Series 14

(Cases 91 and 92)

History 3020 Lectures. -- 1966-1967.

-- 35 reel-to-reel tapes.
-- 35.56 cm (2 boxes).

This series consists of 35 reel-to-reel tapes containing 63 taped lectures on Canadian History given ex tempore by Dr. Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey. These lectures were given to third year students at the University of New Brunswick in the academic year 1966-67.

Notes for many of Dr. Bailey's lectures are located in series 13.

Each side of the tape contains one lecture. Recordings of several lectures are defective.

Titles are supplied based on contents of individual lectures. Series 14 Listings

Reel #1  Sept. 27, 1966  -Interpretations of Canadian History    
                         -Arrival of Aboriginal People
                         -Last few minutes of the lecture are

                         -Side B is blank

Reel #2  Sept.29, 1966   -Summary of Facts and Suppositions 
                          Concerning Pre-Columbian America

         Oct. 3,  1966   -First Contacts Between the
                          Europeans and Native People

Reel #3  Oct. 4,  1966   -Effect of International Commercial
                          Developments on North America: Demand
                          For Gold 

         Oct. 6,  1966   -Age of Geographical Exploration and
                          Discovery by Europeans

Reel #4  Oct. 10, 1966   -The Norse Discovery of America

         Oct. 11, 1966   -Explorations in the Modern Period- The
                          English and The Portuguese

Reel #5  Oct. 17, 1966   -The "Gold and Fish" Frontiers
                         -European Discovery of America
                         -Beginnings of the First French Colonies
                          on the St. Lawrence

         Oct. 18, 1966   -Cartier's Second Voyage to the St.

Reel #6  Oct. 24, 1966   -French Failure in Florida

         Oct. 25, 1966   -Beginnings of the Fur Trade and the
                          First Permanent French Settlements in
Reel #7  Oct. 27, 1966   -Characteristics of the Fur Trade Which
                          Lead to the Establishment and
                          Continuous Settlement of Canada

         Oct. 31, 1966   -Effect of French Colonial Policy on
                          Acadia and the St. Lawrence

Reel #8  Nov. 3,  1966   -Side A is blank

         Nov. 8,  1966   -French Endeavors to Repair the Weakness
                          of New France After the Thirty Years
Reel #9  Nov. 10, 1966   -The Founding of Montreal and the
                          Compagnie du Saint Sacrament

         Nov. 14, 1966   -Defective (side B)

Reel #10 Nov. 15, 1966   -European Impact on the Indians and
                          Their Resistance

         Nov. 17, 1966   -Defective (side B)

Reel #11 Nov. 21, 1966   -Conditions in France Which Affected New

         Nov. 22, 1966   -Jean Talon's Attempt to Establish an
                          Agricultural Colony

Reel #12 Nov. 24, 1966   -The Seigniorial System

         Nov. 28, 1966   -Establishment of an Agricultural Colony
                          in New France as Part of Colbert's
                          Efforts to Establish a Triangular Trade

Reel #13 Nov. 29, 1966   -Conflict Between the Governor of Canada
                          and the Governor of Montreal Over the
                          Fur Trade

         Dec. 1,  1966   -Defective (side B)

Reel #14 Dec. 5,  1966   -King William's War (1689-97) in North  

         Dec. 6,  1966   -Defective (side B)

Reel #15 Dec. 8,  1966   -Impact of the Peace Settlement After
                          Queen Ann's War (1713) on Acadia

         Dec. 12, 1966   -Chronology of Political and Military
                          Development Involving Britain, Spain
                          and France Between Queen Ann's War
                          and the Seven Years' War
Reel #16  Jan. 5,  1967  -The Seven Years' War (1756-1763)

          Jan. 10, 1967  -The Seven Years' War in North America

Reel #17  Jan. 12, 1967  -William Pitt

          Jan. 16, 1967  -James Wolfe- Quebec Fortification

Reel #18  Jan. 17, 1967  -Battle of the Plains of Abraham

          Jan. 19, 1967  -The British Decision to Retain Canada
                          after the Seven Years' War.

Reel #19  Jan. 23, 1967  -Westward Expansion of British Control
                          in North America

          Jan. 24, 1967  -Theory of Mercantilism in the
                          Eighteenth Century 

Reel #20  Jan. 26, 1967  -Regulation of Trade and Commerce Within
                          the British Empire (1764)

          Jan. 30, 1967  -Quebec Act

Reel #21  Jan. 31, 1967  -Reasons Why the English Merchants Did  
                          Not Join the Rebel Cause in the
                          American Revolution

          Feb. 2,  1967  -Neutrality of N.S. During the American

Reel #22  Feb. 6,  1967  -The American Revolution

          Feb. 7,  1967  -Historical Origins of Anti-Americanism:
                          The Loyalist Experience

Reel #23  Feb. 9,  1967  -Loyalist Migration into Nova Scotia and 
                          Quebec and the Setting Up of Loyalist

          Feb. 13, 1967  -Continuation of Loyalist Migration into
                          Nova Scotia and Quebec and the Setting
                          Up of the Loyalist Governments

Reel #24  Feb. 14, 1967  -Effect of the Coming of the
                          Loyalists on the Province of Quebec

          Feb. 16, 1967  -Effect of the American Revolution on
                          the British Commercial Empire

Reel #25  Feb. 20, 1967  -Effect of the Jay Treaty (1794) on 
                          British North American Commerce

          Feb. 21, 1967  -Constitutional Act 1791
                         -Rise of a Provincial Aristocracy in
                          Upper Canada

Reel #26  Feb. 23, 1967  -Change in the Social Structure of Lower
                          Canada and its Effect on the Political

          Feb. 27, 1967  -Continuation of Change in the Social
                          Structure of Lower Canada and its
                          Effect on the Political Situation

Reel #27  Feb. 28, 1967  -The New England Factor in the War of

          Mar. 6,  1967  -The Political Effect of the Decline in
                          the Canadian Fur Trade (1814-1821) and
                          its Replacement with the Rise of Trade
                          in Timber

Reel #28  Mar. 7,  1967  -Rebellion in Upper and Lower Canada and
                          Reform of the Old Colonial System

          Mar. 13, 1967  -Early Nineteenth Century Re-
                          Organization of British Empire Trade
                          and the Effects on Canada

Reel #29  Mar. 14, 1967  -Conditions That Existed in Lower Canada
                          After the War of 1812-14

          Mar. 16, 1967  -Conditions That Existed in Upper Canada
                          After the War of 1812-14

Reel #30  Mar. 20, 1967  -The Career of William Lyon MacKenzie

          Mar. 21, 1967  -Reasons for the Rebellion of 1837 in
                          Lower Canada

Reel #31  Mar. 23, 1967  -The Rebellion of 1837 in Lower Canada

          Mar. 27, 1967  -The Movement for Responsible Government

Reel #32  Mar. 28, 1967  -The Metcalfe Regime

          Mar. 30, 1967  -Why Rebellions Occurred in the Canadas
                          But Not in the Other British Provinces

Reel #33  Apr. 3,  1967  -Evolution of Government in P.E.I.

          Apr. 4,  1967  -Basis of Political Conflict in N.B.

Reel #34  Apr. 6,  1967  -Evolution of Government in N.S.

          Apr. 8,  1967  -Influences That Brought About

Reel #35  no date        -Influences and Events Leading Up to

                         -Side B is blank


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