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Time constraints did not permit for the exercise of name authority control. Many of the names appearing in the index do not presently appear in existing standard bibliographic reference sources. In order to be accurate, extensive name authority searching through a wide variety of sources would be required. Rather than create errors, it was decided to retain entries under the form of name appearing in each letter.

Aaron  MS1.5855 
Abbe, G.  MS1.1381; MS1.572; MS1.582; MS1.593; MS1.610; 
     MS1.665; MS1.821; MS1.906; MS1.1415; MS1.1468; 
     MS1.1530; MS1.1876; MS1.1922; MS1.1977; MS1.2003; 
Abbe, George  MS1.3210 
Abbey, Lloyd  MS1.4743; MS1.5173; MS2.852; MS3.1 
Abrahams, Cecil  MS1.7312; MS1.7347; MS1.8238; MS1.8603; MS1.8925;
     MS1.9090; MS2.182; MS2.301; MS2.483; MS2.737; MS2.1050;
     MS2.1499; MS2.1714; MS2.1758; MS2.2090 
Acorn, Helen  MS1.6923 
Acorn, M.  MS1.2351 
Acorn, Milton  MS1.3541; MS1.4470; MS1.4570; MS1.6796; 
     MS1.7078; MS1.7160; MS1.9120; MS1.9121; MS1.9122; 
     MS2.73; MS2.698 
A'Court, Maryliz  MS1.8559 
Adam, Ian  MS1.8794; MS2.1709 (University of Calgary); MS2.2189 
Adams, Evelyn S.  MS1.5893 
Adams, J.  MS1.2025; MS1.2229 
Adams, J.R.  MS1.2504 
Adams, J.R.G.  MS1.1019; MS1.1058; MS1.1628; MS1.4620; MS1.8203 
Adams, [J.R.G.]  MS1.7134 
Adams, [L.R.G.]  MS1.6331 
Adams, M.  MS1.1694; MS1.2143; MS1.2190 
Adams, Myrtle  MS1.2544; MS1.2550; MS1.3813; MS1.5748; MS1.6564; 
     MS1.6694; MS2.1222; MS2.1331; MS2.1365; MS2.1501; MS2.1609; 
     MS2.1744; MS2.1815; MS2.1819; MS2.2131; MS2.2139; MS2.2153; 
     MS2.2175; MS2.2198; MS2.2325.A; MS2.2365; MS3.2 
Adams, Myrtle Reynolds  MS1.5830; MS1.3370; MS2.1195 
Adams, P.  MS1.1990 
Adams, Percy  MS1.2989; MS1.3038; MS1.5522; MS1.5537; MS1.5539;
     MS1.7181; MS3.3 
Adams, Phoebe-Low  MS1.6905 
Advani, T.H.  MS1.7360 
The Adventurers  MS1.321 
Aedy, Lenora  MS1.6165 
Ahmed  MS2.1694 
Aide, Bill  MS2.855; MS2.1250; MS2.1251; MS2.1280; MS2.1320;
Aiori, Marcia  MS1.8877 
Albin, Steve  MS1.5832; MS1.9123 
Alderson, Evan  MS2.2411 
Alec  MS2.1136  (McGill University)
Alec  MS1.5710 
Alex  MS1.6711 
Alex  MS2.44 
Alex S.  MS2.41 
Alexander, C.  MS1.406; MS1.419; MS1.441 
Alexander, Floya M.  MS1.8721 
Alexander, H.  MS1.1203 
Alexander, Jay  MS1.6608 
Alexander, Reba  MS1.8875; MS1.8929 
Alexander, Vera  MS1.6799 
Alfie  MS1.4214 
Alfie  MS1.4235 
Alice  MS1.5226 
Alice  MS1.5890 
Alive Production Collective  MS2.2326 
Allan, C.  MS1.476; MS1.486 
Allan, Jannis  MS1.8591 
Allen, George  MS2.2055 
Allen, Irene P.  MS1.5978 
Allen, Joan  MS1.8090 
Allen, John  MS1.2482; MS1.2539; MS1.3166; MS1.3903; MS1.3985;
     MS1.4039; MS1.4066; MS1.4094; MS1.4215; MS1.4484; MS1.4553;
Allen, Sara Van Alstyne  MS1.3291 
Allen, W.G.  MS1.1606 
Aller, George  MS2.2381 
Amabile, George  MS1.5839; MS1.8968; MS3.5 
Amelt, L. Behoadue?  MS1.6697 
American Haiku  MS1.6744 (James Bull); MS1.6752 (James Bull)
American Weave Press  MS1.3468 
Ames, Bernice  MS1.2527; MS1.3553; MS1.3644; MS1.3711; MS3.6 
Amm, H.  MS1.1540 
Amm, Helen  MS1.4722 
Amy, Godfrey  MS1.5239 
Anderson, D.  MS1.7209 
Anderson, Dorothea  MS1.7135; MS1.7238; MS1.7727; MS1.7995; MS1.8040; 
     MS1.8120; MS1.8158; MS1.8193; MS1.8393; MS1.8430; MS1.8493 
Anderson, Dorothea Webb  MS1.7168; MS1.7696; MS1.8421; MS1.8478; 
Anderson, Dorothy  MS3.8 
Anderson, Dorothy Webb  MS1.8606 
Anderson, Elmer L.  MS1.6963 
Anderson, J.K.  MS1.6065 
Anderson, Patrick  MS2.2154; MS2.2190 (poems)
Anderson, Violet  MS1.8246; MS1.8314; MS1.9041; MS2.27; MS2.45 
Andreas  MS2.1267  UBC
Andreas  MS2.1306  (UBC)
Aneuma  MS1.7857 
Angel, Leonard  MS1.5563 
Angeles, Peter  MS2.237; MS2.466; MS2.488; MS2.578; MS2.595; 
Angeles, Peter A.  MS1.7103; MS2.251 
Anges, Anne  MS3.7 
Angoff, C.  MS1.2342; MS1.2346 
Angus, A.  MS1.503; MS1.550; MS1.606; MS1.618; MS1.1032; 
     MS1.1124; MS1.1134; MS1.1363; MS1.1387; MS1.1553; 
Angus, A.M.  MS1.3531; MS1.5898 
Angus, Anne  MS1.6887; MS1.6913; MS1.7004; MS1.7072; MS1.7243; MS1.7253;
     MS1.7434; MS1.7601; MS1.7622; MS1.7728; MS1.7778; MS1.7798; MS1.7815;
     MS1.7833; MS1.7989; MS1.8029; MS1.8095; MS1.8133; MS1.8154; MS1.8173;
     MS1.8211; MS1.8253; MS1.8369; MS1.8473; MS1.8489; MS1.8516; MS1.8784;
     MS1.8799; MS1.8805; MS1.8817; MS1.9050; MS1.9105 
Angus, Anne Margaret  MS1.5872; MS1.7260 
Angus, H.  MS1.2204 
Angus, H.F., Mrs.  MS1.516; MS1.1077 
Ankenbrand, Frank  MS1.4723 
Ankenbrand, Frank, Jr.  MS1.4801; MS1.4874 
Ann  MS2.390 
Anne  MS2.1539 
Anselm, Felix  MS1.3317; MS1.3337; MS1.3353; MS1.3368; MS1.3760; 
Anshutz, H.L.  MS1.3496 
Anstant, H.L.  MS3.9 
Aponivk, O.B.  MS2.1550 
Appell, M.R.  MS1.9124 
Appell, Melvin Robert  MS3.10 
Appleby, Jack  MS1.6862; MS1.6902; MS1.6945 
Appleby, John E.  MS1.6666; MS1.6680 
Appleby, Ted  MS1.7011 
Appleman, P.  MS1.1877 
Archibald, Doug  MS2.1069; MS2.2336 
Archibald, E.G.  MS1.229 
Archibald, E.J.  MS1.241 
Arnason, David  MS2.1633; MS2.1743 
Arnett, Tom  MS1.7052 
Arnez, Nancy L.  MS1.7036 
Arnold, William G.  MS1.8517 
Arnstein, Flora  MS1.6132; MS1.6172 
Arscott, Ruth and Hugh  MS2.276; MS2.344 
Arscott, W. Hugh  MS2.358 
Arsenault, J.  MS1.1436; MS1.1424; MS1.1541; MS1.1572; MS1.1618; 
     MS1.1629; MS1.1670; MS1.1735; MS1.1744; MS1.1795; MS1.1875; 
     MS1.1897; MS1.2067; MS1.2170 
Arsenault, Laura Jeanne  MS1.7175 
Art News  MS1.4447 
Arthur  MS1.8198 
Arthur  MS1.9026 
Arthur, Catherine  MS1.7808; MS1.8566; MS1.9037 
Arthur, Connie  MS2.399 
Arult, L.V. Behaxire?  MS1.6501 
Asfour, John Michail  MS2.2434  (poems)
Ashman  MS1.619 
Ashman, R.  MS1.547; MS1.560; MS1.571; MS1.578; MS1.584; MS1.597; 
     MS1.776; MS1.806; MS1.811; MS1.817; MS1.1364; MS1.1373; 
     MS1.1413; MS1.1446; MS1.1454; MS1.1485; MS1.1517; MS1.1585; 
     MS1.1613; MS1.1676; MS1.1846; MS1.1884; MS1.1973; MS1.1978; 
     MS1.1991; MS1.2035; MS1.2073; MS1.2113; MS1.2114; MS1.2130; 
     MS1.2223; MS1.2377 
Ashman, R./Cassin, M  MS1.778 
Ashman, Richard  MS1.2420; MS1.2432; MS1.2563; MS1.2564; MS1.2782;
     MS1.2803; MS1.3078; MS1.3342; MS3.11 
Ashton, George R.M.  MS1.4665 
Astell, G.H., Miss  MS1.7178 
Aster, Sidney  MS1.5306; MS1.5410; MS1.5510 
Astier, Mary  MS1.5577 
Atherton, Stan  MS2.762; MS2.765 
Atkinson, F.T.  MS1.2396; MS1.2407; MS1.2515; MS1.2523 
Atlantic Advocate  MS1.6721  (L.S. Loomer)
Atlantic Provinces Library Assoc.  MS1.4794 
Atwood, M.E.  MS1.6068 
Atwood, Margaret  MS2.136; MS3.12 
Atwood, Margaret E.  MS1.4621 
Atwood, Peggy  MS1.5911 
Auert, Edward  MS1.9091 
Aulhghamman  MS1.5989 
Austin, Alan D.  MS3.13 
Austin, Pat  MS2.665; MS2.1184; MS2.1293; MS2.1304; MS2.1354; 
     MS2.1361; MS2.1413 
Austin, Waddell  MS1.5471; MS1.5480; MS1.6115; MS1.7227; MS1.7836;
     MS1.7872; MS1.7845 
Auty, Lilian S.  MS1.6859 
Avalon  MS1.6747 
Averitte, Ruth  MS3.14 
Avison, Margaret  MS1.216; MS1.3026; MS1.6547 
Avrett, Robert  MS1.2910; MS1.2997; MS1.3747; MS1.6199; MS1.6214; 
     MS1.6302; MS1.6332
Axford, H.M.  MS1.5957; MS1.6224 
Axtell, Helen  MS1.7201; MS1.7374; MS1.7381; MS1.7786; MS3.15 
Ayles, Tess  MS2.2357 
B       , John  MS1.5840 
B      , David  MS1.7517 
B      , Mary  MS1.6987 
B.    , Eleanor  MS1.97 
Babin, Walter  MS2.1412 
Bachman, Gregory  MS1.5647 
Bacque, J.W.  MS1.7079; MS1.7091; MS1.7115; MS1.7754
Bagby, James  MS1.4396 
Bagby, Jeanne  MS1.4657 
Bagby, Jeanne S.  MS1.4485; MS1.4848; MS3.16 
Bailey, A.G.  MS1.8722; MS1.8725; MS1.8865; MS1.9051; MS3.17 
Bailey, Alfred  MS2.1024 
Bailey, Alfred G.  MS2.135; MS2.1325 (poem)
Bailey, Don  MS2.1031; MS2.1125; MS2.1172; MS2.1279; MS2.1346; MS2.1378; 
     MS2.1617; MS2.1672 (poems); MS2.1688; MS2.1703; MS2.1741; MS2.1752; 
     MS2.1876; MS2.1893 
Bailie, Joanna  MS2.34; MS2.38; MS2.99 
Bain, Effie  MS1.6511 
Bain, Ian K.  MS1.5747 
Baird, Mabel G.  MS1.8455 
Baird, Martha  MS1.6129; MS1.7739 
Baird, Newton  MS1.3443 
Baker, Donald W.  MS1.5677; MS1.6733 
Baker, R.J.  MS2.128 
Baker, Ross  MS2.1976 
Baker, Russell  MS2.2205 
Balch, Norval  MS1.5899 
Balch, R.  MS1.2148 
Balderidge, Mary  MS2.2061 
Balderston, Jean M.  MS1.5528 
Balderstone, Greg  MS2.1478; MS2.1481 
Balderstone, Gregory  MS2.1358; MS2.1437; MS2.1460; MS2.1533; MS2.1565;  
     MS2.1578; MS2.1738 
Baldridge, M.H.  MS1.5276; MS2.2409 
Baldridge, Mary  MS1.5152; MS1.5394; MS1.5422; MS1.5518; MS1.5765; 
     MS1.6431; MS1.7361 
Baldridge, Mary E.  MS3.18 
Baldridge, Mary H.  MS1.5380; MS1.5979; MS1.6598; MS1.8113; MS1.8549 
Baldridge, Mary Humphrey  MS1.5252; MS1.6185; MS1.7522; MS1.8873;
Baldwin, Laura  MS2.1761 
Baldwin, Laura E.  MS1.8431 
Ball, H.  MS1.1854; MS1.2099; MS1.2157 
Ball, Helen  MS1.3178; MS1.3223; MS1.3449; MS1.3969; MS1.4194; 
     MS1.4259; MS1.4316; MS1.7869; MS1.8705; MS1.8806; MS2.75 
Ball, Nelson  MS1.7464 
Ballantyne, Deidre  MS2.1797 
Balser, Roy  MS1.3255 
Baltensperger, Peter  MS3.19 
Bamforth, Jennie, Mrs.  MS1.64; MS1.77 
Banks, Herbert R.  MS3.20 
Banks, John  MS1.8757  (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada)
Banks, Loy Otis  MS1.6731 
Banney, F.  MS1.1291 
Banting, Meredith B.  MS1.8749 
Barbara  MS2.2083  (Kowater, Ont.)
Barbara  MS2.2235  (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Barbara  MS2.2251
Barbara  MS2.2299  (poems) 
Barbour, Doug  MS2.1434; MS2.1630; MS2.1671; MS2.1940 
Barbour, Douglas  MS1.6348; MS1.6510; MS1.6763; MS1.6940; MS1.7121; 
     MS1.815; 2MS2.1345; MS2.1942 
Barefoot, F.  MS2.1068 
Barkan, Libby (Genre)  MS1.8818 
Barker, Diane M.  MS2.1497 
Barker, Herb  MS2.1064 
Barnard, S.E.  MS1.1588 
Barney, F.  MS1.1328 
Barney, Wm.  MS1.2384 
Barnicott, Pat  MS1.6028 
Barr, S.M.  MS1.8642 
Barr Elder, S.  MS1.2089 
Barrell, Rex  MS2.1226 
Barrell, Rex A.  MS2.1471 
Barrett, John R.  MS1.8385; MS1.8424
Barrie, Constance  MS1.7492 
Bartell, Genevieve  MS2.1912 
Barter, M. Muriel, Mrs.  MS1.4086 
Bartlett, Elizabeth  MS1.3511; MS1.3537; MS1.3576; MS1.4122; MS1.4129;
     MS1.4875; MS1.5005; MS1.5108; MS1.5164; MS1.5368; MS1.5878; MS1.6538;
     MS1.6856; MS1.8632; MS1.8695 
Bartlett, Lorna K.  MS2.508 
Barton, Sophie  MS3.21 
Bashaw, Arwin  MS1.4486 
Bates, Harvey H., Jr.  MS1.4666 
Bates, R.  MS1.1914; MS1.1923 
Bates, Ronald  MS1.7657; MS2.763; MS2.1483 
Battcock, M.  MS1.2187 
Battcock, Marjorie  MS1.2391; MS1.2426; MS1.2475; MS1.2537; MS1.2573;
     MS1.3373; MS1.5105 
Bauer, Fred  MS1.3068; MS1.4203 
Baumgartner, Vivian  MS1.5982 
Baxter, Arthur R.  MS2.2383 
Baybars, Taner  MS1.4092 
Bayley, Robert Charlton  MS3.22 
Baylor, Dick  MS3.23 
Beale, H.A.  MS1.1449 
Beamish, Royd E.  MS1.5523 
Beardsely, John Douglas  MS1.7277 
Beatley, Nelsen  MS1.3807 
Beaudoin, K.  MS1.2196 
Beaudoin, Kenneth  MS1.4468; MS1.5153 
Beaudoin, Kenneth L.  MS1.3048; MS1.3081; MS1.4573; MS1.4643;
     MS1.5161; MS1.5591 
Beaudoin, Kenneth Lawrence  MS1.3056 
Beaulieu, Gracia  MS1.5815 
Beaverbrook, Lord  MS1.3; MS1.6; MS1.1500 
Bechtold, Judith  MS1.7233 
Beckwith, Ron  MS3.24 
Bedell, J.  MS1.392 
Bedwell, Bill  MS2.542 
Beebe, Maurice  MS1.8262  (Modern Fiction Studies)
Beer, Doris  MS1.6961 
Beers, E. Dianne  MS2.1071 
Beers, Lorna  MS1.4401 
Beharriel, Ron  MS1.7064.A  (Royal Military College of Canada)  
Beissel, Henry  MS1.6635; MS1.6663; MS1.6943; MS1.7410; MS1.7683; 
     MS1.7905; MS1.7936; MS1.8096; MS1.8443; MS1.8645; MS1.8973; 
     MS2.17; MS2.30; MS2.154 
Bell, Inglis  MS1.5337 
Bell, Inglis F.  MS1.4172 
Bell, Ralph Pickard  MS2.490 
Bell, Sharon  MS2.751 
Bell, Winthrop  MS1.3619; MS1.3628; MS1.3634 
Beloit Poetry Journal, Editors  MS1.1057 
Ben-Ami, M.E.  MS1.501 
Bendelier, George H.  MS1.9125  (The Book Room Ltd.)
Benedict, Madeline  MS1.4744; MS1.6314; MS1.8604 
Bennet, C.L.  MS1.4161 
Bennett, John Z.  MS1.6228; MS3.25 
Bennett, M.  MS1.2261; MS1.2290 
Bennett, Michael  MS1.7811 
Bennett, Murray  MS1.2909; MS1.3064; MS1.3231; MS1.3720; MS1.3814;
     MS1.4317; MS1.4464; MS1.4487 
Bennett, Warren  MS2.299 
Benny, Geoff  MS1.8026 
Bensen, Irene  MS2.391; MS1.9127; MS2.1314; MS2.1500; MS3.26; MS3.27 
Benson, Irene Chapman  MS1.9126; MS2.374 (poem)
Bentley, Nelson  MS1.3815 
Berbee, J.  MS1.2136 
Bercovitch, J.C.  MS1.1416; MS1.1558 
Berg, Dean  MS1.7138 
Berg, Mary Jane  MS1.8370 
Berger, Art  MS1.7169 
Berger, Margaret Haseltine  MS1.3159 
Berger, Peter  MS1.7196; MS1.7690 
Bergquist, Jan-Paula  MS2.1414 
Berkovitz, Martin  MS3.28 
Berland, Alwyn  MS2.249; MS2.256 
Berland, Jayne  MS2.2427 
Berlyn, Phillippa  MS1.5981 
Bernard, Kenneth  MS1.5077 
Bernard, Mary  MS1.6917; MS1.7537 
Bernard, Mary L.  MS1.3498 
Berni  MS2.1868 
Berni  MS2.2128  (Seaton Str., To.)
Berni  MS2.2222 
Bernie  MS2.1364
Bernie  MS2.1443
Bernie  MS2.1536
Bernie  MS2.1602
Bernie  MS2.1627
Bernie  MS2.1643
Bernie  MS2.1675 
Berry, J.K.  MS1.454; MS1.462 
Besbas, Peter  MS1.5384 
Bessai, Diane  MS2.2388; MS2.2390 
Bessie and Tom  MS1.7414 
Betty  MS1.2236 
Beunds, Arthur L.  MS1.8408 
Bevan, Alan  MS1.6066; MS1.6186; MS1.8199; MS1.8374 
Bevington, Stan  MS2.1853 
Beyer, William  MS1.3191 
Bibliographic Society of Canada  MS1.5428 
Bill  MS1.5002 
Bill  MS1.6537 
Bill  MS1.6606
Billson, Dev  MS1.9046 
Bilsland, J.W.  MS2.1522 
Binney  MS1.2013 
Binney, J.  MS1.1802; MS1.2379 
Binney, James  MS1.3331; MS1.3817; MS1.4822; MS1.4876; MS1.5121; MS1.5185 
Binsfeld, Ed  MS1.7992; MS1.9085; MS3.29 
Birkhead, Gene  MS1.3697; MS1.3721 
Birnbaum, H.  MS1.485; MS1.494; MS1.498; MS1.718; MS1.742; MS1.786; 
     MS1.1165; MS1.1188; MS1.1247; MS1.1262; MS1.1276; MS1.1308 (poems);
     MS1.1352; MS1.1376; MS1.1425; MS1.1487; MS1.1514; MS1.1594;
     MS1.1739; MS1.1916 
Birnbaum, Henry  MS3.30 
Birney, E.  MS1.1010; MS1.1108; MS1.1305; MS1.1482 
Birney, Earle  MS1.3302; MS1.3463; MS1.3472; MS1.4717; MS1.4844;
     MS1.5867; MS1.6040; MS1.6812; MS1.7182; MS1.7194; MS1.7250;
     MS1.7541; MS1.7629; MS1.7771; MS1.7809; MS1.7939; MS1.8192;
     MS1.8297; MS1.8821; MS1.8828; MS2.124; MS2.1285; MS2.1309;
     MS2.1547; MS2.1587; MS3.31 
Birni  MS2.2020  (Seaton St., To.)
Birvra, F.  MS1.5864 
Biscop, Paul  MS1.5474 
Bishop, C.M.C.  MS1.1125 
Bishop, Lenore A.  MS2.1415 
Bissell, C.T.  MS1.1232 
Bissett, A.  MS1.1582 
Bissett, Bill  MS1.9128  (and Milton Acorn)
Bisson, J.  MS1.1483 
Bivona, Francesco  MS3.32; MS3.33 
Black, C.  MS1.2246; MS1.2273; MS1.2375 
Black, Charles  MS1.2804; MS1.2875; MS1.2884; MS1.3192; MS1.3218;
     MS1.3256; MS1.3272; MS1.3566; MS1.4041; MS1.4488; MS1.4622; 
     MS1.4724; MS1.5195; MS1.6386; MS1.6778; MS1.6937; MS1.7263; 
     MS1.7355; MS3.34; MS3.34.A  
Black, M.H.  MS2.434 
Black, W. Theodore  MS1.5516 
Blackwell, H.  MS1.2289 
Blackwell, Julian  MS1.7971 
Blackwell, Lois Taylor  MS1.3400; MS1.3467; MS1.4145; MS1.5049; MS1.5527 
Blackwell, Paul  MS2.2050 
Blackwell, T.  MS1.1986 
Blackwell, W.H., Mrs.  MS1.4823 
Blackwell, Will  MS1.4402; MS1.7978 
Blackwell, Will H.  MS1.3269; MS1.3428; MS1.3845; MS1.4274; MS1.4299;
     MS1.5054; MS1.5915; MS1.6579; MS1.6764; MS1.6925; MS1.7617;
     MS1.8337; MS1.9039 
Blackwell's, Oxford  MS2.36 
Blades, Harry L.  MS1.4682 
Blaikie, Dave  MS2.445; MS2.497 
Blaikie, John  MS2.1440 
Blair, Edwin J.  MS3.35 
Blair, John F.  MS1.5269 
Blakely, Woodrow  MS1.7510 
Blazek, Douglas  MS1.8955 
Blevins, Winfred  MS1.7842; MS1.7887; MS1.8294 
Bliss, Alice  MS2.887 
Bliss, Alice C.  MS2.801 
Blodgett, Charles  MS1.8361 
Blue Mountain Resorts  MS2.2431 
Bly, Robert  MS1.5980 
Bob  MS1.104  (poem)  [from Moncton]
Bob  MS1.1853 
Bob  MS1.4642 
Bob  MS1.4704 
Bob  MS1.8983 
Bob  MS1.9063 
Bob  MS2.2051 
Bobak, Bruno  MS1.7750 
Bogaards, Winifred  MS2.1470 
Boggs, W. Arthur  MS1.6433; MS1.8024 
Bohne, Harald  MS2.1183 
Boland, J.A.  MS2.2333 
Bolin, Don  MS1.6761 
Bolin, Donald W.  MS1.7258 
Bolsterli, Margaret  MS1.4571 
Bolton, Stan  MS1.3982; MS1.4357; MS1.4523 
Bolton, Stanwood  MS1.4403; MS1.4600; MS1.4644 
Bolton, Stanwood K.  MS1.5156; MS1.5180; MS1.5183 
Bolton, Stanwood K., Jr.  MS1.3748; MS1.3769; MS1.3777; MS1.3857; MS1.4175
Bonner, Aui  MS2.1919 
Bonnycastle, Murray  MS1.5583 
The Book Club For Poetry, Editors  MS1.518 
Boore, W.H.  MS1.3606 
Booth, Luella  MS4
Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards  MS1.6652  (Waddell Austin)
Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards  MS1.780
Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards  MS1.5691 
Borsa, Victor  MS2.838; MS2.882; MS2.928; MS2.1043; MS2.1051; MS2.1079; 
     MS2.1169; MS2.1201; MS2.1778; MS2.2211 
Borzello, Robert  MS1.4404 
Bosson, Linda  MS1.6447 
Bossy, Ilinca R.  MS1.157 
Boston University News Release  MS1.6081 
Boucher, J.  MS1.1438 (poem); MS1.1447; MS1.1455 (poems); MS1.1658 
Boucher, Jackie  MS1.3190 
Boucher, Jean  MS1.8015; MS1.8957 (Canada Council)
Boucher, Miss  MS1.1671 
Boucher, Rosemarie  MS2.929 
Bouchir, B.  MS2.546 
Boudin, Jean  MS1.5686; MS1.5943; MS1.6092; MS1.6395; MS1.6398; MS1.6847;
     MS1.7139; MS1.8513; MS3.36; MS3.37 
Boulanger, Georges  MS1.5998 (Canadian Poetry Society); MS1.7666
     (Canadian Poetry Society)
Bounds, Arthur L.  MS1.8358 
Bourinot, A.  MS1.736; MS1.792; MS1.1205; MS1.1459; MS1.1728; MS1.1863;
Bourinot, A.S.  MS1.197; MS1.206; MS1.341; MS1.621; MS1.638; MS1.642;
     MS1.740; MS1.771; MS1.779; MS1.1167; MS1.1176; MS1.1187; MS1.1196;
     MS1.1217; MS1.1714; MS1.1736 
Bourinot, Arthur  MS1.2860; MS1.4306; MS1.4471; MS1.5891; MS1.6276;
     MS1.6742; MS1.8829; MS1.217 
Bourinot, Arthur S.  MS1.4459; MS1.5513; MS1.5910; MS1.5963; MS1.6245;
     MS1.6265; MS1.8224; MS1.8432; MS1.8456; MS1.8490; MS1.9110 
Bourne, Larry S.  MS3.38 
Bourne, Lars  MS1.3039 
Bourque, Barry  MS1.4489; MS1.4810 
Bowering, George  MS1.6375; MS1.6407; MS1.6476; MS1.7256; MS1.7746; 
     MS1.7827; MS1.7858 
Bowering, Marilyn  MS2.1552; MS2.1632; MS2.1826; MS2.1839; MS2.2025;
Bowers, Fred  MS2.1019 
Bowman, Joan  MS1.8696 
Bowman, Sylvia E.  MS2.63 
Boxer, A.  MS1.7147 
Boxer, Avi  MS1.7465; MS1.7523; MS1.7548; MS1.7639 
Boxill, Tony  MS1.8354 
Boyce, Murray  MS2.1659; MS2.1692; MS2.1771; MS2.1776 
Boyd, A.  MS1.737; MS1.743 
Boyd, Ethel E.  MS1.5932; MS1.8514; MS1.8547; MS1.8613 
Boyd, Ethel Erroll  MS1.7272 
Boyd, Jessie D.  MS1.8550 
Boyd, Sue Abbott  MS1.3610; MS1.3698; MS1.3879; MS1.3955; MS1.4040; 
     MS1.4064; MS1.4095; MS1.4803; MS1.5873; MS1.6044 
Boyer May, James  MS1.4361; MS1.4546; MS1.4712; MS1.5282; MS1.6623; 
     MS1.6643; MS2.291; MS2.670 
Boyle, C. Fred  MS1.4345; MS1.4347; MS1.4358 
Boyle, C.F.  MS1.17; MS1.68; MS1.411; MS1.594; MS1.603 
Boyle, F.  MS1.8; MS1.12 (poem); MS1.2055; MS1.2080 
Boyle, J. Bernard  MS1.5690 
Bradbury, Les  MS1.6175; MS1.6266 
Braddock, John  MS1.7023  (Atlantic Advocate)
Bradley, Joyce  MS1.6807 
Bradley, Sam  MS1.4061 
Bradshaw, Ida C.  MS1.8583 
Brainard, Franklin  MS1.7907 
Brantley, John B.  MS1.5260 
Bray  MS1.6444 
Bray, Frances  MS2.1764 
Braybrooke, David  MS2.426 
Breault, C.W.  MS1.2445 
Brebner, John  MS1.7763; MS1.7770 
Breen, Lillian  MS1.7383 (Canada Council); MS1.7822; MS1.8706
Brennan, Peg (Robertson)  MS1.7192 
Brennecke, Harry E.  MS1.7457; MS1.8605 
Brewster, B.  MS1.1943 
Brewster, Betty  MS1.3515; MS1.5103; MS1.5283; MS1.5916; MS1.6102;
     MS1.6127; MS1.6292; MS1.6388; MS1.6624; MS1.6726; MS1.6881;
     MS1.7018; MS1.7125; MS1.7494; MS1.7799 
Brewster, E.  MS1.7; MS1.41; MS1.360; MS1.1311; MS1.1545; MS1.1559 
Brewster, Elizabeth  MS1.3422; MS1.3746; MS1.5096; MS1.5341; MS1.6096;
     MS1.8942; MS2.112; MS2.169; MS2.211; MS2.228 (poem); MS2.238 (poem);
     MS2.244 (poem); MS2.280; MS2.401; MS2.409; MS2.424; MS2.629; MS2.648;
     MS2.681; MS2.694; MS2.741; MS2.760; MS2.778; MS2.791; MS2.811; MS2.824;
     MS2.890; MS2.937; MS2.990; MS2.1003; MS2.1154; MS2.1330; MS2.1383;
     MS2.1417; MS2.1476; MS2.1518; MS2.1542; MS2.1554; MS2.1925; MS2.2014;
     MS2.2021; MS2.2086; MS2.2122; MS2.2316 
Brewster, Ray  MS1.7843 
Brian  MS1.7615.A  
Brian, L.  MS1.1766 
Brian, Lee  MS1.6743 
Brierly, J.D.M.  MS1.310; MS1.340; MS1.364; MS1.549; MS1.585; 
     MS1.598; MS1.659; MS1.700; MS1.731 
Brigham, James A.  MS1.7055 
Bright, Stephen  MS1.9107 
Brilliant, Alan  MS1.2409; MS1.2518; MS1.2531; MS1.2778; MS1.2821; MS1.3165; 
     MS1.3167; MS1.3235; MS1.3348; MS1.3357; MS1.3386; MS1.3396; MS1.3401;
     MS1.3527; MS1.3997; MS1.4000; MS1.4028; MS1.4065; MS1.4190; MS1.4241;
     MS1.4260; MS1.4386; MS1.4455; MS1.4681; MS1.5492; MS1.5533; MS1.5798;
     MS1.6472; MS1.6982; MS1.7544; MS1.8733; MS3.39; MS1.4096 
The British Museum  MS1.7699; MS1.8540 
Britton, Dick  MS3.40 
Britton, Richard  MS1.4010 
Brodie, Alex H.  MS2.606 
Brodie, Alexander  MS2.587 
Brodie, Alexander H.  MS2.1097 
Brodsky, Lewis  MS1.6460; MS1.7377 
Brody, Bernard  MS1.5504; MS1.5766; MS1.5780 
Brody, Selma  MS1.7048; MS1.7161; MS1.7265; MS1.7276; MS1.7999 
Brogan, Margaret  MS2.1453 
Bromige, David  MS1.5529 
Brown, Catherine  MS1.8332 
Brown, Dorothy M.  MS1.4858; MS1.5008 
Brown, Douglas  MS2.413; MS2.440; MS2.463; MS2.475; MS2.544; MS2.562; 
Brown, G.  MS1.1607; MS1.1652; MS1.1808; MS1.1843; MS1.1867; MS1.1935; 
     MS1.1968; MS1.2086; MS1.2123 
Brown, G.A.  MS1.1589; MS1.1642 
Brown, Gertrude  MS1.4520; MS1.4572 
Brown, Gertrude A.  MS1.3685; MS1.4083; MS1.4131; MS1.4824; MS1.4878 
Brown, Gwendolyn  MS1.5332 
Brown, Jim  MS1.9129 
Brown, John Clifton  MS1.9130 
Brown, Miss  MS1.1677 
Brown, P.F.  MS1.1536 
Brown, Phyllis MacLean  MS1.6740 
Brown, Russ  MS2.2156 
Brown, Russell M.  MS2.2274; MS2.2331 
Brown, Terence M.  MS1.8346 
Brown, Terence Michael  MS1.6934; MS1.7202 
Brown, W. James  MS1.9131 
Bruce, Anne  MS1.4261 
Bruce, C.  MS1.552; MS1.586; MS1.1246 
Bruce, Charles  MS1.233; MS1.6410 
Bruce, Iain  MS2.603 
Bruce, J.  MS1.505; MS1.600; MS1.620; MS1.723; MS1.772; MS1.898; 
     MS1.1489; MS1.1518; MS1.1560; MS1.1644 
Bruce, John  MS1.247; MS1.6465; MS1.6893; MS1.8170; MS3.41 
Bruck, Nina  MS1.8734 
Brunini, J.  MS1.1501 
Buck  MS3.41.A  
Buckaway, C.M.  MS2.1729; MS2.2262; MS2.2349 
Buckaway, Catherine M.  MS2.1779 
Buckner, P.A.  MS2.2118 
Buitenhuis, Peter  MS2.492 
Bukowski, Charles  MS1.2925 
Bul    , Stewart  MS1.5245 
Bull, Helen  MS1.2908 
Bull, James   MS1.9132  (American Haiku)
Bullock, Herbert  MS1.8637 
Bullowa, Jean  MS1.3778; MS1.3799 
Bunch, David  MS1.3734 
Bunch, David R.  MS1.3542 
Bunner, F.  MS1.2376 
Bunner, Freda  MS1.5372; MS1.7737; MS1.8419; MS1.8438; MS1.8736 
Bunner, Freda Newton  MS1.7772 
Burdock, Ellen R.  MS1.6566 
Burgess, Ivan  MS1.6093; MS1.6349; MS3.42 
Burgess, Joanne  MS2.1994 
Burgess, Joanne & Mathews, Robin  MS2.1638 
Burnett, Mary  MS2.785 
Burnett, Ruth P.  MS2.2278 
Burns, Bob  MS1.8372; MS1.9076 
Burns, Carl  MS1.7040 
Burns, Elizabeth  MS3.43 
Burns, Gary  MS1.8716 
Burns, Melba  MS2.1896; MS2.2107 
Burns, Robert L. McA.  MS1.7880; MS1.7956 
Burrell, R.A.  MS1.6461 
Burrell, Ray  MS1.6851; MS1.6864 
Burrows, P.  MS1.2197 
Bushman, Naomi  MS1.7037 
Buskard, Mary-Ellen  MS1.9023 
Buskard, Mary-Ellen Steeves  MS1.9056 
Bussnian, Beatrice  MS3.44 
Butcher, H.M.  MS1.7428 
Butler, J.E.P.  MS1.581; MS1.622; MS1.1405; MS1.1776; MS1.1783 
Butterfield, Rita  MS1.9103 (Canadian Books In Print); MS2.684 
Button, Isabel  MS2.1505 
Buttress, N.  MS1.2856 
Buttress, N.E.  MS1.3344; MS1.3460 
Buttress, Noel  MS1.3538; MS1.3898; MS1.4087; MS1.4269; MS3.45 
Buttress, Noeline Barry  MS2.240 
Byron, Stuart  MS1.2969; MS1.3464; MS1.3521 
C.  MS2.1436 
C. Balders  MS2.1296 
C., John  MS1.6448 
Cabral, Olga  MS1.6831; MS3.46 
Cadle, Dean  MS1.8135  (University of Kentucky-Library)
Cahen, Alfred B.  MS1.7019; MS1.7375; MS1.7490; MS1.7561; MS1.8494 
Cain, A.L.  MS1.1272 
Cairinie, Gordon  MS1.7906 
Cairns, A.T.  MS3.47 
Cairns, M.W.  MS2.2397 
Cait, P.  MS1.2191 
Caldwell, C.C.  MS1.3922 
Caldwell, John  MS1.3849 
Calhoun, Douglas  MS1.8181; MS1.8258 
Calkins, Lee  MS2.772 
Callihan, Patrick J.  MS1.7000 
Calvin, Frances  MS1.9059 
Cameron  MS2.1600  (Moncton)
Cameron, A. Barry  MS2.1328; MS2.1371 
Cameron, Donald  MS2.788; MS2.1001 
Cameron, Donald G.  MS2.2034 
Cameron, Faye  MS2.1991 
Cameron, Thelma  MS1.4319 
Campbell, Aileen  MS1.8163 
Campbell, Alphonse  MS2.1190; MS2.1746 
Campbell, B.  MS1.1868; MS1.1886 
Campbell, B.B.  MS1.1580; MS1.1595 
Campbell, Betty  MS2.2046 
Campbell, D.F., Rev.  MS1.8644 
Campbell, Elaine  MS1.5879; MS3.48 
Campbell, Emilie S.  MS1.7085 
Campbell, H.D.  MS1.6368 
Campbell, Robert  MS2.383; MS2.484; MS2.549; MS2.573 
Campbell, Steve  MS1.7903; MS1.8779; MS2.1313; MS2.1794; MS3.49 
Campbell, Victoria  MS2.547 
Campbell, Victoria M.  MS2.456 
Campbell, Victoria MacAlpine  MS2.1373 
Campion, R.A., Mrs.  MS1.8650  (Charlotte Fortin)
Canada Council  MS1.3434; MS1.3560 (Alfred Trueman); MS1.3730 (Marleen Hayes);
     MS1.3844 (A.W. Trueman); MS1.4162 (W.B. Herbert); MS1.4192 (W.B. Herbert);
     MS1.4204; MS1.4230.B; MS1.4230 (Walter Herbert); MS1.4246; 
     MS1.4277 (W.B. Herbert); MS1.8303 
Canada Foundation  MS1.3151 
Canadian Forum, Editor  MS1.151; MS1.262; MS1.793; MS1.6522 
     MS1.6535 (L.A. Morris)
Canadian Library Association  MS1.5232 
Canadian Universities Foundation  MS1.5637 
Candelaria, Fred  MS1.8101; MS1.8138; MS1.8401; MS1.9133; MS2.2422 
Candelaria, Frederick  MS2.3 
Canfield, Joan  MS1.6101 
Canfield, Joan G.  MS1.5923; MS3.50 
Cantlie, Katherine C.  MS1.4879 
Cantoni, Louis J.  MS1.7592; MS1.7755; MS1.7916 
Cantor  MS1.861 
Cantor, A.  MS1.1349; MS1.1403 
Cappon, Cormac Gerard  MS1.6187; MS1.8804 
Cappon, Daniel  MS1.7830 
Capson, Louis  MS1.7722 
Caragher, Mary E.  MS1.4868 
Caravan  MS1.1117 
Carleton, S.  MS1.2350 
Carleton, Sara King  MS1.4146; MS1.4491 
Carleton, T.  MS1.480; MS1.502 
Carlile, Henry  MS1.7871 
Carlisle, Thomas John  MS1.5250; MS1.5606; MS1.5912; MS3.51; MS1.5883 
Carlson, C.W.  MS3.52 
Carol  MS2.292
Carol  MS2.348
Carol  MS2.428
Carol  MS2.436
Carol  MS2.464
Carol  MS2.487
Carol  MS2.588 
Carol  MS2.651
Carol  MS2.716
Carol  MS2.742
Carol  MS2.1032
Carol  MS2.1143
Carol  MS2.1153
Carol  MS2.1224  (poems)
Carol  MS2.1348
Carol  MS2.1385
Carol  MS2.1451
Carol  MS2.1519
Carol  MS2.1538
Carol  MS2.1608
Carol  MS2.1628
Carol  MS2.1639
Carol  MS2.1700
Carol  MS2.1823
Carol  MS2.1830
Carol  MS2.1844 
Carpenter, N.  MS1.2117; MS1.2149 
Carr, J.  MS1.2124 
Carr, J.W.  MS1.876; MS1.1005; MS1.1014; MS1.1063; MS1.1151; MS1.1366; 
Carr, James  MS1.4097 
Carr, N.  MS1.2348; MS1.2364; MS1.2373 
Carr, N.B.  MS1.2392; MS1.2812; MS1.2842; MS1.3203; MS1.3340; MS1.3567 
Carr, Peter  MS1.2892; MS1.2963; MS1.3047; MS1.3095; MS1.3236; MS1.3938; 
Carrick, Kathryn  MS2.2106 
Carter, Manfred  MS1.3287; MS1.4275; MS1.4667 
Carter, Manfred A.  MS1.3377 
Carter, N.  MS1.1510 
Carver, Mabel  MS1.3200; MS1.3554; MS1.3667; MS1.3779 
Carver, Mabel MacDonald  MS1.3143; MS1.3693; MS1.6001; MS3.53 
Carver, Mrs.  MS1.4349 
Casebolt, C.  MS1.812; MS1.828; MS1.833; MS1.1011; MS1.1039; MS1.1097; 
     MS1.1340; MS1.1344; MS1.1378 
Casey, Michael  MS2.1561 
Cashen, E.  MS1.1944; MS1.2081 
Cashen, Eric  MS3.54 
Cass, Florence  MS2.688 
Cassidy, David  MS1.5814 
Cassidy, Vin  MS3.55 
Cassin, M.  MS1.873; MS1.1033; MS1.1053; MS1.1087; MS1.1098; MS1.1143; 
Cassin, Maxine  MS1.274; MS1.5224; MS1.5277; MS1.5347; MS1.5438; 
     MS1.5460; MS1.5821; MS1.5846; MS1.5900; MS1.5933; MS1.6182;
     MS1.6308; MS1.6709 
Casson, M.  MS1.632; MS1.1152    
[Caste], Trevor  MS1.9067 
[Caste], Trevor H.  MS1.9042; MS3.56 
Casto, Robert Clayton  MS1.7302; MS1.7436 
Caswell, Helen  MS1.6710 
Catanoy, Nicholas  MS2.757 
Cathie  MS2.1736 
Cathie  MS2.1951  (James Lewis & Sem. Pub.)
