS4.5811; MS4.5815; MS4.5816; MS4.5820; MS4.5821; MS4.5825; MS4.5826 Retail Merchants Association of Canada Inc. MS1.2679 Reviews of "A History of Economic Ideas" MS4.2768 Rhode Island State College MS1.2369 Rhode Island State College. Dept. of Mathematics MS1.740 Rhode Island State College. Dept. of Physics & Electrical Engineering MS1.739 Rhodes, Cecil MS4.3368 Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee MS1.2661; MS1.2662; MS1.2663; MS1.2664; MS1.2665; MS1.2666; MS1.2667; MS1.2668; MS1.2669 Rhodes Scholarship Trust MS1.186; MS1.477; MS1.878; MS1.1241; MS1.1242; MS1.1243; MS1.2221; MS1.2239; MS1.2240; MS1.2241; MS1.2242; MS1.2243; MS1.2244; MS4.3371 Rhodes Scholarships. Selection Committee MS1.1956 Rhodes Trust MS4.5331 Rice, E. C. MS1.490; MS1.491; MS1.492; MS1.896; MS1.2302; MS1.2303 Rice, Emerson C. MS4.3372; MS4.3373; MS4.3374 Richards, C. D. MS4.923; MS4.971; MS4.974 Richards, Charles D. MS1.195 Richards, E. S. MS1.2892; MS1.2893; MS1.2894 Richards, Howard J. MS4.974 Richards, Joseph R. MS4.4694 Richards, Lyman Wilfred MS1.2304 Richardson, B. Daryl MS4.4696 Richardson, E. M. MS4.977 Richter, G. L. MS4.5452 Ricker Classical Institute MS1.267 Riley, C. W. MS4.4629 Riley, Donald MS4.3378 Rioux, Teresa R. MS4.2354 Ritchie, Robert MS4.4699; MS4.4701 Ritchie, William S. MS4.3380 Roach, W. J. MS1.2305 Roberts, Dolph MS4.5455 Roberts, Joan MS4.4704 Roberts, William F. MS1.2306 Robertson, [Joseph W.] MS1.2895 Robertson, Ardith E. MS4.3390 Robichaud, Louis Adolphe MS4.3392 Robinson, George C. MS4.3395 Robinson, Howard P. MS4.982; MS4.984; MS4.986; MS4.989; MS4.992; MS4.984; MS4.997; MS4.998; MS4.999; MS4.1001; MS4.1002; MS4.1006; MS4.1009; MS4.1010; MS4.2355; MS4.2356; MS4.2358; MS4.2359; MS4.2361; MS4.2365; MS4.2366; MS4.2367; MS4.2371; MS4.2372; MS4.2373; MS4.2375; MS4.3398; MS4.3399; MS4.3401; MS4.3403; MS4.3406; MS4.3409; MS4.3411; MS4.4710 Robinson, J. M. MS1.1637; MS1.1638 Robinson, John M. MS1.1280; MS1.1281; MS1.1282; MS1.1283; MS1.1284 Robinson, Zella MS4.3413 Rockefeller Foundation MS4.2106; MS4.2376; MS4.2377; MS4.2378; MS4.2380; MS4.3418; MS4.3420; MS4.4713 Rockefeller Foundation Fund MS4.2741 Rogers, Evelyn D. MS4.3423 Rolland, C. F. MS4.4717 Rooke, J. R. MS4.5458 [Rose, S. P.] MS1.902 Ross, A. L. MS4.3425 Ross, E. W. MS4.2384; MS4.2385; MS4.3427 Ross, Earla MS1.2896 Ross, Fred MS1.899; MS1.2897 Ross, G. W. W. MS4.5463 Ross, J. Stewart MS1.2898 Ross, O. V. MS4.5461 Ross Tutoring School (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.5648 Rotary Club of Moncton MS4.452; MS4.453 Rotary Club of Montreal. Canadian Program Committee MS4.3429 Roth, F. MS1.1794 Rothesay Collegiate School MS1.2030; MS4.530; MS4.1014; MS4.1716; MS4.1811; MS4.1813; MS4.2117; MS4.2388; MS4.4287 Rothesay Collegiate School. Blue and White MS1.30; MS1.31 Rouse, I. B. MS4.3431 Rowan, Josephine MS4.3448 [Rowbotham, J.] F. MS1.2309 Rowell, M. U. MS1.1886 Roy, Donald K. MS4.2391 Royal Air Force MS4.2408 Royal Air Force. Depot No. 31 (Moncton, N.B.) MS4.2813; MS4.2877; MS4.2878 Royal Air Force. Station Library Committee (Moncton, N.B.) MS4.2884 Royal Bank of Canada MS1.2900; MS1.2901 Royal Bank of Canada. Head Office (Montreal, Quebec) MS4.918; MS4.921; MS4.927; MS4.929; MS4.4619 Royal Canadian Air Force MS4.840; MS4.841; MS4.864; MS4.866; MS4.867; MS4.868; MS4.871; MS4.1012; MS4.2395; MS4.2398; MS4.2401; MS4.2406; MS4.3224; MS4.3225; MS4.3433; MS4.3435; MS4.3436; MS4.3440; MS4.3442; MS4.3443; MS4.3444; MS4.4148; MS4.4431; MS4.4719; MS4.4721; MS4.4848; MS4.5152; MS4.5153; MS4.5154; MS4.5155; MS4.5156; MS4.5157; MS4.5158; MS4.5159; MS4.5160; MS4.5161; MS4.5765 Royal Canadian Air Force. Recruiting Centre MS4.851; MS4.860 Royal Consulate General of Sweden for British North America MS1.600 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers MS4.1635; MS4.1636; MS4.1637; MS4.1638; MS4.1639; MS4.1640; MS4.1641 Royal Military College MS1.2763 Royal Society of Canada MS1.2907; MS1.2908; MS1.2909 Rundle, B. Marion MS1.1286; MS1.1641; MS1.1642 Rural Adult Education Service MS4.4 Rush, Harry S. MS1.903 Russell, Susan MS1.493 Russell, William L. MS4.1018 Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.) MS4.1248 Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.). Office of the President MS4.1250 Rutledge, M. J. MS1.2314; MS1.2315; MS1.2316; MS1.2318 Rutter, Ethel Brittain