UA RG83


     Barbour, Douglas              White.
     Berland, Jane                 The Landscape of Kin.
     Booth, Luella                 Old Mama.
     Bowering, Marilyn             One Who Became Lost.
     ---.                          The Dragon Book.
     Burns, Robert                 Ben Neptune.
     Burston, Candace A.           Pale Lady.
     Chase, Gillean                The Distress of Harvest.
     Choyce, Lesley                Re-Inventing the Wheel.
     Colson, Theodore              The Beauty of It.
     Cooper, Allan                 Blood Lines.
     Cunningham, Ralph             Lovesongs and Others.
     D'Amboise, Jacqueline         Mother Myths.
     Davidson, Donald &
        Campbell, A.P.             The Letter of Alexander the
                                   Great to Aristotle:  The Old
                                   English Version Turned into
                                   Modern English.
     Dunlop, Donna                 Changing Voices.
     Finnigan, Joan                This series has been     
     Flanagan, Robt.               Once You Learn Never Forget.
     Fleet, Brenda                 Needlepoint.
     Forsythe, Kathleen            Phoenix Rising.
     ---.                          A manuscript
     Franken, Marcia Bell          Tangled Flame.
     Fulford, R.W.                 Powerful Minds.
     Gervais, Marty                The Believable Body.
     Gill, Lakshmi                 Novena to St. Jude Thaddeus.
     Grace, Gregory                Heaven's Door.
     Harasym, Sally                Circles in the Sand.
     Harper, Elizabeth             Games Like Passacaglia.
     Hauser, Gwen                  Gophers and Swans.
     Hayes, Diana                  Moving Inland.
     Hennessey, Bryan              Counting Gifts.
     Hill, Mary Lou                (no title)
     Hornsey, Richard              Where Ponds and Rivers Lead.
     Itani, Frances                No Other Lodgings.
     James, Candice                The Cat's Eye.
     Johnson, Jane                 Never, the Sun.
     Kemp, Penny                   Changing Place.
     Klassen, Jean-Marie           L'Etoile.
     MacDonald, Bernell            The Theories of Fish.
     ---.                          Poems.
     ---.                          Seeds We Planted.
     McIlwain, Sandy               And Between Us, the Night.
     MacKinnon, Ian                15 Poems.
     McPhee, Rosalind              Scarecrow.
     McRobbie, Kenneth             Hole.
     Mallory, Norman               The Lady Katherine Scenario.
     Moore, Roger                  Last Year in Paradise.
     Nelson, Sharon H.             Blood Poems.
     Newton, Norman                On the Broken Mountain.
     Oliver, Michael Brian         The Dread of Self:  The Poetry
                                   of Alden Nowlan.
     ---.                          Alden Nowlan:  Poet's
     ---.                          The Presence of Ice:  The Early
                                   Poetry of Alden Nowlan.
     ---.                          You took the Words Out of My
     ---.                          To a Sister Lonliness.
     Orlovich, Walter              Manshapes, Moonshapes.
     Oulton, Bonnie                Pocket Crumbs.
     Plourde, Marc                 Francis Wiper Trilogy.
     Polson, Don                   Lone Travellers.
     Purdy, Alfred                 Emu, Remember!.
     Rashley, R.E.                 Paso Por Aqui.
     Rempel, Sandra Nelson         Images of Glass.
     Roberts, Dorothy              (untitled manuscript)
     Rosenfield, Rita              The Days in Careful Measure.
     Scott, Anne                   The Sun in Winter.
     ---.                          Inside.
     Skitch, Gordon                Needle Points.
     Solway, David                 The Egyptian Airforce.
     Stevens, Peter                The Bogman Pavese Tactics.
     Sullivan, Dale H.             Wind, Sun, Stone and Ice.
     Swede, George                 A Snowman Headless.
     Thurston, Harry               Barefaced Stone.
     Tyler, Kathy                  The Ultimate Contact.
     Van Wart, Alice               Positionings.
     Wade, Jennifer                To Fly With Icarus.
     Welch, Liliane                Syntax of Ferment.
     ---.                          Brush and Trucks.
     ---.                          October Winds.
     Willis, Mary                  Earth's Only Light.
     ---.                          Under the World's Green  
     Woodcock, George              The Mountain Road.
     Wreford, James                Countryside Canada.
     Yates, J. Michael             (manuscript in progress)
     Yeo, Marg                     Something About Silence.


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