Cavanagh, G.C.  MS1.9016 
Cavins, N.T.  MS1.5432 
CBC  MS1.2918; MS1.2995.A ; MS1.3130 (H.R. Hatheway); MS1.3131 (W.B. Herbert);
     MS1.3349 (Robert Weaver); MS1.3437 (Robert Weaver); MS1.3835 (Robert
     Weaver); MS1.3889 (Robert Weaver); MS1.3981 (Robert Weaver);
     MS1.4130 (Robert Weaver); MS1.4266 (Robert Weaver); MS1.4292 (Robert
Cecile  MS1.7938 
Cervo, Nathan A.  MS1.6702; MS1.7349; MS1.7503; MS1.7563; MS1.7687; MS3.57 
Chadwick, L.R.  MS1.6383 
Chadwick, William  MS1.6355 
Chaffin, Lillie D.  MS3.58 
Chaim, Roaslie/Billington, Dave  MS2.1556 
Chaim, Rosalie  MS2.1762 
Chambers, Lorna Beers  MS1.4300 
Chambers, Lorna D.  MS1.3193 (Lorna Beers); MS1.3250 (Lorna Beers)
Chandler, Arthur Bayard  MS1.6813 
Chandler, M.R.  MS1.424 
Chandler, M.R., Mrs.  MS1.280 
Chandler, R.  MS1.285; MS1.367; MS1.393; MS1.404 
Chandler, Rena  MS1.297 
Chapman, Eva M.  MS1.9043 
Chappell, Carol  MS3.59 
Chappell, Jeannette  MS1.2371; MS1.3152; MS1.3573; MS1.4532; MS1.4668; 
     MS1.5025; MS1.5266; MS1.5327; MS1.6376; MS1.6399; MS1.7153; 
     MS1.7390; MS1.8715; MS3.60 
Charleson, Sandy  MS1.3397 
Charlton, K.M.  MS1.4623; MS1.4624 
Chase, Everett  MS1.5429 
Chatfield, E. Hale  MS1.5777 
Chatillon, Pierre  MS2.2414; MS2.2420 
Chesler, Phyllis  MS1.7729 
Cheney, L. Stanley  MS1.5014; MS1.6625; MS1.6981; MS1.7395; MS1.7416;
     MS1.7859; MS1.8048; MS1.8347; MS1.8394; MS1.8519; MS1.8811 
Cheney, R.  MS1.2171 
Cheney, Rowena  MS1.3288; MS1.3356; MS1.3366; MS1.3395 
Cheney, T.  MS1.2330 
Cheryl  MS2.1015; MS2.1109; MS2.1133; MS2.1253; MS2.1299; MS2.1899 
Chesler, P.  MS1.8567 
Chesler, Phyllis  MS1.7106; MS1.7141; MS1.8117; MS1.8999; MS3.61 
Cheyne, Stan  MS3.62 
Chicoine, Donna  MS2.1002 
Child, Robin  MS1.8348; MS1.8758; MS3.63 
Chilton, Vina Bruce  MS1.8073; MS1.8538 
Chossen, Anne Marie  MS2.892 
Christensen, Carol  MS1.4067 
Christenson, Di  MS1.3469 
Christian, Heather  MS2.998 
Chubb, Stuart?  MS2.1588 
Chute, Bob  MS1.6319; MS1.7148 
Chute, Robert M.  MS3.64 
Ciardi, J.  MS1.1360; MS1.1379; MS1.1408; MS1.1433; MS1.1466 
Ciardi, John  MS1.3232; MS1.3701; MS1.3871; MS3.65 
Cisneros, M.L.  MS1.374 
Claire?, Bune?  MS2.845  NYC
Clark, Betty MacDonald  MS1.5312 
Clark, Elaine  MS1.69; MS1.73; MS1.79 
Clark, I.  MS1.513; MS1.519 
Clark, James M.  MS2.936; MS2.1058 
Clark, Jim  MS2.1467 
Clark, Nora  MS1.3257 
Clark, S.G.  MS1.317 
Clarke, Fred  MS1.3367; MS1.3551; MS1.3632 
Clarke, George Frederick  MS1.3620  (Fred)
Clarke, Irwin & Co., Ltd.  MS1.127; MS1.198 
Clarke, W.H.  MS2.1861 
Clarke, W.J.  MS1.331; MS1.336 
Class of 69-70  MS2.520 
The Classic Book Shop  MS1.1233 
Claude  MS2.1160 
Claude  MS2.1240 
Claude?  MS2.1246 
Clausen-Mohr, Rosa M.  MS1.181 
Clausen-Mohr, Rosa Mary  MS1.165 
Claybourne, Dorothy H.  MS1.8836 
Clegg, Nancy  MS1.7789 
Clement, Samuel  MS1.8898 
Clements, A.J.  MS1.8379 
Clever, Glenn  MS2.1101 
Clever, W. Glenn  MS2.898 
Clifford, Joan  MS1.3211; MS1.3923; MS1.4554; MS1.5036 
Clifford, W.W. Jordan  MS1.6006; MS1.6601 
Clifford, Wayne  MS1.8439; MS1.8522 
Climenhaga, Joel  MS1.6626; MS1.7649; MS1.7730; MS1.8145 
Clinton, Germaine  MS1.2924 
Close, [Claude] K.  MS1.3574 
Closser, Myla Jo  MS1.3516; MS1.3668; MS1.3686; MS1.3712; MS1.4173; 
Clubb, Roger  MS1.5423 
Coburn, David  MS1.130.A ; MS1.207 
Coburn, David, Rev.  MS1.3880 
Cockburn, Bob  MS1.6122; MS1.7290 
Cockburn, Robert/Gibbs, Robert  MS2.1810 
Coffin, Ann M.  MS1.7633  (Canada Council)
Cogswell, Carmen  MS2.1756; MS2.2077 
Cogswell, [Elinor]  MS3.66 
Cogswell, Elinor V.  MS1.6137; MS1.6194; MS1.6313 
Cogswell, Fred  MS1.4 (poem); MS1.5 (poem); MS1.9 (poem); MS1.14 (poem);
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Cogswell, Kathleen  MS2.183; MS3.66.A  
Cohen, JoAnne Sternberg  MS2.1971; MS2.2004 
Cohen, Joseph  MS1.6495 
Cohen, Joseph M.  MS1.7046 
Cohen, Norman  MS1.4405 
Cole, Neil  MS3.68 
Cole, Ruth  MS2.266 
Coleman, M.  MS1.1180 
Coleman, MacDonald  MS1.2509; MS1.2533; MS1.3780; MS1.5316 
Coleman, Mary G.  MS1.128 
Coleman, V.A.  MS3.69 
Colins, William J.  MS1.7236 
Collacott, H.  MS1.1902 
Collacott, H. Patricia  MS1.4074; MS1.4098; MS1.5417; MS1.6062; MS1.6164; 
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Collacott, P.  MS1.2108 
Collacott, Pat  MS1.8139 
Collacott, Patricia  MS1.6593; MS1.7493; MS1.7567; MS1.7654; MS1.7787; 
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Colleen  MS1.7572 
Colleen  MS1.7864 
Collie, Michael  MS1.3480; MS1.4652; MS1.4670; MS1.5559; MS1.5561; MS1.5772; 
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Collier, R.J.  MS1.8787 
Collier-Macmillan Canada Ltd.  MS1.6659  (Ethel C. Wilson)
Collins, A.  MS1.1075 
Collins, L.  MS1.8317; MS1.8357 
Collins, R.G.  MS2.1029 
Collom, Jack  MS1.5507; MS1.5641; MS1.5781; MS1.5805; MS1.6236; MS1.7800; 
     MS1.8415; MS1.8938 
Collyer, Roger Lisabelle  MS1.7837 
Colmagne, D.  MS1.8668  (French Canada Studies Programme)
Colombo, J.R.  MS1.6389 
Colombo, John  MS1.4271; MS1.4555; MS1.5109; MS1.5130; MS3.71 
Colombo, John Robert  MS1.3283; MS1.3336; MS1.3728; MS1.3924; MS1.4216; 
     MS1.6532; MS1.8934; MS2.800; MS2.979; MS2.1008 
Colorado Quarterly  MS1.1207; MS1.8130 
Colorado Quarterly, Editors  MS1.1177 
Colpitts, C.D.  MS1.6356 
Colquitt, Betsy  MS1.7955  (Descant)
Colson, T.  MS2.1106 
Colson, T., Prof.  MS2.935 
Columbo, John Ross  MS1.6523 
Colville, A.  MS1.750 
Colville, Alex  MS2.422 
Colville, John  MS2.923 
Comeau, Raymond A.  MS1.8212; MS1.8403; MS1.8533; MS1.8935 
Compton, Joan  MS2.2308 
Compton, Neil  MS1.8789; MS2.133 
Condon, Thomas J.  MS1.6618; MS2.1105; MS2.1233; MS2.1785 
Congdon, A. Kirby  MS1.2463; MS1.3160; MS1.4262 
Congdon, Kirby  MS1.2469; MS1.2474; MS1.2885; MS1.2927; MS1.3363; 
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Conn, David  MS2.2425 
Conn, Stewart  MS1.6145 
Connie  MS2.798 
Conrod, R.J.  MS2.2112 
Contoski, Victor  MS1.8653; MS1.8691; MS1.8905 
Cook, Greg  MS1.7623; MS2.1551; MS3.73 
Cook, Gregory  MS1.6434; MS1.7184; MS1.7267; MS1.7356; MS1.7367; MS1.7810;
Cook, Gregory M.  MS1.6099; MS1.6112 (Amethyst); MS1.6234; MS1.6350;
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Cook, Hugh  MS1.8483 
Cook, Leslie  MS1.6839; MS1.6882; MS1.8102 
Cook, Marion  MS1.6506; MS1.6629; MS3.74 
Cook, Michael  MS1.8717 
Cook, R.L.  MS1.3816; MS1.3979; MS1.6795; MS3.75 
Cooke, Edwy  MS1.7287 
Cooke, Jim  MS2.1710 
Cooley  MS3.76 
Cooperman, Stanley  MS1.7466; MS1.8726; MS1.8839; MS1.9022; MS1.9029; 
Coover, Bob  MS1.5270 
Coover, Robert  MS1.7716; MS1.8001 
Coover, Robert L.  MS1.5172; MS1.5205; MS1.5255 
Corbet, C.B.  MS3.78 
Corbet, Charles B.  MS1.9074 
Corington, John William  MS1.5607 
Cork, B. (Mrs. H.F.)  MS1.1194 
Cormier, Louis  MS2.272; MS2.631; MS2.672; MS2.828 
Corren, M.A.  MS2.1917 
Corrigaw, Matthew  MS1.7831 
Corrington, William  MS1.4320; MS1.4391; MS1.4406; MS1.5078; MS1.5095; 
     MS1.5137; MS1.5588; MS3.79; MS3.79.A 
Corssen, Anne Marie  MS2.1258 
Corwley, J.  MS1.1179 
Cote, Fred  MS1.6677 
Cote, Frederic R.  MS1.7680 
Couchman, Robert  MS1.6309 
Coughlan, Myrna  MS1.5461 
Coulby, Margaret  MS1.3669 
Coulombe, M.A.  MS1.8838  (for Gordon Green)
Coulson, G.  MS3.80 
Coulter, J.  MS1.332; MS1.1437; MS1.1440 
Coulter, Jim  MS1.319 
Couner, James C.  MS1.8759 
Cousens, Mildred  MS1.2440; MS1.2503; MS1.2888; MS1.2962; MS1.2985; 
     MS1.3325; MS1.5698 
Cowan, Alice  MS1.6853; MS1.6869; MS1.6920 
Cowan, Gil A.  MS1.2794 
Cowasjee, Saros  MS2.160; MS2.2238 
Cox, Dorothy  MS2.185 
Cox, Ethel E.  MS3.81  (Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards)
Cox, L.  MS1.1587; MS1.1809; MS1.1879; MS1.2169; MS1.2285 
Cox, Vera  MS1.3055; MS1.6366; MS1.9065 
Craddock, E.V.  MS1.1707 
Craft, W.  MS3.82 
Crafts, Edith  MS2.2 
Craig, Robert  MS3.83 
Crawford, George R.  MS2.210 
Crawford, J.  MS1.1915 
Crawford, J., Jr.  MS1.795; MS1.843; MS1.1345; MS1.1393; MS1.1685 
Crawford, Jack, Jr.  MS1.6751; MS1.7222 
Crawford, Jack J.  MS1.8646 
Crawford, John  MS1.8002 
Crawford, Martha E.  MS1.8552; MS1.8780 
Crawford, Terry  MS2.275; MS2.281; MS2.295 
Crawley, A.  MS1.286; MS1.337; MS1.349; MS1.853; MS1.1633; MS1.1645; 
Crawley, Alan  MS1.29; MS1.263; MS1.278; MS1.290; MS1.318; MS3.84 
Crawley, J.  MS1.846; MS1.854 
Creaser, John  MS1.9134 
Creighton, A.  MS1.760 
Crevier, M.  MS1.7969 
Crews, Judson  MS3.85 
Crobaugh, Emma  MS1.8161; MS1.8179; MS1.8195; MS1.8308
Crook, Fred, Mrs.  MS2.1130 
Crook, Hilda  MS2.1458; MS2.1491; MS2.1558 
Crosby, Margaret F.  MS2.21 
Crossley, Donald G.  MS3.86 
Crossman, L.G.  MS2.496 
Crow, Howard G., II  MS1.8841 
Crowley, J.  MS1.724; MS1.842; MS1.1105; MS1.1122; MS1.1123; MS1.1222; 
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Crowley, J.V.  MS1.579; MS1.633; MS1.732; MS1.822; MS1.1004; MS1.1034; 
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     MS1.1752; MS1.2970 
Crowley, John  MS1.3161; MS1.3172; MS1.3375; MS1.3860 
Crowley, John V.  MS1.3555; 
Crowther, Carol Ann  MS2.1427 
Crozier, Dan  MS1.6264; MS1.6288; MS1.6549; MS1.6639; MS1.6978; MS1.8467; 
     MS1.8638; MS2.1292; MS3.87 
Crozier, Dan F.  MS1.8280 
Crozier, Daniel F.  MS1.8088; MS1.8429 
Cucinotta, Maryanne  MS1.5635 
Cullen, Robert  MS1.6607; MS1.7841; MS1.8124; MS3.88 
Culp, Patricia  MS3.89 
Cummings, Steve  MS1.7751 
Cunningham, Ralph  MS1.5826; MS1.5841; MS1.6580; MS1.6591; MS1.6970 
     MS1.6986; MS1.6992; MS1.8092 
Currie, Bob  MS2.196; MS2.213; MS2.1996; MS2.2149; MS2.2166 
Currie, Bruce  MS1.7600 
Currie, Dawn  MS1.8813 
Currie, Robert  MS2.1572; MS2.1674; MS2.2181 
Currier, Raymond  MS1.4408; MS1.5126; MS1.5132; MS1.5514; MS1.5696;
Curtis, Joanne  MS2.67 
Curtis, Redmond  MS2.538; MS2.1850 
Cuscaden, R.R.  MS1.4136; MS1.4821; MS1.5858 (Midwest Magazine)
Cuscaden, Rob  MS1.6133 
Cushions, Carol  MS1.6712 
Cyr, Leo-Donald  MS2.554; MS2.571; MS2.593; MS2.607; MS2.1444 
Dabydeen, Cyril  MS2.2161 
Dahl, Thos. C.  MS1.7497 
Dahlie, Hallvard  MS2.1409 
Daigon, Ruth  MS1.8365 
Dailley, Don  MS1.8098 
Dakin, Jimm  MS1.2788; MS1.2833; MS1.2987; MS1.3153; MS1.3168; MS1.3556; 
     MS1.3592; MS1.3956; MS1.4029; MS1.4339; MS1.4493; MS3.90 
Dakin, Jimm E.  MS1.2532; MS1.3450 
Dale  MS1.3202 
Dale, Brian  MS1.3892 
Dalhousie Review  MS1.3176  (C.L. Bennett); MS1.3185; MS1.3209  
Dalibard, J.E., Mrs.  MS1.4863 
Dalton, Henry  MS1.6811; MS1.6870; MS1.6928; MS1.6993; MS1.6965;
     MS1.7378; MS1.8003 
Daniel, C.  MS1.8500 
Daniel, G.  MS1.8452 
Daniel, Lucius  MS1.3593; MS1.4611 
Daniells?, Roy?  MS1.36 
Daniels, G.  MS1.2321; MS1.2331 
Daniels, Guy  MS1.2430; MS1.2435; MS1.2847; MS1.2912; MS1.2973; 
     MS1.2995; MS1.3019; MS1.3083; MS1.3097; MS1.3101; MS1.3146; 
     MS1.3273; MS1.3414; MS1.3427; MS1.3448; MS1.3473; MS1.3481; 
     MS1.3729; MS1.3951; MS1.4705; MS1.4771 
Darcy, L.  MS1.1882; MS1.1926; MS1.2057 
Darcy, Louise  MS1.3212; MS1.3676; MS1.3713; MS1.3957 
Dardick, Simon S.  MS1.7692 
Darling, Margaret C.  MS2.1766 
Darling, Michael  MS2.2108 
Darling, Michael E.  MS2.2030 
Darling, Ritchie  MS1.2500; MS1.2511; MS1.2519; MS1.2818; MS1.2864; MS1.2920 
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D'Avanzo, Mario L.  MS2.585; MS2.1424 
Davey, Frank  MS1.5800; MS1.5835; MS1.5949; MS1.6955; MS1.8560 
David  MS1.5920 
David  MS1.6979 
David  MS1.8884 
David  MS1.8902 
David  MS1.8988 
David  MS1.9045 
David  MS1.9064 
David  MS2.869  (Acadia University)
David  MS2.958  (Cambridge Stn, N.S.)
David  MS2.1118  (Cambridge Stn., N.S.)
David, Eliezer ben  MS1.6297 
Davidson, Brian  MS1.8410 
Davidson, Clairellen  MS1.6077 
Davies, Jill  MS2.97 
Davies, R.A.  MS1.3621 
Davies, Raymond  MS1.3474 
Davis, D.B., Mrs.  MS1.5735 
Davis, Ella  MS1.277; MS1.2454; MS1.3120; MS1.4849; MS1.8444 
Davis, Frances  MS1.6780 
Davis, Gerald  MS1.5953 
Davis, Gerald A.  MS1.7723 
Davis, H.  MS1.437; MS1.2036 
Davis, Norma  MS1.3986 
Davis, Norman  MS1.8086 
Davis, Norman M.  MS1.3609; MS1.3862; MS1.8037 
Davis, Rae  MS1.7418; MS1.7507; MS1.7524 
Davy, C.  MS1.1835; MS1.1856 
Davy, Hilda  MS2.1180 
Dawson, Claire  MS1.58 
Dawson, David  MS1.7861 
Day, Iris J.  MS2.2221 
Day, Robert  MS1.8539  (Smoky Hill Review)
Dayton, B.B.  MS1.350; MS1.634; MS1.666 
Dayton, Benjamin B.  MS1.146 
Dayton, I.  MS1.1126; MS1.1892 
Dayton, I.G.  MS1.601 
Dayton, Irene  MS1.20; MS1.176; MS1.2476; MS1.3403; MS1.3749; MS1.4001 
     MS1.4205; MS3.92 
Dayton, Irene G.  MS1.3648; MS1.5026 
Deacove, J.  MS1.6650; MS1.6817 
Dean, Jeryl  MS1.7835 
deboo, k.e.  MS1.5497 
De Boer, B.  MS1.8282 
de Bruyn, Anna  MS2.1482 
DeJong, D.  MS1.1810 
DeJong, David C.  MS1.5365; MS1.8368; MS1.8654; MS1.8760 
de Liamchin, Lana  MS2.1170 
DeLong, Dick  MS1.120 
DeLong, Joan  MS1.7281 
de Longchamps, Joanne  MS1.3788 
Demerost, Margaret  MS1.4881 
Demery, Peter  MS2.2273 
de Mondragon, Margaret Randall  MS1.8083 
Demorest, Margaret  MS1.4669; MS1.4772 
Dennis T.  MS2.1204  (Cleveland, Ohio)
DeNora, John  MS1.8792 
Derek  MS2.1131 
Derek  MS2.1207 
Derek  MS2.1731  (Rothesay Collegiate)
Derek  MS2.1775  (Rothesay Collegiate School)
Derleth, August  MS1.4100; MS1.4745; MS1.5770; MS1.5786; MS1.7734; 
Derlora, John  MS1.7849 
DeRoo, C.H.  MS1.6572 
Derrington, Harvey  MS2.1757 
Desbeus, Pat  MS2.1504 
Deschaine, Robert  MS1.8363 
Desjardins, Michael A.  MS1.9101 
Desjardins, Phil  MS2.711; MS2.721; MS2.725; MS2.907 
Desjardins, Phil & Linda  MS2.803 
Desjardins, Philip  MS2.685; MS2.776 
DesJardins, Philip E.  MS2.224 
Despres, Ronald  MS2.994 
Dessner, Lawrence J.  MS1.5501 
Dessner, Lawrence Jay  MS1.5242 
Devereux, Joan  MS1.7067 
Devine, George  MS1.7241 
Dewar, Helen D.  MS3.93 
Dexter, Gail  MS2.1099 
Dexter, Laura  MS1.6883 
Dexter, Laura M.  MS1.6592 
Dick  MS1.6988 
Dickey, L.  MS1.403; MS1.425 
Dickinson, R.C.  MS1.7896; MS1.8271 
Dickinson, Trevor  MS1.6602 
Dickinson, William  MS1.4556 
Dickinson, William H.  MS1.3169 
Dickson, Constance F.  MS2.1982 
Dickson, Ruth  MS1.9137 
Dictionary of Canadian Biography  MS1.5349 
Dietrich, Miss  MS1.4671 
Dietz, Florence  MS1.6333 
Dietz, Florence A.  MS1.3233; MS1.5209; MS1.5210; MS1.5401; MS1.6160;
     MS1.6279; MS1.6898; MS1.7480; MS1.7499; MS1.7525; MS1.7532; MS1.7663;
Dillow, Harry C.  MS1.6328; MS1.7667 
Dimon, Theodore  MS1.7598; MS3.94 
Dimson, Colleen  MS2.2239; MS2.2266 
Dineen, J.O.  MS2.982 
Dipsam, Mary  MS1.2493 
Dirksen, Lillian  MS1.2489; MS1.3654; MS1.3699 
Dixon, Alan  MS1.5165; MS1.5290; MS1.5392; MS1.5418; MS1.5572; MS1.5673; 
     MS1.5676; MS1.5745; MS1.5880; MS1.6039; MS1.6109; MS1.6198; 
     MS1.6318; MS1.6392; MS1.6642; MS1.6728; MS1.6770; MS1.6983; 
     MS1.7105; MS1.7154; MS1.7476; MS1.7635; MS1.8057; MS1.8254; MS3.95 
Dixon, Michael  MS1.6615; MS1.6826 
Dixon, Michael F.  MS1.8121 
Djwa, Sandra  MS2.1993 (S.F.U.); MS2.2234; MS2.2248 
Dobell, Edith  MS1.4321; MS1.4533; MS1.4576 
Dodge, M.  MS1.2159; MS1.2183 
Dodge, Margaret  MS1.3207; MS1.4147 
Dodge, Margaret R.  MS1.3939; MS1.4024; MS1.5139; MS1.5403; MS1.5717;
     MS1.5741; MS1.6215; MS1.6411; MS1.6459 
Dohaney, Edith  MS1.652 
Dohaney, Frank C., Mrs.  MS1.667 
Doiron, Joan  MS1.7136 
Dolibow, J.E.  MS1.5648; MS1.5702 
Domanski, Don  MS2.567; MS2.609 
Dombrovski, B.  MS1.7477 
Dombrovski, Brigitte  MS1.7259; MS1.7285; MS1.7340 
Dominic, Maggie  MS1.8574; MS1.8907 
Dominic, Maggie L.  MS1.8553 
Don  MS1.5376 
Don  MS2.815  (Dept. of English, UNB)
Don  MS2.847  (UNB)
Donald, Hassler  MS1.8528 
Donaldson, Allan  MS1.11; MS1.1533 
Donaldson, M.  MS1.2054 
Donnelly, John F.  MS1.6168; MS1.8340; MS1.8404; MS1.9138; MS3.98 
Donovan, A.  MS1.1869 
Doody, Margaret Anne  MS1.5672 
Dorf, R.H., Mrs.  MS1.4099 
Dorn, A.  MS1.1979; MS1.2203 
Dorn, Alfred  MS1.3107; MS1.4441; MS1.4490; MS1.4650; MS1.4653 
Doron, Jeanne  MS1.8243 
Dorothy  MS2.515 (Windsor)
Dorothy  MS2.620 (Windsor)
Dorrell, Beth  MS1.3539 
Dorset, Gerald H.  MS1.7588 
Dorsey, Iris  MS1.5298 
Doug  MS1.7133 
Doug  MS2.978 (League of Canadian Poets)
Doug  MS2.1124 (League of Canadian Poets)
Doug MS2.1227 (League of Canadian Poets)
Doug  MS2.1234 (Cornell University)
Doug MS2.1380 (League of Canadian Poets)
Douglas  MS1.5106 
Dougall, Kathleen M.  MS1.5589 
Dougher, H.  MS1.440; MS1.448 
Dougher, H.F.  MS1.456; MS1.463 
Dougherty, James  MS1.8651; MS1.8783 
Douglas, F. Mildred  MS1.4825; MS1.4882 
Downes, Dr.  MS1.264 
Downes, G.  MS1.870; MS1.1772; MS1.1836; MS1.2066; MS1.2237 
Downes, G.V.  MS1.138; MS1.152; MS1.242; MS1.342; MS1.365; MS1.472; 
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     MS1.1479; MS1.1491; MS1.1619; MS1.1667; MS1.1695; MS1.1721 
Downes, Gwladys  MS1.144; MS1.2815; MS1.2843; MS1.3006; MS1.3854; MS1.4134; 
     MS1.4549; MS1.4557; MS1.5997; MS1.6106; MS2.683; MS2.2163 
Downey, Mary  MS2.477; MS2.1620; MS2.1634; MS2.1858 
Downing, Eva  MS1.4862 
Downing, Robert  MS1.5678 
Downs, G.  MS1.1913 
Doyle, F. Mildred  MS1.5027 
Doyle, G.  MS1.4662 
Dozell, R.  MS3.99 
Drake, Albert  MS1.6169; MS1.6929; MS1.7086; MS1.7614; MS1.7891; MS1.8692 
Drake, David  MS3.100 
Drake, L.B.  MS1.5317; MS1.6307; MS1.6336 
Drake, Leah B.  MS1.5512; MS1.6151; MS1.6217; MS1.7398 
Dramer, Aaron  MS1.5857 
Drevniok, Betty  MS2.2105  (poems)
Drevniok, Elizabeth  MS2.2039 
Drew, John  MS1.5287; MS1.7245; MS1.7344; MS1.7345; MS1.7346; MS1.7391; 
     MS1.7437; MS1.7479; MS1.7611; MS1.7685; MS1.7987; MS2.58; MS2.74;
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     MS3.101.G; MS3.101.H; MS3.101.I; MS3.101.J  
Drew, M.E.  MS1.2436; MS1.2486; MS1.6889 
Drew, Mabel E.  MS1.3328 
Drovin, Rene  MS2.372 
Drysdale, June  MS1.6638; MS1.8479; MS1.8503 
Drysdale, Lily  MS3.102 
Drysdale, Patrick D.  MS2.2363 
Duchemin, Lloyd  MS1.8292; MS1.8380; MS1.8382; MS2.329; MS2.356 (Mt. A.);
     MS2.433; MS2.816 
Duchemin, Lloyd A.  MS2.308 
Ducornet, Guy  MS2.864; MS2.933; MS2.1004; MS2.1298; MS2.1344; MS2.1390; 
Dudek, Fred  MS1.3563 
Dudek, L.  MS1.470; MS1.1939; MS1.2211 
Dudek, Louis  MS1.28; MS1.37; MS1.133; MS1.139; MS1.2792; MS1.2811;
     MS1.2823; MS1.2865; MS1.4236; MS1.6157; MS1.7756; MS2.62 
Dudek/Collins  MS2.2348 
Dudley, A.E.  MS3.103 
Dudley, Austin E.  MS1.7126 
Duff, Gerald  MS2.2214 
Duff, Kenneth M.  MS1.8769 
Duff, Rosemary  MS1.6373  (Oxford University Press)
Duff, Virgil D.  MS2.2300; MS2.2302; MS2.2315; MS2.2364; MS2.2370 
Dumas, Henry  MS1.7634; MS1.8146 
Duncan, Vivienne  MS1.5629; MS1.6045 
Dunlop, Donna  MS1.8596; MS3.104 
Dunn, Robert  MS2.203 
Dunn, Theodore  MS1.6453 
Durling, Isabel  MS2.269; MS2.621 
Durnford, Elliott A.  MS1.5870 
Durrett, Eustace  MS1.3438; MS1.3568; MS1.3791 
Duryee, Ballard  MS1.3258 
Duvernet, Sylvia  MS2.944; MS2.1073 
Dwedney, A. Keewatin  MS1.8298 
Dworkin, M.  MS1.420; MS1.451 
Dworkin, M.S.  MS1.442; MS1.561 
Dworkin, Martin  MS1.166; MS1.209; MS1.3517; MS1.3735; MS1.4494 
Dworkin, Martin S.  MS1.147; MS1.3544; MS1.4078; MS1.4811 
Dwyer, Peter  MS2.498 
Dwyer, Peter M.  MS1.7108 (Canada Council); MS1.7112; MS1.7273; MS1.7328;
     MS1.7735; MS1.7791; MS1.8484; MS1.9001 
Dykeman, Else  MS1.8572 
E.H.  MS1.1723 
Eadie, Tom  MS1.6262; MS1.6518; MS1.6609; MS1.6664; MS1.7197; MS1.7278;
     MS1.7521; MS1.7838 
Earl  MS1.4054 
Earl  MS1.4127 
Earl  MS1.6556 
Earle, K.  MS1.5278 
Earle, Kathleen  MS1.4371; MS1.4382; MS1.4460; MS1.4609 
Eason, J.R.  MS1.5950; MS3.105 
Eastman, D.  MS1.2021; MS1.2037; MS1.2046; MS1.2087; MS1.2093; MS1.2115; 
     MS1.2194; MS1.2200 
Eastman, Donald  MS1.2561; MS1.2827; MS1.2848; MS1.3499; MS1.3557; 
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     MS1.4409; MS1.4461; MS1.4495; MS1.4540; MS1.4558 
Eaton, C.  MS1.2092; MS1.2276; MS1.2281 
Eaton, Charles Edward  MS1.3461; MS1.3512; MS1.4900; MS1.5135; MS1.5249; 
     MS1.5265; MS1.5284; MS1.5778; MS1.6232; MS1.7009; MS1.7062; MS1.7220; 
     MS1.7261; MS1.7481; MS1.7533; MS1.8685; MS3.106 
Eaton, Dorothy Burnham  MS2.1239 
Eaton, Richard  MS2.1998  (poems)
Eberman, W.  MS1.1960; MS1.2004 
Eberman, Willis  MS1.2401; MS1.4826; MS1.5196; MS1.5558 
Ebert, Myrtle V.  MS2.2260 
Eckman, F.  MS1.1154; MS1.2118; MS1.2137 
Ector, Hugh  MS1.9140; MS3.107 
Edgar, Mary S.  MS1.8411 
Edge  MS1.6754  (Henry Beissel)
Edge, Thelma  MS2.1241 
Editions du Jour  MS2.1860 
Edmonds, Marguerite  MS1.7296; MS1.7363; MS1.8218; MS1.8614; MS1.8743; MS3.108 
Edson, Ron  MS1.8956 
Edward  MS2.1855  (Alive Press, Guelph)
Edwards, Leona  MS2.328; MS2.355; MS2.360 
Efrus, Florence  MS1.7740 
Egers, Thelma  MS1.7239 
Egudu, Romanus N.  MS1.8136 
Eibel, Deborah  MS1.6583; MS1.7038; MS1.7462 
Eigner, Larry  MS1.2552; MS1.3237; MS1.3948; MS1.3995; MS1.3998; MS3.109 
Eisnor, Joan M.  MS1.2855 
Elaine  MS2.40 
Elaine  MS2.2366 
Elaine  MS2.2373 
Elayne  MS1.7314 
Elder, Bruce  MS2.576 
Elder, G.W.  MS1.1678 
Elder, S.B.  MS1.1333; MS1.1399 
Elder, Samuel Barr  MS3.110 
Eleanor  MS1.435 
Eleanor  MS1.439 
Elizabeth  MS1.5587 
Elizabeth  MS1.6413 
Elizabeth  MS1.6687 
Elizabeth  MS1.6936 
Elizabeth  MS1.6948 
Elizabeth  MS1.7478 
Elizabeth  MS1.8527 
Elizabeth  MS2.493 
Elizabeth  MS2.1256  (Cambridge Stn., N.S.)
