Special thanks to Mary Flagg for offering me the opportunity to work with such an interesting collection, and for her support and encouragement.

The staff of the UNB Archives and Special Collections Department: Mary Flagg, Linda Baier, Patsy Hale, Patti Auld, and Penny Hollis provided a caring work environment, for which I am most appreciative.

Penny Hollis and Linda Baier undertook the patient task of listening to all 35 reel-to-reel tapes and providing detailed descriptions for Series 14.

A very special note of thanks to Linda Baier, who supervised this project. Her keen editorial skills and constant support and guidance made completion of this project a pleasure.

To Dr. Alfred G. Bailey, a personal expression of appreciation for your countless pioneering efforts. I am among the many UNB students and professional librarians who have benefited from your passionate dedication to UNB. Yours is truly a rich legacy.

Linda-Ann Sturgeon


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