Index to the Bailey Family Collection


Ackerman, Charles  MS2.3.1285
Acraman, D.E.  MS2.1.24; MS2.1.25; MS2.1.29; MS2.1.36; MS2.1.47
Acraman, D.E. & A.  MS2.1.36
Anderson, John  MS2.3.1285; MS2.3.1313; MS2.3.1315
Armour, Leslie  MS2.3.1337
Ashburnham, Lord  MS2.3.669
Atcheson, Elizabeth M.  MS2.3.1051
Baglow, John  MS2.3.1119; MS2.3.1585
Bagot, Sir Charles  MS2.1.54
Bailey, Alfred  MS2.1.72; MS2.1.73; MS2.1.74; MS2.1.77;
        MS2.1.78; MS2.1.79; MS2.1.80; MS2.1.81; MS2.2.1; MS2.2.2;
        MS2.3.692; MS2.3.698; MS2.3.702; MS2.3.703; MS2.3.715;
        MS2.3.719; MS2.3.720; MS2.3.725; MS2.3.726; MS2.3.728;
        MS2.3.729; MS2.3.730; MS2.3.739; MS2.3.741; MS2.3.742;
        MS2.3.743; MS2.3.744; MS2.3.745; MS2.3.746; MS2.3.747;
        MS2.3.748; MS2.3.749; MS2.3.751; MS2.3.752; MS2.3.753;
        MS2.3.754; MS2.3.756; MS2.3.757; MS2.3.767; MS2.3.768;
        MS2.3.770; MS2.3.776; MS2.3.778; MS2.3.779; MS2.3.780;
        MS2.3.781; MS2.3.782; MS2.3.783; MS2.3.784; MS2.3.785;
        MS2.3.786; MS2.3.787; MS2.3.788; MS2.3.789; MS2.3.790;
        MS2.3.792; MS2.3.793; MS2.3.794; MS2.3.795; MS2.3.797;
        MS2.3.800; MS2.3.801; MS2.3.802; MS2.3.803; MS2.3.804;
        MS2.3.805; MS2.3.806; MS2.3.807; MS2.3.808; MS2.3.810;
        MS2.3.811; MS2.3.812; MS2.3.813; MS2.3.814; MS2.3.815;
        MS2.3.816; MS2.3.817; MS2.3.818; MS2.3.819; MS2.3.820;
        MS2.3.821, MS2.3.822; MS2.3.823; MS2.3.824; MS2.3.825;
        MS2.3.826; MS2.3.827; MS2.3.828; MS2.3.829; MS2.3.830;
        MS2.3.831; MS2.3.832; MS2.3.833; MS2.3.834; MS2.3.835;
        MS2.3.836; MS2.3.840; MS2.3.841; MS2.3.842; MS2.3.843;
        MS2.3.844; MS2.3.845; MS2.3.846; MS2.3.847; MS2.3.848;
        MS2.3.849; MS2.3.850; MS2.3.851; MS2.3.853; MS2.3.855;
        MS2.3.856; MS2.3.857; MS2.3.858; MS2.3.859; MS2.3.861;
        MS2.3.862; MS2.3.864; MS2.3.866; MS2.3.867; MS2.3.868;
        MS2.3.870; MS2.3.871; MS2.3.874; MS2.3.875; MS2.3.876;
        MS2.3.878; MS2.3.879; MS2.3.880; MS2.3.884; MS2.3.887;
        MS2.3.889; MS2.3.890; MS2.3.891; MS2.3.892; MS2.3.893;
        MS2.3.894; MS2.3.895; MS2.3.896; MS2.3.898; MS2.3.899;
        MS2.3.901; MS2.3.902; MS2.3.903; MS2.3.904; MS2.3.905;
        MS2.3.906; MS2.3.907; MS2.3.908; MS2.3.909; MS2.3.912;
        MS2.3.913; MS2.3.914; MS2.3.915; MS2.3.916; MS2.3.917;
        MS2.3.918; MS2.3.919; MS2.3.920; MS2.3.921; MS2.3.922;
        MS2.3.923; MS2.3.924; MS2.3.925; MS2.3.926; MS2.3.927;
        MS2.3.928; MS2.3.929; MS2.3.930; MS2.3.931; MS2.3.932;
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        MS2.3.948; MS2.3.949; MS2.3.950; MS2.3.951; MS2.3.952;
        MS2.3.953; MS2.3.954; MS2.3.955; MS2.3.956; MS2.3.957;
        MS2.3.958; MS2.3.959; MS2.3.960; MS2.3.961; MS2.3.962;
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        MS2.3.978; MS2.3.979; MS2.3.980; MS2.3.981; MS2.3.982;
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        MS2.3.988; MS2.3.989; MS2.3.990; MS2.3.991; MS2.3.992;
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        MS2.3.1049; MS2.3.1050; MS2.3.1052; MS2.3.1053; MS2.3.1054;
        MS2.3.1055; MS2.3.1056; MS2.3.1057; MS2.3.1058; MS2.3.1059;
        MS2.3.1060; MS2.3.1061; MS2.3.1063; MS2.3.1064; MS2.3.1065;
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        MS2.3.1094; MS2.3.1095; MS2.3.1096; MS2.3.1097; MS2.3.1099;
        MS2.3.1100; MS2.3.1101; MS2.3.1102; MS2.3.1103; MS2.3.1104;
        MS2.3.1105; MS2.3.1107; MS2.3.1108; MS2.3.1109; MS2.3.1109A;
        MS2.3.1110; MS2.3.1111; MS2.3.1112; MS2.3.1113; MS2.3.1115;
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        MS2.3.1189; MS2.3.1190; MS2.3.1191; MS2.3.1192; MS2.3.1193;
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        MS2.3.1199; MS2.3.1200; MS2.3.1201; MS2.3.1202; MS2.3.1203;
        MS2.3.1204; MS2.3.1205; MS2.3.1206; MS2.3.1207; MS2.3.1208;
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        MS2.3.1417; MS2.3.1418; MS2.3.1419; MS2.3.1420; MS2.3.1421;
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        MS2.3.1476; MS2.3.1477; MS2.3.1478; MS2.3.1479; MS2.3.1480;
        MS2.3.1481; MS2.3.1482; MS2.3.1483; MS2.3.1484; MS2.3.1485;