MS1.2319 Ryan, Howard MS4.1021; MS4.1022; MS4.3457; MS4.4949 Ryan, John S. MS1.1644 Ryan, Joseph E. MS4.4735 Ryerson Press (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.959; MS4.2314 Sacramento Church Federation MS1.2902; MS1.2903 Sainsbury, W. D. MS4.3182 Saint Andrew's Society MS4.4737 Saint John (N.B.) Board of School Trustees MS4.5383 Saint John Globe MS1.98; MS1.99; MS1.750; MS1.751; MS1.1113; MS1.1989; MS1.1990; MS1.2684; MS1.2685 Saint John Globe Publishing Co. Ltd. MS1.353 Saint John High School MS4.14; MS4.16; MS4.18; MS4.20; MS4.1329; MS4.1331; MS4.2799; MS4.2801; MS4.2802; MS4.3046; MS4.4054; MS4.5295 Saint John Teachers' Association MS4.1039; MS4.1042; MS4.1044; MS4.2528 Saint John Vocational School MS4.1438; MS4.1439; MS4.5320 Saint Vincent's Convent (Saint John, N.B.) MS4.2447; MS4.5470 Sales Limited MS1.2709 Sanders, Donald J. F. MS4.2412; MS4.2413 Sanderson, Francis MS1.1287 Sargent, Jessica B. MS1.1645; MS1.1646 Sargent, Johnson B. MS1.2320; MS1.2321 Saskatchewan. Dept. of Education MS1.605; MS4.1881; MS4.2510; MS4.2512 Saskatchewan. Dept. of Public Health. Physical Fitness and Recreational Division MS4.4660; MS4.5433; MS4.5435 Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation MS4.3458 Sastry, K. R. R. MS4.2595 Saunders, E. G. MS1.14; MS1.197; MS1.198 Saunders, G. Shirley MS4.5132 Saunders, James N. MS4.4740 Saunders, W. A. B. MS4.1047 Scammell, J. K. MS1.2322; MS1.2323 Schantz-Hansen, Thorvald MS1.1943 Schierbeck, Magdaline MS4.2414; MS4.2416 School District No. 3, Andover, N.B. MS1.2713 Schryer, K. R. MS4.4741 Schryer, Ken MS4.5469 Scofield, E. F. MS1.494 Scotland. Board of Agriculture. Forestry Commissioner MS1.2390 Scott, W. Beverly MS1.199; MS1.200 Scovil, F. S. MS1.2910 Scovil, H. A. MS4.3463 Scovil, Medley MS4.2423; MS4.2424; MS4.2425 Scroggs, A. MS4.5590 Sears, Helen I. MS4.3460 Sears, J. W. MS4.792 Sears, Joseph W. MS4.44; MS4.273; MS4.3467 Secord, J. C. MS1.2911 Secretary of State for the Colonies (London, England) MS1.2206 Seely, E. B. MS1.906 Seely, H. A., Mrs. MS1.2325 Seely, Harold E. MS1.2326 Seely, Kenneth MS1.906 Seely, Kenneth B. MS1.1675 Seely, Percy Belmore MS1.2328 Self, G. M. MS4.1053 Selley, W. T. MS4.4743 Seminaire de Valleyfield MS4.777 Semple, David MS4.2428 Semple, J. A., Mrs. MS4.4745 Seppala, Bruno E. MS4.4747 Sexton, F. H. MS1.495; MS1.1288; MS1.1289; MS4.3263; MS4.5903; MS4.5914 Sgoolai Israel Synagogue (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.474; MS4.1832; MS4.4263 Shankel, R. A. MS4.4749 Sharp, Harold H. MS1.1291; MS1.1292; MS1.1293 Sharpe, D. R. MS1.2912; MS1.2913; MS1.2915; MS1.2916; MS4.3469; MS4.3471; MS4.3473; MS4.3474 Shead Memorial High School (Eastport, Me.) MS4.1590 Sheard, Terence MS4.1057 Shearer, E. MS4.2762 Sheldrick, Russell R. MS1.2331 Shepody Loyal MS1.1266 Sherman, L. Ralph MS1.496; MS1.497; MS1.498; MS1.499; MS1.500; MS1.501; MS1.502; MS1.503; MS1.907; MS4.3478; MS4.3480; MS4.3482; MS4.4754; MS4.4755 Sherren, J. C. MS4.4757; MS4.4759 Sherwin-Williams Co. MS1.908 Sherwood, G. E. F. MS1.2332; MS1.2333 [Shipbens], John MS1.913; MS1.936 Shisler, Famee Lorene MS4.2430 Shortliffe, J. Melbourne MS1.1294 Shotwell, J. T. MS1.1345 Shrum, G. H. MS4.3684; MS4.3685 Sills, Kenneth T. M. MS4.1059; MS4.1061; MS4.1063 Simmonds, Frank [E.] MS1.2336 Simmons, S. D. MS4.4764 Simmons College (Boston, Mass.) Office of the Registrar MS1.504; MS1.505 Simms, [J.] Robert [H.] MS1.506 Simms, F. C. MS1.2334 Simms, J. R. H. MS1.2342 Simms, L. L. MS1.2919; MS1.2920 Simms, Robert L. MS1.2335 Simonds, R. [A.] MS1.1647 [Simpson, Ernest A.] MS1.2338 Simpson, Hugh J. MS1.2339; MS1.2340; MS1.2341 Simpson, Milton MS4.1065; MS4.4775; MS4.5474 Singer, Frank MS1.909; MS1.910; MS1.1295 Singer, Max B. MS1.912 Sir George Williams College MS4.1075 Sir George Williams College and the Sir George Williams Schools of the Montreal Y.M.C.A. MS4.5382 Sir George Williams College of the Montreal Y.M.C.A. MS4.2436; MS4.2438; MS4.2440; MS4.2442; MS4.2443; MS4.2445; MS4.3489 Skidd, Ralph J. MS4.4778 Skillen, J. Prescott MS1.1296 [Slavan, Harry J.] MS1.201 Slipp, A. R. MS1.2344 Slipp, Leonard G. MS1.1669 Smart, J. MS1.1297 Smethurst, S. E. MS4.317 [Smith, ?] MS1.507 Smith, A. L. MS1.2014 Smith, C. R. MS4.2454 Smith, Charles R. MS1.2921 Smith, Donald M. MS4.2452 Smith, E. A. MS1.2345; MS1.2346; MS1.2347 Smith, E. H., Mrs. MS4.1079 