Elizabeth, G.  MS2.330; MS2.2097; MS2.2129 
Ellenbogen, George  MS1.4101 
Elliot, G. Forbes  MS2.1363 
Elliot, Ken  MS1.7873 
Elliott, M.  MS1.1778; MS1.1927; MS1.1945; MS1.2175; MS1.2213 
Elliott, Mary Word  MS1.2570; MS1.2798; MS1.3318; MS1.3351; MS1.3482;
     MS1.3858; MS1.3882; MS1.4765; MS1.4788 
Elliott, Wendy  MS2.1803 
Ellis, Betty Anne  MS2.1343 
Ellis, L.W.  MS1.6724 
Ellis, Muriel G.  MS2.139 
Ellison, Brian  MS1.7606 
Ellsworth, Patricia  MS1.8677; MS1.8711; MS1.9060; MS1.9112; MS1.9113 
Elm, Paul E.  MS1.8316 
Elson, Nicholas  MS2.1369 
Elspeth  MS1.7609 
Elspeth  MS1.8155 
Elwert, Charlotte  MS2.365 
Emery (Buchanan), Gwen  MS1.8441; MS2.229 
Empire Press Agency, Editorial Dept.  MS1.905 
Engel, J.  MS1.1824 
England, A.B.  MS1.1596 
England, Amy Bissett  MS1.7016; MS1.8655 
Englehart, Fred  MS1.8031; MS1.8194; MS1.8448 
Enslin, Theodore  MS2.1926 
Epos  MS1.4308 
Erbas, Tulin  MS2.2298 
Eric  MS1.7045 
Eric  MS1.7124 
Eric  MS1.7212 
Eric  MS1.7248 
Eric  MS1.7303 
Eric  MS1.7403 
Eric  MS1.7638 
Erickson, T.D.  MS3.111 
Erikson, Nancy Watson  MS1.5086 
Erroll Boyd, Ethel  MS1.4796 
Ervan, Gil A.  MS1.2466 
Esler, Richard Curry  MS1.3925; MS1.4011 
Estabrooks, Florence C.  MS1.5092; MS1.5411 
Etter, David Pearson  MS1.5441; MS1.8008 
Eugster, Carla  MS1.7555; MS1.8290 
Eulert, Donald  MS3.112 
Evans, Allan  MS1.7224; MS3.113 
Evans, Ernest  MS3.114 
Evans, H.  MS1.1244 
Evans, H.H.  MS1.1253 
Evans, J.  MS1.2369 
Evans, J.A.S.  MS1.2442; MS1.3194; MS1.4068; MS1.4229; MS1.4234; MS1.4410;
     MS1.5129; MS1.7203; MS2.1970; MS3.115 
Evanson, J.  MS1.2147 
Eve  MS2.114; MS2.1902 (Waterloo Place, London); MS2.1906; MS2.1930;
     MS2.2016; MS2.2057; MS2.2088
Evelyn  MS1.6574 
Evelyn  MS1.6600 
Evelyn  MS1.8870 
Everson, R.  MS1.2301; MS1.2318; MS1.2372; MS1.2390 
Everson, R.G.  MS1.7487; MS1.7511; MS1.8412; MS1.8857; MS1.8244 
Everson, Ron  MS1.3552; MS1.3662; MS1.3682; MS1.4411; MS1.4683; MS1.6994;
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     MS2.592; MS2.656; MS2.673; MS2.770; MS2.945; MS2.981;
     MS2.1212; MS2.1916 
Everson, Ron G.  MS1.5992; MS1.8259; MS1.8284; MS1.8770; MS2.15 
Everson, Ronald  MS1.2790; MS1.3528; MS1.3872; MS1.4449 
Evert, Martha  MS1.6095; MS1.6300 
Ewens, David  MS2.943 
Ewing, David  MS2.2242 
EWN  MS1.761 
Exler, Theadora  MS2.1934 
F      , Neil  MS1.7029 
F     , Neil  MS1.6876 
Fadum, Anita  MS2.1900 
Falkner, Tony  MS1.7973 
Falks, G.W.  MS1.6620 
Falleder, Arnold  MS1.4725; MS1.4569; MS1.4612; MS1.4647; MS1.4672; 
     MS1.468;5MS1.5033; MS1.5145; MS1.5338; MS1.5655; MS1.5704; 
     MS1.7307; MS1.7316; MS1.7467; MS3.116 
Falleder, Arnold Edw.  MS1.8405 
Farber, Charles  MS1.4102; MS1.4148; MS1.4159; MS1.4243; MS1.4267; 
     MS1.5102; MS1.5238; MS1.5318; MS1.5333; MS1.5452; MS1.8459; 
Farkas, George  MS2.1908 
Farley, T.  MS1.426; MS1.520; MS1.1796 
Farley, Tom  MS1.137; MS1.140; MS1.204; MS1.275 
Farmiloe, Dorothy  MS1.6060; MS1.6701; MS1.7218; MS1.7495; MS1.8202; 
     MS2.125 (poem); MS2.465.A; MS2.961; MS2.1349; MS2.1379; MS2.1750;
     MS2.1760; MS2.1767; MS2.1800; MS2.1847; MS2.1849; MS2.1987; MS3.118; 
Farmiloe, Ray  MS1.7371
Farr, Robin  MS2.246 
Farrar, C.  MS1.534; MS1.1925; MS1.2127; MS1.2131 
Farrar, Clarence  MS1.4157 
Farrar, Clarence E.  MS1.3284; MS1.3650 
Farrer-Brown, Leslie  MS1.4559 
Fass, Barbara  MS2.1601 
Faulk, Carolyn  MS1.7855; MS1.8018; MS1.8054 
Fedore, John  MS1.6196 
Feibelman, Marguerite  MS1.6654; MS1.6682; MS1.6860; MS1.6906; MS1.6942; 
     MS1.7458; MS3.119 
Feilding, G.T.  MS2.121 
Feirstein, Fred  MS1.7235; MS1.7251 
Feldmann, Annette  MS1.3500; MS1.4247; MS1.6588 
Feldmann, Annette B.  MS1.3478; MS1.5001; MS1.5056 
Feldmar, Andrew  MS1.7528 
Fell, James B.  MS1.6480 
Feller, R.J.  MS2.366 
Fenner, James L.  MS1.8236; MS3.120 
Fentadour, F.  MS1.2872 
Ferguson, John, Jr.  MS1.6655; MS1.7279 
Ferhand, Howard  MS1.8466 
Ferman, Audrey Helene  MS3.121 
Ferns, John  MS1.9070; MS2.696 
Ferrari, Leo  MS1.8969; MS3.122 
Fetherling, Doug  MS2.235; MS2.243 
Field-Marsham, Marilyn  MS2.1723 
Finberg, Michael P.  MS1.6504 
Finch, R.  MS1.54; MS1.709 
Fine, Michael  MS1.5104; MS3.123 
Fink, Robert J.  MS2.2282; MS2.2296 
Finlay, Ian H.  MS1.5174 
Finlay, Michael  MS2.686 
Finn, Hugh  MS1.5853; MS1.6539 
Finnigan, Joan  MS1.7317; MS1.7343; MS1.7474; MS1.7580; MS1.7583; MS1.8295; 
     MS1.8330; MS1.8355; MS1.8618; MS1.8665; MS1.8894; MS1.8897; MS1.8979;
     MS1.9142; MS1.9143; MS1.9144; MS2.23; MS2.55; MS2.101; MS2.120;
     MS2.122; MS2.218; MS2.230; MS2.245; MS2.270; MS2.277; MS2.323; MS2.345;
     MS2.689; MS2.980; MS3.124
Finnegan, Tom  MS1.8312 
Fischer, G.K.  MS1.8748 
Fischer, Heinz  MS1.5440; MS1.8242; MS1.8681; MS2.87; MS2.263; MS2.285;
     MS2.395; MS2.410 
Fish, G.  MS1.2262; MS1.2267 
Fish, N.I.  MS1.7092 
Fish, Nancy  MS1.7111; MS1.7128; MS1.8103 
Fisher, Douglas  MS2.2269 
Fisher, Heinz  MS1.7984 
Fisher, Malcolm R.  MS2.2426 
Fisher, Neil  MS3.125 
Fisher, Neil H.  MS1.6520 
Fisk, Dorothy E.  MS1.6478 
Fitzell, L.  MS1.368 
Fitzell, Lionel  MS1.330 
Fitzgerald, Brian  MS2.992 
Fitzpatrick, T.C.  MS1.3341 
Fitzwilliam, Jay  MS1.5743 
Fixler, M.  MS1.1753 
Flame, Editor  MS1.829 
Flanagan, Robert  MS2.1599; MS2.1613; MS2.1697; MS2.1866; MS2.1875;
     MS2.1918; MS2.1955; MS2.1975; MS2.1999; MS2.2188; MS2.2223; 
     MS2.2244; MS2.2245 
Flatt, Jean  MS1.6225 
Flax, Dorothy Ellin  MS1.5620; MS1.6038; MS1.6678; MS1.6699; MS1.6907; 
Flecher, Ward A.  MS1.8686 
Fleck, Richard  MS1.7357 
Fleet, Brenda  MS2.163 
Fleischer, Roy  MS1.5650 
Fleming, Aida  MS1.7014 
Fleming, H.  MS1.1848; MS1.1893 
Fleming, Harold  MS1.8028; MS2.25; MS2.39 
Flemington, F.  MS1.1527; MS1.1534; MS1.1696.A; MS1.1740; MS1.2132; 
Flemington, Frank  MS1.4377 
Flemming, H.J.  MS1.1520; MS1.495 
Fletcher, Beryl  MS1.8085; MS1.8359; MS1.8782; MS1.8970 
Fletcher, Peggy  MS2.582; MS2.794; MS2.975; MS2.1036 
Fletcher, Peggy K.  MS2.735 
Fletcher, T.J.  MS1.7473 
Fletcher, Terence  MS1.8094; MS3.126 
Fletcher, Terence John  MS1.7773 
Foley, Michael  MS2.2382 
Fonger, D.R.  MS2.1806 
Forbes, Beth  MS3.127 
Forbes, Elliot G.  MS1.8506 
Ford, A.J.T.  MS2.1642 
Ford, Edsel  MS1.4043 
Fornataro, Margaret  MS1.5988; MS1.6069 
Forney, Rose  MS1.4524 
Forrest, Lillian  MS1.61 
Forsyth, Anne R.  MS1.2492 
Forsyth, Mina M.  MS1.3655 
Forsyth, W.A.  MS2.738 
Forsythe, Kathleen (Cogswell) MS2.232; MS2.419; MS2.450; MS2.513; MS2.881;
     MS2.995; MS2.1165; MS2.1719; MS2.1782; MS2.1881; MS2.1921; MS2.2062;
Fortin, Charlotte  MS1.8333 
Fossum, Robert H.  MS1.2517; MS1.3369 
Fougere, Norman  MS2.1927 
Found, Lillian  MS1.4323 
Fournier, W.R.  MS1.889; MS1.1015; MS1.1020; MS1.1060; MS1.1118 
Fowler, A.  MS1.2341 
Fowler, Elizabeth  MS3.127.A; MS3.127.B; MS3.127.C; MS3.127.D;  
     MS3.127.E; MS3.127.F  
Fowler, Evelyn  MS1.3994; MS1.5084; MS1.5701; MS1.5726; MS1.6080;
     MS1.6446; MS1.6545; MS1.6688; MS1.6622; MS1.6646; MS1.6660;
     MS1.6665; MS1.6671; MS1.6692; MS1.6705; MS1.6788; MS1.7713;
     MS1.9018; MS2.1; MS2.510; MS2.536; MS2.612 
F     , Evelyn   
Fox, Michael  MS2.830; MS2.1158 
Fox, Robert  MS1.8809 
Fox, Robert R.  MS1.7655 
Fox, Siv Cedering  MS2.1055; MS2.1793; MS2.1814; MS2.1821; MS2.1905;
     MS2.1945; MS2.1961; MS2.2101; MS2.2275; MS3.128 
Fox-Hutchinson  MS1.1453; MS1.1460  
Fox-Hutchinson, J.  MS1.1465; MS1.1532; MS1.1561; MS1.2299 
Fox-Hutchinson, J.M.  MS1.1434; MS1.1729; MS1.1746; MS1.1779; MS1.1962; 
     MS1.2453; MS1.2502; MS1.2838; MS1.2866; MS1.2934; MS1.2999; 
     MS1.3617; MS1.3670; MS1.3708; MS1.3764; MS1.4301; MS1.4476; 
     MS1.4691; MS1.5506; MS1.5573; MS1.5614 
Fox-Hutchinson, J.M., Mrs.  MS1.6002; MS1.6071 
Fox-Hutchinson, Julius M.  MS1.6316; MS1.6415 
Frake, L.  MS2.479 
Frake, Lynne  MS2.459 
Frampton, Richard D.  MS1.6543 
Fran  MS2.2405 
Francess  MS2.168  (University of Toronto Press)
Francis, Frederick N.  MS1.5936; MS1.5956 
Francis, Marilyn  MS1.3195; MS1.3238 
Francis, Marilyn A.  MS1.3322 
Francis, William C.  MS1.6802; MS1.6975 
Francis, Wynne  MS1.6944; MS1.6962; MS1.6990; MS1.7801; MS1.7890; 
     MS1.7922; MS1.7926; MS2.2186 
Francq, H.  MS2.293; MS2.317; MS2.630 
Frank  MS1.6803 
Frank  MS2.378 
Frank  MS2.959  (Campbellton, N.B.)
Frank  MS2.1122  (Campbellton, N.B.)
Frank  MS2.1194 
Frank  MS2.1332  (L&S)
Frank  MS2.1452  (L&S)
Frank  MS2.1486  (Peace and Strength)
Frank, Bernhard  MS1.6338; MS3.129 
Frank, Larry  MS1.8754; MS1.8819 
Frank, Laurene, Jr.  MS1.7744 
Frank, Lawrence, Jr.  MS1.7693; MS1.8188 
Frank, Mark  MS2.2268 
Fraser, Allan  MS1.9077 
Fraser, Dorothy  MS1.5363; MS1.5383; MS1.5481; MS1.6123; MS1.7142; 
     MS1.8012; MS1.8059 
Fraser, Ian  MS2.2068 
Fraser, Ray  MS1.6772; MS1.7164; MS1.7401; MS1.8000; MS1.8046; MS1.8144;
     MS1.8674; MS1.8727; MS1.9145; MS2.7; MS2.77; MS3.130; MS3.131;
     MS3.132; MS3.133; MS3.134; MS3.135; MS3.136; MS3.137; MS3.138;
     MS3.139; MS3.140; MS3.141; MS3.142 
Fraser, Raymond  MS1.5584; MS1.6294; MS1.6340; MS1.6570; MS1.6690; 
     MS1.6816; MS1.7187; MS1.7262; MS1.8507; MS1.8871 
Fraser, Raymond J.  MS1.5334; MS1.5439 
Fraser, Sara Carsley  MS1.8656 
Frazee, Hazel  MS1.3839 
Fred  MS2.1023  (not Cogswell/West Coast Review, S.F.V.)
Fredericks, C.  MS2.442  (MacMillan); MS2.453 (MacMillan)
Fredericks, Carrie  MS2.200; MS2.649 (MacMillan)
Freedman, Michael  MS1.9095 
Freeman, Elaine  MS1.9058; MS2.262; MS3.143 
Freeman, Elana  MS2.6 
Freeman, Irving  MS2.201 
Freevairn, Kenneth A.  MS2.733 
French, D.  MS1.1899 
French, James  MS2.1095 
Friedman, J.  MS1.1141; MS1.1309 
Friedman, J.J.  MS1.1293; MS1.1555; MS1.1564 
Friedman, Jane  MS1.5489 
Friedman, M.  MS1.714 
Friedman, Philip Allan  MS1.6734 
Friend, Myrna  MS1.7862 
Friesen, E.  MS1.1254 
Frisch, A.J.  MS1.5119 
Frisch, Anthony  MS1.5117 
Fritch, J.L.  MS1.478; MS1.530; MS1.744; MS1.755; MS1.1168 
Frumkin, Gene  MS1.2507 
Fry, Diane Elizabeth  MS1.7509; MS1.8624; MS1.9139 
Frye, Burton  MS1.6083 
Frye, Norine?  MS1.5343 
Frye, Virginia and Burton  MS1.6286 
Fudge & Co. Ltd.  MS1.6722  (B.W. Shaw)
Fujino, David  MS2.914 
Fullerton, D.H.  MS1.5062.B  (Canada Council)  
Fulton, Ellen  MS1.94; MS1.105; MS1.109 
Fulton, G.  MS1.7394; MS1.9078 
Fulton, Gerald  MS1.6873; MS1.6973 
Fulton, Gerald, Jr.  MS1.6046 
Fulton, Gerald V.B.  MS1.6844; MS1.6953 
Fulton, Laurel Anne  MS1.7804 
Furtado, R. del.  MS1.6370 
Furtado, Raul  MS1.6658 
G.M.  MS2.1157 
Gail  MS2.1796  (Humanities Assoc. of Canada)
Gail  MS2.2419 
Gair, Kenneth  MS1.8395 
Gair, Reavley  MS2.273 
Gair, W. Reavley  MS2.192 
Galitz, Bernard Edwin  MS1.6586 
Gallant, Catherine  MS2.1384 
Galley Sail Review  MS1.5169  (Stanley McNail)
Gallo, Philip  MS1.7228 
Galloway, D.R.  MS1.7149 
Galloway, David  MS2.1009 
Galloway, David R.  MS1.3656 
Galt, George  MS2.2391 
Galvin, Brendan  MS2.1166; MS2.2144 
Galvin, Elizabeth  MS2.1634.A; MS2.1689; MS2.1813; MS2.1873; MS2.1914 
Gammon, Clara  MS1.2468 
Gan, Bob  MS1.7096 
Ganley, W. Paul  MS1.4859 
Garbary, Evelyn  MS1.8482 (N.S. Department of Education); MS1.8496; 
     MS1.8505; MS1.8554; MS1.8562 
Garber, Ethel  MS1.6197 
Gardner, Gail Ruth  MS1.6200 
Garrett, R.A.  MS1.553; MS1.615 
Garrick, J.  MS1.521; MS1.1395; MS1.1767 
Garvue, Marie Wilson  MS1.3958 
Garwood, Lana  MS2.1878 
Gasparini, Len  MS1.8823; MS1.8844; MS1.8850; MS2.529 (poems);
     MS2.796; MS2.820; MS2.896; MS2.897; MS2.900; MS2.908; MS2.957; 
     MS2.1066 (poem); MS2.1076; MS2.1080; MS2.1138; MS2.1145; MS2.1176; 
     MS2.1247; MS2.1274; MS2.1287; MS2.1291 (poem); MS2.1351; MS2.1375; 
     MS2.1388; MS2.1416; MS2.1461; MS2.1472; MS2.1647; MS2.1676 
Gates, N.F.W.  MS2.1149 
Gauthier, Claude  MS1.8876; MS1.8899; MS1.8949; MS1.9034 (Centennial
     Commission); MS2.1155 
Gautschi, Ellen  MS1.5793 
Gautschi, Patricia Ellen  MS3.144 
Gawn, P.C.  MS1.8812 
Gearhart, Lucy  MS1.2808 
Geddes, Gary  MS2.83; MS2.141 
Geiger, D.  MS1.2296 
Geiger, Don  MS1.2576; MS1.3036; MS1.3065; MS1.6454 
Gentz, Fremont  MS1.3972; MS1.4128; MS1.4163; MS1.4206; MS3.145 
George  MS1.10  (poem)
George  MS1.2799 
George  MS2.926  (Ottawa)
George, D.V.  MS2.968 
George, J.  MS2.551 
George, R.  MS1.1653; MS1.2235 
George, R.A.  MS1.1524; MS1.1552; MS1.1784 
George, Richard  MS1.2936; MS1.4103; MS1.4176 
George, Richard A.  MS1.2889; MS1.3297; MS1.3412; MS1.3429; MS1.4004; 
     MS1.4069; MS1.4324; MS1.7107; MS1.7119 
The Georgia Review  MS1.1388 
Gerald  MS2.553  (Humanities Council)
Gerald  MS2.597  (Humanities Assoc.)
Gerald, M.  MS2.380 
Gerhand, Howard  MS1.6491 
Germaine  MS2.1958 
Germaine  MS2.2095  (Victoria College)
Gerrish, James  MS3.146 
Gersh, Gabriel  MS1.4219; MS1.4244 
Gerson, Elizabeth  MS1.5069 
Gertler, Maynard  MS2.2424 
Gervais, C.H.  MS2.769; MS2.783; MS2.805; MS2.854; MS2.953; MS2.1156 
Gervais, Claude  MS2.1037; MS2.1072 
Gervais, Marty  MS2.988; MS2.1732 
Ghio, Gilbert  MS2.1376 
Gibb, Bob  MS3.147 
Gibbons, M.  MS1.6918 
Gibbons, Maurice  MS1.6956; MS1.7817; MS1.8326 
Gibbs, B.  MS1.1847 
Gibbs, Bob  MS1.5080; MS1.5097 
Gibbs, Jean  MS2.1334; MS2.1507 
Gibbs, R.  MS1.554; MS1.587 
Gibbs, R.J.  MS1.106 (poem); MS1.188 
Gibbs, Robert  MS1.19; MS2.60; MS2.117; MS2.306; MS2.827; MS2.1352; 
Giber, Bob  MS1.5062 
Gibson, E.M., Mrs.  MS1.4193 
Gibson, Shirly  MS2.879 
Gibson's Book Mart  MS1.902 
Gier, John  MS2.858 
Giffin, David A.  MS1.6776; MS1.6840; MS1.6619 
Gilbert, Gerald  MS1.3459; MS1.3830; MS1.4363; MS1.4412; MS1.4625 
Gilbert, Gerald F.  MS1.3535; MS1.3558 
Giles, C.E.  MS1.8100 
Gilkey, Helen L.  MS1.6924; MS1.7928; MS1.8536; MS3.148 
Gill, Elaine  MS2.715; MS2.804 
Gill, John  MS2.1359  (The Crossing Press)
Gill, Lakshmi  MS2.707; MS2.709; MS2.727; MS2.781; MS2.912; MS2.1067; 
     MS2.1243; MS2.1485; MS2.1648 
Gillis, Frank  MS2.627; MS2.730; MS2.759; MS2.833 (poems); MS2.934; 
     MS2.951; MS2.1592; MS2.1684 
Gillon, Adam  MS1.4383; MS1.4413; MS1.4465; MS1.4496; MS1.4607; MS1.4613;
     MS1.4726; MS1.5038; MS1.5039; MS1.5114; MS1.5433; MS1.5303; MS1.5664;
     MS1.5674; MS1.5940; MS1.6360 
Gilsdorf, Gordon  MS1.2488 
Ginakes, Marilyn  MS2.2367 
Ginsberg, Louis  MS1.5263; MS1.5389; MS1.5393; MS1.5768; MS1.5776; MS1.5789; 
     MS1.5908; MS1.6343; MS1.6381; MS1.7116; MS1.7362; MS1.7774; MS1.7824; 
     MS1.8285;;MS1.8485; MS1.8666; MS1.8842; MS3.149; MS3.150 
Girauard, R.  MS3.151 
Glass, Malcolm S.  MS1.7033; MS1.7117; MS1.7204 
Glassco, J.  MS1.706; MS1.710; MS1.1068; MS1.1738; MS1.2119 
Glassco, John  MS1.210; MS1.225; MS1.2978; MS1.3016; MS1.3127; MS1.3564; 
     MS1.3947; MS1.4479; MS1.4827 
Glen  MS1.8571 
Glen  MS2.1882  (Gerald St. Loralle)
Glen  MS2.1922  (Independent Publishers Assoc.)
Glen, E.  MS1.2250 
Glen, Emilie  MS1.2828; MS1.3430; MS1.4012; MS1.4276; MS1.4414; MS1.9146; 
     MS1.9147; MS3.152 
Glover, Sue  MS2.704 
Glyn, H.  MS1.2282; MS1.2307 
Gnarowski, M.  MS1.255; MS1.269; MS1.338; MS1.343; MS1.464; MS1.487; 
     MS1.611; MS1.2068; MS1.2125; MS1.2182; MS1.2201 
Gnarowski, Michael  MS1.4655; MS2.226; MS2.231; MS2.267; MS2.491; 
     MS2.537; MS2.581; MS2.617; MS2.634; MS2.971; MS2.1012 
Gnarowski, Mike  MS1.573; MS1.2398; MS1.2569; MS1.2829; MS1.2841; MS1.2911; 
     MS1.2975; MS1.3070; MS1.3171; MS1.3808; MS1.4026; MS1.4651; MS1.6317; 
     MS1.7379; MS1.3035 
Goddard, Evelyn  MS1.3196; MS1.3251; MS1.3518; MS1.3861; MS1.4056; MS1.4309; 
     MS1.4350; MS1.4415; MS1.4577; MS1.4883; MS1.5344; MS1.5553; MS1.5875; 
     MS1.5959; MS1.6029; MS2.692 
Goddard, Hazel Firth  MS1.8480 
Godfrey, Dave  MS2.2167 
Godin, Deborah J.  MS2.1886 
Godlovitch, Stanley  MS1.7330; MS1.7627; MS1.7640; MS1.7701; MS1.7982; 
Goff, Tom  MS2.1498 
Goguen, A.T.  MS1.3687; MS1.3704 
Gold, Artie  MS2.2007 
Goldberg, [Saford]  MS1.5783 
Goldman, Lloyd  MS1.6703 
Golub, Silvi  MS1.6759; MS1.6800 
Gom, Leona  MS2.1276; MS2.1342; MS2.1360; MS2.1389; MS2.1420; MS2.1450; 
     MS2.1477; MS2.1521 (Univ. Alberta); MS2.1651; MS2.1707; MS2.1894; 
     MS2.1953 (poems); MS2.2002; MS2.2023; MS2.2093; MS2.2132; MS2.2169; 
     MS2.2192; MS2.2236; MS2.2346 
Gomez, Francisco  MS2.86; MS2.89; MS2.93 
Goninon, Leanita  MS2.1802; MS2.2067 
Gooch, Bryan, N.S.  MS2.1706 
Good, Jacqui  MS2.1110 
Goodman, Eileen  MS2.997; MS2.1786; MS2.1789 
Goodwin, W.  MS1.8264 
Gool, R.W.  MS1.8141 
Gordon, Giles  MS1.6134 
Gordon, Ian  MS2.2385; MS2.2395 
Gordon, Mark  MS1.8413 
Gordon, Robert Lee  MS1.7850 
Gordon, Yvette  MS1.4773 
Gordon-Craig, Christopher  MS2.283 
Gordy, H.M.  MS1.7129; MS1.7308 
Gose, Elliott  MS1.5621 
Goss, George  MS1.8810 
Gossage, Laura E.  MS1.8801 
Gott, George  MS1.4727 
Goulet, Antoine  MS1.5453 
Gourlay, Eliza  MS1.3452; MS1.3483 
Gourlay, Elizabeth  MS1.4104; MS1.4177; MS1.4196; MS1.4245; MS1.4364; 
     MS1.4526; MS1.4746; MS1.4766; MS1.4834; MS1.4856; MS1.4897; 
     MS1.5258; MS1.5285; MS1.5443; MS1.5692; MS1.5909; MS1.5941; 
     MS1.5972; MS1.6894; MS1.8375; MS1.8474; MS2.2076 
Gourlay, Elizabeth W.  MS1.5360 
Gourlay, Mrs.  MS1.4601 
Governor General's Award Board  MS1.3324 
Grace  MS1.7100 
Graff, Dorothy  MS1.5598 
Graham, Peter  MS2.2197 
Grant  MS2.167
Grant  MS2.214
Grant  MS2.258
Grant  MS2.282 (poem)
Grant  MS2.303 (poem)
Grant  MS2.350
Grant  MS2.369
Grant  MS2.392 (poem)
Grant  MS2.417
Grant  MS2.528
Grant  MS2.764 
Grant  MS2.779 (Ottawa)
Grant  MS2.799
Grant  MS2.1046
Grant  MS2.1129
Grant  MS2.1895 
Grant, B.J.  MS1.1106; MS1.1170; MS1.1189; MS1.1212; MS1.1282; MS1.1750 
Grant, Betty  MS2.1824 
Grant, D.J.  MS1.1241 
Grant, Dorothy  MS1.7288; MS1.8470 
Grant, Dorothy M.  MS1.7299 
Grant, J.  MS1.1907 
Grant, J.R.  MS1.1251; MS1.1277; MS1.1547 
Grant, James Russell  MS1.3444; MS1.4799; MS1.4839; MS1.6895 
Grant, John Webster  MS1.6320; MS1.8996 (to Jean Boucher)
Grant, Rita  MS1.7964 
Grant, Ron  MS1.6884; MS1.7006 
Grant, Russell (Rusty)  MS1.3683 
Gray, Barbara  MS2.1903 
Gray, Don  MS3.153 
Gray, Esther  MS1.5617 
Gray, F.W.  MS1.849; MS1.899; MS1.1012; MS1.1027 
Gray, Frances Angevine  MS1.3390; MS1.4073; MS1.4602; MS1.6329; MS1.8510; 
     MS1.8830; MS1.5944 
Gray, J.  MS1.517 
Gray, J.M.  MS1.333 
Gray, John  MS1.6337  (Macmillan Co. of Canada Ltd.)