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        MS2.3.1505; MS2.3.1506; MS2.3.1507; MS2.3.1509; MS2.3.1510;
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        MS2.3.1668; MS2.3.1669; MS2.3.1670; MS2.3.1671; MS2.4.1-74
Bailey, Anita  MS2.3.943; MS2.3.952
Bailey, Anna Vivian  MS2.3.776; MS2.3.787; MS2.3.814; MS2.3.826;
Bailey, Eliza  MS2.3.551; MS2.3.764; MS2.3.768; MS2.3.769;
        MS2.3.771; MS2.3.882; MS2.3.885; MS2.3.1660; MS2.3.1663
Bailey, Ernestine V. MS2.1.76; MS2.1.77; MS2.3.552; MS2.3.610;
        MS2.3.612; MS2.3.628; MS2.3.693; MS2.3.703; MS2.3.710;
        MS2.3.713; MS2.3.714; MS2.3.731; MS2.3.733; MS2.3.780;
        MS2.3.781; MS2.3.782; MS2.3.785; MS2.3.789; MS2.3.790;
        MS2.3.791; MS2.3.792; MS2.3.793; MS2.3.796; MS2.3.798;
        MS2.3.799; MS2.3.800; MS2.3.802; MS2.3.807; MS2.3.809;
        MS2.3.813; MS2.3.815; MS2.3.816; MS2.3.817; MS2.3.820;
        MS2.3.821; MS2.3.823; MS2.3.829; MS2.3.831; MS2.3.832;
        MS2.3.834; MS2.3.836; MS2.3.837; MS2.3.838; MS2.3.839;
        MS2.3.841; MS2.3.842; MS2.3.845; MS2.3.847; MS2.3.854;
        MS2.3.856; MS2.3.857; MS2.3.858; MS2.3.859; MS2.3.860;
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Bailey, Margaret Marshall   See West, Margaret Marshall Bailey
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Baillairge, T.A.  MS2.1.10
Baird, J.  MS2.3.190
Banks, John  MS2.3.1144; MS2.3.1154
Barrington, A. MS2.3.738
Bauer, Bill  MS2.3.1039
Bauer, Nancy  MS2.3.1039; MS2.3.1539; MS2.3.1546; MS2.3.1588
Beaverbrook, Lord  MS2.3.903; MS2.3.905; MS2.3.914; MS2.3.915;
        MS2.3.916; MS2.3.918; MS2.3.929; MS2.3.936
Bebbington, Joan  MS2.3.730; MS2.3.747; MS2.3.748
Bell, Robert  MS2.3.1124; MS2.3.1132
Bellhouse, David  MS2.1.27
Benjamin, Marcus  MS2.3.567
Bentley, David  MS2.3.1273; MS2.3.1346; MS2.3.1367; MS2.3.1396;
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Bentley, Mary P.  MS2.3.1424; MS2.3.1426; MS2.3.1449
Beresford, Jeanne  MS2.3.1544; MS2.3.1564
Berg, Katherine  MS2.3.1533
Berger, Carl  MS2.3.1264; MS2.3.1304
Bernard, Marie-Elaine  MS2.3.1281
Beukema, Herman  MS2.3.886
Beyea, Marion  MS2.3.1333; MS2.3.1631; MS2.3.1633
Bickerton, B. Carman  MS2.3.968; MS2.3.1081
Billings, Robert  MS2.3.1629
Birney, Earle  MS2.3.901; MS2.3.902; MS2.3.908; MS2.3.912;
        MS2.3.1041; MS2.3.1455; MS2.3.1569
Bishop, Charles A.  MS2.3.1231; MS2.3.1233; MS2.3.1246;
Bissell, Claude  MS2.3.1007, MS2.3.1338; MS2.3.1340;
        MS2.3.1341; MS2.3.1442
Bladen, Vincent W.  MS2.3.919; MS2.3.920; MS2.3.921; MS2.3.922;
        MS2.3.923; MS2.3.924
Blair, Charles  MS2.3.1318
Bohne, Harold  MS2.3.1418
Boone, Laurel  MS2.3.1552
Borland, Carol J.  MS2.3.1566
Bowering, Marilyn  MS2.3.1365; MS2.3.1444
Boynton, E.C.  MS2.3.171; MS2.3.173
Brebner, Bartlet  MS2.3.906
Brewer, D.G.  MS2.3.1643
Brewster, Elizabeth  MS2.3.1040; MS2.3.1056; MS2.3.1140
Bridges, H.V.B.  MS2.3.616
Broad, Wallace  MS2.3.459
Brunswickan, The  MS2.3.697
Buckner, Philip A.  MS2.3.1570
Budden, William  MS2.1.9; MS2.1.13; MS2.1.15; MS2.1.18;
        MS2.1.19; MS2.1.20; MS2.1.21; MS2.1.22; MS2.1.23
Budden's executors  MS2.1.31; MS2.1.33
Burnett, C.F. & Co.  MS2.1.38
Butler, Esmond V.  MS2.3.1516
Butlin, Ron  MS2.3.1619
Byham, R.  MS2.1.12
Byington, Homer M.  MS2.3.755
[ ], Ben  MS2.3.1385
Call, F.O.  MS2.3.706; MS2.3.720
Campbell, Robert  MS2.3.1037
Canadian Press  MS2.3.1668
Canadian Writers' Foundation  MS2.3.1296; MS2.3.1308;
        MS2.3.1319; MS2.3.1335; MS2.3.1336; MS2.3.1342; MS2.3.1359;
        MS2.3.1375; MS2.3.1402; MS2.3.1423; MS2.3.1425; MS2.3.1443;
        MS2.3.1470; MS2.3.1531; MS2.3.1554
Carter, Sir J.  MS2.3.41
Cassar, George  MS2.3.1302; MS2.3.1595
Castelcicala, Prince  MS2.3.4
CFCF Montreal  MS2.3.1146
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway  MS2.3.584
Chilton, W.S.  MS2.3.1242; MS2.3.1249; MS2.3.1251; MS2.3.1252
Chisholm, Elspeth  MS2.3.904
Churchill, Edwin A.  MS2.3.1241
Clark, Laura S.  MS2.3.1029
Cockburn, Robert  MS2.3.1021
Coghlan, Francis  MS2.3.1289
Cogswell, Fred  MS2.3.1098
Cole, Doug  MS2.3.1256
Cole, Mrs. Thomas  MS2.3.103
Colpitts, Brenda  MS2.3.1460; MS2.3.1461
