Series 1

Case 1

Committees, including Faculty Fine Arts Committee and Arts Council. -- 1956-1958; predominant 1957. -- 12.7 cm (1 case).

The Faculty Fine Arts Committee was established in 1956 to promote official recognition of fine arts at the University of New Brunswick and to co-ordinate activities for the Arts Centre.

Internal evidence within the series' files traces several name changes for the 1956 Faculty Fine Arts Committee. 1956 minutes reflect a name change to the Art Centre Committee. January, 1957 minutes document a further name change to the Committee for Creative Arts, which also is referred to in later minutes as the Creative Arts Committee, the name by which the committee now is known.

Prior to 1952, an Arts Committee consisting of the heads of the Arts Faculty departments existed at the University of New Brunswick, but this committee did not provide all members of the Arts Faculty with an opportunity to take part in discussion of affairs concerning either the Faculty or the University. The revised 1952 University of New Brunswick Act legislated the establishment of a Faculty Council for each faculty of the University of New Brunswick, to consist of the President of the University, the Dean of the Faculty, and the entire teaching faculty. The Arts Council, or Arts Faculty Council's mandate was to consider and report to the University Council upon matters affecting the Arts Faculty, to appoint examiners, and to make recommendations in relation to student applications.

The series comprises minutes of meetings, memos, and correspondence relating to the Faculty Fine Arts Committee which document plans for raising the profile of the fine arts on campus. Art exhibits, concerts, special lectures, and the development of a 1957 summer credit course in fine arts highlight the Committee's activities during the mid nineteen-fifties.

File three of the series consists of memos, notes, and correspondence discussing topics to be added to the agenda for Arts Council (Arts Faculty Council) meetings, and minutes of the October 3, 1957 meeting of the Arts Council. 1958 synopses of high school curriculums and examinations systems in the Canadian provinces are found within file three of the series, together with a chart outlining the New Brunswick provincial system of education as revised in 1958. Discussion of a 1957 Report to the Directors of the Ontario Association on the Conference of the Ontario Association for Curriculum Development includes the topics of the gifted child, streaming, acceleration and enrichment programs, and the importance of orientation programs for first year university students. Some of the key correspondents within this series include Colin Mackay, Fred Cogswell, and E.D. Maher.

No formal arrangement exists for the series, although within files, there often is adherence to rough reverse chronological order.

Restricted access applies to the Faculty of Arts Council material.

Other material related to the Arts Council in 1969-1970 may be found in Series 12, Vice President (Academic), case 57 files 4-5, and case 84 file 1. Complete Arts Faculty Council minutes also are available in UA RG 70 in the UNB Archives, although access is restricted.

The series title is based on the contents of the files.

Series 1 File Titles:

Case 1 File 1       Art Centre Committee. -- 1956-1957
Case 1 File 2 Fine Arts Committee. -- 1956
Case 1 File 3 Arts Council Agenda. -- 1957-1958; predominant 1957


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