Gray, John M.  MS1.5887 
Gray, John T.  MS2.451; MS2.457 
Gray, M.  MS1.477; MS1.1231; MS1.1242; MS1.1283; MS1.1374; MS1.1427; 
Gray, M.A.  MS1.1192 
Gray, Martin  MS1.92; MS1.110; MS1.311; MS1.323 
Grayson, Ethel Kirk  MS1.7720; MS1.8537; MS1.8619; MS3.154 
Green, Gordon  MS1.8409; MS1.8454; MS1.8608; MS1.8625; MS1.8627; MS1.8671 
Greengrass, Eytan  MS2.2293 
Greenway, Ronald C.  MS1.4605; MS1.4626 
Greenwood, J.M.  MS1.7700 
Greenwood, J.M., Mrs.  MS1.6462 
Greenwood, Joan  MS1.6529 
Greenwood, R.  MS1.380 
Greer, Scott  MS1.3089; MS1.3220 
Greer, Scott A.  MS1.6429 
Greg  MS1.7059 
Greg  MS1.7088 
Greg  MS2.1956  (St. F.X. University)
Gregg, C.A., Mrs.  MS1.4310; MS1.4392 
Gregg, Nan  MS3.155 
Gregg, Reva  MS1.4289; MS1.4378 (Mrs. C.A.)
Gregory, Michael  MS1.7165; MS1.7468; MS3.156 
Gregory, Michael A.  MS1.6344 
Greig, Alan  MS1.6627 
Grenelle, L.  MS1.2311 
Grenelle, Lisa  MS1.3594; MS1.4105 
Grenville, R.  MS1.1435; MS1.1797; MS1.2126 
Grenville, R.H.  MS1.1469; MS1.2781; MS1.3174; MS1.3289; MS1.3387 
Gresser, S.  MS1.556; MS1.568; MS1.626; MS1.643; MS1.668; MS1.690; 
     MS1.691; MS1.695; MS1.787; MS1.813; MS1.847; MS1.871; MS1.1001; 
     MS1.1052; MS1.1064; MS1.1083; MS1.1099; MS1.1103; MS1.1171; MS1.1190; 
     MS1.1208; MS1.1250; MS1.1278; MS1.1299; MS1.1406; MS1.1428; MS1.1461; 
     MS1.1521; MS1.1574; MS1.1575; MS1.1852 
Gretta  MS1.8982 
Gretta  MS1.9033 
Gretta  MS1.9111 
Grier, E.  MS1.1570; MS1.1579; MS1.1597; MS1.2084; MS1.2202 
Grier, Eldon  MS1.3028; MS1.3987 
Griffin, Ernest G.  MS2.296; MS2.312 
Griffin, Julia A.  MS1.8221 
Griffith, E.  MS1.2233; MS1.2245 
Griffith, E.V.  MS1.1689 
Grilikhes, Alexandra  MS1.4295; MS1.4325; MS1.4388; MS1.4497 
Grimes, Martha  MS1.6765 
Grimes Holland, Martha  MS1.6789 
Grindea, Miron  MS2.61; MS2.66 
Groesbeck, Amy  MS1.3765; MS1.3804; MS1.4686; MS1.5246; MS1.5291; MS1.5323; 
Groesbeck, Herbert, Mrs.  MS1.3819 (Amy); MS1.3988 (Amy); MS1.3999 (Amy);
     MS1.4005 (Amy)
Gronowicz, A.  MS1.2168; MS1.2360 
Gronowicz, Toni  MS1.2405; MS1.2446; MS1.3457; MS1.5244; MS1.5261; MS1.5326;
     MS1.5369; MS1.5425; MS1.5519; MS1.5555; MS1.5564; MS1.5632; MS1.5758;
     MS1.5983; MS3.157 
Grossinger, Richard  MS2.215; MS2.842; MS2.2201 
Ground, Yvonne  MS1.2851; MS1.2958; MS1.2980 
Grube, John  MS1.7435; MS1.7673; MS1.8512; MS1.8523; MS1.8762; MS1.8913;
     MS1.8926; MS1.8953; MS1.8964; MS1.9148; MS1.9149; MS1.9150; MS1.9151;
     MS1.9152; MS2.10; MS2.92; MS2.95; MS2.102; MS2.151; MS2.177; MS2.198;
     MS2.216; MS2.386; MS2.1898; MS2.1941; MS2.2114; MS2.2182; MS2.2227;
     MS2.2330; MS3.158 
Grutzmacher, Harold M., Jr.  MS1.2447 
Guenther, Mary Anne  MS2.2417 
Gundy, H. Pearson  MS2.915 
Gunn, Gertrude E.  MS1.5050 
Gunter, H. Ralph  MS1.3295 
Gunter, Ralph  MS1.5511 
Gunville, R.H.  MS1.3049 
Guppy, Arthur G.  MS1.7469 
Gurney, L.  MS1.1859; MS1.1860 
Gurney, Roy  MS2.1622 
Gurofsky, Paul  MS1.6628 
Gustafson, R.  MS1.335; MS1.413; MS1.574; MS1.595; MS1.602; MS1.653 
Gustafson, Ralph  MS1.21; MS1.39; MS1.46; MS1.108; MS1.211; MS1.220; 
     MS1.314; MS1.4178; MS1.4296; MS1.4359; MS1.4379; MS1.4442; MS1.4453; 
     MS1.4728; MS1.4763; MS1.5531; MS1.7596; MS1.7909; MS1.7940; MS2.105;
     MS2.326; MS2.580; MS2.729 (poem); MS2.740; MS2.756; MS2.767; MS2.822;
     MS2.888; MS2.987; MS2.1254; MS2.1339; MS2.1755; MS2.1874; MS2.1879;
     MS3.159; MS1.4231 
Gutteridge  MS2.797 
Gutteridge  MS2.1510 
Gutteridge, D.  MS1.7188 
Gutteridge, Don  MS1.5752; MS1.6562; MS1.7143; MS1.7506; MS1.7752; MS1.7885; 
     MS1.8099; MS1.8127; MS1.8311; MS1.8341; MS1.8487; MS1.8755; MS1.8868; 
     MS1.9025; MS2.26; MS2.47; MS2.138.A ; MS2.212; MS2.411; MS2.494; 
     MS2.532; MS2.548; MS2.559 ; MS2.616; MS2.636; MS2.663; MS2.812; 
     MS2.1040; MS2.1100; MS2.1121; MS2.1211; MS2.1270; MS2.1475; MS2.1495; 
     MS2.1524; MS2.1590; MS2.1606; MS2.1612; MS3.160 
Guy, Earl  MS1.3164 
Guyer, Donna Dickey  MS1.4627 
Gwen  MS2.435 
Gwendolyn  MS2.1318 
Gwendolyn  MS2.1374 
Gwendolyn  MS2.1611 
Gwendolyn  MS2.1841 
H   ?, Sean  MS2.1347  (The Ladysmith Press)
H.B. Mary  MS1.6020 
H.W. Wilson Company  MS1.3137 
Haag, John  MS1.4220; MS1.4416; MS1.4498; MS3.161 
Haas, E.M.  MS1.7877; MS1.7892; MS1.8260; MS1.8281 
Haas, Jan E.  MS1.6526 
Haas, Jan E.M.  MS1.6473; MS1.6483 
Haberl, Franz P.  MS2.714 
Haddon, Rona  MS1.8688 
Hafer, Carl L.  MS3.162 
Hahn, J.  MS1.756; MS1.862 
Haiduke, Robert  MS1.5722; MS1.5771; MS1.5833; MS1.6280; MS1.6984; 
     MS1.7415; MS1.7997; MS1.9153; MS3.163 
Haines, J.  MS1.2305; MS1.2323 
Haines, John  MS1.3569; MS1.3651; MS1.4812; MS1.4884; MS1.5148; MS3.164 
Haird, Jessie B.  MS1.7309 
Hale, Alice  MS2.1768 
Hale, Alice K.  MS2.1735; MS2.1774 
Hale, Arthur M.  MS1.3638 
Hale Amor, Iris  MS1.5515 
Haley, David  MS1.8728 
Haley, J.H.  MS1.6596; MS1.6773 
Haley, Jos. H.  MS1.7213 
Haley, Joseph H.  MS1.6818 
Halinbourg, Beryl  MS1.5616 
Hall, Alto B.  MS1.5463 
Hall, Amanda Benjamin  MS1.4084  (Brownell)
Hall, M.  MS1.1339 
Hall, William  MS1.9092 
Hall, William F.  MS1.5115; MS1.5193; MS1.5219; MS1.8318; MS3.165 
Hallam, B.  MS1.2002 
Hallam, Bob  MS1.2977 
Hallam, R.  MS1.1844; MS1.1936; MS1.1963; MS1.1988; MS1.1992; MS1.2358 
Hallam, R.K.  MS1.1195; MS1.1263; MS1.1370; MS1.1457; MS1.1544; 
     MS1.1583; MS1.1620; MS1.1705; MS1.2826 
Hallam, Robert  MS1.2553; MS1.3008 
Hallam, Robert K.  MS1.3926 
Hallis, Ron  MS1.8200 
Halpenny, Francess G.  MS1.7802; MS1.8189; MS1.8461; MS1.8622; MS2.314; 
Halperin, I.  MS1.5163 
Halperin, Irving  MS1.5313; MS1.5478 
Halward?, Don  MS2.724 
Halward, Donald R.  MS2.1135 
Ham, Ronald A.  MS1.6487; MS1.6512 
Hamblem, Abigail Ann  MS1.7166 
Hambrick, Don  MS2.2252 
Hambrick, Donald  MS2.2228 
Hamer, Harold (Probe)  MS1.5951 
Hamilton, Derek  MS1.8738; MS1.8774; MS1.8786; MS1.8791; MS1.8833 
Hamilton, Franklin  MS1.3973; MS1.4057 
Hamilton, Jamie  MS2.2081 
Hamilton, Leona  MS1.2902; MS1.3484; MS1.4534; MS1.4578; MS1.5524; 
Hamilton Spectator, Editor  MS1.230; MS1.292 
Hamlin, Ruth  MS1.8535 
Hammer, John C.  MS2.570 
Hammond, Barbara  MS1.6502; MS1.6553; MS1.6814; MS1.6958; MS1.7020; 
     MS1.7179; MS3.166 
Hammond, M.F.  MS1.1318 
Hampson, Sue  MS2.2295 
Hancock, G.  MS1.1741 
Hancock, G.N.  MS1.1409; MS1.1605; MS1.1726 
Hang, John  MS1.4326 
Hanley, Ann  MS1.8756  (formerly Mrs. W. Garland Foster)
Hanley, Patricia  MS1.8131; MS1.8468 
Hanlon, T.L.  MS1.5311 
Hanly, Ken  MS1.8585 
Hanna, Edna L.  MS1.3611; MS1.3678; MS1.4327 
Hanzel, Gladys  MS1.7097 
Hara, R.  MS1.2343 
Hardman, J.N.  MS1.334; MS1.405 
Hardman, M.  MS1.384; MS1.1059; MS1.1679 
Hardman, M.E.  MS1.874 
Hardy, E.  MS1.2354 
Hardy, Elizabeth Stanton  MS1.2858; MS1.2874; MS1.2901; MS1.2903; MS1.2919; 
     MS1.3465; MS1.3540 
Hardy, Marie  MS1.5063  (Station KIEV)
Hargreaves, Armitage  MS1.7024; MS1.7718; MS1.8609 
Harington, C.R.  MS1.7714 
Harkins, S.  MS1.7007; MS1.7853 
Harle, J.A., Mrs.  MS1.4137 
Harley, David  MS1.4002 
Harley, P.  MS2.2098 
Harlow, Robert  MS2.242 
Harney, John  MS1.4729 
Harney, John Paul  MS1.5138 
Harold  MS1.377 
Harold  MS1.625 
Harper, Carol Ely  MS1.3904; MS1.4044; MS1.4207; MS1.4265; MS1.4663 
Harrington, H.  MS1.1286; MS1.1301; MS1.1355 
Harrington, Helen  MS3.167 
Harris, David W.  MS1.8588; MS1.8620; MS1.8634; MS1.8672; MS1.8712; MS1.8746 
Harris, Eddy  MS1.6750; MS1.6769; MS1.6861; MS1.6896; MS1.6915; 
Harris, Ethel  MS1.7118; MS1.7137 
Harris, Ethel G.  MS3.168 
Harris, Kathryn  MS2.2216 
Harris, Kathryn Gibbs  MS2.2314 
Harris, Rick  MS1.7560 
Harris, T.  MS1.2166; MS1.2177 
Harrison, A.  MS1.7529 
Harrison, Dick  MS2.412; MS2.431 
Harrison, Elaine  MS2.1372; MS2.1407; MS2.1977 
Harrison, W.  MS1.8231 
Harrison, [Walter]  MS1.7927; MS1.8110 
Harrold, William  MS1.7983 
Hart, H.R.  MS2.1989 
Hartling, Marjorie  MS1.5482; MS1.5520 
Hartling, Teena  MS2.2126 
Hartmann, Paul  MS1.4311 
Harvey, Evelyn  MS1.6974 
Harvey, Evelyn B.  MS1.7012; MS1.7044; MS2.974; MS2.1083; MS3.169 
Harvey, F.A.  MS1.7433 
Harvey, John L.  MS3.170 
Harvey, John Paul  MS1.4697 
Harvey, Louise  MS1.7908; MS1.7923 
Harvey, Louise Marie  MS1.6154; MS1.6188; MS1.6258 
Hassel-Gren, Ardeth E.  MS1.2789 
Hassler, Donald  MS1.6821; MS1.6824; MS1.7659 
Hatfield, Richard, Hon.  MS2.941 
Hathaway, H.R.  MS1.1114; MS1.1148; MS1.617; MS1.1096; MS1.1162; 
     MS1.1166; MS1.3271 
Hathaway, Harold  MS1.3022; MS1.3230 
Haufman, Lynn  MS1.4208 
Haughton, Kathryn  MS1.8966; MS1.9100; MS2.48; MS2.56; MS2.300; 
     MS2.354; MS2.362; MS2.368; MS2.387; MS2.403; MS2.429; MS2.454;
     MS2.478; MS2.539; MS2.561 (Berkely); MS2.596; MS2.635; MS2.661 
Haultain, E.  MS1.541; MS1.542; MS1.647; MS1.1592; MS1.1708; MS1.2065; 
     MS1.4375 (Ryerson Press)
Haultain, E., Mrs.  MS1.4197 
Haultain, Elainore  MS1.265; MS1.2913 
Hawk, Robert  MS1.9154 
Hawke, G.P.  MS1.5685 
Hawkins, Mr.  MS1.3757 
Hawkins, W.J.  MS1.841; MS1.879; MS1.1023; MS1.2451; MS1.3084; MS1.3595; 
     MS1.4720; MS1.8263; MS3.171 
Hawrelko, J.  MS1.1450; MS1.1462 
Hax, Dorothy Ellin  MS1.5166 
Hay, R.G.  MS1.1730 
Hayes, Angela  MS1.6238 
Hayes, Eileen  MS1.8678 
Hayes, Helen I.  MS1.3501 
Hayes, Marlene  MS1.3241 
Haykin, Michael  MS2.1718 
Haylock, Margaret  MS1.5304 
Hayman, L.R.  MS1.238; MS1.287; MS1.1319; MS1.7446 
Hayman, Lee Richard  MS1.143; MS1.167; MS1.266; MS1.322; MS1.7432 
Hayman, Ruby  MS1.9019 
Hayn, Annette  MS2.1164; MS2.1213; MS2.1790; MS2.2100; MS2.2121 
Hayn, Gerald A.  MS2.1230 
Hayne, David M.  MS1.5541; MS1.5554 
Hays, Helen  MS3.172 
Hays, [Helen]  MS1.6804 
Hayward, A.  MS1.1782; MS1.1894; MS1.2064; MS1.2074; MS1.2198; MS1.2383 
Hayward, Anna  MS1.3119 
Hayward, Anna C.  MS1.4389; MS1.4714; MS1.5570 
Hazard, James  MS2.353 
Hazo, R.  MS1.2345 
Hazo, Samuel  MS1.2574; MS1.2905; MS1.4706; MS1.4857; MS1.5230; MS1.6030; 
Hazo, Samuel J.  MS1.2494; MS1.2520; MS1.2567; MS1.2896; MS1.3347; MS1.4328; 
     MS1.4695; MS1.4707; MS1.4774 
Hebert, Jacques  MS2.1857 
Hebert, Paul  MS2.2066 
Hedley, L.W.  MS1.681; MS1.684; MS1.697; MS1.711; MS1.872; MS1.1040; MS1.1041;
     MS1.1045; MS1.1093; MS1.1104; MS1.1371; MS1.1375; MS1.1686; MS1.1724; 
     MS1.1858; MS1.1870
Hedley, Leslie Woolf  MS1.3490 
Heimann, Sue  MS1.8879 
Heins  MS1.7996 
Hellyer, C.A.M.  MS2.598 
Helwig, David  MS1.4499; MS1.8428 
Henderson, A.  MS1.1258 
Henderson, A.M.  MS1.1279 
Henderson, Herald  MS1.7893 
Hendon, B.  MS1.1448; MS1.1476 
Hendon, R.  MS1.701; MS1.712; MS1.1331; MS1.1389 
Hendren, Gilbert  MS1.4747 
Hendry, J.F.  MS2.1708 
Hendry, L.  MS2.2145 
Hendry, L.R.  MS1.5819 
Henfrey, N.V.  MS2.761; MS2.826; MS2.1111; MS2.1112 
Henfrey, Norman V.  MS2.534 
Henley, Arthur  MS1.7396 
Henry  MS1.5488 
Henry, K.  MS1.555; MS1.692 
Henry, M.K.  MS1.344; MS1.373; MS1.381; MS1.394; MS1.1095; MS1.1109; 
     MS1.1120; MS1.1145; MS1.1155; MS1.1817 
Henry, Marion Kathleen  MS1.8568 
Henze, Helen R.  MS1.2530; MS1.2560 
Herbert, W.B.  MS1.3186.A; MS1.5364; MS1.6390; MS1.6746; MS1.6971;
     MS1.7515; MS1.8174; MS1.8392; MS1.8916; MS1.9002  
Herbert, Walter  MS1.3121; MS1.4242; MS1.4263; MS1.4450; MS1.4462; 
     MS1.5565; MS1.8954; MS1.9028; MS2.9 
Herbert, Walter B.  MS1.5542 (Canada Council); MS3.174 
Herisson, Mary  MS2.2277 
Herman, Gordon L.  MS3.175 
Hern, Riley  MS1.8251 
Herndon, Veuable  MS1.4209 
Hershberger, H.M.  MS3.176 
Hertz, K.V.  MS1.5449; MS1.5556; MS1.5666; MS1.5693 
Herzog, Lyle  MS1.8362 
Hess, H.  MS1.580; MS1.716 
Heuser, Alan  MS1.5467 
Heydegger, Alice M.  MS1.4287 
Heye, Kathy  MS2.2052 
Heywood, T.  MS1.298 
Heywood, Terence  MS1.221; MS1.7335; MS1.148 
Heywood, Terrence  MS1.130 
Hicks, Henry  MS1.5324 
Hicks, Henry A.  MS1.5211; MS1.5288 
Hicks, Marian  MS1.3132; MS1.4284 
Higgins, Michael  MS2.1885 
Higgins, Violet M.  MS1.8386 
Higginson, T.B.  MS1.5767 
Higgs, R.W.  MS1.8268 
Hildebrand, G.  MS1.474; MS1.488 
Hilkert, Dorothy  MS1.6519 
Hill, Jim V.  MS1.7050 
Hill, John E.  MS1.6466; MS1.6704 
Hill, Joseph W.  MS1.4133 
Hille, E.R.  MS1.4730 
Hilliard, Margaret  MS1.3781; MS1.3820; MS1.4167 
Hilliard, Margaret V.  MS1.4138; MS1.4800 
Hilts, Elizabeth A.  MS1.8488 
Hine, D.  MS1.522; MS1.557; MS1.599; MS1.604; MS1.704; MS1.799; 
     MS1.804; MS1.1839; MS1.1871; MS1.1961 
Hine, Daryl  MS1.135; MS1.141; MS1.149; MS1.2394; MS3.177 
Hines, Alberta M.  MS2.146 
Hines, Derrek B.  MS1.8230 
Hird, Zita C.  MS1.8125 
Hirksen, Lillian  MS1.2421 
Hiscock, L. June  MS1.6193 
Hitchings, W.W.  MS1.8070 
Hlynsky, David  MS3.178 
Hobbs, Ruth Elaine  MS1.2414; MS1.3497 
Hochman, Sandra  MS1.6774 (WBAI 99.5 FM); MS1.6866 
Hockley, James S.  MS1.5659 
Hodge, Margaret  MS1.4869; MS1.4896 
Hodges, J.  MS1.2242 
Hodgetts, Dr.  MS1.3710  (M. Hardtman)
Hodgetts, J.  MS1.2239 
Hodgson, Helen  MS1.6589; MS1.6938; MS1.6957; MS1.7883 
Hoffman, Frederick J.  MS1.8795; MS1.8849 
Hoffman, Ogden  MS3.179 
Hoffman, Phoebe  MS1.6354 
Hoffman, Phoebe W.  MS1.7882 
Hoggins, Carolyn  MS1.5848; MS1.7090; MS3.180; MS3.181 
Holden, Helene  MS2.2089; MS2.2130; MS2.2138; MS2.2359 
Holden, Helene P.  MS2.2185; MS2.2207; MS2.2224; MS2.2231 (Fiction);
     MS2.2247; MS2.2327; MS2.2341; MS2.2350 
Holden, Marguerite F.  MS1.2465; MS1.2495 
Holden, Ronald C.  MS1.7008 
Holdsworth, R.M.  MS1.351; MS1.379; MS1.395 
Holdsworth, Roger  MS1.324 
Holdsworth, Roger M.  MS1.299 
Holland, Lee  MS1.6047; MS1.6246; MS1.6422; MS1.6575; MS1.6725; MS1.6766 
Hollis, Jocelyn  MS1.6247; MS1.6327; MS1.6647; MS1.6797; MS1.6829; 
     MS1.6911; MS1.7412; MS2.2324 
Hollis, Ron  MS1.8334 
Holloway, Geoffrey  MS1.3415; MS1.3475; MS1.4058; MS1.4168; MS1.5061; 
     MS1.5073; MS1.5427; MS1.5603; MS1.5736; MS1.6140; MS1.6449; MS1.6758; 
     MS1.7332; MS1.7919; MS1.8087.A 
Holmes, L.  MS1.759 
Holmes, Alexander  MS2.1696 
Holmes, C.  MS1.1717 
Holmes, George  MS1.3834; MS1.5585 
Holmes, L.  MS1.627; MS1.1079; MS1.1128; MS1.1209; MS1.1287; 
     MS1.1548; MS1.1565; MS1.1600; MS1.1625; MS1.1781; MS1.2298 
Holmes, L.R.  MS1.345; MS1.453; MS1.661 
Holmes, Lawrence  MS1.3108; MS1.3702; MS1.4380 
Holmes, Mr.  MS1.279 
Holmes, R.  MS1.1827 
Holmes, Theodore  MS1.8984 
Hook, Edna M.  MS1.5551 
Hoonan, G.  MS1.8936 
Hooper, Patricia  MS1.5028; MS1.5134 
Hoople, Robin P.  MS2.94; MS2.613 
Hooton, H.  MS1.1346; MS1.1429 
Hoover, Barbara  MS2.1514 
Hopkins, Aline  MS2.2033 
Hopkins, Mary S.  MS1.7812  (Bennington College)
Hopper, C.  MS1.1127 
Horan, Douglas  MS1.7060 
Horan, William  MS1.8376 
Horchler, R.  MS1.1849 
Horchler, R.?  MS1.1798 
Horlovitz, Michael  MS2.1171 
Horne, Winnifred  MS1.6782 
Horne, Winnifred A.  MS1.3959 
Hornsey, Richard F.  MS1.8066 
Hornsey, Rick  MS2.1205; MS2.1219; MS2.1421 
Hornyansky, Michael  MS1.3782; MS1.3905; MS1.3927 
Horsman, June  MS2.2048  (poem)
Hosegood, Lewis  MS3.182 
House, C.L.  MS1.8299 
Hovde, A.J.  MS1.8860 
Howard, Blanche M.  MS1.16 
Howard, Blanche Muirhead  MS1.27; MS1.35; MS1.158; MS1.182 
Howard, H.G.  MS1.1129; MS1.1149 
Howard, Helen Noni  MS2.669 
Howard, Les  MS1.8903; MS1.8943 
Howard, Leslie L.  MS1.5610; MS1.5628; MS1.8991; MS1.9052 
Howard, Noni  MS2.728; MS2.818 
Howell, Mildred Moon  MS1.3579 
Howith, Harry  MS1.6874; MS1.6890; MS1.6903; MS1.8729 
Howland, Jim  MS2.268 
Hudson, Andrew  MS1.7482; MS1.7878 
Hughson, Maxine  MS1.6605 
Hulcoop, John  MS1.7851; MS1.8702; MS3.183 
Hull, Anthony  MS1.2846; MS1.2870; MS1.3850; MS1.3906; MS1.5787 
Hull, Anthony H.  MS1.3869; MS1.3944; MS1.6138 
Hull, Barbara  MS1.6557 
Humanities Research Council of Canada  MS1.5807 
Humboldt, Charles  MS1.1883; MS1.1900; MS1.1910; MS1.2238; MS1.3213; MS1.3242 
Hume, Martha H.  MS1.4867; MS1.5004 
Hume, Martha Haskins  MS1.4885 
Humphrey, M.  MS1.767; MS1.781; MS1.814; MS1.818; MS1.1590 
Humphrey, M.E.  MS1.1160; MS1.1181; MS1.1554 
Hunt, Evelyn Tooley  MS1.3722 
Hunt, Susan  MS2.954 
Hunter, Alice  MS1.4198 
Hunter, Graeme  MS2.1967; MS2.1997; MS2.2099 
Hunter, J.A.  MS1.189 
Hunter, Mary Alice  MS1.4123 
Hunting, Constance  MS1.6084; MS1.6289; MS1.7063; MS1.7098 
Hunting, Robert  MS2.2204; MS2.2232 
Hurst, G.L.  MS1.352 
Hurst, N.  MS1.270; MS1.281; MS1.320 
Hurst, Robert  MS1.7229 
Hurst, Robert O.  MS1.6492 
Hurst, Rosemarie  MS2.1386 
Hurtig, M.G.  MS2.874; MS2.1530 
Hutchinson, Sybil  MS1.56; MS1.62; MS1.74; MS1.126; MS1.136 
Huxley, Herbert  MS2.476 
Hyatt, Mark  MS1.6980; MS3.184 
Hyslop, C.  MS1.1785 
Iacolo, Anthony  MS1.6939 
Iaman, William (Bill)  MS1.6497 
Ian  MS2.2084  (University of Calgary)
Iavisco, Peter  MS1.5582 
illegible signature  MS2.925 
illegible signature  MS2.1338 
Inch, Jeanne  MS2.821 
Inez, Colette  MS1.5861; MS2.993 
Ingus, Anne  MS1.6131 
Inman, Will  MS1.4775; MS1.4818; MS1.5113; MS1.5350; MS1.5362; MS1.5391;
     MS1.5547; MS1.6031; MS1.6396; MS1.6425; MS1.6559; MS1.7205; MS1.7226;
     MS1.7603; MS1.7658; MS1.7975 
International Library, India  MS1.7554 
Ireland, Joe C.  MS3.185 
Irwin  MS1.228 
Irwin, Betty  MS1.6872 
Irwin, J.D.  MS1.391; MS1.412 
Isaac, Alice K.  MS1.5847 
Isely, Helen Sue  MS1.6479; MS1.6498 
Itargreceries, Armitage  MS1.6738 
Ivens, Michael  MS2.157; MS2.164 
Ives, Edward  MS1.3327; MS1.3649; MS1.4537; MS1.4544; MS2.1740 
Ives, Edward D.  MS2.471; MS2.784  (Sandy)
Ives, Ulmont  MS1.5964 
J.  MS2.171 
J.J.  MS2.768 
J.M. Bent & Sons (Canada) Ltd.  MS1.1807 
Jabb?, W.  MS1.2139 
Jablanizy, Alex  MS3.186 
Jacker, Corinne  MS1.3612; MS1.4579; MS1.5353; MS3.187 
Jackson, N.S.  MS1.6117 
Jackson, R.  MS1.8863; MS1.8890; MS1.8950; MS1.8961; MS1.8989; MS1.8993; 
     MS1.9035; MS1.9066; MS1.9087; MS1.9155; MS3.188 
Jackson, Ross  MS1.8381; MS1.8406; MS1.8525; MS1.8713; MS1.9156 
Jaggers, Annie Laura  MS1.7300 
James, Candice  MS2.2408 
James, D., Jr.  MS1.8551 
James, Keith  MS1.2546; MS1.2566; MS1.2801; MS1.3113; MS1.3389 
James Hope Sons Ltd.  MS1.3109 
Jamie  MS1.5505 
Jan  MS2.1677 
Janice, Joan  MS1.6113 
Jans, M.  MS1.2278 
Jans, Miriam  MS1.3596; MS1.3736 
Jarvis, J.H.  MS1.3750 
Jarvis, Lucy  MS1.3578; MS2.1047; MS3.189 
Jarvis, Lucy & Weld, Helen  MS2.1022 
Jaspers, David  MS3.190 
Jay?  MS1.1816 
Jaye, Stella  MS1.6656 
Jean  MS2.840; MS2.1025; MS2.1148; MS2.1177; MS2.1236; MS2.1357 
Jefferis, J.D.  MS2.746 
Jeffrey, Lee  MS1.8939 
Jenkins, Bonnie E.  MS2.80 
Jenoff, M.  MS2.1128 
Jenoff, Marvyne  MS1.5687; MS2.1432; MS2.1513; MS2.1580; MS2.1586; MS2.1607; 
     MS2.1722; MS2.1753; MS2.1799 
Jenoff, Marvyne Shael  MS1.5694; MS1.5779; MS1.6088; MS1.6126; MS1.6256; 
     MS1.6301; MS1.6995; MS1.6997 
Jensen, Magny Landstad, Mrs.  MS1.4500 
Jerry  MS2.2374  (Romance Languages, UNB)
Jerry  MS2.2384  (Romance Languages, UNB)
Jerry  MS2.2435  (Romance Languages, UNB)
Jerusalem, Carol  MS2.1119; MS2.1683; MS2.1788 
Jewell, Rhoda de L.  MS1.8219; MS1.8277 
Jewish Public Library  MS1.4892 
Jey, Hubert D.  MS1.3705 
Jim  MS2.113 
Jim  MS2.166 
Joan  MS2.1324 
Joan  MS2.1863 
JoAnne  MS1.9013  (N.B.T.A. English Specialist's Council)
Jobes, Gertrude  MS1.5184 
Jobin, Francois  MS2.1193  re:  Claude Peloquin
Joel  MS1.4107 
Joey  MS2.2421 
John  MS1.5837 
John  MS1.7942 
John  MS1.7970 
John  MS1.8349 
John  MS1.8886 
John  MS1.8941 
John  MS2.813  (Campbellton, N.B.)
John  MS2.970  (McMaster University)
John  MS2.1087 
John   MS2.333  (Ryerson)
John, Edward  MS1.5259; MS1.5328 
John Stevens  MS2.343 
Johnson?, Jane?  MS2.373; MS2.404 
Johnson, A.E.  MS1.489 
Johnson, Chris  MS2.1104 
Johnson, G.  MS1.407; MS1.422; MS1.1030; MS1.1071; MS1.1091; MS1.1110; 
     MS1.1576; MS1.2249; MS1.2259 
Johnson, Geoffrey  MS1.2785; MS1.2891; MS1.4248; MS3.191 
Johnson, Heather M.  MS1.6550 
Johnson, J.  MS1.8569; MS1.8683 
Johnson, Jane  MS1.7793; MS2.527; MS2.586; MS2.623; MS2.647; MS3.192 
Johnson, Jane (McDougall)  MS1.6263 
Johnson, LeRoy  MS1.5618; MS1.6964; MS1.7214; MS1.8808; MS2.655; MS2.789;
     MS2.867; MS2.886; MS2.903; MS2.1060; MS3.193; MS3.194; MS3.195;
     MS3.196; MS3.197; MS3.198; MS3.199; MS3.200 
Johnson, Margaret Lee  MS1.4501; MS1.6904 
Johnson, P.  MS1.752 
Johnson, Robin  MS1.5295; MS1.5646 
Johnson, William C.  MS2.1179 
Johnston, Beverly  MS2.259 
Johnston, G.  MS1.1219; MS1.1228; MS1.1245; MS1.1343; MS1.1477; MS1.1716; 
     MS1.1727; MS1.1754; MS1.1887; MS1.1906; MS1.1920; MS1.2207 
Johnston, George  MS1.1864; MS1.2418; MS1.2786; MS1.3229; MS1.3657;
     MS1.3758; MS1.3770; MS1.3851; MS1.3914; MS1.4006; MS1.4139; MS1.4156;
     MS1.4477; MS1.4519; MS1.6863; MS1.6927; MS1.7954; MS1.8628; MS1.8732;
     MS2.204; MS2.622; MS2.1120; MS2.1724; MS2.1883; MS3.201
Johnston, Ian C.  MS2.1061 
Johnston, Thomas  MS1.5357 
Johnstone, J.K.  MS1.5062 (Canada Council); MS2.1540 
Jones, B.J.  MS1.7745; MS1.7894 
Jones, Charles  MS1.2549; MS1.2558; MS1.3239; MS1.3580; MS1.3805; 
     MS1.4106; MS1.4249; MS1.7198 
Jones, D.  MS1.1904 
Jones, D.G.  MS2.1988; MS2.2080 
Jones, David  MS2.1052 
Jones, Doug  MS2.2135; MS2.2155; MS2.2164; MS2.2172; MS2.2196; MS2.2217 
Jones, Doug G.  MS2.2151 
Jones, Douglas  MS2.1059; MS2.1085 
Jones, Douglas G.  MS1.2807 
Jones, E.L.  MS1.2982 
Jones, Elizabeth  MS2.1335; MS2.1422; MS2.1531; MS2.1582; MS2.1616; 
     MS2.1635; MS2.1655; MS2.1680; MS2.1817 (poems); MS2.1859 (poems);
     MS2.2058; MS2.2146; MS2.2213 (poems); MS2.2342; MS2.2393 (poems)
Jones, Everett LeRoie  MS1.2907 
Jones, Joseph  MS2.52; MS2.1865 
Jones, Kim  MS1.6393; MS1.6464 
Jones, Leroi  MS1.3907 
Jones, Lois  MS2.406 
Jones, Mildred M.  MS1.8785 
Jones, Oscar W.  MS1.5917; MS3.202 
Jones, P.  MS1.2253 
Jones, Sheila  MS2.474 
Jones, W.G.  MS1.357 
Jones, William  MS1.7757; MS1.7863; MS1.7865; MS1.7897; MS1.7901; 
     MS1.7937; MS1.7949; MS1.8013; MS1.8142; MS1.8186; MS1.8205; 
     MS1.8223; MS1.8227; MS1.8371 
Joost, Nicholas  MS1.2444 
Jovanovic, Milovan  MS1.5041; MS1.5055; MS1.5079; MS1.5412; MS1.5790 
Joy, Hubert D.  MS1.5068 
Joyce, Douglas A.  MS1.6777 
Juan San, E., Jr.  MS1.7219 
Julius  MS1.1372 
Julius  MS1.2264 
K     , Anne  MS1.7145 
Kahn, Sy  MS1.3343 
Kalechofsky, Roberta  MS2.2200 
Kalt, Mrs.  MS1.2455; MS1.3597; MS1.4580 
Kalt, W.  MS1.2363 
Kalt, Wm. MacKenzie  MS1.4278 
Kalt, Wm. MacKenzie, Mrs.  MS1.4013 
Kalter, Bella  MS1.8225; MS1.8958; MS1.8971 
Kalter, Bella B.  MS1.8208 
Kandel, Lenore  MS3.203; MS3.204 
Kane, Robert E.  MS1.5468; MS1.5476; MS1.5688 
Kane, Robert L.  MS1.5299 
Kane, S.  MS1.1891 
Kann, Emma  MS1.3399 
Kann, Emma E.  MS1.4466; MS1.4502 
Kaplan, F.  MS1.2266 
Kaplan, R.  MS1.361; MS1.396 
Karp, Sol  MS1.7449 (Bitterroot); MS1.8025 
Kasper, Edmond, Mrs.  MS1.3148 
Kasper, P.  MS1.1669; MS1.1791 
Kasper, Particia  MS1.4397; MS1.4480; MS1.4886 
Kattan, Naim  MS2.533; MS2.1666; MS2.2015 
Katz, Gertrude  MS1.5253; MS1.5307; MS1.5319; MS1.5385; MS1.5464; 
     MS1.5600; MS1.5669 
Katz, Menke  MS1.5331; MS1.5355; MS1.5367; MS1.5679; MS1.5866; MS1.6089; 
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     MS2.32; MS2.69; MS3.205; MS3.206; MS3.207; MS3.208; MS3.209 
Kay, Daryl  MS2.680 
Kear, Allen  MS2.194 
Kearns, Lionel  MS1.6097; MS1.8652 
Keef, Henry  MS1.4628 
Keef, Henry F., Mrs.  MS3.210 
Keef, Henry H.  MS1.3526 
Keefe, G.  MS1.2152 
Keeler, Judy  MS2.2072 
Keen, Chris  MS2.1691 
Keewaydin, Kim  MS1.6819 
Keinonen, Claudine  MS1.5339; MS1.5371; MS1.5905 
Keirstead, Thelmah  MS2.220 
Keith  MS1.8800 
Keith, J.  MS1.1890; MS1.2217; MS1.2221; MS1.2225; MS1.2327 
Keith, James  MS1.3285 
Keith, Joel  MS1.2783; MS1.2817; MS1.2852; MS1.3058; MS1.3142; MS1.3170; 
     MS1.3206; MS1.3891; MS3.211 
Keith, Joel?  MS1.2557 
Keith, Johnston  MS2.402 
Keith, Joseph Joel  MS1.3098; MS1.3989 
Keith, N.  MS1.1985; MS1.2026 
Kekes, Anne  MS1.6698; MS1.7641; MS1.8767; MS1.7255; MS1.7298; 
     MS1.7325; MS1.7393; MS1.7422; MS1.7447; MS3.212
Kekes, Anne Scott  MS1.5994 
Keller?, Bill?  MS2.1319  (Chilliwack, B.C.)