Colson, Theodore  MS2.3.1547; MS2.3.1550
Commissary General's Office  MS2.1.55
Commissioner of Education for Saskatchewan  MS2.3.775
Condon, Ann  MS2.3.1259
Condon, Tom  MS2.3.1374; MS2.3.1559; MS2.3.1570
Cook, Gregory M.  MS2.3.1379; MS2.3.1414; MS2.3.1422
Cook, John T.  MS2.3.1332
Cook, Terry  MS2.3.1149; MS2.3.1164; MS2.3.1188
Cox, William  MS2.3.1155
Crawford, W.S.H.  MS2.3.1361; MS2.3.1380
Crawley, Alan  MS2.3.887
Crean, Patrick  MS2.3.1015; MS2.3.1019; MS2.3.1022; MS2.3.1031
Cunningham, P.  MS2.3.718
Cushing, George  MS2.3.165; MS2.3.167
Cushing, Sally  MS2.3.13; MS2.3.22; MS2.3.43; MS2.3.45; MS2.3.47; MS2.3.48;
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        MS2.3.139; MS2.3.164; MS2.3.165; MS2.3.167
C.W.--Editors of Poetry Canada   See Poetry Canada
[ ], Clara  MS2.3.607
Dagneau, G.H.  MS2.3.1324; MS2.3.1330
Daily Gleaner, The  MS2.3.980
Daniells, Roy  MS2.3.825
Darling, Mary  MS2.3.1244; MS2.3.1247
Davidson, John  MS2.3.596; MS2.3.597
Davidson, R.I.K.  MS2.3.958; MS2.3.1177; MS2.3.1179; MS2.3.1184; MS2.3.1197
d'Avray, J. Alain  MS2.3.1243; MS2.3.1248; MS2.3.1253; MS2.3.1255; MS2.3.1261;
        MS2.3.1270; MS2.3.1292; MS2.3.1301; MS2.3.1326; MS2.3.1399; MS2.3.1441;
        MS2.3.1488; MS2.3.1536; MS2.3.1543
d'Avray, Laurestine Marshall  See Bailey, Laurestine
d'Avray, Marshall  MS2.3.41; MS2.3.42
d'Avray, S.A.  MS2.3.651; MS2.3.653; MS2.3.657; MS2.3.661
Dawbes, Charles W.  MS2.3.711
Dawson, Sir William  MS2.3.528
de C. Nantel, Roger  MS2.3.1286; MS2.3.1519; MS2.3.1606
Dictionary of Canadian Biography  MS2.3.1088
Djwa, Sandra  MS2.3.1077; MS2.3.1107; MS2.3.1157; MS2.3.1165; MS2.3.1174;
        MS2.3.1194; MS2.3.1254; MS2.3.1257; MS2.3.1437; MS2.3.1540
Donaldson, Marjory  MS2.3.1065; MS2.3.1289
Downey, James  MS2.3.1571; MS2.3.1575; MS2.3.1578; MS2.3.1579; MS2.3.1580;
Doyle, Arthur  MS2.3.1594
Doyle, James  MS2.3.1435 
Duff, M.S.F.  MS2.3.604; MS2.3.618
Duffy, Dennis  MS2.3.1431
Eagera, Teresa  MS2.3.1014
Earl, Elizabeth  MS2.3.1109A
Easton, Alan  MS2.3.1631
Eaton, Amasa  MS2.3.181; MS2.3.183; MS2.3.186; MS2.3.187; MS2.3.198; MS2.3.207;
        MS2.3.209; MS2.3.213; MS2.3.217; MS2.3.225; MS2.3.227
Edwards, Arthur M.  MS2.3.175; MS2.3.176; MS2.3.178; MS2.3.180; MS2.3.189
Edwards, Mary Jane  MS2.3.1405; MS2.3.1406
Elbaz, Vivian  MS2.3.1162
Elgin & Kincardine, James, Earl of   See James, Earl of Elgin
        and Kincardine 
Eliot, Charles  MS2.3.625
Elliot, G. Forbes  MS2.3.1221
Ells, R.H.  MS2.3.727
Ells, R.W.  MS2.3.390; MS2.3.453; MS2.3.455; MS2.3.457; MS2.3.460; MS2.3.462;
        MS2.3.475; MS2.3.476; MS2.3.477; MS2.3.479; MS2.3.481; MS2.3.483;
Emerson, Samuel  MS2.3.12
Emmerson, Fred  MS2.3.463
Ena, Alfred  MS2.3.756
Ereaux, Innocent  MS2.3.146; MS2.3.168
Erickson, Vincent  MS2.3.1150; MS2.3.1152; MS2.3.1334; MS2.3.1558; MS2.3.1561;
        MS2.3.1609; MS2.3.1654
Fairweather, Gordon  MS2.3.1593
Fancy, Margaret  MS2.3.1617
Farr, David  MS2.3.965; MS2.3.967; MS2.3.988; MS2.3.1069; MS2.3.1269; MS2.3.1272
Fayrer, Eileen  MS2.3.761; MS2.3.881
Fayrer, Ella  MS2.3.877; MS2.3.897; MS2.3.900
Fenton, William N.  MS2.3.1168; MS2.3.1172; MS2.3.1175; MS2.3.1185
Ferrari, Leo  MS2.3.1160
Finch, Robert  MS2.3.876; MS2.3.893; MS2.3.898; MS2.3.1109; MS2.3.1265;
        MS2.3.1282; MS2.3.1287; MS2.3.1291; MS2.3.1665
Firth, Frances  MS2.1.1; MS2.3.911
Fisher, Neil H.  MS2.3.1156; MS2.3.1173
Ford, James  MS2.3.1366; MS2.3.1382
Forster, Audrey  MS2.3.1080
Foss, Charles  MS2.3.1357; MS2.3.1362; MS2.3.1366; MS2.3.1372; MS2.3.1377;
Foster, Marion  MS2.3.728; MS2.3.750
Fowler, J. MS2.3.489
Frank, David  MS2.3.1555; MS2.3.1565
Franklin, Mervyn  MS2.3.1199; MS2.3.1201; MS2.3.1205
Frego, Charles B.  MS2.3.44
Frye, Northrop  MS2.3.1010; MS2.3.1025; MS2.3.1062
Fulton, Digger  MS2.3.745
Fyfe, N.A.  MS2.3.863
[ ], Frank  MS2.3.990
Gale, Charles  MS2.1.63; MS2.3.937
Gale, Eliza Piddington  MS2.1.70; MS2.1.72; MS2.3.610; MS2.3.612; MS2.3.628;
        MS2.3.629; MS2.3.632; MS2.3.636; MS2.3.642
Gale, Dr. Ernest  MS2.1.73; MS2.1.74; MS2.1.75; MS2.3.637; MS2.3.638; MS2.3.639;
        MS2.3.643; MS2.3.654
Gale, Ernestine  MS2.3.341; MS2.3.378; MS2.3.397
Gale, Ernestine Valiant   See Bailey, Ernestine V.
