Series 1, sub-series 2

Business correspondence [textual record]. -- 1970 - 1981. -- 8 cm of textual records


2-7. The Fighting Fisherman, 1979-1981
Note: Includes correspondence from Doubleday, Dave Butler, Edward Duplessie, Donat LeBreton, Alden Nowlan, Michael O. Nowlan, Dorothy Creighton, and Raymond Fraser

2-8. The Black Horse Tavern, 1973
Note: Includes correspondence from Fred Hazel, Kenneth Herta, Hugh Hood, Hugh Garner, Farley Mowat, and Raymond Fraser.

2-9. The Robin Hood Gang (unpublished), 1970-1971
Note: Includes correspondence from Chateau Book, Michael Macklem, Diarmuid Russel, Judith Turnbull (M&S), and Raymond Fraser.

2-10. A Small World War (early version of The Struggle Outside), 1971
Note: Includes correspondence from Anansi (Ian Carmichael), Doubleday (J. Finlayson), Longman Canada, Michael Macklem, and Jack McClelland.

2-11. East of Canada, 1975-1976
Note: Includes correspondence from Elizabeth Brewster, Ernest Buckler, Silver Donald Cameron, Gregory Cook, Anne Crawford (Breakwater), Farley Mowat, Alden Nowlan, H. R. Percy, Clyde Rose, Douglas Sandwell (Burns & MacEachern), Ray Smith, Jim Stewart, Rex Williams (B&E), and Raymond Fraser.

2-12. The Bannonbridge Musicians, 1975-1980
Note: Includes correspondence from Atlantic Monthly Press, Julie Bayliss (Beddoes), Breakwater, Anne Crawford (Breakwater), Sheila Fischman, Barthold Fles, General Publishing, McGraw-Hill Ryerson (Elizabeth Hemsworth), Michael Macklem, Scott Meredith, Robert P. Mills, Anna Porter (M&S), Clyde Rose, Barney Rosset (Grove), Jill Starling (M&S), and Raymond Fraser.

2-13. The Struggle Outside, 1973-1975
Note: Includes correspondence from Julie Bayliss (Beddoes), Helen Beaton, Ronald Besse, Barbara Byam, Canada Council, Elizabeth Hemsworth, Toivo Kiil, M. Nice, Canada Post, Bernard Semelhago, Jane Tasker, and Raymond Fraser.

2-14. Canada Council, 1971-1978
Note: Includes correspondence from David Arnason, Nancy Bauer, Silver Donald Cameron, Fred Cogswell, Hugh Garner, Bob Gibbs, John Moss, Canada Council, and Raymond Fraser.

2-15. The Flat Earth Society, 1970-1977
Note: Includes correspondence from Cynthia Beaumont, Loren Chudy, Phil Desjardins, Leo Ferrari, Alden Nowlan, John Pedersen, and Raymond Fraser.

2-16. Weekend Magazine, 1975-1976
Note: Includes correspondence from Julie Bayliss (Beddoes), Robert MacGilchrist, and Raymond Fraser.

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