Smith, Edna F. MS4.3494 Smith, Euphenied A. MS1.1650 Smith, Francis H. MS1.2368 Smith, G. Roy MS1.15; MS1.508 Smith, Gerald E. MS4.3495 Smith, H. LeBaron MS1.203; MS1.204 Smith, Harlan I. MS1.915 Smith, Leonard A. MS1.2923; MS1.2924 Smith, M. A. B. MS1.918; MS1.919; MS1.920; MS1.1651; MS1.2926 Smith, Maurice E. MS1.1299; MS1.2925 Smith, R. M. MS1.1300 Smith, Ray MS1.2927; MS1.2928 Smith, Richard C. MS4.4781 Smith, Robert MS1.1653 Smith, S. Percy MS1.205; MS1.206; MS1.207; MS1.208; MS1.509; MS1.921; MS1.922; MS1.2351 Smith, Sidney MS4.2459; MS4.2462; MS4.2466; MS4.2471; MS4.2473; MS4.2601; MS4.2602; MS4.2647; MS4.2652; MS4.2653; MS4.3144; MS4.3497; MS4.3500; MS4.3504; MS4.3506; MS4.3507; MS4.3511; MS4.3512; MS4.3514; MS4.3515; MS4.3516; MS4.3520; MS4.3523; MS4.3525; MS4.3527; MS4.3530; MS4.3536; MS4.3538; MS4.3636; MS4.3639; MS4.4783; MS4.4784; MS4.4786; MS4.4919; MS4.4921; MS4.4922; MS4.4924; MS4.5892 Smith, Sidney E. MS4.5866 Smith, Winnifred MS1.1652 Snodgrass, Florence T. MS4.3539 Snodgrass, Florence Thompson MS4.3896; MS4.3897 Snodgrass, R. L. MS1.2352; MS1.2929; MS1.2930 Snodgrass, Russell L. MS1.1312 Snodgrass, W. T. MS1.209; MS1.210; MS1.211; MS1.212; MS1.213; MS1.2931 Snowball, W. B. MS1.923; MS1.924 Snowden, Marion Keighley MS4.1081; MS4.1083; MS4.4787; MS4.4789 Snyder, W. E. MS1.2353 Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education MS1.1027 Solandt, O. M. MS4.95.A Somers, A. H., Mrs. MS1.1654 Somers, Albert F. MS4.4790 Somers, S. M. MS1.925 Somers, Stuart M. MS1.2932 Somerville, Donald A. MS1.2933 Sommerhoff, Gerd MS4.1394 Sommerville, Clarke MS1.926 Sommerville, T. H. MS1.927; MS1.928; MS1.929; MS1.1655; MS1.1656; MS1.1657; MS1.2356; MS1.2357; MS1.2358; MS1.2359; MS1.2360; MS1.2361; MS1.2934 Southam, Harold Davey MS4.3913; MS4.3915 Sowers, Stuart M. MS1.2354; MS1.2355 Spaulding, John A. MS1.2365; MS1.2365.A Spencer, G. R. MS1.214; MS1.215; MS1.216 Spencer, George E. MS1.2367 Spicer, Earle MS4.3546 Spicer, Irene T. MS4.2480; MS4.2482 Spicer, Isaac C. MS1.217 Spicer, S. W. MS4.3550 Spicer, Stan MS4.2477 Spinney, G. W. MS1.2943 Springfield College (Springfield, Mass.) MS4.1086; MS4.1088; MS4.1253; MS4.1255; MS4.2411 [Sproul, G. J.] MS1.2366 Sproule, A. H. MS4.2484; MS4.2486 St. Andrews Society. Scholarship Committee MS4.2514 St. Croix Printing and Publishing Co. MS1.2946 St. Francis Xavier University MS1.16; MS1.17; MS1.431; MS1.2688; MS1.2957; MS1.2958; MS1.2959; MS4.4231; MS4.4389 St. Francis Xavier University. Office of the Dean of Studies MS4.494 St. Francis Xavier University. Office of the President MS4.1251 St. George's School of Montreal, Inc. MS4.767 St. John Ambulance Brigade Overseas. New Brunswick District MS1.1776 St. John Typewriter and Specialty Co. Ltd. MS1.2947 St. Joseph's University MS4.206; MS4.2114; MS4.3393; MS4.4356; MS4.5845 St. Lawrence University (Canton, N.Y.) MS4.5833; MS4.5834; MS4.5835; MS4.5836 St. Margaret's College (Toronto, Ont.) MS1.3000 St. Thomas College MS1.1636 Stabler, Ernest MS4.5478 Stacey, Dorothy MS4.4794 Stairs, H. F. MS4.4793 Stairs, Karl W. MS4.4796 Standard MS1.511; MS1.512; MS1.1303; MS1.1658; MS1.1659; MS1.2370; MS1.2371; MS1.2944 Stanley, Carleton MS4.1090; MS4.1092; MS4.2494; MS4.2496; MS4.2497; MS4.2628; MS4.3552; MS4.3555; MS4.5900 Stanstead Wesleyan College (Stanstead, Quebec) MS4.1095 Star Weekly MS4.5490 Starkey, C. Rutherford MS1.1660 Starr, J. K. MS4.5480 Starratt, ? MS1.218 State University of Iowa MS1.1353 Stavley, E. M. MS1.930 Ste. Marie, Jean Paul MS4.5214 [Stead], Geoffrey MS1.2374 Steele, Ethel B. MS4.4799 Steeves, Annie B. MS1.196; MS1.514 Steeves, B. H. MS1.2372 Steeves, C. [McN.] MS4.3462 Steeves, C. McN. MS1.1661; MS1.1662; MS4.2502; MS4.3556; MS4.3557; MS4.3561; MS4.3564; MS4.3566; MS4.3568; MS4.4800; MS4.4803; MS4.4804; MS4.4805; MS4.4807; MS4.4814; MS4.4815; MS4.4816; MS4.4820; MS4.5482 Steeves, C. McN., Mrs. MS4.1100 Steeves, Ethel MS4.4809 Steeves, Leon P. MS1.1663 Steinke, Martin W. MS1.931; MS1.932; MS1.935 Stephen, Alan G. A. MS4.2926 [Stephens], John MS1.1664; MS1.1665; MS1.1666; MS1.2377; MS1.2378 Stephens, John MS4.43; MS4.43.A Stephenson, Verna M. MS1.515 Stephenson, William Charles MS4.4818 Sterling, Kathleen MS1.2379; MS1.2380 Sterling, Louise M. MS4.2505 Sterns, L. MS4.2506 Stevens, J. W., Mrs. MS1.1667 Stevens, James S. MS1.528 Stevens, John MS4.1237; MS4.1238 