Gale, Dr. George G.  MS2.1.68; MS2.3.341; MS2.3.375; MS2.3.376; MS2.3.397;
        MS2.3.608; MS2.3.629; MS2.3.636; MS2.3.637; MS2.3.638; MS2.3.639;
        MS2.3.640; MS2.3.654
Gale, John Valiant  MS2.1.57; MS2.1.58; MS2.1.62
Gale, Mrs. J.V.  MS2.1.59
Gale, Mr. & Mrs.  MS2.3.378
Gale, Miss U.  MS2.1.69
Gale, Uncle John  MS2.1.63
Gale, William  MS2.1.55; MS2.1.58
Gale, Withall P.  MS2.3.629; MS2.3.636; MS2.3.643; MS2.3.654
de Galle, Le Duc  MS2.3.5
Ganong, W.F.  MS2.3.883
Garneau, E.H.P.  MS2.3.1001; MS2.3.1024; MS2.3.1147; MS2.3.1148; MS2.3.1530
Gaskin, Geraldine  MS2.3.1522; MS2.3.1527; MS2.3.1562
Gatenby, Greg  MS2.3.1353
Gibbes, R.W.  MS2.3.23A
Gibbs, Robert  MS2.3.978; MS2.3.1034; MS2.3.1344; MS2.3.1458; MS2.3.1567
Gilbert, A.B.  MS2.3.957
Gill, Theo  MS2.3.564
Gillis, Peter  MS2.3.1267; MS2.3.1284; MS2.3.1299
Gingras, Mrs. Wielon E.  MS2.1.59
Gnarowski, Michael  MS2.3.1060; MS2.3.1095; MS2.3.1099; MS2.3.1110; MS2.3.1116;
        MS2.3.1217; MS2.3.1298; MS2.3.1483; MS2.3.1510; MS2.3.1517; MS2.3.1556;
Goldsworthy family  MS2.1.64; MS2.1.71
Goldsworthy, Hannah  MS2.1.59
Goldsworthy, James  MS2.1.39
Goldsworthy, Martha  MS2.1.44; MS2.1.48; MS2.1.50; MS2.1.51
Goldsworthy, Lieutenant R.  MS2.1.6
Goldsworthy, Richard  MS2.1.4; MS2.1.5; MS2.1.7; MS2.1.8; MS2.1.9; MS2.1.10;
        MS2.1.11; MS2.1.13; MS2.1.15; MS2.1.16; MS2.1.17; MS2.1.18; MS2.1.19;
        MS2.1.20; MS2.1.21; MS2.1.22; MS2.1.23; MS2.1.24; MS2.1.25; MS2.1.27;
        MS2.1.29; MS2.1.30; MS2.1.31; MS2.1.33; MS2.1.34; MS2.1.35; MS2.1.37;
        MS2.1.38; MS2.1.40; MS2.1.41; MS2.1.42; MS2.1.43; MS2.1.45; MS2.1.46
Goldsworthy, Richard & Co.  MS2.1.45; MS2.1.46
Goldsworthy Townsend & Co.  MS2.1.36
Goldsworthy Wurtele & Co.  MS2.1.36
Goldsworthy, W. Snr.  MS2.1.12
Gom, Leona  MS2.3.1383
Good, Alvah  MS2.3.888
Gorman, H.L.  MS2.3.1589
Graham, [ ]  MS2.3.1204
Gray, John  MS2.3.970
Grayson, J.P.  MS2.3.1237; MS2.3.1245
Green, Ada N.  MS2.3.932
Green, F.  MS2.3.775
Gregg, Milton  MS2.3.1314
Greville, R.K.  MS2.3.230; MS2.3.243; MS2.3.244
Griffiths, Naomi  MS2.3.1446
Grist, Amelia  MS2.3.791
Gundy, H. Pearson  MS2.3.956
Gustafson, Ralph  MS2.3.1038; MS2.3.1584; MS2.3.1599
Gunn, Gertrude E.  MS2.3.1224
[ ], Gillian  MS2.3.1403
[ ], Grace  MS2.3.559
Halpenny, Francess  MS2.3.1094; MS2.3.1111; MS2.3.1288; MS2.3.1290; MS2.3.1297
Hamilton, Claude  MS2.3.1459
Hamilton, Jean   See Bailey, Jean
Hamilton, Lord  MS2.3.7
Hamilton, W.B.  MS2.3.580
Hammond, John E.  MS2.3.30
Hanson, Emily  MS2.3.830
Harper's Magazine  MS2.3.701
Harris, Fred  MS2.3.754
Harris, Leslie  MS2.3.1354
Harrison, Fred  MS2.3.1393
Harvey, Dr.  MS2.3.248
Hawkesbury, Milord  MS2.3.4
Hayne, David M.  MS2.3.1167; MS2.3.1169; MS2.3.1215; MS2.3.1219
Henderson, Rainsford  MS2.3.752; MS2.3.753; MS2.3.1300; MS2.3.1314; MS2.3.1667
Herbert, J.D.  MS2.1.80; MS2.1.81
Heron, Craig  MS2.3.1079; MS2.3.1083
Higginbottom, C.E.  MS2.3.925; MS2.3.926
Hitchcock, C.H.  MS2.3.251; MS2.3.265
Hodgeman, M.  MS2.3.963; MS2.3.991; MS2.3.992; MS2.3.997; MS2.3.1035
Holland, J. Gill  MS2.3.1266; MS2.3.1271; MS2.3.1294; MS2.3.1323; MS2.3.1328;
        MS2.3.1348; MS2.3.1350
Holland, Madeline  MS2.3.1666
Howard, Tom  MS2.3.1454; MS2.3.1456; MS2.3.1466; MS2.3.1468; MS2.3.1475;
        MS2.3.1480; MS2.3.1507
Howie, Robert  MS2.3.1497; MS2.3.1498; MS2.3.1509; MS2.3.1511
Hubbard, Robert  MS2.3.1153; MS2.3.1226; MS2.3.1227; MS2.3.1230
Huskins, Linda  MS2.3.1085
Hutchinson, J. Hely  MS2.3.2
Hutchison, Sheila (Leamen)  MS2.3.1433; MS2.3.1537
Inch, R.B.  MS2.3.1352
Irvine, R.  MS2.3.1048
Irving, Arthur  MS2.3.1398