Keller, Alton  MS1.219 
Keller, K.M.  MS3.213 
Keller, Ray  MS1.5723 
Kellnhauser, John T.  MS2.1704 
Kellogg, L.B.  MS1.6435 
Kelly, Richard  MS1.3466; MS1.3522; MS1.3928; MS1.3946; MS1.4179; 
     MS1.4279; MS1.4329; MS1.4365; MS1.4417; MS1.4503; MS1.5308 
Kelly, Richard M.  MS1.3502 
Kelly, V.M.  MS1.531 
Kelly Lane (Black Magazine)  MS1.5948 
Kennedy  MS1.231 
Kennedy, Glendon Alleyne  MS1.7190 
Kennedy, L.  MS1.749 
Kennedy, Leo  MS1.43 (poem); MS1.52; MS1.201 
Kennedy, Michael  MS1.6590; MS1.6603 
Kennedy, Patricia  MS2.703 
Kent, Robert G.  MS1.7406; MS1.7424 
Kent, Valerie  MS2.1798 
Kent-Barber, Rosemary  MS1.6775 
Kentz, Thomas  MS1.7820 
Kenyon Review, Editor  MS1.1472 
Kernan, F.G.  MS1.5535 
Kerner, Benjamin A.  MS1.8673; MS1.8962 
Kerr, Agnes Rogers  MS1.3792 
Kerr, Dorothy  MS1.6086; MS2.57 
Kerr, L.  MS1.1982 
Kesscer, Milton  MS1.4843; MS1.4581; MS3.214 
Khan, Ahmad Yar  MS2.8; MS2.519 
Kidd, J.R.  MS1.6960 
Kiesel, S.  MS1.1506 
Kiesel, Stanley  MS1.4108 
Kilfoil, R.J.  MS1.6436 
Kilpatrick, M.  MS1.2359; MS1.2399 
Kilvert, Barbara  MS1.5434 
Kimball, John  MS1.8520 
Kincade, Gordon  MS2.2096 
King, Albert Ray  MS1.3967; MS1.4033; MS1.4089; MS1.4212; MS1.4360; MS1.4418 
King, E.  MS1.2082 
King, Ray  MS1.4280 
King Doris A.  MS1.5053 
Kinghorn, Professor  MS1.4748 
Kingston, F. Temple  MS2.637 
Kingston, Marion S.  MS3.215 
Kinney, T.L.  MS1.1356; MS1.1432 
Kinsey, C.G.  MS1.378; MS1.414; MS1.510; MS1.532 
Kirby, Peigi  MS2.702 
Kirchgatter, Detlev  MS2.1981 
Kirk, Heather  MS2.461; MS2.482 
Kirkconnell, W.  MS1.2247 
Kirkconnell, Watson  MS2.1418 
Kirkpatrick, H.E.  MS1.7664 (Brunswick Press); MS1.7651 (Brunswick Press);
     MS1.7731 (Brunswick Press)
Kirshenblatt, Barbara  MS1.6827 
Kirtz, Tom  MS1.8265 
Kistner, Arthur L.  MS2.1526; MS2.2250 
Klahr, Myra  MS2.1202; MS2.1238; MS2.1273; MS2.1288; MS2.1301; MS2.1367; 
     MS2.1459; MS2.1569; MS2.1621; MS2.1730 
Kleinman, Mark  MS1.8544 
Klinck, C.  MS1.2212 
Klinck, C.F.  MS1.2967; MS1.7674 
Klinck, Carl  MS1.2411; MS1.3154; MS1.3204; MS1.3296; MS1.3440; MS1.3953; 
     MS1.4030; MS1.4070; MS1.4079; MS1.4125; MS1.4232; MS1.4237; 
     MS1.4393; MS1.4456; MS1.4472; MS1.4545; MS1.5405; MS1.5455; 
     MS1.5969; MS1.6599; MS1.6985; MS1.7031; MS1.7338; MS1.7573; MS2.1728 
Klinck, Carl F.  MS1.4290; MS1.5450; MS1.5756; MS1.5838; MS1.5965; 
     MS1.6017; MS1.6148; MS1.6259; MS1.6419; MS1.6673; MS1.6868; 
     MS1.7874; MS2.1734 
Klink, Richard  MS1.5663 
Klinkhammer, Roy  MS2.505 
Klostermann, Kerry J.W.  MS2.2288 
Kneeland, Isobel  MS1.4828; MS1.4864 
Knight, David  MS2.1553 
Knight, Denis  MS1.5435; MS1.5465 
Knight, Susan  MS2.1053 
Knowlton, Nancy  MS1.6076 
Knox, Hugh  MS1.9159 
Koamjian, Vaughan  MS1.7397 
Koble, A.J.  MS1.5947 
Kobs, G.J.  MS1.6121; MS1.6130 
Kogawa, Joy  MS5
Kolinsley, H.  MS1.2300 
Koppang, Karen  MS1.2452; MS1.2477 
Korn, A.R.  MS1.1038; MS1.1042 
Koumjian, Vaughan  MS1.5695; MS1.7234; MS1.7794; MS1.7839;  
Kozlowski, Jane  MS1.8449 
Kraehe, Mary Alice  MS3.216 
Kractsot, Bob  MS1.9088 
Kramer, Aaron  MS1.5851; MS1.5960; MS1.5993; MS1.6641 
Krecetas, M.  MS1.8228 
Kretz, Thomas (Jr.?)  MS1.8159 
Krohn, Peter  MS1.3321; MS1.3330 
Kubar, Mai  MS1.6496 
Kujundzic, Ann  MS1.8269 
Kunene, Raymond  MS2.132 
Kupferberg, Naphtali (Tuli)  MS1.3224; MS1.3577; MS1.4090 
Kus, Alexander  MS1.8247 
Kushner, Donn  MS2.126; MS2.129; MS2.142 
Kuspit, Donald  MS1.8171 
Kuspit, Donald B.  MS1.8148; MS1.8216; MS1.8257; MS1.8322 
Kuykendall?, M.  MS1.2205 
Kuykendall, Mabel M.  MS3.217 
Kuzma, Greg  MS2.4; MS3.218 
Kwint, Kenn  MS2.2064 
L.R.  MS1.484 
L.R.H.  MS1.1197 
L.W.H.  MS1.1313 
LaBossiere, C.R.  MS2.1618 
Labow, Judy  MS1.6440 
Lachs, J.  MS1.436; MS1.651; MS1.669; MS1.1627 
Lachs, John  MS1.2867; MS1.4767 
LaFollette, M.W.  MS1.1200; MS1.1229 
Laiakso, R.  MS1.7704 
Laird, E.O.  MS1.7706 
Lalonde, J.T.  MS1.8856  (Centennial Commission)
Laman, Will  MS1.4715 
Lamb, Elizabeth S.  MS1.6848 
Lamb, Elizabeth Searle  MS1.7221; MS1.8908 
Lamb, Jack Hall, Mrs.  MS1.3099 
Lamb, W. Kaye  MS1.7681  (National Library)
Lambert, L.  MS1.1917 
Lambert, Watha  MS1.6517; MS1.6825 
Lamond, Marian, Mrs.  MS1.4302 
Lampert, Arlene  MS2.1985 
Lampert, Gerald  MS2.1094; MS2.1113; MS2.1403; MS2.2003; MS2.2104 
Lampert, Jerry  MS2.844; MS2.1937 
Lancashire, D.I.  MS1.6330 
Lancashire, Ian  MS1.7426; MS1.7459 
Lancaster, Margaret  MS1.3637 
Lanczos, Elmar  MS2.1406 (poems); MS2.1566 (Reviews)
Landgraff, Roderick A.  MS1.9040 
Lane, Kelly  MS1.5806; MS1.5817; MS1.5884; MS1.5906; MS1.5984 
Lane, Pat  MS1.8076 
Lane, Patrick  MS1.7671; MS1.8659; MS2.643 
Lane, Red  MS3.219 
Lang, John  MS2.963; MS2.2412 
Lang, K.  MS1.369 
Lang, Margaret  MS1.8239; MS1.8531 
Langford, Stella  MS1.6118 
Languedoc, A. de G.  MS1.6257  (National Library)
LaPierre, Laurier L.  MS1.8607; MS1.8701 
Lapointe, Gatien  MS2.2401 
Large, Barbara  MS2.462 
Larock, Margaret  MS2.472 
Larsen, C.  MS1.1747; MS1.2015; MS1.2120; MS1.2319 
Larsen, Carl  MS1.5302; MS3.220 
Larson, C.  MS1.2287 
Lavery, Mary L.  MS1.7760 
Lavigueun, Paul  MS1.7443; MS1.7512; MS1.7534 
Lavine, Hannibal  MS2.1446 
Lavrence, Joan  MS2.1575 
Lavrigneau, Paul  MS1.7545 
Law, M.  MS1.402; MS1.427 
Law, Margaret  MS1.22 (poem); MS1.50; MS1.178; MS1.212; MS1.300 
Law, Margaret L.  MS1.145 
Law, Miss  MS1.168 
Lawburgh, Charles  MS1.6753; MS1.6790; MS1.6822; MS1.6926; MS1.7875; 
     MS1.8434; MS1.8750 
Lawrence, A.J.  MS2.639 
Lawrence, Joan  MS2.1721 
Lawrence, M.  MS1.753 
Layton, I.  MS1.1076; MS1.1085; MS1.1092; MS1.1121; MS1.1156; MS1.1174; 
     MS1.1183; MS1.1296; MS1.1302; MS1.1320; MS1.1335; MS1.1350; MS1.1390; 
     MS1.1402; MS1.1426; MS1.1439; MS1.1463; MS1.1467; MS1.1503; MS1.1657; 
     MS1.1701; MS1.1742; MS1.1759; MS1.1788; MS1.1819; MS1.1911; MS1.2063 
Layton, Irving  MS1.3214; MS1.3915; MS1.3940; MS1.4003; MS1.5112; 
     MS1.6632; MS1.6843; MS1.6865; MS1.9003; MS2.521 (poem); MS2.611 (poem);
     MS2.640; MS3.221 
Lealand, A.  MS2.2310 
Leaper, L.  MS1.2382 
Leaper, L.E.  MS1.2423 
Leaper, Landreth E.  MS1.3588; MS1.3809 
Learn, Beth  MS2.2254 
Leary, Robert  MS1.7860 
LeBlanc, R.  MS3.222 
LeBlanc, Robert J.  MS1.8336 
Lecker, Elayne  MS1.8944 
Leckner, Carol  MS2.1829; MS2.1842; MS2.1851; MS2.1870; MS2.2045; 
Leckner, Carol H.  MS2.1496; MS2.1544; MS2.1809; MS2.2230 (poem);
     MS2.2261; MS2.2309 
Lecompte, Louis-Luc  MS2.1952 
Lederer, Carolyne  MS2.1322; MS2.1619; MS2.1624 
Lederer, Martin  MS2.1623 
Lee  MS2.817
Lee  MS2.889
Lee  MS2.996
Lee  MS2.1151
Lee  MS2.1317
Lee  MS2.1408 
Lee, Dennis  MS2.1892; MS2.1983 
Lee, Donna  MS2.894 
Leeman, Dan  MS1.3954; MS1.4851 
Legate, David  MS2.104 
Legate, David M.  MS2.81 
LeGear, Laura Lourene  MS1.3221; MS1.3240; MS1.3846; MS1.3859 
Leggath, Dorothy  MS1.6334 
Legler, Philip  MS1.5309; MS1.5329; MS1.5651 
Lehmann, J.  MS1.347 
Lenhenbrand, Frank  MS1.6274 
Leona   MS2.1605  (Fairview, Alaska)
LeRoy  MS1.6551 
LeRoy  MS1.9158 
Leroy, Evelyn  MS3.223 
Leroy, R.  MS1.2160 
Lesieur-Desaulniers, M.  MS3.224 
Lethbridge, Eleanor  MS1.5901; MS1.5961 
Leven?, Walter  MS2.1405 
Leversedge, Lilian  MS2.653; MS2.660 
Levin, Millea  MS1.5586 
Levine, Norman  MS1.8689; MS2.33 
Levy, Mike  MS1.5436 
Lewin, Ralph  MS1.257 
Lewin, Ralph A.  MS1.232; MS1.293 
Lewis, J.  MS1.1080 
Lewis, John D.  MS1.8215 
Lewis, Jessica  MS1.3630; MS1.3666; MS1.4250 
Lewis, Th. M.  MS1.6420  (Longmans Canada Ltd.)
Library of Congress  MS1.6490 (Jennings Wood); MS1.7661 
Lieberman, Elias  MS1.6183; MS1.8825 
Light, Beverly  MS1.7945 
Lilsa, Jack  MS1.6244 
Limbough, D.  MS1.1984 
Linda  MS2.2194 
Linda  MS2.2338 
Lindeman, Jack  MS1.2449; MS3.225; MS3.226 
Linden  MS1.2529  (Dept. of External Affairs)
Linden, Carl  MS3.227; MS1.7113; MS1.7247 
Linder, Norma W.  MS1.8837; MS1.9014; MS2.754; MS2.1733; MS2.2318 
Linderman, J.  MS1.1078 
Lindy  MS1.3138 
Lindy  MS1.5356 
Lindy  MS1.6651 
Linklater, Miriam  MS1.3613 
Lipscombe, Mary Ann  MS2.2345 
Liszy, Klarika  MS1.8822 
Literary Conference, Queen's University, Secretary  MS1.1206 
Little, Brown & Co.  MS1.370 
Little, Brown & Co., Poetry Editor  MS1.267 
Little, Leonard  MS1.8182 
Little Brown & Co. (Canada) Ltd.  MS1.1794 
Livesay, D.  MS1.875; MS1.1006; MS1.1400; MS1.1464; MS1.1981; MS1.2016; 
     MS1.2038; MS1.2367 
Livesay, Dorothy  MS1.159; MS1.213; MS1.239; MS1.302;
     MS1.2431; MS1.2478; MS1.2861; MS1.2871; MS1.4180; MS1.4272; MS1.4560;
     MS1.8667; MS1.8992; MS1.9086; MS2.91; MS2.107; MS2.115; MS2.130; 
     MS2.159; MS2.163;   MS2.165; MS2.174; MS2.223 (poem); MS2.254; MS2.286;
     MS2.370; MS2.376; MS2.379; MS2.381 (poems); MS2.385 (sample from,
     Plainsongs attached); MS2.388; MS2.397; MS2.408; MS2.416; MS2.427;
     MS2.430; MS2.443; MS2.449; MS2.468; MS2.481; MS2.543; MS2.556; MS2.574;  
     MS2.590; MS2.601; MS2.626; MS2.671; MS2.682; MS2.734; MS2.755; MS2.773;
     MS2.792; MS2.808; MS2.831; MS2.884; MS2.913 (poem); MS2.930; MS2.940;
     MS2.960; MS2.962; MS2.966; MS2.976; MS2.986; MS2.999; MS2.1017;
     MS2.1034; MS2.1042; MS2.1044; MS2.1048; MS2.1062; MS2.1084; MS2.1115;
     MS2.1123; MS2.1203; MS2.1229; MS2.1286; MS2.1410; MS2.1433; MS2.1595;
     MS2.2133; MS3.228 
Livingston, Irvin S.  MS2.2286 
Lloyd, Cecil Robert  MS1.7015; MS1.7427 
Lloyd, Robert  MS1.7455; MS1.7637 
Loan, D.M.  MS1.670 
Lobdell, David  MS1.7625; MS1.8039; MS1.8071 
Lochhead, Doug  MS2.860 
Lochhead, Douglas  MS1.288; MS1.325 
Lochhead, Douglas G.  MS1.4085; MS1.6212 
Locke, Duane  MS3.229 
Locke, Edward  MS1.8846; MS1.9047 
Lockhart, Olive O.  MS1.8446 
Loggie, Edwin  MS1.5034; MS1.5090; MS3.230 
Lond, J. Barry  MS1.7257 
The London Free Press, Editor  MS1.282 
Long, Stan  MS1.7620; MS1.8105 
Lonidier, Lynn  MS1.5708 
Loomer, Frank  MS1.8425 (Intervales); MS1.8610 (Intervales)
Loomer, L.S.  MS1.6063 (Atlantic Advocate); MS1.6195 (Atlantic Advocate);
     MS1.6202 (Atlantic Advocate); MS1.6999 (Atlantic Advocate)
Loranger, Richard C.  MS2.1396 
Lord, Barry  MS1.3102; MS1.3292; MS1.4731; MS1.5181 
Lord, Barry, Jr.  MS3.231 
Lord, Gigi  MS1.6219; MS1.6229; MS1.6249; MS1.6357; MS1.6379; MS1.6412; 
     MS1.6437; MS1.6443; MS1.6706; MS1.6793; MS1.7093; MS1.7130; 
     MS1.7189; MS1.7460; MS1.7486; MS1.7513; MS1.8104; MS1.8213; 
     MS1.8977; MS2.186; MS2.337; MS2.400; MS2.420 
Lord, J. Barry  MS1.6612; MS1.6857 
Lorimer, James  MS2.2125 
Lorraine, L.  MS1.499; MS1.507; MS1.820; MS1.890; MS1.1007; MS1.1028; 
     MS1.1050; MS1.1061; MS1.1069; MS1.1084; MS1.1088; MS1.1138; MS1.1218; 
     MS1.1430; MS1.1443; MS1.1598; MS1.1654; MS1.1993; MS1.2017; MS1.2075; 
     MS1.2095; MS1.2163; MS1.2186; MS1.2255 
Lorraine, Lilith  MS1.2791; MS1.2814; MS1.2890; MS1.4014; MS1.4887; MS1.7230;
     MS1.7294; MS1.8557; MS1.8921; MS1.8923; MS3.232 
Lott, W.J., Major  MS1.4582 
Lottie  MS1.245 
Louch, E.L.  MS1.1646 
Louch, Elizabeth  MS1.7010; MS1.7709; MS1.7779 
Lougheed, Milford S.  MS1.8183 
Lougheed, Sherry  MS1.8577 
Louis, Louise  MS1.6534; MS1.8878 
Loumjian, Vaughn  MS1.8922 
Lovatt, Garry  MS2.1260 
Lovell, Cleoral  MS1.4561; MS1.4629 
Lovelock, Ian  MS1.4813; MS1.5000 
Lovett, Cecile  MS1.7320; MS1.7702; MS1.7741 
Low, Linda  MS1.6177 
Lowenfells, Walter  MS2.2279 
Lower, Thelma  MS1.4419; MS1.5902 
Lower, Thelma Reid  MS1.3243; MS1.3703; MS1.3751; MS1.3916; MS1.3942; MS1.4027;
     MS1.4181; MS1.4238; MS1.4351; MS1.4718; MS1.4776; MS1.4814; MS1.5057;
     MS1.5834; MS1.5885; MS1.5971; MS1.6959; MS1.7591; MS1.8315; MS1.8338 
Lowther, Pat  MS1.7170; MS1.7370; MS1.7454; MS1.7647; MS1.7840; MS1.7866; 
     MS1.7929; MS2.1856; MS2.1920; MS2.1963; MS2.2127; MS2.2140; MS2.2191; 
     MS2.2423; MS2.2430 
Lowther, R.  MS1.410; MS1.428; MS1.867; MS1.1008 
Lowther, R.A.  MS1.671; MS1.2935 
Lowther, Roy  MS1.2898; MS1.3248; MS1.3671; MS1.5029; MS1.5202; MS1.5937; 
     MS1.8564; MS3.233 
Lucas, Alec  MS1.2931; MS1.3003; MS1.3021; MS1.3445; MS1.5545; MS1.5733;
     MS1.5447; MS1.5812; MS2.441; MS2.675; MS2.1353
Luce, Ralph  MS1.5292 
Luchinksy, Patricia Mary  MS1.7698 
Luchinsky, Mary  MS1.7780 
Luke, Catherine  MS2.775 
Lunsford, Kenneth H.  MS1.3672 
Lusardi, Maria  MS1.8383 
Luster, Helen  MS1.4583; MS1.4674; MS1.6166; MS1.6339; MS1.7624 
Luzzatto, Jack  MS1.6267 
Lyle, L.  MS1.649; MS1.672; MS1.762; MS1.834; MS1.863; MS1.900; 
Lyle, L.K.  MS1.1659 
Lynch, Kevin, Rev.  MS1.6708 
Lyon, Carrie Ward  MS1.4504; MS1.4658; MS1.4750; MS1.5052; MS1.5151; MS1.5197;
     MS1.5235; MS1.5272; MS1.5366; MS1.5381; MS1.5390; MS1.5508; MS1.5737; 
     MS1.5739; MS1.5810; MS1.6184; MS1.6275; MS3.234; MS3.235   
Lyster, Val  MS1.6240 
Lyttle, David  MS1.2540; MS1.2555 
M?  MS2.1765  (submission of translation)
MacArthur, Gloria  MS1.7581; MS3.236 
Macaulay, Donald  MS1.5653 
MacBeth, George  MS1.3960 
MacCulloch, Clare  MS2.736; MS2.743; MS2.2010; MS2.2179; MS2.2334 
MacDonald, Alastair  MS2.2337 
MacDonald, Allister  MS1.4852; MS1.5035 
MacDonald, Angus  MS1.7081 
MacDonald, Bernell  MS2.307; MS2.2158 (poems); MS2.2183; MS2.2257; 
     MS2.2297; MS2.2312; MS2.2369 
MacDonald, Bernie  MS2.1737; MS2.1932; MS2.2006; MS2.2054 
MacDonald, C.  MS1.788 
MacDonald, David  MS1.8649 
MacDonald, G.  MS1.385; MS1.397; MS1.551; MS1.565; MS1.616; MS1.682; 
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MacEwen, Gwen  MS1.5240  
MacEwen, Gwendolyn  MS1.5216; MS1.5251; MS1.5400; MS1.5469; MS1.9031; 
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MacFadden, Jo  MS2.1986; MS2.2027 
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MacGillivray, S.R.  MS1.6969 
MacGregor, D.  MS1.7388 
MacGregor, David  MS1.7496 
Machum, G.C.  MS1.1332 
MacIntosh, D. Elizabeth  MS1.6135 
Mack, C.  MS1.1347; MS1.1709; MS1.1763 
Mack, C.A.  MS1.1417 
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MacKay, Barb  MS2.1950 
MacKay, Barbara  MS2.1147; MS2.1888; MS2.1995; MS2.2170 
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Mackay, Colin   MS1.8859 
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MacKenzie, Joan  MS1.4109; MS1.6033; MS1.6052; MS1.6158; MS1.6171; 
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MacKenzie, Wayne  MS1.6834 
MacKinnon, Ian  MS1.8851; MS1.8885 
MacKinnon, M.H.M.  MS1.8778 
MacKinnon, Murdo  MS1.8530; MS1.8576 
MacKinnon, Murdo H.M.  MS2.341 
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MacLean, Mary  MS2.96 
MacLean, S.  MS2.677 
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McLean's Magazine  MS1.4898; MS1.5938 
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MacLennan  MS2.967 
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MacLure  MS1.1321 
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Macmillan, John F.  MS2.787 
MacMillan Co.  MS1.1569  Re:  Col. Campbell
MacMillan Co.  MS1.1581 
MacMillan Co. of Canada, Ltd.  MS1.423 
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Macnab Box, William  MS1.7392 
MacNair, D.  MS1.461; MS1.473 
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MacNair, D.C., Mrs.  MS1.164 
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MacNair, Mrs.  MS1.111 
MacNaughton, Katherine  MS1.5619 
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Major, Andre  MS2.2313 
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Mallory, Norman  MS2.1168 
Mallory, Norman C.  MS2.964; MS2.1278; MS2.1465 
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Manilla, Morton  MS3.254 
Mann?, G.  MS1.102 
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Manus, Will  MS3.255 
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Marcus?, Dorothy  MS1.123 
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Margolian, S.  MS2.1426 
Margolis, W.  MS1.2272 
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Mariah, Paul  MS1.8832 
Marilyn  MS2.1804 
Marion  MS2.1126 
Marion Y.  MS2.924  (Brock University)
Mark, Mary B.  MS1.5071 
Marks, Jeff  MS1.3893; MS1.3941; MS1.4752 
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Marshall, Hilary S.  (University of Toronto Press) MS1.3266; MS1.7569;
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Marshall, John  MS1.2 
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Martin, Peter  MS2.325; MS2.340 
Martin, T.H.  MS1.8287  (W.J. Gage Limited)
Martin, Tyndale  MS1.9038; MS1.9073; MS1.9097 
Martinek, J.  MS1.1000; MS1.1043; MS1.1055; MS1.1111; MS1.1334; 
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Martinek, Joseph  MS1.5247; MS1.5273; MS1.5727; MS1.7504  
Marty, Sid  MS1.8306 
Martyn, M.  MS1.8064  (Albert Britnell Book Shop)
Marx, Alan  MS1.5713 
Marx, Anne  MS1.3074; MS1.3077; MS1.3144; MS1.3184; MS1.3290; 
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Mary  MS2.1670 
Mary  MS2.2031  (Providence, R.I.)
Mary  MS2.2056 
Mary  MS2.2209 
Mary Ella  MS1.9141 
Mary H.B.  MS2.225 
Mary Lou  MS2.525 
Mary Lou  MS2.2243 
Mason, Helen M.  MS1.5576 
Mason, Janet  MS2.2092 
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Mason, Stanley  MS1.8532; MS1.8718 
Massey, F., Mrs.  MS1.4251 
Matheson, T.  MS1.569; MS1.596; MS1.637; MS1.734 
Matheson, Thomas  MS1.18 
Mathews, Lawrence  MS2.2415 
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Mathews, Robin D.M.  MS1.3774 
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Matthews, John  MS2.1189; MS2.1192; MS2.1215 
Matuslea, Sandra M.  MS1.6400 
Mauere, K.W.  MS1.5149 
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Maurer, [K.W.]  MS1.3962 
Maurice Y.  MS2.902  (Brock University)
Maxine  MS1.5638 
Maxwell, E.  MS1.1710 
Maxwell, John  MS2.346 
Maxwell, Maureen  MS2.2220 
May, ?  MS1.465  (not J.B.)
May, J. Boyer  MS1.1773; MS1.1805; MS1.1821; MS1.1901; MS1.1921; MS1.2032; 
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Maynard  MS2.2253  (Harvest House Publishers)
Maynard  MS2.2389 
Maynard, Don  MS1.5823; MS1.5967; MS3.258 
Maynard, Temple James  MS1.5399 
Mayne, David M.  MS2.140 
Mayne, Seymour  MS1.5122; MS1.5373; MS1.5408; MS1.5483; MS1.5486; 
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McAleenan, Charles H.  MS2.12 
McAllister, G.A.  MS2.1792 
McBrine, R.W.  MS2.1949 
McCaldon, Robert J.  MS1.5045 
McCann, Sean  MS1.8084; MS3.237 
McCarthy, B.E.  MS1.5325 
McCarthy, Bryan  MS1.5279; MS3.240 
McCarthy, Dermot  MS2.347 
McCasey, Mike  MS3.238 
McCaughey, Gerald  MS1.7351; MS1.8555 
McCauley, Carole  MS1.8366 
McCelland, Mrs.  MS1.2416 
McClelland & Stewart Ltd.  MS1.2521; MS1.3052; MS1.3323; MS1.6241 
McClelland & Stewart Ltd., Poetry Editor  MS1.234 
McClelland & Stewart, Editor  MS1.1703 
McClelland & Stewart, Editorial Dept.  MS1.570 
McClelland, J.G.  MS1.1350 
McClymont, Christine  MS2.877 
McCombs, J.  MS1.3961; MS1.4045; MS1.4331 
McCombs, J.M.  MS1.4149 
McCommas, John  MS1.4802 
McConnell, Alice  MS1.3883; MS1.4015; MS1.4142; MS1.4221 
McConnell, Bill  MS1.3978; MS1.4076; MS1.4143; MS1.4160; MS1.4169; MS1.4199; 
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McConnell, William, Mrs.  MS1.3971 
McCord, D.  MS1.535 
McCord, David  MS1.169; MS1.218; MS1.222; MS1.243; MS1.259; MS1.291 
McCord, Howard  MS1.7176 
McCormack, Robert  MS1.5597; MS1.6090; MS1.6136 (CBC); MS1.5999 (CBC)
McCormick, Edna  MS1.3332 
McCormick, Mary  MS1.7483; MS1.7518 
McCormick, Orma  MS1.2834; MS3.239 
McCoye, R.  MS1.1895; MS1.1967; MS1.2034 
McCoye, Roye  MS1.3635 
McCrea, Patricia  MS1.3320 
McCurdy, A.  MS1.2085 
McCutcheon, Sarah E.  MS2.1137 
McDonald, Miss  MS1.170 
McDougall, Milliard  MS1.8324 
McDougall, Richard  MS1.8283; MS1.8826 
McDugall, Robert L.  MS1.3532 
McEachern, Corinne  MS1.4170; MS1.4505 
McEwan, Elaine  MS1.8041 
McEwan, Elaine A.  MS1.8631 
McFadden, David  MS1.5927; MS1.6021 
McGibbon, Mary Lou  MS3.242 
McGill University Press  MS2.191 
McGinn, D.  MS1.7519 
McGlinchey, Ken  MS2.1399 
McGowan, Patricia  MS1.4016 
McGregor, D.  MS1.1872 
McHale, Mary  MS1.3014 
McIlvaney, William  MS1.5865 
McInnis, Robert  MS2.2036; MS2.2037 
McIvor, Vernice  MS1.8435 
McKay, Don  MS1.7856 
McKay, Edgar B.  MS2.659 
McKenzie, George Alistar  MS3.244 
McKenzie, Joseph  MS1.8840 
McKenzie, Robb  MS1.4110; MS1.4222 
McKenzie, Robert C.  MS1.5426 
McKinnon, Barry  MS1.8592; MS1.8641 
McLaren, F.  MS1.283; MS1.575; MS1.705 
McLaren, Floris  MS1.53; MS1.177; MS1.190; MS1.268; MS1.8675 
McLaren, Floris Clark  MS1.32 
McLay, Dave  MS1.6544  
McLean, D.  MS1.515; MS1.662 
McLean, Don  MS2.2208 
McLean, Marion  MS1.5794; MS1.5859; MS1.6380 
McLellan, A.  MS1.1599 
McLellan, A.M.  MS1.508; MS1.523; MS1.1673 
McLellan, Ann  MS2.473; MS2.664 
McLellan, Anne Marriott  MS1.5293; MS1.6023; MS1.8623; MS1.8647;  MS2.1005 (poems);     

MS2.1082; MS2.1098; MS2.1366; MS2.1562; MS2.2195;  MS2.2215 
McLeod, J.  MS1.8709; MS1.8768 
McLeod, Joseph  MS2.1626; MS2.1713; MS2.1726 
McLeod, W.A.  MS1.7444 
McManus, M.   MS1.1908 
McMullin, D.  MS2.2249 
McNair, L.  MS1.1172 
McNair, L.T.  MS1.803; MS1.1271 
McNamara, Eugene  MS2.302; MS2.313; MS2.361; MS2.1210; MS2.1221;MS2.1490; 
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McNamee, E.  MS1.1507; MS1.2058; MS1.2154; MS1.2368 
McNamee, Edward  MS1.2464; MS1.2473; MS1.2480; MS1.3308; MS1.3581; 
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McNeal, David  MS2.1473; MS2.1747 
McNeil, Florence  MS1.7035; MS1.8261; MS1.8475; MS2.1220; MS2.1272 
McNeil, Florence & McNeal, David S.  MS2.1257 
McNeill, G.C.  MS1.6576 
McNeill, Glo C.  MS1.6791 
McNichol, J.  MS1.398 
McNichol, V.  MS1.386 
McNichol, Vera  MS1.59; MS1.72; MS1.88; MS1.101 
McNiff, Philip J.  MS2.37 
McQueen, Douglas Hugh  MS1.6640 
McRae, W.  MS1.2313 
McRobbie, Genevieve  MS1.8974 
McRobbie, K.  MS1.2167; MS1.2339 
McRobbie, Ken  MS1.2415 
McSweeney, Kerry  MS2.829 
McVean, J.  MS1.544; MS1.685 
McVittie, J.  MS1.686; MS1.726; MS1.856; MS1.1136; MS1.1255; MS1.1418; 
McWha, A.E.  MS1.5493 
McWha, Albert E.  MS1.3679 
Mead, M.  MS1.5578 
Meany, Patrick  MS2.176; MS2.2150; MS2.2178; MS2.2203 
Medhurst, Robert Arthur  MS2.352 
Mee, Fiona  MS2.1523 
Meldrum, Ronald  MS2.572; MS2.618 
Melhorn, P.G.  MS3.260 
Melling, Gerald J.  MS1.8892 
Meltabarger, Beverly  MS1.7854 
Melville, David  MS1.7419; MS3.261 
Melville, [Janis Louis]  MS1.6554 
Menard, Gloria  MS2.179 
Mendell, David  MS1.7034 
Mendelson, [Chaim]  MS1.8542 
Mendenhall, Dorothy  MS3.262 
Mercer, Eleanor B.  MS1.3319 
Meredith, R.  MS1.2006 
Merlew, P.?  MS1.7501 
Merritt, G.E.  MS1.8735 
Metcalf, Graham  MS1.2195; MS1.2218; MS1.3046; MS1.3372; MS1.4046;
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Metz, Jerry  MS1.7795; MS3.264 
Meyer, Henry  MS1.3388; MS1.5387; MS1.5421 
Meyers, Bert  MS2.1455 
Michael  MS1.8635 
Michael  MS2.2001  (Queen's Univ.)