Stevens, W. W. MS1.1668; MS1.2948 Stevens, Whitney W. MS1.937 Stevenson, F. W. MS1.1308; MS1.1309 Stewart, Donald MS4.1102; MS4.1104 Stewart, J. H. MS1.2381; MS1.2382 Stewart, Lawrence B. MS4.3570; MS4.3572 Stewart, Margaret A. MS1.938 Stewart, Wm. J. MS1.516 Stickle, W. A. MS1.939 Stiles, Alonzo MS1.940 Stiles, John A. MS1.219; MS1.2383; MS1.2384; MS1.2385; MS1.2386 Stockley, W. F. P. MS1.220; MS1.221 Stodart, Barbara M. MS4.4826 Stone, H. S. MS1.1670 Stone, Thomas A. MS4.1032 Storer, William B. MS1.1671; MS1.1674 Stothart, Annie I. MS4.3578 Stothart, David MS4.4828 Strong, R. A. MS4.2516; MS4.2518 Stuart, H. H. MS1.1310 Stuart, Roy G. MS4.3580 Student Christian Movement of Canada MS4.4830; MS4.5484 Students' Association MS1.1675 Sub-Committee on Proposed Maritime Forest Ranger School MS4.5238 Sugiyama, James MS4.3582 Summerside Academy MS4.2058 Sunbury County Grammar School MS4.3330 Sussex High School. The Olympian MS1.434 Swan, Waldo MS1.2391 Swanson, Herbert W. MS1.1934 [Swanson, Herbert W.] MS1.1932.A Sweeney, H. M. MS1.517; MS1.518 Sweet, Christy J. MS4.2524 Sweeting, C. L. MS1.1311 Swim, Mildred A. MS4.4834 Sykes, Richard A. MS4.2544 Sykes, W. J. MS1.1677 Sypher, George F. MS4.3587 T.J. Wheeler and Co. (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.3812 Tait, Lady MS4.1107 Tait, Patricia MS4.3591 Takahashi, Y. MS4.2526 Tallman Brass & Metal Limited MS1.2393 Tapley, R. A. MS1.222 Tapley, Ralph A. MS1.1313; MS1.1314 Tatham, E. T. MS4.3593 [Tayln, Gengrana] MS1.2394 Taylor, [H. W.] MS4.2732 Taylor, E. R. MS1.2395 Taylor, J. Ellis MS1.941; MS1.2396; MS1.2397 Taylor, James F. MS4.3595 Taylor, Joseph Richard MS1.1678 Taylor, Owen H. MS4.5487 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association MS1.2721; MS1.2722 Teed & Teed MS1.1315; MS1.1316; MS1.1317; MS1.1318 Telegraph Journal MS4.1114; MS4.1115 Telegraph Publishing Co. of Saint John, N.B. MS1.2110; MS1.2111 Tennenhaus, Dave MS4.1119 Theriault, [F. T.] MS1.2399 Theriault, Allan F. MS4.1123 [Theriault, F. T.] MS1.2398 Thomas, Earle S. MS4.3613 Thomas, H. E. MS4.2530 Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. MS1.2857 Thompson, James S. MS4.4835 Thompson, L. E. MS4.4837 Thompson, L. Marie MS4.4841 Thompson, Louise MS4.3894; MS4.4838 Thompson, Louise M. MS4.2535; MS4.2537; MS4.2538 Thompson, M. J. MS4.3254 Thompson, Marjorie MS4.1127 Thompson, Marjorie J. MS4.4839 Thompson, R. F. MS4.5797 Thorne, [?] A. MS1.1320 Thorne, [Ren] A. MS1.1680 Thorne, Hermon L. MS4.4844 Thornley, R. [?] MS1.2950 Thorson, J. T. MS4.1034 Thos. Cook & Son MS1.2589 Thurber, J. L. MS1.2400; MS1.2401; MS1.2402; MS1.2951; MS1.2952 Thurrott, Ethel MS1.1681 Tigges, Wilhelm [Schultes] MS4.2542; MS4.4846 Tilsley, D. MS4.3618 Tingley, A. E. MS1.942; MS1.943 Tippet, C. F. Basil MS1.2955 Tirol, M. MS4.3620; MS4.3622 Tisdall, Frederick F. MS4.1130; MS4.1131 Titus, Gordon A. MS1.2953; MS1.2956 Titus, H. C. MS1.519 Todd, J. L. MS1.238 Tompkins, J. J. MS1.1685; MS1.1686 Tompkins, S. R. MS4.2680 Tonner, Thomas H. MS4.5494 Toole, Allan E. MS4.3624 Toole, F. J. MS4.814; MS4.1133; MS4.2547; MS4.4849 Toronto Daily News MS1.1389 Toronto-Hamilton Highway Commission MS1.594 Tory, H. M. MS4.2909; MS4.3524 Tothill, John D. MS1.944 Towers, Wallace H. MS1.2962 Townsend, [?] MS1.2963 Townsend, C. R. MS1.1321; MS1.2964; MS1.2965 Townsend, Charles MS1.2404 Townsend, Charles R. MS1.1688 Townsend, E. H. Salome MS1.1689; MS1.2966; MS1.2967; MS1.2968 Townsend, Salome MS1.2405 [Toy], Crawford H. MS1.945 Tracey, Edgar H. MS1.2969 Tracy, Lawrence MS4.4852; MS4.4854 Tracy, Maxine MS4.3628 Trecarten, James K. MS1.520; MS1.2970 Trecartin, Frank A. MS4.3631 Trenholm, M. W. MS4.5175 Trimble, H. H. MS1.2406; MS1.2971; MS1.2972 Trinity College (Dublin). School of Engineering MS1.2000 Trinity College School (Port Hope, Ont.) MS4.2551; MS4.3633 Trotter, D. D. MS4.4856 Trueman, A. W. MS4.4860 Trueman, George J. MS1.225; MS4.1135; MS4.1136; MS4.1137; MS4.1142; MS4.1144; MS4.1147; MS4.1149; MS4.1151; MS4.1154; MS4.1156; MS4.1161; MS4.2553; MS4.2556; MS4.2557; MS4.2558; MS4.2560; MS4.2562; MS4.2565; MS4.2567; MS4.2573; MS4.2574; MS4.2576; MS4.2578; MS4.2579; MS4.2581; MS4.2583; MS4.2586; MS4.3193; MS4.3195; MS4.3198; MS4.3199; MS4.3200; MS4.3202; MS4.4857; MS4.4927; MS4.5497; MS4.5838; MS4.5895 [Trueman, George J.] MS4.5887 Trueman, Georgina MS1.521 Tryon, Henry H. MS1.1944 