Jackson, R.D.  MS2.3.618
Jacobsen, Josephine  MS2.3.1193
James, Earl of Elgin & Kincardine  MS2.1.57
Jamieson, Jean  MS2.3.1225
Jarrell, Richard  MS2.3.1239; MS2.3.1240
Jeanneret, F.C.  MS2.3.774
Jenner, Dr. Edward  MS2.3.1
Jerman, J.  MS2.3.998; MS2.3.999; MS2.3.1000
Jiguere, Gillot  MS2.1.3
Johnston, Deborah  MS2.3.1638
Jones, D.G.  MS2.3.1071
[J.R.]  MS2.3.375; MS2.3.376
[ ], Judy  MS2.3.1009
Kastler, Pamela  MS2.3.1494
Kattan, Naim  MS2.3.1075; MS2.3.1078
Kay, Alexander M.  MS2.3.549
Keely, George  MS2.3.196; MS2.3.200
Keely, Jane  MS2.3.54; MS2.3.57; MS2.3.61; MS2.3.69; MS2.3.74; MS2.3.79;
        MS2.3.83; MS2.3.92; MS2.3.101; MS2.3.110; MS2.3.130; MS2.3.153;
        MS2.3.169; MS2.3.399; MS2.3.464; MS2.3.515
Keely, Mary  MS2.3.18
Keenan, James  MS2.3.833
Kelleher, Edward E.  MS2.3.852
Kelsey, Paul H.  MS2.3.700
Kenney, John  MS2.3.35
Kent, Peter  MS2.3.1028
Kilfoil, Connie  MS2.3.1166
Kilgour Rimer Co, The  MS2.3.588; MS2.3.589
Kilner, Major General  MS2.3.247; MS2.3.249; MS2.3.250; MS2.3.253; MS2.3.254;
        MS2.3.255; MS2.3.256; MS2.3.259; MS2.3.262; MS2.3.263; MS2.3.264
Kim, Marianne  MS2.3.1439; MS2.3.1490; MS2.3.1502; MS2.3.1523
Klinck, Carl  MS2.3.975; MS2.3.1006; MS2.3.1010; MS2.3.1012; MS2.3.1023;
        MS2.3.1025; MS2.3.1026; MS2.3.1057; MS2.3.1062; MS2.3.1102; MS2.3.1105;
        MS2.3.1106; MS2.3.1121; MS2.3.1130; MS2.3.1134; MS2.3.1136; MS2.3.1145;
        MS2.3.1190; MS2.3.1220; MS2.3.1225; MS2.3.1419; MS2.3.1500
Konich, Harold  MS2.3.1389
Laidlaw, Carol  MS2.3.1277
Laidlaw, Sheila  MS2.3.1655
Lalonde, Marc  MS2.3.1322
Lamb, W. Kaye  MS2.1.78
Lampert, Arlene  MS2.3.1309; MS2.3.1401; MS2.3.1434; MS2.3.1452; MS2.3.1471 
Lando, Albert  MS2.3.1445
Lane, Larry  MS2.3.1054; MS2.3.1384
Lane, Penny  MS2.3.1054
Langlois, Elizabeth  MS2.3.30
Lapalme  MS2.1.2
Latham, V.A.  MS2.3.723
Legget, Robert  MS2.3.1356
Leisner, A.R.  MS2.3.1060
Lemm, Richard  MS2.3.1612
Lewis, Francis W.  MS2.3.204; MS2.3.205; MS2.3.210; MS2.3.214; MS2.3.229;
        MS2.3.231; MS2.3.240; MS2.3.257
Lighthall, W.D  MS2.3.824; MS2.3.849
Literary History of Canada  MS2.3.1004; MS2.3.1011
Little, C.H.  MS2.3.1310; MS2.3.1312; MS2.3.1316; MS2.3.1339; MS2.3.1343;
        MS2.3.1345; MS2.3.1363; MS2.3.1404; MS2.3.1409; MS2.3.1412; MS2.3.1450;
        MS2.3.1463; MS2.3.1514
Liverpool, Milord  MS2.3.5
Lochhead, Robert  MS2.3.1189; MS2.3.1232; MS2.3.1370
Logan, Sir William  MS2.3.1658
Longhouse Bookshop  MS2.3.1098
Lynch, John M.  MS2.3.760
MacBeath, George  MS2.3.1438
MacDonald, Brenda  MS2.3.1610
MacDonald, Mrs. M.A.  MS2.3.1213
MacDonald, William  MS2.3.769
MacGregor, Debra  MS2.3.1527
Machier, J.D.  MS2.3.843
MacIntor, William  MS2.3.767
Mackay, Colin  MS2.3.1315; MS2.3.1656; MS2.4.1-74
Mackinnon, William  MS2.3.1129; MS2.3.1135
MacLennan, Hugh  MS2.3.1207; MS2.3.1208
MacTavish, Newton  MS2.3.707
Main, John E.  MS2.3.1070
Marriner, Ernest  MS2.3.930; MS2.3.931
Marsh, James H.  MS2.3.969; MS2.3.974; MS2.3.976; MS2.3.977
Marshall, Dr. Joseph Head  MS2.3.1
Marshall, Aunt Selina  MS2.3.162
Marshlands Inn, The  MS2.3.1364
Martin, G.W.  MS2.3.1535
Martyn, Charles A.  MS2.3.1644
Mason, Amasa  MS2.3.622; MS2.3.624
Matthew, G.  MS2.3.202; MS2.3.211; MS2.3.216; MS2.3.237; MS2.3.242; MS2.3.245;
        MS2.3.246; MS2.3.252; MS2.3.261; MS2.3.456; MS2.3.461; MS2.3.486;
Mayhew, Reverend Cyril  MS2.3.658; MS2.3.732; MS2.3.733; MS2.3.735; MS2.3.736;
        MS2.3.763; MS2.3.766
McBrine, R.W.  MS2.3.1440
McCain, Harrison  MS2.3.1387
McClelland, J. MS2.3.993; MS2.3.994; MS2.3.996; MS2.3.1002; MS2.3.1003;
McClelland & Stewart Ltd.  MS2.3.961