Michael  MS2.2280 
Michael, J.M.?  MS1.30 
Mick  MS2.2152 
Middlebro, Tom  MS1.4797; MS1.4837; MS1.6162; MS1.6481; MS1.7144 
Miki, Roy  MS1.8469; MS1.8575 
Miles, Judy  MS2.1488 
Miles, Ron  MS1.7951; MS1.8067 
Milham, Mary Ella  MS2.298; MS2.327 
Miller, Cecilia Parsons  MS1.5099 
Miller, E.S.  MS1.5379 
Miller, Malcolm  MS2.644 
Miller, Muriel  MS1.8414; MS1.8445; MS1.8476 
Miller, P.  MS1.2304; MS1.2320; MS1.2324 
Miller, Peter  MS1.3293; MS1.3417; MS1.3447; MS1.4335; MS1.4353; 
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Miller, Raeburn  MS1.5477 
Miller, Robert  MS2.415 
Miller, Sandra  MS2.1980; MS2.2237 
Millet, M.  MS1.2083 
Milligan, Frank A.  MS2.810; MS2.916; MS2.1825 
Mills, B.  MS1.629; MS1.733; MS1.1224; MS1.1238 
Mills, L.  MS1.675; MS1.1383 
Mills, Lee  MS1.3565; MS1.3653; MS1.3831; MS1.3896 
Mills, Margaret  MS1.7628 
Milner, J.  MS1.2227 
Milner, Jean  MS1.2929 
Milner, Jean, Mrs.  MS1.2976 
Milosevich, Vincent M.  MS2.750; MS2.439; MS2.500; MS2.866; MS2.1658;
Mintz, Marge  MS1.6085 
Miriam  MS1.2809 
Mirolla, Michael  MS1.8761 
Miron, Gaston  MS2.2376; MS2.2418 
Miskell, Helen  MS1.2939 
Mitchell, Dorothea  MS1.5634 
Mitchell, Edith  MS1.2806; MS1.2831; MS1.3550; MS1.3570; MS1.3767 
Mitchell, Frederick C.  MS1.3970.A  
Mitchell, Hugh P.  MS1.7054 
Mitton, Myron  MS1.8661  (UNB Drama Society)
Mix, Irene W.  MS1.8147 
Mogcow, Kathryn  MS1.8578; MS1.8639 
Molinaro, Julius  MS1.7056; MS1.8325 
Molt, Michael  MS2.5 
Monge, Mildred  MS1.8021; MS1.8056 
Monk, Ingrid Mildred  MS1.8226 
Montague, Maureen  MS1.7025 
Montgomery, Lorraine  MS1.8694 
Montgomery, M.  MS1.2308 
Montgomery, Marion  MS1.2571; MS1.2797; MS1.2853; MS1.2882; MS1.3259; 
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Mooney, Alfred  MS1.3244 
Mooney, Alfred L.  MS1.3147 
Mooney, Alfred Leland  MS1.3103; MS1.3215; MS1.3260; MS1.3491; MS1.3821 
Moore, Margaret B.  MS1.4832; MS1.4840 
Moore, W.  MS1.2069 
Moore, Wanda  MS1.4734; MS1.4815; MS1.4865; MS1.5215; MS1.5262; 
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Moore, Wanda Allen  MS1.5023; MS1.5081 
Moorhead, Andrea  MS2.687; MS2.697; MS2.731; MS2.739; MS2.771; MS2.823; 
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Moraru, N.  MS1.7957 
Moray, S.E.  MS1.252; MS1.727 
Morgan, Gerald  MS2.501; MS2.668; MS2.1801; MS2.1808; MS2.1816; 
     MS2.1820; MS2.1832 
Morin, Edward  MS1.3187; MS1.7557; MS1.7587; MS1.7645; MS1.7895; 
Morin, Janet L.  MS1.2460 
Morley, A.  MS1.2220 
Morrell, Janet  MS2.1783 
Morris, John  MS1.4297; MS1.4420; MS1.4507 
Morris, L.A.  MS1.5088 
Morris, M.  MS1.2310; MS1.3453; MS1.4112; MS1.4853 
Morrison, Christina Dumont  MS1.7304 
Morrison, Helen  MS1.8116  (W.J. Gage Ltd.); MS1.8307; MS1.8775; MS1.8776;  
     MS1.8930; MS2.68; MS2.72 
Morrison, Jean  MS1.4616 
Morrison, L.  MS1.2385 
Morrison, Lillian  MS1.2400; MS1.2434; MS1.3847 
Morrison, Robert E.  MS1.7768  (Fugitive Press)
Morrow, J.C.  MS1.455; MS1.483; MS1.496 (poem)
Morrow, Patrick  MS1.7195 
Morton, Elizabeth  MS2.1966 
Morton, Elizabeth H.  MS1.8164  (Canadian Library Association)
Morton, Murray  MS1.7076; MS1.7231 
Morton, Murray K.  MS1.6351 
Moscovitch, H.  MS1.1822; MS1.1924; MS1.1955; MS1.1971; MS1.2000; 
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Moscovitch, Henry  MS1.2541; MS1.3134; MS1.5171; MS1.5186; MS1.5280;
Moser, Norman  MS1.6921 
Moser, Norman C.  MS3.265 
Mosher, Constance  MS3.266 
Moss, John G.  MS2.839 
Mossman, George  MS1.7985 
Mott, Michael  MS1.8940; MS1.9116; MS2.624 
Mould, Joseph Thomas  MS1.4131 
Moulton, Jan  MS2.777; MS2.1323; MS2.1585 
Mowat, M.  MS1.388 
Mowatt, Bruce  MS1.8796; MS3.267 
Moyse, Arthur  MS3.268 
Mitcham, Allison  MS2.1445; MS2.1509 
Mudd, Amelia J.  MS1.8249 
Mudden, John  MS1.9083 
Mueller, Lisel  MS1.3025; MS1.3051; MS1.3087; MS1.3391; MS1.3410 
Mullaly, Edward  MS2.284 
Mulligan, T.P.  MS1.7289 
Mumford, Robert  MS1.6441 
Munro, Deborah  MS2.918 
Munro, Kathryn  MS1.3000; MS1.3034; MS1.3675; MS3.269 
Murad, Orlene  MS2.2256 
Murdoch, B.J.  MS1.4831 
Murdoch, B.J., Rev.  MS1.4847 
Murdock, L.  MS1.511  (poems)
Murphy, Frank  MS1.8861; MS1.8883; MS1.8914 
Murray, David J.  MS2.2071 
Murray, Diane J.  MS2.265 
Murray, Doris E.  MS1.8888 
Murray, George  MS1.235; MS1.3274; MS1.4113; MS1.4153; MS1.4184; MS1.4521; 
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Murray, J.C.  MS1.527; MS1.650 
Murray, Linda  MS2.342  (poems)
Murray, Neil  MS1.5595 
Murray, R.  MS1.558; MS1.758; MS1.823; MS1.844; MS1.901; MS1.1147; 
Murray, Rona  MS1.3124; MS1.3329; MS1.3419; MS1.3543; MS1.3599; 
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     MS2.2113; MS2.2160; MS2.2294; MS2.2329 
Musser, Jean  MS1.5203 
Musson Book Company  MS2.2402 
Myers, Frank W.  MS1.7917 
Myers, Jay  MS2.2259 
N.P.  MS2.1092  (Michigan State University)
Nacklem, Michael K.  MS2.209 
Nancy  MS2.524 
Nankivell, S.  MS2.795 
Napora, Paul Edward  MS1.7380; MS3.270 
Nasir, G.  MS1.6163 
Nasir, George  MS1.131; MS1.8418 
Nasir, Mr.  MS1.113 
National Federation of Canadian University Students  MS1.5626 
National Library  MS1.7574 
Natonek, Hans  MS1.6242 
Nause, John  MS2.2368 
Naylor, R.A.  MS1.7122  (Statement)
Neil, Alice  MS1.237; MS1.272 
Neil, Alice C.  MS1.132 
Neil, R.W., Mrs.  MS1.142 
Neill, J.G.  MS1.543 
Nelson, Dale  MS1.7376 
Nelson, Fred  MS1.8747 
Nelson, Sharon  MS2.178; MS2.1615; MS2.1834 
Nester, Stan  MS1.5913 
Neufeldt, Leonard  MS2.1228; MS2.1264; MS2.1596 (poems); MS2.1610; 
Neuhauser, R, Dr.  MS2.920 
New, W.H.  MS2.455 
New, William H.  MS2.393 
New American Library of World Literature  MS1.1508 
New York Times  MS1.5945 
Newberry, W.  MS1.1706 
Newbury, A.  MS1.429; MS1.1780 
Newbury, Alice  MS1.3673; MS1.3783 
Newell, H.  MS1.2234 
Newlove, John  MS1.7041 
Newman?, Louis  MS1.3139 
Newman, C.  MS1.1800 
Newman, C.J.  MS1.3189; MS1.3304 
Newman, J.  MS1.7981 
Newman, Jerry  MS1.8167 
Newman, Julia  MS2.1939 
Newman, L.  MS1.1947; MS1.1954; MS1.1974; MS1.2059; MS1.2286; MS1.2295 
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Newman, Paul Baker  MS1.8880 
Newman, Sol  MS1.4860; MS2.20 
Newman, [Sol]  MS1.8201 
Newman, Louis  MS1.2984; MS1.6674 
Newman Temes, Vivian  MS1.4645 
Newton, S.  MS2.2358 
Newton Bunner, Freda  MS1.4318 
Newton-White, M.  MS1.1861 
Newton-White, M.E.  MS1.1715 
Newton-White, Muriel  MS1.3739 
Newton-White, Muriel E.  MS1.3623; MS1.3768; MS1.3864; MS1.5142 
Nicholas, Debbie  MS3.271 
Nichols, R.  MS1.857; MS1.1341; MS1.1522; MS1.1609 
Nickerson, Robert  MS2.511 
Nicklaus, Frederick  MS1.4336; MS1.4829; MS1.5037 
Niles, Sheila  MS1.7082 
Nimchuk, Michael  MS1.4631; MS1.4639; MS1.4676 
Nimchuk, Michael John  MS1.3622; MS1.3775; MS1.3784; MS1.6221; MS1.6325 
Noble, Jo-Anne  MS3.272 
Noble, W.  MS1.1997; MS1.2096; MS1.2104; MS1.2112; MS1.2141; MS1.2155; 
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Noble, William  MS1.2565; MS1.2932; MS1.3205; MS1.4114; MS1.4283; 
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Nolan, Gladys  MS2.1223; MS2.1682; MS2.1685; MS2.2059 
Nolan, Marc  MS2.1199 
Nomland, John B.  MS2.458 
Norawat, Sudha Kumari  MS3.273 
Norma L.  MS2.786; MS2.862; MS2.972 
Norman, G.  MS2.695 
Norman, Liane  MS2.2147 
Norris, James P.  MS3.274 
Norris, Kathleen  MS2.589 
North, Lilian S.  MS1.4735; MS1.5228; MS1.5330; MS1.5374; MS1.5407; 
     MS1.5569; MS1.5662; MS1.6684 
Northnagel  MS1.4385 
Northnagel, E.W.  MS1.824; MS1.1790; MS1.2562; MS1.2802; MS1.4473; 
Norton, Eve  MS1.5639; MS1.5640 
Nostrand, Sudie  MS1.8924 
Notonek, Hans  MS1.5680 
Nott, David  MS1.5871; MS3.275 
Novick, S.  MS1.1568 
Nowlan, Alden  MS6
Nowlan, Michael O.  MS2.1769; MS2.1781; MS2.1979; MS2.2053; MS2.2301 
Nowlin, E.  MS1.2215 
Nowlin, Edna V.  MS1.3082; MS1.3975; MS1.4019; MS3.276 
Nusbaum, Willene  MS1.9061 
Nyberg, Wayne  MS1.7710 
Nye, Robert  MS1.6741; MS1.6879; MS1.6935; MS1.7001; MS1.7886; 
     MS1.7953; MS1.8420; MS1.8498; MS2.1780; MS2.2005 (Re: Gil Orlovitz);
Nynych, Stephanie J.  MS1.7644 
Nystedt, B.  MS1.784 
Nystedt, Bob  MS1.23  (poem)
Nystedt, R.  MS1.612 
Obodiac, S.  MS1.1526; MS1.1567 
Obodiac, Stan  MS1.3458; MS1.3479; MS1.3487; MS1.3794; MS1.4164; 
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Obodiac, Stan and Emma  MS1.6201 
O'Brien, William P.  MS1.7595; MS1.7775 
O'Broin, Padraig  MS1.5217; MS1.5233; MS1.5484; MS1.5494; MS1.5601;
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O'Broin, William  MS1.7721 
The Observer  MS1.295; MS1.348 
Odam, Joyce  MS1.8437; MS1.8529; MS1.8740 
Oden, G.C.  MS1.4186; MS1.4252; MS1.4422; MS1.4509; MS1.4563 
O'Donnell  MS2.1397 
O'Donnell, Kathleen  MS2.691; MS2.1336; MS2.1350 (poems); MS2.1428; 
     MS2.2022; MS2.2109; MS2.2159; MS2.2284 
O'Donnell, M.  MS1.2033 
Offen, Ronald  MS1.3785 
Ogilby, D.  MS1.6513 
Ogilby, David  MS1.6467; MS1.6976; MS1.7968 
Ogilvie, E.  MS1.1216; MS1.1225 
Ogutsch, Edith  MS1.4587; MS1.5123; MS1.5128; MS1.5220; MS1.7438; 
Ohaski, Karen  MS2.2111 
Ohler, Petep  MS1.9162 
Ointon, Susan Hopkins  MS1.2868 
Oiwa, L.  MS2.1725 
Oiwa, Yoshinon  MS2.1543 
O'Keefe, Bernice  MS1.5503; MS1.5755 
Oldknow, Antony  MS1.8279; MS1.8462 
Olson, C. Edwin  MS1.2501 
Ondaatje, Michael  MS1.8286; MS1.8329; MS1.8351; MS1.8387; MS1.8426;
     MS1.8946; MS1.9021 
O'Neill, Anne  MS1.3897; MS1.4063; MS1.5003 
O'Neill, James J.  MS2.1549 
O'Neill, Pat  MS3.280 
Opalov, L.  MS1.1562; MS1.1602; MS1.2022 
Opalov, Leonard  MS1.2933; MS1.3162; MS1.3908; MS1.4253; MS1.4889; 
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Opgaard, C.M.  MS2.1045 
Orbach, R.  MS1.1591; MS1.1662; MS1.2052 
Orlovitz, Gil  MS1.3004; MS1.3033; MS1.3054; MS1.3063; MS1.3066; MS1.3091;
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Orr, E. Jeanette  MS1.6220; MS1.6231; MS1.6636 
Orr, Edward  MS1.9017 
Osterbind, Sylvia  MS1.5070; MS1.5120; MS1.5133; MS1.6310; MS1.6424; 
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Ottawa Citizen, Editor  MS1.153 
Otter, Mary  MS2.2117 
Oughton, Libby  MS2.2029; MS2.2305 
Oulton, Bonnie  MS2.1650 
Overmyer, Barbara Harr  MS1.5358; MS1.5402; MS1.5502; MS1.5785; MS1.6729 
Owen, Guy  MS1.3201 
Owen, I.  MS1.2388 
Owen, Marion  MS2.241 
Owen, Marion A.  MS2.252 
Owen, Marion Ann  MS2.969 
Owen, Patricia  MS1.3994.A  (Tamarack Review)  
Owens, Doris  MS1.5396; MS1.5413; MS3.282 
Ower, John  MS1.7185; MS1.7319; MS1.7372; MS1.9053; MS1.9071 
Pacey, Desmond  MS1.6252; MS1.6287; MS1.6304; MS1.6324; MS1.6335; MS1.6361; 
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     MS2.2124; MS3.283 
Pacey, Mary Ann  MS2.1546; MS3.284 
Pachter, Charles  MS1.8719 
Paddy  MS2.566  (Royal Roads Mil. College)
Page, James  MS1.8190; MS1.8319 
Page, Norman  MS2.906 
Page, P.  MS1.1830; MS1.2010; MS1.2039 
Page, P. Alamie  MS1.7274 
Page, P. Marnie  MS1.7215 
Page, P.K.  MS2.1687 
Palen, Jennie M.  MS1.3614; MS1.4781; MS1.6055; MS1.7310 
Palmer, D.  MS1.696; MS1.1492 
Palmer, E.H.  MS1.8178 
Palmer, Elijah  MS1.4790 
Palnick, Elijah  MS1.4838
Palnick, Elijah E.  MS1.4760; MS1.4795 
Palnick, Elijah E., Rabbi  MS1.5100 
Pantelis, Trogardis  MS2.2352 
Panton, Paul R.  MS1.8601; MS1.8621 
Paradis, Suzanne  MS2.2372; MS2.2400 
Paris, James  MS1.7582 
Parke, Kathryn  MS1.7749 
Parke, Reuben H.  MS1.7470 (Excerps); MS1.7547 
Parker, B.  MS1.2268; MS1.2280; MS1.6846 
Parker, Bonnie  MS1.5218; MS1.5624; MS1.7172 
Parker, Bonnie E.  MS1.2525; MS1.2548; MS1.2824; MS1.3454; MS1.3583; MS1.3589 
     MS1.4337; MS1.5611; MS1.6508; MS1.6578 
Parker, Kathryn  MS1.7904; MS1.7920; MS1.7946 
Parker, Linda  MS2.1807 
Parkes, V.D.  MS1.5274; MS1.5335 
Parks, M.G.  MS1.7305 
Parks, Malcolm  MS1.3840 
Paroian, Nancy  MS1.6352 
Parr, Dean  MS1.3645 
Parr, Kenneth  MS1.4713 
Parr, Kermode  MS1.3659 (The Atlantic Advocate); MS1.3707; MS1.3832; 
     MS1.3837; MS1.3865; MS1.3963; MS1.3968; MS1.4780 
Parr, Michael  MS1.6042; MS1.6311; MS1.6359; MS1.6416; MS1.6617; MS1.6835; 
     MS1.6908; MS1.7017; MS1.7043; MS1.7206; MS1.7648; MS1.8764 
Parsons, D.  MS1.676; MS1.4782 
Parsons, Ossie  MS1.8751 
Partington, Jack A., Jr.  MS1.8255; MS1.8267 
Paton, G.M.  MS1.7207 
Patterson, Daniel W.  MS1.8658 
Patterson, E.F.  MS1.8027 
Patterson, Frank  MS1.3636 
Paul, Winifred  MS1.8771; MS2.54 
Paulist Press  MS1.6689  (Rev. Kevin Lynch)
Pauson, Paul  MS1.7662 
Pawelczyk, R.  MS1.2150 
Peabody, Barbara K.  MS1.6713 
Pearce, Roy Harvey  MS1.3125 
Pearce, Vivian W.  MS1.6372 
Pearl, R.K.  MS1.1036 
Pearson, Alan  MS1.5221; MS1.5359; MS1.5567; MS1.5596; MS1.5712; MS1.6155; 
     MS1.6205; MS1.6216; MS3.285 
Peat, Archie M.  MS1.7966  (Salvation Army)
Pedersen, George  MS1.7616 
Peebles, L.  MS1.837 
Peerless, K.L.  MS1.2960; MS1.3012 
Peloquin, Claude  MS2.2413; MS2.2416 
Penlington, Norman  MS1.7589; MS1.7621; MS1.8515; MS2.46; MS2.150; MS2.208; 
Pennefather, R.S.  MS1.2854; MS1.2878; MS1.3346 
Pennington, G. Gary  MS1.9093 
People's Co-Operative Bookstore  MS1.236 
Pepper, Leila  MS1.5799; MS1.5808; MS1.6916 
Pepper, Leila (Mrs. Howard)  MS1.5788 
Perlman, Jess  MS1.8545; MS1.8579; MS1.8630; MS1.8765; MS1.8815 
Perret, Alain  MS1.7813; MS1.8256 
Perro, A.B.  MS1.7924 
Perry, E.  MS1.533; MS1.677; MS1.880; MS1.1047 
Perry, Eugenie  MS1.114; MS1.129; MS1.3069; MS1.3252; MS1.3275; MS1.4007;
     MS1.4048; MS1.4077 
Perry, Grace  MS1.6078; MS1.8864; MS1.8919; MS1.8947 (Poetry Australia)
Perry, Helen H.  MS1.8352 
Perry, M. Eugenie  MS1.89; MS1.93; MS1.3041; MS1.3335 
Perry, M.E.  MS1.785; MS1.797; MS1.1610 
Person, Lloyd H.  MS2.1086; MS2.1884 
Peter  MS1.5721 
Peter  MS2.541  (McGill)
Peter  MS2.1271  (Windsor, Ontario)
Peter  MS2.2119  (London Eng.)
Peter, A.  MS2.304 
Peter, Herspiegel  MS2.2311 
Peters, Bob  MS1.6125; MS1.6475; MS1.7980; MS3.287 
Peters, R.  MS1.449; MS1.838 
Peters, R.L.  MS1.763; MS1.775; MS1.800; MS1.816 
Peters, Robert  MS1.24; MS1.183; MS1.304 
Peters, Robert L.  MS1.134; MS1.150; MS1.2467; MS1.2513; MS1.7448; MS3.286 
Peters, William H.  MS3.288 
Petri, L.  MS1.1970 
Petri, Lori  MS1.1964; MS1.1994; MS1.2845; MS1.3600; MS1.4736; MS1.4830;
Petrie, Graham  MS1.7941 
Petronella, Vincent F.  MS2.564; MS2.1717 
Pettinella, Dora M.  MS1.545; MS1.563; MS1.607; MS1.613; MS1.636; MS1.713;
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Petty, David  MS1.5775 
Pettyjohn, C.R., Mrs.  MS1.3723 
Pfeifer, L.E.  MS1.362; MS1.1072; MS1.1137 
Pfeiffer, Eric  MS1.3075; MS1.5043 
Pheilyis, Bluebell S.  MS1.6597 
Phiebig, Albert J.  MS1.4240 
Phil  MS2.1871 
Philbrick, Charles  MS1.9082 
Philips, Bluebell  MS2.901 
Phillabaum, Leslie E.  MS1.8050 
Phillips, Barbara  MS2.447; MS2.465 
Phillips, Doris  MS1.7077; MS1.7217; MS1.7252; MS1.7373; MS1.7441; MS1.8471; 
Phillips, F.  MS1.2173; MS1.2279 
Phillips, Robert  MS1.6509; MS1.6719; MS1.6841 
Phoenice, J.  MS1.4423; MS1.4589 
Phoenice, J.  MS1.5175  (Mrs. J.M. Fox-Hutchinson)
Phonse  MS2.856  (University of Ottawa)
Picard, Guy  MS2.2276 
Pickard, Gary M.  MS2.131 
Pickel, Vesta  MS1.25 
Pickersgill, C.J.  MS2.1897 
Pickersgill, Ed  MS2.1846 
Pickersgill, Edward  MS2.2210; MS2.2343 
Pielin, William  MS1.4354 
Pielon, M.E.  MS1.63 
Pierce, L.  MS1.747; MS1.751; MS1.1270; MS1.1397; MS1.1825 
Pierce, Lorne  MS1.3094; MS1.4144 
Pierce, Roy Harvey  MS1.3179 
Piercy, Marge  MS1.7848 
Pignataro, Tony  MS2.1907 
Pike, Ernest  MS3.289 
Pillin, W.  MS1.2338 
Pinson, Dave  MS1.5926; MS1.6035; MS1.6159; MS1.7556; MS1.8518; MS1.8584; 
     MS3.290; MS3.291 
Pisacreta, Richard J.  MS1.8398 
Pitblado, John  MS1.3812 
Pitcher, Ted  MS1.6878; MS1.6933 
Pittman, Al  MS3.292 
Pitts, Rebecca  MS1.6377; MS1.6404 
Pitts, Winifred M.  MS1.7013; MS1.7608; MS1.8016 
Plourde, Marc  MS2.722; MS2.752 (poems); MS2.807; MS2.834 (poem);
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     MS2.1720; MS2.2009; MS2.2168; MS2.2219; MS2.2320 
Plummer, Penelope Anne  MS1.6341 
Poe, Paula  MS1.3432 
Poetry Public Letter, Director  MS1.802 
Poetry Society of America  MS1.2031 
Poidale, Carol  MS2.260 
Pollak, F.A.  MS1.766; MS1.1584; MS1.1621; MS1.1634
Pollak, Felix  MS1.1488; MS1.1789; MS1.1806; MS1.1834; MS1.1841; MS1.1862;
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Polson, Don  MS2.917 (attached - Letter from Alden Nowlan); MS2.984; 
     MS2.1282 (poems); MS2.1295; MS2.1487; MS2.1563; MS2.1652 
Poole, Ann  MS2.1449 
Poots, Tom  MS1.2942; MS1.3423; MS1.3688; MS1.3714; MS1.3752; MS1.3786; 
     MS1.4783; MS1.5187; MS1.5207; MS1.5829; MS1.6369
Porter, A.  MS1.1649 
Porter, Bonnie E.  MS1.2526 
Porter, Jenny Lind  MS1.2965; MS1.3413 
Porter, Margaret  MS1.7099; MS1.7174; MS1.7405; MS1.8143; MS1.8153; MS1.8185; 
     MS1.8272; MS1.8906; MS3.293 
Porter, Virginia  MS1.3042; MS1.3135; MS1.3624; MS1.3753; MS1.3795; MS1.4590 
Porter, Virginia J.  MS1.2433; MS1.2505; MS1.2930; MS1.2981; MS1.3404;
     MS1.359;0MS1.3663; MS1.3731; MS1.3991; MS1.7336 
Posacreta, Richard J.  MS1.8388 
Posner, David  MS1.3680; MS1.3866 
Poujade, M.  MS2.320 
Powell, C.  MS1.1493 
Powell, C.A.  MS1.1523; MS1.1543 
Powell, Clarence Alva  MS1.3492; MS1.3584; MS1.3586; MS1.3591; MS1.3740; 
     MS1.3787; MS1.3917; MS1.3943; MS1.4443; MS1.5141 
Powell, Virginia  MS1.8078 
Pratt, C.  MS1.886 
Pratt, Claire  MS1.3964; MS2.11 
Pratt, Dorothy W.  MS1.7409; MS1.7429 
Pratt, E.J.  MS1.546; MS1.567; MS1.576; MS1.1384 
Pratt, [Lenore]  MS1.3625 
Pratt, Lenore  Alexandra  MS1.60; MS1.78; MS1.98; MS1.115; MS1.125; MS1.179;
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     MS1.8959; MS3.294 
Pratt, Mary  MS2.1030 
Pratt, S.  MS1.1896 
Prentice, Roger  MS1.4254; MS2.49 
Present, Mary A.  MS1.3141 
Preston, J.  MS1.1998; MS1.2018 
Price, L.  MS1.2381 
Price, Lucy  MS1.2395; MS1.3072; MS1.3455; MS1.3545; MS1.3886; MS1.4049; 
     MS1.4338; MS1.4632 
Price, N.B.  MS1.8004; MS3.295 
Price, Olive  MS1.7030; MS1.7084 
Price, V. Barrett  MS1.6880; MS1.7767 
Pritchard, Errol  MS1.2508; MS1.3361; MS1.3601; MS1.3823; MS1.3949; MS1.4072; 
     MS1.4091; MS1.4294; MS1.6105; MS2.24; MS3.296 
Procope, Mervyn  MS1.9163 
Pronovost, Mary  MS1.2484 
Pronovost, Mary M.  MS1.2496 
Prouty, William  MS1.5521; MS1.5633; MS1.5843; MS1.6268; MS1.8033; MS1.8109;
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     MS2.955; MS2.1162; MS2.1321; MS2.1394; MS2.1943 
Puizen, Val Baden  MS1.6261 
Purczinsky, J.  MS1.490 
Purdy, Al Wellington  MS1.26; MS1.55 (poems); MS1.67; MS1.76; MS1.116; 
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Purves, Louise  MS1.2899; MS1.2917 
Pustel, G.  MS1.6315 
Putman, Mary  MS1.6645 
Pym, John  MS3.310 
Queen's Quarterly  MS1.6525; MS1.6533 (M. Hardtman)
Quereshi, A.H.  MS2.927 
Quick, Dorothy  MS1.3300; MS1.3546; MS1.3646; MS1.3695; MS1.3754;
     MS1.3796; MS1.3824; MS1.3918 
Quinn, J. Kevin  MS1.6949 
Qureshi, A.H.  MS2.713 
R.  MS1.246 
R.D.  MS2.16 
Radcliffe, Max  MS2.1716 
Rae, Hugh C.  MS1.4641 
Raffety, Michael  MS1.4891 
Rahom, Jean  MS2.2087 
Raines, John  MS1.6204; MS1.6210; MS3.311 
Rainey, Elisabeth  MS2.1811 
Rainsford, Christina  MS1.4224 
Rajan, Tilottama  MS1.8744; MS1.8975 
Rall, Joseph L.  MS1.7456 
Ramgoolam, Sandra  MS2.1748 
Ramsay, H.  MS1.1650; MS1.1733; MS1.2178 
Ramsay, W.  MS1.1792; MS1.1801; MS1.1837; MS1.1930; MS1.1940; 
     MS1.1953; MS1.2179 
Ramsey, Charles H.  MS2.288 
Ramsey, David  MS2.2103 
Ramsey, Jarold W.  MS1.8917 
Ramsey, Jerold W.  MS1.8998 
Randall, Coral Royce  MS1.5212 
Randall, Margaret  MS1.6914; MS1.7505 
Randall, P.R.  MS1.3009; MS1.3045 
Randall, Peter  MS1.2857 
Rankin, J.A.  MS1.624; MS1.2914 
Rankine, Phyllis  MS1.5549 
Ransom, Cherra  MS3.312 
Ransom, Cherra S.  MS1.7348 
Ranson, Cherra M.  MS1.7359 
Rapoport, Janis  MS2.2035; MS2.2094 
Rasat, Jack  MS1.6745 
Rashley, R.E.  MS2.1598; MS2.1625; MS2.1739; MS2.1836
Ratcliffe, E.  MS1.254; MS1.729; MS1.809; MS1.832; MS1.865; 
     MS1.877; MS1.1285; MS1.1290; MS1.1336; MS1.2027; MS1.2156 
Ratcliffe, Eric  MS3.313 
Rath, Dorothy  MS2.29; MS2.1831; MS2.1969; MS2.2074; MS2.2206 
Rausown, Else  MS1.6707 
Ravivath, Sathan  MS1.5345 
Rawlins, J.B.  MS1.1712 
Ray  MS1.6972 
Ray, Eva Marion  MS1.3405 
Reaburn, Ronald  MS1.5594 
Reaburn, Ronald Edward  MS1.5744 
Read, E.  MS1.538; MS1.678; MS1.683; MS1.689; MS1.703; MS1.908; 
     MS1.1037; MS1.1051; MS1.1073; MS1.1164; MS1.1185; MS1.1774; 
     MS1.2153; MS1.8679 
Read, Elfreida  MS1.8436; MS1.8854 
Read, Elfreida, Mrs.  MS1.3156 
Reader, R.A.  MS1.7711 
Reader's Club of Canada Ltd.  MS1.5592 
Reakes, A.S.  MS1.8302 
Reaney, Colleen  MS1.6075; MS1.7110 
Reaney, Colleen T.  MS2.1312 
Reaney, J.  MS1.825; MS1.1003; MS1.1025 
Reaney, James  MS1.3732; MS1.3852; MS1.3885; MS1.4060; MS1.5388; 
     MS1.5448; MS1.5769; MS1.5811; MS2.1263 
Reay, Gordon M.  MS1.8126 
Rebentisch, Dorothy  MS1.2779; MS1.2840; MS1.3115; MS1.3615; MS1.3992; 
     MS1.4150; MS1.4211; MS1.4340; MS1.4424; MS1.4512; MS1.4592; 
     MS1.8320; MS3.314 
Rebert, M. Charles  MS1.7186; MS3.315 
Reddick, J.  MS1.358 
Reddick, Jane  MS1.195 
Redfern, D.W.  MS1.3180; MS1.3253; MS1.3315; MS1.3338; MS1.3392; MS1.3715 
Redstone, D.  MS1.2020 
Redwell, Bill  MS2.172 
Reed, John  MS2.1923 
Reed, John R.  MS2.1356 (Wayne State Univ.); MS2.1429; MS2.1636; MS2.1669; 
     MS2.1973; MS2.2176 
Reed, Robert R.  MS1.5764; MS1.6527 
Reed, Robert R., Jr.  MS1.6378; MS1.6954 
Reid, Ann  MS2.558 
Reid, E.W.  MS1.5732 
Reidpath, A.  MS1.359; MS1.363; MS1.382 (poems); MS1.399; MS1.730; MS1.777; 
     MS1.878; MS1.881; MS1.892; MS1.893; MS1.1018; MS1.1066; MS1.1367; 
     MS1.1420; MS1.1983; MS1.2001 
Reidpath, Alan  MS1.180; MS1.185; MS1.205; MS1.224; MS1.2336; MS1.2403; 
     MS1.2419; MS1.2554; MS1.3116; MS1.3128; MS1.3197; MS1.3208; MS1.3559;
     MS1.3640; MS1.3724; MS1.3789; MS1.3965; MS1.4037; MS1.4140; MS1.5538 
Reidpath, Alan C.  MS1.154; MS1.156; MS1.3709; MS1.3800; MS1.5462 
Reigo, A.  MS3.316 
Reilly, Michael  MS1.2887 
Rempel, M.L.  MS3.317 
Rempel, Margaret  MS1.7131; MS1.7271; MS1.8556 
Renner, Vivian  MS2.2344 
Renton?, J.H.  MS1.830 
Renwick, W.L.  MS1.4055 
Renwick, William R.  MS1.4031 
Repentisch, Dorothy  MS1.2819 
Revell, Peter  MS1.7284; MS1.7306 
Rexland, Andrea  MS1.7292 
Reynolds, Cecil  MS1.6019; MS1.7358 
Reynolds, Cecil J.  MS1.5896; MS1.5952; MS1.7324 
Reynolds, Helen  MS1.3352 
Reynolds, Helen Dickson  MS1.2979; MS1.3007 
Reynolds, J.M.  MS2.2065 
Reynolds, Tim  MS1.3126; MS1.3198 
RFS  MS1.5718 
Rhodenizer, [V.]B.  MS1.4165 
Rice, Edith  MS2.349; MS2.853; MS2.1013 
Rice, Edith H.  MS2.911 
Rice, Edy  MS2.514; MS2.1938; MS2.1990; MS2.2069; MS2.2078 
Richard  MS2.516  (Green Island, M.D.)