Tryon, James L. MS1.1691 Tufts College Dental School MS1.2453 Tufts College Medical School MS1.972 Tupper, J. F. MS1.946 Turnbull, Margaret MS1.2407 Turnbull, W. R. MS4.2588; MS4.2590; MS4.2593; MS4.4862 Turner, [G.] R. MS1.2413 Turner, Blanche J. MS1.2408 Turner, Cecil H. MS1.947; MS1.1322; MS1.1690; MS1.2409 Turner, Earle O. MS1.2410; MS1.2411; MS1.2412; MS1.2433; MS1.2434; MS1.2438; MS1.2973; MS1.2974; MS4.3139 Tweedie, A. H. MS1.522 [Tweedie, N. M.] MS1.226 Tweedie, W. M. MS1.523; MS1.524 Tyng, Dudley MS1.2975 Tyo, John Henry MS4.4864 Underwood & Underwood, Inc. MS1.2456 United Church of Canada. Maritime Conference MS4.3017 United Church Training School (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.4730 United Kingdom. British Consulate-General (U.S.) MS4.1499; MS4.1784 United Kingdom. British Library of Information (U.S.) MS4.1500 United Kingdom. Embassy (Chile) MS4.2606 United Kingdom. Office of the High Commissioner. Information Office (Canada) MS4.3071 United Kingdom. Office of the High Commissioner (Canada) MS4.1494; MS4.1496; MS4.1497; MS4.1980; MS4.1984; MS4.1985; MS4.1987; MS4.1988; MS4.2016; MS4.2019; MS4.2021; MS4.3072; MS4.3073; MS4.3074 United Publishers of Canada Limited MS1.1573; MS1.1574 United Services Institute of New Brunswick MS4.4498 [United Services Institute of New Brunswick] MS4.4500 United States. Bureau of Commercial Economics MS1.775; MS1.776 United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Soils MS1.897 United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Forest Service MS1.294 United States. Dept. of Education. State Committee on Western Hemisphere MS4.1825 United States. Dept. of the Army. First Corps Area Provost Marshal (Portland, Me.) MS4.3848 United States. Dept. of the Interior. United States Geological Survey MS1.507 United States. Embassy (France) MS4.1340 United States. National Research Council MS4.5503 United States. Selective Service System MS4.3787; MS4.3801 United States. State Department MS4.5503 United Typewriter Co., Limited MS1.948; MS1.949; MS1.950; MS1.1325; MS1.1692; MS1.2976; MS1.2977 Universidad Catolica Del Peru MS4.2681 Universite de Montreal MS4.3669 Universite du College St.-Joseph MS1.760 Universite Laval Quebec. Bureau du Secretaire MS1.2642 Universities Bureau of the British Empire MS1.228; MS1.229; MS1.230; MS1.525; MS1.526; MS1.527; MS1.951; MS1.952; MS1.953; MS1.954; MS1.955; MS1.1327; MS1.1891; MS1.2415; MS1.2416; MS1.2417; MS1.2418; MS1.2978; MS1.2979; MS1.2980; MS1.2981 University Christian Mission Committee MS4.4831 University of Alberta MS1.1319 University of Alberta. Dept. of Extension MS4.2597 University of Alberta. Office of the Registrar MS4.1173; MS4.3651 University of Alberta. Registrar MS4.3988; MS4.3989 University of British Columbia MS4.4890; MS4.4891; MS4.4892; MS4.4893 University of British Columbia. Office of the President MS4.5264 University of British Columbia. Office of the Registrar MS1.2183 University of Cambridge. Appointments Board MS1.2419; MS1.2984 University of Chicago. Board of Recommendations MS1.956; MS1.1330; MS1.1694; MS1.2420; MS1.2985 University of Chicago. The Law School. Office of the Dean MS4.1190 University of Edinburgh. Appointments Committee MS1.2883 University of Edinburgh. Dept. of Forestry MS1.1935 University of Edinburgh. Students' Representative Council MS1.2986 University of London MS4.4141 University of London. Academic Council MS1.2990; MS1.2991 University of London. Academic Registrar MS1.2989 University of Maine (Orono, Me.) MS1.963; MS4.434; MS4.435; MS4.437; MS4.440; MS4.450; MS4.5847 University of Maine (Orono, Me.). College of Arts and Sciences MS1.528 University of Maine (Orono, Me.). Dean's Office MS1.1354 University of Manitoba. Board of Governors MS1.2942; MS1.2995 University of Manitoba. Dean of Student Women MS4.1219; MS4.1220 University of Manitoba. Dept. of English MS1.2250 University of Michigan MS1.2996 University of Minnesota. College of Science, Literature and the Arts. Dept. of Political Science MS4.1222 University of Minnesota. Dept. of Agriculture MS1.1933; MS1.2997 University of Missouri. Dept. of Forestry MS1.1941 University of New Brunswick MS1.989; MS1.1771; MS4.1319; MS4.3266; MS4.5089; MS4.5180; MS4.5239; MS4.5539; MS4.5541; MS4.5543; MS4.5544; MS4.5546 [University of New Brunswick] MS4.4199 University of New