Series 4

(Cases 16, 54, 113)

Miscellaneous. -- 1946-1979; predominant 1968-1979. -- 38.1 cm (3 cases).

This series consists of miscellaneous material including bibliographies of the history of science and of Canadian history, and booklists relating to the Canadiana and the Beaverbrook collections in the UNB Library. Also included in the series are Dr. Bailey's enrolment books for courses taught in the nineteen sixties and History professor Murray Young's curriculum vitae.

Correspondence relating to Founders' Day celebrations from 1946-1950 are contained in Case 54 file 4. The Founders' Day ceremony, instituted in 1830 by Edwin Jacob, head of King's College, was an annual celebration in honour of the seven men who signed the 1785 petition which led to the establishment of UNB. Although Encaenia proceedings during the nineteen twenties included an "address in praise of the Founders," formal ceremonial observance of Founders' Day lapsed during the 1860s. The ceremony was revived in 1942, largely due to the efforts of undergraduate students, including future UNB President Colin B. Mackay.

Case 113 file 1 contains a brief from the Canadian Writers' Federation to the Committee of Review of Canada's Cultural Policy, and 1980 minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of the Canadian Writers' Federation.

Other publications contained in this series include several essays on the Loyalists (Case 113 file 1) and a typescript essay on the "Poetics of Higher Education in the Maritimes in the 1820s - the New Brunswick Experience" (Case 113 file 1).

The series title is supplied based on the file contents.

Series 4 File Listings

Case 16 File 1      Bibliographies. -- 1960
Case 16 File 2      Booklists. -- [n.d.]

Case 54 File 1      What a university is? -- [n.d.]
Case 54 File 2      Toynbee - The concluding volumes and the new
                    reviews. -- 1955
Case 54 File 3      Bulletins "B". -- 1953-1955
Case 54 File 4      Founders' Day correspondence, acknowledgments,
                    etc. -- 1946-1950

Case 113 File 1     Miscellaneous. -- 1962-1979


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