Richard, Adrice  MS2.1107; MS2.1132 
Richards, Allan  MS2.610 
Richards, R.  MS1.445 
Richardson, Ellen Ogden  MS1.5157 
Richardson, W.E.  MS1.458; MS1.491 
Richmond, R.  MS1.2231; MS1.2254; MS1.2260 
Richmond, Rebecca  MS1.2922; MS1.3188; MS1.3276; MS1.4313; MS1.4425; 
     MS1.4457; MS1.4737; MS1.4793; MS1.4835 
Rickert, Richard  MS1.4738; MS1.5064; MS1.5275; MS1.5568 
Rickert, Richard F.  MS1.4871 
Ricou, Laurie  MS2.2258 
Riddle, Howard  MS2.1763 
Ridge, G.R.  MS1.2836 
Ridge, George R.  MS1.2883 
Ridge, George Ross  MS1.2784; MS1.2859; MS1.3725; MS1.3741; MS1.3935; MS1.6233 
Riede, Jack  MS1.5954; MS1.7500 
Rigby, Charlesa M.  MS3.318 
Righton, Marian  MS1.7417 
Rikki  MS2.1534; MS2.1570 ; MS2.1852; MS2.1889; MS2.2134; MS2.2184 (poem)
Rile, Edy  MS2.418 
Rimey, Colleen Thibaudeau  MS1.6014 
Ringsleben, Lois  MS1.7211 
Ringsleben, Lois B.  MS1.7057; MS1.7331 
Rippy, Frances M.  MS1.8160  (Ball State University Forum)
Ristau, H.  MS1.389; MS1.630; MS1.894; MS1.1813; MS1.2314 
Ristau, Harland  MS1.2487; MS1.3442; MS1.3519 
Ristich, David  MS1.8648 
Rivera, William  MS1.5700; MS1.6208 
Roback, Frances M.  MS1.5517 
Robbins, Helen A.  MS1.7703 
Robbins, J.  MS1.1237 
Robbins, J.E.  MS1.811.A  
Robbins, Ron Cynewulf  MS1.5267; MS1.5792; MS1.5892 
Robbins, Sheila  MS2.1654 
Robert  MS2.1604  (Bay du Vin)
Robert  MS2.2032 
Robert  MS2.2073 
Robert  MS2.2347  (Fredericton, N.B.)
Robert  MS2.2371  (Fredericton, N.B.)
Robert, Guy  MS2.2378; MS2.2379 
Roberts, Anetta  MS2.377 
Roberts, D.  MS1.421; MS1.443; MS1.635; MS1.782; MS1.1135; MS1.1182; 
     MS1.1226; MS1.1365; MS1.1758; MS1.1928; MS1.1995; MS1.2317; 
     MS1.2329; MS1.2378 
Roberts, D.R.  MS1.592 
Roberts, Dorothy  MS1.45; MS1.71; MS1.75; MS1.80; MS1.248; MS1.256; 
     MS1.301; MS1.2810; MS1.2844; MS1.2897; MS1.2926; MS1.3254;
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     MS2.2193; MS2.2225; MS2.2332; MS3.318.A; MS3.318.B; MS3.318.C;
     MS3.318.D; MS3.318.E; MS3.318.F; MS3.318.G; MS3.318.H; MS3.318.I  
Roberts, Dorothy R.  MS1.38; MS1.49; MS1.57 
Roberts, E.W.  MS1.8305 
Roberts, F.W.  MS1.8745 
Roberts, Frances  MS1.31 
Roberts, Goodridge  MS1.4444 
Roberts, John A.  MS2.1108; MS2.1924 
Roberts, Marion  MS1.3874 
Roberts, P. Davies  MS1.3175; MS1.3420 
Roberts, P.R.  MS1.7961 
Roberts, Percival  MS1.7725 
Roberts, Percival R.  MS1.7531; MS1.7868; MS1.8321 
Roberts, Sheila  MS1.8915 
Roberts, T.G., Mrs.  MS1.3936 
Roberts, Theodore  MS1.3899 
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge  MS1.1 
Robertson, A.L.  MS1.4816 
Robertson, Alastair Howard  MS2.197 
Robertson, C.  MS1.1116 
Robertson, Marion  MS1.3626; MS1.3642; MS1.4552; MS1.4565; MS1.4593; 
     MS1.4633; MS1.4700 
Robertson, Olive  MS1.6899 
Robertson, Patt Foster  MS1.7792 
Robertson, Peg Brennan  MS1.7180 
Robertson, R.T.  MS1.8157  (Conference on British Commonwealth Literature)
Robertson, Sadie  MS1.4709; MS1.6295; MS3.319 
Robichaud, Louis J.  MS1.8422 
Robin  MS2.748  (Ryerson)
Robin  MS2.835  (Agincourt, Ontario)
Robin  MS2.983 
Robin  MS2.2229  (Port Credit, Ont.)
Robin  MS2.2319 
Robins, Sheila  MS2.1645; MS2.1660 
Robinson, Brian  MS1.7578; MS1.7805 
Robinson, David (Talon)  MS1.8793 
Robinson, H.B.  MS2.321 
Robinson, Olvis  MS1.8245 
Robinson, R.R.  MS2.2433 
Robson, Jeremy  MS1.9075; MS3.320 
Rochelle, D. la  MS1.4187 
Rock, Megy M.  MS1.6577 
Rockett, Bill  MS2.1693 
Rockett, W.H.  MS2.1187 
Rockett, William H.  MS1.8948; MS1.8967 
Rode, Greg  MS2.545 
Rogal, Samuel J.  MS2.1057 
Rogers, A. Robert  MS1.8739; MS2.1063; MS2.1252 
Rogers, A.R.  MS1.2029 
Rogers, B.  MS1.2365 
Rogers, Bob  MS1.2216; MS1.2397; MS1.3177; MS1.3227; MS1.4200; MS1.4314; 
     MS1.6611; MS3.321 
Rogers, Linda  MS2.1430; MS2.1698; MS2.1848; MS2.1867 
Rogers, Phillip W.  MS2.1327; MS2.2270; MS2.2285 
Rogers, R.  MS1.471; MS1.1342 
Rogers, Robert  MS1.83 
Rogers, Robt.  MS1.85; MS1.96; MS1.99 
Romano, Liboria E.  MS1.5031 
Rome, David  MS1.6293; MS2.891; MS2.909 
Romney, B.  MS1.2251 
Ron  MS1.4478 
Ron  MS2.1984  (Univ. Sherbrooke)
Rook, Gregory  MS1.6723 
Rook, Gregory M.  MS1.6521; MS1.6542 
Root, Judith C.  MS1.8097; MS3.322 
Root, Lawrence R.  MS1.5377 
Roper, Gordon  MS1.7152 
Rose, E.J.  MS1.6143 
Rose, Gerald  MS1.5089 
Rose, Mildred A.  MS2.2018; MS2.2028; MS2.2079 
Rose, Robert  MS2.2241 
Roseberg, R.  MS1.2328 
Roseberg, Rose  MS1.3456; MS1.3489; MS1.3909; MS1.4618; MS1.5177;
     MS1.6142; MS1.7339; MS1.8389; MS1.8481; MS2.71; MS2.88; MS2.123;
     MS2.134; MS2.158; MS2.170; MS2.187; MS2.250; MS2.257; MS2.264; 
     MS2.324; MS2.357; MS2.367; MS2.396; MS2.480; MS2.495; MS2.577;
     MS2.594; MS2.965; MS2.1014; MS2.1255; MS2.1275; MS2.1502; MS2.1532;
     MS2.1545; MS2.1686 
Rosen    , Joe  MS1.5942 
Rosenbaum, Jean  MS1.8053 
Rosenblack, Joe  MS1.6717 
Rosenblatt, Bernard M.  MS2.289 
Rosenblatt, Joe  MS1.6438; MS1.6469; MS1.6493; MS1.6785; MS1.6989; 
     MS1.7275; MS2.414; MS2.1303; MS3.323 
Rosenfield, David  MS1.4677; MS1.6524; MS3.324 
Rosenhouse, A.  MS1.2361 
Rosenhouse, Archie  MS1.4115; MS1.5876; MS1.6153; MS1.6353; MS1.6675;
     MS1.7244; MS1.8327 
Rosenthal, Helene  MS1.7140; MS1.7535; MS1.8022 
Rosenthal, Richard  MS1.5213 
Ross, Alexander M.  MS2.1074 
Ross, B.G.  MS1.1470; MS1.1696.B  
Ross, Colin  MS2.1457; MS2.1754 
Ross, Grace  MS1.3301  (and Mabel Kuykendall)
Ross, Grace and Mabel M. Kuykendall  MS1.4699; MS1.4742 
Ross, J.  MS1.591 
Ross, J.A.  MS1.1081; MS1.1173 
Ross, M.  MS1.417; MS1.807; MS1.851; MS1.866; MS1.1074; MS1.1101; 
     MS1.1146; MS1.1330; MS1.1823 
Ross, Malcolm  MS1.70; MS1.3616; MS2.1948; MS2.1959; MS2.1965; MS2.2233 
Rossignol, Pierre  MS2.219; MS2.318; MS2.849 
Rossiten, M.  MS1.9165 
Rostant, Lorain  MS1.8611; MS1.8741 
Rostant, Loraine  MS1.8594 
Roth, Harley Alan  MS1.3910 
Rothman, Renee A.  MS1.6836 
Rowan, Donald F.  MS2.310; MS2.315 
Rowe, Percy  MS1.6900 
Rowsell, Pauline  MS2.1139 
Roy  MS2.145 
Roy?, Claude  MS2.1033 
Roy, Claude  MS2.1018 
Roy, Claude F.  MS2.883; MS2.932; MS2.1637 
Roy, G. Ross  MS1.5499 
Roy, G.R.  MS1.4454 
Rubin, David  MS1.2459; MS1.2470; MS1.2534 
Rubin, L.  MS1.2145; MS1.2151; MS1.2180 
Rubin, Larry  MS1.2422; MS1.2448 
Rubin, Maude  MS1.2528; MS1.3433; MS1.3488; MS1.3533; MS1.5495; 
     MS1.5496; MS1.6053; MS1.7365; MS3.325 
Ruddle, James  MS1.7066 
Rudolph, A.  MS1.400 
Runacres, P.A.  MS1.6732 
Russell, Anna  MS1.7991 
Russell, Bill  MS1.8111; MS3.326 
Russell, Hilary  MS2.2082; MS2.2264; MS2.2356 
Russell, S.K.  MS1.5047 
Russell, Sheilagh  MS2.2102 
Russell, Sydney  MS3.327 
Russell, Sydney K.  MS1.3382 
Russell, Sydney King  MS1.3424; MS1.3547; MS1.3838 
Russell, W.  MS1.7051 
Rusty  MS1.1699 
Rusty  MS1.6931 
Ruthart, Mary M.  MS1.5459 
Rutland, Andrea  MS1.7445 
Rutman, Wanda  MS3.328 
Rutsala, Vern  MS1.4116; MS1.4426 
Ruttan, Jean  MS2.1548 
Ryder, Lynne  MS1.8063 
Ryerson Press  MS1.173; MS1.3345; MS1.5430 (John Webster Grant);
     MS1.261; MS1.528 
S.  MS2.2407 
S.  MS2.2410 
S., John  MS1.251 
Sabb, Janet  MS1.8587 
Saddlemyer, A.  MS1.2316 
Sadie, Jim  MS1.6141 
Saffell, H.  MS1.2357 
Saffell, Hilmur  MS1.249; MS1.2441; MS1.2485; MS1.3117; MS1.3129; MS1.3181; 
     MS1.3226; MS1.3262; MS1.3350; MS1.3509; MS1.3797; MS1.3876; MS1.4117; 
     MS1.4188; MS1.4255; MS1.4362; MS1.6005; MS1.6091; MS3.329
Sallar, William  MS1.7283; MS1.7783; MS1.8580; MS1.8615 
Sallery, Robert D.H.  MS2.309 
Salsbury, Brian  MS1.5395 
Saltzberg, J.  MS1.1838 
Saltzberg, Joan Carol  MS1.2437 
Samejima, Fumiko  MS2.706 
Sampson, Denis  MS2.667 
Sampson, I.  MS1.2352 
Samson, E. Jr.  MS1.6897 
Samwell, F.  MS2.247 
San Juan, E., Jr.  MS1.6991 
Sanby, J.  MS1.1815 
Sandberg, David  MS3.330 
Sanderson, Jack  MS2.540 
Sanderson, Jack, Mrs.  MS2.499 
Sanderson, R. Russell  MS1.9069 
Sandwell, B.K.  MS1.15 
Sange, Gary  MS1.6282 
Sankey, J.  MS1.1948; MS1.2028; MS1.2174; MS1.2265; MS1.2274 
Sankey, J.V.  MS1.699 
Sankey, John  MS1.2393; MS1.2456; MS1.2559; MS1.2849; MS1.2894; MS1.3018; 
     MS1.3104; MS1.3157; MS1.3225; MS1.3681; MS1.3689; MS1.4218; MS1.4291; 
     MS1.4784; MS1.5225; MS1.5336; MS1.5457; MS1.5643; MS1.6050; MS1.6051; 
     MS1.6059; MS1.6161; MS1.6507; MS1.6561; MS1.6755; MS1.6909; MS1.7280; 
     MS1.7315; MS1.7431; MS1.7814; MS1.7911; MS1.7925; MS1.7934; MS1.8014; 
     MS1.8360; MS1.8399; MS1.8499; MS1.8534; MS1.8893; MS1.8910; MS2.59;
     MS2.679; MS2.1294; MS2.1492; MS2.1653; MS2.2040 
Sankey, John V.  MS1.2923; MS1.5820 
Santelli, Richard  MS1.4755 
Santos, Manuel Betanzos  MS2.2375  (poems)
Sanzo, Eileen  MS1.7502 
Sargent, W.  MS1.2007; MS1.2011 
Sariban, Michael  MS1.6801; MS3.331 
Saros  MS2.2008  (U. Sask.); MS2.2070; MS2.2143 
Sass, Elizabeth  MS2.2355 
Saunders, Barbara  MS2.1567 
Saunders, Ivan  MS2.394 
Savage, Colleen  MS2.1489 
Savage, M.J.  MS1.6968 
Savary, Teo  MS1.4513; MS1.4341; MS1.4451 
Sawatzky, Adeline  MS1.3631 
Sayers, Judy  MS1.9005 
Scammacca, Nat  MS1.6613 
Scammell, Janice  MS2.952 
Scanlan, Ellen  MS1.329 
Scanlon, E.C.  MS1.339 
Scharfe, Ruth E.  MS1.5681 
Schlerdermann, Brigitte  MS2.758; MS2.806 
Schlesinger, Stephen L.  MS2.843 
Schoeberlein, Marion  MS1.1577; MS1.1691; MS1.1641; MS3.332 
Schramm, Richard  MS1.5612 
Schroeder, A.  MS2.205; MS2.2386 
Schwebell, Gertrude Clorius  MS1.7183; MS1.7408; MS1.7552; MS1.7899 
Scimitar and Song, Editor  MS1.1236 
Scott, Anne  MS3.333 
Scott, Bob  MS2.297 
Scott, D.  MS1.1651; MS1.2060 
Scott, Don R.  MS2.2339 
Scott, F.  MS1.2263 
Scott, F.R.  MS1.95; MS1.226; MS1.409; MS1.430; MS1.457; MS1.466; 
     MS1.769; MS1.826 
Scott, Frank R.  MS1.5889; MS1.5921 
Scott, J.  MS1.1274; MS1.1410; MS1.1748 
Scott, J.C.M.  MS1.5022 
Scott, Louise  MS1.4342; MS1.6503; MS1.6563; MS1.7642 
Scott, [Louise]  MS1.6494 
Scott, Peter  MS1.6156 
Scott, Peter Dale  MS1.5131; MS1.7327; MS3.334 
Scott, T.  MS1.2297 
Scott, Wendy  MS2.103; MS2.137; MS2.147; MS2.162; MS2.173; MS2.175; 
     MS2.234; MS2.359; MS2.503; MS2.809; MS2.880; MS2.1078; MS2.1197;  
     MS2.1869; MS2.2218 
Sebastian, Fannie  MS1.3111 
Secrist, Margaret  MS1.3309; MS1.3761; MS1.5150; MS1.5431; MS1.7918;
     MS1.8128; MS3.335; MS3.336 
Sedgewick, D.G.  MS1.7825 
Seel, E.  MS1.459; MS1.492; MS1.509; MS1.1814; MS1.1840 
Seel, E.L.  MS1.500; MS1.739; MS1.1049; MS1.1054; MS1.1070; MS1.1089 
Seel, Else  MS1.3365; MS1.5918; MS2.1209 
Seel, Else L.  MS1.273 
Seel, L.  MS1.1793 
Seheult, Louis R.  MS3.337 
Sehmrau, Elke  MS2.1146 
Sellars, Bessie Davis  MS1.4023 
Sellers, Albert, Mrs.  MS1.3937 
Sellin, Eric  MS1.4225; MS1.5124; MS1.6037; MS1.6235; MS1.6397; 
     MS1.6930; MS1.7191; MS1.8463; MS2.2171; MS3.338 
Semevan, S.  MS1.1760 
Semsel, George S.  MS1.9006; MS2.184 
Senior, Nancy  MS2.2392; MS2.2399 
Senior, Nancy Thompson  MS2.1833 
Sergeant, Howard  MS1.5397; MS1.5444; MS1.5709; MS1.6823; MS1.6837;
     MS1.7665; MS1.7797; MS1.7818; MS1.7915; MS1.7932 
Serzan, H.L.  MS1.7902; MS1.7912; MS1.7913; MS1.7931; MS1.7933; 
     MS1.7947; MS1.7948; MS1.7962; MS1.7976; MS1.7977; MS1.7986;
     MS1.7993; MS1.7994; MS1.8009; MS1.8010; MS1.8043; MS1.8051; 
Sewanee Review, Editor  MS1.1471 
Sexer, Sylvia  MS1.7301 
Sexton, Anne  MS1.2542 
Seymor  MS1.1946  (Pratt?, Kane?)
Shand, R.B.  MS1.512 
Shanon  MS2.1843  (Vancouver)
Shapiro, Alvin H.  MS1.6364; MS1.6442; MS1.6482; MS1.7440; MS1.7568 
Shapiro, Barton  MS1.3506 
Sharfe, Ruth E.  MS1.5644; MS1.6061 
Sharp, N.F.  MS1.8176  (The British Museum)
Sharpe, Marilyn  MS3.339 
Shavzin, Alan  MS1.4654; MS1.4659; MS1.4719; MS1.4785; MS1.5223; 
Shaw, Barbara  MS1.8079 
Shaw, C.  MS1.845; MS1.882; MS1.1090; MS1.1130; MS1.1227; MS1.1456; 
     MS1.1563; MS1.1732; MS1.1857; MS1.1975; MS1.2071; MS1.2270 
Shaw, Charles  MS1.2941; MS1.3790; MS1.4634; MS1.4756; MS1.4806; 
Shaw, Charlie  MS1.4566 
Shaw, Helen  MS1.7930; MS1.8980; MS3.340 
Shaw, M.  MS1.1655; MS1.1664 
Shaw, M.P.  MS1.1675; MS1.1683 
Shaw, P.  MS1.1700 
Shaw, Patricia  MS1.5668 
Shawcross, R.  MS1.467 
Shawcross, Reg  MS3.341 
Shawcross, Reginald  MS1.250; MS1.5352 
Shayah, D.  MS1.1850 
Shearer, E.  MS1.1441; MS1.1832; MS1.1880; MS1.1937; MS1.1941; MS1.1966; 
     MS1.1972; MS1.1989; MS1.2102; MS1.2199 
Shearer, Ellen  MS2.1559  (ELS - Indian River, Ont.); MS2.1581 
Shearer, Ellen L.  MS1.2413; MS1.2429; MS1.3032; MS1.3199; MS1.4304; 
     MS1.4427; MS1.4819; MS1.5051; MS1.5446; MS1.5579; MS1.5724; 
     MS1.5746; MS1.5751; MS1.5827; MS1.6854; MS1.7002; MS1.8390; 
Shearer, Ellen L., Mrs.  MS1.3158 
Sheila  MS2.509 
Shelton, Richard  MS1.7958 
Shemilt, L.W.  MS1.8798 
Shen, Jane  MS1.8676 
Shepard, Daniel L.  MS1.5738 
Sherman, Corinne  MS1.5147 
Sherman, Corinne A.  MS1.4343; MS1.5370 
Sherman, Joe  MS2.871 
Sherman, Stephen  MS3.342 
Sherry, R.F.  MS1.1647 
Sherry, Ruth Forbes  MS1.3603; MS1.3639; MS1.3664; MS1.3825; MS3.343 
Sherwin, Judith Johnson  MS1.9062; MS1.9089 
Sherwood, Fred, Mrs.  MS1.7157 
Sherwood, M.A.  MS1.5206; MS1.5398 
Shibles, Warren A.  MS3.344 
Shields, Dorothy  MS1.8457; MS1.8458 
Shiffert, Edith  MS1.3842; MS1.4716; MS1.4791; MS1.6451 
Shiffert, Edith M.  MS1.3920; MS1.4008; MS1.4038 
Shipley, John B.  MS1.6838 
Shouldice, Larry  MS2.2394 
Shufler, Mr.  MS1.4678 
Shufler, R.  MS1.4020; MS1.4174 
Shufler, Renald  MS1.3930; MS1.4050 
Shurig, Russel  MS1.8400; MS3.345 
Shuttle, Penelope  MS1.6830 
Siebrasse, Glen  MS1.2787; MS1.8119; MS1.8220; MS1.8492; MS1.8524; 
     MS2.188; MS2.239; MS2.255; MS2.331; MS2.421; MS2.438; MS2.518; 
Siegel, Eli  MS1.5110 
Signer, Myer  MS3.346 
Sillis, Frank C.  MS2.334 
Sills, Lenore  MS1.3406 
Silver, Jack  MS1.8777 
Simon Fraser University  MS1.9011 
Simonton, Mary  MS2.2255 
Simpson, Leo  MS1.7742 
Simpson, Matthew  MS1.9108 
Sinclair, B.  MS1.623 
Sinclair, David  MS2.1854 
Sinclair, Iain  MS3.347 
Singer, F.  MS1.2076 
Singer, Felix  MS1.2457; MS1.2481; MS1.3493; MS1.3742; MS1.3836; 
     MS1.3843; MS1.4315; MS1.4390; MS1.4394; MS3.348 
Singer, J.  MS1.2224; MS1.2228 
Singer, Jack  MS2.1402 
Singer, James  MS1.3476; MS1.4081; MS1.4702; MS1.5189; MS1.5773 
Singer, Jim  MS1.4171; MS1.5194; MS1.5715; MS1.7162 
Singer, S.  MS1.2309 
Singer, Sarah  MS1.3407; MS1.3504; MS1.3513; MS1.3530; MS1.3868; MS1.4226 
Singh, P.N.  MS2.437 
Singleton, Martin  MS2.2335; MS2.2362 
Skinner, Leslie  MS1.8196 
Skitch, Gord  MS2.1038 
Skitch, Gordon R.  MS2.753 
Skolnick, Irene  MS2.837; MS2.931 
Skretkowicz, Victor  MS2.144; MS2.149; MS2.152; MS2.195 
Slabetsky, David  MS3.349 
Sloan, J.  MS1.2244 
Sloan, Jocelyn  MS1.4529 
Sloan, Jocelyn M.  MS1.5623 
Sloan, Jocelyn Macy  MS1.2968; MS1.3867; MS1.3894; MS1.3980; MS1.4032; 
     MS1.4428; MS1.4514; MS1.6382; MS3.350 
Smail, Annette K.  MS1.5962; MS1.6011 
Smith  MS1.227 
Smith  MS1.8976  (The Smith)
Smith, A.J.M.  MS2.64; MS2.111; MS2.650 
Smith, Arthur  MS1.6739 
Smith, Arthur J.M.  MS3.351 
Smith, Denis  MS1.6691 
Smith, Dorothy Cameron  MS1.8423 
Smith, Franklin H.  MS1.6012 
Smith, H.  MS1.1612; MS1.1665 
Smith, Harry  MS3.352 
Smith, K.  MS1.1289; MS1.1310 
Smith, Kay  MS1.34; MS1.40; MS1.47; MS1.2556; MS1.2575; MS1.2805; 
     MS1.3222; MS1.3279; MS1.3299; MS1.4770; MS1.5622; MS1.5734; 
     MS1.5897; MS1.5922; MS1.6098; MS1.6108; MS1.6281; MS1.7353;
     MS1.8093; MS1.8296; MS1.8377; MS1.8464; MS1.8558; MS1.8827;
     MS2.118; MS2.1456; MS3.353 
Smith, Marc E.  MS1.5256 
Smith, Marjorie B.  MS1.5862  (on behalf of Rebecca Richmond)
Smith, Marjorie Bertram  MS1.5928 
Smith, R.A.C.  MS1.8214 
Smith, R.D.H.  MS1.1132; MS1.1624; MS1.1635; MS1.1638; MS1.1643 
Smith, R.W.H.  MS1.8132 (The Adelphi Book Shop); MS1.8162
Smith, Rena McCutcheon  MS1.186 
Smith, Rick  MS1.8766 
Smith, Robert  MS2.948 
Smith, Robert Bigger  MS1.6283; MS1.6321; MS1.6346 
Smith, S.  MS1.354 
Smith, Steve  MS1.5797 
Smith, Vera A.  MS1.8465 
Smith, Vera M.  MS1.8867 
Smythe, J.D., Mrs.  MS1.5731 
Snodgrass, Sheila  MS2.1828 
Snowdon, Elizabeth  MS1.8210; MS1.8235 
Solomon, Marjorie  MS3.354 
Solomont, Susan  MS1.5716; MS1.5754; MS1.5844; MS1.6243; MS3.355 
Solovay, Jacob  MS1.4298; MS1.5019; MS1.6815 
Solovay, Jacob C.  MS1.4429; MS1.4525; MS1.4603; MS1.4619; MS1.5085; 
     MS1.5386; MS1.5437; MS1.6798; MS1.7847; MS1.8023 
Solway, David  MS2.100; MS2.311; MS2.332; MS2.351; MS2.444; MS2.448; 
     MS2.460; MS2.506; MS2.522; MS2.523; MS2.676; MS2.708 (poems);
     MS2.720; MS2.747; MS2.819; MS2.848; MS2.893; MS2.946; MS2.1026; 
     MS2.1028 (poem); MS2.1141; MS2.1245; MS2.1316; MS2.1362; MS2.1393; 
     MS2.1468; MS2.1528; MS2.1541; MS2.1594; MS2.1640; MS2.1656; 
     MS2.1822; MS2.1838; MS2.1845; MS2.1962; MS2.1978; MS2.2019; 
     MS2.2049; MS2.2142; MS2.2162; MS2.2187; MS2.2289; MS2.2303 
Sorestad, Glen A.  MS2.1933 
Sorfleet, Bob  MS2.2041  (interview with Th. Raddall)
Sorzano, Margo  MS1.5178 
Soudin, Jean  MS1.5990 
Souster, R.  MS1.353; MS1.372; MS1.1787 
Souster, Ray  MS1.6070; MS1.6516; MS1.8112; MS2.189; MS2.1175; MS2.1214;
     MS2.1603; MS3.356; MS3.357 
Souster, Raymond  MS1.3122; MS2.1695 
Sowton, Ian  MS1.3246; MS1.3267 
Sparshoy, Francis  MS1.7026 
Spears, Dorothy  MS1.3421 
Spears, H.  MS1.1502 
Spears, Heather  MS1.8060; MS2.1646 
Spears, Heather (Goldenberg)  MS1.7200 
Spears, Robert B.  MS1.5863; MS1.7158 
Spencer, Jean  MS1.3665 
Sperl, Allan  MS2.507; MS2.512; MS2.608; MS2.717 
Spettigue, Douglas O.  MS1.9048 
Spiegel, Joy  MS1.6850 
Spiers, Nancy K.  MS1.8106; MS1.8149; MS1.8184; MS1.8217; MS1.8698; MS1.8707;
Spingarn, Lawrence P.  MS1.2332; MS1.2881; MS1.4051; MS1.7450; MS1.9166;
Spirak, Michael  MS3.360 
St. Cyr, Napoleon  MS1.7943; MS3.364 
St. Timothy, Sister M.  MS1.8234 
Stacey, R.  MS1.2090; MS1.2100; MS1.2129; MS1.2185 
Stafford, William  MS1.3536; MS1.3585; MS1.6013 
Stallknecht, Vern C.  MS3.361 
Stalzer, David  MS3.362 
Stan  MS2.138 
Standish, Jean S.  MS1.4679 
Stanford University Press  MS1.2462  Business
Stang, Alfred J.  MS2.1560 
Stanley, Jean  MS1.3182; MS1.3358; MS1.4093 
Stanley, Larry W.  MS1.8772 
Stanton, Robert  MS1.8011; MS1.8209; MS1.8546; MS1.9167; MS3.363 
Stapleton, Martin  MS2.2212 
Starnes, Patrick  MS1.8091; MS1.8166; MS1.8233; MS1.8339; MS1.9098 
Stavely, Margaret  MS1.8590; MS1.8612; MS1.8633 
Steele, Sheila N.  MS1.7114 
Steeves, C.M.  MS1.418 
Steeves, Dean A.  MS3.365 
Stefanile, Felix  MS1.3217; MS3.366 
Steinlicht, Sanford  MS1.5268 
Steinman, D.B.  MS1.2406; MS1.2461; MS1.2877; MS1.2900; MS1.2938; 
     MS1.2964; MS1.3333; MS1.3408; MS1.3418; MS1.3520; MS1.3716;
     MS1.3931; MS1.5067 
Steinman, Mr.  MS1.4481 
Stephens, D.G.  MS1.6079  (Canadian Literature;)MS1.6849 
Stephens, Don  MS2.2287; MS2.2351 (University of British Columbia)
Stephens, Donald   MS1.6056  (Canadian Literature)
Sterk, A.M.  MS1.3374 
Stern, George  MS1.3280 
Stern, Gerald  MS2.1520; MS2.1593; MS2.1629; MS2.1644; MS2.1904; 
     MS2.1946; MS2.2265; MS2.2428 
Sternlicht, Sanford  MS1.5241; MS1.5254; MS1.5378; MS1.5675; MS1.5749; 
     MS1.5757; MS1.6455; MS1.7005; MS1.7672 
Sterzan, H.L.  MS1.8068 
Stevens, A.W.  MS1.1680; MS1.1722 
Stevens, Carolyn  MS1.6901 
Stevens, E.V.  MS1.446 
Stevens, Peter  MS1.7341; MS1.7546; MS1.7607; MS1.7758; MS1.7914; 
     MS1.8472; MS1.8699; MS1.8797; MS1.8986; MS2.1242; MS2.1515; 
     MS2.2075; MS3.367 
Stevens, W.  MS1.1770; MS1.1777 
Stevenson, C.  MS1.2188; MS1.2230; MS1.2256 
Stevenson, Candace  MS1.2813; MS1.3887; MS1.5987 
Stevenson, Candace F.  MS1.6022; MS3.368 
Stevenson, D.W.  MS1.4273; MS1.4387 
Stevenson, Lionel  MS1.6735 
Stewart, Dolores  MS1.5006 
Stewart, Hugh  MS2.565 
Stewart, James  MS2.1812; MS2.1837 
Stewart, James Alexander  MS2.1872 
Stewart, Margaret McIntyre  MS1.9000; MS1.9032 
Stewart, Pauline  MS1.4430; MS1.4567; MS1.4757 
Stewart, Robert  MS1.7777; MS1.8107; MS1.8581 
Stewart, Terrill  MS1.5831 
Stewart, Terrill E.  MS2.1901; MS2.1972 
Stewart, W.C.  MS2.1454 
Stickter, Jim  MS2.2340 
Stiehl, W.M.  MS1.6015 
Stiehl, W.M., Mrs.  MS1.6273; MS1.6290 
Stiling, D.R.  MS1.1531 
Stiling, F.  MS1.163; MS1.174; MS1.202; MS1.460; MS1.468; MS1.631; 
     MS1.641; MS1.1529 
Stine, Eric  MS2.1268; MS2.1307 
Stockdale, J.  MS1.1499; MS1.1734; MS1.1898 
Stockdale, J.C.  MS1.1818 
Stockdale, John  MS2.469; MS2.575; MS2.614; MS2.645; MS2.701; MS2.780; 
     MS2.1016; MS2.1075 
Stockdale, John C.  MS2.79; MS2.253; MS2.1911; MS2.1957 
Stoddard, Hope  MS1.3310; MS1.3477; MS1.3510; MS1.3514; MS1.3524; 
     MS1.3548; MS1.4264; MS1.4664; MS1.4684; MS1.7485; MS1.7632; 
Stone,  MS1.4551 
Stone, Celia  MS1.8693; MS1.9024 (Mrs. Walter Gilbert)
Stone, W.  MS1.1931 
Stone, William V.  MS1.4285; MS1.4680 
Stoop, Norma McLain  MS1.6394; MS1.8045 
Storey, E.  MS1.1102; MS1.1161 
Stornie, Kenneth  MS1.9072 
Stouck, David  MS2.550; MS2.1216; MS2.1773; MS2.2398; MS2.1191 (essay)
Strachan, Robin H.  MS2.180 
Straka, S.  MS1.8820 (Centennial Commission); MS1.8855; MS2.43 
Stray, Norman  MS2.875 
Stretkowicz, Victor  MS2.723 
Strew, Jim  MS2.1891 
Strike, M.  MS1.1119; MS1.1158 
Strong, George  MS1.3311; MS1.3495 
Strong, M.  MS1.5222 
Strongin, Lynn  MS1.8356; MS1.8602 
Strutz, Henry  MS1.8150 
Stryk, Lucien  MS1.5795; MS1.5796; MS1.5813; MS3.369 
Stuart  MS2.1077  (Kingston)
Stuart, Robert  MS1.4458 
Stuart, Walter  MS1.4482 
Stubbs, Roy  MS2.2173 
Stubbs, Will  MS1.7558; MS1.7612 
Studing, Richard  MS2.1010 
Sturges, E.  MS1.1684 
Such, Peter  MS1.7921; MS1.8599; MS2.1400 
Sullivan, D.H.  MS2.1749 
Sullivan, John F.  MS2.910 
Sullivan, Julia M.  MS1.6998 
Sullivan, Nancy  MS1.5466; MS1.5590 
Sullivan, W.  MS1.722 
Sutherland, A.  MS1.2107 
Sutherland, Fraser  MS1.8737; MS2.1127; MS2.1411 
Sutherland, J.  MS1.1115; MS1.1150; MS1.1414; MS1.1481; MS1.2098
     (Northern Review)
Sutherland, John  MS1.175 
Sutherland, Ronald  MS2.446 
Swackhammer, R.D.  MS1.9080 
Swaim, Alice M.  MS1.4344 
Swallow, A.  MS1.764 
Swan, P.  MS1.548; MS1.577 
Swann, Thomas Burnett  MS1.2800; MS1.2850; MS1.3029; MS1.3105; MS1.3263; 
     MS1.3726; MS1.3932; MS1.4227; MS1.4694; MS1.4696 
Sward, Bob  MS1.4531 
Sward, R.  MS1.2088; MS1.2335 
Sward, Robert  MS1.2904; MS1.3060; MS1.3245; MS1.3660; MS1.3743; 
     MS1.4376; MS1.4431; MS1.4594; MS1.5101; MS1.5107; MS1.5354; 
Sward, Robert S.  MS1.3652; MS1.5190 
Swayze, F.  MS1.1358; MS1.1398; MS1.2061 
Swayze, Fred  MS1.171; MS1.3088; MS1.3690; MS1.4355; MS1.4369; MS1.4399; 
     MS1.4432; MS1.5030; MS1.5456; MS1.5977; MS1.9168; MS3.370 
Swayze, J.F.  MS1.1186; MS1.1315 
Sweeney, J.L.  MS1.648; MS1.656 
Sweet, Jean  MS1.6206 
Sweet, Jean M.  MS2.2044 
Swendlow, Robert  MS1.8222 
Swift, Joan Angevine  MS1.3902; MS1.4021; MS1.4052 
Switzer, Kennee  MS2.504 
Swlagen, Antonia J.  MS1.8207 
T     , Eric  MS1.6784 
T.H.S.  MS1.8137 
T.?H.?  MS2.600 
Taft, Tom  MS1.7828 
Tagliabue, J.  MS1.1056; MS1.1337; MS1.1361; MS1.1391; MS1.1475; 
     MS1.1512; MS1.1603; MS1.1775; MS1.1833; MS1.1874; MS1.1885; 
     MS1.1912; MS1.1938; MS1.2051; MS1.2097; MS1.2103 
Tagliabue, John  MS1.2490; MS1.3145; MS1.3534; MS1.6291; MS1.6514;
     MS1.7829; MS1.7879; MS1.8089; MS3.371 
Tait, Ruth Strong  MS1.8563 
Talbot, Norman  MS1.6072; MS1.6270; MS1.6371; MS1.6845; MS1.7070 
Talman, J.  MS1.2111; MS1.2134 
Talonbooks  MS2.2038 
Tamarack Review  MS1.1903 
Tassie, J.S.  MS1.3700 
Tatarnic, Joseph  MS1.5020 
Tate, Jane  MS1.2402 
Tate, Jane Beverlin  MS1.3378; MS1.3647 
Tausky, Thomas E.  MS2.1745 
Tavroges, M.  MS1.2101; MS1.2337 
Tavroges, Marie  MS1.2547; MS1.2873; MS1.2906; MS1.3076; MS1.3875; 
     MS1.3911; MS1.4166; MS1.4228; MS1.5065 
Tavroges, Mary  MS1.3933 
Taxmo, Dell  MS2.1770 
Tayler, K.  MS1.5630 
Taylor, A.  MS1.1362; MS1.1385; MS1.1505; MS1.2012 
Taylor, Alex  MS1.7177 
Taylor, Alexander  MS1.2443; MS1.6218; MS1.6681; MS1.7472 
Taylor, K.  MS1.1013 
Taylor, K.P.A.  MS1.1067; MS1.2777; MS1.8807 
Taylor, W.E.  MS1.5711 
Taylor, William E.  MS1.3067; MS1.3100 
Ted  MS2.1089 
Ted?  MS2.1568  (Temple, Maine)
Teitelbaum, John  MS1.6406; MS1.6421; MS1.6430; MS1.7846 
Telfer, Beatrice  MS1.5234 
Telfer, Thomas  MS1.4256; MS1.4433; MS3.372 
Temes, Vivian Newman  MS1.2568; MS1.4189 
Tempasl, Blanche  MS1.8175 
Templin, E.H.  MS1.4635; MS1.4758; MS1.4817; MS1.4866; MS1.5191; 
Tennant, R.D.  MS2.2267 
Terrio, Phyllis  MS1.6312; MS1.6384; MS1.6946 
Theis, Helen  MS1.6087; MS1.6427 
Thistle (Tom Malcolm)  MS1.5803 
Thomas, Brian H.  MS1.5192; MS3.373 
Thomas, D.M.  MS1.7643; MS1.7748; MS1.8035; MS1.8909 
Thomas, P.  MS1.2232 
Thomas, P.H.  MS1.1516; MS1.1557; MS1.1668; MS1.3727 
Thomas, Pat  MS1.5974 
Thomas, Patrick  MS1.3755; MS1.5886 
Thomas, Richard  MS1.3282 
Thomas, S.  MS1.2355 
Thomas, Stephen  MS1.2479 
Thompson, Dorothy M.  MS1.4434 
Thompson, Eric  MS1.6560; MS1.7656; MS1.7715; MS1.7726; MS1.7766; MS1.7876;
     MS1.7950; MS1.7952; MS1.7988; MS1.8020; MS1.8030; MS1.8044; MS1.8080;
     MS2.221; MS2.339; MS2.371; MS2.1759; MS2.1929; MS2.1931; MS2.2000;
     MS2.2226; MS2.2307; MS2.2322; MS3.374 
Thompson, Frances  MS1.6417 
Thompson, Frances, Mrs.  MS1.6573 
Thompson, G.  MS1.1681 
Thompson, John  MS2.895 
Thompson, John B.  MS2.938 
Thompson, Kent  MS2.604; MS2.615; MS2.625 
Thompson, M.L., Mrs.  MS1.3462 
Thompson, Nancy  MS2.1054; MS2.1425; MS2.1784 
Thompson, O.P.  MS1.5236 
Thompson, Stephen L.  MS2.1913 
Thompson, Tracy  MS1.5155; MS1.5162; MS1.5179; MS1.5929; MS1.7109; 
Thoms, Kathleen  MS1.9010 
Thomsen, V.  MS1.1369; MS1.1494; MS1.1851; MS1.1932 
Thomsen, V.J.  MS1.1622; MS1.1745 
Thomson  MS1.1431 
Thomson, D.  MS1.2353 
Thomson, D.W.  MS1.3013; MS1.5301 
Thomson, Don W.  MS1.2835; MS1.3470; MS1.3661; MS1.4820 
Thomson, Donald C.  MS3.375 
Thompson, Eric  MS2.947; MS2.1000; MS2.1021; MS2.1159; MS2.1368; 
Thomson, G.  MS1.1688 
Thomson, Mrs.  MS1.4596 
Thomson, O.  MS1.1401; MS1.1421 
Thomson, Phillip  MS1.6952 
Thomson, Prof.  MS1.1719 
Thomson, Theresa E.  MS1.4118; MS1.4528; MS1.5599 
Thomson, Virginia Jacques  MS3.376 
Thomson, W.  MS1.2269 
Thorne, Evelyn  MS3.377 
Thorne, Lois  MS2.2325 
Thorne S.  MS2.1525 
Thornton, Enid  MS1.296; MS1.313 
Thornton, F.B.  MS1.4201 
Thornton, G.B.  MS1.1201; MS1.1220 
Thorpe, Carole  MS2.2165; MS2.2328 
Thorpe, Peter  MS1.6223; MS1.6271; MS1.6278; MS3.378 
Tierney, Frank  MS2.700 
Tierney, Gene  MS1.4151 
Tierney, Jean  MS1.3571; MS1.3602; MS1.3877; MS1.3912; MS1.4286 
Tiltins, Ilsa  MS1.7553 
Timothy, H.B.  MS1.6463 
Timothy, Hamilton  MS2.2272  (Univ. of Sask.)