Brunswick. Alumnae Society MS4.2987 University of New Brunswick. Beaverbrook Scholars MS4.3486 University of New Brunswick. Book Store Committee MS4.5183 University of New Brunswick. Committee on Social Activities MS4.5299 University of New Brunswick. Dean of Residence MS4.559; MS4.847 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Biology MS4.5814 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Chemistry MS4.5813 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Civil Engineering MS4.4863; MS4.5818; MS4.5823 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Electrical Engineering MS4.2386; MS4.3152; MS4.3158 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Forestry MS1.451; MS1.2075; MS4.1671; MS4.1836; MS4.3808; MS4.4057; MS4.4145; MS4.4165; MS4.4252; MS4.5128; MS4.5203; MS4.5479; MS4.5495 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Modern Languages MS4.4112; MS4.4113; MS4.4114 University of New Brunswick. Dept. of Physics MS4.668; MS4.5819; MS4.5824 University of New Brunswick. Endowment Fund Trustees MS4.924; MS4.925; MS4.928; MS4.4947; MS4.4948 University of New Brunswick. Faculty of Engineering MS4.1237 [University of New Brunswick. Faculty of Engineering] MS1.893 University of New Brunswick. Faculty of Forestry MS4.2858; MS4.2859 University of New Brunswick. Faculty of Law MS4.345; MS4.346; MS4.349; MS4.352; MS4.354; MS4.357; MS4.2677; MS4.4236; MS4.4956 University of New Brunswick. Faculty of Science MS4.2013; MS4.2108; MS4.2109; MS4.2933; MS4.3107; MS4.3551; MS4.3627; MS4.3732; MS4.4363 University of New Brunswick. Library MS4.2521; MS4.2539; MS4.3254; MS4.3574; MS4.3575; MS4.3576; MS4.4944; MS4.4946; MS4.5133; MS4.5134 University of New Brunswick. Office of the President MS4.3955; MS4.4084; MS4.4118; MS4.4175; MS4.4177; MS4.4179; MS4.4243; MS4.4313; MS4.4320; MS4.4525; MS4.4529; MS4.4530; MS4.4531; MS4.4532; MS4.4534; MS4.4535; MS4.4536; MS4.4537; MS4.4538; MS4.4606; MS4.4653; MS4.4677; MS4.4678; MS4.4682; MS4.4697; MS4.4698; MS4.4957; MS4.4993; MS4.4995; MS4.5083 University of New Brunswick. Radio School MS4.857 University of New Brunswick. Registrar MS1.667; MS1.668; MS1.1449; MS4.1416; MS4.1417; MS4.1645; MS4.1733; MS4.2129; MS4.2132; MS4.2392; MS4.2393; MS4.2678; MS4.3109; MS4.3189; MS4.3459; MS4.3490; MS4.3944; MS4.4000; MS4.4004; MS4.4122; MS4.4132; MS4.4135; MS4.4139; MS4.4142; MS4.4184; MS4.4257; MS4.4259; MS4.4423; MS4.4436; MS4.4444; MS4.4446; MS4.4540; MS4.4541; MS4.4624; MS4.4640; MS4.4798; MS4.4817; MS4.4833; MS4.4851; MS4.4853; MS4.4855; MS4.4928; MS4.5002; MS4.5166; MS4.5258; MS4.5314; MS4.5337; MS4.5399; MS4.5441; MS4.5460; MS4.5462; MS4.5636; MS4.5642; MS4.5646; MS4.5653; MS4.5660; MS4.5676; MS4.5678; MS4.5703; MS4.5716; MS4.5721; MS4.5763; MS4.5787 University of New Brunswick. Scientific Society MS4.4952 University of New Brunswick. Senate MS4.790; MS4.1696; MS4.2672 University of New Brunswick. Students' Representative Council MS4.4954 University of New Brunswick Club of Saint John MS4.4958 University of Oklahoma MS4.2679; MS4.2680 University of Oklahoma. Dept. of History MS4.1232 University of Ottawa. Faculty of Arts MS4.907 University of Pennsylvania. Graduate School MS1.266 University of Saskatchewan MS1.877; MS1.1227; MS1.1228; MS1.1229; MS1.1358 University of Saskatchewan. President's Office MS1.460; MS1.461; MS1.462 University of Saskatoon MS1.2222 University of St. Andrews. University College (Dundee, Scotland) MS4.3033 University of the State of New York. Dept. of Higher Education MS1.1086; MS1.1087 University of the State of New York. State Dept. of Education MS1.2623; MS1.2624; MS1.2998; MS1.2999 University of the State of New York. State Dept. of Education. Albany MS1.321; MS1.322; MS1.323 University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa) MS4.4611 University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). London Representative MS4.4980 University of Toronto MS1.1244; MS1.1359; MS1.1360; MS1.1361; MS1.1362; MS4.3234; MS4.5042; MS4.5043; MS4.5527 University of Toronto. Alumni Association MS1.2451 University of Toronto. Board of Graduate Studies MS1.2775 University of Toronto. Dept. of Economics MS4.5400 University of Toronto. Dept. of Physics MS4.5909 University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering MS4.1845; MS4.2268; MS4.2269 University of Toronto. Faculty of Forestry