McDougall, Rob  MS2.3.960; MS2.3.1388; MS2.3.1395
McIntyre, Reverend E.A.  MS2.3.716
McKellar & Dallas  MS2.3.581
McKinnon, Alastair  MS2.3.1210; MS2.3.1216
McLaren, J.A.  MS2.3.586
McLaughlin, R.H.B.  MS2.3.1051; MS2.3.1055
MacLean, H. Maud  MS2.3.773
McLeod, Harvey  MS2.3.1260
McMartin, [Widow of Captain Malcolm]  MS2.1.56
McMullen, Lorraine  MS2.3.1101; MS2.3.1104; MS2.3.1112; MS2.3.1228; MS2.3.1229
McNab, Colonel James  MS2.1.60
McNeil, Florence  MS2.3.1489; MS2.3.1499; MS2.3.1542
McPherson, Bertha  MS2.3.1357; MS2.3.1407; MS2.3.1411; MS2.3.1416; MS2.3.1482;
Medley, Bishop  MS2.3.42; MS2.3.509; MS2.3.527; MS2.3.538
Medley, Margaret  MS2.3.600; MS2.3.601
Melvin, George G.  MS2.3.717
Mersereau, George  MS2.3.1667
Mersereau, Rosemary  MS2.3.1646
Migner, Goulet & Garant  MS2.3.572; MS2.3.573; MS2.3.574; MS2.3.575; MS2.3.576;
        MS2.3.577; MS2.3.578; MS2.3.579; MS2.3.580; MS2.3.581; MS2.3.582;
        MS2.3.583; MS2.3.586; MS2.3.588; MS2.3.589
Miller-Miner, Muriel  MS2.3.1120; MS2.3.1123; MS2.3.1137; MS2.3.1139; MS2.3.1293;
        MS2.3.1430; MS2.3.1568
Milligan, Dr. Frank  MS2.3.1059
Mills, Barbara J.  MS2.3.1592; MS2.3.1598; MS2.3.1637
Monk, Mr.  MS2.1.56
Montague, Susan  MS2.3.1651
Morell, Susan C. (Manzer)  MS2.3.1641; MS2.3.1642
Moritz, Al  MS2.3.1560; MS2.3.1572; MS2.3.1574; MS2.3.1587; MS2.3.1590;
        MS2.3.1618; MS2.3.1626; MS2.3.1632
Morning Chronicle, The  MS2.1.65
Morrison, Alvin H. MS2.3.1187
Morrissey, Stephen  MS2.3.1604
Morton, W.L.  MS2.3.986; MS2.3.987; MS2.3.989
Mount, J.  MS2.1.11
Mowat, R.  MS2.3.724
Murray, Glenn  MS2.3.1453
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Trustees of the  MS2.3.179
Musgrove, K.W.  MS2.3.1178
[ ], Martin  MS2.3.1563
[ ], Mary  MS2.3.742; MS2.3.743
[ ], Mattie  MS2.3.854; MS2.3.865
[ ], Muriel  MS2.3.951
[ ], Myra  MS2.3.744; MS2.3.749
Neill, C.E.  MS2.3.740
Nesbitt, Bruce  MS2.3.1053
New, W.H.  MS2.3.1220; MS2.3.1283; MS2.3.1307; MS2.3.1317; MS2.3.1320; MS2.3.1635
Newlove, John  MS2.3.1008
Newton, William  MS2.1.49
Nicholas, Andrew  MS2.3.1171; MS2.3.1195; MS2.3.1196;
Nicholas, Darryl  MS2.3.1013; MS2.3.1014; MS2.3.1017; MS2.3.1072
Nichols, Jeanette  MS2.3.746
Nicholson, Doris  MS2.3.1577
Nock, David  MS2.3.1495
Nowlan, Alden  MS2.3.1351
Nowlan, Michael O.  MS2.3.1222; MS2.3.1457; MS2.3.1548; MS2.3.1549; MS2.3.1551
O'Connell, Victor  MS2.3.1127; MS2.3.1151; MS2.3.1161; MS2.3.1200; MS2.3.1202;
        MS2.3.1212; MS2.3.1214; MS2.3.1218;
Ogilvy, James A. MS2.3.1518
Oland, Philip  MS2.3.1373; MS2.3.1410; MS2.3.1413
Outerbridge, A.E. & Co.  MS2.3.585
Owens, J.  MS2.3.984
[ ], Owen  MS2.3.212
Pacey, Desmond  MS2.3.1086; MS2.3.1091; MS2.3.1103; MS2.3.1106; MS2.3.1118
Pacey, Mary  MS2.3.1670
Parant, Antoine  MS2.1.5
Parkin, Annie  MS2.3.751
Parkin, George  MS2.3.611; MS2.3.683
Parkin, Raleigh  MS2.3.964; MS2.3.981; MS2.3.982; MS2.3.983; MS2.3.1030;
        MS2.3.1203; MS2.3.1258
Parmalee, Mary  MS2.3.21; MS2.3.32; MS2.3.33; MS2.3.46; MS2.3.53; MS2.3.56;
        MS2.3.62; MS2.3.67; MS2.3.68; MS2.3.73; MS2.3.76; MS2.3.77; MS2.3.82;
        MS2.3.84; MS2.3.86; MS2.3.90; MS2.3.93; MS2.3.94; MS2.3.95; MS2.3.98;
        MS2.3.100; MS2.3.102; MS2.3.104; MS2.3.106; MS2.3.109; MS2.3.113;
        MS2.3.115; MS2.3.118; MS2.3.119; MS2.3.121; MS2.3.122; MS2.3.125;
        MS2.3.126; MS2.3.128; MS2.3.129; MS2.3.132; MS2.3.133; MS2.3.136;
        MS2.3.140; MS2.3.142; MS2.3.144; MS2.3.145; MS2.3.149; MS2.3.150;
        MS2.3.151; MS2.3.152; MS2.3.157; MS2.3.159
Passaris, Constantine  MS2.3.1427
Pater, Alan F.  MS2.3.1462