Timothy, Hamilton B.  MS1.5575; MS1.5656; MS1.5670; MS1.7386; MS1.7461; 
     MS1.7599; MS1.7689; MS1.7712; MS1.8275; MS2.2148; MS2.2240 
Tinkham, Charles B.  MS1.5454 
Tisdall, Douglas  MS1.4854; MS1.5093; MS1.6054 
Todd, Evlyn  MS1.5581 
Todd, Jerry Ellen  MS3.379 
Todd, Terry  MS1.6947 
Todd, Terry Ellen  MS1.6679; MS1.6700 
Tolle, Hans Werner  MS1.8416; MS1.8511; MS1.8781 
Tolnay, Thomas  MS1.7080; MS1.7120; MS1.7269; MS1.7311; MS1.7368; 
     MS1.7400; MS1.8433; MS1.8626; MS1.8703; MS1.8816; MS1.8951; 
     MS1.9099; MS3.380 
Tom  MS1.8680 
Tom  MS1.8803 
Tom  MS2.1777  (Queen's University)
Tong, R.  MS1.1969; MS1.2040 
Topp, Sylvia  MS1.4595 
Toppings, Earle  MS1.6207 
Torfason, Betty Ann  MS2.712 
Torrie, de Lancey  MS1.2070; MS1.2142; MS1.2146; MS1.3966; MS1.4034; 
     MS3.381; MS3.381.A  
Toth, Donna L.  MS2.2304 
Tracey, Jack  MS2.1947 
Tracy  MS1.8814 
Tracy  MS1.8835 
Tracy, Clarence  MS2.1065; MS2.1103 
Tracy, Neil  MS1.8862; MS1.8896; MS1.8904; MS1.9027; MS1.9049; 
     MS1.9115; MS1.9119; MS2.398; MS2.557; MS2.1419; MS2.1441 
Traff, Vera  MS1.7268 
Tratt, Grace  MS2.641 
Treat, Marilyn Elaine  MS2.2136 
Tree, Lysa  MS1.5705; MS1.7451 
Trehas, J.  MS1.2240 
Trehas, J.G.  MS1.346; MS1.559; MS1.708; MS1.801; MS1.859; MS1.1698 
Trehas, John G.  MS1.107; MS1.117; MS1.124; MS1.312; MS1.3071; MS1.4374 
Trehas, L.  MS1.2349; MS1.2370; MS1.5609 
Trehas, L.D.  MS1.4452 
Trehas, Louetta Dosman  MS1.3604 
Trehas, Mrs.  MS1.4515 
Treliv  MS1.8616 
Tremblay, Reg  MS1.5451; MS1.5627 
Tremblay, Reg A.  MS1.5571 
Tremblay-Gee, Niwon  MS2.2387 
Trent, L.  MS1.431; MS1.679 
Tribble, Ermina E.  MS1.8427; MS1.8617 
Tribune Publishers Limited  MS1.5925 
Triefenbach, L.  MS1.1235; MS1.1259; MS1.1265; MS1.1956 
Triefenbach, L.W.  MS1.1139; MS1.1159; MS1.1323 
Trip, F.  MS2.989 
Trout-Skretkowicz, Florence  MS2.85 
Trowell, I.D.  MS1.7123; MS1.7159 
Trowell, Ian  MS1.6686; MS1.7527 
Trudell, Dennis  MS1.8407; MS1.8440; MS2.1152; MS2.1163; MS2.1232; 
Trueman, A.W.  MS1.5703  (Canada Council); MS1.6213; MS1.6756;  
     MS1.7382 ; MS1.7618  
Trueman, A.W., President  MS1.44 
Truss, George A.  MS2.294 
Tuck, Ron  MS1.6104 
Tucker, Harvey  MS1.8082 
Tudor, Nancy  MS2.2011 
Tull, John F.  MS2.705 
Tullos, W.  MS1.415 
Tullos, Will  MS3.382 
Tundra Press  MS1.7733 
Tunis, A.  MS1.1026; MS1.1243; MS1.1269; MS1.1949 
Tupper, D.J.  MS1.3733; MS1.4346 
Tupper, K. Munro  MS1.5297 
Tupper, K. Munro, Mrs.  MS1.3641 
Turco, Lewis  MS1.3826; MS1.3934; MS1.3952; MS1.4009; MS1.4025; MS1.5500; 
     MS1.5536; MS1.5544; MS1.5552; MS1.5580; MS1.8335; MS2.850 
Turley, Jo  MS2.1341; MS2.1448; MS2.1480; MS2.1591; MS2.1665; 
     MS2.1701; MS2.2017; MS2.2120; MS2.2141; MS2.2157; MS2.2180; 
     MS2.2292 (poem); MS2.2321; MS2.2353 
Turnbull, G.  MS1.1214; MS1.1248; MS1.1266; MS1.1298; MS1.1326; 
     MS1.1351; MS1.1392; MS1.1404; MS1.1411; MS1.1422; MS1.1442 
Turnbull, Gael  MS3.383 
Turner, A.  MS1.2222 
Turner, Edwin  MS1.2514; MS1.2524 
Turner, Edwin N.  MS1.3277; MS1.3298; MS1.3827; MS1.4759; MS1.4807 
Turner, Edwin Norman  MS1.2551 
Turner, Price  MS1.4435 
Turner, Susan M.  MS2.1827 
Turner, W.P.  MS1.1131 
Twardowski, Astrid  MS1.4436 
Tweedie, R.  MS1.2275 
Tweedie, R.A.  MS1.3149 
Twieg, Betty Jean  MS1.2424; MS1.3561; MS1.4541; MS1.4636 
Tyler, Robert  MS1.4152 
Tyler, Robert L.  MS1.3888; MS1.4786; MS1.5082 
U.S. Book Export Consortium  MS2.2091 
Ulman, Louie  MS2.2060 
Ulrich, Roger  MS3.384 
Ungar, Florence  MS1.2825; MS1.2862; MS1.2916; MS1.3082; MS1.3901; MS1.3993; 
     MS1.8313; MS1.5809 
Ungaro, Vida C.  MS1.5824; MS1.5845; MS1.6546; MS1.6581; MS1.7489 
University of Toronto Press  MS1.2522 
unsigned  MS1.536 
unsigned  MS1.888  (praises Fiddlehead)
unsigned  MS1.909 
unsigned  MS2.1438 
unsigned from Easton, Pennsylvania  MS2.1579 
Urabe, Shigeo  MS1.8075 
Urquhart, Jim  MS1.6116 
Usher, Sarah  MS1.6222; MS1.6855 
Valgardson, W.D.  MS1.8165 
Valk, E.M.  MS1.5774 
Valvende?, J.M.  MS2.1516  (Trent University)
Van Brunt, H.F.  MS1.9169 
Van Dal, Arthur  MS1.5509 
Van Doarselaire, Bernice  MS1.8169  (Queens Sunbury Regional Conference)
van Lesley  MS1.4330 
Van Sickle, Milton  MS1.8172 
Van Toorn, P.  MS1.8240; MS1.8270; MS3.385 
Van Toorn, Peter  MS2.1167 
Vanasse, Alfred R.  MS1.8168  (Centennial Commission)
Vanasse, Alfred R.  MS1.8180  (Centennial Commission)
VanDerVoort, Richard L.  MS1.7354 
Vantage Press, Inc.  MS1.514 
Vaughan, R.  MS1.1632; MS1.1693; MS1.1720; MS1.1829; MS1.2283; MS1.2306 
Vaughan, Robert  MS1.5042 
Ventadour, Fanny  MS1.2796; MS1.3435; MS1.4740; MS1.4808; MS1.6298; 
Vernon, Lorraine  MS2.1150 
Verstraete, Chris  MS2.1968 
Vetter, M.  MS2.1391 
Vibert, Susan  MS2.1877 
Vichert, G.S.  MS1.8700  (ACUTE)
Vicuri, Eleanor Patricia  MS1.5032 
Vida, Mary  MS2.1326; MS2.1387 
Vida, Mary Taylor  MS2.1178; MS2.1188 
Villiers Publications  MS2.1862 
Vinal, Harold  MS1.3776 
Vincent, Thomas  MS1.6457 
Vintage Press  MS1.529 
Vinton, S.  MS1.2243 
Vinton, Susan  MS1.2956; MS1.3833; MS1.3890 
Vinton, Susan H.  MS1.3312 
Vira, Soma  MS1.8038; MS1.8065; MS1.8134; MS1.8187; MS1.9170 
Virgilio, Nicholas  MS1.7788 
Virgilio, Nicholas A.  MS1.7223 
Vogan, K.  MS1.2110 
Vogt, Roland  MS2.2199 
Voight, Milton  MS1.6515 
Voigt, R.  MS1.2049 
Von Richthofen, Bolko Frhr.  MS1.327; MS1.754; MS1.1525; MS1.1528 
W.P. (William Prouty), W.M.B. (Winifred Bogaard), M.E.S.  MS2.1442 
Wace, Stephen  MS1.7264 
Waddington, M.  MS1.355; MS1.715; MS1.721; MS1.1611; MS1.1656; 
     MS1.1873; MS1.1918; MS1.1919; MS1.1942 
Waddington, Miriam  MS1.258; MS1.308; MS1.316; MS1.2206; MS1.3878; 
     MS1.8378; MS1.8391; MS2.569; MS2.619; MS2.633; MS2.2403 
Waddington, P.  MS1.868; MS1.895; MS1.1198; MS1.1211 
Wade, J.S.  MS3.387 
Wade, John Stevens  MS1.4059; MS1.4516; MS1.8049 
Wade, Margaret  MS1.8495 
Wade, Mr.  MS1.4437 
Wagener, Linda  MS1.7399 
Wagner, E.  MS1.1202 
Wagner, Linda  MS1.7246; MS1.7286; MS1.7423 
Wagner, Linda W.  MS1.6886; MS1.8108; MS1.8824 
Wagner, Linda Welshimer  MS1.6842; MS1.7387 
Waidlik, R.  MS1.5420 
Walbank, Michael B.  MS1.5562; MS1.5636; MS1.5842; MS1.6809; MS1.6810;
     MS1.7003; MS1.7520; MS1.9102 
Waldmann, Ruth  MS1.2795 
Wales, A.L.  MS1.790; MS1.798; MS1.808 
Wales, J.G.  MS1.356 
Walker, Dave  MS1.8309 
Walker, David  MS1.8229; MS1.8720 
Walker, David F.  MS1.8344 
Walker, Dorothea  MS1.3806; MS1.4053; MS1.5024 
Walker, Dorothy  MS1.3691 
Walker, Martin George  MS1.8882 
Walker, Ralph  MS1.4395; MS1.4446; MS1.4475; MS2.560 
Walker, Ralph I.  MS1.3080; MS1.4568 
Walker, Terry Irwin  MS1.4539 
Wall, Ann  MS2.1093 
Wall, Mary B.  MS1.3828 
Wallace, A.S.  MS1.13 
Waller, G.  MS1.2258 
Waller, Gertrude  MS1.2471; MS1.3326; MS1.3380 
Waller, R.  MS1.2347; MS1.2362 
Walsh, Patricia  MS1.7705; MS1.7790 
Walton, Frank  MS1.5208 
Walton, Frank T.  MS1.5445 
Walton, G.  MS1.608; MS1.1458; MS1.2044 
Walton, George  MS1.289; MS1.328; MS1.3085; MS1.3618; MS1.4356; 
     MS1.4370; MS1.4535; MS1.4637; MS1.5264; MS1.5763; MS1.6363 
Wang, David Rafael  MS1.4604 
Ward, A.  MS1.1957 
Ward, Mary  MS1.3692 
Wardell, M.  MS1.2158 
Wardell, Michael  MS1.6057; MS1.6322 
Ware, Martin  MS1.8036; MS3.388 
Warner, Davis, Mrs.  MS1.4022 
Warner, Margery  MS1.4082 
Warren, James E., Jr.  MS1.3562; MS1.3744; MS1.3766 
Warren, S. Evangeline  MS1.5707 
Warren, S.E.  MS1.432 
Wasarab, O.  MS1.1324 
Washburn, William  MS1.6094 
Washington Alumnus  MS1.6139 
Wass, P.  MS1.2325 
Waterston, Elizabeth  MS2.155 
Watherston, E.F.  MS1.1193 
Wats, William  MS2.338 
Watson  MS1.482 
Watson, S.  MS1.452 
Watson, Sheila  MS1.203 
Watson, T.J.  MS1.187 
Watson, W.  MS1.390; MS1.401; MS1.433 
Watson, Wilfred  MS1.196; MS1.214; MS1.240 
Watters, R.E.  MS1.5946 
Watts, Reginald J.  MS1.7579 
Way, Ronald  MS1.8731; MS1.9008 
Waye, James  MS1.5930 
We Paul, Jerry  MS1.6828 
Weathers, Winston  MS1.3050; MS1.3092; MS1.3895; MS1.3984 
Weaver, Bob  MS1.3762; MS1.4124 
Weaver, E.  MS1.2326 
Weaver, R.  MS1.1169; MS1.1386; MS1.1539; MS1.1934; MS1.1959 
Weaver, Robert  MS1.2427; MS1.2439; MS1.2472; MS1.3017; MS1.3268; 
     MS1.4141; MS1.4202; MS1.4381; MS1.5566; MS2.1117 
Webb, Bernice Larson  MS1.8752; MS1.8937 
Webb, P.  MS1.1306; MS1.1316; MS1.1327; MS1.1473 
Webb, Phyllis  MS1.42; MS1.48; MS1.6025 (CBC); MS3.389 
Webber, Dorothy M.  MS1.5059 
Weber, A.  MS1.2009; MS1.2024; MS1.2193 
Weber, Bob  MS3.390 
Wedge, Terry  MS1.6064 
Weekes, M.  MS1.383; MS1.438; MS1.663; MS1.693; MS1.903; MS1.1288; 
     MS1.1307; MS1.1593; MS1.1762 
Weekes, Mary  MS1.65; MS1.82; MS1.86; MS1.91; MS1.118; MS1.2869; 
     MS1.2915; MS1.2993; MS1.3024; MS1.3183; MS1.3507; MS1.3529; 
     MS1.3745; MS1.3801; MS1.4809; MS1.4855; MS1.5058; MS1.5146; 
     MS1.5214; MS1.5475; MS1.5782; MS1.5822; MS1.6152; MS1.6180; 
     MS1.6362; MS1.6614; MS1.6737; MS1.7071; MS1.7650; MS1.7695;
     MS1.8069; MS1.8353; MS1.8600; MS1.8912; MS3.391 
Weeks, M.  MS1.1909 
Weeks, Robert L.  MS1.3633; MS1.3802; MS1.3829; MS1.3921; MS1.4126 
Weeks, Robert Lewis  MS1.4894; MS1.5729; MS1.7237; MS1.7565 
Wees, W.R.  MS1.1368; MS1.5182 
Weil, James L.  MS1.6176 
Weiland, Helen  MS1.7101 
Weiner, D.  MS1.1412; MS1.1423 
Weininger, O.  MS1.5340 
Weinrich, Peter  MS2.1474; MS2.1537 
Weinrit, Edith  MS1.8874 
Weir, Bessie  MS1.3870 
Weisburd, Mel  MS1.4119 
Weiss, David, Mrs.  MS1.3023 
Weiss, Penelope  MS1.8582 
Weiss, Ruth  MS3.392 
Weisslitz, E.F.  MS1.7881 
Welch, Livingston  MS1.5470; MS1.5625; MS1.5955; MS1.5975; MS1.6452; 
     MS1.6585; MS1.6644; MS1.6760; MS1.7027; MS1.7216; MS1.7240; 
     MS1.7407; MS1.5237 
Weldy, Kathryn N.  MS1.7769 
Welles, Bertha L.  MS1.5550 
Wells, Edna  MS1.2438 
Wells, L.L.  MS3.393 
Welsh, Livingston  MS1.7821 
Wendy  MS1.8995 
Wensley, A.  MS1.434 
Wescott, Roger  MS1.3313; MS1.3426; MS1.6767; MS1.8055 
Wescott, Roger W.  MS1.5491 
Wessel, Veris  MS1.6114 
Wessel, Veris A.  MS1.4438; MS1.4597; MS1.4656 
West, Paul  MS1.3264; MS1.3294; MS1.3398; MS1.3913; MS1.3945; 
     MS1.4638; MS1.4660; MS1.4798; MS1.5375; MS3.394
Westcott, J. Stanley  MS1.6250  (The Ryerson Press)
Wetherston, E.F.  MS1.1215 
Wetmore, David  MS1.3772 
Whalen, G.  MS1.2333 
Whalen, George  MS1.3354 
Whalen, Robert  MS2.942 
Whalley, George  MS1.6714 
Whallon, William  MS1.5996; MS1.6342; MS1.6367; MS1.6531; MS1.6631; 
     MS1.6794; MS1.7249; MS1.7266; MS1.7366 
Whealey, Elizabeth  MS1.3494; MS1.4550; MS1.4598; MS1.4640; MS1.4861;
     MS1.4872; MS1.5021; MS1.5046; MS1.7028; MS1.7089; MS1.7132; MS1.7208; 
     MS1.7318; MS1.7322; MS1.7453; MS1.7610 
Wheeler, Jerry M.  MS1.4120; MS1.4257; MS1.4288 
Whetstone, Editor  MS1.1082 
Whit, H.A.  MS1.8640 
White, Barbara  MS1.7944 
White, E.G.  MS1.6792 
White, Gerald N.  MS1.6528; MS1.6806; MS1.6871; MS1.7095; MS1.7682; 
     MS1.8802; MS1.9081 
White, Jane B.  MS1.8704 
White, Joan  MS1.5289; MS1.7420 
White, Patrick  MS2.1517 
Whiteby, L. Viola  MS3.395 
Whitehead, A.  MS1.5970 
Whitehead, A. (Alfred?)  MS1.6049 
Whiteley, C.D.  MS1.3627 
Whiten, Cliff  MS1.8007; MS1.8724; MS1.8872; MS2.470; MS2.489; MS2.678 
Whiten, Clifton  MS1.8981; MS2.1134; MS2.1262; MS2.1305 
Whiting, Ann  MS1.2450 
Whitley, Barbara  MS1.5995 
Whitlow, Hilary  MS1.7646 
Whitmarsh-Knight, David  MS2.1300 
Whitridge, M.  MS1.8742 
Whitridge, M.E.  MS1.8753 
Whitridge, Margaret  MS1.3505; MS1.3643 
Whittington, Curtis, Jr.  MS1.4764 
Whittington, Curtis C., Jr.  MS1.4721 
Whynot, Margaret R.  MS1.7442 
Wicks, Chris  MS1.8278 
Wicks, Christopher  MS1.8191 
Wicks, Christopher L.  MS1.8204 
Wiebe, M.G.  MS2.1196; MS2.1818 
Wies, David  MS1.2957 
Wies, David, Mrs.  MS1.2992 
Wight, J.  MS1.746 
Wiles, R.M.  MS1.1249; MS1.1630; MS1.1637 
Wiley, Howard A.  MS1.5314; MS1.6191; MS1.6634; MS1.8595 
Wilkening, Kenneth  MS1.8367 
Wilkes, Pauline Harvard  MS1.8447 
Wilkinson, A.  MS1.827; MS1.896; MS1.897; MS1.904; MS1.1648 
Wilkinson, Anne  MS1.193; MS1.244 
Willard, Lotene  MS1.3118; MS1.3265 
Williams, Galen  MS2.2024 
Williams, J.  MS1.1692 
Williams, Jonathan  MS2.1181; MS3.396 
Williams, Loring  MS3.397 
Williams, M.  MS1.2008 
Williams, Marguerite  MS1.2497; MS1.2830; MS1.2886; MS1.2996; MS1.3150; 
Williams, Marguerite G.  MS1.2483; MS1.3303.A ; MS1.3376; MS1.3416 
Williams, Miller  MS1.3605; MS1.7576 
Williams, P.  MS1.9036; MS1.9057 
Williams, S.T.  MS1.366; MS1.375; MS1.387 
Williams, Warren  MS1.7660 
Williams-Moore  MS1.883 
Williams-Moore, ?  MS1.2077 
Williams-Moore, E.  MS1.791; MS1.860; MS1.1578; MS1.4703; MS1.6858 
Williams-Moore, Miss  MS1.4739 
Williamson, Margie  MS2.1284 
Willie, Rudolf  MS1.7707; MS1.7743 
Willis, Gary  MS1.6683 
Willis, J.  MS1.2176 
Willis, John S.  MS1.3549 
Willis, Lionel  MS1.3136; MS1.5868; MS1.5914 
Willis, Lionel F.  MS1.5074 
Willis, Mary  MS2.2115; MS2.2396 (poems)
Willmot, Rod  MS3.398 
Willott, Margaret H.  MS1.3853 
Wills, Roberta J.  MS1.5725 
Wilson, Denton M.  MS1.7232 
Wilson, Ethel  MS1.5170 
Wilson, G.R.  MS2.584 
Wilson, Helen  MS1.2832 
Wilson, J.  MS1.1490; MS1.1842 
Wilson, J.E.  MS1.1771 
Wilson, J.L.  MS1.1474; MS1.4258 
Wilson, J.L., Sgt.  MS1.3112 
Wilson, Jean  MS2.638; MS2.646; MS2.657 
Wilson, Jennie  MS2.193 
Wilson, Jennie M.  MS2.432 
Wilson, Keith C.  MS1.5140 
Wilson, L.M.  MS2.1479 
Wilson, M.  MS1.2389 
Wilson, Mary  MS2.148 
Wilson, Melba  MS2.78 
Wilson, Milton  MS1.2404; MS1.2506; MS1.2510; MS1.2516; MS1.4599; 
     MS1.4610; MS1.4841; MS1.5689; MS1.6226; MS1.6762; MS1.6892; 
     MS1.8118; MS2.70 
Wilson, Sgt.  MS1.4517 
Wilton, Margaret Harvey  MS1.8450 
Wimbles, Donald  MS1.8052 
Win  MS2.745  (unsigned) Ottawa
Win  MS2.899
Win  MS2.1727 
Windsor?, John?  MS2.227 
Winifred  MS2.991 
Winifred  MS2.1102 
Winifred  MS2.1310 
Winifred  MS2.1398 
Winifred  MS2.1431 
Winifred  MS2.1466  (not Bogaards)
Winifred  MS2.1631 
Winkelman, Donald M.  MS1.5048 
Winkler, Donald  MS1.8006; MS1.8664 
Winkler, G.  MS1.1133; MS1.1144; MS1.1175 
Winsett, M.  MS1.2248 
Winsett, Marvin Davis  MS1.6805 
Winter, Jack  MS2.1577; MS2.1583 
Wiseman, Chris  MS2.1182; MS2.1185; MS2.1231; MS2.1249; MS2.1290; 
     MS2.1370; MS2.1382; MS2.1401; MS2.1423; MS2.1435; MS2.2354 
Withuhn, Vernon L.  MS1.6203 
Wittmann, Henri  MS1.6486 
Wolcott, Katharyn  MS1.4439; MS1.4741; MS1.5342 
Wolf, M.  MS1.564; MS1.609; MS1.1749 
Wolf, Michael  MS1.2837 
Wolfe, Jo-Anne  MS2.2404 
Wood, G.  MS1.539; MS1.1359 
Wood, J.A.  MS1.680 
Wood, Jennings  MS1.8928  (The Library of Congress)
Wood, Maureen  MS1.8831 
Wood, William  MS1.2780 
Wood, William Irving  MS1.2491; MS1.2536 
Woodburn, Frances M.  MS1.8504; MS1.8570; MS1.8714 
Woodcock, George  MS1.7536; MS1.7559; MS1.7691; MS1.7719; MS1.8643; 
     MS2.181; MS2.363; MS2.555; MS2.693; MS2.825; MS2.832; MS2.857; 
     MS2.873; MS2.921; MS2.1006; MS2.1297; MS2.1751; MS2.2110; MS2.2123; 
     MS2.2177; MS2.2432 
Woodman, George Gerald  MS1.7102 
Woods, Helen Gee  MS1.4213 
Woodside, Elisabeth  MS1.5759; MS1.6016; MS1.6718; MS1.5305; MS3.399 
Woodward, Pat  MS2.2246 
Woolf Hedley, L.  MS1.2356 
Worswick, Stanley  MS1.3696; MS1.3717; MS1.3756 
Worswick, Stanley W.  MS1.5248 
Worth, M.  MS1.8460; MS2.82 
Worth, Morgan D.  MS1.8417 
Wright, E.  MS1.1571; MS1.2284; MS1.2294 
Wright, Edgar  MS2.1070 
Wright, Grace A.  MS1.8790 
Wright, Kathryn F.  MS2.1673 
Wright, L.J.  MS1.8453 
Wright, Muriel  MS3.400 
Wright, Shirley  MS1.3485; MS1.3525; MS1.3950; MS1.7679 
Wright, Vivian  MS1.5888 
Wrigley, John  MS3.401 
Wrigley, John R.  MS1.8960 
Writer's Digest  MS1.4191 (Lynn Wautman); MS1.4373 (Lynn Wautman)
Wry, H.R.  MS1.200; MS1.215; MS1.294; MS1.309 
Wry, Henry R.  MS1.66 
Wurtele, Douglas J.  MS2.950 
Wyatt, Josephine  MS3.402 
Wyatt, Louise  MS2.248 
Wylie, Betty Jane  MS1.5740; MS1.5761; MS1.5877; MS1.6555; MS1.6661; 
     MS1.7163; MS1.7295; MS1.8690; MS3.403 
Wynand, Derk  MS2.718; MS2.732; MS2.1506 (U. Vic.); MS2.1678 
Yacowar, Maurice  MS2.632 
Yair, Ish  MS1.8773 
Yale University School of Nursing  MS1.9012 
Yarbrough, Anna Nash  MS1.6073 
Yates, Mike  MS2.199; MS2.1944 
Yazer, Brendon  MS1.7806 
Yelin, Shulamis  MS2.2317 
Yellon, R.A.  MS1.7963 
Yeo, Marg  MS2.836 (poems); MS2.870; MS2.1007; MS2.1244; MS2.1259 (poems);
     MS2.1283; MS2.1329 (poems); MS2.1447; MS2.1493; MS2.1712; MS2.1795; 
     MS2.1840; MS2.1910; MS2.1915; MS2.2380 
Yeomans, Edward  MS1.5671 
Yerleh, F.  MS1.4787 
Yoken, Melvin B.  MS2.859; MS2.876; MS2.1909; MS2.1935 
Young, Ian  MS2.846 
Young, Virginia  MS1.7979; MS3.404 
Young, Virginia Brady  MS1.8345; MS1.8920 
Youngblood, S.  MS1.2257 
Youngblood, Sara  MS1.2816 
Yuzon, A.M.  MS1.2880 
Yuzon, Amado M.  MS1.2499; MS1.8289 
Zahn, Curtis  MS1.2876; MS1.2937; MS1.4121; MS1.4440; MS3.405 
Zanes, J.  MS2.382 
Zanes, John  MS2.202; MS2.1186; MS2.1392 
Zanes, John P.  MS3.406 
Zanes, Marilyn  MS2.217 
Zilber, Jacob  MS1.8548; MS3.407 
Zilber, Jake  MS1.8565 
Zilber, Professor  MS1.7759 
Zimmer, Elizabeth  MS2.1404 
Zimmerman, Toni  MS2.841; MS2.1088; MS2.1091; MS2.1140; MS2.1142; MS2.1864 
Zinck, Diann  MS2.2306 
Zingrone, Frank  MS1.5458; MS1.5613; MS1.6103 
Zingrone, Frank D.  MS1.5204; MS1.5227; MS1.5243 
Zworn, B.  MS1.2303 


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