MS1.1940; MS1.2711; MS1.2712; MS4.4769 University of Toronto. President's Office MS1.2447; MS1.2448; MS1.2449 University of Toronto. Registrar MS1.1706; MS1.1707; MS1.2444; MS1.2445; MS1.2446; MS4.2694 University of Toronto. Roll of Service MS1.2452 University of Toronto. Students' Administrative Council MS1.1708; MS1.1709 University of Toronto. The Varsity MS4.5521 University of Veterans Association of Toronto MS1.2169 University of Washington. Office of the Recorder MS1.2454 University of Western Ontario MS4.335; MS4.2705; MS4.4964 University of Western Ontario. Faculty of Arts. Dept. of Zoology and Applied Biology MS4.4965 University of Western Ontario. Faculty of Arts French Summer School (Trois- Pistoles, Quebec) MS4.4971; MS4.4974; MS4.4979 University of Western Ontario. Faculty of Arts French Summer School (Trois- Pistoles, Quebec) MS4.4968; MS4.4976 University of Western Ontario. Office of the Bursar and Executive Secretary MS4.1268 University of Wisconsin MS4.500 University of Wyoming MS4.1296 University Women's Club (Moncton, N.B.) MS4.2700 Universtiy of Maine (Orono, Me.) MS4.5846 Upper Canada College (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.1270 Uppvall, Axel [Wh.] MS1.2457; MS1.2458 Uppvall, Axel Wh. MS1.975; MS1.976 Upshall, Louise MS4.4983 Usher, Rupert C. MS4.5529 Usher, W. K. MS4.4982 Valley Motor Company, Ltd. (Fredericton, N.B.) MS4.1271 Van Ness, Thos. MS1.977 Van Wart, Arthur F. MS1.2459; MS1.2460; MS1.3003 Van Wart, G. Clowes MS1.530; MS1.1020; MS1.1193; MS1.1465; MS1.1710; MS1.2461 Van Wart, Horace H. MS1.1365; MS1.1366; MS1.1367; MS4.5525; MS4.5526 Van Wart, Horace Hume MS1.3004 Vanderbilt, Arthur T. MS4.1272; MS4.1274 Vaughan, Joan MS4.5532 Vavasour, Kenneth MS1.251; MS1.529; MS1.3005 [Ve Flon], L. L. MS1.1892 Vechsler, M. J. MS4.2607 Veness, J. C. MS1.3006 Victoria College. University of Toronto MS1.1363 Victoria Public Hospital MS1.2904 Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.) MS4.1260; MS4.1261 Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Office of the President MS4.1263 Videto, Harris E. MS4.4985; MS4.4988; MS4.4989 Viles, George B. MS1.978; MS1.979 Vince, A. S. MS1.3007 Vince, E. Raban MS4.4996; MS4.4997; MS4.5000 Viner, R. A. MS4.4990; MS4.4992 Vining, Roscoe H. MS1.1711 Vogel, Gustave MS4.4994; MS4.5003 W. H. Thorne & Company, Limited MS1.223; MS1.224; MS1.541 Wade, Donald V. MS4.3928 Wade, H. G. MS4.3701 Wade, Harry P. MS1.3008 Wainwright, [S. F.] A. MS1.531 [Wait], Roy MacGregor MS4.5465 Waken, Evelyn M. C. MS4.3702 Walker, A. S. MS4.2708 Walker, John R. MS1.3009 Walker, Mary R. MS1.1368 Walker, Thomas MS1.252 Wallace, [Ron] C. MS4.3710; MS4.3711 Wallace, C. MS4.1276 Wallace, D. W. MS1.3010; MS1.3011 Wallace, Gyles J. MS4.3707 Wallace, Mildred E. MS1.542 Wallace, R. C. MS4.600; MS4.601; MS4.1538; MS4.2464 [Walton], Thomas MS1.2462 Walton, Thomas MS1.1712 [Ward], Charles Frederick MS1.980; MS1.981 Ward, B. S. MS1.1713 Ward, Charles Frederick MS1.1714 Ward, R. Vance MS1.982; MS1.983; MS1.2463; MS1.2464 Ward Systems Company, Ltd. MS1.3013; MS1.3014 Warren, A. Emerson MS4.2646 Warren, Alathier MS4.2717; MS4.2720 Washburn, George H. MS4.3756 Wasson, C. M. MS1.2465; MS1.2465.A [Waterhouse, E. M.] MS1.2469 Waterhouse, Everett Marshall MS1.3015; MS1.3016; MS1.3016.A Watson, Samuel E. MS1.1370 Watt, H. C. MS1.253 Watts, George B. MS1.2467; MS1.2468 Weary, John A. MS4.5090; MS4.5091; MS4.5094 Webb, L. S. MS1.2470 Weber, E. MS1.1371 Webster, Alice MS4.1282 Webster, G. H. MS1.543 Webster, J. C. MS4.1281; MS4.1284; MS4.1285; MS4.2734; MS4.2735; MS4.2737; MS4.2738; MS4.3761; MS4.3762; MS4.3764; MS4.3767; MS4.3769; MS4.5096; MS4.5098; MS4.5101; MS4.5571; MS4.5574; MS4.5576 Weekes, Edwin A. MS1.3017 Weigensberg, Edward MS4.3774 Weir, G. M. MS4.3313 Weir, Gordon MS1.1372 Weiss, Philip MS4.1288 Wells, George, Mrs. MS4.3715 West, Allan S., Jr. MS4.3809 Western Municipal News MS4.3701 Western University MS1.973 Western University. Registrar's Office MS1.3001 Westman, L. E. MS4.1584; MS4.1900; MS4.1901 Weston Electrical Instrument Company MS1.1717 Wetmore, A. W. MS1.1373; MS1.1374 Wetmore, C. T. MS4.5766 Wetmore, E. L. MS1.2471 Wetmore, Harold B. MS4.3810 Wheelock, F. E. MS1.243; MS1.244; MS1.246; MS1.248; MS1.250; MS1.255; MS1.544; MS1.545; MS1.547; MS1.549; MS1.551 Whelpley, Frank MS1.2473; MS1.2474 Whetham, Katherine