Percival, J.W.  MS2.3.572; MS2.3.573; MS2.3.574; MS2.3.576; MS2.3.577; MS2.3.578;
Pereira, Dora  MS2.3.1573; MS2.3.1576
Perel, Shloime  MS2.3.1614; MS2.3.1620; MS2.3.1639; MS2.3.1647; MS2.3.1649;
Peroni, Mrs. G.  MS2.3.1421
Perry, Betty O.  MS2.3.1306; MS2.3.1331; MS2.3.1358; MS2.3.1369; MS2.3.1391;
Perry, Michael  MS2.3.1052
Persi, Roberta  MS2.3.1645
Petrie, Gordon  MS2.3.1575; MS2.3.1578
Pettener, B.J.  MS2.3.579
Phillips, N.C.  MS2.3.950
Philpotts, Eden  MS2.3.630
Picard, Yvon  MS2.1.8
Pichette, Robert A.  MS2.3.1235
Pickard, Ruth E.  MS2.3.1386
Piddington, Anna  MS2.3.397; MS2.3.642
Piddington, I.  MS2.3.146; MS2.3.155; MS2.3.168
Piddington, Samuel  MS2.3.698
Piddington, W.  MS2.3.30
Pierce, John  MS2.3.191; MS2.3.193; MS2.3.194; MS2.3.199; MS2.3.206; MS2.3.235
Pierce, Mrs. Pat  MS2.3.971
Pincombe, Alexander  MS2.3.1625
Ploude, Roger  MS2.3.1141; MS2.3.1142
Poetry Canada  MS2.3.1355
Pothier, Governor A.J.  MS2.3.641
Prang, Margaret  MS2.3.1262
Preston, Richard J.  MS2.3.1469; MS2.3.1473; MS2.3.1478
Prouty, William  MS2.3.1653
Purdy, Al  MS2.3.1263
Quebec Assisstant Provincial Secretary  MS2.3.741
Quebec Gazette, The  MS2.1.26
Quebec Mercury, The  MS2.1.28
Queen Victoria  MS2.1.61
Rankin, Miss Steve  MS2.3.917
Ransome, D.M.  MS2.3.757
Ray, Arthur  MS2.3.1274
Ray, Robert B.  MS2.3.1045
Raymend, J.H.  MS2.3.287
Read, Hilary  MS2.3.1477
Reed, Edward Bliss  MS2.3.722
Reid, John  MS2.3.1241; MS2.3.1276; MS2.3.1408; MS2.3.1597
Rempel, Margaret  MS2.3.1047
Richard, Nicole for Glenn Murray  MS2.3.1453
Richardson, Mr.  MS2.3.935
Riddle, Howard  MS2.3.1082; MS2.3.1084; MS2.3.1087; MS2.3.1089; MS2.3.1090;
Ridge, Martin  MS2.3.1020
Ridlon, Reverend G.  MS2.3.603
Rimer, F.  MS2.3.583
Robbins, John E.  MS2.3.1158; MS2.3.1159; MS2.3.1163; MS2.3.1275; MS2.3.1278;
        MS2.3.1378; MS2.3.1503; MS2.3.1505; MS2.3.1512; MS2.3.1515
Roberts, George  MS2.3.172
Robinson, J. Rebecca  MS2.3.1420
Rogers, William B.  MS2.3.174
Ronald, John R.  MS2.3.539
Rood, O.N.  MS2.3.218; MS2.3.220; MS2.3.221; MS2.3.234; MS2.3.239
Roper, Hugh  MS2.3.1368
Ross, Malcolm  MS2.3.959; MS2.3.962; MS2.3.973; MS2.3.985; MS2.3.1071;
        MS2.3.1075; MS2.3.1078; MS2.3.1114; MS2.3.1192; MS2.3.1234; MS2.3.1238;
        MS2.3.1305; MS2.3.1429; MS2.3.1430; MS2.3.1432; MS2.3.1436; MS2.3.1442;
        MS2.3.1451; MS2.3.1472; MS2.3.1476; MS2.3.1521; MS2.3.1538; MS2.3.1553;
        MS2.3.1583; MS2.3.1611; MS2.3.1669
Ruffner, Doreen  MS2.3.1186
Samuels, E.  MS2.3.182
Sanderson, George  MS2.3.1640
Sanger, Mary Jo.  MS2.3.1327
Saturday Night  MS2.3.895
Saulis, Dale  MS2.3.1126
Schmittkind, Henry T.  MS2.3.712; MS2.3.719
Schrader, Phina  MS2.3.758; MS2.3.765
Scott, F.G.  MS2.3.777
Selwyn, A.R.C.  MS2.3.466; MS2.3.468; MS2.3.486
Sewell, Jonathan  MS2.1.7
Shaw, Neufville  MS2.3.891; MS2.3.896; MS2.3.899
Sheldrick, Douglas  MS2.3.1170; MS2.3.1176; MS2.3.1279; MS2.3.1295; MS2.3.1300;
        MS2.3.1303; MS2.3.1465; MS2.3.1504; MS2.3.1506
Shipton, Clifford K.  MS2.3.888; MS2.3.889
Shurman, D.  MS2.3.1162
Shuttleworth, R. Kay  MS2.3.14
Silliman, B. Jr.  MS2.3.184; MS2.3.185; MS2.3.195
Silliman, Mrs.  MS2.3.35
Simpson, Valerie  MS2.3.1280
Slaughter, Maria   See Bailey, Maria
Smith, A.J.M.  MS2.3.890; MS2.3.892; MS2.3.894; MS2.3.1117
Smith, Douglas  MS2.3.1652
Smith, Goldwin  MS2.3.599; MS2.3.602
Smith, H.L.  MS2.3.219; MS2.3.222; MS2.3.224; MS2.3.226; MS2.3.228; MS2.3.232;
        MS2.3.233; MS2.3.241
Smith, Rosalind  MS2.3.1050
Smith, Sidney  MS2.3.906; MS2.3.927; MS2.3.928
Smyth, Nicole  MS2.3.1113; MS2.3.1115
Sobey, David  MS2.3.1394
Somervell, Burr & Co.  MS2.3.155
Soucoup, Dan  MS2.3.1601
Spray, Carole, MS2.3.1092; MS2.3.1371
Stanley, George F.  MS2.3.1027; MS2.3.1108; MS2.3.1508; MS2.3.1613; MS2.3.1615;
Stapleton, Basil D.  MS2.3.1464
Starrett, George E.  MS2.3.734
Steeves, Mrs. N.  MS2.3.1493
Stephen, James  MS2.3.11; MS2.3.14
Stocking, R.M.  MS2.3.584; MS2.3.585
Stodder, Charles  MS2.3.188; MS2.3.197; MS2.3.236; MS2.3.238
Stride, Caroline  MS2.3.1484; MS2.3.1487
Strong, Marilyn  MS2.3.1390; MS2.3.1397
Stuart, C. MS2.3.6; MS2.3.7
de Sullian, L.  MS2.3.6
Swanick, Eric L.  MS2.3.1529
Sylvestre, Guy  MS2.3.1180; MS2.3.1181; MS2.3.1182; MS2.3.1183
[ ], Sally  MS2.3.1360
Tallman, Ronald D.  MS2.3.1066
Taylor, Charles  MS2.1.53
Taylor, Peter  MS2.3.1032; MS2.3.1033
Thatcher, Margaret  MS2.3.1456
Theriault, M. Estelle  MS2.3.1501
Thomas, Clara  MS2.3.1131
Thomas, Earl S.  MS2.3.1100
Thomas, Gerald  MS2.3.1607
Thomas, Peter  MS2.3.1479
Thompson, Marjorie  MS2.3.979; MS2.3.1016; MS2.3.1058
Thorne, Richard  MS2.3.20; MS2.3.36; MS2.3.71; MS2.3.91
Thornton, Jennie  MS2.3.933; MS2.3.934; MS2.3.940; MS2.3.941; MS2.3.942;
Tiarks, Henry F.  MS2.3.1561
Tibbits, Mary Kingsley  MS2.3.772
Tingley, Nancy  MS2.3.1460; MS2.3.1461
Toole, Janet  MS2.3.1048
Townsend, John  MS2.1.37
Toye, William  MS2.3.1467
Tremblay, Marc-Adelard  MS2.3.1508; MS2.3.1524
Trevelyan, C.E.  MS2.3.11
Trigger, Bruce  MS2.3.972; MS2.3.1321; MS2.3.1329
Trites, Allison  MS2.3.1657
[ ], Trudy  MS2.3.1325
University of New Brunswick, Department of History  MS2.3.1528
University of New Brunswick, Head of Order Division  MS2.3.495; MS2.3.910
University of Toronto Press  MS2.3.966
Urquhart, Evangeline  MS2.3.1541
Van Newkirk, Allen  MS2.3.1608; MS2.3.1074; MS2.3.1076; MS2.3.1096; MS2.3.1138
Van Wyck, Salvadora  MS2.3.558
Veer, Joanne  MS2.3.1447
Vennor, Henry  MS2.1.27; MS2.1.34; MS2.1.35
[V.], David  MS2.3.607
Wade, Mason  MS2.3.1634; MS2.3.1636
Waite, Peter  MS2.3.1347; MS2.3.1349; MS2.3.1621; MS2.3.1623; MS2.3.1624;
        MS2.3.1627; MS2.3.1630
Walker, John  MS2.3.3
Wallace, W.S.  MS2.3.770
Walmark, David  MS2.3.1036; MS2.3.1043
Waltz, James  MS2.3.1596; MS2.3.1600
Ware, Martin  MS2.3.1064
Weaver, Robert  MS2.3.1671
Webster, J.C.  MS2.3.883
Weilbrenner, Bernard  MS2.3.1602
West, Margaret Marshall Bailey  MS2.3.458; MS2.3.764; MS2.3.954
West, Marshall d'Avray  MS2.3.827; MS2.3.839
Westover, Anne  MS2.3.1073
Whalley, E.  MS2.3.1206; MS2.3.1209; MS2.3.1211
White, Anne F.  MS2.3.726; MS2.3.729
White, J.F.  MS2.3.778; MS2.3.779
Whiteman, Bruce  MS2.3.1603; MS2.3.1605
Whitney, Stephen  MS2.3.721; MS2.3.722
Willimott, Charles W.  MS2.3.485; MS2.3.492
Willison, Sir John  MS2.3.707; MS2.3.708
Wilson, John  MS2.3.1628
Wilson, Lorene  MS2.3.1236
Withall, William  MS2.3.19; MS2.3.23; MS2.3.29; MS2.3.31; MS2.3.34; MS2.3.72
Wittill, Robert  MS2.3.949
Wood, W.  MS2.3.702
Woodfield, James  MS2.3.1311
Woods, Elizabeth  MS2.3.1526
Woodward, Calvin  MS2.3.1093; MS2.3.1097; MS2.3.1122; MS2.3.1376
Woodwell, Philip W.  MS2.3.1485; MS2.3.1492
Woolrich, Mrs.  MS2.1.53; MS2.1.54; MS2.1.60; MS2.1.61
Wright, Mrs.  MS2.3.564
Wurtele, Christian  MS2.1.16; MS2.1.17; MS2.1.37; MS2.1.41; MS2.1.42; MS2.1.44;
        MS2.1.47; MS2.1.48; MS2.1.50; MS2.1.51
Wurtele, Douglas J.  MS2.1.79; MS2.3.938
[W.], Isobel  MS2.3.560; MS2.3.561
Yoken, Melvin MS2.3.1044; MS2.3.1049; MS2.3.1063; MS2.3.1067; MS2.3.1125;
        MS2.3.1128; MS2.3.1143; MS2.3.1268; MS2.3.1545; MS2.3.1608
Young, C. Mary  MS2.3.1586
Young, Murray  MS2.3.950; MS2.3.1191; MS2.3.1591; MS2.3.1622
Zanes, John P.  MS2.3.1005

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