MS4.383; MS4.386; MS4.387; MS4.387.A; MS4.387.B; MS4.388; MS4.390; MS4.391; MS4.423; MS4.426; MS4.428; MS4.2751; MS4.3813; MS4.3814; MS4.3816; MS4.3817; MS4.3820; MS4.3821 Whidden, Howard P. MS1.1719 Whimster, Mary-Louise MS4.5107; MS4.5108 White, Barbara MS4.1289; MS4.1291 White, Charles E. MS1.2475; MS1.2476 White, H. Adelbert MS1.986 White, J. Edmund, Mrs. MS4.2753 White, W. L. MS1.2483 White, Walter W. MS1.1376; MS1.1377; MS1.1378; MS1.2484; MS1.3019 Whitehead, Frances C. MS1.3036 Whitman, Georgia R. MS1.3037 Whitmore, John MS1.2485 Whitney, R. K. MS4.5110 Whittaker, Edmund MS4.2758; MS4.2760; MS4.2763; MS4.2769; MS4.2770; MS4.3823; MS4.3826; MS4.3828; MS4.3830; MS4.3833 Whittier College. Whittier Institute of International Relations (Whittier, Calif.) MS4.1292 Whittingham, David J. MS4.5587 Who's Who in American Education, Inc. (Nashville, Tenn.) MS4.3835 Whynot, Irving MS4.3836 Wicks, Lois MS4.3838 Wicks, W. E. MS4.5113 Wier, Freda M. MS1.1379 Wiggins, John MS1.2486 Wilbor A. Bowen (Firm) MS1.1030 Wilby, Edward J. MS4.2771 Wilcox, Donald MS4.3840; MS4.3842 Wiley, Elmer H. MS4.3415 Willard, William R. MS1.2489 Willet, D. Gordon MS1.987; MS1.2490; MS1.3038; MS1.3039 William R. Willard (Firm) MS1.2489 Williams, E. P. MS1.988; MS1.990; MS1.993; MS1.1380; MS1.1381 Williams, H. H. MS1.2017 Williams, Paul B. MS1.2491 Williams-Taylor, Frederick MS1.533; MS1.534; MS1.535; MS1.536; MS1.537; MS1.538; MS1.539; MS1.540; MS4.1298; MS4.2778; MS4.3854; MS4.3855; MS4.3857; MS4.3860; MS4.3864; MS4.3868; MS4.3870; MS4.3872; MS4.5116; MS4.5117; MS4.5119; MS4.5577 [Williams-Taylor, Frederick] MS4.3856; MS4.3871 Williams-Taylor, Frederick William MS1.994; MS1.995; MS1.996; MS1.997; MS1.998; MS1.999; MS1.1000; MS1.1001; MS1.1382; MS1.1383; MS1.1384; MS1.1385; MS1.1386; MS1.1387; MS1.1723; MS1.1724; MS1.1725; MS1.1726; MS1.2487; MS1.2488; MS1.3041; MS1.3042; MS1.3043 Williamson, Eleanor M. MS4.2773 Williamson, J. A. MS4.2775; MS4.3844; MS4.3845 Williamson, W. R. M. MS4.1294; MS4.1295 Willis, Helen A. E. MS1.1388 Wills, R. K. MS1.2492 Wills, R. Kenneth MS1.1390 Wills, Walter I. MS1.1715; MS1.1716 Wilmot, Horace Francis MS1.2493; MS1.2494 Wilson, Bessie H. MS1.2495; MS1.3044 Wilson, Cairine R. MS4.2782 Wilson, Cyril MS1.1391 Wilson, Frederick E. MS1.2496; MS1.2497; MS1.3046 Wilson, Isabel D. MS1.2498 Wilson, Lula M. MS1.1727 Wilson, R. B. E. MS1.2499 Wilson, Rolla MS4.5592 Winslow, J. Douglas MS1.553 Winslow, J. J. F. MS4.1300; MS4.1302; MS4.1304 Winslow, J. J. Fraser MS1.1729 Wise, Maurice K. MS4.3876; MS4.3877 Wiseman, A. M. MS4.5533 Wismer, Walter Eves MS1.1394 Wittewaall, B. M. MS4.3879 Wittewaall, Barth M., Jr. MS4.3878 Wolff, A. D. MS4.4171 Women's Canadian Club MS1.1434 Women's Canadian Club (St. John, N.B.) MS1.2698 Women's Missionary Society of the United Church of Canada MS4.3881 Wood, Joseph MS1.1003 Wood, Josiah MS1.1395 Wood, W. R. MS4.5124 Woods, Hannah Z. MS1.1396 Woodstock (N.B.) MS4.3140 Workers' Educational Association MS4.2714 Wright, C. B. B. MS1.1733 Wright, Howard R. MS4.5126 Wright, Muriel R. MS4.3884 Wright, R. H. MS4.3885 Wyman, S. R. MS4.5127 Y.W.C.A. at University of New Brunswick MS1.1398 Yale University MS1.1364 Yale University. Bureau of Appointments MS1.974; MS1.2455 Yale University. School of Forestry MS1.1207; MS1.1766; MS1.1767 Yale University. Secretary's Office MS1.3002 Yarmouth County Academy MS4.4160 Yarmouth County Academy. Commercial Dept. MS4.4158 Yerxa, E. B. MS1.3050 York-Sunbury Recruiting Committee MS4.825 Young, F. T. B. MS1.556 Young, George MS4.5130 Young, John Kilburn MS4.3890; MS4.3892 Young Men's Christian Association. International Committee MS1.2056 Young Men's Christian Association of Canada MS1.1009 Young Men's Christian Association of Canada. National Council MS1.58; MS1.59; MS1.304; MS1.305; MS1.306; MS1.655; MS1.656; MS1.657; MS1.658; MS1.659; MS1.664; MS1.807; MS1.808; MS1.809; MS1.813; MS1.1026; MS1.1171; MS1.1172; MS1.1173; MS1.1174; MS1.1175; MS1.1176; MS1.1298; MS1.1823; MS1.1859; MS1.1860; MS4.3888Young Men's Christian Association of Canada. National Council. Maritime Office MS1.2689; MS1.2690 Young Men's Christian Association of Canada. War Prisioners' Aid MS4.2793 Young Men's Christian Association of Canada (Saint John, N.B.) MS1.202; MS4.2791 Zbieranska, Krystyna MS4.1309


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